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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  November 30, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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oakland so far this year how oakland's police chief just addressed an increase in violent crime, and the efforts underway to find the people responsible. plus the united states trying to learn more about the new omicron , burying the push for more people to get vaccinated and the growing concerns about the impact this variant could have on the economy. then after all that holiday shopping we did this past weekend. the focus today's shift to giving back to others. how you can help area nonprofits. this giving tuesday . the news at noon starts now this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian mike mibach. we start with some breaking news in marin county, where several stores at the north gate one shopping center in san rafael, have been shut down due to a hazmat situation. interviews tom vacar live on the scene and joining us live on the phone with the update, right, tom? what are you hearing? what are you seeing so far out there? well, i've been here for three hours, and that's how long this has been going on. 14 stores are
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effectively closed, uh, which is the left side of the north gate . one strip mall, not the big northgate mall, but the strip mall. plenty of stores. 14 of them are closed. what happened was apparently a suspect earlier this morning, walked down the sidewalk with some sort of a jug , putting some liquid on the ground and that liquid seemed to smell of chemicals, and it also seemed to be admitting some sort of a vapor. police immediately declared it along with far a hazmat scene, and the 14 stores have been closed down . all the people in those doors asked to shelter in place, so they are closed simply because people cannot get to and from them in order to do this. they've already gone through this a couple of times. they've evaluated the liquid. they haven't told us what it is yet, but they did do some neutralizing of spraying and almost looks like they're spraying pesticides. but they did some neutralizing at this point in time. they're starting to wrap up, but there is still very much a cordoned off area
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here, so as a result, the shelter in place remains as a result, the half of the strip mall, which is very large is also closed, and we should get some sort of resolution to sometime in the future, but at this point in time. that's where we are last three hours, half of the north gate warm strip mall closed down completely and tom at this point. so far. no one's been complaining about any health related injuries due to this particular substance. so far as we know there are a number of medical vehicles here . none of them took anybody away . there are still quite a presence of fire vehicles and police vehicles and, of course, the familiar police line do not tape is up in many, many places. especially the last part of this small as a result, it's almost impossible to enter from the side from the side that would be closest to the one on one highway because you can't pull in that way, so as a result that part of the parking lot is empty
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. but the side that contains the safeway, which also had a tiny portion of its. building blocked off on the outside is open as our starbucks and some of the other stores that are here, but the majority of stores are clearly not in operation. at this point. all right, tom baker are live for us this afternoon there in san rafael at the north gate one shopping center. if you get any new information, tom just dial back up. we'll put you on thank you. walnut creek city council will hold an emergency meeting tomorrow to discuss new security measures in response to a violent store robbery earlier this month, police say as many as 80 people storm the nordstrom store. in broadway plaza and ran off with as much as $200,000 in merchandise. several nordstrom employees were also pepper sprayed, punched and kicked. authorities have already taken three suspected thieves into custody and say. they do expect to make more arrests as the world tries to learn more about the omicron variant, the u. s government is preparing to administer more vaccines and booster shots. health officials agree it's the best defense against any form of covid. ktvu
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is, james torres explains. what's next. a new variant does not mean we're back to square one, but it will take a few weeks to learn what we need to know about the omicron variant. more importantly, how well do our current vaccines work against it? we do not yet believe that additional measures will be needed. but so that we are prepared if needed. my team is already working with officials that fighter and modern and johnson and johnson to develop contingency plans for vaccines or boosters if needed. reports of vaccine companies ceos weighing in are now making headlines. madonna's leader. saying the vaccine won't be equally as protective for every variant. but the data will tell what those differences look like fighters leader saying he expects the vaccines with boosters to continue to prevent severe cases. health experts say now is more important than ever to get vaccinated and especially get vaccines out to the rest of the world. we really need to get
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more of the world vaccinated. new variants come about when there's a low vaccination rate because the virus is allowed to make many copies of it's something it's just essentially gives more chances to develop these kinds of mutations. and so i think it really highlights that we need to get much more of the world vaccinated, the cdc now changing its language about booster shots in light of the macron variant before. the agency said. all elderly adults , those with high risk health factors, and those who work in high risk settings should be the priority for a booster. both the cdc and fda authorized booster shots for all adults, 18 and older. about two weeks ago. now the cdc says all adults should get a booster six months after their second dose or two months after the one time johnson and johnson dose this variant is a cause for concern, not a cause for panic, according to the washington post fighter is gearing up to ask federal agencies to authorize a booster shot for 16 and 17 year olds.
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president biden announcing earlier this week, the white house will release a full plan on how it plans to come back covid-19 over the winter holidays. that plan is set to be unveiled thursday. i'm james torres, ktvu, fox two news. now to a selloff on wall street today following uncertainty surrounding the macron covid varied and how lawmakers might respond. the federal reserve chairman, jerome powell, was testifying on capitol hill about the state of the economy and the threat. this new varied could post to the ongoing recovery. madeline rivera picks it up from there. the market opening lower tuesday over fresh fears that the american variant could derail the economy. the recent rise in covid-19 cases and the emergence of the macron variante employment and economic activity and increased uncertainty for inflation. federal reserve chair jerome powell, raising concerns that the variant will discourage people from working and intensify snarls and the supply
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chain that have already driven up inflation. powell predicting that inflation could last well into next year, but he does expect things to turn around. most forecasters, including at the fed, continue to expect that inflation will move down significantly over the next year. as supply and demand imbalances abate. still, health experts say the variant is not a cause for panic even as more cases are reported globally. there's still so much to know. um but we can't wait two or three weeks to put things in place. we need to start getting ready now the president, stressing that those preparations won't include more travel restrictions or lockdowns and assessment some experts agree with we have all the tools now to protect ourselves, including vaccines. we have tests we can test people coming into this country. we have drugs that are available. the president is expected to unveil a plan later this week on how to tackle the omicron variants, saying the strategy will include widespread vaccinations, boosters and testing and
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washington. malda rivera, ktvu fox two news. and all eyes have been on the markets with this new variants. stocks dropped at the open this morning, and then those losses deepened as volatility resumed after a brief rebound earlier in the week. at this point, we see the dow jones is down by almost 600 points, losing almost one in three quarters of a percent. that percentage is almost the same as we watch losses on the s and p and the nasdaq stocks closed in less than an hour. we'll keep you posted. fda advisory committee is meeting right now to consider whether or not to recommend the first pill. to treat covid-19 patient's drug maker. merck says the pill is the first in a new class of treatments that could work against a wide range of variants . the fda panel is deciding whether to recommend authorizing it for high risk patients. it has been shown to modestly reduced the risk of hospitalization and death. new at noon, oakland's police chief addresses an increase in violent crime and homicide rate that already far surpasses last year's total, he said more police recruits are expected to
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graduate soon, with more police on patrol by next month. katie was ali rasmus. i know you were listening to the chiefs update a minute ago. your live now to get us up to speed on this. a lot of information coming from this update with oakland's police chief laurent armstrong. it just wrapped up a few minutes ago. one of the first things that you've talked about is some new information in the case of a deadly shooting near lake merritt over the weekend. the chief released this description of the vehicle involved in that shooting in which 28 year old eric davis was shot and killed when he confronted two people breaking into another car. this was on grand avenue near lake merritt on sunday, now the vehicle of the suspects as a black toyota rav four with four doors. the rear passenger window may have been shot out of that vehicle, the chief says, a $10,000 reward from crimestoppers is being offered for information that leads to an arrest in that case now a day before that homicide. is when a retired police officer kevin nishida, died from his gunshot injuries after he was shot working as a security guard for
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a crime news crew last week. chief armstrong says they're still investigating that case, but that. they have found that multiple rounds were fired in that incident, indicating the shooting was not a case of the rubber's. the chief also talked about some of the recent organizedispensariese know that the use of social media it's how they coordinated . we know that some of our groups and gangs that we've identified in the city of oakland are participated in these arms, caribbeans of robbers, and so we know that they are coming from outside of oakland as well. we've seen individuals that have been arrested from vallejo and fairfield up to stockton. so we know that several individual from other cities are coming to our community to commit these crimes, and i think it's important that we continue to coordinate from a regional perspective. and the chief says that means working with police and district attorneys throughout the bay area, he says the department has deployed teams of special tactical
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officers to help they have also restarted the ceasefire gang intervention program but are still in the process of filling some of the vacancies from that program. right now. oakland has 676 officers on its force. that's the lowest staffing levels of departments had in several years. the chief says. a new class of 26 recruits is scheduled to graduate by the end of december and that those officers will begin patrols immediately afterwards. other security measures, the chief discussed a citywide surveillance system, he says. it's. important for police to have access to video of the crimes and the getaway vehicles involved. he also talked about working with the city's public works department to set up barricades in front of certain business districts to prevent those cars of people from driving up and robbing retailers. and my colleague henry lee will have more on this story and afternoon newscast and online live in the newsroom. ali rasmus ktvu, fox two news. all right, ali. thank you still to come here at noon setback for a new san francisco restaurant set to open next month. what we're now learning about the thieves.
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who broke into that restaurant and why what they did inside is considered so unusual. plus we saw few storms last month. but ever since then it's been mostly dry. we take a look at what it could mean for the economic impact up and down california. not only dry but unseasonably warm once again. temperatures expected to reach 5 to 15 degrees above the seasonal average. i'll have a look at what you can expect for your neighborhood coming up. emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family
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several people were shot and killed at a high school investigators now say three students were killed and six people were injured, including a teacher. the school shooting occurred in the detroit suburb. of oxford town share that's about an hour outside detroit officers responded just before one o'clock in the afternoon local time. once on scene, they arrested the suspected gunman. handgun was also recovered there at the scene. investigators say the suspect is a 15 year old sophomore. the motive is not yet known. today is giving tuesday a global day of generosity. ktvu is amanda king town has spent the morning at ucsf benioff children's hospital oakland and shows us how we can give back. donations go to things as big as life saving equipment and a small as supplies to have patients make these ornaments having families just feel a little more comfortable during this holiday season. i'm paying
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all that christmas time. two year old maya hansen has been at benioff children's hospital since thursday. she was medevacked from humble so doctors could treat an infection in her neck taken my blood today. you. get rubbing my nose . maya is an example of the care . the children's hospital gives two kids all around northern california and beyond. nearly 75% of those patients have no insurance or are underinsured, but no child is ever turned away . so your donations that come here are absolutely crucial. and they are giving your truly community hospital and they are giving these patients and families the top notch care that we think that all. children and families deserve the hospital is even more busy than before the pandemic and covid brought its own layers of difficulties for kids that are still here during
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the pandemic families patients. our staff have been struggling with coping. it's really been difficult. donors helped to raise funds to support a new facility. dog bobby, another resource to help kids here, smile during really traumatic moments in their life. so many things are scary and new and heart and then the door opens in a dog walks in and it's this sense of oh, my goodness, that's like my dog. here's a friendly thing. this thing won't. is here for me. donations also help families with kids here with things like rent and gas while their focus is on helping their child recover, and for some that can take months. if you had a baby born at 27 weeks, so 13 weeks early. that means your baby is probably not going to get out of here before term, close to term, all the milestones that they have to achieve. families are paying for gas money paying for parking housing while they're here they're going to and from.
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perhaps they have children who need care for so a huge financial burden for families specific service credit union is matching donations up to $10,000 . but that is only today for giving tuesday you could go to ktvu .com. click on web links to donate in oakland. amanda quintana ktvu, fox two news. and you can head to ktvu .com. forward slash giving day, giving tuesday that is for more information on how to make a donation or support this charitable effort with that we turn to rosemary oroczo and our weather here in the bay area, october wet month, november on this last day. not so much no, and we are way above average. when it comes to the temperatures. i was out there just a moment ago, and it's already quite warm outside our doors at this time, mostly sunny skies, we started out with a little bit of a patchy fog and a dense fog in some spots. that has since cleared. we're looking at mostly blue skies, little bit of haze out there with air quality. good to moderate for today and the live. look there at sfl. you can see plenty of
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blue and a lot of sunshine to go around half moon bay 70 degrees outside for you right now. mid sixties and san francisco we have 60 in oakland for the inner east bay, mid sixties walnut creek upper sixties and livermore in san jose 65 for you temperatures within a few degrees of where we were yesterday, except for half moon bay by nine degrees with a bit of a northeast flow out there and the northeast wind over areas of a. oakland north reporting. 16 mph. we have mount st helena with the north wind at 21 mountie, pablo 27. so for most of us, the winds are generally light. but you get into the hills. we do have a little bit of reason that breeze coming off the coastal range and really helping to warm things up over half moon bay. look at storm tracker two and a little bit of partly cloudy sky expected for today, and we are looking at just a little bit of fog right off the coastline, but our visibility is good across the region. even half moon bay reporting six miles, so it is off the coastline at this point , as cell phone reporting five miles visibility, the ridge of high pressure remains in place. not only for today tomorrow, but
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all the way into the weekend, and that is going to continue to reflect any storms from coming in our direction. that rain line will be pushed well to the north atmospheric river. moving right through. bc canada pacific northwest towns but really, really up pummeling areas over a british columbia and canada for us with the light winds out there and the stagnant air. good to moderate air quality. right now. the north pay is reporting good air quality mid central bay . i should say we've got moderate air quality and down into the south bay moderate as well. with the santa cruz area reporting good to moderate. the forecast for today, tomorrow and into the rest of the week. calls for dry conditions. northern california will get just a little bit. looks like we will start to see things break down, perhaps change into next week, but we're still so far out. it's hard to bank on that, of course , here and now is well above average with the temperature is 72 degrees in santa rosa for today, 66 in san francisco upper sixties and oakland, 70 and livermore and 71 over a san josg
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quite nice, at least enjoyable 70 for concord today. 66 in hayward, a better look at what you can expect in the extended forecast into your bay area weekend coming up in just a little bit. rosemary oroczo would speaking out for the first time since the crash, where he was injured earlier this year what he's saying about the future of his golf career. we learn about covid-19,
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the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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won't be at the top of his game due to the car crash, where he nearly lost his leg was badly damaged his right leg in that crash back in february, when he crossed the median of a narrow roadway going 75 miles an hour. in his first news conference today, since that crash, would says amputation was a possibility. but now he's just happy to make a couple of tournaments a year so that he can compete in that. wood says he would not play full time on the pga tour ever again. okay. now we're talking about going out there playing against the world's best. on the most difficult golf courses under the most difficult conditions. i'm so far from that to see some of my shots. fire this guy a lot shorter than they used to use a little eye opening. um. but at least i'm able to do it again. that's something that. for a while there did it didn't look like i was going to um, unable to participate in the sport of golf. now to what level i do not
12:25 pm
know that would says he is still rehabilitating his foot and ankle, but his hosting the hero world challenge in the bahamas this week, testimony is underway in chicago at the trial of jessie smollett, the star of the tv show empire. yesterday during opening statements, prosecutors said small it staged a homophobic and racist attack in january of 2019, while the defense called small it a real victim of a real crime. today in chicago police officers expected to testify. we don't know yet, if small, it will testify in his own defense. if convicted, he could be sentenced to three years in prison. the sex trafficking trial of jeffrey epstein's longtime companions, dylan maxwell continues in new york today this morning, epstein's former pilot told the jury he never saw evidence of sexual activity on planes as he flew his boss and others, including celebrities and former presidents for nearly 30 years. epstein allegedly used his jet to fly teenage girls to his
12:26 pm
private island and other homes. maxwell is accused of running the elaborate sex trafficking ring for him. she has pleaded not guilty. if convicted, she could spend the rest of her life in prison. twitter is now expanding its private information safety policy to ban posting images or videos of private individuals without their consent. today's announcement adds to the existing ban on sharing other personal information without permission. the new policy does not mean that twitter will require consent from everyone that's in a photo or video before it's posted. but if a person depicted once it taken down twitter will do so. in the case of public figures, twitter says it may remove content intended for harassment. still to come at noon. their owners founder elizabeth holmes, takes the stand again today for cross examination will have more on her emotional testimony in court yesterday, plus er. frustrated we are angry, but we more likely , surprisingly disappointed. san francisco business broken into and damaged right before it was
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mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. is urging americans to get their booster shots for stronger immunity against the coronavirus
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fighters now seeking approval for the authorization of boosters for 16 and 17 year olds. jonathan siri has the latest as health officials continue to learn more about the new variant. public health officials around the world are scrambling to contain the new are macron's strain of covid-19 . it's been detected in more than a dozen countries after first emerging in south africa doctors their report patients are in their twenties and thirties and suffer mostly mild symptoms. health experts here in the u. s say it's too early to determine whether widespread lockdowns or mandates are needed. to prevent the spread. i would say let's have a wait and see attitude. let's of course monitor things. let's of course, when we do testing test to see what variants people havin correlate that with how sick they are, in light of the new variants, the cdc strengthened its recommendations for covid boosters. on monday. the agency now recommends all adults get the extra shot. two months after the initial johnson and johnson vaccine or six months after
12:31 pm
fighters or moderna series. all three drugmakers are currently testing whether they're covid vaccines are effective against the ah macron variant. what they're going to do is take the blood from people that vaccinated or have been infected. and see if that blood can prevent the virus that they've isolated from growing in the lab in atlanta, charleston, syria. ktvu fox two news. oakland's police chief, is addressing the increase in violent crime and homicides in the city that has already surpassed. last year's total's chief laurent armstrong says more police recruits are expected to graduate soon, and that means more officers on patrol. in the next month. there have been 127 homicides in oakland so far this year. there were 74 homicides just a couple of years ago in 2019. the latest homicide was on sunday when a man was shot to death when he confronted a car burglar right near lake marriage the day before. a retired police officer kevin ashida, died from his injuries after he was shot. while working as a security guard protecting a television
12:32 pm
news crew chief also talked about some of the recent organized mass retail robberies that have happened in stores, pharmacies and cannabis dispensaries in the city of oakland. we know that the use of social media is how they coordinated. we know that some of our groups and gangs that we've identified in the city of oakland are participating in these armed caravans of roberts . and so we know that they are coming from outside of oakland as well. we've seen individuals that have been arrested from vallejo and fairfield up to stockton. so we know that several individuals from other cities are coming to our community to commit these crimes, and i think it's important. that we continue to coordinate from a regional perspective. the police chief says the department has deployed teams of specialized tactical officers right now oakland has 676 police officers that is the lowest staffing level in several years. a new class of 26 recruits scheduled to graduate by the end of the year. oakland city councilwoman shanked out who is also a candidate for mayor says she wants to launch the city ceasefire violence
12:33 pm
prevention program. the pandemic plays a big role in this and what we have seen is that in december last december, the city administrator made an executive decision without coming to the council for advice to cut ceasefire and we saw that there were real impacts that that came out of that real negative impacts and so ceasefire you know, it's our people who work with conviction. city to really ask for people who are going to be these violent players to really put down their guns. and so we saw it violent increase during that time that we took funds away from ceasefire. councilwoman tell also wants an inter agency task force to help rid the streets of guns, as well as adding more police academies . over the past few weeks, we have seen several brazen flash mob style retail theft across the bay area and locally owned shops, as well as high end boutiques and department stores. today on the night i spoke with the president and ceo of the california retailers association , rachel michelin. she called the organized crimes domestic
12:34 pm
terrorism because of the impact they've had on those who are at the stores when the crimes take place. she said that retailers are doing just about everything they can to protect employees and customers. what we're starting to see is these organized crime rings are now collaborating with streaking. it's a it's a whole different ballgame right now. i mean, this is something that we are trying to wrap our minds around. you know, in a few hours, i'm meeting with the attorney general tomorrow. i'm meeting with the governor's office. we're doing everything we can from an industry perspective. to figure out how do we solve this? michelin says prosecutors also need to step up in bay area counties and helped prosecute those responsible. an investigation is underway after a body was pulled from the water near the san francisco ferry building. san francisco rescue crews were called to the scene at eight o'clock this morning for a report of a person in the water. when the fire department found the body they discovered the person had died. it's not know how or when the person entered the water or why, but the san francisco police
12:35 pm
department is investigating next month's scheduled opening for a san francisco restaurant is now delayed after it was burglarized . over the weekend, ktvu , stole wind the security system and then even threw a party. while they were inside the restaurant. and they put the whole thing off. and cover the top of the windows and front door of ramen. hiroshi a new japanese restaurant on the street in san francisco's financial district, recovered not by the owners, but the thieves who broke in sometime late friday night or early saturday morning. we are frustrated. we are angry, but we more likely, surprisingly disappointed. the two story restaurant was set to open for business and less than two weeks . the owners tell me the thieves stole their surveillance camera system and left behind evidence that they held a large underground party here that lasted for hours. the owners found garbage bags filled with
12:36 pm
empty bottles, cans, cigarette buds and a lingering odor of marijuana. they had a huge drinking and smoking party. and they store stuff that we needed to operate our business. they took two of their tables are among the items the owners say were stolen. all the wine would put it in here. the wine storage units were left empty. the owners say it was an organized effort that thieves put up large banners letting partygoers know where the bathrooms are located. they may even charged people to get in. hey this is a you know, um, free space that come on tonight at nine. and let's do this. the owners say people got sick at the gathering. he threw up right here. huge we have to clean it out. the owners tell me they've put in a new alarm system and surveillance cameras . next will be an iron gate. they filed a report with police and say they want to alert other business owners. we don't want
12:37 pm
other business to happen. like us. it's already hard enough for us to open a wrestling these days. the owners tell me. the original grand opening date was scheduled for december 10th, but with so many items they need to replace or repair the estimate. it will take at least a month or two before they'll be able to open for business. in san francisco amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. former teacher at sonoma academy, is accused of having inappropriate relationships with at least 34 students during 18 years of teaching at that school, private college prep high school in santa rosa hired outside investigators who found that the administration. brushed off student concerns about humanities teacher marco maron. investigators say his alleged misconduct included having sexual relations with a former student and two former staff members were also accused of sexually abusing students while at the school. the academy has sent the report to police and is providing support for the alleged victims. there are nose
12:38 pm
founder elizabeth holmes is facing cross examination this afternoon at her federal fraud trial in san jose. prosecutors this morning questioned her about her relationship with her. former business partner and ex boyfriend, sonny bill wani homes alleged during testimony that he's sexually and mentally abused. her convicted murderer scott peterson, is in the san mateo county jail now ahead of his re sentencing hearing next week. peterson was transferred from san quentin yesterday. he is set to be re sentenced next wednesday after his death sentence was overturned last year due to juror misconduct. peterson was convicted for the 2002 murders of his wife, lacey and their unborn son. drought conditions are expected to have a significant economic effect across the state. ktvu tom vacar looked at where california may be headed. when it comes to our water supply. was california's what october just to sucker punch to the states. all important reservoirs historically 1976, which was historically dry, started off with a wet october. so we're not
12:39 pm
counting our chickens? yes ski conditions. tracker ski central dot com says that of the 25 big california resorts attracts only three or open and in a very limited basis. mammoth the most active has 40 runs open, which is only a quarter of its runs. boreal mountain, two runs open 6% of its runs. alpine meadows, two runs open just 2% of its runs. the rest closed for now. ski resorts say december through february, are there big snow months but with modern technology, cold temperatures will do the efficiency of snow making systems, the ability to turn them on on a moment's notice the ability to monitor things electronically. right it has changed dramatically, and that does help affecting far more people. the reservoir situation looking at the five largest california reservoirs. shasta the largest is only a quarter full. usually on this
12:40 pm
date, it would be at 46. orville 30% now, 60, historically trinity 29 now 50. normally new malone is 36% full 66 usually don pedro. half full three quarters normally on this date. this is looking like a lot media season, which means less effective precipitation, which is bad news. california's $50 billion agricultural industry is seriously threatened by drought, global warming. in climate change. this year. california's race growers, a huge industry is not planning 108,000 acres, an area slightly less than all of san jose. the new york times reports that by 20, 4500 and 35,000 productive acres of the san joaquin valley, that's more than one in 10 of its formed acres will go unused. california trout. environmentalists say we
12:41 pm
are all in this together with only so much water. it needs to be much more efficient across the board. there's some places that do well with that some sectors that do well with that others that don't. we need to invest in water infrastructure and upgrades. some say we can stabilize supplies by importing water expensive as it will be through pipelines, desalination and even mega tanker ships. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. still to come at noon, an effort to prevent major damage caused by wildfires. the new technology being installed by pg and e and how it could function as another line of defense. mostly sunny skies and temperatures ranging from the low sixties to low seventies for your afternoon. i'll have a look at what you can expect for your neighborhood plus what we can expect for the weekend coming up.
12:42 pm
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california's ban on high capacity magazines and a split decision that now maybe headed off to the u. s. supreme court. the san francisco based panel made the decision today after two appellate judges last year ruled on the state's ban on magazines holding more than 10 bullets, violating the us constitution's protection to the right to bear firearms. but in today's 7 to 4 decision, the ninth circuit reasoned that the law does not outlaw any weapon and interferes only minimally. with the right to self defense. we're learning more about the suspected drunk driver who went
12:45 pm
the wrong way on interstate 80, killing four members of one family. the chp year old michael kelly was driving the wrong way near immigrant gap earlier this month and hit a car. a family of five from sacramento, where inside that vehicle, two parents and two children all died. investigators now say kelly was on probation for a previous deal. we. authorities say a four year old was the only surviving family member and will be adopted by his aunt and uncle. the california highway patrol reports the number of deaths in drunk driving incidents was up during this thanksgiving holiday compared to last year. state officials say 57 people died in traffic collisions across the state between wednesday evening and sunday night. that's up 14% from last year enforcement officers arrested a total of 1019 people for driving under the influence in that same timeframe. that's a 17% increase over thanksgiving last year. fire commanders in california's rural areas have a major concern is they're preparing for next year's fire season, they may
12:46 pm
have to once again turned down urgent request for help from their neighbors because they don't have any firefighters to spare. this past fall, many fire chiefs of rural departments were forced to decline mutual aid request for help in the caldera fire, which burned in the lake tahoe area because they were dealing with critical staffing shortages caused by covid and other factors. the genie is now installing new technology and hopes that it will mitigate the threat of wildfires. ktvu is jesse gary got to look at the new network of cameras that pg and e says will help them detect wildfires a lot faster. the beauty of northern and central california mountaintops now offer another eye opener stationed on some telecommunications equipment, the next line of defense against wildfires. p genies expanding its wildfire detection capabilities by installing hundreds of these hd firewatch cameras, spokeswoman deanna contreras says. 487 of these cameras spanned the state but for in the bay area have been
12:47 pm
outfitted with artificial intelligence software. the uber smart cameras not only detect smoke but can differentiate between different types of smoke that rules out false positives. it rules out haze or fog or dust , anything that could be misconstrued as smoke, and it determines that it is smoke beyond safeguarding utilities equipment. such information can raise awareness of potential disasters. contreras says that was the case when cameras detected the river fire in august. it's still in its infancy. i've seen a lot of these ai technologies trying to, determine smoke and detect it. i haven't seen anything super successful yet. wildfire expert dr craig clemons says existing technology is likely better at catching critical moments. before a wildfire cameras and whether radar and fuel reduction efforts can gain more traction. still the sooner that you can get an ignition identified the sooner that you can get resources on it. we want to use
12:48 pm
every tool at our disposal everything. he's a technology at our disposal to improve situational awareness and to improve. fire detection capabilities, pg and e officials say the pilot program partially funded through their safety mitigation plan runs through the end of the year, if successful, would like to expand it to cameras statewide. in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. let's see if we can't get outside. no rain and the immediate forecast here. i guess we have to enjoy the sunshine rosemary, and there is plenty of it to enjoy. garcia mike. we're looking at temperatures in the sixties and seventies at this hour and as we get into the afternoon. going to remain that way with the plenty of blue sky alive. look here over sfo. after a cool start to the day, patchy fog out there not much to speak of. we do have a little bit of breeze in our hills in our air quality is good to moderate into the north bay. we have good air quality. we have moderate in the central day. and into the south bay. good to moderate as well. we are looking at dry conditions
12:49 pm
not only for today, but the rest of the weekend into the weekend . temperatures are only expected to fluctuate very subtly, and we are looking at remaining above average for this time of year. so where is the rain? it remains to the north of us over areas of washington, even right on the border of oregon today and then farther north, continuing to see the rain for us, we get past tuesday wednesday thursday now the first weekend of december dry monday looks to be the first possibility it may be a little bit of a transition here. you can see washington, oregon and then dipping into northern california. right now, it looks like an insight slider, meaning it will come this direction. we'd like it to come through via the pacific to bring us a little bit more moisture. but at this point, we'll take anything but that is going to be our first shot. it looks like at seeing some rain and right now it looks like it's going to be very light rain, so we'll continue to watch that. but. monday we will have our eye for that. here's a look at what we do expect to, of course, to end november on a dry note, and with that san
12:50 pm
francisco will fall below average for the month. temperatures outside right now range from mid sixties and brentwood to 65 in san francisco to 72 at half moon bay, 65 in san jose in 66, nevada. we do have a bit of a north northeast wind out there in our hills. and coming off the coastal range, obviously driving that temperature up at this time, let's take a look at the north paper. we have 66 grown up park. we have 67 san anselmo along the peninsula right now. 67 belmont , 72, stanford, 70 degrees palo alto and one more stop here. the inner east bay where 69 in danville, 66. lafayette, elsa reda reporting. 72 for the afternoon highs will remain in the upper sixties to low seventies under hazy sky and sunny conditions. here's a look at your extended forecast even slightly warmer for tomorrow before temperatures drop off slightly. thursday friday into the weekend dry conditions and temperatures ranging in the upper sixties to low seventies on saturday, even a bit warmer on sunday back to you. what is
12:51 pm
mary? thank you still becoming doing encouraging people to shop local. the initiative to help keep small businesses hit hard by the pandemic open through the holiday season. ♪ ♪ comprehensive dental coverage. so you can enjoy movie night to the fullest.
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census figures published in today's chronicle. shou san francisco has the second highest density of any city in the country, but it is a distant second. figures show san francisco is roughly 19,000 residents per square mile. that figure is 30,000 for new york city bay area organ donor is being honored at the upcoming rose parade in pasadena donor network west honored the late so with a meese of oakland at an event this morning in redwood city. kaiser says she gave a second chance at life to three people through organ donation when she unexpectedly passed away last year from an aneurysm , her daughter says this is a
12:55 pm
wonderful way to honor her mother's life. what a generous last act. she was able to give. it hurts that she's not with us. but we are learning to step that she is not here. the emptiness in our hearts. still hurt. but somehow she's still able. to continue to bring us together, making our hearts full again. this morning, her family put the finishing touches on the image that will go on the rose parade float. san francisco is making shopping easier for small businesses this holiday season. the city will waive permit fees for sidewalk shopping for the next two weekends. this means small businesses can set up shop outside without a permit. city leaders say the decision was made to attract more shoppers to local businesses that have been especially hard hit by the pandemic and a spike in online shopping. meanwhile san jose is working to give small businesses a boost during the holidays after a rough time during the
12:56 pm
pandemic. ktvu is, azenith smith tells about a campaign called shop, local sj. that this is handmade look, but you're taking her husband or from guadalajara , mexico, and open artists, hernias on story and king roads in east san jose in 2000 and 16 after a decade at the barriers of flea market, we're bringing our culture. now. his clothing, something that represents every state of our county or so south america. how made arts crafts jewelry filled the 1000 square foot space embroidery is their specialty. authentic pieces you can't find anywhere else has, um, different like. statues architecture from different parts of mexico. so that's what i kind of like about it. like so many small businesses. they were hit hard by the pandemic, closing for three months in 2000 and 20. we feel bad. because we work a lot. san jose mayor sam liccardo spotlighted this business on social media as part
12:57 pm
of the shop. local sj campaign at least you know, 10. pretty significant shopping districts in the city. many of these businesses are not out of the woods. the initiative launched last year to help businesses when capacity limits and restrictions were in place. now it's about keeping stores open and that really enhances the streetscape and the vibrancy of the different commercial neighborhoods. that we have in the city, and it allows us also to keep our diversity. small businesses are featured on the silicon valley strong website. the city has also partnered with get virtual, a nonprofit that helps businesses have an online presence. the owners of artists , india's say businesses coming back thanks to grants in the customers, too. the customers. they were always calling us. they reports are instagram. they don't spend money on marketing, just word of mouth and social media. i think it's better than other years because the people this community is a real community. so everybody helped.
12:58 pm
they hope to stay in san jose for a long time. this is not restored. this is the people started in san jose azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. as supply chain issues are making some items scares more shoppers say they'll be given out gift cards for the holidays , according to the blackhawk network shoppers plan has spent 41% of their budget on gift cards this holiday season that is 27% more compared to last year. and you can make a gift card a little bit more personal by making sure you choose the recipients favorite store, maybe even adding a meaningful note. retail analysts say. make sure you get a receipt, though for each card. especially this year with all of our supply chain issues and so forth. we may be buying batches of gift cards. so in this instance to make sure the store gives you separate receipts for each of those gift cards. the receipt for a gift
12:59 pm
card will help prove the value in just in case the card itself doesn't get properly activated the holiday tree and san francisco's castro district is now shining bright. you're telling me that nothing is more important than lighting that castro holiday tree there is. gordon court. san francisco gay men's chorus, the san francisco lesbian gay freedom, bannon, the sisters of perpetual indulgence were all there for the tree lighting. mayor of london breed talked about how holiday events bring the community together. we had tree lightings. we have an ice skating rink downtown. we have various things happening in neighborhoods and i just, you know, people and families are coming together kind of ribbon. holiday tree in nob hill's huntington's park is also now shining. brian. they're all starting pop up here we go with perfect weather. go pick a tree. have you done that yet? not yet . probably later this week. okay. good idea. thank you so much for joining us. we are going to meet back here for your next newscast at four. news is, of course, always on ktvu common that ktvu news. thanks for being with us. "oz" --
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