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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 29, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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ok. hush little baby...don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. limited availability in select areas. customers after thieves broke in and then threw a party, a large party inside. they had a huge drinking and smoking party. and they store stuff that we needed to operate our business. brazen
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burglary, putting a new small business on ice. good evening, everyone and heather holmes in tonight for frank and i'm julie julie haener new at 10 ktvu is amberleigh tells us, the owners say the thieves not only stole furniture and equipment but also trashed the two story space. and they put the whole thing off. and cover the top of the windows and front door of ramen. hiroshi a new japanese restaurant on the street in san francisco's financial district, recovered not by the owners, but the thieves who broke in sometime late friday night or early saturday morning. we are frustrated. we are angry, but we more likely, surprisingly disappointed. the two story restaurant was set to open for business and less than two weeks . the owners tell me the thieves stole their surveillance camera system and left behind evidence that they held a large underground party here that lasted for hours. the owners found garbage bags filled with empty bottles, cans, cigarette
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buds and a lingering odor of marijuana. they had a huge drinking and smoking party. and they store stuff that we needed to operate our business. they took two of their tables are among the items the owners say were stolen all the wine. we put it in here. the wine storage units were left empty. the owners say it was an organized effort that thieves put up large banners letting partygoers know where the bathrooms are located. they may even charged people to get in. hey this is a you know, um, free space that come on tonight at nine. and let's do this. the owners say people got sick at the gathering. he threw up right here. huge we have to clean it up. the owners tell me they've put in a new alarm system and surveillance cameras . next will be an iron gate. they filed a report with police and say they want to alert other business owners. we don't want other business to happen. like
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us. it's already hard enough for us to open a wrestling these days. the owners tell me. the original grand opening date was scheduled for december 10th, but with so many items they need to replace or repair the estimate. it'll take at least a month or two before they'll be able to open for business. in san francisco amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. illegal side shows moved into some of san francisco's quieter neighborhoods over the weekend. residents in west portal and the sunset say they were awakened by screeching tires and roaring engines early sunday morning. the sideshow started after midnight and went on for more than 15 minutes before police moved in and broke them up. residents say they're concerned the illegal gatherings are symptoms of greater problems in the city. yeah, it's kind of the trend of lawlessness overall right mass break ins, mass side shows, you know, i think we need some different approaches to address that. this quality of
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life issues. san francisco police say officers arrived at the scenes of both sides shows at 12:40:12:50 a.m. and dispersed the crowds. police say no arrests were made, and no citations were given out. new attend. police are now investigating two burglaries in less than one week at a shoe store in santa clara. the most recent theft happened late last night at the fixed kicks on el camino real. police say 15 to 20 or 15 to 30. people forced their way inside and stole shoes and clothing. that same business was burglarized last tuesday, police say they have several promising leads and are asking anyone who may have some information to give them a call. some oakland city leaders are looking to beef up that city's police forced after yet another violent week in oakland. oakland police say between last monday and yesterday, three lives were lost to violence. there were 44 reports of gunfire and 35 robberies are crime reporter henry lee spoke to the family of a man shot and killed. while
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trying to stop a car burglary and he has our report tonight. we have taken an unprecedented number of guns off the streets, but clearly that is not enough. oakland mayor libby schaaf says she's heartbroken with at least two more lives lost of violence over the weekend. there is nothing progressive. about unbridled gun violence. early saturday, security guard kevin machida died three days after the retired police officer was shot while protecting a crime for reporter downtown. kevin shida is someone who dedicated his life. to keeping others safe , as well as to supporting a free press is unbelievably tragic to see that he lost his life in the performance of those duties and those ideals on sunday afternoon, 28 year old eric davis was shot and killed while confronting a car burglary suspect near lake merritt. the victim interrupted a auto
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robbery and progress, um, and was shot by the passenger and the suspect vehicle. we had a beautiful soul and a beautiful spirit. he was a good kid. i guess you could sum it up and say he was a hero, you know? at least he tried to be for the city. the violence comes as the number of police officers in oakland has fallen to 677. that's one officer below the minimum required for the city to access funds from a parcel tax. the mayor says she plans to submit a revised police hiring plan to the city council, which could include another police academy. we have to accept that the interruption in our hiring processes and the higher rates of attrition are things that we have to plan for now. we can't keep our head in the sand were angered. were troubled by the callousness of the crime, those who are acting with a lack of regard for others lives but you can't just come into our city. and do what you want and get away with it that there are.
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repercussions for these actions when you put oakland ear's in harm's way. oakland police chief iran armstrong will hold a news conference on tuesday morning to address the recent violence. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. oakland city councilwoman and mayoral candidate. singtel says that she wants to see the city's ceasefire violence prevention program reinstated the pandemic plays a big role in this and what we have seen is that in december last december, the city administrator made an executive decision without coming to the council for advice to cut ceasefire and we saw that there are real impacts that that came out of that real negative impacts and so ceasefire you know, it's our people. will work with conviction unity to really ask for people who are going to be these violent players to really put down their guns, and so we saw at violent increase. during that time that we took funds away from ceasefire. how is also calling for an inter agency task force to help take
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guns off the streets. she supports the call for additional police academies as well. our coverage of recent crime in oakland continues on our website and ktvu .com. you can find the latest developments right there on our homepage. the cdc today expanded its covid booster recommendations. the agency now says everyone over the age of 18 should get a booster shot six months either six months after receiving a moderna or fighter vaccine, or. two months after the johnson and johnson vaccine , the cdc says the emergence of the omicron variant highlights the importance of being protected against covid-19. that is a message president biden emphasized today. the best protection. i know you're tired of me. say this the best protection against this new variant or any of the of the various out there, but once we've been dealing with already is getting fully vaccinated. and getting a booster shot. the president says he will be providing a detailed strategy on how his administration will work
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to fight the coronavirus this winter. he says his plan will not include shutdowns, but more widespread vaccination. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us now live after speaking with the urologist about this new variant janna. genetic sequencing shows the omicron vary. it has 50 mutations, including some known to allow the virus to bind to human cells more tightly and cause high transmission. ucsf urologist nadia ron says that that is the reason for the urgency to collect data. it's theoretically concerning because it has a lot of mutations more than delta, for example, and it has a lot of mutations within the spike protein, which is the target of most of our vaccines, as the world health organization sounded a little arm monday. calling the global risk very high. moderna announced monday it is testing existing vaccines , and it could take 2 to 3
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months to produce an all macron vaccine booster. if it's needed, health officials say. that is why it's so important for the 80 million unvaccinated americans to get shots and for people to get covid boosters. my guess is that there probably will be some drop in efficacy of you know the antibody response, for example, but there are other components of the vaccine elicited response that shouldn't be, for the most part maintained and particular the t cells, which generally are more resistant to our own mutations. the armor con variant has now been found beyond southern africa in canada, asia , australia and europe. health officials say this shows why vaccination is more important than ever. i've been receiving a lot of calls from constituents. obviously i'm scared about the um macron variant. san mateo county supervisor david canopus says those callers have asked about getting boosters after the news of this all macron variant. he says that the next december 7th board meeting, the county should begin preparing in case
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there's a spike in demand for vaccines or need for a new r macron booster shot. the all macron cases in south africa have mostly been among unvaccinated people on a continent with the vaccination rate of less than 10% we really need to get more of the world vaccinated. new variants come about when there's a low vaccination rate because the virus is allowed to make many copies of this stuff, and it's just essentially gives more chances to develop these kinds of mutations. and so i think it really highlights that we need to get much more of the world vaccinated. and one bit of good news professor rowan says that the current covid pcr tests do appear to be effective in detecting the omicron variant, which makes it easier for health officials to identify and track its spread. jana katsuyama reporting live for us tonight. thanks, janna. the new omicron variant has new york city mayor bill de blasio urging every new yorker again where masking all indoor public settings. diblasio's pressing words came as the city's health commissioner issued a mask advisory. covering even fully
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vaccinated people and those who have had the virus. the new guidance reinforces a similar advisory by the city in august to tackle the delta variant right now about 88% of new york city. adults have received at least one dose of a covid-19 vaccine. a federal judge. meantime today blocked enforcement of the coronavirus vaccine mandate for health care workers in 10 states. the preliminary injunction says the centers for medicare and medicaid. had no clear authority from congress to enact the vaccine mandate. the federal rule requires covid-19 vaccinations for workers and facilities that receive funding from government health programs. the supreme court could eventually weigh in. can arrest 18 months for business all around encouraging people in the south bay to shop local after the break the initiative to help keep small businesses open through the holiday season. pretty warm day out there today.
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we've got some warm days ahead with very little precipitation of cs through. i'll have the forecast after the break. first lower, festive display in san francisco hey, freedom band and e
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sisters of perpetual indulgence . they were all there. mayor london breed, joined the festivities and talked about how these holiday events, bring community together and help the city's economy. we had tree lightings. we have an ice skating rink downtown. we have various things happening in neighborhoods and i just, you know people and families are coming together. yes we want people to enjoy the holiday season, but we also want them to support many of the businesses that are all over the city, and it just feels good. look at all these people were out of the castro. and hopefully folks are going to go to dinner. also tonight, the holiday tree in the
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city's huntington's park was lit up thanks to the nob hill association. well, the holiday shopping season is now well underway in the city of san fran san jose. excuse me, is trying to give small businesses there a boost during the pandemic new attend tonight, ktvu asked. the smith tells us about it. new campaign called shop, local sj. this is handmade look, betty or taken. her husband are from guadalajara, mexico, and open artist. sydney's on story in king roads in east san jose in 2016 after a decade at the barriers of flea markets, we're bringing our culture. now. his clothing, something that represents every state of her county or south america. how made arts crafts jewelry filled the 1000 square foot space embroidery is their specialty. authentic pieces you can't find anywhere else has, um, different like. statues architecture from different parts of mexico. so that's what i kind of like about it. like so many small
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businesses. they were hit hard by the pandemic, closing for three months in 2000 and 20. we feel bad. because we work a lot . san jose mayor sam liccardo spotlighted this business on social media as part of the shop . local sj campaign at least you know, 10. pretty significant shopping districts in the city. many of these businesses are not out of the woods. the initiative launched last year to help businesses when capacity limits and restrictions were in place. now it's about keeping stores open and that really enhances the streetscape and the vibrancy of the different commercial neighborhoods. that we have in the city, and it allows us also to keep our diversity. small businesses are featured on the silicon valley strong website. the city has also partnered with get virtual nonprofit that helps businesses have an online presence. the owners of artists, india's say businesses coming back thanks to grants in the customers, too. the customers. they were always calling us.
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they reports are instagram. they don't spend money on marketing, just word of mouth and social media. i think it's better than other years because the people this community is it's a real community. so everybody helped. they hope to stay in san jose for a long time. this is not restored. this is the people started in san jose. i'm azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. it seems that concerns about supply chain snags are not stopping people from shopping for the holidays, according to mastercard cyber monday, online shopping is already up nearly 9% over last year. shoppers are expected to spend between 10 and $11 billion today alone, but analysts say they expect total holiday spending will be below pre pandemic levels, in part because of all the deals. they have been spread out over several days. black friday is also becoming a big day for online shopping, as well as the brick and mortar variety. adobe analytics says consumers spent
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about $8.9 billion shopping online. that's down just a bit from last year's record of $9 billion, and they say shoppers spent just over $5 billion online on thanksgiving day and tomorrow is giving tuesday coming up tonight at 10 30. how bay area nonprofits hope. the campaign will help them recover from the pandemic. in the dry weather continues as we go through this week, the whole five day is going to be dry. we dry all last week and a little beyond that. so how we doing for rain? well, the future isn't good. the next week anyway, this is it. this is the forecast model for the next seven days. everything north. everything north north north north. see that ridge is just pushing everything up there. this is look at that. how far north? that is now they're getting a lot of rain. like i said. seattle western washington has record rainfall for autumn british columbia record rainfall portland's has record rainfall for autumn in all time record stuff, and we are just south about 6800 miles. more nap but far enough south. we're not seeing anything and we're not
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going to see anything. probably until. the ninth 10th 11th of december and that's the next opportunity. it doesn't mean it won't happen or it won't happen sooner. but in the meantime, we've got this high pressure pattern. we might see some patchy frost. we might see a little bit of valley fog. i saw a little bit this morning up by davis. but the high pressure is that the dominant feature and it stays put. it's not just a high pressure that's impacting the west coast directly. it's all the way out into the plains. i mean, this is a big, dominant high pressure dome. that is keeping everybody dry and you talk to the folks in the rockies and their ski season and colorado and winter park and those folks. they're hurting for snow to when we come back. we'll look at the long range forecast. we look at the five day forecast will get specific with temperatures and numbers and things like that. i'll see you back here in a minute. starting tomorrow, fishing will again be allowed along a stretch of southern california coastline affected by that offshore oil spill back in october. the department of fish and wildlife says the ban is being lifted after tests showed local seafood is safe for people to eat. the
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closure in early october covered 650 square miles of coastal waters and some 45 miles of shoreline, mainly there in orange county. it was put in place after a pipeline leaked about 25,000 gallons of crude oil again that happened back in early october. federal officials have said the pipeline was likely damaged by a ship's anchor. coming up a new mug shot of scott peterson why he has been moved to san mateo county jail. also ahead tonight, dramatic revelations in the theranos trial. today's testimony from elizabeth holmes detailing allegations of sexual assault and abuse and coming up tonight at 10 45 concerning study that shows the sierra snowpack. could disappear in a matter of years.
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that killed four members of one family. the chp says the suspected drunk driver 32 year old michael scott. kelly was on probation for previous do you want? the crash near emigrant
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gap on november 20th killed antonio and brittany. one time montano montano, excuse me from sacramento county and two of their children, his aunt and uncle say that they will adopt the surviving child, four year old julian. kelly is facing for murder charges. a shocking day of testimony in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial, as ktvu is, evan sernoffsky tells us while on the stand today, home, said she suffered years of abuse from her ex partner, sonny alwani. elizabeth holmes said she met sonny ball wani when she was 18 and he was 38 years old. during a trip to china. later she said she was raped during her freshman year at stanford. and decided to move in with ball wani to focus on theranos full time. elizabeth holmes stunned the san jose courtroom with allegations of abuse monday, offering a window into her mind during the time she's accused of
10:25 pm
defrauding investors in her failed blood testing company theranos. it's very compelling testimony that she's told us that. bomani has been abusive, verbally berating her. and controlling her and telling her how to live. her life. legal analyst michelle hagen was in court as home sought to explain some of her actions at the company homes described dropping out of stanford in 2000 and three for the first time revealing she was raped. quote i decided i was going to build a life by building this company, holmes testified, saying she moved in with boudouani because she felt safe with him. things immediately turned dark home said, describing ball one is alleged controlling behavior. quote he told me i didn't know what i was doing in business that my convictions were wrong. that if i followed my instincts that i would fail, she said she began devoting her life to business and heating ball. one is alleged commands on how to speak, work and even eat. she
10:26 pm
did testify to a couple incidences where she documented on her iphone. about what happened and how she felt about some certain episodes that took place at home. alwani has not testified in the case, but his attorney responded to the abuse allegations in court documents before trial. the allegations are quote deeply offensive to mr ball, wani. devastating personally to him and highly and unfairly prejudicial to his defense of this case. the prosecution will begin its cross examination on tuesday, when homes will have to answer some tough questions about her time as ceo of theranos at the federal courthouse in san jose. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. convicted murderer scott peterson was transferred from san quentin san mateo county jail today in advance of his re sentencing hearing that is scheduled for next week. peterson is scheduled to be re sentenced on december 8th after his death sentence was overturned last year due to germany's conduct. peterson was
10:27 pm
convicted 17 years ago for the 2000 and two murders of his wife, lacey and unborn child. a hearing is set to take place in february to determine if peterson will get a new trial. still to come tonight after a weekend of shopping and consumerism tomorrow, is giving tuesday. instead of spending all your money on buying things. how bad if you expressed some generosity by giving to those in need after the break the bay area nonprofits hoping for a boost and how you can help. and coming up a little later in sports. we have a big update on warriors guard klay thompson as he practices with the santa cruz warriors also empty shelves and higher prices coming up later tonight how the federal trade commission is investigating the retail disruptions.
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try my $5.99 cheddar loaded cheeseburger combo nonprofit organizations worldwide. ktvu is deborah villalon tells us, it launches the giving season for causes doing work in our communities. reynolds giving tuesday bills itself as unleashing the power of radical generosity. animal welfare groups are among those looking forward to it, so we have many, many wonderful animal shelters in the bay area. we're really lucky. but we all operate on pretty thin margins. so we appreciate any donation. marin humane, is emphasizing its pet safety net this year program providing mobile services and vouchers for veterinary care, food and other needs. aimed at keeping pets and their people together. our pet safety net is growing the numbers of people who are needing some extra help with their pets. financially that's been growing quite a bit . giving tuesday gives nonprofits away to funnel their fundraising into one day under one banner. last year, raising
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almost $2.5 billion in the us following black friday and cyber monday. giving tuesday pushes back on consumerism instead of spending all your money on buying things. how about if you express some generosity by giving to those in need, so that's exactly how it got started and giving tuesday grows every year. donations up last year by 25% even after the pandemic forced nonprofits to shut offices, lay off staff and shed volunteers organizations have shifted to successful fundraising with virtual events and quite frankly, people in the community are getting used to it as well and preferring not having to get in their car or dress ups, and they're giving more. so giving has changed, and what satisfied about giving tuesday is the personal connection between individuals and the cause. they choose. it's not government or grant. it's people that are at home people that care people that are passionate about a particular issue. many nonprofits are
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welcoming volunteers once again, and some people will spend tuesday, giving time and kindness to others. but the financial infusion. we hope we'll see a surge in giving tuesday donations. you know, you never quite know what's going to happen. so we're putting the word out and. crossing our fingers and showing off cute kittens and hoping it'll incentivize people to donate and nevado deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. and ktvu is partnering with ucsf benioff children's hospitals, this giving tuesday more than 70% of patients are uninsured or underinsured donations, help ensure that hospitals can serve all children, not just those who can afford it. if you'd like to donate just visit ktvu dot com slash giving tuesday, california prison workers got a temporary reprieve from the states. covid-19 vaccination mandate. on friday, a panel of the ninth circuit court of appeals temporarily blocked in order that all prison workers must be vaccinated against covid-19 or have a religious or medical
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exemption. the mandate was supposed to have taken effect by january, 12th, but enforcement is now blocked until sometime in march, when an appeal hearing is scheduled and push back against a vaccine mandate right here in the bay area, as ktvu rob roth reports a group of parents in the west contra costa unified school district staged a demonstration today. urging officials there to change their vaccine requirement for students , families in a school district at odds a group of parents along with their children and grandchildren demonstrated in front of the west contra costa county unified school district headquarters in richmond monday . they are upset about a mandate that's about to take effect under that mandate. students 12 years old and up in the district must be fully vaccinated for covid-19 by january 3rd if they wish to continue in person learning some parents are uncomfortable with the vaccine. there are breakthrough cases. there is also no long term studies to show that in 2345
10:34 pm
years that there aren't going to be any adverse events, some delayed effects that they haven't seen yet as parents and grandparents should be given the choice. to abstain from this mandate, the centers for disease control and prevention and all major medical associations have been saying the vaccine is safe , effective and the best way to prevent the spread of covid those kids who are not vaccinated. can also spread the virus to others, so the schools need to be a safe environment for everybody and the only way to make sure they're safe environment for the everybody for everybody is to make sure everybody's immunized. uc berkeley infectious disease specialist dr john schwartzberg also says the vaccine is safe, long term because complications from any vaccine usually occur within the first 6 to 8 weeks. still some parents remain skeptical that my son has his future ahead of him. why would i want him vaccinated when there's that risk that is unknown.
10:35 pm
school district officials say the vaccine mandate is the best way to make students, teachers and staff safe. we believe thats the right to, you know, share their voice and they have the right to protest but also our board and myself. we have to look at students overall and the safety of all students under the plant. students who are not vaccinated can enter the districts distance learning program, the remote learning. that's not really an option. it did not work out. but for us, it's a safety issue. rob roth, ktvu fox two news. today the city of los angeles began enforcing its proof of vaccination mandate for various indoor businesses. the program called safe passage, la. launched on november 8th. it requires businesses to verify customers are vaccinated before. it applies to restaurants, bars , gyms, hair and nail salons, entertainment and sports venues
10:36 pm
. some people say even though they are vaccinated, they do not want to share that information. i wasn't cool with like showing off that i was vaccinated. it was just like a personal decision. um and now you came to have to, you know, like, oh, yeah, i'm back. senator. here's the proof. enforcement starts with a warning, followed by fines from 1000 to $5000, also in southern california. 29 year old man has been arrested in the shooting deaths of his four children and their grandmother. investigators say the children's mother discovered the bodies last night. at the family's home in lancaster, north of los angeles. the young victims were 12 and under and also included an infant. authorities say the grandmother was in her fifties. sheriff's officials say the suspect surrendered to deputies. he's been charged with killing his four children, as well as his mother in law, and his bail has been set at $2 million you spend canada's business is the latest victims of thefts and shootings coming up at 11 the
10:37 pm
help that dispensary owners say they need from the city of oakland. and a pretty warm day today. we've got more days like this to come. i'll have the five day forecast next. first though, after the break jack dorsey stepping down as ceo of twitter what he said i financial planning is finding your home away from home. ♪ and, it's designing a plan to help get you there. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. i want y'all to hear from me first. if you wanna be fresh, you gotta refresh, like subway®. like the new baja steak & jack with tender, thicker-cut steak and... wait sooo you're not coming out of retirement? i'm just here because subway has so much new, they bought time in this press conference to talk about it. now, like i was saying,
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wealth management is planning your path together. and, it's guiding you along the way. and at genesys, start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. investigating the causes of the ongoing disruption of the supply chain. the ftc is ordering companies to provide a wide range of information, including the primary factors that are disrupting their ability to obtain transport and distribute their products. the list of companies required to respond include amazon, walmart and large wholesalers and suppliers such as procter and gamble and tyson foods. jack dorsey, the co founder of twitter, has now
10:40 pm
stepped down as ceo of the company he co founded in 2000 and six dorsey said he decided to leave twitter because he says he believes quote the company is ready to move on from its founders. he's been serving as ceo, both his san francisco company's twitter and square, the digital payment service. he'll be succeeded by twitter's current chief technology officer , parag agrawal. dorsey details his exit in a letter to employees he later posted on twitter, he said, in part, i want you all to know that this was my decision, and i own it. it was a tough one for me. of course. i love this service and company and all of you so much. i'm really sad yet really happy . there aren't many companies that get to this level on wall street. twitter shares were largely unchanged, down less than 1. the markets studied after last week's slide caused by fears over the new covid-19 variant. the dow gained 236 points. the nasdaq was up to 91 . the s and p finished the day
10:41 pm
up. 60 points. opening statements began today at the sex trafficking trial of jeffrey epstein's longtime partner, gullane maxwell. the trial is beginning more than two years after epstein committed suicide in prison. and a year after maxwell was indicted for her alleged role in running an elaborate sex trafficking ring for him, the prosecution says maxwell and epstein were partners in crime in the sexual abuse of teenage girls and in some cases, even taking part in that abuse. i think her stances . i did nothing wrong. i had no idea this was happening. it had nothing to do with me. maxwell has pleaded not guilty to all six federal sex trafficking charges. the trial is expected to last six weeks. if convicted , she faces up to 70 years in prison. opening statements have wrapped up for the day in chicago in the trial of actor jesse smollett. the jury was seated earlier today and in their opening remarks, prosecutors said the former empire tv show star developed a
10:42 pm
secret plan for a hate crime on himself. but events said small. it was the victim of a tremendous rush to judgment that has ruined his career and reputation small it is accused of making false reports to police after hiring two brothers to help him stage a fake, racist and homophobic attack. nearly three years ago. the trial is expected to last about a week or so to come tonight. bottle rock announces dates for next year's festival. plus, we saw some rain last month, but boys from mostly dry ever since what that could mean for our states agriculture industry and take a look at this , the fog slowly rolling in over the golden gate bridge around sunset tonight, creating this beautiful glow. chief meteorologist. bill martin is back right after the break with back right after the break with your five day forecast. enjoy the gift of being together. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online.
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snowpack in the sierra nevada mountains could disappear in 25 years, researchers say the warming climate will bring more rain to the mountains and less snow and that by the middle of this century areas could see low or no snow for 10 straight years . the authors of the studies say water managers should begin preparing. for the declining snowpack as soon as possible. well it has been a very dry november here in the bay area, and that is causing some concern . even after last month's historic storms, ktvu is tom
10:46 pm
baker takes a look now at how our reservoirs are doing and what that means for california's agriculture. was california's what october just to sucker punch to the states. all important reservoirs historically 1976, which was historically dry, started off with a wet october. so we're not counting our chickens? yes ski conditions. trackers key central .com says that of the 25 big california resorts attracts only three are open and in a very limited basis, ski resorts say, december through february, are there big snow months, but with modern technology. cold temperatures will do the efficiency of snow making systems, the ability to turn them on on a moment's notice the ability to monitor things electronically. right it has changed dramatically, and that does help affecting far more people. the reservoir situation looking at the five largest california reservoirs. shasta
10:47 pm
the largest is only a quarter full. usually on this date, it would be at 46. orville 30% now , 60, historically trinity 29 now 50. normally new malone is 36% full 66 usually don pedro. half full three quarters normally on this date. this is looking like a lot of media. season which means less effective precipitation, which is bad news. california's $50 billion agricultural industry is seriously threatened by drought, global warming and climate change. this year. california's race growers, a huge industry is not planning 108,000 acres, an area slightly less than all of san jose, california trout. environmentalists say we are all in this together with only so much water that needs to be much more efficient across the board. there's some places that do well with that some sectors that do
10:48 pm
well with that others that don'r infrastructure and upgrades. some say we can stabilize supplies by importing water expensive as it will be through pipelines, desalination and even mega tanker ships. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. already so the big takeaway there is we live in california. there will be drought get, you know we got to get that i don't know why it's taken so long to figure this one out. you guys are gonna have droughts. they go all you know, drought, we said 10 years of potential no snow that chance , pete said that there's been 50 year droughts in the central valley in ancient times. you know, when the indian tribes lived out, they've done tree ring samples. endocrinology to dig in. they can see droughts of 10 2050 years. california come on, so what we need to do is get our act together here and as a good story by tom, but i think that the powers that big, namely the governor and folks that can do this, i need to get their acts together and start.
10:49 pm
figuring out a way to change the way we use water and how we allocated. okay that's enough of that. 71 in santa rosa 68 in fairfield. those were today's daytime highs highs tomorrow are going to be a few degrees warmer in some spots, maybe a little cooler in some of those coastal spots, but overall, another nice day, and grant were 200% of rainfall average right now, ut 200 because hasn't rained in two weeks. every day that goes by that whittles away. the next chance for rain looks like it's around the ninth 10th of december, so i'm not saying, you know, it's a lot of the year. it's sort of a neutral, weak, not line india. so that's sort of neutral signature for us, which means we should. be typically what we get for rainfall and central california maybe a little less, but pretty much typical. so there's that big, broad ridge of high pressure will come back to this. it's going all the way over to the ohio valley so that that's a dome of high pressure. it's not breaking up. it's the whole western united states from the mississippi valley. essentially, mr belly all the way out to thef
10:50 pm
activity out in the pacific. there's lots of surfing the water. lots of swell lots of rain up north, record setting rains and seattle record setting rains in portland record setting millions of british columbia. but it's not working out for us because we're on the bottom half of it. nothing's going to happen with that ridge until the ninth 10th of december. at least that's how it looks now. so more of the same, which is. plenty of warmth. yellows are seventies. you're going to see a lot of those tomorrow you're going to see lots of upper sixties low seventies, maybe even some mid seventies and potentially this week a chance for maybe a record breaking. temperature in some city maybe down to san benito county because this is very warm , big, strong ridge of high pressure. there is the five day forecast, so we'll see you back here at 11. thank you so much, bill. the bottle rock music festival is returning to napa this spring, organizers announced today. the festival will run the weekend of may 27th through the 29th. now it's traditionally held over memorial day weekend, but the festival was pushed back to labor day weekend this year. because of
10:51 pm
the pandemic. performers for next year's festival will be announced at a later date that people can buy their tickets starting december 7th. it is now . officially the christmas season at the white house first lady jill biden today and build this year's theme gifts from the heart. the decorations represent gifts that unite americans, including faith, family and friendship, holiday decorations , also on our front line workers who persevered during the covid 19 pandemic. there are 41 christmas trees throughout the white house, along with 6000 ft , a ribbon and more than 10,000 ornaments. coming up one of the 49 years. biggest weapons is sidelined. our sports director market bond is here to update the injury status quo. samuel sports is next. then on the 11 o'clock news thieves steal from a bay area charity what they got away with at 11.
10:52 pm
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so you can work that budget and get those savings. tonight. the vital room. you know the drill in the nfl. it's all about winning at all costs. and right after that, you check the injury list, and that really wasn't a pleasant shore for kyle shanahan following the dismantling of the team yesterday from minnesota vikings, they get bad news there. double threat. mr do it all depot. samuel is going to miss some time if you had to pick out one guy who maybe most responsible for the resurgence and the three state victories. you've got to give it to debo, but you see him in the final quarter yesterday. it's a groin strain. also note linebacker fred warner is going to miss some time with a hamstring issue could miss a game or two. here's kyle shanahan late this afternoon. talking about debo specifically. and he's been a
10:55 pm
big part of our offense, but i think we're in a spot right now that we can overcome that got. bill came in yesterday and made a huge play on my seven it up each week doing better sichuan coming along to give travis benjamin more opportunities anyways, having a speed out there and. skittles getting healthier and better each week and run against been doing well to monday night football. little sneak peek. what's up next for the 40 niners, russell wilson and seattle 247 yards passing a couple of touchdowns still doesn't look 100% after the. finger injury 99 game, washington just ran the ball down seattle's throw 252 yards rushing jaideep kissing within 10 yards score right there. washington seeks it out 17 15 thanks to have missed two point conversion late by seattle w f t still alive and the three and eight hearts. are done for 49ers , however, still can't overlook
10:56 pm
it. hey, what a season has been already for the golden state warriors, 18 and two and what a week it promises to be. they're going to get a two sided test against phoenix team. the sons that 1 16 in a row, little road and home affair. but where's kind of peeking down to santa cruz? where a guy by the name of clay thompson stepping it up another notch? in his rehab program. he won't be playing in any games down there but doing some five and five stuff and it's kind of like a warrior's christmas present. they can't wait to unwrap, but you gotta wait, including coach kerr, who knows that he won't be playing in any games. but he can't wait to have it back. meanwhile the other splash brother steph curry continues to get little respect for officials you say yesterday hersant flying by ella's terence man, no call. he gets teed up that tipped him off and he started launching threes. he wound up with 33 points. the
10:57 pm
warriors another victory over the clippers out on the road. come on, looney warriors are. kind of used to being disrespected it away killer. says as long as you got steph curry and drink, mario team, you probably have a target on your back. no, them guys been, uh, biggest stars in the league last over the last few years in part of a dynasty, so we got them guys coming to the arena. everybody's high forward. the crowd is there so. we've got to got to talk on our back, but we focus by everybody else. all right, coming up their first last last week, saint mary is hosting u c. riverside tonight second half nice out of bounds play. augustus march. aloneness finds dan photo to which is fortuitous because he's got to lay in gail's go up by one few minutes later, same combo. sharon as well, get it to go to again off class 4 to 4 to 67 50. st mary's the gales, now seven and one, absolutely staggering.
10:58 pm
that's all you can say about what's been going on in major league baseball the past few days, more than a billion dollars committed to less than 15 players in that time, the giants not real active so far. maybe going to sign alex would we'll see? but the biggest surprise maybe. again but the name of max scherzer who i called the millionaire mercenary , just pay me the most. and i'll go there 37 years old. he gets a three year deal worth $130 million, meaning he'll be the highest paid player ever 43.3 million year. good luck to the mets, and this is almost humorous. the texas rangers, who just signed markus semi into $175 million deal, go after corey seager shortstop later the dodgers. how about this 10 years ? $325 million contract? he's 27 . it's 16 home runs last year and gets that kind of a deal. we
10:59 pm
got a little extra time, so why not check? this cal fans remember gabby, the name of sonny dykes? well, he's the new coach at tcu now and they think highly of himself of him. and he's always very highly of himself. he lands at his own press conference in a helicopter later, all kinds of fireworks go off and this is before he's coached a single game. i tell you, the world of college coaches. yeah, yeah. i sure hope he's got the aptitude and coaching acumen to back all that stuff up. that is the sporting life more than about 25 minutes, guys back to you, heather, nearly. all right. thanks so much mark coming up next here at 11. we don't want other business to happen. like us. it's already hard enough for us to open a restaurant this day. a
11:00 pm
restaurant set to open next month in san francisco's financial district faces a setback tonight after thieves break in and host a large party. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now it was a heartbreaking discovery. the owners say the partygoers left behind a huge mass. many of their items were also stolen. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm heather holmes in tonight for frank. plans for their grand opening are now delayed because of all of this. new tonight, or amberleigh spoke to the owners who are no doubt disheartened by what happened. and they put the whole thing up. and cover the top of the windows and front door of ramen. hiroshi a new japanese restaurant on the street in san francisco's financial district, recovered not by the owners, but the thieves who broke in sometime late friday night or early saturday morning. we are frustrated. we are angry, but we more likely, surprisingly disappointed. the


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