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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  November 29, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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southern africa and starting today, a travel ban went into effect in eight south african countries. fox news, steve harrigan tells us health officials around the world are now scrambling to get a handle on the fast spreading strain. we're throwing everything we can at this virus. president biden is sounding the alarm as the spread of the new omicron covid-19 variant accelerates. it's already been detected in more than a dozen countries after first emerging in southern africa last week, and it's spreading more quickly than any strain we've seen before. in south africa. the positivity rate went from 2% to 9% in just six days. but most doctors say there is little risk of hospitalization or death for fully vaccinated people. the chances are very high that the vaccine will offer at least some level of protection. the white house says its containment strategy is based on making sure people roll up their sleeves for vaccines and boosters. and the
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travel ban to and from eight south african countries will also stay in place for now, saying it's the best way to stop a crime from spreading in the u. s gives us time to take more actions. to move quicker to make sure people understand you have to get your vaccine. there's also a plan b. moderna and pfizer are already working on vaccines specifically targeting the new strain. some companies are also exploring the possibility of rapid tests specific to our micron. but health officials say for now, the standard testing remains effective. fortunately for us the pcr is that we mostly use would pick up this very unusual. variant president biden says there are no plans for further travel restrictions at this time. in atlanta. steve harrigan, fox news. and vaccine manufacturers are now rushing to try to combat this new covid
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strain. both fighter and moderna are working to update their formulas to fight the omicron variant. both have a goal of rolling one out by early next year. coming up, we're going to talk with a bay area infectious disease expert about what we all need to know about this new variant and what scientists have learned so far. here in the bay area parents group in the west contra costa unified school district is outraged and speaking out over the districts . student vaccine mandate they gathered for a protest this morning outside district headquarters in richmond. ktvu is rob roth joins us now live with more on the demonstration and reaction from the district, rob. well, julie some parents in the west contra costa school district say the choice they're being given is really no choice at all. families in his school district at odds a group of parents along with their children and grandchildren, demonstrated in front of the west contra costa county unified school district headquarters in richmond monday. they are upset about a mandate that's about to
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take effect under that mandate. students 12 years old and up in the district must be fully vaccinated for covid-19 by january 3rd if they wish to continue in person learning. some parents are uncomfortable with the vaccine. there are breakthrough cases. there is also no long term studies to show that in 2345 years that there aren't going to be any adverse events, some delayed effects that they haven't seen yet as parents and grandparents should be given the choice. to abstain from this mandate, the centers for disease control and prevention and all major medical associations have been saying the vaccine is safe, effective and the best way to prevent the spread of covid those kids who were not vaccinated. can also spread the virus to others, so the schools need to be a safe environment for everybody and the only way to make sure they're safe environment for the everybody for everybody is to make sure everybody's immunized . u c. berkeley infectious
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disease specialist dr john schwartzberg also says the vaccine is safe, long term. because complications from any vaccine usually occur within the first 6 to 8 weeks. still some parents remain skeptical. my son has his future ahead of him. why would i want him vaccinated when there's that risk that is unknown. school district officials say the vaccine mandate is the best way to make students, teachers and staff safe. we believe that. any parent or any group has the right to, you know, share their voice and they have the right to protest but also our board and myself. we have to look at students overall and the safety of all students under the plant . students who are not vaccinated can enter the districts distance learning program, the remote learning. that's not really an option. it did not work out. but for us, it's a safety issue. at least three other east based school districts. oakland hayward in piedmont have all approved vaccine mandates. julie all
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right, rob roth reporting live for us tonight. thank you, rob and stay with ktvu. for the latest coronavirus information. we have a special section on our website dedicated to covid-19 updates. you can find everything at ktvu .com. now to oakland, where mayor libby shaft is speaking out today about another of violent weekend in her city, brazen daylight robberies and then also the shooting death of that security guard for a news crew. all of it has the mayor talking about plans to try to submit a revised police hiring plan to the city council. and that could mean another police academy and more officers on the streets are crime reporter henry lee is here now, with the very latest on this proposal, henry. we'll have the thanksgiving weekend in oakland brought more bloodshed to city streets, and the mayor and other officials are saying once again, the violence is an acceptable and that there needs to be some increased police staffing. we have taken an unprecedented number of guns off the streets,
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but clearly that is not enough. oakland mayor libby schaaf says she's heartbroken with at least two more lives lost of violence over the weekend. there is nothing progressive. about unbridled gun violence. early saturday, security guard kevin machida died three days after the retired police officer was shot while protecting a crime for reporter downtown. kevin shida is someone who dedicated his life. to keeping others safe , as well as to supporting a free press is unbelievably tragic to see that he lost his life in the performance of those duties and those ideals. on sunday afternoon, a man was shot and killed while confronting a car burglary suspect near lake merritt. the victim interrupted a auto robbery in progress. um and was shot by the passenger and the suspect vehicle. the violence comes as the number of police officers in oakland has fallen to 677. that's one officer below the minimum required for the city to access funds from a parcel tax. the
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mayor says she plans to submit a revised police hiring plan to the city council, which could include another police academy. we have to accept that the interruption in our hiring processes and the higher rates of attrition are things that we have to plan for now. we can't keep our head in the sand were angered. were troubled by the callousness of the crime, those who are acting with a lack of regard for others lives but you can't just come into our city. and do what you want and get away with it that there are. repercussions for these actions. when you put oakland ear's in harm's way. oakland police chief of iran armstrong will hold a news conference tomorrow morning to address the recent violence in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu , fox, dooney and henry. this proposal by the bear when will it go before the city council? well the mayor expects to have some more details released as early as friday. so we'll try to figure out more at that time. okay we'll be following what the council decides. henry. thank you. meantime an employee of the
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san jose daycare center is under arrest for several counts of sexual abuse of a child over a period of several years. investigators say that 62 year old julio cesar carrasco diaz worked at a license facility there on mcginnis avenue. they say a victim recently reported being sexually assaulted there by the suspect over a period of several years from 2011 to 2019 . police believe there could be other victims. anyone with information is asked to contact san jose police. since roaring tires screeching coming up how neighborhoods known for being peaceful were anything but over the weekend. and responding faster to disaster. new details on pg and e s new line of wildfire defense also ahead a slow start to species in when resorts expect to start picking up speed and opening more slopes. and we are tracking the chances for rainfall, which is
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♪ founders. he has been serving as ceo of both of his san francisco company's twitter and square, the digital payment service. he will be succeeded by twitter's current chief technology officer . the news caused twitter shares to be halted briefly during monday's trading sessions after stocks surged in premarket trading pending the announcement on wall street today, twitter shares were largely unchanged, down less than 1% the markets. studied after last week's slide
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caused by fears over that new covid variant. the dow gained 236 points. the nasdaq was up to 91. the s and p finished the day up. 60 points well, despite some rain in october. california is still facing drought condition and this, of course, is raising the concern of more wildfires. ktvu southwood reporter jesse gary tells us how pg and e is installing new technology that could mitigate that threat. the beauty of northern and central california mountaintops now offer another eye opener stationed on some telecommunications equipment, the next line of defense against wildfires, pgn is expanding its wildfire detection capabilities by installing hundreds of these hd firewatch cameras, spokeswoman deanna contreras says. 487 of these cameras spanned the state, but four in the bay area have been outfitted with artificial intelligence software. the uber smart cameras not only detect smoke. but can differentiate between different types of smoke that rules out
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fast positives. it rules out haze or fog or dust. anything that could be misconstrued to smoke, and it determines that it is smoke beyond safeguarding utilities equipment. such information can raise awareness of potential disasters. contreras says that was the case . when cameras detected the river fire in august. it's still in its infancy. i've seen a lot of these ai technologies trying to the, uh, determine smoke and detect it. i haven't seen anything super successful yet. wildfire expert dr craig clemons says existing technology is likely better at catching critical moments. before a wildfire cameras and whether radar and fuel reduction efforts can gain more traction. still the sooner that you can get it, ignition identified the sooner that you can get resources on it . we want to use every tool at our disposal everything. he's a technology at our disposal to improve situational awareness and to improve. fire detection
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capabilities, pg and e officials say the pilot program partially funded through their safety mitigation plan runs through the end of the year, if successful, would like to expand it to cameras statewide. in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. along with wildfires. the drought conditions are expected to have a significant economic impact up and down the state. ktvu is tom baker looked at where we are and where maybe where we may be headed when it comes to our water. was california's what october just to sucker punch to the states. all important reservoirs historically 1976, which was historically dry, started off with a wet october. so we're not counting our chickens? yes ski conditions. trackers key central .com says that of the 25 big california resorts attracts only three are open and in a very limited basis. mammoth the most active has 40 runs open, which is only a quarter of its runs.
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boreal mountain, two runs open 6% of its runs. alpine meadows, two runs open just 2% of its runs. the rest closed for now. ski resorts say december through february, are there big snow months but with modern technology, cold temperatures will do the efficiency of snow making systems, the ability to turn them on on a moment's notice the ability to monitor things electronically. right it has changed dramatically, and that does help affecting far more people. the reservoir situation looking at the five largest california reservoirs. shasta the largest is only a quarter full. usually on this date, it would be at 46. orville 30% now, 60, historically trinity 29 now 50. normally new malone is 36% full 66 usually don pedro. half full three
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quarters normally on this date. this is looking like a lot of media. season which means less effective precipitation, which is bad news. california's $50 billion agricultural industry is seriously threatened by drought, global warming and climate change. this year. california's race growers, a huge industry is not planning 108,000 acres and areas slightly less than all of san jose. the new york times reports that by 20, 4500 and 35,000 productive acres of the san joaquin valley, that's more than one in 10 of its formed acres will go unused. california trout. environmentalists say we are all in this together with only so much water. it needs to be much more efficient across the board. there's some places that do well with that some sectors that do well with that others that don't. we need to invest in water infrastructure and upgrades. some say we can stabilize supplies by importing water expensive as it will be
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through pipelines, desalination and even mega tanker ships. tom vacar ktvu fox two news, all right, and you know how we get that done. we need our leaders to step up and take charge of water concerns right of how we should how much water should be used. who should allocate the water. this whole has to start over again and get fixed because it is california. california is about. always has been. it's about fires, earthquakes and drought, and it won't change. it will always be those things, so just know that and i just can't believe we're waiting this long over two years into a drought. will get more rain will be probably okay. this year. it is a la nina year. that does not mean though, that we won't see the amount of rain. we need to see. it's kind of not meaning for us means kind of neutral conditions basically expected average rainfall. so if you look outside, you can see the golden gate bridge is stunning shot. if you are not watching the t v right now, which i know a lot of folks are doing other things, but just peek at it real quick. i'll leave it up for a minute or two just will not a minute or two, but for a little while
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right there. golden gate bridge . stunning doesn't look like early or late november early december, but in fact, that is that's coastal fog coming in week weather system to the north of us. that week. weather system just kind of creates an environment where that coastal fog can return. so we'll look for that to be around tonight and then probably be gone tomorrow as those winds click offshore. 42 degrees tomorrow morning in santa rosa 46 napa. not too bad, right? i mean, normally normally this time of year, you know, you think upper thirties but we're kind of doing mild temperatures. we got some cloud cover. i like to show you this. i showed you last night the same thing, but it's pretty. it's a it's a pretty big deal, and that. this ridge of high pressure extends from over here about by the dateline. and the court like the thing, i mean, so how many miles is that? what's uh, have my miles sing on here? i don't have my miles thing on here. deng it well, here it is. okay, so let's do this. just this just rough it out. so what ? that ridge is almost 3000 miles wide, so it's huge when they get wide like that. they're hard to break down. so no matter how much of this stuff comes in,
5:19 pm
when that stuff comes in, whittles away at it like a woodcutter chopping away at a tree, right? and these systems will do that. but when it's broad like that, it just cruises up over the top and does not have that, um, that chiseling ability is easily doesn't chose away. it'll knock it down eventually, and hopefully that happens around december 9th and 10th. but right now we're dry and drive. we got a week. weather system offshore. see this guy? and that's just enough kind of cut off low. that's enough to create the fog and drop temperatures a couple degrees in some places today, so as you look at the right now, temperatures kind of nice 63 concord. last live shot. i'm going to show you one more time of the golden gate bridge and i'll tell you we've got fog at the coast now it'll be gone by tomorrow. winds go back offshore . tomorrow temperatures stay warm this whole week and you know in the pacific northwest. seattle, for instance, had the wettest autumn. september october november period that they've ever had. historically right. seattle gets rain, western washington gets rain and they just had a historic rainfall event, and they have
5:20 pm
two more atmospheric rivers heading their way in the next couple of days. so we definitely have an interesting weather pattern on we don't see rain coming our way until the ninth or 10th of december. mike mibach will get specific. i just gave it a big broad brush. we'll look at temperatures and all this stuff we usually do. i'll see you back here a little bit. it was such a beautiful picture there. right, bill. thank you. well, coming up tonight. gifts from the heart. the first lady is helping children celebrate the holidays, then coming up at six. convicted killer scott peterson gets moved from san quentin's death row to the san mateo county jail. we will run through the next steps in his push for a new trial, plus. burn insulin covered into clear sounds of the holiday season, right at six. why they turn some right at six. why they turn some people though into grinches mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need
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today while reading to children at the white house. she told them her family inspired her children's book. don't forget god bless our troops. my dad was in the navy. and he fought in world war two and my son was army. so when my son was away. um i my granddaughter, just like you kids really, really missed her daddy. so i wrote this book to tell other kids because there's lots of kids who don't know what it's like to be a military kid. dr biden invited the second graders to the white house to help her reveal the christmas decorations. well that christmas spirit is certainly taking hold here in the bay area , with two san francisco neighborhoods getting ready to flip the switch on their holiday lights minutes from now at 5 30 , the nob hill association is set to kick off its annual tree lighting ceremony there. huntington's park. the long running tradition is in its 50th
5:24 pm
consecutive year and then coming up at six o'clock, denied a tree lighting will be held in the castro district at castro in 18th street's, the event is set to include musical performances and also remarks from mayor london breed and other city leaders. jewish families across the bay area tonight are celebrating the second night of hanukkah. last night, hundreds gathered in alameda to celebrate the start of the eight day festival of lights. shabbat of alameda organized the event, which included the lighting of a colorful nine ft tall lego menorah. for many, this year's hanukkah is extra special after the pandemic pandemic prevented large in person holiday gatherings last year, the last day of hanukkah will be a week from tonight. pull back friday, is becoming a big day for online shopping, as well as for brick and mortar stores, and this year was no exception. data from adobe analytics shows consumers spent about $8.9 billion shopping online. that's down just a bit from last year's record of $9 billion, which was an increase of more than 20%
5:25 pm
over 2019. now in order to break the cyber monday record set in 2019, consumers will have to spend more than $9.4 billion online today. in years past cyber monday was the day to find all the best online deals. but now, retailers say the bargains are being spread out over several days, and shoppers aren't as focused on one single day. centers they mayor sam liccardo is encouraging people to shop local this holiday season. the shop local sj campaign includes a directory highlighting small businesses. people can also submit their favorite local shops on the silicon valley strong website. and the city, says small businesses that are looking to beef up their online presence can find free resources and tips at get virtual .org. we're coming up side shows erupted, quiet san francisco neighborhoods why some residents say they, along with other crime are symptoms of bigger problems in the city also had a bay area driver finds herself in danger when a tow truck driver in heads in the wrong direction. plus,
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we're getting expert analysis on everything you need to know about the new covid var
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covered california, this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ covered california, this w♪ red roses too ♪rance. ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ quieter neighborhoods of san francisco, including west portal and the sunset as ktvu christian captain tells us two incidents happened over the weekend, which residents say weren't the first time. the overnight calm of san
5:29 pm
francisco's west portal neighborhood was broken early sunday morning by the roar of engines and squeal of tires at the intersection of you lois street in claremont boulevard. why, west portal? it's so random. at one point you can see multiple cars, burning rubber and someone standing up out of the moon roof of a car spinning doughnuts, the sideshow starting after midnight and going on for more than 15 minutes before police broke it up. just about the same time. another sideshow is underway at lawton and 30th avenue. just a 10 minute. drive away in that video, you can see a young woman scrambling to avoid being struck by a spinning car. san francisco police released a statement confirming both sides shows and saying officers arrived on both scenes at 12:40:12:50 a.m. and dispersed the crowds, police saying quote. we have no arrest or citations to mention at this time, san franciscans say these latest side shows and quiet residential neighborhoods, while shocking aren't necessarily surprising. they say they're
5:30 pm
happening all over the city more frequently? yeah. last week our son had basketball practice of by saint brendan's and during practice about eight o'clock. at night. the smell from the burning tires came into the gym. so it you know, kind of disrupted practice. we closed its doors and things but residents say with recent mass robberies, they fear the side shows are a symptom of greater problems in the city. yeah, it's kind of the trend of lawlessness overall right mass break ins, mass side shows, you know, i think we need some different approaches to address. his quality of life issues police say of san franciscan, see or hear a sideshow. they should call 911 or the police non emergency number right away in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. police in san francisco are investigating three carjackings that all happened early friday morning. police say the first happened on mission street near 14th at about 1:40 a.m. the second car jacking happened at 19th street
5:31 pm
and cap two minutes later, and the third incident happened at weyland street in hollyoaks around 5 15 in the morning. police say the suspects used guns or knives during those carjackings. no one was hurt. new video tonight of the driver of a flatbed truck going the wrong way on the bay bridge. a woman who was in the carpool lane yesterday took this video of that truck coming straight towards her car. thankfully she was able to get out of the way and no one was hurt soon after, though, that truck driver crashed head on into a patrol car. here's video posted on twitter showing the wrong way driver coming through the toll booth and then crashing into the chp vehicle. chp says the driver also hit two other cars before finally coming to a stop. he was arrested on several felony charges. the chp says one officer was injured while taking that man into custody. san jose . police say a bicyclist was killed today following a collision there with a vehicle. it happened around 10 15 this morning at baskin avenue near
5:32 pm
the interstate 88 80 on ramp. the bicyclist was pronounced dead at the scene. police say the driver is cooperating with the investigation, and there are no signs of drug or alcohol impairment. the bay area news group is reporting that the death marks the city's seventh roadway fatality involving a bicyclist this year in southern california. 29 year old man has been arrested in the shooting deaths of his four children. their grandmother. investigators say the children's mother discovered the bodies last night at the family's home in lancaster, just north of los angeles. the young victims were 12 and under and also included an infant. authorities say the grandmother was in her fifties. sheriff's officials say the suspect turned himself into deputies. he's been charged with killing his four children as well as his mother in law. his bail has been set at $2 million in los angeles county investigators are searching a landfill for evidence in the disappearance of a woman last month. 39 year old heidi plank was last seen on video walking her dog in downtown l. a on
5:33 pm
october 17th. her dog was later found on the 29th floor of a high rise building nearby. police reportedly found evidence in that building, leading them to believe that plank was killed. detectives are searching a landfill in castaic, north of the city. well opening statements are set to wrap up this hour in chicago for the trial of actor just see small let the jury was seated earlier today and they're opening remarks, prosecutors said the former empire tv show star. developed a secret plan for hate crime on himself, smell itis accused of making false reports to police that he was the victim of a racist and homophobic attack nearly three years ago. two brothers say smell. it hired them to take part in that alleged hoax. they're both expected to testify. the trial is expected to last about a week . opening statements were delivered today. the trial of jeffrey epstein's longtime companion, gullane maxwell, she is facing six federal sex trafficking charges. the jury is set to determine her involvement
5:34 pm
in epstein's sex ring involving teenage girls. fox news brian dennis has details now from new york city. lawyers delivering opening arguments in the sex trafficking trial of jeffrey epstein's longtime companion, dylan maxwell. as a trial gets underway monday, more than two years after epstein committed suicide behind bars and a year after maxwell was indicted for her alleged role in running an elaborate sex trafficking ring for him. i think we're going to find out more about jeffrey epstein and about other powerful people involved the prosecution , arguing maxwell recruited and groomed girls as young as 14. to perform sexual acts with epstein and in some cases, even taking part in the abuse. i think her stances i did nothing wrong. i had no idea this was happening. it had nothing to do with me expected to testify at least four women accusing the now 59 year old victimizing them as teams from 1994 to 2000 and four and in a show of solidarity, some of epstein's other accusers
5:35 pm
showing up for the trial. i think the victim's testimony here is going to be very compelling. i think it's going to be. i think it's really going to tell him really compelling story about what happened and what they went through, and i think that will likely be enough for the jury. epstein killed himself inside a federal prison in august 2019 a month after the financiers arrest on sex trafficking charges. maxwell pleading not guilty to all six federal sex trafficking charges . now it's up to the jury to determine if the british socialite was an accomplice or in the dark about epstein's activities. the trial is expected to last six weeks. if convicted, maxwell faces a maximum of 70 years behind bars in new york. brian dennis fox news. back now, to a big story that we're following tonight. health officials all around the world scrambling to contain the new oh, macron strain of the coronavirus to learn more about that variant joined now by ucsf infectious doctor george rutherford and dr rutherford scientists are still learning about this new variant. but at
5:36 pm
this point, how worried should we all be about macron? president biden captured the tone about right today. we don't there's a lot we don't know about this, uh, it we know what it's sequences. we know how it's put together genetically, but how that works and how it performs. and populations of people who've been vaccinated. unvaccinated are really very different things. so there's a lot of study to be done. and i think we should probably be assuming for now. that are vaccines are going to be protective, especially if you've been boosted. um and that this is going to be, you know, kind of roughly equivalent to the transmissibility of the delta variants. so i for one am not, um, you know, i don't know that this is something. that we have to get very, very excited about right now. and doctor. one of the things that we don't know much about is the severity of covid-19 cases caused by this variant. when will we start getting that kind of information? well, it's we've started to get it already. there's actually reports from
5:37 pm
south africa that this is less severe. than the standard delta variant covid virus, and it's. it's also been reported to be a disease that's primarily affected younger men like in their forties and below. ah and that it hasn't caused nearly as severe disease. so i think that's you know, i mean, that's based on a handful of patients, but if it plays out, that would be something that would suggest that this is not as bad as delta virus. dr rutherford, who said at this point it appears that the vaccines are effective against this new variant. but what do you know? right now? what is the main difference between the delta variant and macron? well the main thing is that delta has an extra enzyme in it that are an extra amino acid substitution that makes it that makes it more transmissible . that's one thing that the armor crown variant doesn't have. the army cranberry and has some other things that delta doesn't have, which may make it a little bit less likely to be recognized by vaccine induced antibodies. but again, that all
5:38 pm
remains to be seen whether that really makes a difference. in human populations or whether that's just a laboratory phenomenon. and do you think that this new variant will become the dominant strain here in the us? anybody's guess. it's becoming the become the dominant strain in south africa, which has a very sophisticated surveillance system for these variants. but again, there's such there's such low levels of vaccination in south africa, like 21% of the population is fully vaccinated. it's hard to tell how what that exactly means in the u. s context. california is closely monitoring this new variant, which hasn't arrived here or anywhere in the us yet. how soon or how likely. do you think it is before we may see it here here week or two? i mean, you can turn off the flights all you want 13 people arrived on a plane and the netherlands today from south africa who are infected with omicron variant. so it's. you know, it's the
5:39 pm
turning off. the flights helps for about a week. but that's about all you're that's about all the distance we're going to get from that. when we're talking about covid-19 first we saw the delta very it now we saw omicron. how typical or how common is it that we will continue to see different strains are variants developing as we progress further along. the thing to realize is that this is nothing. um many rna viruses like hiv mutated a much faster rate. and we see much more variability. this is all because it's being monitored so closely. we're seeing this evolve in real time. but you know i it's inevitable that we'll see more strains. whether there'll be more potent or more likely to cause infection or create larger problems for control remains to be seen. what a virus is want to do. theologically speaking. they want to produce as many progeny as possible. and so that means
5:40 pm
that they're either going to be you know, they're going to select for variants that are more transmissible or that stay around longer before they're controlled by the immune system. or that evade the means the immune system. so far, we've been dealing mostly. with viruses with variants that are more transmissible more likely to cause infection. if you come into contact with them, and i suspect that's what we're going to be seeing with this one primarily to alright. well dr george rutherford. we appreciate your time tonight for teaching us and enlightening us more about this new variant. thank you. sure. listen up music festival fans, bottle rock is going back. we'll explain what that means just ahead. also ahead. how oakland's decision to help the cargo congestion is affecting business at the ports. also, retailers are bracing for more supply chain delays as the holiday season shopping season kicks into high gear coming up. at the white house is attempting
5:41 pm
to address those concerns. and check out this stunning view of the fog draping the golden gate bridge at this hour will be right back with much more. don't go away. the xfinity black friday sales event is happening now on xfinity mobile. now new and existing customers can get our best wireless deal of the year - up to $1,000 in savings - for a limited time only. on the most reliable network nationwide, plus nationwide 5g.
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chase. make more of what's yours. i'd like to get up to 30% off my auto insurance with safe pilot. [recognizes voice] mr. gronkowski, usaa is for the military community and their families. that's what makes us special! oh..but... i'm special... usaa. only for the military community. sharply last month compared to the same time last year. port officials say total volume was down 20% in october, cargo coming into oakland dropped 14% cargo going out was down 27. 43% fewer ships stopped at the port of oakland. compared to 2020 report says it's not due to congestion in oakland but because shipping lines decided to bypass oakland altogether because of delays at southern california ports. president biden today hosted the heads of several major retailers at the white house to talk about the continuing supply chain delays as foxes. medalla rivera tells
5:44 pm
us tonight it's part of the white house effort to try to tackle the challenges caused by the shipping bottlenecks as well as inflation. it's one of the biggest shopping days of the year, with analysts predicting americans could spend up to $11.3 billion on cyber monday despite the challenges that retailers are facing, well, the supply chain issues are real. they've been happening across the industry and certainly. we're preparing for that. but cyber monday is our biggest day of the year and we prepare all year for it. on monday, the president met with major retailers to address shoppers concerns, especially ahead of the holiday season. the white house trying to tamp down concerns over empty shelves and shipment delays. people can be assured they're going to be toys on the shelves. there are going to be food in your grocery stores. some believe there's little the white house can do to ease the shortages and bottlenecks brought on by the pandemic awareness situation that we haven't been before. in 100, plus years with this type
5:45 pm
of post pandemic environment, and it's going to take time. others, however, argue that supply chain crisis has only exposed the united states. dependence on other countries, especially china for goods. we need to get people back to work bottom line, and it is starting to ease a little bit, but we need more truck drivers. we need people working at the ports unloading these containers. and we need to clearly bring more manufacturing back to america. labor secretary marty walsh is expected to visit the port of los angeles on tuesday as the vitamin inspiration works to address the supply chain disruptions in washington. mala rivera fox news. coming up. bombshell testimony out of the south bay is theranos founder elizabeth holmes shares troubling details about her former boyfriend and business partner, plus how a diner style restaurant chain could be cutting out the middleman. and we are tracking this fog you see , rolling into the golden gate , rolling into the golden gate bridge. and is there any rain
5:46 pm
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but our here, we are just getting started. boyfriend and business partner from the witness stand today and that there are no strikes home said she suffered years of abuse from sunny ball wani, including alleged sexual and verbal abuse . ktvu investigative reporter evan sernoffsky was in court following the stunning revelations. elizabeth holmes said she met sonny ball wani when she was 18 and he was 38 years old. during a trip to china. later she said she was raped during her freshman year at stanford. and decided to move in with ball wani to focus on theranos full time. elizabeth holmes stunned the san jose courtroom with allegations of abuse monday, offering a window into her mind during the time she's accused of defrauding investors in her failed blood testing company theranos. it's very compelling testimony that she's told us that. bomani has been abusive, verbally berating her. and controlling her and
5:49 pm
telling her how to live. her life. legal analyst michelle hagen was in court as home sought to explain some of her actions at the company. she did talk about that she was forced to have sex with them. all of those are red flags when you're involved in those kind of relationships holmes described dropping out of stanford in 2000 and three for the first time revealing she was raped. quote i decided i was going to build a life by building this company, holmes testified. saying she moved in with boudouani because she felt safe with him. things immediately turned dark home said, describing ball one is alleged controlling behavior. quote he told me i didn't know what i was doing in business that my convictions were wrong. that if i followed my instincts that i would fail, she said she began devoting her life to business and heating ball. one is alleged commands on how to speak, work and even eat. she did testify to a couple incidences where she documented on her iphone. about what
5:50 pm
happened and how she felt about some certain episodes that took place at home. alwani has not testified in the case, but his attorney responded to the abuse allegations in court documents before trial. the allegations are quote. deeply offensive to mr ball wani, devastating personally to him and highly and unfairly prejudicial to his defense of this case. the prosecution will begin its cross examination on tuesday, when homes will have to answer some tough questions about her time as ceo of theranos at the federal courthouse in san jose. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. already is. we look at the golden gate bridge and the fog even in the last few hours, or last few. that's ours. so the fog started to diminish a little bit, and you can see the fog sort of being pressed out right because there's high pressure is coming in quickly behind this. so it's already starting to erode it, so it's not going to be around long. i think we'll see some into this evening, but
5:51 pm
by tomorrow morning, it's all gone along the coastal sections and temperatures warm again. temperatures today got up there, right so. 71 in santa rosa 70 and congress 71 in san jose. a lot like what we saw yesterday in terms of temperatures, and you know what happens tomorrow? kind of the same thing. kind of like what we saw today. so the trend. continues as this dominant ridge of high pressure , which i kind of illustrated earlier is. dominant many things, not budget, and it's interesting because i've mentioned the pacific northwest . they've been getting tons of rain at historic rainfall in seattle, western washington for autumn. um which is a big deal when you get historic rainfall and seattle, right? so as you look at the long range model, everything's going north. wednesday thursday, friday already very done this, but i just. is so telling right, that's so telling, and also the way it's arching over. i mean, that's a broad ridge. we mapped it out earlier is over a couple of nearly a couple 1000 miles wide. the rain outlook pretty much keeps the showers north heavy north of portland. but you
5:52 pm
can see everybody else is dry, which makes nothing but sense and it stays dry until around the ninth or 10th of december. at least that is the plan. for now, that's what the models are suggesting. but you see all the activity out in the pacific. and it's interesting too, because we have. tons of ocean swell. the souls aren't giant, but they're decent size, like in in in in those swells are being generated by those big storms, but the storms are just too far north in latitude. to make their way to our doorstep. so we got swell. we got surf, which has been really good lately, but we also have perfect weather, right? we have temperatures that are in the seventies. we might even see a couple of records broken this week. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow. 73 in santa rosa 70 in concord in 17, livermore. that's going to happen on wednesday to and probably on thursday, so it's just i mean, it's great weather. 200% of rainfall average that's about where we are around the bay area. 200% sounds great. it goes quick, right? so we at one
5:53 pm
point we were 500% were 200% of rainfall average. we look like we could see some rain here by the middle of next week somewhere in there, which is very hopeful the models are starting to come together on that so fingers crossed and again. we have plenty of rain right now. but it just be nice to get an extra. i'll see you back here at six. all right. we'll see in a little bit, bill. thank you. but iraq is going back to showcasing music acts in the springtime. organizers announcing the festival will run the weekend of may 27th through the 29th that is the traditional weekend that it's held, but the festival was pushed back to labor day weekend this year because of the pandemic. the performers for next year's festival will be announced at a later date, but people can buy their tickets starting december seven. inflation shipping delays and bare shelves have shoppers scrambling to find the right gifts this holiday season coming up the one gift that almost everyone can use and how you can personalize it. and then coming up tonight at six, prosecutors
5:54 pm
asked the u. s. supreme court to get involved in bill cosby's sexual assault case. the xfinity black friday sales event is happening now on xfinity mobile. now new and existing customers can get our best wireless deal of the year - up to $1,000 in savings - for a limited time only. on the most reliable network nationwide, plus nationwide 5g. act now and save up to $1,000 with xfinity mobile. so you can go all out on gifts for the family - during our best wireless deal of the year... the xfinity black friday sales event. click, call or visit a store today. this holiday season, we want to enjoy the gift of being together. for peace of mind, take the first step in knowing.
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, a hospitality robot with triple deck around serving trays . janet's getting a test run at a time when there is a severe labor shortage in the restaurant industry. the hospitality robot is provided by bear robotics. some people like her. they say she's always on time with no drama and no tipping needed. others, though, say they want real people working or they will boycott danny's. there's nothing like that human interaction when i'm getting my pancakes, right?
5:57 pm
okay well, it is time for monday and much. like all weekend, shoppers are still trying to cross some gifts off their list . but if you can't find the right size or color, experts say gift cards may be your best bet. this year. we get born out from fox's laura blanchard. if you're not getting ahead of your holiday shopping now, um, you're likely going to find limited options. the closer that we get to christmas from d c across the nation, a whopping 3/4 of people say they have been impacted by the supply chain problems, according to a fox news poll. data shows people maybe opting for giving gift cards instead. this year, gift cards are as easy to send as they are to spend. jelly hunter is a consumer guide for gift cards dot com. she points to inflation , shipping delays and bare shelves. recipients love gift cards. you get to go by what you want. it's really a fantastic experience, which is why it keeps being the most requested gift of the season. according to the blackhawk network shoppers
5:58 pm
plan to spend 41% of their budget on gift cards 27% more than last year, also, in part because they're easier so you've decided to go with a gift card, but how to make it seem more thoughtful, etiquette expert cindy seeds says. choose a store the recipient has access to and can afford. rabbit nicely and add a note that makes a show that you cared and did some research before you gave him that card and seed says protect the card with gift receipts. especially this year with all of our supply chain issues and so forth. we may be buying batches of gift cards. so in this instance to make sure the store gives you separate receipts for each of those gift cards. make a list of them and see it says if you are given a gift card just like anything else, be sure to write a thank you note after the holidays in washington, lauren blanchard fox news. this is ktvu
5:59 pm
fox two news at six. you're troubled by the callousness of the crime, those who are acting wi the city of oakland, its leaders and police department facing some tough new questions tonight after yet another violent weekend in the city. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener and i'm heather holmes in tonight for frank oakland city council will conduct a special meeting next week to address the city's recent rash of crime. a man was shot and killed while confronting a car burglar yesterday, right in the middle of the day near lake merritt. and a security guard who was protecting a television news crew on assignment was shot last week and died over the weekend. ktvu crime reporter henry lee shows us how city leaders are addressing the problem. we have taken an unprecedented number of guns off the streets, but clearly that is not enough. oakland mayor libby schaaf says she's heartbroken with at least two more lives lost of violence over the weekend. there is nothing progressive. about
6:00 pm
unbridled gun violence. early saturday, security guard kevin machida died three days after the retired police officer was shot while protecting a crime for reporter downtown. kevin shida is someone who dedicated his life. to keeping others safe , as well as to supporting a free press is unbelievably tragic to see that he lost his life in the performance of those duties and those ideals. on sunday afternoon, a man was shot and killed while confronting a car burglary suspect near lake merritt. the victim interrupted a auto robbery in progress. um and was shot by the passenger and the suspect vehicle. the violence comes as the number of police officers in oakland has fallen to 677. that's one officer below the minimum required for the city to access funds from a parcel tax. the mayor says she plans to submit a revised police hiring plan to the city council, which could include another police academy. we have to accept


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