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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  November 29, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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died after being shot last week. at illegal side shows where you may not expect them to dangerous gatherings under investigation in quiet neighborhoods of san francisco plus. this variant is a cause for concern, not cost pen. president biden talks about the u. s response to omicron as new travel bans to slow the spread of the covid-19 variants take effect. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth and welcome everyone to the four. i'm alex savage and i'm quoting wang in tonight for heather holmes, the city of oakland and its leaders and police department facing some tough questions after yet another violent weekend in the city. a man was shot and killed while confronting a car burglar in the middle of the day, and you're like merit on sunday at a news crew security guard shot last week died over the weekend . the mayor and some council
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members spoke out today are crime reporter henry lee is here now, with the very latest henryg weekend in oakland brought more bloodshed to city streets and the mayor and other officials saying once again, the violence is. we have taken an unprecedented number of guns off the streets, but clearly that is not enough. oakland mayor libby schaaf says she's heartbroken with at least two more lives lost of violence over the weekend. there is nothing progressive. about unbridled gun violence. early saturday, security guard kevin machida died three days after the retired police officer was shot while protecting a crime for reporter downtown. kevin shida is someone who dedicated his life. to keeping others safe, as well as to supporting a free press is unbelievably tragic to see that he lost his life in the performance of those duties and those ideals. on sunday afternoon, a man was shot and
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killed while confronting a car burglary suspect near lake merritt, the victim in erected a auto robbery in progress. um and was shot by the passenger and the suspect vehicle. the violence comes as the number of police officers in oakland has fallen to 677. that's one officer below the minimum required for the city to access funds from a parcel tax. the mayor says she plans to submit a revised police hiring plan to the city council, which could include another police academy. we have to accept that the interruption in our hiring processes and the higher rates of attrition are things that we have to plan for now. we can't keep our head in the sand were angered. were troubled by the callousness of the crime, those who are acting with a lack of regard for others lives but you can't just come into our city. and do what you want and get away with it that there are. repercussions for these actions. when you put oakland ear's in harm's way. oakland police chief
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laurent armstrong will discuss the recent violence at a news conference tomorrow morning, claudie. henry so disturbing any suspect information in either of these cases well, police are looking for a white 2000 and four the 2000 and eight accurate tl in the kevin the shed a homicide and downtown. and today , oakland police said they're looking for a black toyota rav four for that homicide near lake merritt. okay, henry. we'll continue to follow the story for any updates. thanks so much. that we are working to speak. hopefully soon here with oakland city councilman lauren taylor to discuss the city's response to violent crime in oakland. we will let you know as soon as we connect with the councilman and a reminder here you can get updates on what is happening in the city of oakland and the city's response to violent crime. we have it up at our website ktvu .com. well. today the world health organization warned its members that the global risk from the new coronavirus variant is quote very high, based on early evidence boxes, steve harrigan tells us president biden called omicron a cause for concern. and
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urged americans to take steps to protect themselves. we're throwing everything we can at this fire's president. biden is sounding the alarm as the spread of the new ah macron covid-19 variant accelerates. it's already been detected in more than a dozen countries. after first emerging in southern africa last week, and it's spreading more quickly than any strain we've seen before. in south africa. the positivity rate went from 2% to 9% in just six days. but most doctors say there is little risk of hospitalization or death for fully vaccinated people. the chances are very high that the vaccine will offer at least some level of protection. the white house says its containment strategy is based on making sure people roll up their sleeves for vaccines and boosters. and the travel ban to and from eight south african countries will also stay in place for now, saying it's the best way to stop a crime from spreading in the u
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. s gives us time to take more actions. to move quicker to make sure people understand you have to get your vaccine. there's also a plan b moderna and fighter are already working on vaccines specifically targeting the new strain. some companies are also exploring the possibility of rapid tests specific to our micron. but health officials say for now, the standard testing remains effective. fortunately for us the pcr is that we mostly use would pick up this very unusual. variant president biden says there are no plans for further travel restrictions at this time. in atlanta. steve harrigan fox news, a parents group in the west contra costa unified school district, says it is not happy with the student vaccine mandate . the group gathered for a protest this morning outside of district headquarters in richmond. the parents believe the district did not have the authority to impose a vaccine mandate deadline in january. the
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group also says the district should have requested parental involvement under the policy children who are not vaccinated by january, will not be allowed to attend classes in person. we stand for medical freedom for our children, and that we as parents and grandparents know what's best for our children. i am not anti vaccine, but i. don't want them to have a vaccine that we know nothing about. we know no long term side effects of these vaccines. under the west contra costa unified school districts mandates students are required to be fully vaccinated by january. 3rd that is ahead of the state's deadline that all students be vaccinated before the start of the next academic year. as we told you at the top of the newscast. oakland city leaders today addressed the recent string of violent crimes in the city. over the weekend, a man was killed, trying to stop a car breaking and a guard protecting a news crew died after being shot last week. for more on the
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city's response to the crisis of gun violence. we're joined now by a councilman lauren taylor, who is also running for mayor of oakland in next year's election . councilman appreciate your time. thanks for being on today . what do you believe are the most important steps that city leaders should take right now to help people feel safe and protected in the city of oakland? i think number one is we have to make sure that we have a stronger presence. we have to focus on deterrence and also immediate response. when there are these issues that occur. it's also important that we beef up our investigations unit so that we can increase our clearance rates. let folks know that when they commit a crime, put oakland ear's at risk and in harm's way that there are consequences. on the issue of police staffing. i know that when you spoke with the mayor earlier today, which you you talked about the fact that department has 677 officers, the lowest level since 2014 and actually, just below the mandatory minimum number of
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officers that the city needs to have. how did the city get so far behind on training and hiring officers? absolutely it's important that we acknowledge both the attrition in terms of the reduction in officers that we are seeing, and the need to beef up the ranks. both have to be addressed simultaneously to make sure that we have adequate boots on the ground. what do you believe needs to be adjusted in terms of the budget to make sure that you get more officers on the streets as soon as possible. well, we have to look at the available resources revenues or cost savings that can be redeployed in a way that does allow us to beef up our our. force it's also important that we look at ways that we can leverage other resources both through grant funding and partnerships with our state. county and federal partners. we
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also have to look to inter agency partnerships. how we can better partner with the county sheriff's chp and others. all right. i mean, obviously, though, this is not just about putting more police officers on the streets. you know, chief armstrong's has said in the past , we can't arrest our way out of this problem. this is not just about more officers. it's about trying to prevent violence before it happens. what are the most effective ways you think to do that? and is the city investing enough money? in those violence prevention programs right now. we have committed to and are continuing to commit to doubling down, increasing the capacity of our violence prevention services of our alternatives. we're standing up macro. the alternative community responders of oakland program and we are continuing to invest in many community based organizations that have. demonstrated success at keeping folks away from lifestyles of crime. the mayor said today she
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wants to revive the ceasefire program, which was essentially dismantled during the pandemic. do you think that is realistic? and how much of a difference will that make? oh, it's absolutely realistic and we do need to invest in ceasefire fully right now. i believe we are eight officers positions that are vacant and so filling those should be one of the highest priorities. in order to get on top of the violent crime , the gun violence that's occurring. all right. how did we as you step back, councilman, how did we get to this point here? um beyond the lack of police officers in the city of oakland, why are we at this point where we're seeing such a sharp increase in homicides in this city and a sharp rise in violent crime? we certainly have a number of factors that are contributing to what's occurring on the ground. uh not just the pandemic, but we know that crime crimes of opportunity peak during the holiday season. we also know that we've all been under significant mental health, stress and challenges. and so
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it's important that we acknowledge the multitude of factors that. contribute to the situation that we're experiencing and how we need a multitude of solutions to really address what we're seeing as well. i know, lastly, that the city council is going to hold an emergency meeting on safety coming up here next month early next month. what do you hope is accomplished at that meeting. so i think first of all for the special meeting, we need to make sure that we are all, uh, communicating similarly, how high of a priority public safety is in the city of oakland and how we are really treating this as an emergency. it's also important from my standpoint that we make some specific commitments. to really doing those things that we know will reduce crime so increasing the crime solve rate the clearance rate. we need to double down on our investigations units we need to cut in half the number of unanswered 911 calls, so we need
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to seriously look at the. commitment that my colleagues made when they voted on the most recent budget to freeze the 911 surgery, sponsor units and look at. walking that back so that we can have appropriate surgery sponsor for 911 costs and we need to look to our partners and other agencies as well to help. us solve this problem and work collaboratively. it has to be a collaborative effort. appreciate your time. councilman lauren taylor from oakland. thank you for doing it. thank you. well jack dorsey, the co founder of twitter, has stepped down as ceo of the company. dorsey said he decided to leave twitter because he believes quote. the company is ready to move on from its founders. he has been serving as ceo of both his san francisco company's twitter and square, the digital payment service. twitter's current chief technology officer, will take over as ceo. the news caused twitter shares to be halted briefly during monday's trading sessions after stocks surged in
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premarket trading pending that announcement on wall street, twitter shares were largely unchanged, down less than 1% of the market studied after last week's slide caused by fears over the newest covid variant. down game 236 points. the nasdaq was up 291 and the s and p finished the day up 60 points. illegal and dangerous stunts happening in the middle of the night. up next here on the four the two big side shows under investigation that played out in normally quiet neighborhoods in san francisco. plus. the sex trafficking trial of jeffrey epstein's longtime companion is now underway. i'm brian dennis outside the federal courthouse in new york. i'll have details on the trial coming up. a lot of sunshine over the bay area this afternoon and temperatures well above the seasonal average. we'll check in on your current conditions and show you what you can expect for the week ahead can expect for the week ahead coming up. mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started.
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shows are moving into some of san francisco's quieter neighborhoods included in the west portal and sunset neighborhoods. create tv is christian captain joins us now live from the city. christian police broke up two of these shows, right that we're just minutes apart. yes, that's right. both of those side shows taking place on the west side of town right around the same time in san franciscans are saying those illegal stunt shows are becoming more and more common, and they say that they're seeing more and more of the burned rubber left behind an intersections throughout the city. the overnight calm of san francisco's west portal neighborhood was broken early sunday morning by the roar of engines and squeal of tires at the intersection of you lois street in claremont boulevard. why, west portal? it's so random, enjoy the show. at one point you can see multiple cars , burning rubber and someone standing up out of the moon roof of a car spinning doughnuts, the sideshow starting after midnight and going on for more than 15 minutes before police broke it up. just about the same time.
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another sideshow is underway at lawton and 30th avenue. just a 10 minute. drive away in that video, you can see a young woman scrambling to avoid being struck by a spinning car. san francisco police released a statement confirming both sides shows and saying officers arrived on both scenes at 12:40:12:50 a.m. and dispersed the crowds, police saying quote. we have no arrest or citations to mention at this time, san franciscans say these latest side shows and quiet residential neighborhoods, while shocking aren't necessarily surprising. they say they're happening all over the city more frequently? yeah. last week our son had basketball practice of by saint brendan's and during practice about eight o'clock. at night. the smell from the burning tires came into the gym. so it you know, kind of disrupted practice. we closed its doors and things but residents say with recent mass robberies, they fear the side shows are a symptom of greater problems in the city. yeah, it's
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kind of the trend of lawlessness overall right mass break ins, mass side shows, you know, i think we need some different approaches to address such his quality of life issues. police say if residents see or hear a sideshow, they should call 911 or the police. non emergency number. we're live in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu fox two news. alright, christian. thanks so much for that report. opening statements were delivered today at the trial of jeffrey epstein's longtime companion. gallon maxwell. she's facing six federal sex trafficking charges with the jury sent to determine her involvement in epstein's sex ring involving teenage girls. fox's brian dennis has the details now from new york city. lawyers delivering opening arguments in the sex trafficking trial of jeffrey epstein's longtime companion, dylan maxwell. as a trial gets underway monday, more than two years after epstein committed suicide behind bars and a year
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after maxwell was indicted for her alleged role in running an elaborate sex trafficking ring for him. i think we're going to find out more about jeffrey epstein and about other powerful people involved the prosecution , arguing maxwell recruited and groomed girls as young as 14. to perform sexual acts with epstein and in some cases, even taking part in the abuse. i think her stances i did nothing wrong. i had no idea this was happening. it had nothing to do with me expected to testify at least four women accusing the now 59 year old victimizing them as teams from 1994 to 2000 and four and in a show of solidarity, some of epstein's other accusers showing up for the trial. i think the victim's testimony here is going to be very compelling. i think it's going to be. i think it's really going to tell him really compelling story about what happened and what they went through, and i think that will likely be enough for the jury. epstein killed himself inside a federal prison in august 2019 a month after the financiers arrest on sex trafficking charges. maxwell
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pleading not guilty to all six federal sex trafficking charges . now it's up to the jury to determine if the british socialite was an accomplice or in the dark about epstein's activities. the trial is expected to last six weeks. if convicted, maxwell faces a maximum of 70 years behind bars in new york. brian dennis fox news. opening statements are underway in chicago for the trial of actor jesse smollett. the jury was seated earlier today. the former empire tv show star was indicted last year. he is accused of making false reports to police that he was the victim of a racist and a homophobic attack. nearly three years ago. two brothers a small it hired them to take part in the incident that made headlines around the world. they are both expected to testify. the trial is expected to last for four or five days. unseasonably warm weather around the bay area once again this afternoon, with little change expected in the forecast. we are going to remain dry, at least for the next
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several days, giving you a live look here of the east based shore where we do have a lot of sunshine out. there are quality good to moderate around the region at this time. and we'll continue that way. as we get into the coming days. here's a look at the current air quality you can see from the north base with the central bay and down through the south bay. everybody reporting moderate air quality at this time closer to santa cruz, and in the hills, there are quality is good. temperatures at this time 63 degrees in san francisco with sixties in oakland upper sixties and livermore and the north bay this afternoon 70 degrees for areas over santa rosa sun will set up 10 minutes to five these days. here's a look at the 24 hour temperature changes you can see. most of us up by just a little bit over yesterday. half moon bay, one of the spots where we are a little bit cooler, and the winds are generally light, even com nevada reporting calm conditions conquered, reporting a light breeze at three and oakland coming in from the northwest at 10. in our hills a bit of a breeze as well. mark diablo reported. 21 mph 17 mph
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over areas oakland north closer to the berkeley hills, the call to cut tunnel area a little bit of fog ride along the coastline. we started out with fog earlier this morning that burned off and we will again have mostly clear skies to partly cloudy, rolling into your evening hours and the ridge of high pressure over the west coast, keeping that storm track. well to the north. so it looks like we are going to be ending november on a dry note for areas over san francisco normal would be two inches and almost a third we received one inch and less than 3/10 for the month of november. when i come back, i'll have a look at the temperatures expected for tomorrow and the rest of the week, including your weekend and just a bit. that airport was absolutely bananas. the let the t s. a line was wrapped around. they had to hold all the flights. well the travelers are back, and so are the long lines and delays. a look at the thanksgiving travel season and how it compares to years past.
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thanksgiving, triple a estimated about four million people traveled by plane over the holiday week. boxes ashley soriano joining us now live from las vegas mccarran international airport. as travelers are returning home, ashley. good evening. the las vegas airport is getting a bit quieter as the holiday travel crowds die down. some people we spoke with here say their trip was smooth and for those who are leaving las vegas they say the t s a line was manageable now for air travel the way it compares. it was almost back to pre payment dimmick levels this holiday. about 4.6 million people traveled by playing in 2019 compared to just a little over two million last year. that's according to triple a one family wanted an extra day to go home to san diego to avoid the crowds . and this was the first time in two years that they saw family on the east coast and the first
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time meeting some new family members. we're trying to catch up from not seeing him due to covid and. it was just great. it was worth it. it's good to be traveling again. for some las vegas is the final destination. patrice foster went to florida last week in flew back to vegas today, and she says the orlando airport was a little more hectic. that airport was absolutely bananas. the let the t s. a line was wrapped around. they had to hold. all the flights are flight was supposed to leave at 7 20 didn't leave till eight o'clock. because we were waiting for that many people to get through t s a. looking at flight aware there are some delays in the new york area, but overall things are pretty calm out there. no major delays. but of course, you'll want to check your flight status frequently because things can change at any moment. in las vegas. ashley soriano, ktvu fox two news. nice to see so many people taking to the skies again and reconnecting with family
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members. ashley thank you. covid curveball more about the omicron variant that's causing global concern. a closer look at what we know about it and whether it will impact how we get together during the holidays and tragedy in southern california, five people, including four children, found shot to death inside a home. the suspected killer family member who is now under arrest.
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cause for panic. even so, a travel ban from eight south african countries will stay in place for now. for more on this conversation, let's bring in dr peter chen hong and, in fact, the specialist for ucsf. doctor thanks for joining us. so let's talk about all macron. what do we know? what do we need to know? and i think the two biggest questions are. is it going to be more transit missile, and is it going to be more dangerous? so claudine. what we know so far too red flags. the first red flag was that sort of africa was kind of mine and soon business about 200 cases a day and all of a sudden , in a few days, it shot up to two more than thousands of
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