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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 28, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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on ktvu box tube. oakland suffers another homicide . oakland police roll out a new plan to combat violent crime. good evening. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm alex savage in tonight for frank somerville. we're learning . oakland's latest homicide victim was trying to stop a car break in when he was shot to death. the victim in this case was shot just north of lake merritt on grand avenue. it happened at about 3 30 this
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afternoon. investigators say the victim had his own vehicle burglarized before he tried to stop another auto burglary in progress. the suspected burglars shot the victim before taking off. crime stoppers and the oakland police department are already offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. if you can help contact the oakland police department, the number to call is 5102383. to 1 today, shooting comes as oakland police staffed extra officers this weekend to address the city's increase in violent crime. several tactical teams were brought into support patrol officers responding to armed caravans, illegal side shows and other violent crimes. those tactical teams are skilled at de escalation, using less lethal options, along with the department's emergency rescue vehicles. no 10 police in any aka investigating a smash and grab robbery that happened over the weekend. this was at a walgreens on deer valley road
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and hillcrest avenue around 8 30 last night. police say a woman and three men wearing hoodies and masks used hammers to smash open locked plexi glass cases in the cosmetic section, an estimated $2400 worth of merchandise was stolen here. no one has been arrested. anyone with information should put in a call to antioch police three people who were arrested for robbing the nordstrom store in walnut creek earlier this month, are now scheduled to appear in court tomorrow. 30 year old dana dawson, 32 year old joshua underwood and 19 year old rodney robinson are set to be arraigned on charges including robbery. burglary organized retail theft , conspiracy and receiving stolen property. the three suspects were among dozens of people who stormed the department store on the evening of november. 20th police say several nordstrom employees were pepper sprayed, punched and kicked. the search continues tonight for dozens of other people who were involved in similar smash and grab break ins around the bay area. recently at
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least nine people are facing felony charges following organized thefts at stores in san francisco's union square. governor. newsom has promised state resources to help local law enforcement officers deal with this problem. we need to investigate these crimes. we need to break up these crime rings. and we need to make an example out of these folks. along with san francisco. there have been similar smash and grab break ins in downtown boulder creek hayward, southland ball santana row in san jose, several oakland cannabis dispensaries and more bay area businesses just within the past two weeks, new details now on the friday night smash and grab at home depot in the southern california city of lakewood. police say they arrested four suspects in connection with the flash mob burglary of that home depot store. beverly hills police spotted the suspect car with front end damage early yesterday morning and pulled it over. police say they found brand new tools, including sledgehammers and crowbars inside the car, possibly stolen from the home
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depot for men were arrested and booked on conspiracy to commit burglary and will be in court to face their charges this week. at least four more suspects in the home depot burglary are still at large. new tonight, a new and highly contagious strain of the coronavirus is now hit north america canada confirmed tonight two cases of the omicron variant , the governor of ontario, says to people in ottawa tested positive for the strain after a recent trip to nigeria. while these are the closest confirmed cases to the u. s they are not the only new cases being discovered. the netherlands confirmed 13 cases of the strain today. another two were confirmed for the first time in australia. other cases popped up for the first time this weekend in the united kingdom, belgium, germany, italy, israel and hong kong. we are just hours away now from a shakeup at u. s airports because of omicron starting tomorrow, the u. s will halt most arrivals from the southern end of africa. that's where scientists suspect this variant
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originated. the travel restrictions impact eight countries, including south africa. exceptions will be made for us citizens, permanent residents and some close relatives of those people. similar travel restrictions are also being implemented by other countries. for days. now we've watched travelers scrambling to get out of that region. airlines have been canceling flights, leaving some travelers stuck at airports. the world health organization says it's a bad move to impose travel bans. the w. h. o s regional director for africa praised south africa today for following international health regulations , but that's not stopping travelers from trying to leave. often being stranded for two years because of not seeing your family. my parents were definitely you, you know? um so i had to come back when the borders were open to come and see them. and now you know, only to realize well, it's happening all over again, and it's like this is. you don't know what it
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is, you know, it's disappointing decide the least. and here in this country, president biden is sticking to his plan to move forward with travel restrictions tomorrow. the white house released a photo late this afternoon showing the president meeting with his covid response team. as foxes. jackie heinrich reports tonight she talks about the new restrictions we may see in the future. president biden is now back at the white house, where he's receiving a briefing from dr anthony fauci, the latest on the ah mccrone variant . the biggest question is whether biden will impose any new travel restrictions as new cases are cropping up. around europe. are you considering europe having a meeting with my medical team as i get back to the white house mortar say so far, no cases have been identified in the u. s but white house chief medical advisor dr anthony fauci said he would be surprised if it wasn't here already found, she says it's not yet clear whether new lockdowns will be necessary, but added that people should, as always
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prepare for the worst. president. biden received some criticism for his decision to impose a travel ban but not enacted for a full week. and it goes into effect tomorrow. biden said that was the advice of his medical team, led by fauci fauci defended the logic travel bans when you have a highly transmissible virus never completely would get the virus to coming prevented from coming into the country. no way that's going to happen, but what would you can do is you can delay it enough to get us better prepared , and that's the thing that people need to understand. right now. u. s health officials are still working to determine whether a micron evades protection from vaccines, but the white house is still pushing americans to get their shots and boosters. national institute of health director dr francis collins says the vaccines worked against previous variants and boosters have given strong protection against problematic variants like delta, given that history, they expect the current vaccine means will most likely be sufficient, saying they remain the best line of defense. if there's a lesson here, it's come on america. we have missed
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the chance to be at a much higher level of vaccination across the country that would put us in a stronger position. if chrome is one more wake up call, then let's wake up yesterday, president biden also said he does not expect to impose any new vaccine mandates despite existing mandates being tied up in the courts. uninterrupted jackie heinrich fox news, california's public health officer, issued a statement today on the macron variants, saying quote we are doubling down on our vaccination and booster efforts to ensure that all californians have access to safe, effective and free vaccines that can prevent serious illness and death. ktvu is james tourist picks up our team coverage of the variant after speaking with travelers in the run up to tomorrow's new restrictions for summit sfo. it's time for the trip back home after a thanksgiving break, and for some. more covid-19 news has been on their minds. have you heard at all about the omicron variant of the couple man is her
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a trip to europe this week. leaders there say they've detected just a few cases of covid-19 linked to the new omicron variant first detected in south africa a few days ago. now the united states, joining several other nations and imposing travel bans to eight countries, even though the world health organization and at least one ucsf help expert advise against that travel restrictions . don't stop transmissible respiratory virus. there are ways to stop other things to travel restrictions, but not this already two cases in the uk it just goes everywhere. that's what respiratory viruses do. the world health organization is extremely against travel restrictions, and i agree with them. the w h o says they don't know much about the omicron variant and are still learning right now. it seems to be more transmissible, but not yet. avoiding vaccine effectiveness north, creating a more severe case of covid-19 when asked if more travel restrictions are coming. vice president, kamala harris says that's something the u. s will take one
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step at a time. travel experts say, brace for that possibility it take a wait and see approach you want to say, super informed ? stay aware of the news of the day. be aware if you have reservations in place. keep an eye on them. if you know it's not impossible for airlines to switch the timing on. upcoming reservations as demand waivers up or down. none of the bay area airports, including sfl have any direct flights to parts of southern africa. but many do go to parts of europe, where countries are slowly detecting more cases of covid-19 linked to the new variant. though some frequent fliers say the vaccine and boosters make them feel safe enough to go anywhere. we have had our vaccinations. we've had our boosters. we had a negative test. so that'll get us to our destination in san francisco. i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news. and a reminder now use our website and app to stay plugged into developments tied to oh, macron. our digital coverage
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includes more insight on the virus from multiple doctors, including the president's chief medical advisor, dr anthony fauci. god there's a truck coming this way. cameras record tense moments on the bay bridge coming up wrong way driver crashes near the toll plaza. and i'm tracking the weather as we head back for the work week. we're not looking at rain, but definitely above average temperatures. i'll see you back here with that, and we'll show you how the bay area kicks off the first night of hanukkah. i didn't have to shout out for help. because you didn't have another dvt. not today. one blood clot puts you at risk of having another, so we chose xarelto®, to help keep you protected. xarelto® is proven to treat and reduce the risk of dvt
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communities held a menorah lighting ceremony to mark the start of the jewish holiday. ktvu zach sauce just returned from alameda samuel ceremony, and he joins us now live from the newsroom. zack and good evening this evening is memorial lighting, nora lighting rather, like many taking across in place across the barrier, particularly special is an opportunity for those of the jewish faith. to come together as a community after the pandemic forced so many celebrations to be canceled last year. happy hanukkah rabbi meir smokin lighting what may just be the most unique menorah in the bay area. this year. the nine ft tall lego menorah built by local children, proudly lit sunday evening in alameda to mark the first day of hanukkah. we're so thrilled that turnout has been incredible, and people are so happy to be able to celebrate. in a safe and joyful manner. after months of navigating the pandemic, and at times celebrating holidays via
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zoom families, like the lasky is grateful for taste of holiday normalcy. it means a lot, especially with my children like we haven't been able to celebrate. she doesn't really know what it's like to celebrate with a group of people that have a jewish communities. so this has been really nice. we've been in lockdown, almost her whole life and for one member of the family, this year's hanukkah up first we have our five day old here, too, and it's really nice . it's like share this with the family, and it's been a long time coming. several local and state elected officials also joining the festivities, including california attorney general rob bonta. but for the kids here, the main attraction a masterful dreidel. yo your here we go. the eight day holiday, which occasionally overlaps with christmas. arriving early this year, having grown up in and also having my birthday at the same time. it's so awesome to have a separated, so i feel like we can have this special moment with my family from the music to menorah, making balloons and all the traditional food like potato
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latke aziz, organizer chabad of alameda, getting high marks from at least a few in the crowd. what do you like about hanukkah ? guilt and riddles and lighting up the candles? okay you said it, he said it would add luck cuts and afghani. so from this community to yours. happy hanukkah, everyone. and lots of fun as you can see it tonight. this marks the fifth year, alameda has hosted a public menorah lighting. the eight day jewish holiday continues through december. 6th live in the newsrooms. excess ktvu. fox two news. looks like it was a wonderful celebration tonight, zack. thank you. retailers should be a little encouraged by the number of people they see. showing up in stores ready to buy this holiday season. here are some of the preliminary numbers on the big shopping weekend traffic at retail stores on black friday was up 47% compared with 2020, but down 28% compared with 2019 levels, and tomorrow cyber monday should be big. fox news, alexandria, hoff
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tells us more and more people are doing most of their spending online. black friday isn the king. it used to be for retailers. it's not even really just a day anymore, with sales starting in store and online weeks earlier, while black friday foot traffic was down, compared with pre pandemic levels, it was up from last year, perhaps signaling some brick and mortar nostalgia after nearly two years of shopping, online online sales actually fell for the first time friday, according to adobe analytics. retailers racked up $8.9 billion in cyber sales this year. compared with nine billion on the same day in 2020. people were worried about supplies in the last two months, and we saw it in a big jump in retail sales that came earlier than a lot of people expected. a major test comes tomorrow in order to break this cyber monday. record set in 2019 consumers will have to spend over $9.4 billion the national retail federation expects holiday sales from november to december to rise 8.5 to 10.5% over $843 billion. that too, would set a record for year
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over year growth. but fox news contributor jonathan hoenig has some doubts. inflation they always say that it's a silent text, but people exactly are feeling it because as their wages are growing up, inflation is going up. even faster supply chain issues have also given retailers a lot to make up for tomorrow as many large chains have been forced to spend more to meet demand while dealing with loss of sales due to low inventory. and labor shortages to boot. consumers may also be eyeing up markdowns that aren't as deep as they used to be, especially when factoring in that sale prices are falling on top of items that are already for expensive. in washington, alexandria off fox news. well despite the convenience of shopping online, there will always be people who still like to browse the shops. i like shopping in person a lot more than online. um. and i think it's nice just being able to actually see what you're getting. coming up a little later this hour. ktvu elissa harrington checks in with shoppers about their concerns with online shopping this ho it was a pretty
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nice day. today and saturday. just beautiful weather. beautiful sunsets like the one behind me the last couple of days and temperatures like these . we were in the seventies today again. 73 morgan hill 71 in san jose. guess what happens tomorrow? same thing about the same temperature, maybe a little warmer and fairfield and conquered maybe upper sixties low seventies there. 17 pacifica 70 in san mateo. that's today. i think tomorrow i'll be about the same. there might be a little patchy coastal fog tonight, but not very much. i think it's gonna be nice at the beach is turning mid sixties there, so the pattern is a stable one, and it's a locked pattern. it's blocked and there was just not moving these things usually. migrate through. so when you get a high pressure like this or a low when the high there's easily a low out here and in the high and then the trough, right that's in the jet stream. well, that all sort of migrates usually so the high migration and on the other side over here is another trough, right? but that's not happening. this pattern is stuck. and so we are with this dry, um, unseasonably dry and unseasonably warm weather for the rest of this
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week, fred. frankly, i don't think there's even a shot for rain. and this is a long range model and you can see it. i just send everything to the north. so there's monday, tuesday, wednesday and you see, look at the gesture. amuse man. that's way up there. that's that's not right. that's typically july. you see the jet stream that far north. it's very far north. it's been pushed up there and it stays up there through this weekend. and so with that in mind, we have more mild to warm weather cool overnight. when just no rain. that's the big thing for me, and there's the live shot at san francisco. beautiful night out there. temperatures will be in the low forties for the most part, mid forties. well low forties in the coolest spots, maybe upper thirties and then some mid forties in places like san francisco and oakland and san jose. so a beautiful night. it's gonna be a really beautiful day tomorrow and the rest of this week so when i get back, we'll get specific. there are some fluctuations each day as we go through time, and then we'll go peek out out in the far distant look for some rain in the long range models. all right, that sounds good. you then bill. top
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european officials have been meeting to discuss the migrant smuggling crisis situation that is growing more and more dire as migrants are dying in a desperate bid to enter european countries. fox's trade jinxed has the story. france held talks today with european ministers over their own developing migrant crisis. the aim of the meeting was reportedly to improve operational coordination to stop human smuggling. french president emmanuel macron is calling on the united kingdom to get serious over the developing situation as the british were not included in these conversations. last wednesday, 27 people died as they attempted to cross the english channel from france to the uk five people were arrested following the tragedy, and one actually had a car that was registered in germany, highlighting the cross border connection to migration. french authorities have set up a patrol group thermal cameras and barbed wire to try and stop people from crossing near the entrance of the channel. despite the attempts at curbing the flow of people towards the uk.
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thousands are expected to continue trying to make the journey. the refugee council is calling on european governments to find a solution under the idea of shared humanitarian values people recognize and understand and see a common sense of humanity with those experienced trauma, war and persecution, and they want to offer a hand of help. and support but at the same time, understandably, they're worried and anxious when they see images of people coming across the channel. humanitarian organizations have noted that the strategies for deterrence simply aren't working right now , people in their home country are deciding they are willing to risk everything to get to a better life in jerusalem tray angst, fox news. a 7.5 earthquake hits peru will show you the damage coming up. and the warriors going for their eighth straight win taking on the clippers earlier today. highlights for this game at la later tonight in sports and find out why california's job market has economists scratching their heads. magnitude earthquake in p.
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the quake's epicenter was along the country's northwest coast city of barranca. emergency managers are still working to get a clear understanding of all the damage that was caused. but so far there are no reports of any serious injuries. in the chaos of the taliban takeover this summer in afghanistan, so many people and organizations stepped up to evacuate as many people as possible. this is a story about one of those evacuees and his son. they're refugees and musicians who, through their music inspire hope for the future. fox news brian dennis has their story. but we really don't know. mod for news is one of afghanistan's most
10:25 pm
famous musicians. it's my life, my love. i had the music is my life. passenger bus and he was a judge on the tv singing competition show afghan star is pretty famous, i would say ahmed's son, l'homme is himself or renowned classical pianist who has been studying in the us for six years. they reunited in new york city after five years apart for me, it was unbelievable. i couldn't believe that i was hugging him. i was very excited. to see my son. after five years. ahmad fled afghanistan in august after the taliban left a threatening note on his instrument case. did you believe the taliban was going to kill you? maybe. maybe. the last time the taliban ruled afghanistan. music was illegal. it was extremely difficult for us to even practiced, so my dad was practicing very privately scared. the fitness family
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contacted leslie rosenthal, the ceo of the juilliard school. leslie reached out to fox corporation, which was able to get um ahmad, his daughter, son in law and three grandkids out of the country for afghan music to be safe in exile in other countries, means that afghan music will continue. days after reuniting ahmad watched his son perform at a fundraiser for afghan refugees in new york were so fed about far me when i listened to him, it gives me chills. he sings with love, and i think that's the most important part of him. ahmad and al ham are still waiting to be reunited with the rest of their family in new york. brian yannis fox news. some scary moments on the bay bridge coming up what happened when the driver went the wrong way? also, economists work to try to figure out why california's job market is bucking a trend of recovery seen
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if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. shows a flatbed truck going the wrong way and the drivers speeding through the bay bridge toll plaza shortly after four this afternoon, and officer is seen running to get out of the way. the driver of that flatbed truck passes through the toll booths and crashes into a patrol car. the chp says the driver also collided into two other cars before coming to a
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parked in the lanes east of the bay bridge. officers say the driver was told to move but was not cooperating. he was arrested on several felony charges. the chp says an officer was injured while taking him into custody. with news that the nation has now reached its lowest number of layoffs and more than half a century. you might think the return to a booming national economy is taking off at the same time california maybe brushing it off, pointing to its economic disadvantage. ktvu tom vacar looked at the data which are at odds. california the nation's largest job market has experts scratching their heads about why the job data is confusing and contradictory. one such expert. his labor lawyer and former director, michael bernick, who looks at all the data in fine detail, and they're really show the cross currents in. we currently have doubled the percentage of new unemployment claims then the
10:31 pm
state should have compared to other states. yet with more than a record million jobs listed and available, workers are not grabbing them up. but it's also true that the state gained almost 100,000 jobs in the most recent months that we have data , however, it's also true that the number of people quitting their jobs that month. far surpasses two hires more than fourfold quit rate the number of people who leave jobs, um is at the highest ever. it was for the most recent month of september. it was over 440,000. just in the month, people quit for a number of reasons, some to get better jobs, others change careers. some move elsewhere in state, others leave the state, and many bernick says, have just dropped out. while they rethink their careers and lives, especially working moms. those childhood memories are deeply embedded in his soul. those are the things that. i realize when she get off
10:32 pm
that rat race treadmill. you missing 42 years in the field is this slow return to work in the rethinking, if all that wasn't enough. last friday came news of a new covid variant, which we don't fully understand. has already curtailed travel in and out of several african countries , and this caused the stock market to plunge. 900 points over 2% in a single day. it's a major factor can be a major factor that might include new surges where the variant has already traveled, more remote working and renewed economic backsliding. tom vacar ktvu fox two news police in san francisco are investigating an early morning shooting that left a man dead in the mission district. police say officers responded to potrero avenue and say, sir chavez street just before five o'clock this morning and found a man with a gunshot wound. paramedics took him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. anyone with information on this shooting should put in a call to san francisco police. a
10:33 pm
trust fund has been established for the family of an oakland security guard who died in the line of duty. kevin nishida died saturday after being shot in the stomach on wednesday while protecting the television news crew on assignment in downtown oakland. donations to the kevin nishida trust can be made at any metropolitan bank and that will help to support his wife and children. so far. no arrests have been made in this case, but police say this car is wanted in connection to the deadly shooting. it's a white 2000 and 4 to 2000 and eight accurate tl with the sun roof. and without a front license plate. there's a reward of more than $32,000 for any tips leading to an arrest. their nose founder elizabeth holmes is set to return to the witness stand for the fourth time when her trial resumes tomorrow in san jose. in testimony last week, homes admitted to using fighters log logo rather on a technical report that their nose later showed to walgreens. holmes
10:34 pm
insisted she did nothing wrong, saying she was trying to convey her partnership with pfizer. she also defended their innocence practice of using blood testing devices from competing companies again. the trial resumes tomorrow morning in federal court in san jose, and reminder to use our website or app to stand top of tomorrow's developments in court. we have a live blog running each day of the trial. the actor accused of lying to police when he reported he was the victim of a racist, homophobic attack will go on trial this week. jesse smollett made headlines three years ago when he reported that two masked men attacked him. but it was small let who was eventually charged with a crime. he's pled not guilty to felony disorderly conduct. jury selection begins tomorrow, and the trial is expected to last a week. plenty of people hit the stores this weekend, trying to take advantage of post thanksgiving deals. ktvu elissa harrington checked out some bay area shopping centers today to see how the holiday shopping season is starting out. in walnut creek
10:35 pm
barriers stop cars from pulling into broadway plaza near nordstrom, where last weekend a large group of about 80 people stole more than $100,000 in merchandise. shoppers say there's a noticeable increase in police and security. they say it's important to support businesses both big and small during the holidays, trying to do it early and get it done as quickly as possible and find what we need. i'm buying all this cookware right now, and that's like that's the stuff that all my friends have wanted shoppers we talked to said this weekend they have taken advantage of some extended black friday deals. cyber monday is also right around the corner, but some people we talked to are happy to visit the brick and mortar stores. i like shopping in person a lot more than online. um. and i think it's nice, just being able to actually see what you're getting before. stacey carroll said she is concerned about shipping delays. she plans to shop in person as much as possible. we are finding that things were looking for online. it doesn't seem to be as a readily available so looking around to see what we can find and try to support some of our local shops.
10:36 pm
small business owners like matt ortega at modern mouse and alameda, said these weeks during the holidays are critical, most retail business says especially small businesses make 70% of their income during the holiday season, which keeps them running throughout the rest of the year. otherwise just supporting small businesses in general makes the biggest difference in your local community at modern mouse, people can find unique handmade gifts, many made by local artists. a wall street journal report found shopper started earlier this year. traffic is up 47.5% compared to last year, but still it's 28% lower than back in 2019 pre pandemic. so we had black friday small business saturday and now cyber monday where a lot of people will surely be looking for deals online in the newsroom. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. this is the time to season where people need, you know, and i don't have, but these people are here who's less fortunate than me. the holidays can be
10:37 pm
stressful enough on their own, but con artists can make things worse. coming up how to avoid falling into the traps of holiday scams. and it's pretty warm out there. we're going to continue drive for a few days. i'll let you know how the timing financial planning is finding your home away from home. ♪ and, it's designing a plan to help get you there. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911,
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and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. wealth management is planning your path together. and, it's guiding you along the way.o we can both respond out start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. hundreds turned out for this fundraising event. more than 200 , different crafts makers and local artists filled the crane way pavilion yesterday and today this was the 50th year of the craft fair. last year's fair was canceled because of the pandemic , and this weekend shoppers and vendors alike. we're happy to be back at the fair. i love getting the response to my work as an artist. it really helps me understand what they're responding to, and gives me new ideas. sometimes people have the
10:40 pm
most fun ideas that i get to learn from and then make new things in response to. proceeds from the arts and crafts show benefit kpfa public radio. well experts are warning of scams intended to target online shoppers this holiday season. but as reporter richard joe covas tells us there are tips to keep you safe before you log on and hit that pay now button. tis the season for holiday shopping and coming off a year of covid this season of giving maybe the biggest one yet, but the holiday season is also a time for criminals to strike. this is the time to season where people need , you know, and i don't have, but these people are here who's less fortunate than me. pablo was a victim not once but twice just last week. this hardworking , newly engaged man wanted to give back this time of year but soon realized he was scammed out of hundreds of dollars to a fake charity called clothes for kids. i looked it up. no such thing.
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there are a lot of scams out there, and the better business bureau is warning consumers to pay attention releasing a naughty list of the top 12 scams of christmas. they're asking people to use caution when coming across social media ads about discounted items, event promotions, job opportunities and donation requests. even puppy scams. they also say not to answer direct messages from strangers. scams absolutely have been on the rise and particularly online. purchase scams have been on the rise. that's that's tops. why because so many people are home and if you were asked to make a payment or donation by money, wire, or e transfer through a third party by prepaid debit card or gift cards. experts say. don't trust it. these social media gift exchanges they pop up every year. and when it boils right down to it. it's a pyramid scam . it's something you want nothing to do with. as for pablo , he's still going to give back this holiday season. but next
10:42 pm
time he'll go with a charity he knows and trusts. they know the catchy right at that moment. you know what i mean? and then your heart. like i said, it's is different. you gotta difference you want to do better. and that was richard jia covas reporting . if you suspect you've been scammed or feel like you may be the better business bureau has a scam tracker tool on its website , the bureau says. the best thing to remember is if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. decking the halls can get expensive coming up how to show off your love for the holiday season on a budget and check out tonight's spectacular sunset here in the bay area coming up, chief meteorologist bill martin will return with a look at. what to expect from the weather throughout this week, an
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