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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 26, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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a high school football game in the south bay tonight, fans and players making a run for it after gunfire in the parking lot. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu . fox news starts now. one person was shot and injured in the parking lot of westmont high school in campbell tonight. hello again, everyone. i'm alex seven. and i'm heather holmes. andre and christina are off tonight. police say that shooting happened just before nine o'clock tonight toward the end of the central coast section championship game. people at the game told us that they heard at least five gunshots. and that force players from both sarah and st francis high schools to hit the field. you see them lying on their bellies while the crowd went running. course we're always all concerned, you know, that's just ridiculous. that happened in that high school, you know, game people doing stupid stuff. that's not what we're about. you know we about playing on the field. the game was allowed to resume about 30.
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minutes after that shooting one man was her but is expected to be okay. police say they do not have any information at this time about suspects or a possible motive. in the east bay 95 year old woman was robbed while she was out on a thanksgiving day. walk new tonight ktvu is amberleigh is live in berkeley, where she spoke with the woman about the precious family heirlooms that were taken in this crime. amber. alex the 95 year old woman tells me one of the items stolen was a gold necklace. she and her late mother bought it together. they made a pact that she would wear it until she died. now that necklace is gone. the beauty and serenity of the san francisco bay trail in berkeley, drew francis roberts here for a walk thanksgiving day about 1 30 in the afternoon. it was a beautiful day, and i thought, well, i'm not hungry and i'll go out and take a walk. and i thought that was the safest place to walk. but the 95 year
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old tells me she was robbed. in assaulted, she says. a man pulled up in a dark car with a woman and kids inside the man inside. start doing this out the window at me to come to the car . roberts says the man asked her for the location of the nearest supermarket, and the woman suddenly got out of the car and told roberts she wanted to give her jewelry she had strengthening of. just a necklace like thing and she grabbed me around the neck, threw it over my head. what she was doing was taking my gold necklace off, but i didn't know it and i never did feel it come off, roberts tells me the woman grabbed her left hand, saying she wanted to give her rings while trying to pull off the two carat diamond ring roberts was wearing kept twisting and turning and spitting on it. and i said, just leave it alone. leave it alone. i don't want it off. roberts says the woman managed to private diamond ring off her finger and took off in the car to bicyclists in the area helped roberts called police. i was just sick. i
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thought, you know, that's. i'll never see it again. roberts tells me this is a picture of the stolen gold necklace worn by her mother until she died. both the necklace and diamond ring or heirlooms passed on from mother to daughter. it's awful to be taken advantage of like that with something that that you love and somebody just drive it and take it away from you. roberts says the thief left these two rings in her pocket while stealing her diamond ring . she describes the woman as being five ft. tall heavyset, wearing a bandana, multiple scarves, layers of clothing and a floor length. dress or skirt, she says. both the man and woman have dark complexions and appear to be in their forties. roberts says. police told her that at least one other similar incident involving suspects with the same descriptions now i reached out to berkeley police. but no detectives were available to confirm details alex, heather, or herbal that she would be taken advantage of like that
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amberleigh live for us in berkeley tonight. thank you. very police departments will be out in force this weekend. trying to prevent violent crime . the oakland police department says it's putting out its tactical teams that are trained in de escalating illegal activities like armed caravans and side shows. extra officers are also on hand in san francisco, particularly in popular shopping areas like union square and a reminder, of course, the chp s maximum enforcement period for the holiday weekend remains in effect through sunday. extra officers are out on patrol looking for unsafe drivers. do it. 11 in san francisco fire department helped rescue a drowning coyote. today it happened near the marina green officials say bystanders waved over a fire engine when they saw that coyote nearly drowning in the bay, a firefighter was able to make a last so to keep the coyotes head above water, allowing for a marine unit to come in and rescue it. the coyote was treated for severe hypothermia and was taken to a
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nearby veterinary care center. fire officials say. the coyote is expected to be okay. well there is growing concern tonight from global health officials about a new covid-19 variant first discovered in south africa. today we are announcing be 115 to 9 is a variant of concern named macron. so far, health experts say there's no indication that this variant is deadlier than previous mutations of covid-19, but they say it appears to be highly contagious. i think the rate of increase has been concerning for increased transmissibility, but biologically their reasons to suggest that it also has vaccine invasion. it was first discovered earlier this week in south africa, and doctors say they've seen it elsewhere, prompting the u. s and other countries to ban travel from some african countries. the prime minister of south africa, though cause the travel restrictions draconian. many of the countries which have come
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with this kind of draconian reaction are themselves battling with fourth wage with high spike of. in fact, with more daily infection rates. of the white house today announced it would ban travel from south africa and seven neighboring countries beginning on monday. the ban does not apply voter returning u. s citizens and permanent residents who test negative for the virus. the new, potentially more transmissible covid mutation could threaten the economic recovery here in the u. s. and around the world. news of the omicron variant sent stocks tumbling today on wall street. the dow fell 905 points that's more than 2.5% the nasdaq was down 353 points and the s and p sank 106 points. shares an airlines and other travel companies were lower along with big banks. ktvu jana katsuyama joining us live tonight after speaking with the former fed economist, janna. alex the cdc
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confirmed today that there's no evidence of the omicron variants circulating yet here in the united states, but businesses remember how quickly the delta variants spread. so there is concern that this new mutation could impact the economic recovery. people have returned to holiday shopping and socializing, gaining confidence as the us vaccination rates rise , but the highly contagious nu omicron variant raises the possibility of another covid spike that could put the brakes on consumer confidence and an economic rebound. households know that sometimes these things can cost them their jobs. it could cost them their businesses. and some of them may just decide to be more financially conservative. because of the unknown of this particular variant jim wilcox is a former fed economists now professor of finance and economics. that u c. berkeley a lot of the same industries suffered so mightily. during 2020 are very, very likely to be hit again. on friday, investors
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sold off travel industry stocks at the u. s and european countries declared travel bans american delta and united airlines each falling more than 10. cruise lines, including royal caribbean carnival in norwegian cruises all dropped around 10% as well, and oil companies saw market losses on fears that demand could drop for fuel. still, financial advisors say overall the markets are up over last year, and investors should not panic if you look at the s and p up about 22% and the nasdaq up over 20, this is after the close of the market today. we're still having a good year, and a lot of people have said the market was kind of looking for an excuse to pull back just a little bit. investors do worry the labor shortage might worsen if workers decide to leave the workforce. there's also concern that demand for us exports could drop we do sell. you know trillions of dollars of things every year. to the rest of the world. we have a vested interest in their economies doing well. still many industries have learned lessons from the delta
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variant, so the downturn in some of those industries might not be as severe. as it was the first time around. and some companies that grew during the pandemic actually saw their stock prices rise today, including zoom saletan and vaccine manufacturers fighter and moderna. moderna did announce today that it is already working on adjusting its vaccine booster to be more protective against the omicron mutation. it's certainly a lot of economic concerns with this new variant jana katsuyama live in our newsroom tonight. thank you, jenna. president biden today called on countries worldwide to waive intellectual property rights on covid vaccines. in the wake of the newly discovered variant, the president said today quote the news about this new variant should make clearer than ever why this pandemic will not end until we have global vaccinations. the world trade organization conference in geneva was supposed to discuss covid vaccines on monday, but that has been postponed because of this new variant. president biden says the u. s has donated
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the most vaccine doses to help less wealthy countries, and he called for other nations to donate more as well. coming up. a wildlife rescue group in the sierra receives a massive donation. how the organization will use this six figure gift up first, though, how president biden is getting into the holiday spirit on the east coast on this thanksgiving weekend. biy
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spirit tonight by attending a christmas tree lighting in massachusetts. the president and his family are staying in nantucket for the thanksgiving holiday weekend. meantime vice president kamala harris was in d. c for the holiday. she will attend the lighting of the national menorah on sunday to kick off hanukkah. and here at home. you're a deli square in san francisco held its annual holiday lining festivities tonight. golingan the event also included a visit from santa and kids of all ages, sat next to santa and shared their christmas wish lists. the festivities started earlier today included ghirardelli self guided. christmas tree stroll, but the main event was the square wide holiday lighting, which again also took place tonight. there will also be a piano concert and a mineral lighting coming up on sunday. six flags. discovery kingdom in vallejo unveiled its holiday decorations today. today
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is the first day of its holiday in the park event. visitors will see millions of twinkling lights throughout the theme park. a victorian village handcrafted items for sale, along with live holiday entertainment. six flags holiday in the park event will last through january. 2nd christmas tree lots are up and running now around the bay area, and this year everything runs the supply chain crunch to the weather. threatened the annual holiday tradition. okay tv's tom baker shows us how resellers are handling all of this. friday was a booming business day at the franzini family tree farm lot at the marine civic center jump franzini founded the business 58 years ago. today he has this lot another at the petaluma fairgrounds, and you cut a tree farm on nearby adobe road. we grow a million and a half trees in oregon and we supply trees all over the united states. this is very much a multigenerational family affair. i love it and my
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dad loves it. it's always such a positive, happy thing. you know when there's so much negative in the world, it's fun to have a family business and that you can run it with all of your family members. and. it's christmas to be able to have a business and have your family stay in it and continue and have the following that they have. i think it's fabulous, and i'm happy to support people like this christmas trees, along with santa claus or iconic holiday symbols really important because we enjoy with my daughter just to come every year to get the tree. and put all the lights on it. and so we are enjoying that time. the representation for the kids the family time that entails getting to put the lights on decorated and it's one of the reasons that we come right after thanksgiving, so we can have it for as long as possible. the annual collectible thank you. muggs given out for decades that were caught up in the pork backup just arrived two days ago. earlier this year. mother nature threatened pron xeneize oregon farm. we didn't
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have any range this year, and for four days i went from 112 to 114 degrees and nine o'clock. the trees were vividly green base three and four o'clock that afternoon, probably 30% of the crop turned red. he took trees from some better protected acres to assure the fresh green tree traditions and the smell. you can't beat the smell. there's nothing better, really, but don't wait too long to buy. because many farms had no backups. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. a welcome sight in the sierra tahoe ski resorts finally reopening after that early october storm, the sights and sounds of next. it was pretty much a miracle that this was able to happen honestly. and whether a field more it will feel more like spring this weekend with a few neighborhoods approaching the mid seventies were not born. your forecast coming up.
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receive a hefty donation to finish an expansion charitable group is matching the $500,000 in donations to the lake tahoe wildlife center in south lake tahoe. the donation pledge comes after black bear cub black bear cub that was rescued from the tamarack fire escape that center in august by digging under an electric fence. the renovations and expansion will include an animal hospital and dorms for staff who are caring for animals around the clock. what a generous donation alright boreal ski resort is now open for business despite a run of warm weather. that is keeping some other resorts closed, reporter marcella de la cruz tells us opening day was a special one for several skiers in the crowd. its blast for whiskey. crosby the site of snow like this is a blessing. it's the ultimate form
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of freedom. every second on the slopes, he says, is liberating. crosby suffered a spinal cord injury in 2019. come on the hill and i'm skiing. i paralyzed. so for me to get out there and get on the hill is the one time that i'm the most able body that i could be. i don't have a disability stopping me the opening of boreal, also marking a special moment for five year old catherine guay from san jose , first time skating. mom grace , telling us she's glad the resort chose to make its own snow, allowing her daughter to try something new for the first time. it's good work out how risky here. otherwise we're all #### no ski. this time, it was pretty much a miracle that this was able to happen honestly. friends no arrest, and ethan johnson drove more than two hours from escalon to shred the slopes. obviously not a lot to open, but we're grateful for what we have. well, you know, it is a big bummer that has been hotter this later into the year,
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but hopefully. beginning of december mid december, the temperature starts to drop a little bit and mother nature gives us some snow. and that was marcella de la cruz reporting. palisades tahoe also opened today, but with limited beginner terrain, many tahoe resorts have not been able to make snow because of the warm weather, kevin cooper told us earlier. this is part of a larger trend. as we just came out of the warmest summer in recorded history. we had three wildfires . two of them cross the sierra. we had the lowest man of snow last year, so it's a challenging time, so we just got to kind of take it in in our hearts and take a look at it and see where we're going to go. i'm hoping mother nature turns on the spec it we saw that snow. and rain in october. that really gave me an up left and i felt comfortable. but right now, i'm just i'm looking at the long range right now. this is, um fw. the gfs and nam aren't showing anything in
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the next two weeks, but maybe that'll change as we get to the middle of december and will be able to open up lifts and get the bull wheel spreading and people on snow. cope says he hopes that mid december will bring more snow to the sierra. all right now we're still where we are seeing the classic la nina set up with the storm focus . the storm track focused up to our north up in the pacific northwest. but you can't get a variable jet stream that would descend. more range of the bay area. we're just waiting for that to happen. it will be. you have to probably wait until december to see that to potential change headed our way we know this weekend, though it would be mild. take a look at the highest from this afternoon sixties, even some lower seventies out towards fairfield. 72 degrees san jose 67 look at that camera from the sunset earlier this evening showing you all the cloud cover but also just some beautiful colors, so we started out the day with lots of clear skies. the clouds steadily marching in throughout the afternoon hours. we will gradually clear things out overnight. we are expecting lots
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of sunshine this weekend after the chilly mornings, a nice recovery into the afternoon hours. the temperatures in the sixties and the seventies. here's the satellite where you can't see some high cloud cover still approaching the bay area, so not completely in the clear just yet. we have some pretty cold numbers to report as well for the 11 o'clock hour. santa rosa 46 oakland 50 degrees in san jose, checking in 51 at last check. as far as overnight lows . the cool spots will be in the lower forties but widespread forties to start out to start out your saturday morning with some patchy fog, especially in some of the inland valleys, so watch out. it could be one of those deals. we have clear skies and all the all of a sudden you encounter that fog bank and an instant drop off and visibility plan this weekend, though no major changes. in fact, some pretty cold overnight says we had on a saturday sunday and into next week store track is up here, so we'll be mild to warm all weekend long and the rainfall focus will be up to our north. so the cloud cover you can see overhead right now. this clears on out for your saturdayr
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sunday so mostly sunny skies for your sunday forecast, and you can see temperatures are a little bit warmer for tomorrow in a few spots, but lots of sixties and some lower seventies for your saturday afternoon forecast, and sunday could actually be a little bit warmer around here. we will cool things off a little bit into early next week by monday. no rain clouds just yet, but maybe as we head into a december right now, the forecast models hinting at december 10th or 11th. i know it's still a long ways away. maybe some rain chances eventually headed our way. okay, mark. thank you. well, someone bought a lottery ticket worth $175,000 in concord on thanksgiving night. lottery officials say that winning ticket was sold last night at the 7 11 on war lane boulevard more lane near monument monument boulevard. excuse me, there was another fantasy five winning tickets sold into levis to so that person will split a total of 300. $50,000 jackpot with the winner right here in concord. alright congratulate them up next in sports. tonight we'll
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tell you why clay thompson got so emotional after tonight's big win over the blazers. jason appelbaum is up next with sports. okay but first we have to show you tonight. gorgeous sunsets. so pretty look at all those colors tonight. as we look towards san francisco, you're watching the 11 o'clock news right here on ktvu what we got back.
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or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures and any kidney or liver problems. help protect yourself from another dvt or pe. ask your doctor about xarelto®. to learn more about cost, visit or call 1-888-xarelto if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. in the nba kept it rolling tonight, the warriors cruising to their sixth straight win and 10th straight at home, all by double digits. damian lillard, the blazers no match. from what the warriors got cooking right now. steph looses always before the game. second quarter warriors up by seven draymond green looking for his office a
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little bit more of these days, and you'll see him drive the hoop, the harm. and then, of course, the flex green 12 points . 12 assists, eight rebounds just before the half two man game with draymond and stuff and he gets it back to curry sets the screen. curry knocks down the 31 of his 63 pointers. warriors going to 16 to run to put a close game out of reach. so to speak. third quarter green perfect ali up to andrew wiggins, who gets way up to throw it down. very efficient for wiggins 25 points on 16 shots and then with time winding down the third young glove, gary payton the second with the steel to save and then pull flips it ahead to want to kano anderson, who had eight points and eight rebounds off the bench, the warriors just kept on rolling more curry. just under five minutes to go hit the three to put the warriors up by 14, and they just cruise from there. curry 32 points, eight assists, seven rebounds. fans are loving it as the warriors are now in
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nba best 17 and two but kind of a curious sight after the game after the win, klay thompson. stayed on the bench for quite some time with a towel over his head. and then finally, stephan curry, draymond and steve kerr all came out to talk to him. and curry said after the game that being out for two years with such serious injuries and then just being so close to returning , it just kind of all hit him at once, and he became emotional on the bench tonight. the usf dons put their perfect seven and record on the line against the university of alabama birmingham . this is the finals of the las vegas invitational as you had massage ski is there for the follow dunk, and then under 30 seconds to go nice find to marcel's ski again, who hesitates and then scores the layup he had 23 points. dons win 63 to 61. they improved to eight and, oh, the sharks trying to extend their winning streak to
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three games in a row, but they ran into a very good toronto maple leafs team. sharks fans at the tank. we're seeing some pretty good hockey as of late one, nothing early. toronto takes the lead, but nick bonino scores for the second straight game with the goal sticks it through the five hole and we are tied at one later in the first david camp with the shot, but wayne simmons deflects the puck and gets it past the gold. lee who was pulled score after allowing four goals to maple leaves win 4 to 1 sharks fall to 10. nine and one. santa clara soccer is now two wins away from their second national championship. they were taken on duke and durham, north carolina. they had two goals in this game by easy tequila and kelsey turnbow. they win 2 to 1, and they face the winner of byu, south carolina in the semifinals next friday, and that will be on
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the santa clara campus so you can go see that game if you want to kind of close to another championship. yes, congratulations and good luck. congratulations and good luck. yeah absolutely. howdy! welcome to the thanksgiving country jamboree! -wow. -we got the whole dunphy clan, claire, phil, luke, alex and -- well, and who is this happy farmhand? i'm jerry. jerry used to live next door. he's been going through a brutal divorce for years, and he was gonna spend thanksgiving alone. phil thought it'd be a good idea if he spent the day with a happy, functional family. we couldn't find one, so he's coming with us. so, where's haley? she's with rainer. they've been seeing a lot of each other, which is great. funny thing is, he was my friend first, but now i never see him. or haley. phil. it's what everybody's thinking. i don't want people walking on eggshells 'cause he was my friend first, but now i never see him. or haley. i'm only allowed to see my children once a week. i hardly know them. oh, well, clark's head of the math club, and tina's turned into a bit of a slut. thanks for the update. -okay, there they are! -hi!


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