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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 26, 2021 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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in the south bay confusion and fear at a high school football championship game after gunfire breaks out. nearby good evening , everyone i'm heather holmes and i'm alex savage. andre and christina are both off tonight and we want to start with that breaking news. we're following police tell us the shooting happened in the parking lot of westmont high school in campbell just before nine tonight toward the end of the central coast section championship game. players from sarah and st francis high schools were forced to lay on the field. after those reports of gunfire. we had a photographer there covering the game tonight, and he captured fans leaving the stadium in a panic. again
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high school. one man was hurt but is expected to be okay. there's no word from police tonight on suspects in this case or a motive for the shooting. this game was allowed to restart about a half hour ago. we're working to gather more information on this shooting will bring you updates as soon as we learn more. well now to the coronavirus tonight and a new, potentially more contagious coronavirus variant has been detected, prompting world leaders and the stock market to react. i think we have learned about having more safeguards both for our own health and for the health of our businesses. a worldwide effort now to contain what's being called the army quran variant that the world health organization said could be more contagious than the delta variant tonight. the cdc has confirmed no cases of the omicron variant detected here in this country. still the u. s is going to res because
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of this emerging variant. president biden consulted with dr fauci and the cdc and decided to ban travel from eight countries, including south africa, botswana, zimbabwe, maybe, and most and beak. now canada, the european union and the united kingdom. all have announced similar restrictions today. news of this new variant really unsettled the markets today, the dow dropped 905 points. but at one point was off more than 1000 points. the s and p 500 was down 106 points or a little more than 2% and the nasdaq was down 353 points or a little more than 2% travel and energy companies took the worst hits. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us now live after speaking with a former fed economist, janna. heather. economists say that what happens with the coronavirus pandemic directly impacts the economy. so this threat of the omicron varied spreading to the u. s. and the question of whether it could be more deadly. it's putting the economic recovery into limbo.
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people have returned to holiday shopping and socializing, gaining confidence as the us vaccination rates rise. but the highly contagious nu omicron variant raises the possibility of another covid spike that could put the brakes on consumer confidence and an economic rebound if the variant has found in the u. s, or proves to be more deadly. households know that sometimes these things can cost them their jobs. it could cost them their businesses, and some of them may just decide to be more financially conservative. because of the unknown of this particular variant jim wilcox is a former fed economists now professor of finance and economics. that u c . berkeley a lot of the same industries suffered so mightily. during 2020 are very, very likely to be hit again. on friday, investors sold off travel industry stocks as the u. s and european countries declared travel bans american delta and united airlines each falling more than 10. cruise
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lines, including royal caribbean carnival and norwegian cruises. all dropped around 10% as well, and oil companies saw market losses on fears that demand could drop for fuel. if the omicron mutation proves deadlier , still, financial advisors say overall the markets are up over last year, and investors should not panic if you look at the s and p up about 22% and then nasdaq up over 20% this is after the close of the market today, we're still having a good year, and a lot of people have said the market was kind of looking for an excuse to pull back just a little bit. investors do worry the labor shortage might worsen if workers decide to leave the workforce. there's also concern that demand for us exports could drop we do sell. you know trillions of dollars of things every year. to the rest of the world. we have a vested interest and their economy is doing well . still many industries have learned lessons from the delta variant. we've learned a lot about how to protect ourselves. during the most recent covid epidemic that we have so the
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downturn in some of those industries might not be as severe as it was the first time around. the news did benefit some companies that have grown during the pandemic. shares of zoom pellington and vaccine manufacturers fighter and moderna all sarah stock prices increase. all right, janet reporting live for us tonight. here in studio, janet. thank you. the governor of new york issued a state of emergency order to increase hospital capacity under the threat of the new variant. the order will also allow health officials to limit not essential and non urgent hospital procedures if a hospital falls below 10% staffed bed capacity. governor hopeful said that while the all macron variant hasn't been detected in new york state preparations need to be made infectious disease. experts here in the bay area say the vaccines should hold up against the omicron variant ktvu zach sauce spoke to some local doctors about what we know so far. today we are announcing the
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115 to 9 is a variant of concern named macron. friday's announcement by the world health organization, sending financial markets tumbling and putting the u. s and countries across the world on high alert. first detected in south africa. the oh macron variant has now been identified and travelers to belgium, hong kong and israel. my main concern is that it shows that if a country as a 23% vaccination rate, like south africa, variants can continue continue to emerge so far, health experts say there's no indication that the new variant is more deadly than previous mutations of covid-19 like delta. but they say it appears to be highly contagious. i think the rate of increase has been concerning for increased transmissibility, but biologically their reasons to suggest that it also has vaccine invasion. that concern based on data suggesting that omicron may have a greater likelihood of re infecting unvaccinated people. but dr peter chin hong of ucsf,
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says it's highly unlikely that current covid-19 vaccines whatever become ineffective against the new variant, colleague, dr monica gandhi, adding people should not be concerned about its ability to evade the vaccines that i want to make clear upfront. meanwhile pfizer and biontech saying friday that a covid-19 vaccine could be tweaked and produced within 100 days to counter a quote, vaccine escape variant. still news of the new variant, leading some governments to join the u. s. and issuing new travel restrictions. on friday, the uk halting all traffic from southern africa. followed shortly after with a similar announcement from the european union, sending people scrambling to get back to their families before restrictions are put in place. my family live in australia. and i'm going back to see them before the country shuts down, so i don't know when i'll be able to return to leave my job behind and. getting on a plane today. health experts continuing to point to higher vaccination rates as the only way to prevent further spread
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and mutations of the virus like oh macron. higher rates of vaccination for highly transmissible variants like delta sonoma crime and again a u. s ban on travel to and from several african nations going into effect on monday. the ban does not apply to us citizens in the newsroom. zach sauce ktvu fox two news time pharmaceutical company merck announced today that its experimental covid-19 pill is less effective than originally thought. clinical trials showed that the antiviral pill reduced the risk of hospitalization and depth and high risk covid patients by 30% that's down from an earlier estimate of 50. fda advisers will meet next week on whether to recommend authorizing the drug. if approved, it would be the first pill available here in the us to treat covid-19. the drug has already been approved for emergency use in the uk. and you can stay up to date on the very latest coronavirus developments by visiting our website just had two ktvu .com/
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covid-19. new attend. we're hearing from a 95 year old woman tonight who was the victim of a robbery on thanksgiving day. this happened on the san francisco bay trail in berkeley , near the foot of gilman street that's not far away from golden gate fields. ktvu zambelli joining us live tonight from the berkeley police department with what the thieves stole from the woman, amber. alex the 95 year old woman tells me two items of sentimental value were stolen from her. she tells me she's sharing what happened in hopes of preventing it from happening to someone else. the beauty and serenity of the san francisco bay trail in berkeley. drew francis roberts here for a walk thanksgiving day about 1 30 in the afternoon. it was a beautiful day, and i thought, well, i'm not hungry and i'll go out and take a walk. and i thought that was the safest place to walk. but the 95 year old tells me she was robbed. in assaulted, she says. a man
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pulled up in a dark car with a woman and kids inside the man inside. start doing this out the window at me to come to the car . roberts says the man asked her for the location of the nearest supermarket, and the woman suddenly got out of the car and told roberts she wanted to give her jewelry she had no strength of. just a necklace like thing and she grabbed me around the neck, threw it over my head. what she was doing was taking my gold necklace off, but i didn't know it. i never did feel it come off, roberts tells me the woman grabbed her left hand, saying she wanted to give her rings while trying to pull off the two carat diamond ring roberts was wearing kept twisting and turning and spitting on it. and i said, just leave it alone. leave it alone. i don't want it all, roberts says the woman managed to private diamond ring off her finger and took off in the car to bicyclists in the area helped roberts called police. i was just sick. i thought, you know, that's i'll never see it again.
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roberts tells me this is a picture of the stolen gold necklace worn by her mother until she died. both the necklace and diamond ring or heirlooms passed on from mother to daughter. it's awful to be taken advantage of like that with something that that you love and somebody just drive it and take it away from you. roberts says the thief left these two rings in her pocket while stealing her diamond ring . she describes the woman as being five ft. tall heavyset, wearing a bandana, multiple scarves, layers of clothing and a floor length dress or skirt. just as both a man and woman have dark complexions and appeared to be in their forties . roberts says police told her there have been at least one other similar incident involving suspects with the same description. now i reached out to berkeley police, but there were no detectives available to confirm details. alex just awful story amberleigh live tonight in berkeley. amber. thank you.
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today marks six months since the deadliest mass shooting here in the bay area in our history, and it happened at the vita rail yard in san jose. like this candle. there were songs, prayers and tears at the online ceremony this morning, 10 candles were lit for those who died. local faith leaders took part, saying this holiday will be a particularly difficult one for the families. you move through this first six months. as you meet the next six months and the years to come. know that you are not alone. too many of us grieve with you. but in that brief, there was hope. the nine people killed by the gunman that day were all men. many of them had worked for the vita for 20 years or more. communities all across the bay area getting into
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the holiday spirit coming up after the break how hundreds of people gathered for festive tree lighting ceremony tonight in the east bay, also a busy black friday, but nothing like years past tonight at 10 30 why, experts say the shorter lines at stores are here to stay. not those long lines and, um, madness to try to get in and out of the store. and whether i'm tracking a few high clouds for tonight, but this weekend, lots of sunshine and temperatures will feel warm out there. we'll have more on your forecast after have more on your forecast after the if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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