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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 24, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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everyone. i'm frank malika and i'm heather holmes, but frank and julia roth tonight. despite that show of solidarity, the local stores are still being targeted. nearly a week after the first incidents of those organized retail robberies new at 11 tonight, santa rosa police announcing that they are looking for four men. who they say stole more than $20,000 worth of merchandise from an apple store . it happened just before noon today at the store in the santa rosa plaza. police say it happened in front of customers as well as staff. witnesses described the suspect as between the ages of 14 and 18 and wearing mostly black clothing with masks covering their faces . if you have any information you were asked to give santa rosa police a call. three people were charged with multiple felonies today yet another smash and grab robbery. what a creek over the weekend as many as 90 people storming the nordstrom store saturday night just before it closed merchandise value between 102 $100,000 was stolen
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. several nordstrom employees were pepper sprayed, punched and kicked. the contra costa county da's office says three people arrested will be arraigned monday on charges including robbery, burglary and organized retail theft, and five of the nine suspects arrested in connection with those mass retail robberies last friday night in san francisco, were in court today to be formally charged. all five suspects entered not guilty pleas in court today, at least one persoe to an extensive criminal history . charges range from looting and burglary to possession of a concealed and loaded gun. they're expected back in court on the 29th no word yet when the remaining four suspects will be arranged well as we mentioned prosecutors around the bay area, announcing today that they are working together to try to combat that rash of recent retail burglaries. ktvu evan sernoffsky spoke to several days about how they hope that these efforts will help. it's
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sophisticated. it's organized and unacceptable for years. these have targeted bay area retail stores. but last weekend things took a more brazen turn. benefiting from strength and numbers. dozens of people streamed into businesses around the bay, grabbing whatever they could carry and dashing out. the new tactics have prompted prosecutors to rethink their strategy. the difference here is we want to exchange information . we want to be able to work together. san mateo county d a. steve wagstaffe said. one of the women charged in a recent louisville thanh heist in san francisco. has an open case in his county. he already alerted district attorney chase a boudin and more information we share, the more effective we can be at disrupting, deterring and holding accountable those who commit these crimes. boudin announced charges against nine defendants in cases like the union square takeover burglary from over the weekend. as we investigate these cases as we learn what's the mechanism for organizing these kind of flash
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mob burglary sprees, whether it's social media or text messages. we want to try to get ahead of the next one. thieves have hit stores in palo alto san jose, oakland hayward, union city conquered and walnut creek to name a few. as the holiday shopping season kicks in. authorities fear the crimes will only increase. santa clara county district attorney jeff rosen held a press conference wednesday announcing several recent arrests in retail theft cases, their the prosecutors in my office have already begun charging these cases we will charge them to the fullest extent of the law. these dhs tell me that going after the perpetrators is just one step. they also hope to pool their information and go after the fencing operations that are reselling these stolen items. in the newsroom. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. and the crime wave targeting stores is having a big impact on the retail industry as they struggle with employees safety and
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retention earlier today, on the four we spoke with the president of the california retailers association about the impact. of these thefts, retailers have invested millions of dollars in safety measures to protect their employees. you know, that's why we need district attorneys, and we did law enforcement also step up. i think this is not just can be placed on retailers. there's a lot of players in this that need to be part of this solution , so we want to make sure that our employees are protected, and that's why you continue to see retailers investing whatever they need to make sure their employees are protected when they come to work. rachel mitchell and also says retailers should not have to take drastic steps such as store closures to bring attention to the problem and the need for officials to do more to stop the thefts. we have more on the rash of retail thefts around the bay area. just visit ktvu .com. you can find the very latest developments right there on our homepage jury today found the three men
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charged with killing a bond are very guilty. the 25 year old man was jogging near his home in georgia when he was shot and killed. jurors deliberated for about 10 hours over two days, finding travis mcmichael guilty on all counts, including the charge of malice murder his father, greg, and neighbor william roddy brian were convicted of felony murder and other charges. armories family left the courthouse with their hands raised high. you know, one side did this. that's why god put us all together to make this happened when you present the truth to people and they can see it right. they will do the right thing, and that's what this jury did today. in getting justice for ahmad are very. those three men are now awaiting sentencing for the killing of our very all three face life sentences. president biden issue this statement on the verdict reads, in part quote, while the guilty verdicts reflect our justice system doing its job. that alone is not enough. instead we must recommit ourselves to building a
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future of unity and shared strength, where no one fears violence because of the color of their skin. about 600. workers at google have reportedly signed a petition opposing of vaccine mandate for employees. it was posted on an internal message board and it reportedly says the vaccine mandate could embarrass workers by exposing a private choice. not to get the shots. google's workforce of about 150,000 is expected to report their vaccine status by next friday, and california continues to see one of the lowest covid infection rates. in the country . state health officials say that unvaccinated people are more than seven times more likely to contract the virus than those who are vaccinated cases are down to 10 cases per 100,000, compared to nearly 200 cases per 100,000 nationwide. hospitalizations are down to 3400 and. test positivity is below 2% compared to a u. s
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average of some 6% well, with just a day before thanksgiving, many people rushing to prepare those holiday dinners. stores had a stream of last minute shoppers all trying to pick up food, and some organizations were preparing holiday meals to give to those who can't cook their own. ktvu jana katsuyama has more now on tonight's preparations. to the sounds. no alright, have a good morning of last minute shopping for thanksgiving dinner are familiar at star grocery in berkeley, which has seen turkey's fly off the shelves since 1922 not to mention sides and desserts. we've got a shipment of like. how many was it like 60 pies yesterday and this is all we have left now. four yeah, down to four. and then you can see on our bread shelf. it's completely empty because we sold out at like by, like, two p.m. it was all gone. we close early today. so we're down to pretty much the last pickings of stuff. one shopper was back for a second time to pick up a few last minute items in the morning. i
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got coffee, and i also got some of the pumpkin can pumpkin so my daughter is going to make a. i won't be free pumpkin pie for thanksgiving, many shoppers said they noticed the prices are a little higher this year. everything in general is a little bit more expensive, so some shoppers are spending more time seeking out deals shopping as usual. like a three hour trip , the american farm bureau says a typical thanksgiving meal for 10 will be about $53.14 percent higher than last year. in part due to higher costs of labor, transportation and animal feed. the prices impact nonprofit groups such as san francisco's meals on wheels, which made 6500 they giving meals for seniors this week, the most ever in the non profits 51 years those who are cooking their own meals at home say they are saving by having smaller gatherings and they don't want to miss out on the traditional feast we've been doing just, you know, russian food. and that's going to be my first american. turkey ham mental key favorite five year old lennox has his thanksgiving
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favorites but knows this year's meal will be a little different , different and we're going to have ice cream england below last year, we have something different. like many other families, his parents say they plan to stay close to home. my wife's family's from seattle, so we usually go up there and this year with the pandemic. again. we're here so will be spending it with friends this year rather than with our normal family in oakland, jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. this meant a lot to a lot of people to finally come in catch up, you know, like , say there's a lot of history between a lot of people here. much more on thanksgiving festivities after the break, including more on a group of friends getting creative in the east bay to carry on a long standing tradition and a truck stolen to the east bay, but it's what was inside that truck that has the owner. worried about the reward now being offered to find those irreplaceable items coming o
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normal. amberleigh tells us about a group of friends finally able to spend some time together after their annual thanksgiving gathering was put on hold due to the pandemic. at sunset in alameda. thanksgiving tradition reunites 40 childhood friends at cruzi park. so how are you guys doing from boys to men now in their fifties and sixties and annual get together spanning
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four decades feel good about the fact that we can see each other? we all grew up within a mile of this park. and we all grew up playing here is kids. this event was replaced by a zoom call last year due to covid concerns. this meant a lot to a lot of people to finally come in catch up, you know, like, say there's a lot of history between a lot of people here instead of an indoor sit down dinner inside a hall as in past years rec center with an option for people to gather outdoors. but most say the covid vaccines have boosted their confidence in attending gatherings. my biggest fear was before the vaccination being around people and masking up. but now i feel very comfortable . one man tells me his comfort level includes air travel, he flew in from san diego were fully vaccinated booster shots. all that so. good time to get together for holidays at mcgee's sports bar, the co owner tells me thanksgiving eve was one of the busiest nights of the year before covid. on this night,
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still a popular gathering place . a lot of people are in town now to see their families and they want to get out reunite with old friends. one customer tells me she's looking forward to spending thanksgiving with friends. i'm going to hang out with like around 7 to 10 people still small and then i'm going to travel to hawaii to see family 34 years ago, probably back at krusee park, nostalgia and joy at seeing old friends. we look forward to the wednesday night before thanksgiving. and then getting up early thanksgiving morning to watch them play football motion. this is video of the last football game played on thanksgiving before the pandemic, traditional thanksgiving morning football game. won't be taking place, organizers say. with covid still here, there's just not ready for that yet perhaps next thanksgiving in alameda, amberleigh ktvu. fox two news,
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right, amber great group. they're great group. well, federal officials say security is running smoothly at our nation's airports. cts a, says 93% of its staff has been vaccinated. and the agency is ready for the 20 million passengers are expected to screen over the holiday. as for the airlines, many carriers are offering overtime incentive and bonuses to avoid sick outs. american airlines is giving flight attendants tripled their pay if they work their holiday shifts with perfect attendance. these incentives are what's really needed in order to make sure that we can meet the demands over the holiday season. faa has reported relatively few delays and cancelations so far today, analysts say airport travel is expected to be up about 13% from last year, meaning numbers could be close to pre pandemic level area airports and roadways are also busy this holiday. about six million californians are expected to load up their cars and head out of town this holiday week. and bay area,
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airport officials say they are seeing a return to near normal volumes of passengers this holiday season close to 50,000 people were expected to go through security at sfo today alone at oakland airport, 170,000 people are expected to fly over the holiday period. san jose international is predicting 400,000 passengers in all. and we are tracking that holiday weekend forecasts coming up. i'll see you back here with the five days. and it's been two months now since the deadly house fire in the south bay. the homicide charges one man is now facing. financial planning is finding your home away from home. ♪ and, it's designing a plan to help get you there. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. i did some early shopping this year.
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wealth management is planning your path together. and, it's guiding you along the way. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. cupertino has been arrested jimmy leonard holland's the fourth now facing homicide and
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arson charges in connection to a fire to home on tuscany place it happened. back in september. one person was killed in the fire. detectives say hollande's and the victim lived together in the same home as tenants and that the two were fighting prior to that fire skaters say they were able to link collins to the evidence of the flammable accelerates that were found inside the home islands has since been living in san jose, where he was arrested, and oakland band is now offering a reward in hopes of getting back. thousands of pictures and other keepsake items that were stolen along with this truck. andrei martin says his truck was parked on carrington in oakland off of highway up high street. excuse me when it was stolen yesterday. inside were more than 5000 pictures of former students involved in safe that's an education program for at risk youth that castle, mont high school in oakland. the photos are from years of the trips the students took to historical sites in colleges all across the us. i'm offering $1000 to have
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the truck and the items back. no questions asked. i just want the items back and it's their prices . they're replaceable, and it means a lot to a lot of other people, not just myself. mhm madden says the photos were in his truck because he was going to beat up with a friend to make a slide show for an event to honor the former students who achieve success from the program and later went on to college. alright heading into your thanksgiving day tomorrow. hope you have the day off. i hope you have a lot of family coming into talents. a perfect time to show off the neighborhood. i mean, they're the weather beautiful, stunning. a few clouds tomorrow cold start to the day but overall. pretty similar to what we had today. temperatures might be a degree or two cooler because of the cloud cover outside. we've got no fog at the golden gate bridge. clear valley fog, not really a thing, frost. the thing though. we talked about that frost advisory for the inland bay valleys late tonight. early tomorrow morning
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, and it'll show up. if you had it this morning. you'll see it again tomorrow morning and you most likely you'll see it again as you get into, um saturday mornings or friday morning and saturday morning as well. so there's the high pressure ridge. everything's going to the north and really what the high does keeps us dry, but it also allows for fog formation, which we're not going to see. it's still too dry. but. we are going to see frost and cold overnight because of that stable environment as stable high pressure and then in terms of whether it's all going up here. it's just going off up in this british columbia. i keep mentioning it only because they are the fire hoses on them, and it's staying on them. this is be there. they've got to atmospheric rivers coming down the pipe over the next few days headed right for them, and they've already had. massive amounts of rain and already had a historic flooding, so and it's not snow. it's rained. it'll be snow high, but it'll be rained down low. there's the temperature. look at that cooler air up in the north 40 and fairfield 42 in santa rose up. the model says a few clouds tomorrow. i'm calling it partly sunny. partly partly cloudy. it's going to be beautiful day,
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and temperatures are just in the sixties. i don't think we'll see might see a couple of 70 if he had sat down towards morgan hill or gilroy. the forecast highs tomorrow. kind of where they were today. 68 morgue until i think i would be surprised if selena's hit 70 degrees or something like that. san francisco will be in the mid sixties. overall light offshore winds not as strong and robust as they were last night. a beautiful day tomorrow and then that's your thanksgiving friday, saturday and sunday. i mean, look at that seventies low seventies on sunday and monday. not bad next chance for real range isn't really until the first week. or so late. it's collect the 7th 8th 9th 10th of december. somewhere in there, it looks like we got a shot at something, so enjoy what you've got, because the weather's stunning and the weather our weather in the bay area's is pretty as anywhere in the country right now. i'll see you back here on tomorrow night. all right, bill. have a good holiday . thank you. holiday drive through light show in san jose returns this week it sold out every night during last year's
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run. ktvu s azenith smith got a preview of the illuminated display. and has our report. this led to drive through his back by popular demand some families treated to a sneak peek wednesday of blinky is illuminated holiday publicized as a mile of smiles and magical and has put on by the nonprofit christmas in the park named after their mascot, blinky, we're in a new location this year, we're cunningham park in front of raging waters. so we had to create basically a new experience. the nonprofits executive director promises of vastly different show from last year when it was held at history . parkinson jose. this year's display is all custom made. there are 12 different areas. in our drive through that have over a total of over 140,000 lights. each light is capable of 14 million different colors. the show has to light tunnels, arches and snowflakes. best part
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. the lights are synchronized to music. you can listen to it on your car radio. the nonprofit is also bringing back its traditional free walk through experience with santa at plaza de cesar chavez in downtown san jose. so why have both? we are nonprofit. so basically the drive thru becomes a fundraiser for us to keep the downtown event three. keep it going that displays stunning. clearly, they've invested a lot. um they have these like flashing walls and flashing tunnels and the candy canes more works nearby, impressed with how the lights flicker with the music. the whole experience is about 15 minutes long. car with your family and you know, not necessarily be exposed to the other people that are bumping into her favorite part. candy cane lean if she had to choose between the drive through or walk through. you know if you have the holiday spirit, and you want to see all the lights and enjoy the feeling, i think both you have to kind of walk around downtown and get some hot cocoa and watch the ice skaters and also drive through here and
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check out the park and be with your family and friends. this drive thru event opens this friday and runs until january. 9th tickets are $30 per car. and only available online in san jose. i'm azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. coming up next step, and seth going head to head which curry was your winner , sports director marc ambinder says is in studio right now. can't wait ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever!
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mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. with you tonight. you know it kind of kidding about it, but it almost really does look like the warriors can just push a button , put it in another gear and take off when they need to tonight. from 19 down at one point to 20 point victory against steps little brother's
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team seth, they've been doing it since they were kids and watch steph just kind of dispenses with his brother bombs that three he was on his way to a 25 point night. all smiles shortly after golden state's to deal with that guy that's a soft touch to the bucket south had a good night 24 points. like i said. six has built a big lead that begins to dissipate right here. jordan's pull just before halftime carries the half court shot. that's a beauty. you can feel the momentum just start to swing. second half belongs to the warriors. steph well, show you new wrinkle in his shots celebration right there. the wrinkle on the shimmy. and then want to scotto up on the offensive boards, making a huge contribution tonight. 13.6 rebounds, six assists warriors turn it around and win 1 16 96 and get this. they have won nine straight home games all by double digits best record in the
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nba 16 and two and the sharks, by the way, playing some pretty good hockey right now. doing exactly what you have to take care of the low bottom fielders peters on bring your dog to the game night. i think first period sharks matt nieto firing away top shelf. that's a beauty also after the b his first goal of the year one nothing sharks later trail ottawa, however, three to come on strong late. 33 in the third team. oh, meyer right there, point blank put it home. he also had a couple of assists to empty netters. late sharks win going away 63. finally got some college hoops as we get back to basketball, the maui invitational st mary's in the championship game, and they kind of let a lead get away against wisconsin, tommy cuzzi. we'll show you some moves with the left hand right here down the lane, and at one point the gales or up by 10 in the second
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half, wisconsin comes back. johnny davis will show you his impersonation of steph curry bombs away. badgers take the lead for good. 61 55 cal lost their tournament game tonight to seton hall and we have a little time so why not check this out? it's all about basketball right this time of year. high school. this is chappelle, north dallas , just outside of dallas. what's this final seconds of the game? no way. ho wow. this kid eight didn't shoot that ball as much as he just kind of chuck right there. and that is a game winning shot. wow do we have time to check anything else out ? thank you checked out happy turkey. that was awesome. that's right. that's the sporting life for tonight's all about b ball. that's it back to you guys.
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thank you, mark and thank you for joining us tonight. everyone have a wonderful holiday. happy thanksgiving one and all but take care, everybodyu're gonna ! - alex, what are you doing? - i need to document haley's first day on the chain gang. it's not a chain gang. it's community service. and leave her alone. she feels bad enough as it is. okay, i'm torn. on one hand, i'm like, "ugh, i have to pick up garbage all day." and on the other hand, i'm like, - "look at me in orange." - (camera shutter clicks) aw, that's cute. send that to me. haley had a little run-in with the law in college. she was arrested for assaulting a police officer. accidentally. i fell on him. while evading arrest for underage drinking. that was on purpose. they were very lenient with her. she only has to do community service. because i do not have any priors. taking a little too much pride in that, sweetheart. things can get pretty rough out there. i couldn't get my hands on any cigarettes. but i did make you a shiv out of an old knife. you don't make a shiv out of a knife. yeah, you make a shiv out of a rusty spoon or a shard of glass.


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