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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 24, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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the roads and shopping carts full of food. for many people, this year's thanksgiving feels a little closer to normal. being able to get back and just see each other and be with each other. it's been a wonderful experience. thanksgiving 2021 means fewer virtual and more in person gatherings. good evening , everyone i'm heather holmes and hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat, frank and julier off tonight barrier grocery stores. they were bustling with people get ready for their. big holiday dinners. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us now with more on last minute preparations on this thanksgiving eve, janet frank and heather. it was not as busy as before the pandemic. many people said that the prices were a little bit higher to put the food on the table. but some said that they are saving money by having smaller gatherings and staying home. this sounds all
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right, have a good one of last minute shopping for thanksgiving dinner are familiar at star grocery in berkeley, which has seen turkey's fly off the shelves since 1922 not to mention sides and desserts. we've got a shipment of like. how many was it like 60 pies yesterday and this is all we have left now. four yeah, down before and then you can see on our bread shelf. it's completely empty because. we sold out at like by, like two p.m. it was all gone. we closed early today , so we're down to pretty much the last pickings of stuff. one shopper was back for a second time to pick up a few last minute items in the morning. i got coffee, and i also got some of the pumpkin, you know, can pumpkin so my daughter is going to make that. i won't be free pumpkin pie for thanksgiving. many shoppers said they noticed the prices are a little higher this year. everything in general is a little bit more expensive, so some shoppers are spending more time seeking out deals. shopping is usually like a three hour trip. the american farm bureau says a typical
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thanksgiving meal for 10 will be about $53.14 percent higher than last year. in part due to higher costs of labor, transportation and animal feed. the prices impact nonprofit groups such as san francisco's meals on wheels , which made 6500 they giving meals for seniors this week. the most ever in the non profits 51 years, those who are cooking their own meals at home say they are saving by having smaller gatherings and they don't want to miss out on the traditional feast we've been doing just, you know, russian food, and that's going to be my first american. turkey ham mental key favorite five year old lennox has his thanksgiving favorites but knows this year's meal will be a little different, different and we're going to have ice screaming dumbbell last year, we have something different. like many other families, his parents say they plan to stay close to home my wife's family from seattle, so we usually go up there and this year. with the pandemic again. we're here so. will be spending it with friends
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this year rather than with our normal family. some stores have decided to close for thanksgiving days, so it's best to call ahead if you still have some last minute shopping to do in the morning. all right, jenna. thank you for that. for many people. thanksgiving eve is a time for reunions. ktvu is amber lee attended an annual gathering at an element of park that was canceled last year because of the pandemic. they tell lambert. they are thankful for finally having an opportunity to get together again after nearly two years apart. at sunset in alameda. thanksgiving tradition reunite 40 childhood friends at cruzi park. so how are you guys doing from boys to men now in their fifties and sixties and annual get together spanning four decades feel good about the fact that we can see each other? we all grew up within a mile of this park. we all grew up playing here is kids. this event was replaced by a zoom call last year due to covid concerns. this
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meant a lot to a lot of people to finally come in. catch up. you know what. i say there's a lot of history between a lot of people here instead of an indoor sit down dinner inside a hall as in past years of rec center with an option for people to gather outdoors. but most say the covid vaccines have boosted their confidence in attending gatherings. my biggest fear was before the vaccination being around people and masking up. but now i feel very comfortable . one man tells me his comfort level includes air travel, he flew in from san diego were fully vaccinated booster shots. all that so. good time to get together for holidays at mcgee's sports bar, the co owner tells me thanksgiving eve was one of the busiest nights of the year before covid. on this night, still a popular gathering place . a lot of people are in town now to see their families and they want to get out reunite with old friends. one customer tells me she's looking forward to spending thanksgiving with friends. i'm going to hang out
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with like around 7 to 10 people so still small, and then i'm going to travel to hawaii to see family 34 years ago, probably back at krusee park, the style jah and joy at seeing old friends. b. i always look forward to the wednesday night before thanksgiving and then getting up early thanksgiving morning to watch them play football motion. this is video of the last football game played on thanksgiving before the pandemic traditional thanksgiving morning football game. won't be taking place, organizers say. with covid still here, there's just not ready for that yet perhaps next thanksgiving in alameda, amberleigh ktvu. fox two news, triple a, says the high price of fuel is not stopping people from hopping in the car. this thanksgiving holiday. about six million californians are expected to load up their cars and head out of town over the holiday week. here's a look at what conditions look like on the
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east shore freeway this evening , boy, it was just jam packed. you can see slow traffic in both directions there through berkeley. travel experts say the days of quiet freeways well, they appear to be in the rear view mirror. this is going to be the highest year over year growth that we've seen since the great recession when it comes to people driving to their destinations for the thanksgiving holiday, so it's going to be a big one. railways are going to be packed out there. to avoid the heaviest traffic triple a recommends heading out in the early morning or later evening hours. bay area airport officials are also saying that they are seeing a return to near normal volumes of passengers this holiday season. close to 50,000 people were expected to go through security at sfo a lot today alone at oakland airport, 170,000 people are expected to fly over the holiday period. nearly twice as many as last year. san jose international is predicting 400,000 passengers in all compared to 125,001 year ago, bay area police departments are
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out in full force looking for drunk drivers. so we're here to do is make sure that people are on the roadway safe driving while not intoxicated or impaired, perfectly having a plan when they go out tonight to celebrate the holiday with friends and family. san mateo county sheriff's office and burlingame police tomorrow mate or holding a dui checkpoint tonight looking for impaired drivers. officials want to remind people that driving under the influence of narcotics or marijuana. is illegal as well. california highway patrol will be paying close attention to drivers over the holiday weekend , the chp kicked off its maximum in force mint period at six o'clock tonight, officers will be on the patrol looking for unsafe driving practices. that includes seatbelt violations, speeding, distracted driving and signs of driving while under the influence, officers say anyone who will be drinking should arrange for a safe ride home. the maximum enforcement periods run through the weekend ending
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at midnight on sunday. well, let's security guard working with a local news crew was shot today in downtown oakland. the crown television crew was working at the intersection of webster and 14th when a car pulled up and there was an altercation. the guard working with the news crew was shot in the abdomen. and rushed to highland hospital, where he underwent surgery. during the attempted robbery. the assigned guard was struck by gunfire. currently the guard is at a local hospital in listed in stable condition. no other injuries have been reported. if you live or work in the area police are asking you to check your surveillance video to see if you captured today's shooting. police are offering a 75 $100 reward for information leading to an arrest. oakland police say they are increasing the number of officers working this holiday weekend and an effort to try to curb violent crime in the city. we the jury find the defendant travis mcmichael. guilty we, the jury find the defendant, greg mcmichael. guilty we, the jury
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find the defendant, william r. brian, guilty. a jury today found the three mid charged with killing armand are very guilty. the 25 year old man was jogging nearest georgia hall when he was fatally shot. those three men are now awaiting sentencing for the killing of our very all three face life in jail. fox news is laura blanchard has more now on how are berries family reacted to those verdicts. three men now convicted of murder, a georgia jury handing down guilty verdicts in the shooting death of a modern armory among armories family leading the glenn county courthouse wednesday their hands raised high just moments before a jury handing down guilty verdicts in the fatal shooting of their son. dozens gathered outside the courthouse. relieved over the jury's decision. you know, one side did this. that's why god put us all together to make this happen. we got a lot of more lot more battles to fight. but this
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was an important battle today in a statement, president biden also weighing in on the verdict , saying, quote we must recommit ourselves to building a future of unity and shared strength where no one fears violence because of the color of their skin. jurors deliberated for about 10 hours over two days, finding travis mcmichael guilty on all counts. including the charge of malice murder his father, greg, and neighbor, william roddy brian, were convicted of felony murder and other charges, including aggravated assault and false imprisonment. when you present the truth to people and they can see it right, they will do the right thing, and that's what this jury did today in getting justice for ahmad are very defense attorneys say they respect the jury's verdict but plan to appeal our decision to keep the case here. do not move for a change of venue will be. discussed at nauseum and it will certainly and could certainly become a part of the appeal. michaels and brian face a maximum sentence of life in prison without the possibility
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of parole in brunswick, georgia. lauren blanchard, fox news. and for more on today's guilty verdicts in the killing of ahmad are very. we spoke to legal analysts who say the jury was quick to make a decision. there was no arguing. about the facts of the case and then just reeked of bigotry. the way this went down the defense in the case said they were in fear of their lives. come on, not in this particular situation. that was ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza. he says that cell phone video that captured the incident was the most crucial piece of evidence and a big reason why the jury did not need much time to debate the case. oakland based civil rights attorney dante pointer, agrees. he says the evidence was overwhelming in this case. you need video video is objective evidence and objective evidence. as we say, as attorneys, it doesn't lose its memory. it's not corrupted
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by bias or perceptions. and so i think that video evidence was critical. at one point, prosecutors declined to charge the three men until that video came out. all three now face federal hate crime charges accused of chasing down are very because he is black. coming up authorities kid needed to make progress in recent mass retail test right after the break the arrests made in connection to an attempted break in at a high end consignment store in palo alto. plus how beria's cities are working together to keep thieves from ransacking local stores. and we are tracking that holiday forecast. tomorrow's thanksgiving and the holiday weekend around the corner back here with that. now, look, bills. cat is back. nice to see all right. it started as a pandemic friendly alternative to christmas in the park. it, too is back this year at 10 30 up close look at the popular tribe through light show in the south bay. the displays. stunning
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clearly, they've invested a lot . they have used flashing walls and flashing tunnels and the candy canes. lory. we told you ar
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this week. police say they have arrested two women in connection to a break in at the real real
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in downtown palo alto. police say 20 year old kiani marie jones from richmond and 21 year old imani kev yana barnes from valeo, where. part of a large group that tried to break into the luxury consignment store. police say it happened on sunday night when 30 to 40 people arrived in about 20 cards to the store would be thieves tried to break through the glass, but we're on able to police were able to stop one of the cars. as it left the scene and arrested those two women. police say they found $15,000 worth of stolen property from the real real location and larks berg. they now face felony commercial burglary charges. fine but the nine suspects arrested in connection with those mass retail robberies in san francisco were formally charged today all five suspects and are not guilty pleas. they were taken into custody after looting of the after the looting of the louisville aton store in union square and other retail theft that happened last friday night. at least one person is being
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held without bail due to an extensive criminal history. the charges range from looting and burglary to possession of a concealed and loaded gone. they are expected back in court on the 29th no word yet on when the remaining four suspects will be arraigned. and because all of this a coalition of district attorneys around the bay area is following to prosecute these thieves to the fullest extent of the law. ktvu is evan sernoffsky has more now on how they hope working together will help curb the criminals. it's sophisticated. it's organized and unacceptable for years. these have targeted bay area retail stores. but last weekend things took a more brazen turn. benefiting from strength and numbers. dozens of people streamed into businesses around the bay, grabbing whatever they could carry and dashing out. the new tactics have prompted prosecutors to rethink their strategy. the difference here is we want to exchange information . we want to be able to work together. san mateo county d a.
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steve wagstaffe said. one of the women charged in a recent louisville thanh heist in san francisco. has an open case in his county. he already alerted district attorney chase a boudin and more information we share, the more effective we can be at disrupting, deterring and holding accountable those who commit these crimes. boudin announced charges against nine defendants in cases like the union square takeover burglary from over the weekend. as we investigate these cases as we learn what's the mechanism for organizing these kind of flash mob burglary sprees, whether it's social media or text messages. we want to try to get ahead of the next one. thieves have hit stores in palo alto san jose, oakland, hayward, union city conquered and walnut creek to name a few. as the holiday shopping season kicks in. authorities fear the crimes will only increase. santa clara county district attorney jeff rosen held a press conference wednesday announcing several
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recent arrests in retail theft cases. their the prosecutors in my office have already begun charging these cases we will charge them to the fullest extent of the law. these days. tell me that going after the perpetrators is just one step. they also hope to pool their information and go after the fencing operations that are reselling these stolen items. in the newsroom. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. more arrests in the south bay theft that happened just last night. police say two men were arrested after stealing $2000 in merchandise from the macy's at the westfield valley fair mall in san jose. police city and county leaders were at that mall today to try to reassure retailers and shoppers that they are going after those responsible. district attorney jeff rosen says felt when he charges have been filed now against several people tiled tied to recent robberies and that more arrests are expected. and mayor sam liccardo is pushing for san jose to buy technology that can help
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police reduce crime and solve cases. i'm releasing proposal for council consideration with several colleagues. for investment and technology, including license plate readers and other surveillance technology. the san jose city council is set to vote on mayor liccardo proposal on tuesday. alrighty checking in on the weather. tomorrow's thanksgiving , we can have a cold start to the day. a frost advisory for some areas cool like it was this morning and then daytime highs tomorrow. a lot like today. a few filtered clouds come in filtering the sunshine, but it's going to be beautiful day. can't go wrong on this thanksgiving, so hiking whatever you're doing . i know everybody has their own thing they do on thanksgiving day. the thing i would think if you're doing a morning event, whether it be a run or whatever you do to hike or what have your the bay area, not just in what would acre and santa rosa it's gonna be cold in san jose and in oakland show. overnight, louis can be chilly. to be nice day,
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though this is the highest that we got today. highs tomorrow are going to end up pretty much right where these were maybe a little cooler because of the filtered sunshine, but very close. um traffic settled down is pretty nasty today on the east shore freeway coming up out of emeryville there, but it looks like things on the bay bridge are getting a little bit back to normal. it's a big travel day. everybody's going somewhere. you see, the embarcadero is lit up. for the holiday season, and we just got a beautiful day, so just take it slow. tomorrow morning. it's gonna be some frost on those windshields as you leave the house so. whenever you know if you have process morning, you got it again. tomorrow morning. whatever that takes. go out, warm the car up, scrape it off with whatever, but you'll have a you'll see frosty conditions if you've got an early start tomorrow morning. these are the forecast overnight lows, santa rosa just above freezing that's downtown. but if you go up to rincon valley are out. two guys reveal you're going to get freezing. so we're going to see temperatures right at freezing tonight. the cool spots like tahoe was in the teens this morning. they're making snow up around the lake kind of more typical. late or fall, late fall
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middle fall pattern right now that we're into, so that's good. we're gonna be cold mornings and mild afternoon. small is beautiful day. almost exactly like today just a few more clouds. i'll see you back here. we'll do the whole five day forecast and we'll go looking for rain as well. see you back here. all right. look forward to that. thank you. bill. a unique interactive sidewalk mural is now open in san francisco. it's called hop, skip and play on. omar way, and it shows the story of a dragon mural is close to the mirror loma elementary school was intended to make the walk to campus little more fun and engaging for the kids. we spoke to a neighbor who spent the past few years spearheading this piece of interactive art. one of the things that i guess gave me the most pleasure was i started working with supervisor ye three years ago and he turned out and i have a new supervisor , but she came in and gave us more money, and we were able to get the project completed even in spite of covid. how about
10:22 pm
that? the murals starts with the birth of a dragon and then takes you on a journey through water and lava. very very cool. alright coming up tonight at town hall in san francisco to address it. deadly police shooting involving a man with a knife, plus nine officers now on leave after an armed suspect dies in police custody in the north bay. the new information released today and hundreds of thousands of families at risk of losing their power on thanksgiving. a 10 45 the fire danger and southern california that could prompt plan power shutoffs on the holiday coming shutoffs on the holiday coming up. enjoy the gift of being together. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online.
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enjoy the gift of being together. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. officers in santa rosa used a stun gun on him. police say the nine officers involved are now on leave. the department also released a picture of the suspects rifle. the incident happened last week, neighbors on peach court called 911 after hearing someone firing a gun.
10:25 pm
when police arrived. they say they found 40 year old jordan's passed at that point had dropped the rifle and firing but had picked up landscape brick and rocks. police say he charged an officer when he was tased. details from the autopsy have not yet been released. police in san francisco today held a town hall meeting to address lacks last week's deadly police shooting. as ktvu crime reporter henry lee tells us, the department released body camera footage of that shooting. and it shows the man killed was holding a knife. surveillance video shows 41 year old ajmal amani, charging toward to san francisco police officers inside a residential hotel in the south of market. police say he was armed with a knife commander paul yep says officer john quinlan fired four rounds from a service weapon. officer danny de leon garcia fired his less than lethal beanbag weapon as mr monti closed the distance officer one and also to fired their respective weapons striking mr montana. mr romani
10:26 pm
fell to the ground with a knife nearby him. monty died at the hospital. police say they recovered a knife with a six inch blade. the shooting happened friday morning at the cw hotel at fifth and folsom. minutes earlier. police say a money had the knife while threatening to hotel employees. they said he was also yelling and screaming. chief bill scott says he's reserving judgment on the shooting until investigations are completed. i can't express on behalf of all of us in our department, our condolences to mr our money's family, friends and loved ones. for the loss they've suffered. amani was a former afghan interpreter for the us military . he survived being shot several times, but suffered from ptsd he worked for years. embedded with the united states, special forces and. suffered unbelievable trauma and violence . san francisco deputy public defender scott grant represented amani in 2019 when he was accused of stabbing a park ranger. that case was dismissed
10:27 pm
through a mental health diversion program is tragic death of failure of our systems of government here to support somebody who risked his life. to support this country. the shooting is under investigation by sfpd and district attorney chase a. boudin whose office will determine whether the officer's actions were legally justified. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. helping those in need ahead of the holiday up next one hundreds of people that received much needed hot meal in the south bay plus, let's popular drive through event in the south bay is bad coming up. i'll tell you what the new additions are and when it will open. and still ahead tonight, the curry brothers go head to head and chase center market behind says with the highlights later in sports also ahead tonight, the price of goods as we all know, rising best not stopping people from spending a lot of money. the new numbers that show consumer spending is actually bouncing back.
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enjoy the gift of being together. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online.
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enjoy the gift of being together. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online.
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you can test, know, and go. in san jose returns this week. it's sold out every night during last year's run, ktvu azenith smith got a preview of the illuminated display. and has our report tonight. this led to drive through his back by popular demand some families treated to a sneak peek wednesday of blinky is illuminated holiday publicized as a mile of smiles and magical and has put on by the nonprofit christmas in the park named after their mascot, blinky, we're in a new location this year, we're cunningham park in front of raging waters. so we had to create basically a new experience. the nonprofits executive director promises of vastly different show from last year when it was held at history . parkinson jose. this year's display is all custom made. there are 12 different areas. in
10:31 pm
our drive through that have over a total of over 140,000 lights. each light is capable of 14 million different colors. the show has to light tunnels, arches and snowflakes. best part . the lights are synchronized to music. you can listen to it on your car radio. the nonprofit is also bringing back its traditional free walk through experience with santa at plaza de cesar chavez in downtown san jose. so why have both? we are nonprofit. so basically the drive thru becomes a fundraiser for us to keep the downtown event three. keep it going displays stunning. clearly, they've invested a lot. they have these like flashing walls and flashing tunnels and the candy canes more works nearby, impressed with how the lights flicker with the music. the whole experience is about 15 minutes long car with your family and. you know, not necessarily be exposed to the other people that are bumping into you. her favorite part
10:32 pm
candy cane lean if she had to choose between the drive through or walk through. ah you know if you have the holiday spirit, and you want to see all the lights and enjoy the feeling, i think both you have to kind of walk around downtown and get some hot cocoa and watch the ice skaters and also dr soon here and check out the park and be with your family and friends. this drive thru event opens this friday and runs until january. 9th tickets are $30 per car and only available online. and said jose i'm azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. looks like a lot of fun preparations, meantime, are underway for the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city. today, cruz inflated those iconic balloons this year marks the 95th thanksgiving day parade. the nypd is ramping up security barricades and security checkpoints are being placed all around the parade route. officials add that there are no credible threats against the parade. groups offering a helping hand to people in need provided thanksgiving meals all
10:33 pm
over the bay area today, and one of those events took place in downtown san jose, where people experiencing homelessness tell our. rob roth what they are thankful for. a picture of hunger in downtown san jose. hundreds of people stood in line wednesday for a hot thanksgiving lunch. it's a meal they didn't take for granted. what would you do today? if it wasn't for this serious condition? probably go steal some food from the stores own because i'm homeless and i need to eat, having a in three days i used to live on the street and i used to dig out of the garbage cans for food. this woman now sleeps in a homeless shelter, she says drug addiction helped lander on the street, but that she's been sober for the past year. it's nice to somebody cares. that makes a lot opening doors, the homeless outreach nonprofit that helped organize today's lunch says there are at least 3000 unsheltered people just in the downtown san jose corridor alone. the homeless population doesn't seem to be going down in city leaders say
10:34 pm
that pandemic hasn't helped. the numbers are getting worse. i mean, the economic situation is rough for people and some people who were close to that point where they where they were at risk. have. more of them have ended up on the streets. councilman cohen says the city has purchased hotels for the homeless and affordable housing projects are in the pipeline. but they take years to build and the need for services is immediate. the thanksgiving meal also included warm clothes. those in need have food covered for today. the challenges the other 364 days out of the year. what do you thankful for? they before my life thank god that we got. people like this that are good can help out the homeless in san jose rob roth, ktvu fox two news. number of organizations or hosting food giveaways. tomorrow salvation army is holding a drive through thanksgiving meal event that will serve 4000 meals to low income seniors that starts at eight o'clock on harrison street. san francisco's glide is holding its annual meal and
10:35 pm
celebration that kicks off at 10 o'clock with the thanksgiving meal being served at 11. st vincent paul of contra costa county is giving away coats and serving thanksgiving meals to those in need. that will begin at 11 o'clock tomorrow and pittsburgh. there's also a male giveaway at mount. i'll live. a apple lepisto olic holy church of god on hamilton's avenue, and that is in menlo park. and i am going to be at st anthony's in san francisco, handing out meals, always a great great organization that does so much good there in the city, all right, the labor department says weekly jobless claims have now fallen to their lowest level in more than 50 years. 199,000 people filed jobless claims last week. that's the lowest number since november of 1969. it's also well below the pre pandemic average of 220,000 right now, two million americans, though, are collecting traditional unemployment checks. stocks were mostly higher on wall street.
10:36 pm
today, the dow take down nine points, but the nasdaq gained 70 and the s and p added 10 points . palo alto community computer maker hp saw shares rise more than 10% on strong quarterly earnings. san francisco's gap plunged 24% after saying that supply chain problems hampered its quarterly revenue. americans are spending more despite the rise in prices, the commerce department says consumer spending rebounded by 1.3% last month. that's twice as high as september. this comes as consumer prices rose 5% compared to the same time last year, but personal income is also up by half a percent after falling 1% in september new numbers out today from the commerce department shows sales of new single family homes ticked up in october, new home sales rose nearly. half a percent at 745,000 sales up from 742,000 in september. some new data shows home prices rising due to
10:37 pm
limited inventory. the medium price of a new home nationwide'y $408,000 last month. that's an increase of nearly 18% from last year. the medium price here in california much higher, nearly $815,000. all right, coming up at 11 tonight. thieves continue to target a area retailers. the apple store hit by four teenagers in broad daylight. it's gonna be a cold one again tonight. your thanksgiving day looks pretty nice. we'll have the weekend forecast with the five day coming up. thank you bill up first, though, after the break nasa's launching a spacecraft right at an asteroid . why they say it will help them keep our planet safe. more on that when we come back. financial planning is finding your home away from home.
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to california has been found dead near the town of lebec outside of bakersfield. state wildlife officials say the wolf was hit by a car truck driver reported seeing the dead wolf along the frontage road. wolf was quickly identified because of its collar wolf. had become very popular in the wildlife community after it left its pack and traveled south crossing interstates and highways two parts of california that hadn't seen a wolf. in decades. alright nasa has kicked off in historic mission to crash a spacecraft into an asteroid that they have as fox news is, phil keating tells us scientists are working to figure out. if it would be possible to knock a space rock off its course if it was headed right towards earth. that's off . and with this flawless nighttime launch from california's vandenberg air force base, nasa's first of its
10:41 pm
kind asteroid smasher is now on its way. ultimately, this mission could help save our planet. and all of humanity from annihilation. it's called the dart, which stands for double asteroid redirection test. it's part of nasa's planetary defense strategy t that first test of planetary defense. it's an intentional crash of a spacecraft into a iraq and of course what we're trying to learn. ah how to deflect a threat. target asteroid is technically and asteroid moonlit called amorphous, which orbits the asteroid did a most, which is greek for twin. nasa says the dark mission will help us better prepare for an asteroid that one day could pose a mass extinction threat to earth like the one that caused the dinosaurs demise. is humanity's first ever mission to try and deflect an asteroid. to help us prepare for
10:42 pm
a potential danger in the future , very view of the billions of asteroids and comets orbiting our sun are potentially hazardous to earth. and scientists say there won't be a threat for us for at least the next century. this is that burning meteor, a baby chunk of an asteroid, which screamed into russia eight years ago, damaging more than 7000 buildings. and asteroid the size of just a few 100 ft across could cause massive regional devastation on earth, and if it was a direct hit over a city like miami, d c or new york. it could wipe everything out. this spacecraft is set to impact the asteroid in september. 10 months from now. planned power outages on thanksgiving day. the wildfire threat in southern california that could leave hundreds of thousands of people without power. had another beautiful bay area sunset. this thanksgiving.
10:43 pm
eat take a look. boy this was the view tonight from our roof cam here in oakland. chief meteorologist bill martin is back after the break with your holiday for.
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
there's this feeling we chase... like someone upped the brightness on the entire world. like your body is super-charged, but your mind is super calm. it feels like 20/20 vision for your whole being. and we'll chase this feeling, until we can feel it... one. more. time. feel the hydrow high. robbery at a nordstrom
10:46 pm
authorities say it happened around seven o'clock tonight. the westfield to panga and the village in canoga park. around five suspects ran into the store and took merchandise, police say during the robbery, one of the suspects sprayed two security guards. with an unknown substance, possibly pepper spray . no arrests have been made more than 200,000 customers in southern california could lose power tonight and tomorrow in an effort to prevent wildfires. officials are worried that the strong santa ana winds could spark a wildfire as cristina gonzalez tells us the shut offs would disrupt, of course, thanksgiving for a lot of families. it's already blowing in many areas off the l. a county foothills, where the county office of emergency management has issued warnings for possible power outages. when it gets very windy, you just hear the house moving. windmills are moving and act and one of the areas already mapped out by southern california edison for possible power shut off by the
10:47 pm
utility to prevent windblown live wires from starting fires. it's not just inconvenient is dangerous. casey volmer explains that preemptive power outages affect more than the oven where e furnaces gas the thermostat is electricity, so without thermostat. heater doesn't work. so you know, we have an 88 year old my mother in law's 88 year old lives here with us grandma and a brand new litter of jack russell pumps to keep warm. he feels ready with a generator and solar panels. keep in mind the water tank, which provides for all the animals runs on electricity. and he has back to the thanksgiving dinner . the kitchen burners can be turned on with a match, but the oven itself has to run an electrical power kind of sub standard way of living. the winds that we're expecting right now are pretty typical. and even if they don't shut it off, just the threat of it. ah it produces anxiety and stress. and um,
10:48 pm
because you just don't know cristina gonzalez fox news. bay area air quality management district is asking people to avoid burning wood tomorrow on the holiday quality, officials say air quality is not bad enough to issue a spare thend ty still want people to avoid burning wood, so pollution doesn't rise. to unhealthy levels, they say would smoke from fireplaces and stoves is the main source of air pollution in the winter months. okay beautiful shot of san francisco market street. right in here. you see the bay bridge going southbound this way and then, obviously salesforce, that's the top of the salesforce there. beautiful and then the embarcadero is lit up over here for the holidays, and it is the holidays. tomorrow's thanksgiving. the weather is going to be pretty darn nice. we're missing out on the rain that's moving to the north of us up in the pacific, northwestern , north of even seattle and portland up into british columbia. so we're getting this
10:49 pm
big high pressure, which is giving us the frost advisory tomorrow morning in the north and east bay valleys just like this morning. we had actually quite a bit of frost in the inland valleys. it'll be the same story again tomorrow morning. this high pressure is holding the phone in the district for a while, and it's going to give us another cold night tonight. next couple nights will be cold and it's going to send everything and i mean everything. into british columbia in southern alaska. and that's gonna be a problem for them because it's everything. i mean, there's a couple of atmospheric rivers teed up on the hills of what of another atmospheric river that was there a few weeks ago that caused historic flooding concerns. this these next two systems as they go up and over by the time we get to the weekend are going to be of concern to those areas in british columbia. so in southern california, we just talked about the santa ana wind conditions. we call offshore flows diablo winds. santana's is a regional name. so ours are diablo winds are offshore flows, but we refer to it as same idea. same deal drawing sinking winds. strong,
10:50 pm
gusty winds, power outages due to pg and e and also just due to power outage is blowing trees down and things like that, so they're going to get their red flag warning through friday. here's all this activity and look at the trajectory. it's almost looks like something you'd see in this not in the summer, but in the late spring when all the energy is up here and set it down here, you expect the jet stream to be further south this time of year in which you don't expect and farther northern british columbia, you don't expect some tropical moisture. entering your domain, and that's what's happening. it's cool outside. right now. that's what's happening for us. it's 40 and napa, 40 and fairfield temperatures tomorrow are going to be just like today. there's a few clouds in the forecast. don't want that scary, though. it's going to be just a few widely scattered clouds, called partly to mostly sunny temperatures are generally in the sixties tomorrow, and this is the forecast model tomorrow morning tomorrow afternoon. friday morning are part of me. that's tomorrow afternoon, and you see the clouds and now friday morning and then friday afternoon. and then we'll get into saturday and you see
10:51 pm
everything stays to the north and all the energies up here, so we got very lucky. we got a lot of rain because i'm telling you we'd be bombing if we didn't have the showers of the heavy rain. accumulations that we got with that record setting historic storm that we had, plus the other two that came right along with it, so just fortunate , and it's certainly put this kabash on our fire danger as well. which is good news as well with the winds that we had last night. there's the five day forecast. i'll see you back here. okay. thank you so much. bill alright. maybe you're looking for a way to help the generosity flow this thanksgiving. well please consider donating to our one warm coat drive. you have a gently worn coat or a jacket that you would like to donate to bay area families. just take it to any participating ups store or big o tires. we also have collection barrels here in oakland's jack london square, santana row and san jose and at the westfield shopping mall in san francisco are drive continues all the way through sunday, december 5th. go to ktvu .com slash one warm coat for more information. coming up the
10:52 pm
dubs hosting the sixers. it chase playing in primetime nationwide and really put up a fight. mark campana says. all your highlights coming up next in sports and then coming up on the 11 o'clock news. police say they are one of 90 people who stormed the nordstrom and walnut creek last night. the charges that three suspects are now facing coming up at 11. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
10:53 pm
♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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on my travels across the country i came across this house with water dripping from the ceiling. you never know when something like this will happen. so let the geico insurance agency help you with homeowners insurance and protect yourself from things like fire, theft, or in this case, water damage. now if i had to guess i'd say somewhere upstairs there's a broken pipe. geico. save even more when you bundle home and car insurance at is with you tonight. there's so many things you can say about the golden state warriors, but really at the top of the list. they are just so watchable even if you're just a casual basketball fan. tune it in. you can't take your eyes off of and tonight we see the brothers curry since they were kids in the driveway. they've been doing
10:55 pm
this now under the bright lights . what stuff? just kinda dispense with his younger brother buried the three they're all smiles and just getting started. really a shaky start for the warriors, steph and the sixers up by as many as 19 seth with the soft touch he had 24. but then it all falls apart for them just before half the momentum changes look at jordan's pull. just put the lights out from half cord. and there you go. deficit now nine heading into the third quarter second, half all warriors step on his way to 25 points. just kicking it new wrinkle on the ship me right there. and down by 19 to win by 21 toscano huge contribution one of curries, 10 assists right here. he just takes it and slam dunks. he had 13 points, six rebounds, six assists. did toscano and pull with the myths right here after some great passing up on the offensive board, look at him.
10:56 pm
toscano slam dunk it and they just pull away and bury the sixes. 1 16 to 96 warriors best record of the nba, the brothers seem to be taking it. oh very well. warriors 16 and two. they are not quite in that stratosphere. but the sharks playing some better hockey of late they have to pick on the lower echelon teams and that they did ottawa in. tonight to the tank and the sharks. little bit of a slow start on bring your dug to the game night. i think first period sharks matt nieto fires away. got it. look at it again. top shelf right there, beauty over the goalie shoulder, his first of the year. one. nothing. come the second period down 32 to ottawa tiktok toe. tino meyer, logan couture, nick bonino, scoring his first goal of the year of the power play situation. sharks just getting started as they put the
10:57 pm
hammer down late 33 in the third team. oh, meyer head a point blank fires away. he's got his seventh of the year, he added two assists to empty netters to close it out. 63 final the sharks now 10. eight and one. a couple of weeks ago, we were talking about the 40 niners. it was all bleak. the sky was falling. they were just going to finish out the rest of the season and maybe give the young quarterback trey lance and playing time. no they've done 1 80 after two very impressive winds and jimmy garoppolo playing his best football. since the super bowl season of 2019 back at work today in santa clara, and the niners are five and five. demo samuel look at great debo into the end zone. what a weapon he has turned out to be, but they're going to need all of that. because as it happens, the team will play sunday. going at it their best football of the year. the minnesota vikings, like the 49ers are five and five. both
10:58 pm
teams right on the cusp of really true playoff contention. and the quarterback jimmy g. very well aware of where they're at coming, cousin. i think guys have had that awareness the last couple weeks honestly. you know , our backs are coming up against the wall, and we've responded pretty well, these last couple weeks, so i think guys have that in their mind already. you know, we just gotta keep writing this momentum we've got right now. it's going to be an electric atmosphere. you know, they're good team. they're hot right now. so we know we're in for all right. we got some college hoops to talk about the maui invitational. some reason they call it that, but it's played in las vegas this year. it's all covid related. you know that second half to gales in the championship game of the tournament up against wisconsin , and it is logan johnson, with the nurse driving the gales. up by seven and adding to it, tommy cuzzi showing you the left hand move to the bucket. the girls led by as many as 10, wisconsin badgers come back johnny davis
10:59 pm
outer limits three. here they take the lead for good badgers win the game. 61 55. saint mary's first loss of the year. there's six and one cal loses to seton hall at the fort myers tip off tournament and tight one there, and the warriors are the story of this night and basketball as they are victorious. that. is the sporting life right now, guys, get it back to you. okay, thanks so much mark coming up next here at 11. the prosecutors in my office have already begun charging these cases we will charge them to the fullest extent of the law. area leaders vowed to take action against steve's ahead of the busy holiday shopping season. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. well, bay area prosecutors say they are now working together to try to catch these responsible for recent brazen smash and grabs all
11:00 pm
around the bay area. hi again, everyone. i'm frank malika and i'm heather holmes, but frank and julia roth tonight. despite that show of solidarity, the local stores are still being targeted. nearly a week after the first incidents of those organized retail robberies new at 11 tonight, santa rosa police announcing that they are looking for four men. who they say stole more than $20,000 worth of merchandise from an apple store . it happened just before noon today at the store in the santa rosa plaza. police say it happened in front of customers as well as staff. witnesses described the suspect as between the ages of 14 and 18 and wearing mostly black clothing with masks covering their faces . if you have any information you were asked to give santa rosa police a call. three people were charged with multiple felonies today yet another smash and grab robbery. what a creek over the weekend as many as 90 people storming the nordstrom store saturday night just before it closed merchandise value between 102


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