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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  November 24, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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battles to fight, but this was an important battle today. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the four and welcome everyone to the four. i'm alex savage and i'm quoting wang infer heather holmes closely followed murder case came to an end today with the jury in georgia, convicting three white men in the shooting death. of ahmad armory last year for more on the verdict. let's go now to fox's lauren blanchard, who is live for us in brunswick, georgia, lauren. hi claudine. yet tonight it is very quiet outside the glynn county courthouse. but just hours ago, dozens of people were here celebrating the verdict. the jury handed down in the shooting death case of ahmad are very. the spirit of ahmad defeated the lynch mob. three white men charged in the killing of 25 year old ahmad are very have been sealed by a jury. we the jury find the defendant, travis mcmichael, guilty. travis
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mcmichael found guilty of all charges, including malice, murder, felony murder, aggravated assault and false imprisonment. his father guilty on all charges except one count of malice. murder the jury finding william roddy brian guilty of felony murder, aggravated assault and false imprisonment. defense attorneys say they will appeal. armories father emotional after the first guilty verdict was read, having to be removed from the courtroom . all three defendants were stoic outside the courthouse, dozens of supporters of the armory family cheered. let us know that all whites are not racist, and all blacks are not worthless. come on. we. together did this we all together black white activists. wednesday's verdict, ending a two week long trial that saw more than 20 witnesses. take the stand armories mother relieved by the jury's decision. i just want to say thank you guys. thank you.
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thank you, agent everyone of use. i thought this fight with us. it's been a long fight. it's been a hard fight. the mcx, michaels and brian are also facing federal hate crime charges. they have pled not guilty. that case expected to be in federal courts early next year, claudine. all right. lauren blanchard reporting live for us. thanks so much for that , and for more on today's guilty verdicts. we are joined now by ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza. michael appreciate you taking the time today. obviously this this killing was captured on cell phone video. i'm curious to get your take. what do you think was the key evidence and the facts in this case that convince jurors to bring back these guilty verdicts? well certainly the video spoke loudly about what happened. there was no arguing about the facts of the case, and it just reeked of bigotry. the way this went down
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the defense in the case said they were in fear of their lives. come on. not in this particular situation, and they said they had to shoot him aubrey because he wouldn't stay for the police, so they decided to execute him. this was a fast verdict. there were 27. counts that the jury had to go through . they came back in less than a day with by all accounts by all facts by the evidence put in was a correct and fair verdict. help us understand how these verdicts broke down because for each of these men, the trigger man, travis mcmichael, convicted on all nine counts that he faced while the other two men were convicted on most of the charges , but not on that charge of malice. murder. can you explain why that was. certainly he the son was the for lack of a better term. the trigger guy. he was the one that shot our break, so the jury found him. to be guilty
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of first degree murder, the one and wilful not willful disregard but kill him with malice of forethought because he was the one that shot. the neighbor and the father did not shoot. that's why the jury found them not guilty on the first degree murder and then went down with guilty on nine or eight of the nine for the dad and six of the nine for the neighbor. so it's a perfectly logical verdict. and as i say, a very fast verdict, and now all three of them. despite the fact that the neighbor was found guilty and only six he, too, was facing life imprisonment so all three could go to prison for life. yes that decision obviously will be up to a judge here when we move on towards sentencing here, prosecutors in this trial michael didn't didn't make the argument that the killing was motivated. by racism, but obviously you had the issue of race that was just swirling
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around this trial here. we do know, though, that these men are being charged by federal authorities with federal hate crimes in that case is going to get underway early next year. how do you see that case playing out? and how is it going to look different than the criminal trial that we just watched unfold? well first of all, you know, i looked at the federal government and i say after these verdicts and the fact that these three men are facing life in prison, and you all in the federal courts can wait till after sentencing. why would they bring this? they're going to have a difficult time with hate portion of it. um as we know the facts and aubrey was jogging stopped into a house that was under construction, and they decided on a certain level that be vigilantes and to stop him and then when he wouldn't wait. they shot him so he'd crimes are really difficult to prove. unless there's some language that really exemplifies. or you
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can put in front of the jury, so they know beyond a reasonable doubt that it is in fact, a hate crime, but i jumped back to why are you going to try this if all three of them are sentenced to life? but federal government has to make up their mind about it. i assume they might say, well, what if it gets reversed on appeal? we want to be sure that they go to prison, but they will have a much tougher time. with that hate crime. unless there's something we don't know video or someone, same, uh, epitaph towards him that indicate we are killing you because you are black. it's tough to prove. michael before i let you go. i think it's important to step back on the day when we get these verdicts and remember that initially, the prosecutors who looked at this case in georgia declined to prosecute these three men until this cell phone video emerged showing the killing. of course, it was brought forth by the defendants themselves here. can you talk about just how important it is to have this kind of video
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evidence come to light in a case like this. well i think this speaks volumes for why we need videos like this. and i believe , isn't that prosecutor being prosecuted now? i mean, actually charged with a crime for not fulfilling her duties as a district attorney. so videos. as i say, are the best evidence. i mean, nobody can argue with them . so the fact that that d a didn't do it again speaks volumes towards bigotry. and then you had only one black person on this jury. the defense got rid of a lot of blacks on the jury and california. it's very difficult because of a case called wheeler. if you excuse someone, and the courts thinks you're excusing them. because of raising you, the one that's excusing them have to explain why and have a very good reason for doing that or their sanctions or that type of. there's qualifying jurors with peremptory challenges, and then i listened to the defense. i couldn't believe what someone in
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particular defense attorney said about the looks of our berries. thief it was unbelievable. and then just again jumped out. it was a bigoted remark. it was unbelievable, and i'm sure it upset the jury and push them quicker to a verdict. yeah and as you said it very quick verdict reached in this case. i appreciate you taking the time to come on today to break all of it down. ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza. happy thanksgiving to you and yours appreciate your time. president biden today issued a statement on the verdicts in georgia and it read in part while the guilty verdicts reflect our justice system doing its job that alone is not enough. instead, we must recommit ourselves to building a future of unity and shared strength, where no one fears violence because of the color of their skin. and we have more on today's verdicts up at our website. that's ktvu .com. a security guard working with a local news crew was shot in downtown oakland today, the television crew was working on webster and 14th when a car
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pulled up and there was an altercation. the guard working with the news crew was shot in the abdomen and rushed to highland hospital, where he underwent surgery. his condition is not known. at this time. the news crew was in downtown oakland, working on a story about recent deficit retail stores. we are expecting an update from oakland police and we'll hopefully have more information coming up tonight at five. south bay officials say new steps are being taken now to try to stop organized thieves hitting local retailers. the latest crime was a robbery that happened last night at the macy's at the westfield valley fair mall in san jose. two men were arrested after more than $2000 worth of merchandise was stolen. police city and county leaders were all at the westfield mall today, district attorney jeff rosen says felony charges have been filed against several people tied to recent robberies and more arrests are expected. also mayor sam liccardo is proposing the city by technology that will help police make arrests and deter organized crime rings. i'm
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releasing proposal for council consideration with several colleagues. for investment and technology, including license plate readers and other surveillance technology. the san jose police department many of the top brass are behind me has already made arrests in these retail robberies. these organized crime robberies and there are more arrests that are coming. the prosecutors in my office have already begun charging these cases we will charge them to the fullest extent of the law. the san jose city council is set to vote on mayor liccardo is proposal coming up on tuesday. this afternoon, four people entered not guilty pleas related to a string of retail smash and grab robberies that happened in san francisco. two of them are being held without bail because of extensive criminal histories. police say nine people were taken into custody after the louisville aton store was hit and there were other retail thefts last friday night. police say 20 to 40 people broke into
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the story. union square. other stores were hit as well, including a walgreens and a cannabis dispensary. those charges range from looting and burglary, possession of a concealed and loaded gun. more suspects are expected in court at this hour and we'll have an update on their cases coming up for you tonight at five o'clock. well, the holiday rush is on. i got here a couple hours early in anticipation of a very busy trafficking day. yes the skies and roads are already busy coming up and look at what travelers are saying about the best way to manage those crowds . and today's the day for many charity ease to feed those in need, getting them a warm meal. coming up one event in san jose today that was about more than just food. had a barrier, whether another round of sunshine today but get ready for the round of chilly temperatures overnight. in fact, some areas under a frost advisory we'll talk more about that advisory and your thanksgiving forecast. coming.
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travel russia is underway. you're taking a live look right now at interstate 80. that's the east shore freeway, and you can see that folks who were trying to go east founder. little bit slow. that's just the way it's going to be. we are in the rush . i've seen this traffic since about one o'clock this afternoon . the westbound direction is not as bad but it's gonna take some more time. let's take a look at the south bay. it actually looks better there. so if you need to get on highway 101 in san jose. you're looking pretty good right now. but expect over the next several hours and the next few days, the roads will be busy. they are expected to very busy across the bay area until about nine o'clock tonight. millions are also taken to the skies so much so that air travel is nearing pre pandemic levels this week. ktvu zach sauce has a look at how the bay area is dealing with that rush. were you worried ? terrified no, lister terrified
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. he'd face long lines at sfo this morning, so he arrived extra early at the airport at five a.m. first thanksgiving holiday flight to new york. fantastic right now, man. it's great. it's awesome. there's nobody here. i got here a couple hours early in anticipation of a very busy trafficking day, but it's san francisco is nice and quiet on wednesday morning before thanksgiving, but the lines starting to gradually grow soon after the dsa, estimating that when the holiday week is over, they'll have screens some 20 million travelers nationwide in the bay area. air traveler accounts nearing pre pandemic levels. san jose international, expecting 400,000 passengers to pass through the airport over the holiday week. that's compared to just 125,001 year ago at oakland airport, 170,000 expected to fly for thanksgiving nearly twice as many as one year ago. well, i got an email to come in early, so i was expecting a lot of people. and it seems like there's a lot of people for the early morning, so i wonder what is going to be like later on colby freeman,
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taking this slightly longer lines in stride after being forced to skip thanksgiving with the family last year, his plans just hanging out with family haven't seen in a while, you know, because of covid like it's kind of hard to just travel, you know, i just want to be a little more classes. traffic also expected to be heavy on the roadways. triple a estimating some 6.1 million californians will drive to their thanksgiving destination, too shy of 19 2006.2 million. and figure. this thanksgiving eve, triple a says those who are hoping to skip the traffic should wait until after nine pm from the roads to the air where it s fo the airport is seeing up to 50,000 travelers a day right now, they added traffic almost welcome taste of normalcy again. this is probably the first holiday and sometime where it really looks and feels like holiday travel once again. and we're really seeing it reflected in the volumes. the last five days here have been the busiest day since march of 2020 since the pandemic began, and because of that uptick and travelers, airport officials are urging people to get here early
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. if you're flying out two hours for domestic. three hours for international in san francisco's exhaust ktvu, fox two news. the chp will be paying close attention to drivers this thanksgiving holiday officers across the state will kick off a maximum enforcement period in less than two hours from now at six o'clock tonight. they'll be on patrol looking for unsafe driving, including seatbelt violations, speeding, distracted driving and signs that someone is driving under the influence. we do see an uptick in dy during the holidays. and that's part of the reason why we put so many officers out on the road so that we can stop those people who are making a mistake by getting behind the wheel before they cause injury to themselves or to others. officers say anyone who will be drinking this holiday weekend should arrange for a safe ride home. the maximum enforcement period runs through the weekend and ends at midnight on sunday. well many organizations that help those experiencing hard financial times handed out thanksgiving
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meals today. one of those events took place in downtown san jose, where many homeless people told ktvu rob roth. what they are thankful for. a picture of hunger in downtown san jose. hundreds of people stood in line wednesday for a hot thanksgiving lunch. it's a meal they didn't take for granted. what would you do today? if it wasn't for this a serious probably go steal some food from the stores own because i'm homeless and i need to eat. haven't a in three days i used to live on the street and i used to dig out of the garbage cans for food. this woman now sleeps in a homeless shelter, she says drug addiction helped lander on the street, but that she's been sober for the past year. it's nice to somebody cares. that makes a lot opening doors, the homeless outreach nonprofit that helped organize today's lunch says there are at least 3000 unsheltered people just in the downtown san jose corridor alone . the homeless population doesn't seem to be going down in city leaders say that pandemic hasn't helped. the numbers are getting worse. i mean, the economic situation is rough for
4:19 pm
people and some people who were close to that point where they where they were at risk. have. more of them have ended up on the streets. councilman cohen says the city is purchased hotels for the homeless and affordable housing projects are in the pipeline, but they take years to build and the need for services is immediate. the thanksgiving meal also included warm clothes. those in need have food covered for today. the challenges the other 364 days out of the year. what do you thankful for? they before my life thank god that we got people like this that are dudes. and help out the homeless in san jose rob ross ktvu fox two newss like we have another round of clear skies for tonight and heading into thanksgiving. we're now have lots of sunshine, but the one thing will be pretty cold temperatures overnight. we've had some pretty cold numbers once again this morning , thirties and forties. and that'll be the case first thing tomorrow morning for your thursday as we head into with thanksgiving. so let's jump
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right into the forecast for you right now is you can't see we are expecting this. taking a look at the plan for tomorrow. after that cold start. we are expecting lots of sunshine and his mild this afternoon basically the same story for tomorrow as well. chilly start but mostly sunny skies for tomorrow afternoon satellite showing you this, and you can see the main storm trackers focused up here up to our north right around portland's seattle so no no sign of rainfall for us just yet. we'll check in on some of the current numbers for the a four o'clock hour and right now we still have some sixties to report a few spots have cooled off into the upper fifties. you can see nevado 59 santa rosa 64 while the creeks 63 degrees. here's our live camera looking above san francisco this afternoon in the clear just a few high clouds approaching the bay area this afternoon and we could have a few high clouds throughout the day tomorrow. but once again for the second day in a row, a frost advisory for the north bay valleys and the east bay valleys overnight temperatures will be around 32 to 37 degrees, so definitely a
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chill in the air once again first thing tomorrow morning, and that will be their re occurring theme each and every day with us and pretty cold numbers even right on through the weekend. take a look at the number of santa rosa 33 degrees oakland mid forties san jose 39. and more gunhild 38 degrees, mostly clear and cold for your thursday you can see into the afternoon hours. maybe if you high clouds increasing throughout the day, but the temperature is on track to reach the sixties around 62 to 68 degrees, so we're looking pretty good for tomorrow and even into the weekend, it looks like the weather will not impact holiday travel at all, at least locally . but what about rain chances? i know he definitely need the rainfall it you know if you have any rain chance in the five day forecast and beyond. with your full forecast coming up in a few minutes. okay. look forward to that, mark. thank you. all right . you checked your list. you've got the turkey gravy, potatoes and pie. but the experts say there are other important things you need for thanksgiving. how to stay safe on one of the most accident prone days of the year.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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. but safety experts say a fire extinguisher should also be on hand. this holiday season. kevin core cast more on the common mistakes, putting people in danger this turkey day and how you can keep your family safe. this is a hazardous holiday for cooking related incidents. thanksgiving should be about expressing gratitude and celebrating family not getting injured or setting your house on fire. a turkey day has garnered a pretty bad reputation throughout the years as one of the most accident prone holidays . thanksgiving is the leading day for home fires involving cooking equipment with. four times the average number occurring using data collected from 2017 to 2019 fema says roughly 2300 house fires were reported on each thanksgiving, resulting in an average of five deaths. 25 injuries and a
4:25 pm
whopping $26 million in property damage, and this year it's expected to be even more destructive than the last people traveling more this year and going to get back together and big groups. which involves a lot of cooking, experts say one of the most common mistakes leading to burns is leaving food unattended while you're cooking another foul move, people make. is what it comes to deep frying their birds, officials say it's crucial to completely thought and dry your turkeys before placing them in hot oil while not over filling your pots with greece. remember that the oil and water they just don't mix and with more people expected to gather this thanksgiving, health officials have some tips for you, they say. number one. make sure to keep your kitchen's clear of crowds and don't leave flammable items near your stove . and most important, perhaps, of all, keep those kids at least three ft. away from the oven. i'm kevin corke fox news. well,
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we've seen the videos, large groups of thieves stealing from stores across the bay area up next we'll hear from the president of the california retail association about what's being done to protect businesses, workers and customers. and start up where you can actually afford to start up. you may have noticed these billboards around the bay area promoting the state of ohio here from the people behind that ad campaign. up next. of retail they
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area and investigations continue , but this trend is having a big impact on the retail industry as it struggles with employees safety and retention, as well as the impact that rising left has on the ability of retailers to keep stores open. rachel michelin is the president of the california retailers association and joins us live to talk more about this disturbing trend. and really, it is so upsetting. i people have been talking about it for days on our recent thefts and saying. do i go to the store ? what do we do? and why is this happening? you know? well, first of all, thanks for having me and you know you're absolutely right . i you know i've been working in this industry and on this issue for a long time and what we saw the last couple of days. it's undescribable, but unfortunately. it's something that we've been tracking for awhile. organized retail crime has been on the rise. we've been sounding the alarm to the governor's office to local elected officials to the chp. we welcome their involvement and participation in this but our
4:30 pm
first priority as we taylor's, is it to ensure the safety of our employees and our customers , and i will guarantee that over the next few weeks of this holiday season, we're going to take that very seriously. you know, you talk about this happening and everyone wants to know. why is this happening? you know, i'm reading that online shopping being blamed for this trend, because that's where people go they go to these online marketplaces. to resell that stolen merchandise for profit. is that what you're thinking is when retailers are saying, you know, why has this been rising and becoming such a big problem? that's why it's absolutely the online marketplaces, and we've been working with the largest legislature and on some things to kind of curb that and working with some of the online marketplaces to make sure that doesn't happen. but you know, flea markets. you see it being sold outside of back room doors . this has been going on. i've seen things where you have a legitimate story on the front and a huge room in the back full of stolen goods. and this is something that we know is a problem. but i do think that the
4:31 pm
online marketplace has added to the people being able to sell this and then be able to fence it. yeah it is overwhelming to see what's happened in the bay area, but we should point out as well. it's not just happening here. you know we could go. we saw louis vitton store in illinois, hit by more than a dozen suspects is certainly people are seeing this in one place and maybe copying it in another. we learning anything from what's happening and how other places are responding. to the problems there. the one thing to remember is these are organized crime rings, right and they don't stop it a state line . they don't stop at a county line. they and many times our international so law enforcement works across state lines of we. that's why the organized retail crime task forces are so important. a lot of times. what we see is product stolen in california will be shipped to other parts of the state or because california is approximately the coast. it'll be shipped to international markets. so. we're working with our colleagues across the
4:32 pm
country on this issue. we're trying to work with congress on legislation. there's legislation pending to help on the online marketplaces. you know, we're trying to get all hands on deck to make sure that we can protect not only the retail stores but our again our employees and our customers because that's really what retail is all about. let's talk about that because i was watching the ceo best by talking about the employees for that chain and how traumatic this is. i mean, let's be honest. you know? they don't get paid enormous amount of money to put up with the risk and the fear of going to work every day and having dozens of people storm the workplace, and this is at a time when it is hard to find people to hire. i mean, the rush is on to get as many people hired for the holiday season and not a lot of people want to go back to work. this has got to be making that even more complicated. absolutely is, you know and look, you know. people going to retail because they like customer service. they like working with the public, and you're absolutely right. and i
4:33 pm
think retailers have invested millions of dollars in safety measures to protect their employees. you know, that's why we need district attorneys and we did law enforcement to also step up. i think this is not just can be placed on retailers . there's a lot of players in this that need to be part of the solution. but yes, we were facing a labor shortage when we went through covid and remember retail. it was the retail industry that led. the nation when it came to mandating masks before anyone else did before. even governments did. and so we dealt with that, even with the mask mandates that we put on our employees, our customers. so we want to make sure that our employees are protected, and that's why you continue to see retailers investing whatever they need to make sure their employees are protected when they come to work, and now you do a lot of work. you know, you talked about in sacramento and at the capitol and working with colleagues across the country. do you feel like you're being heard? i mean, we are seeing, you know, retail chains.
4:34 pm
walgreen just closed five stores in san francisco because, you know, blaming this problem. are you getting enough? collaboration uh, we're getting there, you know, and unfortunately what i find that the drives it is media coverage , particularly when these stories go national. then we suddenly get the attention of elected officials. we suddenly get the attention of district attorneys. it shouldn't take clothes. you know, stores closing. it shouldn't take closed stores closing early, and it's certainly should i take what we've seen the last couple of days when it comes to these mob attacks on retail stores. to get the attention of elected officials in order to get the funding and the collaboration, but i will tell you this, the retail industry and myself included. we are ready, willing and able to do whatever we can to protect the retail industry, large and small in california, because why we while we have seen this impact. large national chains that fear is that it will eventually seep down to our local and small retailers. and
4:35 pm
we don't want that to happen either. so we're going to do everything we can to continue to work with anyone and everyone who's willing to work with us find solutions to this problem. clearly something needs to be done. alright. rachel mitchell in we'll have to leave it there. thank you. so much for your insight, president of the california retailers association. thanks for having me. well, billboards like this one have been popping up all over the bay area recently. it's part of an effort to lure local business leaders to ohio. you can see this ad. it says startup where you can actually afford to start up. now ohio's economic development group has a pretty simple pitch to those business leaders. they say. there's no corporate income tax in ohio compared to more than 8% here in california. and the cost of living in ohio is about 50% lower than it is here in california. i talked recently with the marketing director of the group jobs ohio about this campaign. ohio has once in a lifetime opportunity as we emerge from the pandemic, and we
4:36 pm
see what's happening with a number of businesses primarily on the coast. um the leadership of governor dewine has been well received through the way the pandemic was navigated here in ohio, and he's received both national and global coverage. so we want to make sure that that that message and that value proposition of ohio, uh, continues to be paramount as we as we go forward. this is a national campaign that talks about the value proposition of ohio being more affordable, reasonable choice. especially over the coast, and that's part of why you're seeing it there in and the west coast. and what is it specifically about ohio that you believe makes it more business friendly. well we have an amazing business climate, a low cost of living a workforce that is second to none in terms of their hard work, dedication and focus, and there's amount a tremendous amount of innovation that's happening here in ohio if you think back to the early days of the wright brothers, uh, ohio
4:37 pm
is just known for being an innovative state. and we want to make sure that that continues to be top of mind for people. we continue to have a tremendous amount of innovation that's happening here. we've got an amazing growth and venture capital and investment funding here. and we want to make sure that allies are starting to tune into ohio and no corporate income taxes that right in ohio . that's true. we do not read that correctly. that's correct. we do not have a corporate income tax. i will say we do have a cat tax that applies to certain certain goods and services. but there's absolutely no corporate income tax having low taxes. that's one thing here. but, um. i'm from california. it's a pretty amazing place. so how do you convince somebody to leave a state? that is? is this incredible? and this beautiful? um how do you convince them about the quality of life in ohio, providing something similar. sure well, i want to
4:38 pm
make sure you know that. i love california as well. i think it's a beautiful place and we love to visit so the door is always open , but through our interactions with people that have chosen to leave the coast, and they look at that again, the quality of life. the ability to have the house with the white picket fence and raise a family. um you know, we were just really proud of that quality of life. and what what ohio has to offer. um and so i'll say i probably can't compete with the weather there and sunny california, but we've got a lot of great things going for us here in ohio. and those ads are popping up in big cities all across the country and the campaign trying to sell ohio to business owners and other large cities began at the beginning of this year in the marketing director i spoke with said there aren't any clear success stories so far with businesses that have made that move. but she does say this campaign. is starting a conversation and a lot of people are paying attention to ohio. well doctors teaming up with robots in a fight for people's
4:39 pm
lives. coming up a look at the special robotic system they area doctors are using to find hard to find and diagnosed cancers. and the weather looks like clear skies as we head into your thanksgiving and some pretty cold temperatures starting out your thursday morning in the thirties and forties, but lots of sunshine in the afternoon. we'll have more than forecast coming up. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier
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♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ country and when it comes to saving lives, doctors say finding cancer early is critical. now. new cutting edge technology is helping in that fight, and a bay area hospital was the first to bring it to patients on the west coast. i got an inside look at how it works, and why doctors say it's only one part of the solution. just playing a playstation game. i'm just driving my car from here to the yellow ball in this , so are the fight against lung cancer is waged by both humans
4:42 pm
and cutting edge robotic technology. john muir has the advantage of being one of the first centers in the pacific northwest to adopt this technology. dr wilson sai is director of the thoracic program at john muir medical center. and he's talking about the monarch system, a robot that is designed to find cancer in hard to reach areas of the lung. i'm really controlling bronchoscopes, not by holding the bronchoscopes in my hand is what conventional we used to do. but it looks like the video. it is a video game. it is the latest in a fight against a cancer that has taken far too many lives. currently lung cancer is the number one killer. all the cancers combined every year is about 240,000 new patients diagnosed with lung cancer and how this 240,000 patients about 135,000 patients would eventually succumb and die to their cancer, so that's a very high mortality rate. when it comes to cancer. catching it early is critical, but dr sy says the robot alone won't win
4:43 pm
the fight. it doesn't make sense that gets something like this into hospital, they don't have a lung cancer screening program. because one is going to support the other, so john muir has two critical screening programs, and this is for the high risk population of patients with a history of smoking, who otherwise would not be allowed to get a ct scan because they don't have any symptoms. they're just high risk. and we've seen over 1500 patients, and some of those patients have gotten 2 to 6 scans each. the second one is called a pulmonary nodule program, and this also contributes to diagnosis of lung cancer early and we've done over 6000 cases since 2000 and eight and this is anything suspicious that is seen is worked up. usually biopsies are done with the needle. but that gets harder when cancers are smaller, the biggest problem with as a fact that in about 20% to 30% patients. you may actually damage the lung with the lung drops, and that brings us back to this remote controlled robot
4:44 pm
that sends a camera down your throat into your lungs without incisions as soon as i am, 1.3 centimeters or 13 millimeters away from the nodule that once this camera is sitting around from the nodule. then we take biopsy, forceps or biopsy instruments such as this one. where there's a little needle on the end of it, and we could actually. obtain tissue for diagnosis. that's where pathologist dr barry latner steps in time is of the essence . sometimes they're following you in so here, their patient is on in the operating room on the table and time is exactly of the essence. so we need to turn around a result as fast as possible improvements in imaging. we're getting smaller and smaller lumps and as a result, smaller and smaller biopsies to look at. if the patient has cancer, it can be biopsied staged and treated immediately. essentially what we've done is decreased the time and the duration of diagnosis, staging and treatment. from conventional 2.5 months to about
4:45 pm
2.5 hours at the end of the day , the team here says it is about the patient. i do. i actually come in and show them. this is the vinci robot. the robot had like, say hi to live a little introduction to a new approach using the rope, and i think it's like it's you know, decreases the length of stay for the patient decreases surgical infections and also the post op pain. it may look like a video game, but when it comes to lung cancer, dr site says, every advantage you can get will save lives. i think this is going to be one of the groundbreaking technologies. that really helps us treat our patients and diagnosed or patients faster. well, doctor size says he's had patients come from across the country and even the world coming to john miller to be screened by this monarch system. but again, he says, it's just part of a larger approach to using screening and technology to help fight lung cancer and save lives. add a burial weather after a lots of sunshine today mild temperature as the tardy starting to cool off this evening, so get ready for
4:46 pm
another round of chilly temperatures with the clear skies as we head into your thursday morning for thanksgiving, but after that to chile star just like today, we have a lot to clear skies. take a look at some of the numbers from this afternoon. all these neighborhoods starting out today in the thirties out towards the basketball sonoma, santa rosa petaluma wrote her park. 33 degrees, and once again we're talking about a frost advisory first thing tomorrow morning for the north bay valleys in the east bay valleys satellite. you can see it defined storm track up to our north, but nothing showing up for us. just just a few high clouds moving in from the pacific this afternoon. current number is most areas still in the sixties, but eventually everybody will be down into the thirties and the forties. to start off your thursday morning. our live camera. this hadn't as we head into your wednesday evening. we still have lots of clear skies out there. here's a live camera above san francisco and not much in the way of fog here, and you can see just lots of clear skies not only over the city but also over the east bay hills as well not to be the case first thing tomorrow morning mostly clear and cold temperatures. the cool
4:47 pm
spots will be in the thirties, so definitely want to bundle up. first thing tomorrow morning for your thanksgiving. here's the plan. in fact, as you can see, as you can see the dinner table there and a lot lots of clear skies with the halloween forecast with mostly sunny skies after that cold start temperatures in the sixties around 62 to a 68 degrees, maybe a few neighborhoods flirting with 70. here is the overall weather picture. you can see this. big amplified ridge of high pressure offshore that wants to stick around. this will not be budging for us, and as a result, we have the cold overnight temperatures with some patchy frost. that will be the story each and every day right on through the weekend, but as you can see here, that area of high pressure is keeping us dry . the main storm track is focused up to our north, in fact, over the next five days. they have the good chance of some rain for seattle each and every day, so it looks like that's the focus of the storm track. the opposite problem. fire danger down in southern california they have a red flag fire warning until six o'clock friday evening because of strong
4:48 pm
offshore winds are ramping up and winds gusting could be over 40 miles an hour, so unfortunately, fire season continues for southern california. here's a look ahead . your five day forecast temperatures for tomorrow will be in the sixties so around. 63 to 68 degrees overnight lows pretty chilly as well. and that'll be the story into the weekend. i wish i could pepper in a few rain clouds on this five day forecast, and fortunately, that won't be the case, but maybe that change might be coming. as we head into at december, at least thanksgiving. it will be dry around here looking good for that. walk after thanksgiving dinner, mark, thank you, colorful and exciting way for kids to walk to school. we'll have the story behind a unique new sidewalk mural in san francisco's mira loma neighbor.
4:49 pm
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loma elementary school. i talked earlier with a neighbor who spent the past few years spearheading this piece of interactive art that is now helping to bring the community together. one of the things that i guess gave me the most pleasure was i started working with supervisor ye three years ago and he turned out and i have a new supervisor, but she came in and gave us more money, and we were able to get the project completed even in spite of covid , because a lot of projects didn't get finished because of it, so ours did and it was a fabulous day turns harris's improve and beautify the neighborhood like, um, i think one of the things that supervisor you really wanted was to give children an alternative . and then there's two ways you can travel boring. or fun, and what he said was. i want to make it more fun for kids walking to school to have a creative place
4:52 pm
where they can pop, skip and play as they get to get to school and also used in the engaged to be engaged in this dynamic story that they can tell about the birth of a dragon. it's so neat. so when you make your way through this virtual place base here you are. you're navigating. uh water la and trying to reach a fire breathing dragon that that sounds like a great time for anything. i guess. any adults for that matter to? well what was your inspiration for the peace? actually this particular sidewalk is located right next to maryland to elementary school. their mascot is the dragon, so it just seemed perfect to start with the egg and have the dragon emerged from this egg. and walking through these perils if you will, by volcanoes and lava that there at the end. there he is, his flames
4:53 pm
are leading the children. into the entrance of their school. talk a little bit here. i know you talked about the process of starting this years ago, securing the grant funds through the city and along with former supervisor you, um it's talking about what the process was to actually coat the sidewalk here in something called thermal plastic. how exactly does that work? how? how durable is this? how long is this piece going to last there on the ground. perfect thermal plastic is exactly what you all walk on. when you walk on a crosswalk. it is that yellow shiny material that gets put down. and it's extremely durable and it it's put on by heat it kind of belt into the surface of the asphalt , and the wonderful thing is, you can cut it into many shapes and sizes, and there are so many colors that you can choose as well. so the opportunities and if you notice the dragon head.
4:54 pm
has got all these gorgeous, fiery colors, and it allowed us to do this project with something that was durable and that the city had because they use it just yellow, primarily on streets, but we will choose other fun colors. and the reviews are in the kids in that neighborhood, really enjoying the new interactive sidewalk art and joan van ryan has told me she's hoping her idea will take off all across the city with. more neighborhoods, creating similar play spaces in the future. their first thanksgiving in america, the early holiday celebration in the east bay for afghan refugees who were forced to flee their home country in search of a better life. it feels great to have all my family and if you want to hear it's a blessing.
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