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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 23, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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tonight of a man suspected of shoplifting in san francisco's union square as police ramp up their presence, and the district attorney announces charges in connection with friday's looting. will be brought to justice and you will face serious consequences when you commit serious crimes. district attorney jason boudin says nine suspects are now facing felony charges for allegedly taking part in the brazen theft all around san francisco. good evening, everyone i'm heather holmes in tonight again for frank and i'm julie julie haener. those charges range from looting to grand theft, burglary to firearm possession. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us now she's live in union square, indiana, you saw officers on patrol, jump into action and make an arrest tonight. we did, julie just after we got here to union square. we saw officers going down the street. they say that
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somebody had come out of macy's. they chased them and ended up making an arrest. this is all part of a real stepped up police presence here in union square and today, the district attorney and police announced charges against people for the louisville aton theft on friday. they say this is all part of an effort to try and stop the stealing. police officers were on every block of san francisco's union square shopping district tuesday night, a full force response after the high profile smash and grab looting by 20 to 40 thieves at the louisville thanh and other stores. at a news conference tuesday, city leaders announced felony charges if you come to san francisco and commit these acts of violent crime, you will be arrested and you will be prosecuted. my office is personally going to follow each and every individual case, san francisco's district attorney chase a. boudin and san francisco police released the names of five suspects that officers chased down and arrested in the louisville thanh case. one was found with a loaded firearm. the charges were
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filed include everything from looting, grand theft, burglary, possession of stolen property, firearm possession. commercial burglary and more. police also arrested three others for retail theft at a cannabis dispensary and one more at a walgreens store. investigators say they're looking into links to massive organized crime networks. it is something that we're looking at and something we go after this is not a problem. limited to san francisco. we are seeing similar crimes occur around the bay area and across the country. we've heard reports that at least four separate louie baton stores all across the country were hit in a similar fashion. san francisco officials say they plan to have a full police response through the holiday shopping season. tuesday night, several extra officers on patrol chased down a man running from union square's macy's store with stolen goods. had we not increased our staffing, we would have been there when the when this person ran out of out of the store and. may have most likely would have gotten away with it. the extra patrols are costing extra money
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in overtime costs. we are 400 officers short of where we should be. the police chief and mayor say they're committed to catching criminals by blocking some streets and increasing live monitoring access to surveillance cameras. we have provided the funding for hundreds of cameras all over the city and. the district attorney is under pressure to produce results. at his news conference today, supporters of his recall held a demonstration st boudin is not being tough enough on criminals and letting them go free on lesser charges. boudin disagrees and says there needs to be more regional coordination to catch these criminal rings. and today there was an announcement that san francisco san mateo, santa clara county as well as alameda and contra costa counties. have all formed a coalition of district attorneys and law enforcement to try and tackle these crimes. julie jana katsuyama reporting live in union square in san francisco. thank you well. san jose police arrested two suspects tonight who are trying to steal from valley fair mall. police say the
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thieves took about $2000 worth of merchandise from the women's may season tried to run away, officers on the scene were able to stop and arrest them. authorities say both suspects will be booked for felony theft and burglary, and the chp is increasing freeway patrols near major shopping areas. following this recent wave of retail thefts, the agencies organized retail crime task force is working with local law enforcement agencies to investigate crime, arrest suspects and recover stolen merchandise statewide. the chp says it is already contacted local police to offer help. beer here, here, here here. but now we go to oakland and the latest victim of mass looting surveillance video shows a group of thieves stealing from a locally owned high end clothing store. the owners say it happened late last night, and the thieves made off with more than $60,000 in merchandise. and less than a minute. katie was azenith smith is live now for us in oakland, and as if those owners don't plan to reopen any time soon. yes heather. it is
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just horrible timing. the stores first anniversary, in fact, is this saturday just four days away, and instead of celebrating their assessing the damage. surveillance video counters, thieves stormed into prime 356 on 35 6/14 street in downtown oakland just before 11 30 monday night. 30 to 40 people bum rushing our shop with not enough items for all of them. the group dining hoodies and face masks, scene stealing high end and highly sought after sneakers like jordan's and uses not to mention hats, clothing, whatever they could get their hands on. the store is no more than 1000 square feet. we got alarm. you know, we barricade everything as much as we can. but how could you stop the force of 40 30 to 40 people? that's a football team. maybe 15 of them at one time. we're just pulling on thi. the owners say the group pried open the middle gate, getting it off its tracks and broke windows. this video shows them
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outfront breaking in seconds later, they're running in different directions, leaving in 15 cars. i'm just glad nobody was inside for that to happen, because if, like 30 people were rushing at us, that would be. crazy the owners estimates 75% of their inventory is gone. this is the second break in in a month. they don't believe it's the same people that stores owned by three high school classmates from alameda says, you know, young business owners. i feel like we just want to impact our community. we want to bring all the fresh year to oakland because we don't have any retail stores here. this co owner suspects. the looting coincides with civil unrest across the country, one injustice or something. it doesn't go. our way is like this is how they're going to retaliate. i just know that it's a bunch of knuckleheads going around doing. doing this. the motive is unknown, unsure if the culprits are planning to resell or where the merchandise shoes average around 1 to $200.
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there's owner has this message for the thieves. it's not helping our community. it's not at all. it's not the ans destroying our community before the holidays. and the owner has launched a go fund me to help recoup some of their losses. a new gate alone costs at least $7000 and the stores owners don't plan to open this store by christmas, heather unnecessary expenses and then also the loss of holiday shoppers. alright has nothing qanon oakland thieves targeted a cannabis dispensary over the weekend are crime reporter henry lee shows us the surveillance video of that chaotic seed, and he also spoke to the business owner about what happened. this is surveillance video showing intruders, looting, blunts and more cannabis dispensary at 66th and coliseum way in east oakland. they broke into the business just before six sunday morning. kind of like pride up what they could lift it up as far as i can get, and then a. you know, broken in shop owner tuckey blunt says the invaders had the
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run of the place for several minutes. they didn't seem to care about the cameras. at least one invader apparently got hurt during the break in. i had bloo. in that case over there, i cleaned up in cases. there was blood over there. there are fingerprints. nearly a dozen burglars helped themselves to weed products, but some of it was left behind after they were scared away by security. blunt is in oakland native and next felon who's running a business in the same neighborhood where he was once arrested. i was safe for selling weed on the streets of oakland, and i am selling illegally, and that's a problem that's crazy to even say, but. that's just the reality. i'm living in right now. he says he wishes he could reach out to the burglars to steer them away from crime. there's a song which other stuff you guys can do. we can teach all how to be in this business legally, instead of you coming to steal from it just to sell it to other thieves. you know what i mean? it just makes no sense. the unrest actually began with a sideshow with cars doing doughnuts right outside the dispensary. it went on for about 45 minutes. and after about 45 minutes, i guess they realized that the police weren't coming. blunt. some more is right here. let's hop over the
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gate blunts and more was among several cannabis businesses that were targeted by roving caravans of robbers over the weekend. some fired shots at police and security. police were also kept busy with other side shows across the city because i want to be clear that we're not going to tolerate this type of activity in the city of oakland, we are going to respond. oakland police chief laurent armstrong says officers will be on high alert, especially this saturday and sunday. we will have tactical teams deployed throughout the city. these these individuals that come to the city have been heavily armed from all throughout the bay area. these are not just people from oakland chief. armstrong will have a virtual meeting with pot shop owners on wednesday to discuss safety. in oakland. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. two men face murder and attempted murder charges in connection with last month's robbery and shooting of retired oakland police captain rc joyne, marlon king and command wreaking were arraigned in dublin. they did not enter pleas. the robbery happened october 21st at a west oakland gas station.
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surveillance video shows joyner surrounded by several men join her fired his gun, killing one of the suspected robbers. joyner suffered multiple gunshot wounds he is recovering. the defendants are also charged with murder for the death of their alleged accomplice. well, another peninsula politician is now vying to replace congresswoman jackie speier. after nearly a decade of representing the peninsula in the assembly, where i've had over 60 bills, signed into law as a city council member and mayor. had small business owner before that. i am very excited and humbled today to announce my candidacy for the united states house of representatives. san mateo state assemblyman kevin mullin says he will run for congress in the upcoming election. mullen served under representative spear when she was a california state senator and has previously called her. his mentor. mullen has been endorsed by a number of state politicians, including attorney general rob bonta, state treasurer fiona ma and state senator scott wiener. two other politicians have also put
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their hat in the ring. san mateo county supervisor david canopy and burlingame city council member anally beach have both announced that they, too, will report run to replace spear. the congresswoman announced last week that she will not seek re election after seven terms representing the district. san francisco has declared a water shortage emergency. the san francisco public utilities commission unanimously approved that measure today. the declaration means the utility is asking its 2.7 million customers to cut back water usage by 10% immediately. the utility says the water shortage emergency triggers a temporary drought surcharge for customers of up to 5% of their bill. the state is still asking most californians to reduce water use by 15. and we are tracking that holiday weather thursdays just around the corner thanksgiving and we've got that to talk about. plus the weekend forecast, which is a holiday for most, i'll see you back here in a few minutes. also ahead tonight, students take a stand against sexual assault on campus coming up at
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10 30 a special report on how teens at an east bay high school are using social media to raise awareness about the growing problem at first, a unique thanksgiving dinner in the east bay after the break how a community center is helping afghan refugees celebrate their first thanksgiving holiday. in the united states. it gives them some hope that it's going to be okay. like i know for a lot of okay. like i know for a lot of them. they enjoy the gift of being together. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online.
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available in stores and online. afghan refugee families. they arrived in this country just a few months ago and now the nor islamic and cultural community center in concord is helping them transition to a new life. here ktvu is amberleigh is live in concord, where tonight's celebration was held. amber. julie afghan refugees tell me their journey to the u. s was difficult, but well worth it tonight. they say they have much to be thankful for. been jargon, little bit. early thanksgiving celebrations started with a prayer in arabic at nora islamic and cultural community center in concord, a night to connect afghan refugee families to the united states with afghan americans. and how do you feel? what do you happy? parties i see
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a lot of people. what i'm afghanistan, the community center has partnered with nonprofits, city and county officials to welcome these families by helping them transition into their new lives. introducing them to thanksgivin. it gives them some hope that it's going to be okay. like i know for a lot of them. they're really homesick. and, you know, really traumatized the way that everything happened. one afghan refugees shared with me this video of the struggle to escape afghanistan in august eight days of trying to get into the kabul airport when you're drowning. you know, you just try to hold on everything at half. yanni his wife and three young daughters have been living in a hotel for the past three months in the east bay after arriving here from afghanistan, it feels great to have all my family. and if you want to hear it's. it's a blessing. organizers say each family was gifted $200 in cash
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and given a care package. some nice blankets. um, yes. so we're hoping this will be a nice little start. looking to get you this retired lieutenant colonel with the u. s marine corps helped serve thanksgiving meals on this night. he says he served two tours in afghanistan. he tells me his mission is not over. he considers the afghan people. family any time you're with family, you're helping each other. you're working together, and that helps me personally knowing that we're connecting right? so is that connection that shared sense of community? these families say they're grateful we all have to focus cherish each other love each other help each other. ha vianney tells me after months of living in a hotel room, he and his family are moving into a two bedroom apartment tomorrow, a new home to start their new life just in time for thanksgiving. julie it's a great story.
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amberleigh reporting live in concord tonight. thanks, samber. the san francisco police department kicked off its annual toy drive today. the program is in partnership with walgreens, and it means you can drop off unwrapped toys through december 21st. there are 40 walgreens drop off locations in san francisco, and all donations will benefit children in need. we know how important these connections are with families when you see officers on their bellies playing with children throughout this pandemic, doing derbies together. it's been an amazing time, and we just want to see that continuous. this is the sixth annual toy drive in partnership with the police department and walgreens. last year, they collected 2000 toys, and they're hoping to beat that this year and we have much more on how volunteers around the bay area or helping those in need this holiday season at 10 45 today's turkey giveaways, including how some 49ers help feed hundreds of families. while elevated fire danger could put tens of thousands of people in southern california at risk of
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planned power outages starting tomorrow. gusty and dry. santa ana winds could force southern california edison. to proactively shut off power to more than 140,000 customers. a red flag warning for extreme fire. danger goes into effect tomorrow morning and runs all the way through friday afternoon. the utility says it may shut off power to prevent wildfires from being ignited. should win gus damaged power equipment or blow debris into power lines. and boy bill the timing of this not so great with it being thanksgiving week exactly thanksgiving weekend as well. they're not as moist and wet as we have gotten in the early stages, so they have pretty much lower fuel moisture, which means they're going to get into the high fire danger. red flag warning. thursday and friday and maybe a little bit into saturday as well and probably the strongest orange or offshore wind event santa ana wind event that they have had all season all year. so it does come at a bad time. these are the highest from today 66 in napa 63 in vallejo. they're slightly cooler than they were yesterday. temperatures tomorrow
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will be slightly warmer. that's the plan and we're looking for a weather pattern that is not only warm or mild if you will, but dry as well. so as you look outside, there's no coastal fog to speak up. there's not really much in the way of inland valley fog, either because we've got some wind. and that's interesting because you know, we were just about fuel moistures here. how much rain we got. we have a wind event going on tonight to that could easily be if this was not, you know the same rain season. it's been thus far. could easily be some kind of a fire. weather watch for us overnight lows are going to be on the cool side. it already is cool that we already seen some upper thirties mid thirties. it's gonna be chilly that defrosted some areas here is that wind vacaville in the last hour or so in the thirties. this bull's eye. see the bullseye just north of vacaville. right there. that's about 40. miles an hour, six a.m. tomorrow morning. that's the strongest winds. then it backs off pretty quick, but then you can see if we go to the live current. outputs from the mountains. we're seeing mount diablo at 56 miles an hour out
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of the north, so that's right now. montana lena's 42 miles an hour middle peak of mount tomah, pious is 28. so the winds are there. they're up high. they'll be down on the ground more towards fairfield and davis. most of us in the bay area won't notice it unless you're above 1000 ft, so we are seen as the windy conditions up high but again fire danger not what what it could be because of the rain. so tomorrow, little bit warmer drive for the holiday. i'll have the five day forecast after the break. all right, bill. thank you. the oakland museum of california will reopen its great hall after it was damaged by heavy rains last month. museum officials say the space including the special exhibition mothership voyage into afrofuturism, will reopen on december 3rd. that hole has been closed since that massive storm last month, the museum says, though luckily no artwork or artifacts were damaged. still to come tonight. developing news lane closures right now on the car, kenya's bridge following a chase and crash, also a young boy sadly dies from his injuries after that christmas parade
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attack in wisconsin. the additional charge. that suspect is now facing and later tonight how theranos founder elizabeth holmes address the fraud allegations against her in cour the xfinity black friday sales event is happening now on xfinity mobile. now new and existing customers can get our best wireless deal of the year - up to $1,000 in savings
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are closed on the car. kenya's bridges because of a car fire, which you can see from the video posted to twitter. the chp says the crash happened just before nine o'clock tonight. contra costa county sheriff's office was chasing a suspect vehicle when that car crashed into another car, causing both vehicles to become engulfed in flames. deputies chased the suspects, and we're told that some arrests were made no word yet, though on any injuries, we are continuing to monitor this developing story and we will keep you updated as we learn more. an eight year old boy now has died from injuries from that attack at a christmas parade in wisconsin on sunday, jackson sparks and his brother tucker
10:24 pm
were both hit by that suv. that rammed into the parade and walkinshaw. you see them both. here on the families go fund me page. relatives say that 12 year old tucker had a head injury but is being released from the hospital. they were marching with their baseball team when they were hit. word of the child's death came as 39 year old daryl brooks was charged with five counts of intentional homicide today. 62 people were injured. prosecutors say they will issue 1/6 count of homicide in the boy's death. the state asked for bail to be set at $5 million because of brooks's extensive criminal history, including numerous violent felonies are not words to describe the risk that this defendant. presents to our community, not only flight risk, but the dangerousness that he presents his history of violence. many are questioning why brooks was a free man. considering his lengthy criminal record. he was released on $1000 bond just days before the rampage after being arrested for
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allegedly trying to run over the mother of his child. prosecutors are conducting an internal review. new at 10 tonight. a jury in virginia has ordered 17 white nationalist leaders and organizations to pay $26 million in damages because of the violence that erupted during the deadly 2000 and 17 unite the right rally in charlottesville. this follows a nearly month long civil trial, the jury found 17 people liable in the lawsuit filed by people who suffered physical and emotional injuries during that two day demonstration. a counter protester was killed after being run over by a man who deliberately drove his car into the group. bay area high school students sounding off about sexual assaults on campus. you can see that there are things that have happened at school and school bathrooms, which is absolutely disgusting. still to come tonight, an in depth look at how students are now fighting back using social media and why they say sexual assault is a problem on every high school
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campus and a shooting in san jose leaves two people wounded, one critically, the latest details coming up. and later in sports. st mary's looks to open the college basketball season of perfect six and oh and earn a trip to the maui invitational championship games. have been prl
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bay area school students say they want change when it comes to what they call rape culture in schools, and they're speaking out on social media and at their schools and demanding action. new attend tonight. ktvu clotting. wang joins us now with a deeper look at what students say is happening and why they say they do not feel safe. claudine julie. what we know is that this is not just about one high school or one incident. this is something that students say is happening everywhere at schools and at parties and they
10:29 pm
want more to be done so they are telling their stories. these stories are often very personal, graphic and painful, but students say enough is enough. they want change, and they are pleading for help. students across the bay area are speaking out against rape culture in high school, and they are turning to social media to share their stories. every like every instance whether it's cat calling to all the way to the extreme of rape and sexual assault. i have had friends who have been survivors and things like that. and so i knew that was happening, but i think to the extent that that showed was not at all expected at bishop o'dowd, the instagram page called o'dowd protectors continues to grow one post saying i'm a sophomore, and i was assaulted by a guy right before my freshman year. we were in the bathroom and i didn't want to do anything. and i told him to stop. another writing about guides who were saying how they thought it was stupid. how
10:30 pm
girls let themselves get raped and we're saying it was all the girls fault and yet another describing a rape with the author writing about her alleged attacker. saying no one talks about it anymore because he's extremely popular, and he's excused from it. the stories are graphic disturbing and there are a lot of them. it's anonymous, so it's student run, but, um. it isn't honest. there is the same type of his account for a lot of high schools. berkeley high started it. they had the first instagram account. students say it started at berkeley high but has launched similar protests at bishop o'dowd and, most recently oakland tech. it's happening in every high school and i think that. it's insane to think abou. it's called rape culture associate logical term that describes how society trivializes and normalizes sexual violence. experts say it starts with jokes shaming and pictures. you think parents have any idea how many nude pictures
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of teens are being passed aroun? definitely not. but yeah, people don't realize it's like. a weekly thing. i mean, in terms of unsolicited, uh. picture hearts. yeah yeah, that's mainly on snapchat. why would they do it? i guess is a question. i mean, i think it's definitely first of all such a norm that it's almost like. people don't even think about it as something that's a big deal to them until they've done it and from assaul. we're talking about anything from just grabbing and groping and all the way. up. the chain in terms of. it's all just anything physical, physical violation, and is it at school, or is it at these parties? i think it's everywhere. i mean, i would say. especially with alcoholic parties. it does happen at school, though, and like on the account, you can see that there are things that have happened at school and school bathrooms, which is absolutely disgusting. author and educator julia feldman has been teaching sex education for more than 15
10:32 pm
years, she says. it's critical to listen to what these teens are saying as shedding light on some serious darkness. it's a canary in the coal mine, and that canary is dead and it died a long time ago. and we're kind of sorting through the wreckage and the conversation she says, needs to start with comprehend. of sex education. absolutely teaching about consent and healthy relationships and establishing a culture in a school that values consent from teachers all the way down to students has a huge impact on whether students feel safe in school, but also whether they feel safe in relationships. and we see a lot of compelling data that supports that. what is the bare minimum that schools are required to do? there is a minimum, right? yeah well, so the bare minimum increased dramatically in 2016 when the california healthy youth act went into effect. and that mandated comprehensive sex education, starting in middle through high school and a lot of content that historically was not necessarily included. things like healthy relationships can sent healthy decision making. she applauds districts like san francisco and oakland for implementing progressive,
10:33 pm
inclusive curriculum. but it is not universal. and really, it has to do with the community holding itself accountable because there's no teeth. there's no one actually going through district by district, checking to see what's being implemented and who's teaching it. that is where students have taken the lead. what started as an instagram page at bishop o'dowd has led to the formation of a gender justice group. yeah so i think that was a big reason that we did a walk out and also why i think his account came to be is that there was kind of just a history of these complaints not being taken seriously enough, and not enough punishment meant actually being made. bishop o. dowd responded with a number of new policies, telling ktvu in part. this fruitful partnership between no doubt, leaders and students has resulted in updates to the school's policies and disciplinary actions, which are now reflected in o dowd student and family handbook. the partnership also aided in the rollout of a new digital reporting tool for all students, but i think a lot of it is. we're all students, so we don't
10:34 pm
have all the power were all 17 and younger. um so there needs to be action from administrators to do. the heavy work to get down and like, do that. action because it's work together. exactly it's not gonna exactly and do it on your own. it's not. they can't do it on their own, and we can't do it on our own. it needs to be some sort of collaboration collaboration that starts with listening to what these teenagers are saying. young people are telling us we don't feel safe. this violence is happening, and it's a cry for help. it's saying please do something they're pleading. and the work is continuing at bishop dowd with that gender justice group, of which kayla and one of the girls we interviewed is the president. and when these young people are talking about change some of the support they say they'd like to see is better reporting measures specially trained staff members who know not only how to take in these reports of assault, but also how to help the victims of assault. and they say this is something not solved once a year during
10:35 pm
assembly. this is a problem that needs and deserves ongoing conversation. clotting. one, ktvu, fox two news. well we have an update tonight. in the case of a former stanford pediatrician accused of pedophilia earlier this year, dylan o'connor has now pleaded no contest to felony charges of distributing porn to a minor. he was arrested back in february, when redwood city police said he sent personal puerta graphic photos to someone that he believed to be a teenage girl. and arranged to meet with her. instead officers met o connor at the meeting spot and arrested him. the doctor now faces up to three years in state prison and must register as a sex offender for life. his attorney says that o'connor is taking responsible steps to engage in serious treatment for this behavior. coming up at 11. get ready for the thanksgiving traffic. check out this bumper to bumper traffic in southern california. the travel predictions from triple a rough out there coming up at 11. and we are tracking
10:36 pm
the holiday week forecast. i'll see you back here with the five day after a break. all right, speaking of traffic, working to bring down gas prices will tell you about the new effort from the biden ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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watch this. can i please get the cheddar loaded cheeseburger combo? wait, i know that voice... (smug laugh) danny palumbo? from high school?! no, it's jack.
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try my $5.99 cheddar loaded cheeseburger combo with cheese 3 ways. try my $5.99 cheddar loaded cheeseburger combo liquor stores they investigated. police say both victims were taken to the hospital. one man with life threatening injuries remains hospitalized in critical condition tonight. a suspect is not in custody, and no motive is known. elizabeth holmes attempted to explain away multiple allegations of fraud today involving her former company, theranos. holmes took the witness stand for the third
10:39 pm
day in the trial against her for the first time since she was charged with multiple counts of fraud, homes addressed alleged lies, she told investors in her failed blood testing company. holmes admitted to putting logos for pfizer and shearing plow on studies that their nose gave to investors. she said she never intended for people to think the pharmaceutical companies prepared the documents. former prosecutor michel hagen watched today's testimony and said holmes was sharp and focused on the stand. she's getting to explain to the jury what she di, and she's taking responsibility for certain things and other things that she's saying other people were responsible for. holmes also addressed modifying third party analyzers to do blood tests collected at walgreens. she said the manipulations were inventions so theranos could process a larger number of samples. homes will continue her testimony when the trial resumes after the thanksgiving holiday. bay area members of congress were in san francisco today promoting major
10:40 pm
funding from the infrastructure bill signed by president biden last week, and sparks were flying this afternoon at the joseph p. mazzola union training center. were apprentices learn the pipe fitting and plumbing trades. house speaker nancy pelosi got a tour along with several members of congress. the bay area will receive at least $4.5 billion, and union leaders say the bill adds up to jobs. it's job security. it's health and welfare security, its pension security, it means that they are going to be earning a living wage for a long, long, long time. but we're definitely going to create. good paying jobs for pipefitters and plumbers, and for everyone who is working to make sure that our young people have access to clean water work of art. the water projects include new spending to replace toxic lead pipes in schools and other places. president biden announced today the country will tap into strategic oil reserves in an effort to address the recent spike in gas prices. 50
10:41 pm
million barrels from the reserve will take a month to get to the market, according to the white house. president biden also said that china, great britain and several other nations will also release some of their reserves. analysts say gas prices have already been creeping down from their highs. the really good news is that oil prices actually topped out about a month ago and have been coming down since then. today, the price of us crude oil was up. 2.3% and hostal gasoline rose 3.4% with energy traders seeing the move by the white house as temporary still to come tonight. the bay area singer who today received eight grammy nominations, plus we know this year thanksgiving fixings are going to be about 30% more in cost than they were before. between the pandemic and inflation. the need is growing this holiday season coming up where volunteers were busy handing out thanksgiving turkeys today and take a look at tonight's stunning sunset. this was taken from our rooftop camera looking towards san
10:42 pm
francisco chief meteorologist francisco chief meteorologist bill martin i want y'all to hear from me first. if you wanna be fresh, you gotta refresh, like subway®. like the new baja steak & jack with tender, thicker-cut steak and... wait sooo you're not coming out of retirement? i'm just here because subway has so much new, they bought time in this press conference to talk about it. now, like i was saying, the new baja steak also has pepper jack cheese, the new baja chipotle sauce... now he can't stop talking. got some black olives, couple pepperoncini's, and some jalapenos... got some black olives, we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future,
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you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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the thanksgiving holiday, county officials say people who are not vaccinated should avoid traveling and holiday gatherings there also encouraging families to keep their indoor gathering small and to wear a mask. if you're around unvaccinated
10:45 pm
people, especially indoors or around those at high risk. health officials recommend you to get tested if you have coronavirus symptoms and stay home. if you are feeling sick of volunteers all around the bay area, getting ready to help those in need for thanksgiving ktvu jesse gary was at a number of events. today we're volunteers handed out free turkeys and groceries. the traditional football and turkey thanksgiving combo getting an early start outside levi stadium tuesday, more than two dozen 49ers players joining second harvest food bank for feast with the niners just to get back. get back to the community that comes the watch us and support us each sunday, monday and thursday when whenever that is that we play. for two hours, free safety jimmie ward and others handing out groceries and turkeys to 750 families struggling to put food on the table. not only is this meeting the needs of our clients, they need their groceries. it's also a way to kind of bring a sense of community like we get to live in
10:46 pm
the community where the niners are earlier in the day, healthy competition at presentation high school but offer a good cause. this turkey day celebration, eyes collecting and donating 1000 turkeys ahead of the holiday, its helping hand that's needed even more since the advent of the covid pandemic pandemic just exasperates a lot of the challenges that many in our community face right like you talk about displacement. we talked about in our region abou, you know, people making money and the economy being good for some people, but it's definitely not great for a lot of our folk. alto noontime care for the community's seasoned citizens. as you get older, it's harder to take care of yourself, and it's easier to keep people healthy than it is to bring them back from the brink. of unhealthy nous. part of that help is healthy turkey dinners distributed to 150 residents of the stevenson house senior housing site and anyone else in the community, 60 and older, grateful. um not only that
10:47 pm
convenience up just coming down and pick it up, not having to take the bus with the south based team in place. and volunteers helping in all capacities, participants say the season of giving is on target to reach its goal. we know this year thanksgiving fictions are going to be about 30% more in cost than they were before, just because of inflation. for that reason, social service agencies like this or asking for donations, particularly monetary donations. and volunteers during the holiday season to make sure the need is met. in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. checking in on the weather. it's a cool one out there tonight. it was a mild day today, a little cooler than yesterday, and that was because of a few clouds in a week weather system that went through these are the highs from today and ties. tomorrow we'll get up a few degrees, so santa rosa gets back into the upper sixties. napa gets back into the midnight or maybe 67 68 something like that. san francisco 65, so a little bit
10:48 pm
warmer tomorrow and then that holds for a few days, so we're going to ride through the holiday weekend, with temperatures generally in the mid sixties or in the sixties for most of us. beautiful night in san francisco. the city is lit up for the holidays, as you can see, and, um, just beautiful night. it's gonna be cold. even in the city, oakland, san francisco, you're gonna see temperatures in the low fifties. parts of know about knowing value area you're going to find san francisco, you're gonna find temperatures potentially in the upper thirties. believe it or not low forties, so that's pretty chilly for san francisco. these are the official forecast overnight lows. but if you live outside of a big city or one of the bigger cities. and in the hinterlands out in forest ville or gern villar out towards rincon valley outside of santa rosa, you're going to find temperatures. you can find some frost potential, and you're also going to find some temperatures that are right near freezing. it's windy out there. mount diablo went away. these are the real time wind observations. montalvo's gusting up over 45. we've got 34 mon, our mount st helena. that's going to help these winds are gonna help prohibit fog formation. there
10:49 pm
will be a maybe some patchy fog south of us. but it's going to be cool and breezy conditions in the hills will keep the fog from being an issue. for most of us high pressure is doing what it does is going to stay dry for a bunch of days is all this atmospheric river the second one as many weeks is going straight up into british columbia. these guys are getting hammered. you watch this at the by thursday friday, you're going to be seeing lots of stuff out of there in terms of debris flows. and hydro problems. they're just getting more rain than they can handle. because that's this isn't the time of year they get it. they get some tropical moisture that far north right, that's going to be rain, not snow is going to cause problems of 41 in napa right now is 46 conquered the forecast highs using the ice a third map. temperatures represented using colors, greens or sixties yellows are seventies. so there's some yellows so we'll see some yellows. we'll see. some seventies must be a nice state wednesday. thursday is going to be a lot like. wednesday a little bit warmer with temperatures more in the
10:50 pm
upper sixties and maybe even some low seventies. here's the whole day tomorrow. here's thursday morning thanksgiving a few high clouds. few more clouds in the afternoon, but nothing really. and then you get into friday morning and then friday afternoon, i just showed you the same thing over and over a few clouds on thursday, not a big deal. tomorrow's give me nice thursday is going to be nice. temperatures warm a few degrees tomorrow and then on friday and into our thursday, friday and saturday. temperatures are warm. some upper sixties. so nice forecast. we need rain. we're not getting rained, so just enjoy what you got. all right, bill. thank you. well holiday tradition has returned to the windows at macy's. in san francisco's union square. people walking by can see the 35th annual macy's spc. a holiday window display of pets up for adoption. for the second year in a row, though because of the pandemic. there are videos of pets instead of live cats and dogs. this annual tradition has helped more than 10,000 animals find homes. macy's says it hopes to have live pets returned to the window displays next year.
10:51 pm
alright grammy nominations were announced today and polio artist earned eight nominations. i wish i could tell you. icahn her received nominations at eight categories, including song of the year best r and b album and album of the year. she tweeted saying thank you to all the people who helped create these records. woo 23 nominations at 24 her hers eight nominations tied second for the most this year. is it the shoes? well jazz musician jon batiste is the most recognized artist. he earned 11 nominations, including album of the year and record of the year award show takes place on monda, january 31st coming up in sports play, thompson says it's championship or bust after his first full practice with the warriors, and more than two years are joe fonzi is up next with the story. and then coming
10:52 pm
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so you can work that budget and get those savings. happening tonight in sports. the st mary's gales are acting like they just might be a basketball team worth paying attention to all winter after their first round win last night over notre dame, the gaels taking on oregon this evening and the semifinals of the maui classic being played in las vegas. the girls limited. the ducks just 15 points in the first half. they go in front by eight. as dan photo gets a tough to inside with a little more than a minute to play in the half vote to lead state marriage was 16 st mary's adding to lead in the second half. tommy cuzzi through traffic, reversing the gaels in front. 31 17 cuzzi had 13 and now watch logan johnson anticipate the pass and make
10:55 pm
this deal going all the way to the hoop 11 points for johnson, the gaels win 62 to 50 there now six and they'll play wisconsin. in tomorrow's tournament championship. stanford at home tonight, hosting the aggies from north carolina. a and t that cardinal expecting big things from this guy. freshman harrison ingram runs the floor, then dishes to brandon angel. pretty good line for ingram 14 points, 10 rebounds and three assists after this no look effort. stanford led by nine at the hal, then added on nice ball movement to max morel, who's all met with the three morelle came off the bench for a career and team high. 18 points, stanford empties the bench in the 79 65 win the cardinal for and to college basketball icon #### vital back on the mic tonight for use against gonzaga in the finals of the empire classic. also in vegas, this was a battle of the country's number one team against number two, but it wasn't much of a contest. top ranked bulldogs get a block at one end by chat. holmgren seven
10:56 pm
ft freshman then takes the ball down court himself and slams in to his 15 points. gonzaga rolls 83 63 his six and oh, and santa's a state has won two games. both have been on last second shots tonight. the spartans trail northern colorado by a point. you see the time ticking down, omari more takes matters into his own hands, driving the lane and jamming down the winning shot with four seconds left. that was two of moore's 28 points as the spartans went 75 74. well the warriors sporting the best record in the nba are back at it tomorrow night when the philadelphia 76 ers come to san francisco. this is his sight the warriors are enjoying for the first time since tearing his a c l in game six of the 2019 finals against toronto. klay thompson today participated in a full team practice. it is, of course not just the knee that thompson had to rehab in the last two years. he also injured his achilles requiring surgery before last season started. there is not yet a specific date
10:57 pm
in which thompson will return to game action. but man, is he ready? i want to win 1/4 ring and. not being able compete again. i just feel like i mean, the last two years, i feel like i have a lot of pent up energy to go out there. improve not to anybody else to myself and. still one of the best so we have a finals m v p two times v p. d p o y champions. we got the core. we've got the youth. i just really want to win a championship again. i want to just that's it. sounds like a good formula. in a period of six days, the 49ers went from a team that people were saying should start planning for next year to one. that's right in the middle of the playoff race. two straight wins will do that, along with the defense that was suddenly playing like it was 2019. can't talk about the defensive that season without mentioning the guy who was the years defensive rookie of the year. nick bosa had two sacks sunday against jacksonville. he
10:58 pm
has 10 on the year, one more than the career high established in that rookie season. posed. there's also back from a year of rehab after surgery on his knee. feel like i'm moving better than i ever have. um coming off an injury is great to be able to get to this point. and i think i'm starting to get the hang of how to really get sex. get numbers. um. just playing mind games that the guys you're going against. and it's well known by now that there's big money to be had in pro sports, the tampa bay rays er about to shatter the record of what a player will make with less than one full year of service. tampa shortstop wander franco should be full of energy. he's reportedly about to sign a 12 year $225 million dea. franco was called up to the raise in june. he made an immediate impact on a team that won the alcs. franco actually has incentives that could make his contract worth even more with the rays of obviously decided that the guy who will
10:59 pm
turn 21 in march is the future of their franchise per usual. we like to leave you with something to check out. before we say goodnight. miami at detroit tonight in the nba. the pistons cory joseph drives the lane gets fouled, throws a path toward the hoop on his way to the floor. watch the football is dead center at barely even rustles the net. despite that shot, the pistons still lost 192 they are for and 13 pretty good effort as you're falling to the floor. yeah, it certainly was. all right. thanks so much, joe. appreciate it coming up next here at 11. the open arms of the community, the people, you know. impact i'm grateful the holiday season in a new place tonight, a special celebration for afghan refugees celebrating their first thanksgiving in the united states. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. creating community in the east bay. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm
11:00 pm
heather holmes in tonight for frank. well, tonight, a community center in concord connected dozens of families who recently came from afghanistan with other afghan americans to celebrate the thanksgiving holiday new tonight. ktvu sandra lee joins us live with. the additional way that community center is helping the families. heather organizers tell me tonight's event is a way to help afghan refugees feel welcomed in their new country. the celebration and introduction to american culture. major had a little bit early thanksgiving celebrations started with a prayer in arabic at nora islamic and cultural community center in concord. a night to connect afghan refugee families new to the united states with afghan americans. and how do you feel? what do you happy? price i see a lot of people. but i'm afghanistan, the community center has partnered with


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