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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  November 22, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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robberies at a number of retail stores shopping season and the safety measures being put into place. plus a holiday celebration turns deadly wisconsin what happened when a car plowed through a crowd watching a christmas parade and the police have taken into custody? then the governor continues his push for booster shots here in california. he's warning just ahead of the holidays. the news at noon starts now. this is katie fox two news at noon. afternoon i'm gasia mikaelian mike mibach investigations are underway in several cities after a weekend full of burglaries and robberies at retail stores. it all started friday night in san francisco's union square. ktvu james torres shows us the changes now taking effect. to keep people safe. what? you will notice. if you come to union square today, a number of storefronts with boarded up windows and a much
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larger police presence than you've ever seen before. a weekend of bay area burglaries all started here. this was union square before six. this morning, san francisco patrol cars closed down each corner to through traffic. it's part of the city's plan to help prevent suspects from getting away with committing a retail theft crime. there will be limited access in terms of when you come to this area. our garages will be open. our busses are cable cars and other public transportation will be able to circulate drop off in certain points will happen. but there will be traffic delays because we can't continue to allow people to freely flow in and out of this city, commit these acts and get away with it, according to the executive director of the union square alliance, these road closures. will be from seven a.m. to six p.m. most nights, though tough on the retailer's she satisfied to see an outrage from the city, sensing that sentiments are changing around retail seven people's feelings toward it. it
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is not a victim of crime in the events of last friday or showing that it started friday night in san francisco, but it carried on throughout the weekend in the bay area. video captured the aftermath of an incident and pleasant and at the men's warehouse within the stoneridge mall. another theft at the southland mall in hayward there, you can see your jewelry store with its windows boarded up. in one creek. police say they've arrested three people in connection to an 80 person robbery nordstrom police limited road access there as well. the mayor releasing this statement, quote we will be working with the district attorney's office to push for prosecution of these criminals. the city council, city management and our police department are working together to do all we can to prevent this from happening again. back here in san francisco police have arrested eight people seized two cars. and two guns. the police chief confident more arrests are coming. we have an investigation command post stood up. in that investigation command post.
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we're going to work around the clock. we have hours and hours of video, including our body worn camera video to go through. some of these people who committed these acts are familiar to us. that's why i'm confident that we're going to have more arrests. reporting in san francisco i'm james torres, ktvu, fox two news. the growing number of shopping malls and stores being hit by thieves is raising concerns about organized retail crime. they range from aggressive street gangs to sophisticated e commerce fraud. a new report on retail theft found that thieves stole nearly $70 billion worth of merchant site merchandise in 2019, and there has been a steady increase since then. researchers say the economic crisis caused by the pandemic is playing a major role in the spike in organized retail crime. oakland police are investigating a string of violent robberies that cannabis dispensaries around the city. several dispensaries were targeted over the weekend. one of them is on pendleton way in east oakland. security guards hired by the business owner told police they exchanged gunfire with looters. but we out. heard
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gunfire back and forth. back and forth. seven. so that i came up to 80 scenes. guys laying on the ground police here. they told me to stand back and wait a little while. uhh so they have to go inside, investigate. make sure it's safe inside. oakland police have made at least one arrest. no word yet on the conditions of the people who were shot. oakland police also looking for the person who fired gunshots at officers this morning, while they're responding to reports of a robbery at a cannabis growing operation. according to police when officers arrived after three o'clock this morning, a number of people and vehicles were leaving the robbery scene near macarthur boulevard and 80th avenue. that's when someone fired shots at the police vehicle. it was struck several times. the two officers inside were not hit. so far. no arrest. in this case, we're expected to learn more today about a carjacking suspect who police shot and killed on saturday. officers say they found a vehicle that had been. reported stolen at gunpoint in the
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rockridge neighborhood around three o'clock saturday afternoo. police follow the car to ocean view avenue right near broadway, and that's where they say the suspect started using the stolen vehicle as a weapon against police. and that is when. officers on scene fired shots, a tragedy that a christmas parade in wisconsin has left five people dead and nearly 50 people injured. police saying suv sped right through a police line and into the parade of margins and performers last night. police just wrapped up a news conference ktvu as many quintana live for us in the newsroom with what we are now learning about the victims and the man in custody. that man in custody. the driver has been identified as 39 year old daryl brooks has a long history of crime dating back to the early nineties with two open cases. in milwaukee county right now one filed on november. 5th includes charges for reckless endangerment, resisting an officer bail jumping, disorderly conduct and domestic battery. court records for that case show he was released on $1000 bond on frida, just two days before the parade.
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the moment the suv plowed into the crowd was captured on the city of lachiusa's livestream and on cell phone video showing the car ram into a dance team and a marching band. attendees were in shock today's children's wisconsin hospital in milwaukee gave an update on its patients saying of the 18 children ages 3 to 16 brought into the er. last night 10 were sent to the icu six are in critical condition, three serious and there are three sets of siblings. being treated together. injuries ranged from facial regions to broken bones to serious head injuries. six of these patients were sent to the operating room last night, and two additional patients are undergoing surgeries today. police have confirmed five deaths and 48 injured, but they say that number could change as they learn more. the milwaukee dancing grannies have confirmed members of their group are among the dead. in a press conference
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in the last hour, the waukesha police chief read aloud the names of the people killed four women. one man, all of the victims are over. the age of 53 of them are in their seventies and eighties. police haven't said anything about a motive for the suspect. but. they did confirm a report that the driver was involved in another incident. before driving into the parade, and that this was not an act of terrorism or targeted towards anyone in the parade. we have information that the suspect prior to the incident was involved in a domestic disturbance. which is just minutes prior. and the suspect left death scene just prior to our arrival. police are prepared to recommend five counts of intentional first degree homicide for brooks. this was a family event. this was supposed to be a joyful event, welcoming the holiday season instead. many bystanders ended up stepping up to help the wounded at the scene and even driving some of them to the hospital. the police and fire
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chief spoke about such a heroic response from that community. live in the newsroom. amanda quintana ktvu fox two news, amanda. thank you new at noon, governor. gavin newsom is in san francisco at a covid vaccine clinic. he's urging more people to get vaccinations and booster shots. governors in the city's mission district, highlighting the availability of boosters to everyone, 18 and older, he says. it's part of the efforts to increase vaccination rates across our state, especially in the hardest hit communities. we are promoting the importance, particularly the latino community to get boosters and to get vaccinated. about 17% of all the boosters. have been administered within the latino community. that's not good enough. that's why we're here. so far over 58 million doses of the covid vaccine has been administered here in california, as well as five million covid booster shots. some people having a hard time getting boosted. ktvu greg liggins explains why, and he talked with health experts about the rush to
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get a booster before thanksgiving. i think people thinking ahead and say no, i'm going to be visiting family over thanksgiving. i better get my shot and what they're finding is that they can't get an appointment for two or even three weeks. that's true not only in santa cruz county but other parts of the bay area where various pharmacies are reporting long wait times. while demand has spiked, health officials say it's not a vaccine supply issue, causing delays. it's more about lack of personnel. it has really more to do with just the capacity to give the shots into the arms. even if you land an appointment before thanksgiving, the shot won't immediately give you added protection. but what is going to do for people who don't have medical conditions is temporarily increase their antibodies. which is usually in the upper respiratory track, and that will take at least a week to increase antibodies. doctor gandhi says that will provide added protection for the forthcoming holidays and a potential covid winter surge. that's one of the reasons jerry yang says he got his booster shot friday. he's working with
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coworkers more and plans to get out more often. and as a sports fan, i also wanna go the word games and niner means no co near school warriors fellow was important to get protected if i was going to do that, and it just fell at the responsible thing to do, young says he was fortunate to get an appointment through santa clara county's website. i was able to book. within two days after i saw the website, so it was it was a pretty quick and seamless process for me, dr. gandhi and other health officials recommend more people take advantage of the protection vaccines offer. and stop waiting for the elusive end of covid, calling the virus endemic, meaning it will remain part of our lives. try to live again with the knowledge that we're never going to have a final day that is done. it's with us. unfortunately. now if you really want the booster shot as soon as possible, a few recommendations from pharmacists try a weekend appointment when there's less demand. be willing to wait around for a cancelation or try your personal doctor.
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greg liggins, ktvu fox two news. still to come in noon. the holiday travel season is officially underway. we take a closer look at what you can expect. if you have a flight here in the coming days, and why this year's trip could cost you more if you're planning to drive plus a big settlement for doordash drivers in san francisco, what it could mean for those who made deliveries specifically in the city between 2000 and 16, and last year. under mostly sunny skies. another unseasonably warm day around the bay area. we'll check in on your current conditions and show you what you can expect for the rest of today, as well for the rest of today, as well as the week ahead, coming up. mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross!
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when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. so you can work that budget and get those savings. aaron peskin and the san francisco office of labor standards enforcement. the majority of the settlement will go to doordash workers who made deliveries in san francisco between 2016, and last year about $187,000 will go to the san francisco office of labor standards enforcement. for future enforcement efforts. jurors will soon deliberate in the trial over the deadly shooting of a mud are very prosecutors and defense attorneys are making their final arguments today. reporter charles watson brings us more. the feet of three white men charged in the killing of 25
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year old ahmad aubrey will soon be in the hands of jurors. prosecutors and defense attorneys are spending hours delivering closing arguments today. the jury is here and ready to go. both sides rested last week after 10 days of testimony from more than 20 witnesses. now they'll get one last chance to make their case. all three of these defendants made assumptions. made assumptions about what was going on that day, and they made their decision to attack ahmad armory in their driveways. the three defendants pled not guilty to murder and other charges in aubrey's death. defense attorneys argued. greg mcmichael and his son, travis, suspected the 25 year old of burglary and tried to conduct the citizen's arrest. their neighbor, william roddy, brian, joined the jason recorded cellphone video of travis shooting aubrey at close range. the younger mcmichael, who was the defense's star witness testified he shut or very in self defense as they
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rescued over his shotgun. but under cross examination, acknowledge operate, never threatened him or show the weapon. did brandish any weapon? no ma'am. jurors will begin deliberating after closing arguments, but the panels racial makeup has faced criticism. the judge allowing the seating of just one black juror in 11 white members this despite prosecutors objections during jury selection that some black potential jurors were cut due to their race that mcmichael is and brian faced life in prison if convicted on the most serious charge. in brunswick, georgia. charles watson, ktvu, fox two news. protesters have been marching in kenosha, wisconsin, and in cities across the country after a jury found kyle rittenhouse not guilty of murder. oh justic, no justice. march just yesterday followed the same route written house took last summer when he shot three people, killing two of them during anti police demonstrations. the protesters
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want the justice department to look into more charges. in the case. there are no founder elizabeth holmes is back on the witness stand in her federal fraud trial in san jose. the start of her testimony was delayed this morning for an unknown reason. once on the witness stand, defense attorneys asked homes to explain how theranos is. technology worked. on friday, her defense team made a move to put her on the witness stand. she then told the jury this was a case of failed business work, not a fraud. homes are still facing cross examination from the prosecutio. time to check in with meteorologist rosemary oroczo and just say, beautiful fall day outside another one with unseasonably warm weather. we're talking about seventies once again for some of our. inland locations. good afternoon to yo, garcia, mike. good afternoon to you as well, giving you a look here over areas of sfo where we do have blue skies. the sun shining after school start, temperatures are running within a few degrees of yesterday. some a little bit warmer, some a little bit cooler, and here's where we stand half moon bay. 70 degrees. definitely one of the warmer spots at this time 64 for the inner east bay of livermore
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around the bay. we have 60 and oakland, 65, san francisco and 62 right now, over areas of a napa napa a few degrees cooler than yesterday, down by eight degrees in oakland, but half moon bay up by two as well as livermore. we've got mostly clear skies. we have that dry northeast flow that continues through the bay area for today, and the winds generally lied around the region. a little breezy in our hills checking in on napa 14 mph for you there. oakland coming in from the south at six. nevado coming in from the south at seven. over areas of amount. diablo 15 mph. oakland north reporting 27. and middle peak reporting 21 mph so little bit of a breeze out there in the hills outside of that, generally light winds take a look at what is continuing over los angeles at this hour until three o'clock this afternoon. a red flag warning for that dry northeast wind, and it's very gusty over areas of southern california and keeping in mind they haven't received as much rain as we had in late october and earlier this month. giving
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you a look there at the ridge that continues to keep that storm track to the north. it is breaking down just a little bit expected to move into areas over washington. already oregon, maybe northern california, but by the time it reaches us, it washes out. here's a look at the future cast getting into late tonight will continue with the mostly clear skies and then by 11 o'clock or so a little bit of cloud cover move through and then during the overnight hours, but again noticed there was no blues or greens or anything associated with that cloud cover, so we are going to see an increase in clouds. we are not going to see any rain. unfortunately there's a look at your tuesday afternoon sunsets just before five o'cloc. here's a look at the afternoon highs for today again. we're looking at 70 degrees in santa rosa upper sixties for san francisco, oakland livermore. 71 over san jose and a better look at some of these numbers along the peninsula 70 for redwood city for the inner east based 6. livermore 67 conquered and in the north bay paris seventies for santa rosa, as well as napa. temperatures will begin to cool
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off just a little bit, but we are expected to remain dry through the holiday. better details coming in just a bit. rosemary thank you still to come here at noon. protecting your packages this holiday season, we take a closer look at some of the advice experts are suggesting to make sure you don't get your packages stolen. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment
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for 2022. california coast is likely residual oil from last month's major oil spill. people reported seeing this sheen off the orange county coast on saturday when the coast guard arrived in the area machine was gone. it was in the same spot where a ruptured pipeline sent thousands of gallons of crude oil onto beaches in october. divers who
12:24 pm
got into the water yesterday noticed small droplets right near a damaged section of the pipeline. they rewrap the area with the ceiling. to prevent any more oil from escaping. president biden announced today. he's nominating jerome powell for a second four year term as federal reserve chair if confirmed by the senate power will remain one of the most powerful economic officials in the world. the second term is set to begin in february. one of his biggest challenges will be balancing interest rates with the threat of rising inflation. well this could be a big year for thieves known as porch pirates, according to cnet, some $63 billion i packages could be left on doorsteps this year. last year package theft increased by 20. reporter heather sullivan has more on what works and what doesn't when it comes to keeping your package is safe. researchers for criminal justice studies found gates cameras and a car parked right out front don't necessarily prevent a theft, but they say it is less likely the
12:25 pm
more obstacles there are. if the porch is visible from inside the home and by neighbors and packages are smaller security experts say. sign up to get the carriers text alerts when the package is delivered. so you were a neighbor can grab it right away, whether it's amazon or fedex or ups. they have those tracking systems where you can kind of look at where your packages within your neighborhood and so you really know the exact time that it's going to it's going to iraq. a lot of the delivery services will let you schedule a drop off. which would definitely, you know, make things easier, um, and also requiring a signature will keep them from just lea hat delivered to you at work to the store or to a locker where you can pick it up. amazon for instance, has amazon locker and these are secure drop off pickup sites at drug stores. gas stations whole foods, remember to leave lights on or use lights on timers or motion sensors to keep the porch visible, you know. if you've got allowed dog
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just make sure he or she is front and center that can that can help a lot, too. you can get a porch lockbox for deliveries, and if you have a security or doorbell camera, make sure it's visible to the thieves. you can also use a delivery service. this is an app called fetch. you have your packages sent to their warehouse. then they send you a text message when they arrive. then you choose a two hour window, you know, you'll be home for delivery. heather sullivan reporting there, she adds. if you have a package stolen, you can ask the retailer or credit card company to replace it or refund your money. still to come in noon area food banks struggling this holiday season why they're facing new challenges this year due to rising costs and the shortage of supplies plus democrats have notched a victory in the house, but republicans are doing their best to block the build back better bill in the senate. i'm carolina shevlin. washin
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nature's bounty gives you more, police say dozens of people broke into several high end stores installed as much merchandise as they could grab before running off and getaway cars. other incidents also
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happened in walnut creek, hayward, san leandro and san jose. oakland police are investigating a string of violent robberies at cannabis dispensaries around the city. several dispensaries were targeted by thieves over the weekend, security guards at one of the businesses exchanged gunfire with the robbers. one of the suspects was wounded. and police have made at least one arrest. police say the man suspected of driving his suv into a christmas parade in suburban milwaukee, killing at least five people and injuring 48 had been in a domestic disturbance just minutes prior. the driver has been identified as 39 year old daryl brooks. he had a long history of crime dating back into the early nineties with two open cases in milwaukee county right now. one filed on november five includes charges for reckless endangerment, resisting an officer bail jumping, disorderly conduct and domestic battery. police say there is no evidence this crash was a terrorist attack here at home. a $10,000 reward is being offered after a 17 year old boy was shot and killed in east oakland. police
12:31 pm
say he was shot around 8 20 saturday night on carrington street near 39th avenue. he was pronounced dead at the scene. police have yet to release much information on the shooting. they do say that no arrests have been made oakland police and crime stoppers offering up to $10,000 in reward money that lead for information that leads to an arrest. oakland police also reports that hundreds of drivers took part in illegal side shows over the weekend. one such sideshow blocked 98th avenue and macarthur boulevard in east oakland saturday night. police say as many as 500 vehicles were involved. police announced plans to have dedicated teams watching for these illegal gatherings. officers also planning to go to the homes of people participating until the cars that were involved in alameda. there was a rally and memorial to remember and honor for people who were hit and killed by cars. this year, it was part of global world day of remembrance yesterday. it's held on the third sunday in november to honor those who have died or have been. severely injured and
12:32 pm
preventable traffic collisions. the group bike walk, alameda held a rally and memorial at city hall, followed by a group ride in alameda for pedestrians were killed this year, including alameda county supervisor wilma chan. and former ktvu news director fred zinder. organizers are calling on everyone to do their part to keep the streets safer for people on foot and those riding bikes. it's not just distracted drivers. it's not just our history of car, first road design. it's not just our deadly trend towards more massive cars and trucks. it's not just speeding. it's not just crappy infrastructure for bikes an riders that reinforced our dependen system. it's not just are insistent on abundant free parking everywhere. it's all of those things and much, much more. after the rally, the group bike to the four crash locations and placed flowers at each one
12:33 pm
to remember the victims. police are still searching for a man who accidentally fired a gun at atlanta's hartsfield international airport and ran away. all flights were temporarily halted saturday after the gun went off at a security checkpoint here. you see some of the panic and chaos that caused at what is one of the nation's busiest airport right at the start of the busy thanksgiving travel week. three people suffered minor injuries while trying to get to safety. all airport operations are now back to normal. the cia says it's currently screening more airline passengers than at any other time since the beginning of the pandemic. the agency says it checked more than two million passengers a day. friday, saturday and sunday. air travel is expected to be very busy for the next three days working up to thursday's thanksgiving holiday. please please show up to 2.5 hours, maybe even three hours early. have your documents your id your passport ready to go? the cia is also reminding airline passengers to wear a mask at all times in the airport and on a plane regardless of
12:34 pm
their vaccination status. more than 90% of federal workers have received at least one dose of a covid-19 vaccine by today's deadline set by president biden. the president announced in september that all federal workers were required to undergo vaccination with no test out option unless they secured and approved medical or religious exemption. us officials said the vast majority of federal workers are fully vaccinated and that a small number have pending or approved exceptions to the mandate. workers who are not in compliance are set to begin a counseling process that could ultimately result in their termination. if they do not get a shot or secure and approved exception for vaccination. the tsh reported today that nearly 93% of his workers have received at least one shot. that number was 60% just last month. jesus says it's confident it will not have a shortage of airport screeners as the busy holiday travel season starts to get underway. triple a reports more than 90% of the people planning to travel during this thanksgiving holiday will be hitting the road. and paying a
12:35 pm
lot more for gas compared to this time last year, triple a reports the average price in california right now is $4.71 for a gallon of regular unleade. that's more than a dollar 50 compared to what we were paying. thanksgiving last year. the bay area has the highest gas prices in the state drivers are paying and the average of $4.90 for a gallon and napa marin. that's just a penny less in san francisco, the averages 4 88 oakland's average gas prices $4.79 a gallon. food banks here in the bay area are facing major challenges. as we head into the holiday season, food banks are struggling to secure enough food to meet the growing demand and the number of people needing help because of the pandemic. bay area food banks say that's because of rising prices of items and then the supply and j crisis. according to the bay area news group. daily essentials have gone up 20% in the past month alone for the alameda county food bank. that means coming up with an extra $60,000 a month. house democrats were ecstatic after passing the president's sweeping domestic spending plan back on friday.
12:36 pm
but now the evenly split senate get it gets its say there's already talk that bill will have to be scaled way back to win the vote of every single democrat. caroline shively has more from washington. the bill that better bill is passed. victory was sweet for house democrats on friday, but it could be brief. every single republicans opposed to it. we just need one democrat just one to oppose it. and this bill dies in the senate republicans have to senate democrats in mind joe manchin and kirsten cinema. the moderates still haven't said they'll vote for the president's nearly $2 trillion social safety net and climate change bill. it'll take substantial changes, including on the price tag to get their support. the nonpartisan congressional budget office found that the house bill will add $160 billion to the deficit over 10 years. the white house maintains the measures paid for the democrats sound confident they'll be able to move the bill through the senat. we have a great opportunity here it is some great things and childcare and affordable housing and. in climate and lowering
12:37 pm
prescription drug costs and health care costs overall, and i think we can do it, but house republicans say they're not done fighting if the senate changes it. any of those changes has to come back to the house, so we have another bite at the apple here. as for timing, congress is off this week for thanksgiving recess, but senate democrats want to vote in their chamber before christmas. in washington, carolina, shively ktvu, fox two news. a new, grim milestone in the fight against covid data from johns hopkins university show. we've already surpassed the number of covid death this year compared to last year's total in the united states. more than 770,000 people have died from the coronavirus so far at the end of last year, that number was 385,000. researchers say it's due to lower vaccination rates and the delta variant as cases and hospitalizations are on the rise in places such as new england and the midwest, mass are once again required indoors in senator cruz county. the mandate applies of businesses and private settings with members of different households. this
12:38 pm
includes thanksgiving gathering. health officials say the decision is based on current numbers. covid hospitalizations are up as well as case rates, which has increased 29% from just two weeks ago. health officials say the indoor mask mandate will likely continue in the next year. the effort by barea health agencies to get children, the covid-19 vaccine appears to be paying off. it's now been nearly three weeks since federal health agencies approved covid vaccine for children between the ages of five and 11. and roughly one out of every four children in the bay area's largest counties have already received that first shot. that figure is even higher in marin county, where 40% of the children have been vaccinated. the college of marin says it's waiving tuition and mandatory fees for the spring semester. the free tuition will apply to all students enrolled in more than a half unit and will cover 18 units worth of classes. college of marin is hoping to ease some of the burden students may be facing during the pandemic. the program is being paid for with federal covid relief funds. those have
12:39 pm
already paid for the spring semester will be getting a refund. you see regions officially announced an end to standardized tests to admit students to the university of california. the u. c system committed last year to stop using the s, a t and t tests. critics argue those exams are biased against low income, disabled and minority students. now applicants will be evaluated on their grades, extracurricular activities and responses. 23 randomly generated essay questions. i honestly think that's great. i feel as though standardized testing puts a lot of pressure on students that they shouldn't have. and i don't think that one test should determine. whether you get into a school and off. the uc system admitted its most diverse class this fall when it didn't require standardized testing. 43% of students admitted to you see, we're from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups still to come in noon, the holiday shopping season now underway and what used to be typically, the busiest shopping day of the year is changing why companies are rolling out there. black friday deals earlier than ever. dry
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mild pattern continuing for today and beyond. i'll have a look at what you can expect for the afternoon and for your holiday week coming up. mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross!
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so you can work that budget and get those savings. the holiday noted to prevent crowds from gathering in stores, according to the national retail federation that caused sales to go up more than 8% if you haven't started your holiday shopping, you may be in luck. actually for the past few weeks, businesses have been warning consumers of possible shortages due to disruptions. in the global supply chain. some have even been rolling out early black friday sales to encourage shoppers to act early, but analysts say shopping early does not mean you'll always find the best prices. i've been covering black friday a long time and here's what i find every year that you'll still get the best deals actually. on friday, first of all toys, games gaming systems. elektronik of any type kitchen gadgets and tvs. i don't know how people can fit more tvs in their homes, because every year they seem to buy more and more tvs, but that is a great day to buy a tv. so here's my rule of thumb. if it has a plug on it, you'll probably get a better deal waiting until black friday. even though there have been concerns about keeping
12:44 pm
store shelves stocked. retail sales have been increasing for months now, which proves a lot of merchandise is making its way to those stores. many of them ordered early as well. consumers may be noticing higher prices on nearly everything. this holiday reporter christina coleman shows us what's causing the jump in prices and what will be done to ease some of the financial pain. sticker shock is putting a damper on a holiday season, where many americans were hoping to get back to normal costs are rising for groceries and gas and nearly everything in between, according to the labor department. prices for consumer goods are up more than 6% compared to 12 months ago, due in large part to increase cost to manufacturers. that's the largest one year increase in over two decades, adding to the problem, a surge of post pandemic demand and worldwide delays in production and shipping ports and trucking companies have been working around the clock to address the backlog. 24 7 opposite long beach in la or the sweeper ships that are picked and picking up empty containers that are having an effect, and it's not just
12:45 pm
your holiday shopping that will cost extra. as temperatures dropping the price of home heating is expected to rise. the biden administration announced this week that it plans to use some of the $1.9 trillion in covid relief passed earlier this year to offset those costs. republicans meanwhile, blamed the white house has pushed. towards renewable energy. mark my words we are going to see this winter in the boston harbor. russian tankers delivering energy to the united states because of the policies of this administration. this by the high prices, a recent gallup poll found around two thirds of americans expect to spend the same amount on christmas this year, as they did in 2020 e commerce cells are projected to be up by 10% and for those who still haven't bought their thanksgiving turkey. the good news is there's no significant shortage, but on average. they cost nearly double what they did just two years ago in los angeles. christina coleman fox news. mary. no we need the rain, but it is awfully pretty out
12:46 pm
there right now, with all that sun another enjoyable one out there. yes, but the blue skies the sunshine garcia, michael o to you to all of you and temperatures ranging in the sixties and low seventies. how about a view over sfo, where the sun is shining there, and temperatures are expected to be just as warm as yesterday. before we dropped slightly into tuesday. we're not seeing big change come our way in the coming days. here's a look at storm tracker. two very quiet out there. we've got a couple of things going on one on the north edge of the state, one on the southern edge of the states. i shushed in the last half hour. los angeles stealing with a red flag warning for that dry northeast wind, and it's very gusty. that going until three o'clock. but notice what's happening off the coastline there. there's actually a weak system that is expected to bring a cloud cover to southern california a little bit later today and maybe a rogue shower or two. meanwhile, we continue to watch this system. that is dropping into areas of washington and then into oregon, but by the time it reaches us, it falls apart and we're not looking at any rain. the models
12:47 pm
had suggested. we may see some rain on tuesday. no longer the case. we're going to drop temperatures a little bit, perhaps introduce a little bit more cloud cover. but we are expected to remain dry. there's a look at wednesday. the big travel day, which is good news. if you do have to travel, you don't have to worry about the wet roadways and then into thanksgiving day. we continue with the dry weather as we get a little bit closer to the weeken, the ridge starts to build back in and notice how that storm track pushes all the way into canada, so we are looking at a dry eye week ahead with temperatures. arranging in the sixties, a few low seventies and i'll show you those numbers in just a moment. but for today, mostly sunny and unseasonably mild 68 degrees at half moon bay we have 65 reported in san francisco low sixties in the north bay, 61 in nevada, low sixties in walnut creek and for the south bay right now, 66 over san jose. 70 degrees in areas near fremont into the north bay. a few more numbers here. we've got low sixties over areas near petaluma, 63 pen grove and as we
12:48 pm
shift to the peninsula upper sixties for sam matteo, belmont, san carlos 68 right now over stanford for the afternoon for the inner east bay. we have upper sixties. nice and mild 70 for napa city of san francisco, as well as oakland, paris, 68 for you there, as well as cemetery redwood city, looking at 70 degrees for the afternoon, your extended forecast. so, with that system dropping in bringing us a little bit of cloud cover tomorrow, also going to bring in a little bit of cooler air temperatures fall off a few degrees. but only to go back up slightly wednesday. thursday into your holiday and then friday into the weekend for all those that plan on shopping, you've got some great weather, or maybe enjoying the outdoors, with temperatures ranging from the upper sixties to about 70 degrees. back to you, rosemary. watch a derogatory term and is moving to have it removed from federal lands. secretary holland is the first native american to lead a cabinet agency. she's from laguna pueblo in new
12:49 pm
mexico. she's taking steps to remove the term from use by the federal government and to replace other existing derogatory place names. secretary holland says federal lands and waters should not perpetuate legacies of oppression. secretary holland was at alcatraz yesterday. her visit came exactly 52 years after native american activists gained international attention by occupying the former federal prison on the island secretary hollande discussed ways the federal government is now trying to better serve the nation's indigenous communities. in honor of world children's day. oakland mayor libby chef joined volunteers over the weekend to help distribute donated items to families in need. you have been so amazing in your service to this community. world children's day. we don't need to celebrate it just one day a year. let us celebrate it every day every year. the group put together bags of supplies, which included diapers, baby wipes, school supply, a kids, hats, gloves,
12:50 pm
socks and mass. saturday's event was organized by a bay area islamic sufism group. still to come at noon. are you looking for something to do with your family? this week? we'll take a look at what's new at the box we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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ball, it connects the call to you. researchers say they invented the device to help pets deal with some separation anxiety as their owners are returning to the office. but there's no word on when this could be available to consumers. family adventures, possible oscar contenders and more actually divorced. it is taking a look at movie options in theaters and streaming at home this thanksgiving week. i will save the magic thanksgiving wee. movies include the musical adventure, incanto. it's about
12:54 pm
this extraordinary family, the mad rickles, who live in the mountains of colombia, and everybody in the family has these like special powers. everyone except mirabelle. but then soon they realized that miracle may hold the key to protecting that power is what matters stage to screen stories set on thanksgiving, the humans about three generations of family. he who come together in a cramped. chinatown apartment in new york city to celebrate thanksgiving for the film is layered with nuance, and it makes it deeply haunting and ultimately very moving. i have been the gucci on my life, a star filled cast invites audiences to house of gucci. really fantastic ensemble, but it is lady gaga and jared leto, who have the most transformativ. performances in this film. it is about primarily the marriage between maurizio gucci and patricia reggiano, complete with its all its ups and downs and vicious portrayal, and ultimately, murder come on
12:55 pm
resident evil raccoon city brings an action thriller it is on streaming is halle berry's directorial debut, bruised, shes fallen on, but when the son that she had given up returns into her life and inspires her to fight for one last chance at redemption. and while we're talking about thanksgiving, those christmas movies are rolling out. so eight bit christmas, you huddled masses wanna play? it's about a kid who is obsessed with obtaining the brand new video game system called nintendo. this is bigger than christmas in hollywood, ashley barkin. fox news. retail experts say. expect to pay more for your christmas tree this year. whether it is real or artificial prices could be 10 to 30% higher and they're likely be fewer options for you. several factors influencing this higher price in short supply. it takes trees about 10 years to mature and fewer trees were planted after the economic recession back in 2000 and nine san francisco 49 ers will host
12:56 pm
the minnesota vikings on sunday following their latest impressive victory out there on the road quarterback jimmy garoppolo. cost for 176 yards, two touchdowns. no interceptions as the niners beat jacksonville yesterday. 30 to 10 49 are scored on their first five possessions. san francisco's defense to shut down jacksonville's offense. the niners are now five and five on the season and back in the race for a playoff spot. i think you know these past 14 days of i want to change our team, but it's definitely we're moving in the right direction. now i'll say and so we just gotta keep going. it's a you know, there's a lot of football left to be played. minnesota's. gonna be a good challenge for us this week coming up and we gotta get ready for him. 49ers were coming off their biggest victory of the season when they defeated the rams 31 10 1 week ago on monday night football. las vegas raiders will take on the dallas cowboys on thanksgiving following their latest loss. bay area native joe mixon rushed for 123 yards and scored two touchdowns as the cincinnati bengals. defeated the raiders 30 to 13 in vegas yesterday. this
12:57 pm
was the raiders third straight loss since their bye week when they had the lead in the fc west and quarterback derek carr could not hide. his frustration after throwing an interception in the fourth quarter. been a raider fan for a long time. you know, 20 years of this #### is enough. you know, i'm fed up. i just want to be a part of the moment it changes. you know, i want that so bad. and, um that's what keeps driving me. raiders are now five and five on the season and dropped to third place in the west. don't forget to tune into ktvu fox you on thanksgiving for some nfl football. the detroit lions host the chicago bears thanksgiving more. one group went three for three, including artist of the year and this year is american music awards. the american music award goes. to let me boy band from south korea won artist of the year and took home favorite
12:58 pm
pop duo or group and favorite pop song for their hit butter. 18 year old olivia rodrigo was nominated for seven awards. she won new artist of the year. we're still much today amazes and to the fans who voted for this award means so much to me, um, writing songs is my favorite thing in the whole world. and i am so grateful. taylor swift won favorite pop album forevermore and also one favorite female pop artist, an exhibit featuring some of the most famous creations of the artist banksy opens today at the palace of fine arts in san francisco. event producers say they've put together. the largest private collection of banksy's art ever showcase. there are more than 90 pieces, including girl in balloon and flower thrower. some of banksy's art has been spotted around san francisco and elsewhere over the years, but organizers say this is the largest display of the artwork to be seen in one place. if people would want to go see
12:59 pm
banksy art works out in the streets that have to travel to a lot of cities around the world were giving the public a unique opportunity to get the c over 90. original banksy art piece, just in one same space, which is a fantastic one of a kind opportunity, so we're trying to bring the artist closer to the public. banksy did not authorize this event. organizers say it features pieces sold to private collectors. the exhibit runs until january 3rd at the palace of fine arts. clinton square looks a lot like legoland. over the weekend, lego and target teamed up to host this pop up experience showcasing limited edition legos that are only available at target target released the lego collection just in time for the holiday season. we're able to add shop for christmas and they're able to play around and check out everything is really smart. move my lego and target. the interactive pop up also featured a lego competition. a lot of legos on the christmas list this year. mike are there they're not cheap, right? i mean, they are not like especially during the pandemic. the prices have
1:00 pm
increased. look, it's not a device. it's not electronic. it's real play and hopefully sharing so i like it. i like it too. thanks for watching everybody. our next guest is coming up at four o'clock. more coverage online ktvu .com have a coverage online ktvu .com have a dr. oz: next "oz," from when to get your flu shot to how to get rid of pesky hiccups. the top five most googled health questions that are not about coronavirus. holly holly robinson peete's dar opens up about her struggle with adhd. and foodgod's ultimate guide to the most outrageous things to eat. ♪ dr. oz: there's no turning back. google has become the world's go-to doctor making house calls by the millisecond. researchers estimate it
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