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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 18, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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in the north bay, a man suspected of firing shots around the neighborhood dies while being restrained by officers. i think they had a lot of patients with them. he was running around for like about a good five minutes with the breaking his hand. neighbors say the man died after a fierce struggle with police. good evening. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville has happened on peach cord in southwest santa rosa early this morning new attend ktvu deborah villalon live at the police department with surveillance video. shared by witnesses. deborah. mike witnesses say the man was taste more than once to subdue him. but after he was on the ground, he stopped breathing. gunshots captured on home surveillance, waking people up on santa rosa's peach court just after one a.m.
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alarmed to see the shooter darting around their yards. you know, sign before? i don't recognize him. 911 calls brought santa rosa police to the cul de sac. hey you know the ground ground. by that time the man had dropped the rifle but had picked up heavy landscape, brick and rock also pulling pathway lights from the ground in agitation. he was yelling and, you know, just i'm going to do it. i'm going to do it, and that's all. i heard him do it. yeah, that's not true by that time, but the cops were outside. i mean, everyone in the neighborhood was out some point. i think. he charged that the officer and the officer taste them. angela ortiz watched from her front window and heard the sound of tasers. as the man continued to resist in the street about 44 or five cops on
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top of them trying to get him down. he was still yelling even on the floor. so he was yelling, screaming moments later, police say, handcuffed and rolled on his side. the man stopped breathing and could not be resuscitated that sealed off peach court for much of the day for the death investigation, there was a long rifle. located with some suspected drug paraphernalia or some drugs at the scene. sonoma county sheriff's detectives will lead the case they will be doing an autopsy and tox report hopefully shed some light on what type of medical emergency he had. casings were recovered, and at least one vehicle took a bullet. no longer drive of all, but ortiz is just glad it was her car and not one of her neighbors hit and i was really scared, so i just wanted them to get control of him. he couldn't even imagine if it was during the day and little kids were playing outside and he was running around doing that. the man who died as identified as 40 year old jordan's poss, who has
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family in the area, but not on that particular street. now in the next few days, santa rosa police will release the body worn camera video, plus the names and ranks of at least four officers involved. julie. deborah villalon in santa rosa for us tonight, deborah. thank you. the search for of alejo teenager is over tonight and a statewide amber alert has been canceled after the girl was found safe. detectives spoke with her and one of them is not a case of child abduction, but rather a poorly planned decided prank. santa rosa. police believe the girl was kidnapped after surveillance video showed a man forcing her into a van outside a gas station yesterday, but the amber alert was canceled and called off this morning when the girl was found safe at her house. police still have not said if anyone was arrested in connection to the prank new details tonight about this morning's deadly shooting right near the bay bridge toll plaza. it is a shooting that has left many drivers nervous and concerned ktvu is amber leave live for us tonight. with more on the story, amber. mike the
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chp has not released the description of the suspect vehicle or whether it was captured on surveillance camera. but a law enforcement source tells me the shooting appears to be deliberate. chp says at about 9 12 thursday morning, a woman was sitting in the passenger seat of a maroon and gray as you ve when she was shot and killed while traveling on interstate 80 west. near west grand avenue. also in the suv, was a man who was the driver and two young children. extremely scary that the roads and freeways and now safe anymore, a law enforcement source has identified the woman as 29 year old amani morris of oakland. the source tells me the suspect vehicle drove up from behind, pulled up alongside the suv and started shooting into the vehicle numerous times. chp has not confirmed the details are given a motive. it appears the driver of the suv was able
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to pull off to the side of this access road to the toll plaza. i can't imagine being in a car driving and just all of a sudden and get hit by a bullet. it's very traumatizing. this man tells me he works as a driver for food delivery service, he says the frequency of freeway shootings in oakland is alarmin. he says he's careful to avoid getting involved in a road rage incident. this could be very mindful. very cautious of your surroundings. um. just be very just more aware of what you're doing and how you're going about doing that. this is the second deadly freeway shooting in oakland in less than two weeks on november 6th. 23 month old jasper wu was shot and killed while sitting in the white sedan his mother was driving along. i 80 80. investigators say the child was the victim of a stray bullet. the. violence is just it's it makes it feel like it's like dangerous to even go outside your house. i feel so bad for the families and for the personal themselves, um it just
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as the horrible situation. drivers tell me the scary part is there's not much they can do to protect themselves when there is a shooting on the freeway. chp is asking for help from anyone with information, mike. thursday morning commute and shooting and now homicide investigation. right, hamburg. thank you for that report. we are learning more information about another shooting that left two people dead in the city of oakland. this happened in an apartment building on 17th and broadway. just after midnight. police say a man and a woman were found dead at the scene. officers say everyone involved in the incident has been identified, but did not say if anyone has been arrested. the man accused of attacking a prominent chinatown leader appeared in court today has ktvu crime reporter henry lee explains. he was supposed to be sentenced. but now the case has been put on hold. james lee ramsey was in an oakland courtroom awaiting his sentence for his unprovoked attack on karl chan, president of the
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oakland chinatown chamber of commerce. chan addressed the court, saying other victims of asian descent are scared to be walking the streets. we should be able to be anywhere. at any time. you should be safe when people are saying the wrong place at the wrong time. if it wasn't me, it could have been another person back in april. ramsey knock chan to the ground from behind as you walk near eighth and broadway in downtown oakland. though dazed and bloodied, chan was able to take this photo of ramsey, who was arrested a short while later by oakland police. as part of a plea deal. ramsey pleaded no contest to assault and the d a dropped a criminal threats, charge and hate crime allegation. but the key issue in court was how to punish ramsey, but at the same time ensure that he's treated for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. prosecutor peter mcguinness said he wants ramsey to serve four years they locked and secure facility higher the events. he was off his medication for eight or nine months. he also said he did not want to escape medication. nor doesn't think he needs. defense attorney michael
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wilson argued against a straight prison sentence with no guarantee of quality mental health care in the first to admit that there is no perfect solution to this. as i said, i think your honor is has been deprived of any number of tools potentially available for now, judge scott patton said before he sentences ramsey. he wants him to be evaluated by the state referral to a treatment and diagnosis. facility at the department of corrections for a 90 day period. i don't want to be remembered as only a victim, chan says. the community needs to work together to make sure everyone is safe. i'm inviting. or this. to be the game changes. to improve. our community. to making sure that public safety for everyone. james ramsey will learn his fate in february after state corrections officials are done with their evaluation in oakland. henry lee ktvu fox two news. charges have been filed in the death of an east based cyclists killed in lafayette back in april and the
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contra costa county district attorney's office says laurie everitt was charged with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. for hitting and killing 87 year old joe shammy. the da's office says effort failed to yield in a roundabout at pleasant hill road, an olympic boulevard on april 13th joe shammy was known as a legend in the cycling community, writing to the top of mount diablo every week. for more than a decade, the fremont police department held a swearing in ceremony today for its new chief. out of minors. they have an opportunity and privilege to serve those who work. and live in this reading community. i'm honored to carry on our ftp tradition of excellence established by those inspirational and innovative leaders who came before me. i am confident that chief sean armstrong took his official oath of office back on october 1st to meet statutory requirements but never had a ceremony he takes over for kimberly peterson. she announced her retirement back in
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march after 25 years of service. the vote on president biden spending bill has been pushed back until tomorrow after house minority leader kevin mccarthy. took to the floor. for a marathon for our speech the democrats made it clear. they wanted to freeze the american people out. from knowing what their government has in store for them. earlier today, the congressional budget office released it's estimated that the $1.7 trillion bill would increase the deficit by $160 billion over the next decade. house speaker nancy pelosi said the bill will make childcare more affordable, provide funding for climate control and expand medicare and medicaid. this is historic. it is transformative. it will help us build back better with women. all those who had not previously had the full advantage, but this workforce development and the rest in the legislation. democratic leaders
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say the house will reconvene eight o'clock tomorrow morning for a vote. now, if the bill passes the house, it will then go on to the senate, where significant changes are likely to appease moderate democrats. please conserve water. this is completely this is doable. new drought restrictions in the south bay. the surcharge customers can expect if they don't cut back on water. and we are tracking some scattered showers out there the rain tonight and tomorrow morning, we'll time it out for you. plus the weekend forecast back here in a few minutes, and it's been a crystal clear sign for decades that the holidays are upon us. the macy's tree lighting ceremony in san francisco's union square at 10 30. how police plan to keep shoppers police plan to keep shoppers safe this holiday season. (soft music) hey dad, i'm about to leave. don't forget your hat . good morning. how can i help? i need help connecting with my students.
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behind every last minute save, ok, that works. and holiday surprise, thank you! a customer service rep is working unseen, making it happen. and at genesys, we're proud to help them help you everyday.
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and at genesys, surcharge added to their water bills if they go over their allotted water amount. ktvu azenith smith joins us now live in campbell to explain as in it. julie san jose water provides water to residents here in campbell and several south bay cities. the goal for senate clark county is to cut water use by 15. and so far, conservation is in the single digits. customers who get water from san jose water company may soon have to pay up if they use too much
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water. so the idea is that. we're kind of trying to force people to conserve. it has to happen. we're in just a terrible drought. on wednesday, the california public utilities commission approved a san jose water companies request to tack on a drought surcharge for those who fail to conserve back in june wholesalers santa clara valley water district told everyone to cut water use by 15% we saw a 7% reduction in water use compared to 2019. now that's good. but we're not there yet. san jose water customers must cut their water by 15% from 2019 levels will be noted on your bill. why 2019? that is the most recent year. california wasn't in a drought if you don't cut by the 15, and you're over your allocation. will be charged $7.13 for every allocation every unit over your allocation customers we spoke to weren't thrilled about the idea that company provides water to one
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million people. in san jose, cupertino, campbell, moscato, saratoga and monte sereno. more people are at home. because of the covid. and so it seems like we can't be comparing a time when we were out of the house versus now when we're in the house way more water officials say the easiest way to cut back is with outdoor irrigation water inventory remains, though recent rain has helped but isn't nearly enough after two very dry years, according to the u. s. drought monitor, much of california remains in extreme drought. our reservoirs are still at only about 11. of total capacity, so we have a long way to go to fill up those reservoirs. this customer doesn't like the surcharge but plans to conserve even more. now that i know money is attached. i will be. way more thoughtful and aware of what we're doing. and customers have been charged before for using too much water during the last major drought in 2000 and 16 customers could see drought surcharges on their bills. early
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next year. julie azenith smith, thank you. the situation may not ease soon a third year of drought conditions. you data from the national oceanic and atmospheric administration shows drought conditions will stay in almost all of california through february. earlier forecast suggested that northern california might seem more moisture this winter. but today's predictions show that latynina will bring heavy downpours to oregon and washington and drier than normal conditions here in california. federal grand jury has indicted a former lecturer in criminology at santa clara and sonoma state universities for allegedly setting for wildfires in northern california this past summer 47 year old gary steven maynard allegedly started the fires in july and august. right near the last in in shasta trinity national forest. court documents say the fires threatened to trap firefighters who were battling the nearby dixie fire. maynard faces up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine for each count of
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arson. okay looking at the next rank coming our way. and like julie mansion, it is kind of a weak or moderate lot a year, which it means typically, it'll mean a little less rainfall, maybe a little cooler. but we're right on the line that will mainly stand for southern california. and so we're kind of on the line of maybe i don't think it's going to have a big impact on us. truthfully the line in your where it sends us. the signature is such in the positioning of the way it works out is we will get about what we normally get, or at least if on a on a basic latina plan, like this would probably we're right in the middle of a area in northern california should be okay. okay so these are the showers that we're talking abou? very light. it's almost a non event in terms of rainfall. considering what we've seen this time so far this october, november. we are headed for some rain as we go into next week and then probably the week after that. there's a potential for some more rain that will help a
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lot. we are well above and ahead of where we need to be for this time of year, but still right. you want to stay ahead? it's like you're getting money in your bank account. you want to pad that bad boy, and that's where we are. so this next system isn't going to do much to pat it. it's going to set us up at about 1/10 of an inch for the average. and then santa was a may just get trace amounts. fremont 500 something like that. so there is that chance of showers. it's late tonight and early tomorrow morning, and tomorrow morning. i'm talking like 456 a m. might be a little bit of wet on the roadways, the north bay or in the central bas. to drive to work should not be a hindrance other than a little bit of wet on the roadway by afternoon. it's partly sunny, mostly sunny and temperatures will be back in the low sixties. so. it's not a non non event, but it's a non event and that it's not going to show you down from doing whatever you're doing weekend looks good. when i come back. we'll talk about that. and look at the five day all right, bill. thank you knew at 10 teachers in south san francisco rallied right outside the school board meeting tonight, advocating for better pay. money
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okay? members of the south san francisco classroom teachers association say they can't support their families on what they currently earn. the district and the association have reached tentative agreements on various contract language proposals, but we'll continue bargaining tomorrow. teachers with the qatari rohnert park unified school district have authorized a possible strike more than 90% of the teachers voted to go on strike if they can't reach an agreement with the district. union leaders say the average paid for district teachers is significantly below the state average, while the cost of living in sonoma county is among the highest. they're asking for a multi year agreement that does require the district to prioritize educators in the budget. a superior court judge today. set aside the san francisco school boards. controversial policy change on admissions at lowell high school in february, the board shifted lowell high school from merit based admissions to the lottery system that's used at other high schools. the judge found that
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the board violated california's open meeting law by failing to provide a sufficient description of the resolution on its agenda. the district says it is reviewing the ruling. coming up the effort to recall san francisco's district attorney airs its first tv advertisement plus. we want to find out what happened to our brother. it was healthy. the family of the man found dead inside the santa rita jail in dublin now speaking out, and they want answers. also ahead. it's been four years since the disastrous coyote creek flooding at 10 45. the pay out hundreds of victims will now out hundreds of victims will now receive if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out endorsing the recall francisco district attorney chase a. boudin began airing today on bay area cable tv. the safety of san francisco is dependent upon chase of being recalled as soon as possible support political ad is from safer sf without booting
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campaign, a coalition of community leaders, small business owners and families. who want the d a out of office. backers of this ad say boudin's incompetence and mismanagement of the d a s office has led to more than 40% of the lawyers in the office, leaving since he took office. boudin's supporters say turnover is expected, especially as boudin tries to reform the department. they also called the recall campaign quote radical and say it's pushing dishonest and false attacks. we are hearing from the family of a man who died at santa rita jail. he was arrested over the summer and earlier this week he was found unresponsive in his cell. as ktvu cristina rendon reports. his family says he should not have been in jail and was not given proper care while in custody. elvira and tiffany monk of oakland, say the system failed their brother maurice monkey, it all started because he wouldn't wear his mask on the bus, and he was arguing with the bus driver, so he went to jail. monk was arrested on making a
10:24 pm
criminal threat to the bus driver in june. the charge was later reduced to a misdemeanor. he was arrested and taken to john george psychiatric hospital. his sisters say he suffered from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. but after monk missed a court date, a warrant was issued for his arrest. and he ended up at santa rita jail in october. the 45 year old was found dead in his cell at santa rita on monday. if you 45% of natural causes. what possibly killed somebody at a young guys are 45. i didn't give him his medicine. this is the document. i was trying to get over a virus says she tried emailing and calling the jail about her brother's medicine for weeks. on the same day, she was going to fax over the information she was notified by authorities. monk had died. he went up in their healthy i go to the doctor with him. i went with him to get the holiday all shot on october 26. his next shot was due november. 26 i tried to get paperwork, court records obtained by ktvu show monks. public defender argued to have him released from jail a day before he was due for his next scheduled prescribed
10:25 pm
shot for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. but a judge denied the request and his family couldn't afford to pay bail. there's absolutely no reason i mean. no reason that i can think of in regards to why. the court would keep mr monk essentially locked in a cage when he's suffering from mental health issues. promising quote. alameda county public defender brendan wood says monks should not have been in jail to begin with, and sees no legitimate reason why he was held. the system continues to fail black and brown people. the system continues to fail. poor people, the system continues to feel people with mental illness. the sheriff's office says. there are no signs of foul play or criminal activity and that he was in the cell alone. part of a statement reads. we are saddened when anyone passes away in our custody. we go to great lengths to make sure all people in our custody receive exceptional healthcare and other services. we work with the population of people who struggle with poverty and a lack of access to proper
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healthcare, education programs and services. the women say their brother should still be alive. he had a life to live. he had two kids. he was a happy person. we want to find out what happened to our brother. he was healthy. there is an investigation into mark's death. cristina rendon ktvu, fox two news. and now a quick clarification before we continu. we misspoke earlier tonight and referring to the chief of the fremont police department, the chief's name is shawn washingto, still to come a three of the final written our deliberations and still no verdict later tonight. the mistrial request still lingering over the case. also an effort to get children vaccinated before the holidays. how the oakland unified school district is working to make it easier for families to get the shot plus. holiday lights are back up in union square along with holiday shopping coming up, we'll tell you what's different at union square this year. and in sports. you could make a case for brandon crawford being the national league mvp who won the
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and we'll chase this feeling, until we can feel it... one. more. time. feel the hydrow high. the official lighting of the macy's christmas tree was held a week early. ktvu jana katsuyama was there and explains the changes holiday shoppers might see in union square this season. with a grand countdown, the giant macy's holiday tree lit up union square and nine year old shame. a standard of san francisco was the star and found amazing. shamus had the honor of lighting the tree through the make a wish foundation, along with a trip to macy's probably going to go shopping that see cera bills very emotional. it's been a. challenging time for
10:30 pm
everybody and withheld fears and everything else. we've been particularly isolated, so feels wonderful. the glow of lights brought back familiar feelings. they're very beautiful. i like them because when i walk through them, i feel like i'm in a fairy tale decorations in stores reflected a slow return to in person shopping every year is so beautiful. it's a perfect time to cheer up. after all dish pandemic, union square has been a holiday tradition for these ladies. there were some differences, though it just seems a little bit quiet, still not as vibrant. the staff was very appreciative of the people that were inside there, so we went to quite a bit of retail places this afternoon. we went to like four stops, the pandemic has taken a toll least. signs line many of the blocks as a church and m and some other large retailers such as unique low and dsw have closed their doors. those stores that remain
10:31 pm
open our advertising black friday sales early this year, coinciding with the early tree lighting, trying to get an early start on the holidays. in light of some of the delays with different deliveries and things like that, and just, you know, coming out of covid wanting to bring some happy joy and spirit early. the police chief and mayor say they are planning extra patrols, along with an ambassador program to increase safety and welcome shoppers back. during the holiday season, the ambassador program we hired retired san francisco police officers now we have 23. they also are working the area. nothing says christmas like people being out, enjoying themselves and shopping and along with the holiday tree, union square is also bringing back the lighting of the menorah on november 28. to celebrate hanukkah reporting from san francisco. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. cbs pharmacy announced it is closing 10% of its stores. as ktvu is tom vacar
10:32 pm
reports. it's just a small sign major changes are coming to retail. cvs says in closing some 10% of its stores, it's shifting to a more online digital strategy and evolving from just supplying prescriptions and sundries to having more direct healthcare personnel for patients in their stores. many of the current locations may not be particularly helpful or be the right kind of locations for that new kind of service. professor kurth ecology on, um. director of santa clara university is retail management institute says some retailers risk becoming irrelevant. many of these retailers have been a little tooth flow to close stores and refurbish the stores. they've been dragging their feet on. it example, california's very last kmart in grass valley. closes december 19th. leaving only 21 stores left. however macy's announced that it plans to close 10 stores in january
10:33 pm
but delayed 60 plan disclosures because it found out that online sales are actually stronger in markets where it has stores, often for these retailers, e commerce is a left profitable business and destroyed business. closing doors takes away the stores enormous effect of being a free living billboard, your advertising expenses can double if you shut down your physical store because that billboard effect is so strong because us brick and mortar stores, strip malls and outlet malls grew from 90,000 and 2000 to 115,000 and 2020. we probably had way too many places to shop. that's why financial giant you bs projects that if online shopping grows from 18% of retail sales today to 27% and five years. it also projects that some 80,000 retail stores will close, but others may arise. consumer behavior is moving faster than retailers
10:34 pm
ability to respond to that consumer behavior. even mighty amazon set up stores for that billboard effect. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. on wall street today. more strong corporate earnings push the markets mostly higher, saying that the dow was down 60 points, but the nasdaq gained 72 on the strength of big tech companies and the s and p was also higher up 15 points. those indexes both closed at new records shares and macy's did surge more than 20% after beating wall street forecasts. coles was up more than 10. helping protect children from covid, a major push is now underway by the oakland unified school district to get students and families vaccinated before the holidays. the aim is to prevent a possible post holiday covid surged and the focuses on areas disproportionately affected by the virus. markham elementary school served as a vaccine clinic today, california's top epidemiologist and former alameda county interim health officer, dr erica pan was on hand. administering shots to
10:35 pm
students, families and staff. the schools have been a great community location. it's a trusted site, especially if you do have you know a principle like this principle who wants to support vaccines again. bring vaccines where people are. we really also don't want their access to be a barrier right, especially in communities that were just unfortunately impacted. the district is offering 21 vaccination pop ups this week at elementary schools if students received their first shot before thanksgiving break, they can receive their second shot before winter break. dozens of children 12 and older from mexico received covid vaccines in san diego. it's all part of a new pilot program in all about 150. young people received those vaccines. today the initiative will provide doses for up to 450 children by the end of next month. mexico has lagged behind and getting vaccines to minors because of a shortage of the shots. coming up on the 11 o'clock news, the inspirational story of a football team that's
10:36 pm
making history. why players with the california school for the deaf say using sign language has helped lead them to an undefeated season. and i'm tracking raindrops in the bay area over the next 12 hours. we'll take a look at that and the weekend coming up. also if you're in the market for a car, a new report reveals why you might want to think twice about going green with a tesla.
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we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. gained national attention in recent years. there were cheers inside the rotunda at the state capitol when protesters received word that governor kevin stitt commuted the death sentence of julius jones. jones will now spend life in prison without the possibility of parole. it was
10:39 pm
found guilty of the 1999 shooting death of another man during a carjacking, but he has maintained his innocence in georgia. defense attorneys for the three man accused of killing ahmad are very rested today. this after the man charged with shooting and killing are very returned to the stand to testify in his own defense. all three defendants argued they suspected armory of robbery. and we're trying to conduct a citizens arrest under cross examination, travis mcmichael testified that the 25 year old black man's demeanor was suspicious when he first questioned him about a possible crime in the neighborhood. but mcmichael testified that are very never yelled or threatened him. the jury at the kyle rittenhouse trial has completed a third day of deliberations without reaching a verdict. meantime the judge has banned msc msnbc from the courthouse after a network freelancer was accused of following the jurors bus this as two mistrial requests from the defense are hanging over this case last week, the defense
10:40 pm
asked for a mistrial after saying the prosecutor asked improper questions. a second mistrial motion was sparked by a jury request yesterday to re watch video in the case. rittenhouse's attorneys say that the defense received an interior copy of a key video from prosecutors. tiktok is asking for help in creating a safer space for users. the social media company pulled more than 10,000, parents, teachers and teenagers in different countries about the challenges. and hoaxes found on the site. teenagers categorized nearly half of the tiktok challenges safe and 3% is very dangerous. meanwhile parents and caregivers perceived a larger percentage of the challenge is to be more dangerous. the company says a new resource center will be created for adults so that they can stay informed and all the challenges and hoaxes on the app when it comes to the most reliable automakers, tesla ranks as one of the worst. that's, according to a new study from consumer reports the organization's annual auto reliability report ranked the electric vehicle company. 27th
10:41 pm
out of 28 car brands above only lincoln. many of the issues cited were related to infotainment systems and accessories. asian makers dominated the top of the list, with lexus, mazda and toyota, claiming the top three spots the only american brand to crack the top. 10 was buick. okay still to come here on the 10 o'clock news why san francisco woman has agreed to spend the next year and a half in federal prison also ahead tonight, four years after historic flooding in san jose, hundreds of affected residents are finally getting a financial life raft from the city by the legal battle isn't ending with this six figure settlement and chief meteorologist bill martin, tracking a slight chance of rain moving into the bay area as we give you a live look at at san francisco international will have the forecast for your neighborhood. when we return.
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xarelto® is proven to treat and reduce the risk of dvt or pe blood clots from happening again. almost 98% of people did not have another dvt or pe. don't stop taking xarelto® without talking to your doctor, as this may increase risk of blood clots. while taking, a spinal injection increases risk of blood clots, which may cause paralysis. you may bruise more easily or take longer to stop bleeding. xarelto® can cause serious and in rare cases, fatal bleeding. it may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. get help right away for unexpected bleeding or unusual bruising. don't take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures and any kidney or liver problems. help protect yourself from another dvt or pe. ask your doctor about xarelto®. to learn more about cost, visit or call 1-888-xarelto
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behind bars for posing as a lawyer and lying to get six figures worth of pandemic relie. federal prosecutors say miranda devlin made up a small business in order to get $350,000 from the federal government's paycheck protection program last year. devlin also pleaded guilty to committing mail fraud, stealing and attorneys bar license and representing multiple people in court. in addition to her federal prison time, she must pay nearly $600,000 in restitution. more
10:45 pm
than 200,000 acres near lake tahoe, where scorched by the cal door fire. but according to a new study, the fire, which for , actually did not affect the clarity of the lake as much as scientists once feared. the nonprofit organization league to save lake tahoe research the water quality of the lake last month by taking water samples from more than two dozen sites. they found the quality and clarity of the lake's waters are in good condition, but there are still worrisome long term effects to the natural wildlife around the basin, including including soil degradation. the lack of plant and animal life and burned areas in the south bay. help is on the way for hundreds of san jose residents who were affected by the coyote creek flooding back in 2000 and 17. the city has agreed to split at $270,000 settlement, but his ktvu is jesse gary reports settling one lawsuit will not put an end to the legal battle over the flood. over four years ago. sections of san jose set submerged by feet of water boats
10:46 pm
were the best modes for rescue in one of the worst flooding events in city history. we know that we've got a lot more work to do. to protect our community against. natural disasters, mayor sam liccardo and the rest of the city council is settling a lawsuit with 240 residents over 2017, coyote creek, flooding the city and valley water were both named as defendants. but san jose leaders decided it was in the taxpayer's best interests to split with the water district and settle paying $270,000 and kept the represents the plaintiffs and after four years of litigation, we are satisfied with the settlement as to the city of san jose, and at this time we are continuing to prepare our case for trial as to the water district. the city is set to pay each plaintiff a little over $3100 experts say it's a relatively small sum, since the city isn't liable for natural disasters. there is examples of people who get a lot
10:47 pm
more successful settlements or even win lawsuits against private companies. think of the pg any settlements most recentl. allie water has been largely criticized for releasing water from anderson lake, which flowed into an already swollen coyote creek. the water district says it's since constructed an interim flood wall and embankment along the creek to protect against future flooding. in a statement, the district says it's unfortunate that some have had to deal with the flooding and the long legal process. valley water would like this process to end as quickly and as fairly as possible. valley water filed a motion for a summary judgment in the suit that remains, if that is denied in this case will go to trial may 2nd 2022. at san jose city hall, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. already speaking of san jose, we've got a live camera shot a little bit of fog moving in at the coast right now. a little bit of fog out in the
10:48 pm
golden gate bridge areas. this frontal system gets a little bit closer to the bay area. it's a weak front. fronts will do that they'll they'll kind of squeeze you the fog up against the coast of cool things down, so that condensation so there is a bit of coastal fog right now, and i think it will be around in the morning as well. here is the future cast the model. here we are now. there's the rain, right and you see that yellow that's kind of the main event and that's north of santa rosa. and then you see what happens. we're at five a.m. now. so all this happened, backed it up again. see, it all just happens about there about five a.m. six a.m. now moves through the bay area about seven a.m. with very little to show for itself after lunch time, pretty much dry and it wants to clear out fairly quickly and then after that, the weekend warm and dry. for the most part temperatures on the weekend to be in the mid sixties to be really nice weekend valley fog will be a thing as you travel through the valley. both night. late nights. early mornings, there's the chance of a shower tomorrow morning friday
10:49 pm
morning in san francisco, but that works for oakland san rafael as well and it's light. i mean, it's going to look like that, too. you're gonna have broken clouds. some signs, some clouds, some sprinkles and again compared to what we experienced last two weeks ago and two weeks before that, i mean, this is like nothing right and that's kind of what it's going to amount to nothing. it's not going to impact your travel other than the valley fog, but in terms of the wet weather potential snow in the mountains. just not going to happen. you're going to be fine going wherever you need to go, and the weekend ends up pretty sunny, pretty warm are mild. for this time of year. overnight lows will be cool. and then the patchy tooley fall becomes an issue late nights early mornings so very active pacific. here we are, okay, i'm sure you know where we over here. but we're looking way out in the pacific and you see all that cloud cover. indicating that's instability. there's stuff going on out there, but the focus of that instability misses us. it didn't miss us last month, but it's missing us so far this month. as we go into time, we can see some scattered showers out there now mainly north most of this not hitting
10:50 pm
the ground. i suspect that it is some of this might be appear. i haven't any reports yet out of bodega bay or gern. villar jenner might be seeing a little bit this area just south of san rafael. that's probably not hitting the ground that's probably just kind of evaporating for it hits the ground. there might be some jews, although along the coast current temperatures. forecast overnight lows a little warmer than last night because the cloud cover because of the rain clouds are actually warming influence as you know, and when it rains, it's actually temperature atmosphere actually warms up a little bit. okay, so there goes the system, right? there's tomorrow afternoon lunch. and then as you see it kind of just push right out, so it's a non event, but it's enough that it could impact that morning. commute weekend looks good, so let's roll with it because we really do have. good percent of average. of course, we would love to see an inch of rain right now or half inch or quarter inch, but we're not going to get it, so we're about 400% of average in santa rosa, where we want to be. so we're doing good. we'll see how that pans out tonight and tomorrow and then i'll talk to you back here on sunday night. all right.
10:51 pm
we'll see you then. bill thank you. the supply chain crisis could lead to a boom in thrift store. business online resale platform threat up, released its thrift for the holidays report that surveyed 2000 shoppers, nearly 50% are considering alternatives like thrift stores or consignment shops for gifts this as inflation and supply chain pressure's way on consumers. 62% said. secondhand apparel gifts are more socially acceptable now than five years ago, and 66% say they are now open to receiving a secondhand gift. five bay area restaurants have made it onto esquire's list of best new restaurants in america. the magazine ranked 40 new businesses. in the country ranked highest here in the bay area. oakland's horn barbecue at number five jordanian restaurants where maggie was ranked at number 10. that's also in oakland. san francisco is the anchovy bar ranked 15th? abacha also in the city ranked 28th, followed by berkeley's fish and bird izakaya at 38, number one
10:52 pm
by the way on this list democra in new york city. coming up a wild fourth quarter propels the warriors to a big win. sports director marco benitez is up next with sports and then on the 11 o'clock news. it's been nearly two months since a woman tethered to her dog was dragged to death by a bart train at 11, the preliminary report if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
10:53 pm
if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
10:54 pm
and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out with you tonight. the golden state warriors best record in the nba with another good, but are they so good that they can kind of? turn it on and off when they want to. it sure looked that way in cleveland tonight. they're not a terrible team, the calves. warriors have a lot of memories in that place. that's not a good one. lebron was nowhere in sight. but that
10:55 pm
banner was warrior fans taking it all in. they wouldn't like much of what they saw early. steph curry at nine first quarter points as he puts down the three right there, but the warriors were down a couple points second quarter. it's pneumonia be alicia from the corner hit a three. they needed that because he had 14 in the first half, and they're still down. three intermission, calves up 13 going to the 4th 17 run! let it fly. steph curry begins to heat it up. he had 40 points tonight, 20 of them. in the fourth quarter. he was rolling 12 scott anderson getting big minutes tonight takes the aggressive moves to the hoop slam dunk. they go up six and nine threes again for steph curry put it in his hands. good idea from the outer limits. one of 4 89. warriors are 13 to and get this. the outscored the cavs 36 to 8/4 quarter not too bad
10:56 pm
taco fall making staff look tiny right there. seven ft six. cleveland cab by the way warriors in detroit tomorrow night out on the road as well. the sharks but not meeting with the same fate as they got down early and there was no come back. he kind of had a little hint as to how it was going to go in st louis in the first period, with logan couture on the moves course from left, and they lead one. nothing righ? no as the blues ask for that goal to be challenged because by just a hair. one of the sharks is offside. it is waved off, and that hurts less than two minutes later, brandon side of the blues right place right time. look at that big fat open net right there. the slides it through 41 final sharks are two and three on this five game road trip heading back to the bay area. with an 87 and one record, all
10:57 pm
right. i just think major league baseball has this m v p thing all wrong. the six finalists for the first thing, none of them played for teams that made the postseason. then the guy who wins the national league most valuable player award. bryce harper. this has got to be east coast bias, and i'm not just being a giant homer here. brandon crawford, statistically had a better year than this guy. first of all, he was on a team that won 107 games bryce harper at 35 home runs. brandon crawford had 24 but brandon had 90 rbs to harper's 84. crawford won a gold glove as well. perfect sample of let's say east coast bias. brandon crawford deserved better than 1/4 place finish in the mvp, boating, american leg. absolutely no qualms with their winner of the mvp. the angels shohei otani unanimously receiving all 31st place votes. vladimir guerrero was second and marcus simeon,
10:58 pm
the former a short step winds up in third place. otani the ultimate multitasker and baseball. he was nine and two. pitching with the 3.18 e r. a. hitting he had 46 home runs and 100 rbs that is indeed most valuable. alright thursday night football. you may have noticed the new england patriots are starting to turn into a very solid football team, and mac jones, who should be a familiar name to 49 fans. fifth quarterback. taken in this year's draft. he'll find nelson angle or open 19 yard touchdown. patriots taking a 10 lead that's his 14th touchdown pass of the year member josh rosen, 49ers fans, he gets into the act late atlanta terrible night, kyle van noy picked them off the pick six. bring it back 35 yard touchdown. 25 nothing. the final five straight wins for the
10:59 pm
patriots behind mac jones. alright with the extra time tonight. why don't we check this? out all right, you may know this name. brawny this is lebron james 17 year old son, who is already looking like a physical basketball specimen. he's in high school and remember lebron played in the nba when he was 19. so in other words, brownies on a track where he could be in the nba playing with his dad in two more years or against him, right? i mean, they could go one on one against each other and not be father versus a story. lebron says he wants to play a long enough to be in there when it's all right, guys. thank you next at 11. the. violence is just it's it makes it feel like it's like dangerous to even go outside your house. all muslim discussing that it happens as often as it does.
11:00 pm
drivers on edge tonight after yet another shooting on a bay area freeway and this one left a 29 year old woman dead. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now the victim was sitting in the passenger's seat when she was shot and killed on interstate 80 just this morning. good evening, everyone i'm mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. the chp says two young children were sitting in the back seat live coverage. now from ktvu s amberleigh. she's at the bay bridge toll plaza tonight. with more on what she's learned. amber. julie the highway patrol has not released any information about the suspect vehicle or whether there's surveillance video. but a law enforcement source tells me the shooting appears to be deliberate. chp says at about 9 12 thursday morning, a woman was sitting in the passenger seat of a maroon and gray suv when she was shot and killed while traveling on interstate 80 west.


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