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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  November 18, 2021 4:00pm-4:29pm PST

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chp work to try to figure out what happened. welcome everyone to the four this afternoon. i'm heather holmes and i'm alex savage. ktvu christian captain has been following the developments on this story throughout the day he joins us now live from near the toll plaza and christians. so far, the chp has not given us details on exactly what happened. yes some of the information we have actually comes to us through the alameda county sheriff's office, which confirms that they were notified about that shooting with one victim this morning shooting unfolded on the interstate 80 approach towards the bay bridge toll plaza, the victim apparently able to pull to the side of the road here on this access road, which leads to the bay bridge toll plaza offices. highway patrol investigators responded before 10 a.m. to reports of a shooting on the interstate 80 approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. alameda county sheriff's office confirms at least one victim was shot and killed patrol vehicles positioned themselves on the freeway protecting evidence
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markers on the roadway. a burgundy suv with blown out windows managed to make it about a quarter of a mile down an off ramp. leading to the bay bridge toll plaza offices before pulling to the side. the victim, apparently the passenger in that suv, chp officers and multidisciplinary accident investigators work to reconstruct the events leading up to the shooting and spoke with at least two witnesses on scene. a man and a woman. one of those witnesses, apparently from the suv, the other from a white pickup truck about two hours after that shooting, investigators released the two witnesses at this time. there's no word on whether this was a targeted incident or if the victims were caught in some kind of crossfire. also no word if the suspect vehicle carried on through the toll plaza, whether it was caught on camera or if it's license plate or fast track transponder were captured as it made its way onto the bridge. and this is just the latest incident of violence on bay area roadways. it was just 2.5 weeks ago that nearly two year old jasper who was shot and killed by a stray bullet while he was in his car seat, traveling on
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interstate 80 80 again. we have reached out repeatedly throughout the day to california highway patrol, looking for more information about this case, in particular again critical elements suspect vehicle description. finding out if that suspect vehicle did, in fact, carry on and go through the toll plaza and again if it did whether or not that vehicle was picked up by a camera or whether there was a capture of a fast track transponder. these are all critical questions. we're still waiting for a response. from california highway patrol. we're live at the bay bridge toll plaza christian captain ktvu fo. two news. yes. so many question. i'm sure the chp is working to try to get those answers, christian. thank you. oakland police are investigating a double homicide today. police rushed to 17th and broadway just after midnight because of gunfire, and that's where they found the bodies of a man and woman. the victim's names have not yet been released. if you have any information on these killings you should put in a call to the oakland police department. some city leaders
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say because of gun violence. oakland is in crisis right now. council member lauren taylor today laid out his five point plan for reducing gun violence in the city. it calls for doubling the solve rate for violent crimes cutting in half the number of unanswered 911 calls doubling the capacity of crime prevention programs. and reducing disparities in public safety response between different communities across oakland. he also proposes investing in community and mental health services. while staffing is paramount. we also have to look at other ways of addressing our clearance rate, and one of those is increasing the use of technology. people are dying. little kids are dying bullets of flying every day and our neighborhoods we must do something called the 911 is like calling. i'm telling you. santa claus was released. so far, there have been more than 120 homicides in oakland this year. that's higher than the total for
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any full year since 2012. when there were 131 homicides in the city. well, also in oakland, the man who attacked a prominent chinatown leader was in court today. he was supposed to be sentenced. but the case is now on hold. our crime reporter henry lee is in the newsroom. now with more on what happened in court today, henry. whether the parolee who attacked carl chan is mentally ill. and so the judge wants that convicted felon evaluated before pronouncing sentence. james lee ramsey was in an oakland courtroom awaiting his sentence for his unprovoked attack on karl chan, president of the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce. chan addressed the court, saying other victims of asian descent are scared to be walking the streets. we should be able to be anywhere. at any time. you should be safe when people are saying the wrong place at the wrong time. if it wasn't me, it could have been another person back in april. ramsey knock chan to the ground from behind as you walk near eighth and broadway in downtown oakland. though dazed and
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bloodied, chan was able to take this photo of ramsey, who was arrested a short while later by oakland police. as part of a plea deal. ramsey pleaded no contest to assault and the d a dropped a criminal threats, charge and hate crime allegation. but the key issue in court was how to punish ramsey, but at the same time ensure that he's treated for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. prosecutor peter mcguinness said he wants ramsey to serve four years they've locked and secure facility higher the events. he was off his medication for eight or nine months. he also said he did not want us state medication. nor doesn't think he needs. defense attorney michael wilson argued against the straight prison sentence with no guarantee of quality mental health care in the first to admit that there is no perfect solution to this. as i said, i think your honor is president deprived of any number of tools potentially available for now, judge scott patton said before he sentences ramsey. he wants him to be evaluated by the state referral to a treatment and diagnostic facility at the department. corrections for a 90
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day period. i don't want to be remembered as only a victim, chan says the community needs to work together to make sure everyone is safe. i'm inviting. all of this to be the game changes. to improve. our community. to making sure that public safety for everyone. james lee ramsey will learn his fate in the february after the results of the state's evaluation are sent to the judge heather. henry how does the victim here? carl chan feel about feel about those charges being dropped and also about this delay. yeah, he's disappointed with the hate crime allegation being dropped. he understands that there's a high bar to prove that and you understand that there's a plea bargain. in this case. he knows that justice might come a little slowly but he's willing to wait. so everything is done correctly. all right. our henry lee reporting live for us there in the newsroom. henry. thank you. plate was entered today for san francisco police sergeant accused of trying to rob a pharmacy in san mateo sergeant
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david cole appeared virtually for his arraignment because he's had a detox treatment center. his attorney entered a not guilty plea. coal is accused of trying to steal painkillers from a rite aid store, and investigators say he had a loaded gun and resisted arrest. he's on unpaid leave from the department right now. preliminary hearing in this case is set for february 7th. the search for a folio teenager is over, and a statewide amber alert has been canceled after the girl was found safe earlier today, authorities now say what appeared to be an abduction was actually a prank. santa rosa. police believe the girl was kidnapped after surveillance video showed a man forcing her into a van outside a gas station yesterday, but the amber alert was called off this morning when the girl was found safe at her house. oklahoma's governor commuted the death sentence for julius jones just four hours before his scheduled execution this afternoon. protests at the
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state capital as you can see, turned into a celebration when demonstrators learned of that decision, governor kevin stitt commuted. jones was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. the 41 year old was convicted of first degree murder and send us to die for the shooting death of businessman paul how during a carjacking. his mother, though, maintains the jones is innocent. if you thank julius is guilty, give him a fair trial. do it over again doing right? prosecutors have said the evidence against jones is overwhelming. but jones claims that he was framed by a co defendant who testified against him. the case sparked an outcry after documentary on the trial was released. earlier this mont, the state's parole board recommended that the sentence to be commuted. with several members, saying they doubted the evidence that led to jones conviction. today marks 43 years since the jonestown massacre in
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guyana memorial event took place today in oakland at the mass grave site in evergreen cemetery in honor of those who died. most of the 918 people killed in the mass murder suicide at the religious and socialist community where from here in the bay area, 305 of them were children. the killings were ordered by cult leader jim jones. where here to speak out for these children, innocent children who wanted to live, but jim jones had his henchman around the parents with guns and say poison your children or take a bullet. it was never suicide. my mother never committed suicide. she fought jim jones and try to get out of guyana. san mateo, congressman leo ryan and three journalists were also shot and killed when jones followers opened fire on them on an airstrip in guyana congresswoman jackie speier, who was an aide to ryan was shot five times and left for dead.
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hundreds of san jose households underwater. it happened back in 2000 and 17, and now the flood victims are getting justice. details on the $750,000 settlement. and if you live in the south bay get ready to conserve water or pay up. adding whether we have been locked in this dry weather stretch for over a week now, but as you can see behind me, the clouds and even some showers approaching, coming up with tracks the potential rainfall and your friday forecast. were unified sct
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would have to close schools. but for the parents, students and teachers of those schools on the chopping block, it was still difficult to hear. last night, the district voted unanimously to close to elementary schools before the start of the next academic year. katie's ali rasmus shows us now the reaction from the community and why board members say there really was no other option? the sign outside strobridge elementary, says stallion strong but the sense of heartbreak and frustration among the community here was clear. it's just really sad. it's really sad that they're going to be shutting it down despite several rallies, members of the hayward unified school board voted unanimously last night, too close strobridge and bowman elementary schools. by the end of this school year, and we've fought in fighting. i guess the school district has made their decision. the district has an estimated $14 million budget
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deficit. enrollment is down about 2000 students district wide over the past two years and demographics point to declining enrollment for years to come. initially the school district had proposed closing eight schools, but whittle that number down to just two for now. what we did tonight is by us a little more time to see what we can what other alternatives are and i really think we can find this. with their neighborhood schools closing parents are worried about their kids education. i feel like the students are going to fall even more behind than what they already are due to cope it. they went from being on zoom to being shorted. two schools have to switch and do it all over again, is they're not going to. it's not consistent as well as the logistical challenges of driving their kids to a different campus. it's bad enough that due to covid, they have a shortened bail schedule, which means financially for me to put the string because i have to take shorter hours at work if i have to go to an outer district school or campus. i might as well just not work. it's just not going to be feasible for a lot of appearanc. ali rasmus ktvu, fox two news.
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some kinds are healthcare workers in the bay area are joining a protest today and tomorrow with striking kaiser engineers. there was a picket line outside the kaiser facility in oakland this morning. engineers have been on strike now for the last two months over contract negotiations. the kaiser employees taking part in the so called sympathy strike include mental health professionals, nurses, optometrists and pharmacists. coming out in sympathy because an injury to one is an injury to all in our in our local 39 engineers are the ones who maintain our facilities and our equipment so that we can provide good patient care. so we are here in solidarity. with local 39. kaiser says there may be some disruption to operations again tomorrow because of the strike. hundreds of people in san jose affected by the coyote creek. flooding in 2017 will get money from the city s ktvu southwood reporter jesse gary tells us the settlement of one
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lawsuit, though, doesn't close this chapter. over four years ago. sections of san jose set submerged by feet of water boats were the best modes for rescue in one of the worst flooding events in city history. we know that we've got a lot more work to do. to protect our community against. natural disasters, mayor sam liccardo and the rest of the city council is settling a lawsuit with 240 residents over 2017, coyote creek, flooding the city and valley water were both named as defendants. but san jose leaders decided it was in the taxpayer's best interests to split with the water district and settle paying $270,000 and kept the represents the plaintiffs and after four years of litigation, we are satisfied with the settlement as to the city of san jose, and at this time we are continuing to prepare our case for trial as to the water district. the city is set to pay each plaintiff a little over $3100 experts say
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it's a relatively small sum, since the city isn't liable for natural disasters. there is examples of people who get a lot more successful settlements or even win lawsuits against private companies. think of the pg any settlements most recentl. valley water has been largely criticized for releasing water from anderson lake, which flowed into an already swollen coyote creek. the water district says it's since constructed an interim flood wall and embankment along the creek to protect against future flooding. in a statement, the district says it's unfortunate that some have had to deal with the flooding and the long legal process. valley water would like this process to end as quickly and as fairly as possible. valley water filed a motion for a summary judgment in the suit that remains, if that is denied in this case will go to trial may 2nd 2022. at san jose city hall, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. if you live in san jose,
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check your mail over the next week or so there will be an important message about how much water you can and can't use. the cpuc has approved a plan by the san jose water company to charge customers who don't follow its new drought restrictions. residential customers will soon be required to cut water use by 15% from 2019 levels or pay a $7.13 surcharge for each unit of water. above that amount. one unit of water is 748 gallons, and the monthly allotment for each customer will be listed on their bill san jose water, says a brochure outlining the details will be mailed to all customers. within the next week. in california is facing a third year of drought conditions, despite the recent downpours here in the bay area, new data from the national oceanic and atmospheric administration shows drought conditions will stay in almost all of california through february. earlier forecast suggested that northern california might seem more
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moisture this winter. but today's predictions show that long dina will bring heavy downpours to oregon and washington. and drier than normal conditions here in california. and a lot in your pattern is so complex because yes, that is the area that gets up the bulk of the rainfall up in the pacific northwest, but you can't get these variable jet streams that can usher in significant rainfall. so we're waiting for that. and some of the forecast models suggesting that might be happening as we head into early december. we'll see what happens, but at least for the short term forecast into your friday morning, we are not expecting much in the way of rainfall at all. you could see the coastal hills in the north bay could be approaching a quarter of an inch, but the south bay maybe a few sprinkles just trace amounts, or that point to at the very most. here's the forecast models you can see. as we put this into motion. you will see in two way your friday morning the shower activity favoring the north bay by the time it gets to the southern half of the bay area, not a lot to show you. but maybe
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if you sprinkles or a very light showers you headed to your friday forecast. here's a satellite where you can see the clouds marching them to northern california in the bay area right now, the radar a lot of this not reaching the ground, but there's a chance we could have a few sprinkles. or a light shower for the north bay, especially down towards san francisco and oakland for this afternoon into the evening hours. current number of san francisco 57 napa 58 san jose 60 degrees solid overcast out there and will continue to hold on to the cloud cover for tonight and into tomorrow morning and fortunately, we are going to be missing out on this partial lunar eclipse. it's going to be happening late tonight into early tomorrow morning peak eclipse just after one o'clock tomorrow, so you can see just in case we get a surprise clearing surprised them just clearing the cloud cover for tonight. you might see that, but for the most part, we're gonna have a lot to clouds to obstruct the view. showers likely in san francisco tomorrow morning then by 12 o'clock, mostly cloudy skies and then his son cloud mix into the
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afternoon hours. here's that next system coming onboard friday morning into the afternoon, hours of will scale back on some of the cloud cover. the weekend will be dry, this area of high pressure returns and chilly mornings and maybe saturday, we could have some breezy conditions in the hills so once again, the best chance of some shower activity will be up in the north bay a chance with san francisco and oakland and just a slight chance down in the south bay for tomorrow morning. here's look ahead. your five day forecast. we're tracking that one rain cloud for tomorrow morning weekend will be dry the overnight lows pretty chilly, and it looks like a dry weather pattern into next week that will lead us toward thanksgiving. mark thank you. they ruined my career. that is the accusation against the nfl from former raiders head coach jon gruden coming up new details on his lawsuit against the league.
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shooting near the bay bridge toll plaza. the chp released new details just minutes ago and now say there were four people inside the victim's suv, a man a woman into juveniles, and that the woman was killed. the others inside the vehicle were not hurt. it happened shortly before 10 o'clock this morning on the interstate 80 approach to the toll plaza. the chp right now still working to figure out if this shooting was targeted or if the victim was caught in some kind of crossfire. no arrests have been made. we'll stay on top of this story throughout the evening. covid protocols for the
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nfl or tightening up before the thanksgiving holiday weekend. all nfl players and staff regardless of vaccination statu, will have to wear masks at all times whether inside team facilities between november 25th and december 1st. players and staff will also be tested twice after the holiday. the nfl says it's stepping up protocols because of a rise in cases recently. results from the latest testing period show 81 new confirmed cases among players and staff. well, more than a month after his emails were leaked. former raiders coach jon gruden is now gearing up for illegal fight against the nfl. as foxes, matt napolitano reports. gruden claims the league tried to ruin his career. jon gruden stepped down as head coach of the las vegas raiders on october 11th. that's after the new york times and the wall street journal brought to light emails sent by gruden containing racist, misogynistic and anti gay remarks all leaked from the nfl's investigation of the washington football team and
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allegations of workplace misconduct within that organization. now gruden has filed a lawsuit in nevada. against the league and commissioner roger goodell, claiming he was forced to resign his attorney writing in part quote, there is no explanation or justification for why gruden's emails were the only ones made public. at least 650,000 emails collected in the nfl's investigation. meanwhile raiders owner mark davis previously told reporters that nfl owners meetings that he was not aware of the gruden emails until the new york times and the wall street journal reached out. the nfl has called the lawsuit quote. entirely meritless. the nfl has denied request to release the hundreds of thousands of emails tied to the washington football team probe and even refused to hand over documentation to the house oversight committee in new york. mad napolitano, fox news. and thursday night football is coming up next right here on ktvu, but we will bring you more news over on ktvu plus, including the latest from georgia, where hundreds of pastors showed up outside court today. their message for the
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defense and the amount are very murder trial, also a unique sidewalk mural for children in one san francisco neighborhood coming up, we'll talk with the neighbor who came up with the idea. and here's a live look at atlanta, where the six and four patriots will take on the four and five falcons game is coming up. next we'll see you on the plus. thursday night football takes the field on fox two fox two news continues at 4 35 6 and seven p.m. on ktvu plus find ktvu plus over the air. on direct addition on channel 36 or xfinity channel +706.
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