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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  November 18, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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while the investigation is underway. also to elementary schools in hayward will be closing more on the decision last night and how it will impact those teachers and students. the news at noon starts now. this is katie fox two news at noon. good afternoo. i'm gasia mikaelian andre, senior infer mike mibach. we begin with breaking news at the bay bridge, where chp is investigating an apparent shooting, which appears to have turned deadly. it happened around 10 o'clock this morning on westbound interstate 80. east of the toll plaza. ktvu christien kafton is live at the scene of what we know so far, kristie. yes, andre first let me explain exactly where we are. it's a little bit difficult to picture, but if you're approaching the toll plaza, there's traffic going eastbound and westbound. and then there is a very small access road that leads to the. bay bridge toll
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plaza. that's where we are right now. that's where one part of this scene is unfolding. actually, if you take a look here, you can see that the alameda county coroner's vehicle is on scene here right behind there. there is a burgundy suv that has pulled off to the right side of the road. so we are at this point waiting for the alameda county coroner to remove the decedent. from this scene. we clearly are not going to show that to you. but there is a secondary scene and that we have some video of let's go and show you that video right now and just about a quarter mile. east of where we are standing right now, as you approach the toll plaza from 80, there is another scene which may be where this shooting actually occurred, and we saw a number of evidence markers on the freeway there and patrol vehicles protecting that scene. it appears that the victims of that shooting may have taken the very first available exit again. that is that exit that we were just explaining to you, which is an access road to the bay bridge toll plaza. we can also see
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investigators here on scene, talking with at least two witnesses from two different vehicles, a white pickup truck and the burgundy suv where we saw the decedent earlier. both witnesses have now. left the scene and we are waiting for an official statement from chp. but again, it appears to have been a fatal shooting on the 80 approach to the toll plaza going westbound. investigators are at two scenes here now at this point again. we're waiting for word from chp. so at this time, there is no word on any suspect vehicle on exactly how this incident occurred at around shortly before 10 this morning. also no word on whether this was a targeted incident or whether this was an accidental incident again. a lot of questions outstanding for chp, but what we do know is that this appears to have been a fatal incident, the victim may have been able to drive here to this day. bridge toll plaza access road up
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apparently two people in that vehicle. and so again, we are awaiting word from chp to learn more about this incident more about what unfolded here this morning on the approach to the bay bridge toll pl. fox two new. thank you. oakland police say they have a double homicide investigation on their hands this afternoon. police rushed to 17th and broadway just after midnight following gunfire and found the bodies of a man and a woman. the victim's names have not yet been released. if you have information, call oakland police hayward unified school district board unanimously voted to close to elementary schools before the beginning of the next academic year. ktvu sally rasmus live now to show us how the community is responding. alley and white board members say there was really no other optio. garcia the hayward unified school board and the district say they had to do this to deal with a steep budget deficit and a drop in enrollment. the sign outside strobridge elementary,
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says stallion strong but the sense of heartbreak and frustration among the community here was clear. it's just really sad. it's really sad that they're going to be shutting it down despite several rallies, members of the hayward unified school board voted unanimously last night, too close strobridge and bowman elementary schools. by the end of this school year, and we've fought in fighting. i guess the school district has made their decision. the district has an estimated $14 million budget deficit. enrollment is down about 2000 students district wide over the past two years and demographics point to declining enrollment for years to come. initially the school district had proposed closing eight schools, but whittle that number down to just two for now. what we did tonight is by us a little more time to see what we can what other alternatives are and i really think we can find this. with their neighborhood schools closing parents are worried about their kids education. i feel like the students are going to fall even more behind than what they already are due to covid. they went from being on zoom to being shortened to schools to have to switch and do
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it all over again, is they're not going to. it's not consistent as well as the logistical challenges of driving their kids to a different campus. it's bad enough that due to covid, they have a shortened bail schedule, which means financially for me to put the string because i have to take shorter hours at work. if i have to go to an outer district school are out of the campus. i might as well just not work. it's just not going to be feasible for a lot of appearance. a school district spokesperson did confirm that they don't expect any teachers or staff to lose their jobs with these closures because they said, they're already short on staff district wide. the district is confident they will be able to find jobs for the educators and staff members. at other schools in the district next year. live in the newsroom. ali rasmus ktvu. box two news, ellie. thank you. wilson kaiser health care workers in the bay area, joining a protest today and tomorrow with striking kaiser engineers. there was a picket line outside the kaiser facility in oakland this mornin. engineers happened on strike for the past two months over contract negotiations, the kaiser employees taking part in
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the so called sympathy strike. including mental health professionals, nurses of tom interests and pharmacists. coming out in sympathy because an injury to one is an injury to all in our in our local 39 engineers are the ones who maintain our facilities and our equipment so that we can provide good patient care. so we are here in solidarity. with local 39. kaiser says there may be some disruption to operations at its facilities today and tomorrow because of the strike. osha's holding off on enforcing a covid vaccine mandate for businesses. the employer vaccine mandates, says employees who work at businesses with 100 workers or more have to be vaccinated by january 4th or be tested for covid weekly. more than two dozen states and several businesses have filed a lawsuit against the biden administration over whether or not it has the authority to enforce the rule. the white house says the vaccine mandate is legal. san jose leaders have
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approved a $750,000 settlement for some survivors of the disastrous 2017 coyote creek flood. he spent times reports. the settlement was unanimously approved by the city council tuesday night for a group of about 240 renters and homeowners who suffered losses. the decision comes almost four years after residents sued the city, the santa clara valley water district and santa clara county, alleging that the entities failed to adequately warn them of the impending flood. the cpsc has approved a plan by the san jose water company to charge customers who don't follow new drought restrictions. residential customers will soon be required to cut water used by 15% over 2019 levels or pay a $7.13 surcharge for each unit of water above that amount. one unit of water is 748 gallons, and the monthly allotment for each customer will be listed on their bill saturday. water says a brochure outlining the details will be mailed out to all customers in the next week. well, today marks 43 years since
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the jamestown massacre in guyana memorial event is taking place in oakland at evergreen cemetery in honor of those who died. most of the 918 people killed in that mass murder suicide at the religious and socialist community where from the bay area. 276 were children. the killings were ordered by cult leader jim jones, san mateo congressman leo ryan and three journalists were also shot and killed when jones followers opened fire on them. at an airstrip in guyana congresswoman jackie speier, who was an aide to ryan at the time, was shot five times and left for dead. health officials continue to push for booster shots ahead of the holidays will take a look at the update to the state covid vaccine website that now allows everyone to book an appointment. and explain why it could still take weeks before you get that shot, plus. us jobless claims dropped for the seventh week in a row while congress debates $2 trillion spending package. i'm carolina shively, i'll have that story coming out. at a bay area
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weather tracking more clouds for today those clouds in advance of a front developing offshore because talking about rain chances we'll have more on your forecast coming up.
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♪ so, let's do it all together people, ♪ the chp is investigating what
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appears to be a deadly shooting. this is a live look at the scene here. it started around 10 o'clock this morning on westbound interstate 80, east of the toll plaza. the quarters at the scene. right now, you can see a number of law enforcement vehicles. traffic is flowing for the most part in the area of the bridge, but still keep this in mind. this is on the east end of the oakland side of the bay bridge. we're still working to learn more information about the victim also who carried out the shooting. police have yet to release a motive as it is very early in their investigation. we have crews there at the scene. we will keep updating you on the story throughout this newscast and online. well. jurors in the kyle rittenhouse trial or deliberating for a third day after failing to reach a verdict yesterday, they re watched video from the trial in the courtroom, leading the defense to request a mistrial for the second time. the drone video showed the moments before written how shot one of the two men he killed during racial justice protests in kenosha, wisconsin. last summer events claims the state withheld higher quality video and gave them the lower quality version. the judge has not ruled
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on the motion yet saying he can declare a mistrial at any time even after jurors reach a verdict. the president and lawmakers are busy in washington ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. today the president signed new policing laws and the race for democrats to pass. the president's agenda is front and center on the nation's capital. caroline shively has the latest. president biden signed three policing bills into law this morning. when you look at what our communities need. what are law enforcement being asked to do, it's going to require more resources, not fewer resources, while the white house continued intense lobbying efforts for another bill, the president's massive climate and social benefits measure we need to deal with. the cost of child care the cost of prescription drugs, the cost of housing and that's what we intend to do when we get the bill back. better agenda passed. house speaker nancy pelosi wants to vote on the nearly $2 trillion bill before the house goes out on thanksgiving recess.
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this is going to be a wonderful thanksgiving, we're ready for the passage of bill back better republicans are pushing back. it is the worst piece of legislation that i have seen in my entire life of public servic. it will completely change america as we know it. all at the expense of working class families. also out today some good economic news. new unemployment claims filed last week dropped to the lowest level seen since the pandemic began. caroline shively, ktvu fox two news. what claims were down nationwide. we actually saw another increase here in california. nationwide numbers hit a new pandemic low. 268,000 claims down 2000 from the week before here in our state, more than 61,000 workers filed claims that's an increase of 6400. the increase comes after three consecutive weeks of decreases. all right time to check the weather. the sun has been really struggling to peek out. we've seen fog over much of the bay
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area meteorologist. mark tamayo is here with more on that mark, either andre and gaza. yeah, we're expecting the clouds to win out today. not only some patchy fog as you mentioned, but also some higher clouds, all in advance of a weak system that will move in early friday morning. so here's the plan for today. mostly cloudy skies, patchy fog. cooler forecast with most areas in the upper fifties to the low sixties for this afternoon, we are waiting for the rainfall. it has been a dry weather stretch fnovember 9th. s you can see, we are adding up to nine days. now this might test the street will be coming to an end tomorrow across parts of the bay area, but it's barely especially in the south bay might just pick up a few sprinkles, and that's just about it. here's the forecast model. as you can see, and you can see the bulk of the rainfall will be focused up to our north. but down towards san jose, maybe trace amounts or point oh, two. here's the satellite right now showing you those clouds at least moving into the region. as far as the radar beginning to detect them rainfall, but most of this is falling in the upper
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levels. in fact, you can see uk a some green nearby, indicating some potential rainfall. but their most recent report. reporting partly sunny skies up in mendocino county. but later on today, especially tonight into tomorrow, we do bring in the chance of a few sprinkles. a few light showers. current numbers out there. san francisco 58 not warming up too much. this afternoon. berkeley 63 months 63 and livermore in the upper fifties. here's a live camera looking out toward sfo. we were he can't see some haze and also just lots of cloud cover, so we will definitely continue to track the clouds moving in from the pacific. in advance of this guy this front. it looks impressive on the satellite, but it's going to fall apart for us, so the main impacts will be some cloud cover for today. mostly cloudy conditions and then into your friday morning, there's some moves on board here. silva showers up in the north bay just a chance in the south bay, and the bulk of this will be for friday morning, took one of factor that in for the morning commute. especially towards sonoma napa down towards, uh,
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san francisco counties for tomorrow morning and then still, that cool down will continue for tomorrow. here's the updated forecast models you can't see into it today will still continue to have the cloud cover out there. and then friday morning, this system kind of falls apart. so the bulk of the activity up here but still enough to at least pick up maybe by the 10th of an inch up with the north bay, maybe a quarter of an inch for the coastal hills of the north bay and then by the afternoon hours, probably just some lingering clouds. you can see what happens this weekend. we will completely clear out the clouds are but saturday and into sunday. in fact, temperatures could be. a little bit warmer by sunday forecast ties for this afternoon, not warming up, but too much from the current levels out there. san francisco will go 59 santa rosa 60 conquered 61. morgan hill 65. degrees here is look ahead with the possibility of a few scattered showers, primarily friday morning friday afternoon, decreasing chances called started saturday morning. definitely want to bundle up those temperatures. coolest locations will be in the thirties. and some of the north
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bay valleys sunday. we'll just call it nice, partly sunny monday and for an attack on a few more days tuesday, wednesday and thursday for thanksgiving. it looks like the dry weather pattern will continue here in the bay area. so after this little rain cloud for tomorrow looks like a dry forecast into the weekend. and beyond. thank you, mark late tonight, the longest lunar eclipse in 580 years will start starts just after 10 o'clock tonight. our time it will last nearly 3.5 hours. at its peak, the shadow of the earth will cover 97% of the lunar surface, just a little tiny sliver at the bottom of the moon will be showing the rest of the mood will have a reddish or copper glow. it should be visible almost everywhere in northern california, northern america that is, including here in the bay area. that is, if it's not too cloudy tonight. still to countless new preparing for an increase in holiday travel just how many more passengers of a area airport expect to see next week and the crucial advice for those planning to fly. and a friendly reminder. annual one warm coat drive now underway. if you have
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a gently warm coat or jacket you'd like to donate to bay area families just take it to any participating ups store or big o tires. we also have collection barrels in various locations across the bay area. the drive runs until sunday, december 5th visit ktvu dot com slash one warm coat for more information.
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stealing from a target store more than 120 times in the past year, ktvu jana katsuyama spoke to the district attorney about the arrest and the bigger criminal ring connected to this case. the district attorney's office in san francisco. police say the thief was targeting the target store at stones town shopping center, and tuesday they caught her. the district attorney says aziza graves was arrested and now faces 128 criminal charges, including eight counts of felony grand theft and 120 counts of misdemeanor petty theft. we believe that the. product she was stealing within being sold and resold throughout the city and the broader bay area district attorney chase a. boudin says his investigators worked with the target loss prevention team, he says in nearly all of the incidents, graves used the self checkout machines scanning items and then putting in just $1, or sometimes even just one cent. investigators say graves then left the checkout with the stolen goods without completing
12:23 pm
the transaction. most instances she appeared to be operating alone. in this case. we saw a lot of detergent, and that is something that is commonly stolen. it's high value. and it can be resold and transported easily, and that is one of the products that she would steal on a regular basis. boudin says graves had stolen more than $40,000 worth of items since october. 2020 the scale of the operation makes it very clear that she's selling her products to offenses and we do have information and are working on as i said. detecting and disrupting the entire fencing operation. retail theft has been a growing problem with high profile thefts caught on surveillance and cellphone cameras. the district attorney says his team is working with police to detect and dismantle so called fencing operations that resell stolen goods at flea markets online or ship them overseas. we are looking at places as far away as ukraine, vietnam, china. russia and more because we know that demand and many of those places around the world is driving property crime here in san francisco,
12:24 pm
jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. oakland airport says it expects nearly 170,000 passengers to travel through the airport next week. that's twice as many travelers compared to thanksgiving holiday of last year, but still down 20% from thanksgiving travel in 2019. so if you're planning to fly, make sure to get to the airport early to allow plenty of time for parking, checking in dropping off your bags and making it through security. two major california power companies are announcing plans to automatically charged some customers more for usage between four pm and nine pm next year. pg knee and nonprofit emc issued a joint announcement this week. about the plant changes set to take effect march it will affect almost 340,000 customers and contra costa, marin, solano and napa counties, who are currently on a tiered plan called e one. but customers can compare the rates online and choose to opt out of the time of use plans. it's part of a statewide initiative to conserve power.
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well. santa rosa is benefiting from a charitable fund started by jeff bezos. catholic charities in santa rosa has just been given a $5 million grant from the fund started by the founder of amazon. will be used to help operate a family shelter plan for the saint rose neighborhood. the project cost for 192 beds and 40 rooms for a local homeless families there, as well as an on site childcare and a medical clinic. the shelter is scheduled to open by next summer. the disney cruise line will soon require children ages five and up to be vaccinated against covid starting january. 13th all passengers five and older have to be fully vaccinated before they board. younger guests who can't yet get vaccinated will have to provide proof of a recent negative covid test. disney is now the first major cruise lines to require children to get vaccinated. the nfl approaching the thanksgiving holiday weekend is tightening its covid protocols, all nfl players and staff, regardless of their vaccine status, will have to wear a mask at all times when they're inside team facilities
12:26 pm
between november 25th and december 1st. players and staff will also be tested twice after the holiday. the nfl says it's stepping up protocols due to a rise in cases. results from the latest testing period show 81 new confirmed cases among players and staff. and tonight on thursday night football. mac jones leads the patriots to atlanta, where they'll face met ryan and the falcons. it all starts at 4. 30. of course, he will see it right here on ktvu, fox two. are still become liste, and the push continues for all adults to get their booster shots ahead of the holidays. the update to the my turn website that's making it a bit easier to book. an appointment plus shootings were over 100 rounds are being fired. that is impact in our community and causing fear. oakland's police chief, addressing the rise in violent crime around the city, what he says is the biggest challenge for his officers when it comes to solving these crimes, and we continue to follow breaking news at the bay bridge toll plaza, the chp. investigating what appears to be a deadly shooting.
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that's healthier made easier. o'clock this morning on westbound interstate 80 east of the toll plaza. this is near grand avenue, the chp shutting down four lanes of the highway between west grand. and the 8 80 over crossing while investigators are at the scene. you saw that burgundy suv. we understand that there was a body found inside in the passenger seat of that vehicle. we will continue to follow the story and bring you more information as it becomes available here and online. that's where other top stories today the search for a 15 year old vallejo girl has ended. police say they thought she'd been abducted and an amber alert was issued yesterday after surveillance video showed her apparently being forced into a van in broad daylight. the girl is now safe at home and says it was all part of a prank, says she didn't know it was going to happen that way. she told investigators that her boyfriend and friend took her to los angeles detectives are now in the process of locating that boyfriend. the hayward unified school district is unanimously voted to close two schools. this
12:31 pm
will be the last year for students and staff at strobridge and baumann elementary schools. the board also announced to other schools that show a middle and glass brook elementary will not accept new students starting in 2023. the district says it has an estimated $14 million budget deficit. enrollment is down by about 2000 students over the past two years. oakland's police chief spoke about the cities rise in violent crime and lack of officers recently. the chief says the staffing shortage will only get worse next year. but it's ktvu is amberleigh tells us some residents question whether public safety will improve even with more officers on the streets. oakland as say the recent surge in violence brings caution and situational awareness at night. i take my dog around and i choose a particularly like a lighted area. police released audio of gunfire recorded on shot spotter from tuesday in east oakland. common occurrence shootings were
12:32 pm
over 100 rounds are being fired that is impacting our community and causing fear. fortunately no one was injured from the gunfire captured by the shot spotter system. but oakland has already surpassed last year's total number of homicides with 120. so far there were 102 for all of last year were not able to do everything we could. in order to impact safety. he tells me the rate of solved cases has dropped to 35% down from 50% he's added six investigators to homicide taken from units such as theft investigation. i really think it's so difficult to solve cases when it's just live force mint. it really does mean that if people see things they should share those things, chief armstrong says the total number of frozen positions will go from 55. 2 92 by next july. we can all look for a different response to violent crime, but we have to live in the moment. there was mixed reaction from oakland ear's about police staffing. yeah, we do need more policing. i think the hiring process too. has something to do
12:33 pm
with it more is not necessarily better or less is necessary better. i think the function and approach and how integrated they are in the community is more important. police say. these are some of the 1039 firearms. they've taken off the streets so far this year, chief armstrong says officers are responding to calls, including those reporting non violent crimes. but with over 2000 calls to 911 daily, he says there will be delays in oakland. amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. subsidy leaders say because of the gun violence. oakland is in crisis right now council member lauren taylor this morning laid out his five point plan for reducing gun violence in the city. it calls for doubling the solve rate for violent crimes cutting in half the number of unanswered 911 calls doubling the capacity of crime prevention programs. reducing disparities in public safety response between
12:34 pm
different communities across oakland and investing in community and mental health services while staffing is paramount. we also have to look at other ways of addressing our clearance rate, and one of thos, his increasing the use of technology. people are dying. little kids are dying bullets of flying every day in our neighborhoods. we must do something called the 911 is like calling. i'm telling you. santa claus was released back. so far. there have been 120 homicides in oakland this year conditions at santa rita jail with the focus of a meeting of the alameda county supervisors. supervisors health officer gave supervisors and overview of its annual inspection at santa rita jail covering health, nutrition and dental care. this afternoon green mint to share data between the counties, adult forensic behavioral health team and the sheriff's department. they say that communication will allow them to better health inmates in crisis. not only are we going to be able to receive information
12:35 pm
that's critical for our team to know as we engage individuals who are suffering through some behavioral health issues, whether milder severe, but it also is allowing for the heaven health team to have information for resources. in september, alameda county agreed to a settlement in a federal class action lawsuit over mental health care for inmates. the settlement will require changes in several areas, including suicide prevention, out of cell time and discharge planning. man who authorities say may have been killed by a cell mate at santa rita jail has been identified by his mother, christine, miles, tells ktvu, the man who was found unresponsive in his cell and later died monday was her son 27 year old devon, darrell west. the alameda county sheriff's department is investigating the death as a homicide. also monda, another inmate at the jail was found dead in his cell. authorities say it appears the inmate died of natural causes. the man's family has identified him as maurice monk. when will the fda authorized covid-19 booster shots for everyone? that's the question is more states take matters into their
12:36 pm
own hands. jonathan siri has the latest now from atlanta. the controversy over booster shots is heating up. there are now at least eight states bucking federal guidelines, expanding booster access to everyone over 18. the fda currently recommends those shots for the elderly and those at high risk for covid infection. public health officials say they're following the science and reviewing applications from fighter and moderna. with the decision coming as early as this week. the fda is actively reviewing data as soon as the fda reviews those data and provides an authorization. we at cdc well, actually flee. the push for boosters comes amid a big uptick in cases at least 29 states are now seeing spikes in infection rates, with the midwest and southwest. seeing the biggest surges in minnesota hospitals are so overwhelmed the pentagon is sending medical personnel to relieve overworked doctors and nurses. health officials say it all underscores the need to get boosters in arms as soon as possible. and when you get that
12:37 pm
extra dose. that you will boost what we call the affinity maturation so that they will last much longer and be much more powerful. meanwhile with the courts blocking president biden's nationwide vaccine mandate, osha has officially put enforcement of the new role on hold for now a big win for critics who say the mandate isn't legal. the federal government has nori authoty to do this right now. we have osha guidelines that have not been authorized by congress. a federal court in cincinnati is now consolidating about three dozen lawsuits aimed at blocking the nationwide mandate. in atlanta. johnson, siri ktvu, fox two news. the state of california has made it easier for people to book coronavirus booster shots. appointments online. the state is now encouraging everyone 18 and older to get a booster shot, but the states might turn website. was not updated until today to reflect the new recommendation that left many people confused and incorrectly believing that they were ineligible to receive
12:38 pm
the shot happening now markham elementary school in oakland hosting a vaccine clinic for students and families, it's designed to help families who might have a tough time getting to a medical office or pharmacy on their own. the state epidemiologist will be there later today and will help administer covid vaccines. the clinic is open now until six o'clock. well, some parents in the west contra costa school district are fighting against a student vaccine mandate. ktvu deborah villalon has more on a push by some parents to ease off some deadlines. we do not want our children to be experimented on like labyrinth, parents in person and on zoom dominated the 1st 90 minutes of west contra costa school board meeting. public comment vehemently against requiring covid vaccination to attend school science takes time the emerging understanding is that natural immunity is better vaccine immunity. that scene is being treated as a one size fits all solution. it doesn't across california community and campus sites are vaccinating young people. 5 to 16 under emergency
12:39 pm
use authorization. by summer. full approval is expected at a statewide school mandate will kick in. but west contra costa schools with a head of the state with earlier stricter deadlines, and that riles some parents. it's not too much to asking my opinion to have a test out option for people who don't want to get their kids vaccinated until it has full fda approval. west contra costa is a large district. 56 schools across richmond panel torito and hercules unvaccinated students must shift to independent study. critics call that discrimination is happening in real time at el sereno high school to my son, my son's teacher asked him in front of the class. if he was actually and why. we can do better than this, and we should. the superintendent defended the mandate when it was adopted, but
12:40 pm
declines to talk now about implementation or possible adjustments. understand people's frustration, both students and parents. hug. his district may have just not been as transparent with parents business specifically the student rep on the board high school senior supports vaccination and has noticed among reluctant friends mandates work. okay well, i want to eat in restaurants. i want to go to school. i want to feel safe. why not? all my friends are vaccinated. i'll do it and they don't regret it. in the end. deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. new lawsuit stemming from a deadly shooting on the set of alec baldwin's new movie in mexico city or new mexico. rather says baldwin had no reason to fire that gun now script supervisor maybe mitchell is the second person to follow lawsuit against baldwin. she says she was standing next to cinematographer helena hutchins. on the rust movie set. hutchins was killed after baldwin pulled the trigger on what was supposed to be a prop gun. mitchell says there was no gun written into the scene they were filming at
12:41 pm
the time. i'll never forget what happened on the set of roast that day. i relive the shooting and the sound of the explosion from the gun over and over agai. i'm depressed but not feel safe. i feel like at any moment anything could happen to me. into those that i care about that are standing close to me. representatives for baldwin have not yet commented on the suit. area. film director joel souza was also injured in that shooting. berkeley's mayor holds a state of the city address will take a look at his goals. moving forward from addressing housing to dealing with the impact of the covid pandemic. add a buria, whether lots of clouds rolling into the bay area this afternoon those clouds in advance of a front that could produce some rainfalls we had on your friday morning just the chance. we'll talk more about that in your weekend outlook coming up.
12:42 pm
alright, here we go, miller in motion. wha — wait, wait, is that a... baby on the field?? it looks like it, craig. and the defensive linemen are playing peek-a-boo. i've never seen anything like that before. harris now appears to be burping the baby. that's a great moment right there.
12:43 pm
the ref going to the rule book here. what, wait a minute! harris is off to the races! we don't need any more trick plays. touchdown!! but we could all use more ways to save. are you kidding me?? it's going to be a long bus ride home for the defense. switch to geico for more ways to save.
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it's going to be a long bus ride home for the defense. investigating what appears to be a deadly shooting. now it happened around 10 o'clock this morning on westbound i 80 east of the toll plaza. just a short time ago, investigators cleared the scene in traffic is no longer impacted. we're still working to learn more about the victim, the shooter and to figure out a motive from investigators. the chp does expect to release more information on this shooting later this afternoon. of course, we'll bring you that in any updates. we get here on the air as well as online. oklahoma governor kevin stitt announced he is commuting the death
12:45 pm
sentence of condemned inmate julius jones, just hours before jones was scheduled for execution. the 41 year old was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to die for the shooting death of businessmen. paul howell during a carjacking. jones has maintained his innocence, alleging he was framed by a co defendant who testified against him. the mayor of berkeley held a virtual state of the city address. the roundtable discussed a number of issues, including the city's response to the covid pandemic efforts to reimagine public safety and, of course, the city's affordable housing crisis. ktvu salix savage reports. i want to not only meet the 9000 unit target but exceed that target. mayor jesse and higgins said his plan will focus on using city land to build affordable housing complexes. building multistory developments at both the north berkeley and ashby, bart station, parking lots and reducing regulations to streamline approvals and one of the biggest challenges we face in building housing. quick enough is that amount of time it takes to build housing who are
12:46 pm
entitlement process, and earlier this year, berkeley ended its single family zoning policy, clearing the way for more multi unit buildings across the city. the mayor does expect pushback, though, from some neighbors as the city grows denser, we are going to have to open our minds and open our hearts to the idea that we need to welcome new people in our neighborhoods. mayor ed again also touted the city's response to the pandemic with 88% of berkeley's total population now fully vaccinated and school vaccine clinics delivering doses to younger students, we are going to continue to work in partnership the school district to get as many students vaccinated, the mayor acknowledged the toll the pandemic has taken on berkeley's economy with unemployment up. revenue down and struggling small businesses. look at how we can, um, you know, work with businesses who have read debt work with their landlords to help them pay off their rental debts so that they can keep keep their businesses open. the
12:47 pm
conversation also turned to berkeley's continued efforts at police reform. the mayor said. crisis response teams are responding to mental health calls, allowing officers to focus on serious and violent crimes. we needed to find a way to control. the size and amount of our police department budget while also providing effective public safety services to our residents. does the berkeley police department have enough officers right now? and if not, what steps are being taken to address that? we are seeing a shortage and that's due to retirements. um mostly, i'm alex savage, ktvu, fox two news. all right. switching gears now, time for a check of your forecast and this still very foggy tips. ktvu meteorologist. mark tamayo is here with more on that either andre and garcia. yes, we do have the cloud cover the fog and also some higher clouds moving in at least approaching the bay area this afternoon, so it won't be completely clear. blue sky more clouds attractive from the pacific and eventually. maybe
12:48 pm
early tomorrow morning. we could be talking about some shower activity across parts of the bay area, typing in the numbers here for the forecast. graphic as you can see, just not impressed with the amount expected here as you can see the bulk of the activity for the coastal hills of the north bay may be approaching a quarter of an inch of rainfall, as you can see up toward, maybe closer to greenville, up in portions of sonoma county, but this front really fizzles out by the time it reaches the south bay. could be just trace amounts, and that's just about it even point to 1.5 for the central portion of the base, so we're not expecting much in the bulk of this will be. first thing tomorrow morning for your friday. here's the satellite perspective this afternoon where it's definitely picking up on the cloud cover. you can see some green showing up on the radar. most of this is falling in the upper levels of by the time it reaches the grounds by the ground. it's essentially dr, but still, you can see some rain showers approach the north coast of california as we head into a tonight we do at least we could be tracking maybe a sprinkle or
12:49 pm
if you will light showers, especially up in the north bed. current numbers. san francisco 58 santa rosa reporting 54 conquered 56 in san jose 61 degrees. here's a live camera looking out towards sfor. we kind of a mixture of everything. we have some low clouds and fog. but in some haze and then some higher clouds moving into the region this afternoon. here's his front. it looks shows up nicely here on the satellite, but it really falls apart. so it's not too impressive for us today, mostly cloudy skies throughout the afternoon hours, the possibility of a north based sprinkle, but probably better bet. later tonight into early tomorrow morning as his front makes its way to the south. the showers moving to the at least approaching portions of the bay area, but by we showed you with those forecast amount just the chance of a few sprinkles. or if you light showers in the south bay. here's the forecast model. it is tracking the cloud cover. for today, best chances of rainfall will be up to our north up towards humble county right around cape mendocino and then early tomorrow morning. those showers kind of fall apart over
12:50 pm
the bay area. that front kind of falls apart over the bay area, but still maybe a little bit of a wet commute, especially from the golden gate bridge to the north, and then into the afternoon hours, we will scale back in the cloud cover. still, some lingering at least partly cloudy skies are. mostly cloudy skies into your early friday afternoon weekend. we clear things out and also warm things up by saturday, though it could be a bit breezy and the bay area hills temperatures for this afternoon upper fifties to the low sixties for afternoon highs, so the cool down. has arrived. we will have mostly cloudy conditions throughout the afternoon hours. here's what's happening in the five day forecast the possibility of some scattered showers, especially by friday morning, and especially up in the north bay weekend will be dry because see what these overnight lows pretty chilly. in fact, we've got some patchy frost. first thing saturday morning and some of the inland valleys, especially after the north bay and maybe a bit of a breeze and the berry hill's we could have winds gusting to maybe 30 to 40 miles an hour sunday after that, chilly morning, it will be nice, well, partly sunny skies in a monday.
12:51 pm
it looks like a dry weather pattern as we head toward thanksgiving. mark thank you. after an intense cleanup effort in an area of the caldera fire people in eldorado county excuse me finally be allowed to return to their neighborhoods. many of them are finding there is nothing left burned trees. have been cut down and neatly stacked by the roadside, and even if the land looks ready for rebuilding ground samples must be tested to make sure it's safe to rebuild. katie thomas says she's not sure she's ready to think that far ahead yet, though. yeah, this is my carport. that was my garage, and then that whole space was the house. i love this house. we searched really hard for this house. this was supposed to be my forever home. well, thomas says she is not sure if she'll rebuild on the property right away. she told us she fell in love with the town because it's quiet and beautiful. for now, she's thinking about bringing her travel trailer up to the property and living on it next summer before making a decision on rebuilding still to come at
12:52 pm
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firefighters at the scene of a gas leak in the area of cochran wrote and depaul drive. this is the scene in a picture here. it's just east of what i want is a pretty big shopping center there. evacuations are in progress for a number of businesses. there is a target at petco, some restaurants, etcetera, so keep this in mind if you're making your way around morgan hill, there is a gas leak happening in the area of and road and paul drive. none of
12:56 pm
this. the future of the oakland coliseum complex starting to look a little bit brighter. now this ktvu rob roth reports the african american sports and entertainment group wants to bring back football and basketball all while adding affordable housing hotel. and shopping, too. with the raiders and warriors gone from the oakland coliseum in the a's likely leaving here soon to the question is what will take their places. the oakland city council tuesday selected the african american sports entertainment group to figure that out to negotiate deals to redevelop this city's part of the coliseum complex as a person that grew up in east open and grew up right near the coliseum. ah it's a it's a pretty overwhelming feeling, because it's there's it's opportunity to actually take part in revitalizing the community. the group features former oakland city manager robert bob as well as developer, business executives in a sports agent. all with oakland roots, the city and the oakland a's each own half the property. the
12:57 pm
ayes have said they need money from developing the coliseum to help fund their proposed waterfront ballpark if the a's decided to even stay in oakland, the a's have been really singularly focused on howard. terminal. and i don't think that they've really focused on the coliseum. but it appears other sports teams may be interested. the group says it has had high level talks with the women's national basketball association about bringing a team to the arena, but we are in discussions with the w n b a, which are going very well. somewhere and they are have been open to bringing a two team to oakland, and the group has been speaking with the nfl about a new team goal was to have the first african american majority owned nfl football team. the project could create thousands of jobs. we want there to be affordable. quality affordable housing. um we want there to be education we want there to be, you know, business districts would like there to be hotels. the city
12:58 pm
council selected the group over another team led by former a's pitcher dave stewart. they have that experience and the financial capacity. and i believe strongly believe that professional sports would be receptive. what ultimately to do with this site has been a lingering question for decades. now, perhaps the answer is on the horizon. at the oakland coliseum. rob roth, ktvu fox two news. the largest camp run into somebody. national park is now closed for repairs and could be shut down until 2025 depending on the weather. this means campers love to find somewhere other than 12 meadows to set up their tents. it will have new restrooms added roads, improved and upgrades to the water and sewer system. similar work will start soon at the bridal veil, creek and crane flat campground. all the work is expected to wrap up by the end of 2023. a decision on monday will determine whether local dungeness crab will be available by thanksgiving. this year, the california department of fish and wildlife will announce whether to allow the opening of
12:59 pm
the commercial dungeness crab season. it all depends on whether humpback whales are still being seen in large numbers in those prime crab fishing areas to the water's north and south of san francisco. a recent aerial survey spotted 48 humpback whales they can get tangled up in the ropes of commercial crab traps, all right, happening today. macy's union square in san francisco, bringing back its popular holiday traditions. including the lighting of the great tree. the lighting is set for 6 30 tonight during a private ceremony with the local make a wish family and then tomorrow it will open for viewing until january. 1st. macy's 35th annual holiday windows with the san francisco s p c. a, will be back on display starting tuesday, and this year it will include pre recorded videos. of adoptable shelter animals. i love pressing my nose up to the glow i used used to press your nose up to the glass in years past, no puppies and kittens and all that, so they do good work out there. such good work. thank you for waking up early for us. i'm going to get
1:00 pm
some sleep now. i get you. thanks for joining us our next newscast this year at four. newscast this year at four. dr. oz: doomsday cult mom shocker. >> did lori vallow and her husband frame her brother for murders? dr. oz: how would bodies be buried in a backyard without him knowing? >> we'll reveal the disturbing text messages sent before chad's wife was killed. exclusive updates from inside the trial for the killing of ahmaud arbery. could his accused murderers get off? ♪ dr. oz: i became a doctor to help people heal. now i'm using the same science and medicine to take on true crime. doomsday cult


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