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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 17, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville. the target store. it stones down in san francisco was the one that was getting hit, and the suspect now faces a long list of charges. ktvu is jana katsuyama spoke to the d a about the arrest and the bigger criminal ring connected to this case. she joins us live in the newsroom with the story, jenna. mike and julie, the district attorney. chase of boudin says target contacted his office and they work together with police to stake out that store and then make the arrest. boudin says it wasn't one of those grabbing go thefts, but a woman using the self checkout machines and the dea and police say they aren't just going after her, but also the criminal fencing network that was buying up the stolen goods. the district attorney's office in san francisco. police say the thief was targeting the target store at stones town shopping center, and tuesday they caught her, the district attorney says aziza graves was arrested and now faces 128 criminal charges, including eight counts of felony grand theft and 120 counts of
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misdemeanor petty theft. we believe that the. product she was stealing within being sold and resold throughout the city and the broader bay area district attorney chase a. boudin says his investigators worked with the target loss prevention team, he says in nearly all of the incidents, graves used the self checkout machines scanning items and then putting in just $1, or sometimes even just one cent. investigators say graves, then left the checkout with the stolen goods without completing the transaction. most instances she appeared to be operating alone. in this case. we saw a lot of detergent, and that is something that is commonly stolen. it's high value. and it can be resold and transported easily, and that is one of the products that she would steal on a regular basis. boudin says graves had stolen more than $40,000 worth of items since october. 2020 the scale of the operation makes it very clear that she's selling her products to offenses and we do have information and are working on as i said. detecting and disrupting the entire fencing operation. retail theft has been
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a growing problem with high profile thefts caught on surveillance and cellphone cameras. the district attorney says his team is working with police to detect and dismantle so called fencing operations that resell stolen goods at flea markets online or ship them overseas. we are looking at places as far away as ukraine, vietnam, china russia and more because we know that demand and many of those places around the world is driving property crime here in san francisco. putin says his office is working on in additional investigation that could lead to more arrests soon as he's a graves is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow to face those charges. mike jana katsuyama live tonight in the newsroom. janet thank you for that. new at 11 of san leandro couples under arrest, accused of sex trafficking a minor 41 year old juan gallardo 39 year old margaret wilson are accused of abducting a 17 year old girl from honduras. police say the teenager lived in a backyard shed was forced into sex work and repeatedly sexually
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assaulted. the two were being held without bail in alameda county. and update now on a vote involving a hayward school board meeting where board members have been debating for hours tonight at issue whether to close four schools in the district against the wishes of many parents and teachers. ktvu is azenith smith and hayward now and as a board members came to an agreement came to an agreement just a few minutes ago. yes. within the last 10 minutes and motion was made to approve closing two schools bowman and strobridge next year and to halt the closure of two other schools, glass broke and ochoa middle it was a unanimous vote. that vote was approved. ahead of tuesday night's special school board meeting of rallying cry at the hayward unified school district office. save our schools. there have been so many people who do not know that bowman is under threat of closure. three elementary schools set to close bowman and strobridge next year glass broke in 2023. along with
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the koa middle school, the district originally proposed to close eight schools, but after community pushback reduced it to four. hayward unified, like many school districts in the bay are, is facing significant challenge. we cannot responsibly asked our community for $900 million to improve our facilities. when we do not have a number of students to require it among the issues costly repairs to 60 year old schools when enrollment is declining 20% in the last 20 years, gentrification and rising housing prices the district say, are to blame for the parents exodus from the district. our current demographer, is continuing to project declines in enrollment. the district says it began exploring school closures in 2019, but many say they were caught off guard. all of the students and all of the teachers and all of the community just feels really los. it would have to be figuring out you know, how are we going to get them to school? this parent has a 1st and 4th grader at bowman elementary. she worries
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about transportation and traffi. they love their community schoo. her children helped signs that moment. and now my brother and you're a woman and i liked woman at bowman elementary, a small group watched the virtual board meeting together, among them a special education teacher who says her students feel like they belong at their school. all their little quirks and. largest accepted. they're just part of the school, and if i go to another school, it will be like starting from scratch. and again last brook elementary and middle school are not closing committees will be formed, determine if and when they will be, as bowman and strobridge are closing, and these teachers here at bowman elementary say they are disappointed, but that it was expected. julie tough decisions in hayward tonight as nothing cue the state supreme court today upheld a san francisco ballot measurement to raise $50 million a year for the school district. voters passed
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proposition g back in 2000 and 18 with 60% of the vote. it raised parcel taxes to increase teacher pay and fund classroom technology. it has been on hold during a court fight. the city successfully argued that only a simple majority vote is required for a ballot measure through the initiative process. thanksgiving is next week and with the holidays approaching, san francisco's director of public health has issued some recommendations. think about where we were. last year. we were urging people to stay at home and when they contact this year. we have so many more social situations to navigate from air travel to visiting family and gathering said may involve vaccinated and some unvaccinated people. people are dining out going to businesses and schools and public spaces are reopened. dr grant colfax spoke about the difference between the holidays last year when families were asked not to get together, and this year, colfax asked residents this time around to give loved ones the
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gift of protection by getting vaccinated for the coronavirus. the disney cruise line will require children ages five and up to be vaccinated against covid-19 starting january, 13th. all passengers five and older must be fully vaccinated before boarding younger guests who are not allowed to get the vaccine yet must provide proof of a negative covid test. disney is now the first major cruise lines required children to get the vaccine. the nfl is now tightening its covid-19 protocols ahead of the thanksgiving holiday weekend, all players and staff regardless of vaccination status, must wear a mask at all times while inside team facilities between november 25th and december 1st. players and staff will also be tested twice after the holiday. the nfl says it's increasing protocols due to a rise in cases results from the latest testing period show 81 new confirmed positive cases among players and staff. san francisco trying to address the growing overdose crisis in
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the city after the break reaction to the mayor's plan to build a supervised injection site, also ahead. oakland airport preparing for a busy thanksgiving, the crowds of travelers they're expecting for the holiday. working from home means driving less, and now paying less for car insurance. with metromile's per-mile pricing... your rate is based on how much you actually drive. isn't that delightfully different? get your free quote at
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they expect nearly 170,000 people that travel through the airport between next wednesday and sunday. that's twice as many
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travelers as the airport saw during last year's thanksgiving holiday. the weekend should reach around 80% of pre pandemic levels. and if you are flying officials advise you to get to the airport early. the city of san francisco could be one step closer to having supervised injection sites for drug users, and the proposal comes as the city struggles with a staggering number of overdoses. but as ktvu andre senior reports such sites. are not legal, and some neighbors aren't thrilled if san francisco mayor london breeds proposal goes according to plan this spring, a building and lot located between gary and hide. will be the city's first location where users can inject drugs into their system under the supervision of medical professionals, but i think this situation has become critical and urgent enough that i that i believe that the mayor is saying, look, we have to do something we can't let san franciscans die a matter of urgency, says vitka icu. the ceo of nonprofit health, right, 3,
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60 said between january and september of this year 500 people died in san francisco of drug overdoses. they have no other negative outcomes. sites also save lives. i mean, they save lives, and they save money, the latest development coming weeks after supervisor matt haiti introduced a resolution and received unanimous support. calling on mayor breed to declare a state of emergency around the city's drug overdose crisis. people are dying and neither nearly two people a day and so we need to get people inside off the streets. save their lives and get them into care and treatment, open drug use and what comes with it in certain parts of san francisco is nothing new. it is, by all accounts, a problem desperate for a solution. but some aren't convinced a sanctioned injection site is the answer has to be a different different way of dealing with this. with this crisis. tom wong, who is in charge of security next to the proposed supervised injection site, only sees it as adding to
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the problems in this neighborhood. you will have lines. down the block trying to get in here because this is a safe spot, and they may or may not wait because they're addicted, and they need that fix potential objections from residents assigned here. the mayor's plan could be torpedoed, and that is because such a sigh. is not legal. under federal law, the mayor's office says they are in touch with city attorney david choose office, he would ultimately have to defend the city should the government get involved. i'm andre senior ktvu, fox two news. california's nonpartisan legislative analyst, is forecasting at $31 billion budget surplus next year. predicted surplus comes as tax revenues continue to climb and it's so large, the legislative legislative analyst's estimates california will surge past a constitutional limit on state spending by more than $14 billion. this will be the fourth year in a row of increasing revenue. next gen policies. annual student loan debt summit
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kicked off today the free my future debt summit is a two day virtual event where borrowers can learn more about how to overcome student debt. state attorney general rob bonta provided the opening remarks and, he says about 70% of college students nationwide will graduate this summer with student loan debt. we can do better. we must do better. we must ensure every person has the opportunity to get ahead without having to choose whether to pay rent or pay their student loan debt. this is a crisis. attorney general bonta says the state is working a crackdown on student loan services that have been found to engage in false advertising and unlawful business practices. two men convicted of assassinating civil rights leader malcolm x in 1965 are expected to be exonerated tomorrow in new york. the decision is the result of a 22 month long investigation that looked into allegations that the fbi and nypd withheld evidence that could've cleared them. the
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current manhattan district attorney apologized, saying the men should have never been put on trial. both men were released from prison in the mid 19 eighties, and one of them died in 2000 and nine a area nonprofit looking for help ahead of the holidays. how you can help get bikes to dozens of children in need. and we've got some weather to talk about. when we come back. we'll look the chance for some sprinkles or showers as we head into your thursday night friday. and how the city of alejo is honoring an officer killed in the line of officer killed in the line of duty 10 years ago today. there are a lot of things in life we want, but can't have. health insurance shouldn't be one of them. covered california is making health insurance more affordable for millions of us. even if you've looked before, you should look again. enroll by december 31st.
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everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. check now to see your new lower price. enroll by december 31st. need of at least 100 bikes for foster children this holiday season kinship, adoptive and foster parent association
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reached out to good karma bikes in san jose about the request for bikes now good karma bikes is asking the community for bike donations. bikes can be new or used as long as they're in working condition. we're happy to have new bikes and used bike. we asked that the used bikes being working condition or close to working condition. um and we pledge every bicycle. donated to us for children this year will go to a child in need. jim gardner says used bikes will be refurbished before they're distributed to the foster children. more information is available on good karma bikes website a woman from any received the life changing surprise. today, ashleigh jordan's learned she would get a dental makeover through the sheriff smile program. jordan's a pharmacy technician, and she's missing a number of teeth and others are either damaged or infected. she she said. she has always laughing and smiling, but she's become used to covering her mouth because of her teeth.
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the dental surgery is being donated by mirror oral, facial and dental surgery in walnut creek. already i hope you had a nice day. we're getting ready for your thursday and the weather looks pretty good. it's gonna be little bit cloudy. um there'll be a little fog in the morning, less sun than today, but still pleasant highs will be in the low sixties live camera shot right here. of oakland, and it's beautiful night, just stunning out there. and if you haven't been to oakland lately, man, you've got to check it out. it's come a long way. i've been working over there for well over here for 30 35 30 years. and it's changed a ton. so if you have to oakland lately, check it out, man. i mean, there's a lot of restaurants and. bars and just cool things to do in the city is it's on fire, actually. so if you look at the forecast for tomorrow, you can see the clouds increasing so tomorrow is really about increased clouds. um. and again a little bit of some little bit of cloud cover. and then thursday night, right in this here about right about
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there about nine o'clock thursday night, you search you showers moving into the north bank. and then you see the chance of showers about five a.m. friday. so this whole deal happens. you know, thursday midnight to six or seven in the morning. friday morning, eight o'clock nine o'clock by noon. it's a distant memory, so that's the plan. that system is not a non event, but it's a non event compared to what we've seen right because we literally had such a impactful early. um season rains of series of storm, especially that atmospheric river that first one so the temperatures outside right now about where they were last night. the forecast overnight lows about there, too. and. the two points are right there. so like we know the dew point are in the mid forties 44 degrees 45 degrees, and that's right with the overnight low forecast is and that's going to get your fo. so especially if you're traveling, let's look at it one more time. tomorrow clouds increase all day. that's thursday afternoon. no no sprinkles yet thursday night and
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then you get into friday early morning, and there it is. 3456 if you're driving into work, maybe a little bit wet out there. and then it clears right out. so i showed you the same model twice just because i know that's what you want to see in the timing on that's going to be pretty close to take away from this is morning commute. looks like it wants to be a little bit damp. and after that, no big deal, i think tomorrow night and in the, um into saturday mornin, i think the chances for value fogger pretty pretty stiff. so again friday morning, maybe some sprinkles tomorrow. just some clouds. nice day. i'll see you back here tomorrow. all right, bill. thank you. almost people in sausalito are leaving a city approved camp because they say it's contaminated with raw sewage. people living at the city's marine ship. part camps say they started noticing a horrible smell and some sort of fluid bubbling up from the ground after last month's big storm, the residents claim they had the fluid tested at the lab and say the results showed high levels of fecal matter. there are rooms. i'm sure available somewhere that the city can find for us to get off this contaminated soils. they just
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don't want to spend the money on it. according to the marin i j. the city took its own samples of the soil at the marine ship park camp last week and are still awaiting the results. oakland's police chief spoke out today about the city's recent rise in violent crime and lack of officers. the chief says the staffing shortage will only get worse next year. but. as ktvu is, amberleigh tells us some residents question whether public safety will improve even with more police officers. oakland as say the recent surge in violence brings caution and situational awareness at night. i take my dog around and i choose a particularly like a lighted area. police released audio of gunfire recorded on shot spotter from tuesday in east oakland. common occurrence shootings were over 100 rounds are being fired that is impacting our community and causing fear. fortunately no one was injured from the gunfire captured by the shot spotter
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system. but oakland has already surpassed last year's total number of homicides with 120. so far there were 102 for all of last year were not able to do everything we could. in order to impact safety. he tells me the rate of solved cases has dropped to 35% down from 50% he's added six investigators to homicide taken from units such as theft investigation. i really think it's so difficult to solve cases when it's just live force mint. it really does mean that if people see things they should share those things, chief armstrong says the total number of frozen positions will go from 55. 2 92 by next july. we can all look for a different response to violent crime, but we have to live in the moment. there was mixed reaction from oakland ear's about police staffing. yeah we do need more policing. i think the hiring process too. has something to do with it more is not necessarily better or less is necessary better. i think the function and
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approach and how integrated they are in the community. is more important. police say. these are some of the 1039 firearms. they've taken off the streets so far this year, chief armstrong says officers are responding to calls, including those reporting non violent crimes. but with over 2000 calls to 911 daily, he says there will be delays in oakland. amberleigh ktvu fox two news today, the vallejo police department paused to remember officer jim kapu on the 10th anniversary of his death. officer kapu was shot and killed in the line of duty on this day in 2011 when he was pursuing a bank robbery suspect it was a 19 year vet of the department. he was also a beloved coach of the vallejo high school girls varsity basketball team. last week, the city of the layover approved the request, renamed 13th street on mayor island, james kapu street ceremony is expected to be held in the spring. coming up. a key member
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financial planning is finding your home away from home. ♪ and, it's designing a plan to help get you there. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. what a provocative offseason. this should be for the san francisco giants already gave kapler manager of the year buster posey retires and today. the captain. make sure everybody knows he is coming back talking about the self appointed captai, the giants brandon belt. he had a great year. 29 home runs that's a career high. and he agrees to accept the qualifying offer one year $18.4 million. he will not hit the free agent market and the giants very happy to have him back at first base.
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all right, big daddy awards coming up mvp team out today, saying award winners and st mary's gales. product corbyn burns is your nationally gpi young award winner of the brewers. remember august 11th? he struck out nine giants these guys good lebanon five record. 2.43 e r a. but here's the key stat. he had 234 strikeouts in just 167 innings. that's about 12 per every nine innings. not too bad zakariyah iler. phillies was second max scherzer third. it's a new era julio urias. so the dodgers won 20 you finished eighth in the building so winds not necessarily the deal, robby ray. is the american league cy young award winner for the toronto jays. let's talk some football 49ers back in business, talking playoffs again, and they can say that with a straight face coming off that win over the rams and one of the keys to that victory. the defense able to create turnovers, and in
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particular jimmie ward, the team that had only two interceptions prior to his efforts, just in the first half alone. he had two picks. one of them helped turn the momentum around early. and matt stafford new might be a long night for him win just a tad later, this deflected pass ends up in jimmy wards hands. that's a pick six. there will, however, be no easy enough by jimmie ward to the rest of the niners when they take on the two and seven jacksonville jags on the road this sunday. fall into that trap. but if you take each game seriously like i do, and i know my teammates do you think we can feed off this momentum, especially this win? that was a big win for us division game. so i think of this week going on the road. it's going to be a bi, big challenge, but i feel like we can overcome it. catties up. they win. it will be five and five, and it's realistic to think postseason. hey with the extra time we have let us check
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this out. you're going to like this a new definition of the word header. that's a penalty kick and this young woman in youth soccer watch it again. not once. bam what that's the wall! that's the wall and the world. it worked. it worked that it could be dangerous but happy to say. both young women are just fine. check this out back to dayton, ohio, halftime at the game tonight with a full court putt, and if they finds its mar, which it did just blazing through the whole right there. gentlemen get on free chevrolet sponsoring that event tonight. he's pom pom to, you know to ca. i don't think i've ever faced the green that fast and slick faster than pebble. he did it. yep. that's the sporting life. guys back to you have a great night. all right, mark. thank
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you. and thanks everyone for joining us. we'll see again tomorrow night. goodnight. goodnight.ease, please. okay, what is this? we're making sure i'm tall enough to ride all the rides at disneyland. to spike up my hair. buddy... (tape measure retracts) we are good to go. sweet! i have been waiting for this day ever since the doctor pointed to the ultrasound of your mom's womb and said, "either that's a fifth limb, or you got a boy." okay, no. gross. oh. all right... (can hissing) i want everybody to eat a lot at home because "the happiest place on earth" is also home to the most expensive churro on earth. come on. this is gonna be awesome. who doesn't love a day at disneyland? can't you and mom go without me? you're the kid. i think we need you to get in. it couldn't come on a worst day. the technology sector is tanking. we're doing a stock market project in school, and today's the last day. we all get a thousand fake dollars to invest, and as the market closed yesterday, i'm in the lead. i may not be the tallest or the most athletic, but someday i will be the richest, which is good because the ladies love that,


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