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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  November 17, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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this spring, a building and lot located between gary and hide will be the city's first location where users can inject drugs into their system. under the supervision of medical professionals, but i think this situation has become critical and urgent enough that i that i believe that the mayor is sayin, look, we have to do something we can't let san franciscans die. um and so we have to be. we have to respond a matter of urgency, says vitka ison, the ceo of nonprofit health, right, 3, 60 said between january and september of this year. 500 people died in san francisco of drug overdoses. they have no other negative outcomes. besides also save lives. i mean, they save lives and they save money. the latest development coming weeks after supervisor matt haiti introduced a resolution and received unanimous support, calling on mayor breed to declare a state of emergency around the city's drug overdose crisis for people who are using drugs. out there on the streets
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and sidewalks and dying by the hundreds safe injection sites can save lives and can get them into care and treatment, open drug use and what comes with it in certain parts of san francisco is nothing new. it is, by all accounts, a problem desperate for a solution, but some aren't convinced sanctioned injection site is the answer there. there has to be a different different way of dealing with this. with this crisis. tom wong, who is in charge of security next to the proposed supervised injection site, only sees it as adding to the problems in this neighborhood. you will have lines. down the block trying to get in here because this is a safe spot, and they may or may not wait because they're addicted and they need that fix. he believes the issue can only be solved through stopping those who peddle the drugs. but vika ison with the nonprofit health right, 3, 60 says. the heavy head. that approach has already been tried and does not work. we know it's failed policy, so we
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have to do innovative things if we wanted. we want a different outcome. we have to do something different. potential objections from residents aside at legal issue could torpedo the mayor's proposal. such a site is not legal. under federal law breeds office is set to be in contact with city attorney david chu, who would have ultimate. apartment defend the city. should the government decide to get involved. we'll see what happens next back to you, julie. definitely a problem affecting many cities around the country. andre thank you. happening now a rally to say four schools from closure in the city of hayward, parents, teachers and staff of all gather ahead of a school board meeting tonight urging district leaders to reconsider. the closure is now the district says the closures are necessary to address declining enrollment. among other issues. ktvx christina rendon has the story. glass brook elementary, and hayward is one of a handful in danger of closing the signs posted outside a message for the district's board of education. this beautiful school. look at it. we are just opposed. we want
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them to pause. daisy bates is a special education interpreter and president of reunion. she along with representatives of other unions want the district to reconsider. if we have full service, community schools, everyone around when i come here, i just hope they take a pause and just reevaluate. i mean, if they needed to close schools, that's fine. but we definitely i would like for them to sit down with us. and. have us at the beginning of the conversation. not at the end when you've already made a decision. a spokeswoman for hayward unified says the district has faced declining enrollment since 2000 and four but the pandemic really accelerated students leaving. last year is highlighted in red and projections only get worse in the last two years we lost about 2000 students and about 65% of those students. that left the school district did so because their families moved out of the bay area completely less students mean less funding from the state. plus, the district has aging facilities that cost $900 million to fix its why the district is proposing closing
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four schools, relocating eight facilities and changing boundaries in programs. while the district understands the loss school closures bring. they hope the public can see what can be gained from the potential changes. a part of this plan is to bring tk and preschool to all of our elementary schools. and have modernized facilities where we don't have to worry about broken heaters and fire alarms. we want them to listen to us for the first time, really pay attention to what we have to say. we have been saying the same thing throughout this town hall meetings. we have not been heard, although the district says they have been working on this plan for the past two year. a lot of these teachers, parents and staff members say they only found out about it in the last six weeks, and they feel. caught off guard. it's unclear what the board may do. they could take action tonight or just make changes to the current recommendation of school closures in hayward, christina rendon ktv you, fox two news. california's nonpartisan legislative analyst is forecasting a $31 billion budget surplus next year. that
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predicted surplus comes as tax revenues continue to climb. and it's so large the legislative analyst's estimates california.l limits on state spending by more than $14 billion. this will be the fourth year in a row of increasing revenue. thousands of teaching assistants in the university of california system were in the classroom today after calling off their plan two day strike the lecturers at all nine undergraduate campuses had planned to walk off the job at 10 o'clock this morning. the union representing the workers tweeted. the two sides have reached a tentative agreement, including what it calls groundbreaking improvements in crucial areas, including job stability, workload and compensation. sticker shock over bay area gas prices is now turned into the question. nobody likes to ask how high can they possibly go gave us tom baker reports from the chevron refinery overlook in point richmond with the numbers. right now. bay area folks are paying for 82 a gallon for regular up from 4 70 a week ago, 4 62 a
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month ago more than a year ago, u c. berkeley haas energy economist severin bornstein says. californians currently paid 30 cents a gallon more than the average state, which just might be illegal. california really needs to dig into this and find out what happening, and the state government just hasn't seemed interested and digging into it since crude oil hit a pandemic low of about $30 a barrel. opec has rocketed oil back up to $80 and the extra $50 per barrel in another dollar and a quarter or so on our price at the pump ride sharing drivers take a huge hit and when the price of gasoline goes up by a dollar, or two per gallon, they see that directly in their personal income. here's what one rideshare driver told us back in june, when prices were much lower than now. for gas they $50 per day. gasoline that's why a
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lot of drivers they don't want to keep driving. that's why we are short of drivers. companies with fleets of cars and trucks are feeling. it example. based cities produce has a big fleet of delivery trucks are fuel prices just the last year 14 months have gone up 45% it's hurt my distance. i cannot expand. my growth was the cost of the equipment and the fuel the way it is right now. airlines are paying a lot more for fuel but must pay to fly and can and will raise prices, especially when demand is high. but they also got a huge. bailout payment from the government. so the airlines actually came through this overall. okay? and you're. paying for all of it. tom baker, katie fox two news. governor newsom was at the port of los angeles today with members of the biden ministrations checking on efforts to address the backlog of cargo ships at the
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ports. last month, president biden announced a deal to operate the ports of los angeles around the clock to try to reduce the supply chain bottleneck right now the port's open about 19 hours a day still short of the president's push for 24 hours a day. that's mainly due to a shortage of truck drivers. one of the profound challenges we face continue to face is enough truck drivers. we announced that the dmv will be extending hours of operation on saturdays at 15 sites. disproportionate number here and southern california, montebello, fullerton and other sites and effect allowing us to double from 5000. commercial tests a month. to 9700 commercial tests a month. there are still backups at the ports of los angeles and long beach with about 80 container ships waiting to dock that's down from the more than 100 ships that were recently stuck floating off the coast in san francisco.
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today, a group called north beach citizens handed out groceries to low income people and the homeless for the upcoming thanksgiving holiday. each person was given a bag of groceries with healthy foods. as well as some sweet treats. the group founded 20 years ago by film director francis ford coppola helps people out all year round. it provides £88,000 of food annually to those in need. and one person we spoke to says he has been assisted by this group so often that he actually decided to volunteer at the food giveaway today. kobe thing is really kind of like wiped out everybody right? and it's been hard trying to find a job again. um. so as far as rent goes and things like that, you guys the north beach center her. north beach citizen center has like helped out a lot. since the beginning of the pandemic, organizers say they have seen a 74% increase in the need for food assistance in north beach and increased need from chinatown residents and oakland based group is now working toward redeveloping the oakland
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coliseum. the oakland city council selected the group to bring everything from professional sports teams to retail stores to the coliseum. and build affordable housing as ktv is, rob roth explains. it's an ambitious goal. with the raiders and warriors gone from the oakland coliseum in the a's likely leaving here soon to the question is what will take their places. the oakland city council tuesday selected the african american sports entertainment group to figure that out to negotiate deals to redevelop this city's part of the coliseum complex as a person that grew up in east oakland and grew up right near the coliseum. ah it's a it's a pretty overwhelming filming because it's there's it's opportunity to actually take part in revitalizing the community. the group features former oakland city manager robert bob as well as developer, business executives in a sports agent. all with oakland roots, the city and the oakland a's each own half the property. the ayes have said they need money from developing the coliseum to
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help fund their proposed waterfront ballpark. if the a's decided to even stay in oakland, the a's have been really singularly focused on howard. terminal. and i don't think that they really focused on the coliseum. but it appears other sports teams may be interested. the group says it has had high level talks with the women's national basketball association about bringing a team to the arena. but we are in discussions with the w n b a, which are going very well. where and they are have been open to bringing a two team to oakland, and the group has been speaking with the nfl about a new team goal was to have the first african american majority owned nfl football team in all part of our strategy is to have a convention center. and so there would be in a convention center incorporated into a stadium. the project could create thousands of jobs. we want there to be affordable quality, affordable housing. um we want there to be education. we want there to be, uh, you
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know, business districts. we'd like there to be hotels. the city council selected the group over another team led by former a's pitcher dave stewart. they have that experience and the financial capacity and i believe strongly believe that professional sports would be receptive. long time sports fan chris dobbins of the group save oakland sports, says he hopes the plan helps keep the a's in oakland. we don't want to lose the a's so if you know is this to the detriment of the a's, or hopefully not what ultimately to do with this site has been a lingering question for decades. now, perhaps the answer is on the horizon. at the oakland coliseum. rob roth ktv you, fox two news. san jose has new, affordable housing for south based seniors. a ribbon cutting ceremony was held this morning for the lee avenue senior apartments on southwest expressway. mayor sam liccardo state senator david ortiz. and county supervisor susan ellenberger attended the
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ceremony. this development has 63 1 bedroom units. it will also provide permanent supportive housing. two formerly homeless. and special needs senior citizens. my understanding of the extraordinary need for permanent supportive housing, as well as housing at all below market price points has deepened dramatically. and i say without hyperbole that it is our local existential crisis. the development was paid for with funding from the 2016 santa clara county voter approved $950 million measure a affordable housing bond. a campaign is underway to spend more money on water projects, including desalination plants across california supporters need nearly one million valid signatures to put the proposal on the state ballot next year. the water infrastructure funding act, calls for california to put aside 2% of the general fund, or $4 billion annually for the water projects that would include building new dams and
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recycled water plants and upgrading reservoirs and canals. coming up. staples center is getting a new name when you can expect rebrand of the iconic venue and another lawsuit following a fatal on set shooting. why another rust crew member is suing after alec baldwin. we've got a few showers in the forecast. it comes up on thursday night late into friday. we'll look into that. and the weekend, which is not that far off you back here in a bit, also ahead a new effort to improve the conditions at santa rita jail in dublin. details on the new agreement between alameda county and the sheriff's department and taking a live look outside the. lower east shore. little sluggish. they're rolling through emeryville in berkeley bumper to bumper. both directions of 80 during this wednesday night commute more news after the break. there's a different way to treat hiv. it's once monthly injectable cabin. uva cabin. uva is the only once
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really want to waste a bunch of money on a brand new car, you can just do this. technically that's littering. so i'm gonna go back and pick all that up. shift .com used cars never felt so new. today and every day we put people before profits, doing what we can to take care of you so you can take care of what matters most. whether it's lowering your auto loan payment, transferring a high rate credit card balance. born refinancing your home loan. we're here for you. pacific service credit union. putting people before profits open an account today. a man who authorities say may have been killed by his cell mate at santa rita jail in dublin has been identified by his mother,
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christy. miles told ktv you that the man who was found unresponsive in his cell and later died on monday was her son. 27 year old devon, darrell west. the alameda county sheriff's office is investigating the death as a homicide. also monday, another inmate there at the jail was found dead in his cell. authorities say it appears the inmate died of natural causes. the man's name has not been released and conditions at santa rita jail were the focus of a meeting of alameda county supervisors. this morning, alameda county's health officers gave supervisors and overview of its annual inspection at santa rita jail covering health, nutrition and dental care. jail. officials also said they have a new agreement to share data between the counties. adult forensic behavioral health team and the sheriff's department. they say that communication will allow them to help inmates who are in crisis. not only are we going to be able to receive information that's critical for our team to know as we engage individuals who are suffering through some behavioral health
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issues, whether my older severe, but it also is allowing for the heaven health team to have information for resources. in september, alameda county agreed to a settlement in a federal class action lawsuit over mental health care for inmates. the settlement will require changes in several areas, including suicide prevention, out of cell time and discharge. planning new at six the first person to call 911 after a movie set shooting in new mexico is the latest crew member to sue actor alec baldwin. script supervisor mammy mitchell sat with attorney gloria allred today. and spoke out for the first time about the shooting. mitchell said she feels depressed and doesn't feel safe following that shooting. allred says the lawsuit contains new allegations concerning baldwin's fatal shooting of cinematographer elena hutchins. mitchell previously said she was standing next to hutchins. when she was shot. we allege in our lawsuit that the events that led to the shooting by mr baldwin of a loaded gun. do not constitute
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simple negligence. on alec baldwin's part. or the producers of rust. instead. in our opinion. mr baldwin shows to play russian roulette. when he fired a gun without checking it. i'll never forget what happened on the set of russ that day. i relive the shooting and the sound of the explosion from the gun over and over again. i'm depressed. i don't feel safe. i feel like at any moment anything could happen to me. into those that i care about that are standing close to me. mitchell's lawsuit joins another by the head of lighting on the film, which says the alleged negligence caused him severe emotional distress. okay we're taking a look at the weather out there. we've got a little bit of fog from this morning. it showed up in those inland bay valleys
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and you can see it right there. it starts in the north band works its way all the way down to the breakers filled area. that fog a little cloud will return again tonight. look forward to it being around the next couple mornings and then we get that chance of a shower on thursday. so here's the low pressure center. that system comes in late thursday into friday. there it is right there. you can see it. mostly cloudy all day tomorrow with a slight chance of a sprinkle late thursday night into friday morning, pretty darn early. and you know it's not going to be a lot of rain, so it's going to be a real light event. friday morning's commute might just be a little bit damp. it shouldn't be much more than that, unless you are in the north bank. and as you look at the waiting for the rain of graphic that mark put together for us just shows us. when's the last time it rained, and basically we're nine november ninth, was the last time and worried about eight days deep now. nine days counting tomorrow and then by the 10th day, we should have a few sprinkles in here, so i'll
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be back here in just a little bit. we'll take a look at the complete forecast. all right, we'll see in a bit, bill. thank you. the iconic staples center in los angeles is getting a new name. beginning christmas day. the arena will go by the name crypto .com arena. the naming rights deal is reported to exceed $700 million for a 20 year deal. crypto dot com is a singapore based crypto exchange and mobile wallet provider staples center has been the home of the los angeles lakers, clippers, sparks and kings since 1999. it's also hosted countless high profile musicians and shows a recent count of monarch butterflies in the central part of the state shows there are more than 50,000 monarchs this year compared to fewer than 2000 last year. during last year's winner heatwave, scientists say large populations of monarch butterflies delayed their usual migration. well now thousands of butterflies and their eggs have been found all across the central part of the state, one of the best known viewing spots. is the monarch grove sanctuary in pacific grove last year. there were no monarchs at the
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site this year. a preliminary count shows more than 13,000. san francisco's d. a, says his office has arrested a prolific retail thief coming up how many charges chasing rudin's office has now filed against her. discover this season. shen yun 2021. a more wonderful world awaits you coming to san francisco, san jose and berkeley from december. 21st 2021 tickets at shenyin .com/ c. a. please don't forget your head. yes good morning. how can i help? i need help connecting with my students behind every last minute save. okay, that works and holiday surprise. q a customer service rep is working on scene making it happen. and a genesis. we're proud to help them help you every day. why was jacoby and
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gone. click fall or visit a store today. discover this season. shen yun 2021. a more wonderful world awaits you coming to san francisco, san jose and berkeley from december 21st 2021 .com/ c a. san francisco district attorney chase a. boudin says his office has filed 128 charges, including eight felonies against a woman described as a prolific retail
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thief. aziza graves is accused of stealing merchandise worth more than $40,000 from the stones town target store over the past year. she was arrested at that store yesterday. this summer target announced it was reducing hours at at san francisco stores due to a surge in shoplifting new at six oakland police chief spoke out today after the latest surge in violent crime and police staffing chief laurent armstrong says the increase in violence is due in part. two people from outside the area coming into oakland to commit the crimes. he also attributed the lack of police resources to the spike. now armstrong says he has increased the number of homicide investigators bringing staff from other units to help solve the city's 120 homicides. there are now a total of 16 homicide investigators up from 10. i really think it's so difficult to solve cases when it's just law enforcement. it really does mean that if people see things they should share those things. chief armstrong says he does not expect the staffing situation to significantly improved despite
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two police academies. one is currently underway. the other is scheduled to begin early next year. the chief says the number of frozen positions will also increased by july will have much more on what the chief had to stay coming up tonight on the 10 o'clock news. coming up on k tv news at 6 30. san francisco officials are reminding everyone to be careful this holiday season. the recommendations from the city's director of public health and still ahead of former san francisco 49 ers running back is starting up. new career sports director. mark binders has that story in sports, plus a san jose man perseveres through a near fatal covid 19 infection, how he celebrated the medical staff. who saved his life. happening today, students and teachers will honor ruby bridges mornings onto shines the light on the power of community. it is just about to start right now they're all lining up, then a sweet celebration 100 years in the making. tomorrow i'll talk with the ceo of see's candies about that centennial milestones
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which gives me access to next-gen statistical analysis software. become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq. for a supervised injection site to try to ease the overdose crisis in the city mayor london breed is proposing that the city by a building at gary and high to provide help for addicts. supporters say 500 people died of overdoses in the city between january and september and that the supervised site will help save lives. hayward parents held a rally outside the board of education meeting this evening, urging them not to close four schools. eight other facilities would be relocated. the district says it has lost 2000 students in the past two years, but they're hoping parents will be on board with other changes, including adding pre k and t k to all their elementary schools
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and the oakland city council has selected the african american sports entertainment group to negotiate deals to redevelop the city's part. of the coliseum complex. the group features former oakland city manager robert bob, as well as a developer of business executives and a sports agent. all with oakland roots. the group says it is in talks with the w nba about bringing a team too. the oakland arena. you are watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30 after a near fatal covid-19 infection and nine months in the hospital, san jose man returned to cheers from the medical staff that saved his life. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary has this story of survival and perseverance. wednesday wheelchair bound noah davis receiving a hero's welcome at the place that saved his lif. this is my second home, you know, i feel like this is my family. i feel like i climbed back. same height of people. i've known my whole life. the 31 year old almost didn't live long enough to see this day. nine
6:31 pm
months ago, davis came down with covid 19, and only recently left this hospital and my whole family was, you know, masks and watching hands every time i came home. lifestyle spreading our mail. despite those precautions, the former third party apple tech worker got sick, which worsened his blood oxygen level dropped by one third. he was in severe respiratory distress. and patients like that, as they progress, particularly if they require intensive care unit. treatment have a very high risk of mortality. with davis hovering at death's door, doctors at valley medical center put him in a low grade coma approximately two months later, and the treatment worked. but the cost was high. he lost the ability to walk uses left hand. even breathing on his own was a burden. i can't believe i take breathing for granted. back then and walking for granted and yeah. sure can't wait to get back to that. noah davis suffers from researchers call long haul
6:32 pm
covid and half of covid patient. it produces symptoms such as fever, fatigue and pain. in 20% of covid patients. there's decreased mobility, davis is now strong enough to do outpatient physical therapy for the first time. and this is a young man who. has really challenges doing even some of the most fundamental things in life. we're all hopeful they will continue to make improvements. it's a long road to recovery for this willow glen resident that now means using a motorized wheelchair. as the effects of covid linger for the holidays and beyond. i never want to go through this again. i wouldn't wish it on anybody in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. thanksgiving is next week and with the holidays approaching, san francisco's director of public health has issued some recommendations. think about where we were. last year. we were urging people to stay at home and when they contact. this year. we have so many more social situations to navigate
6:33 pm
from air travel to visiting family and gatherings that may involve vaccinated and some unvaccinated people. people are dining out going to businesses and schools and public spaces are reopened. dr grant colfax spoke about the difference between the holidays last year when families were asked not to get together, and this year, colfax asked residents to give loved ones. the gifted protection either by getting vaccinated for the coronavirus or getting that booster shot. those extra shots are available to everyone. 18 years old. or older in california today, moderna officially asked the fda to approve its covid-19 booster vaccine for all adults, ages 18 and older fox news, jonathan siri explains. this comes as fears grow about another wave of infections. federal health officials are urging patients as fears of a new nationwide covid surge are growing. we're still waiting for the fda to decide whether all americans should get booster shots right now they're recommended only for the elderly and those at high risk, but a
6:34 pm
growing number of cities and states are expanding access on their own. without approval from the feds. we will be reviewing the epidemiologic data the, uh, effectiveness data as well as the safety data. and we will provide our recommendations as soon as we can. the push for boosters comes as infection rates are ticking up. 29 states are now experiencing a spike in new covid cases. with the midwest and southwest particularly hard hit, even though some 80% of americans 12 and older have gotten at least one vaccine does. people who are vaccinated are still getting covid. but they they are. the severity is much much lower. vaccination rates are also increasing among young people by the end of wednesday, more than 2.6 million kids. ages five through 11 will have gotten their first shot. that's about 10% of the total number of eligible children and the white house is working to make sure demand does not outstrip supply, promising funding for an additional billion vaccine doses
6:35 pm
in 2022. i don't think we're going to get eradication, even donated merit malaria years and years ago, but it exists in other places. so i don't think we're going to eliminate it completely. officials also confirming wednesday the definition of fully vaccinated will not include booster shots in atlanta. jonathan serrie fox news. uber is bringing back its shared rights service under a new name. uber x share will allow riders to book in uber to share with another person going a similar direction and in turn, the ride is. less expensive. the company's suspended the service during the pandemic. it relaunched in miami yesterday, but it is unclear when it will expand uber competitor lift brought back shared rides in july. coming up. two men convicted of killing civil rights leader malcolm x expected to be exonerated 56 years later why their names may be cleared and that theranos fraud trial is drawn observers from around the world why some of them say they traveled to silicon valley for
6:36 pm
the case. jose is drawn court obs
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
from around the world some are members of the public wanting to really see the defendant homes with their own eyes. but as ktvu investigative reporter evan sernoffsky tells us, some are traveling from far and wide to better understand the mistakes of silicon valley. erin tompkins testified wednesday that she got a blood test from
6:39 pm
theranos in 2015 at a walgreens in arizona. it came back showing she had hiv antibodies, but three subsequent blood tests from other companies showed that theranos test was wrong. her testimony was just one more example of the startling problems inside theranos the sensational trial against the company's founder, elizabeth holmes, has drawn a mixed bag of observers from day one. gary tidwell flew into the bay area from new york city. he's a senior adviser at yasko, a global organization of securities regulators. smart person. learns from his or her mistakes, but a wise person watches others and learns from their mistakes. he's been closely watching the testimony of san francisco based hedge fund manager brian grossman, who invested $96 million in theranos. grossman testified that holmes made numerous false claims about parenthesis technology. he spent wednesday
6:40 pm
under cross examination from defense attorney lance wade, who pointed to email after email highlighting risks he was aware of. despite homes alleged claims for tidwell. the lessons of theranos are global in scale. the market is premised upon a level playing field in the upper end of the market operates best when truth is out there we've already heard from other deep pocketed investors. legal observers say they may not be sympathetic to jurors. it's my opinion that jurors will think. shut it on your due diligence. that's your fault, in part that you lost that kind of money, but it's ted will points out companies like grossman's hold pension funds and manipulation doesn't just come at a cost to millionaires and billionaires. securities regulation is all about investor protection and market integrity. and those are both at issue here because of you have irregularities such as what's alleged here going on in the market and you don't have investor protection and who's
6:41 pm
going to be trusting the market after this. the trial continues thursday when journalist roger parliament is expected to testify. he wrote a glowing profile if theranos for fortune magazine. but he later had to correct it. at the federal courthouse in san jose evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. two men convicted of assassinating civil rights leader malcolm x in 1965 are expected to be exonerated tomorrow in new york, and nearly two year long investigation looked into allegations that the fbi and nypd withheld evidence in the case. mohammed aziz, khalil islam and thomas hagan were convicted and sentenced for that crime. hagen admitted to being one of three gunmen. but he also testified that neither izzy's nor islam were involved or even there. both men were released from prison in the mid 19 eighties. mohammed diseases now 83 years old khalil khalil islam died in 2000 and nine.
6:42 pm
it's pretty nice fall day across much of the bay area, although rain. is on the way we're going to check in with chief meteorologist bill martin and just a bit about the forecast for your neighborhood and let's get right over to heather holmes right now, with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news over on ktvu, plus other. mike new tonight. she only lived at her home for about 14 months before it was destroyed by the cowl door. fire tonight we're going to travel to the eldorado county fire zone, where some homeowners are slowly starting to return. and sadly. only to find debris and empty lots. also addressing student loan debt, the sobering reminder from the state attorney general today and his efforts to try to protect borrowers borrower's from risky loans here in california. those stories and a lot more coming up. live tonight at seven over on ktvu. plus we'll see you, then heather franks, but first after the break jurors in the ahmad armory murder trial are still deliberating why the defense is now objecting to the jury now objecting to the jury reviewing video evidence.
6:43 pm
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of the jury continue to weigh the fate of kyle rittenhouse after failing to reach a verdict on the first day of deliberations in his murder trial. now jurors are reviewing all the video evidence. fox news. madeline rivera has the latest from outside the courthouse in kenosha, wisconsin. several questions from the jury on the second day of deliberations as they work to determine the fate of kyle rittenhouse. do we view videos in private or corporate? the jurors are the cailin house murder trial, submitting multiple questions to the judge. including asking to review evidence videos request, prompting a discussion about how many times they would be allowed to watch the state, arguing the
6:46 pm
jury should be able to view it as many times as they want. i believe the jury should be able to watch them as they see fit. i do not see how videotapes of an incident could be overemphasized or looked at too much. while the defense objects it's clearly an open court. i think we all agree on that. it can be played once not rewound. and started and stopped another video, which the state says shows rittenhouse pointing a gun at protesters before last year's fatal shooting is the subject of the defense's motion for a mistrial with prejudice. the defense says the state with how the higher quality drone video allegedly giving them a lower resolution version. the defense feels like they were sandbag. meanwhile the city and state bracing for possible violence following a verdict protesters on both sides gathering outside the courthous, including a man carrying an ar 15. he was approached by police and was later seen without the gun. if convicted of the most serious charge. rittenhouse faces life in prison in kenosha, wisconsin. mala rivera fox news
6:47 pm
today one of the defendants in the trial over the fatal shooting of amman are very took the stand this coming as the defense requested a mistrial. travis mcmichael, who police say shots are very close range took the stand as the defenses first witness. telling the court he wanted to share his side of the story. as he's running towards you at this moment. what are you thinking that i'm. pretty sure that he is going to attack. what makes you think that, uh. the totality of this circumstance, but i just witnessed with the truck. what happened on the 11th way that he acting 11 and then his eye contact on me? also today, william bryan's attorney, kevin gough, delivered his opening statement. golf says his client who recorded cellphone video of the shooting did not have any intention to harm are very when he left his house. bryan's attorney also filed for another mistrial today, citing concerns over prominent religious leaders in the
6:48 pm
courtroom. the judge denied the request, saying he believes the jury will not be swayed. already as we look at the forecast for tomorrow, this is san francisco, but it might as well be oakland or san rafael. cloudy in the morning areas of frogs. lunchtime you're back into the upper fifties partly to mostly cloudy. and at the end of the day, you're partly to. mostly cloudy again. call that partly partly sunny. is he right? it's one of yeah. 61 degrees and san francisco about probably 65 will be the number out in oakland. really nice day tomorrow. if you look at the golden gate bridge, there's no fog out there right now, and the fog will mainly be in england feature. as you know which we've been seeing the last few mornings and we'll see it again tomorrow morning. the system right there becoming a little closer. you can see it. it's got lots of moisture. look what's going down trajectory wise straight into vancouver, seattle and portland. by the way, they don't need more rain. that's what they've been getting all week and then massive, massive flooding problems there river problems as well. so, um,
6:49 pm
they're getting i mean, they've had record setting rainfall week last week, and they're going to get more rain as we go into tonight and tomorrow. we are on the south end that system, so we just get a little bit of something, but it's really literally just a little bit of something 6 56 and conquer right now. that's about where it was last night. this time you're overnight lows end up pretty much. where they were last night, and those two points are about the same temperature. so about the same as they were last night. so i think fog is a certainty in many spots, and on top of the fog, you'll have the over head closet that will note of medium got clouds. 62 in santa rosa tomorrow for a high 62 fairfield little warmer out in redwood city at around the bay and a little warmer at the coast in specific and happen bake which temperatures in the mid sixties there. so it's a good looking forecast. we've got a situation here with a five day introduces rain late on thursday. into friday morning, so it's friday morning is kind
6:50 pm
of the dealio on this thing. it's going to be a little bit wet, not a ton of rain 2/10 of an inch. maybe i mean, maybe up around greenville. maybe happiness is probably going to be core of an inch. and then you get by time san jose 0.5 something like that. so there is by the forecast. i'm going to see you back here tonight. a 10 11. alright, bill. see you then. thank you. oakland international says it expects nearly 170,000 passengers to travel right through the airport during the long, upcoming thanksgiving holiday weekend. between wednesday, november 24th and sunday, the 28 the airport anticipates hosting twice as many travelers. as it did for that time last year. the weekend is expected to reach approximately 80% of pre pandemic thanksgiving travel from 2019. if you're flying, make sure to get to the airport early, of course, allow time for parking for check in bag drop off and going through security. coming up when giants veteran will return next season. sports director mark ibanez is up next with sports.
6:51 pm
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at kaiser permanente, your entire care team is connected, so even a routine appointment can save your life. and i see you're due for a mammogram. should we schedule it? a leader in the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer. a leader in the prevention, market body is with you tonight. you can't have a ship without a captain. we got good news for the giants. the captain is back.
6:54 pm
the self appointed that is brandon belt who will be returning to the giants. after a great year. as a matter of fact, he had a career high in home runs with 29. the great news revolves around the fact that he has accepted the giants one year $18.4 million qualifying offer. meaning he's not going to hit the free agent market and like i say all around offensively defensively, this is a veteran they need, particularly with the retirement of buster posey and get this belt was the only one of 14 players to accept a qualifying offer from their teams. everybody else wanted to try out. the free agent market. brandon belt likes being a gian. just fine. the big daddy awards and major league baseball coming out this week mvps to be announced tomorrow. today the site young award winners for the best pictures in each league, a proud day for saint mary's college. because one of their alum nus is. the national league
6:55 pm
cy young award winner talking about corbyn birds, you might remember giant fans august 11th when he whiffed nine giants on his way to a win for the brewer. he was 11 and 52.43 e r. a. but here's the key stat. 234 strikeouts in 167 innings. that's pretty good. zach wheele. the phillies finished second. max scherzer finished third and just show you the new breed of baseball julio aureus, so the dodgers won 20 didn't even come close. he was eight in the balloting. overall and in the american league, robby ray wins the cy young award lefty for the toronto blue jays. sure feels good. feeling good again. shoutout elvin bishop, san francisco 49 are fans. just happy. go lucky week for them after the upset victory over the rams, and they did it by a wide
6:56 pm
margin, but i'll tell you one of the problems for the 49ers this year, particularly defense, the lack of creating turnovers. and they took care of that early in the person of jimmie ward. he had two interceptions himself in the first half completely turned the momentum around in this gam. in fact, the second one, he returned for a touchdown. the pick six after deflection there, and the 49ers had had only two interceptions previously. throughout the entire season. prior to that, they've got jacksonville out on the road. next the jaguars are only two and seven, but jimmy ward said, there'll be no easing up because of their records. fall into that trap. but if you take each game seriously like i do, and i know my teammates do you think we can feed off this momentum, especially this win? that was a big win for us division game. so i think of this week going on the road. it's going to be a bi, big challenge, but i feel like we can overcome it. all into
6:57 pm
that trap. that's for sure. that's good talk. hey one of the most popular and i will say, toughest 49ers ever frank gore, you may have heard he's got to change. a vocation, although he does say he wants to return to the nfl as a running back. he is going to be in the ring. you see the stare down yesterday has taken on former nba player deron williams. there's frank on the right. and 38 years old december 18th. you'll see it on showtime in tampa bay. it's going to be a four round scheduled fight. frank gore, they say, is the underdog. know how they figure that out? maybe because he's he's shorter than the nba player. but for frank, or you know anything about this guy, you know, being an underdog. no problem there. i've been underdog and i blew out my knee, saying i won't make it to the nfl overcame down. they said. i've been in fl three years. 16 years later. there. oncool witho
6:58 pm
matter what golden state warriors laid it on brooklyn last night. i think plenty of things for the nets and katie were worried about one of the things i couldn't believe listen to the chance of the brooklyn crowd. m v p. m v p for steph curry last night. every. that is very unusual for visiting player to get that kind of a greeting through step 37 points at nine threes. 12 and to record for them, coach kerr asked how the offense has been able to click so well so far hard that is. steph curry, not kidding. there's never been anybody like it cares about the game. loves his teammates plays the energy, you know, so that's what you ge. you know, so that's what you ge. you know any night every
6:59 pm
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