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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 15, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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counted, though. hey come away with the w good game, right? big time. big time. thank you. next at 11. it's uh, both angering and a little bit mystifying. strong reaction tonight from local leaders and neighbors as a convicted sex offenders placed in their small community. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville. today, a judge ordered the convicted sex offender to live in the community of bonny doon in the santa cruz mountains. as ktvu is azenith smith reports, many residents say if he stays there, packing up and move in. nestled in this heavily wooded area of bonny doon at 2400 square foot two story home. these are pictures from redfin across from a playground and mirror school neighbors not happy about who's moving in. that's crazy. you know it doesn't make any sense.
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it's insane, the idea that the state would spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to house a sexually violent predator. this is where a santa cruz county judge says 69 year old michael cheek can live. back in 1980 cheek of concord visited santa cruz abducted and sexually assaulted a woman he met at seabright beach. he was convicted and later raped a 15 year old putting sexually violent predators into neighborhoods without notice or giving a voice to the community or law enforcement for their ability to monitor. is incredibly problematic cheek currently at atascadero state hospital, will be wearing a gps monitor the sheriff's office worries about limited wifi and frequent power outages. bonny doon school board president attended monday's court ruling and says the judges rationale chick has qualified for conditional release for two years, unable to find a home. if this is rejected, cheek has asked to be released as a transient the way the judge framed it, it would be hard to
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say no, because he's waited so long for his justice, and that would be worse. in her opinion for society than this next door neighbor, joe brennan, with six kids is moving his 14 year old daughter walks past the house to the school bus. i don't think any reasonable parent would feel like that's okay. and i don't. it's unclear what will happen to wild irish private school. brennan runs it. a handful of students go there. i'm not going to put my kids in, uh, position where they have to walk in fear every day. the district attorney plans to appeal the judge's ruling comedian members hope that decision is overturned in the santa cruz mountains. i'm azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. new at 11. there has been a smash and grab robbery at a jewelry store in the east bay iceberg diamonds at sun valley mall in concord was targeted at about 7 30 tonight, police say nine people dressed in black and wearing masks and hoodies, grab
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the stores jewelry after smashing open display cases with hammers. employees were inside the store at the time, but no one was hurt. police say by the time officers arrived the thieves that already taken off there is no suspect or vehicle information at this time, but investigators are now looking at security video. bill how about to sign a law is truth that despite the cynics democrats, republicans can come together and deliver results. we can do this today. president biden signed a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill into law. the bipartisan package will inject billions of dollars into roadways, bridges. transit systems and much much more. lawmakers say california and the bay area will benefit statewide $25 billion will go to highways. $4.2 billion for bridge repairs. another $39 billion for public transportation and 65 billion for electric grid infrastructur. ktvu is deborah villalon live for us tonight at marin ghani with one of the. problem areas
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in line for some help, debra. but mike highway 37, often congested, sometimes submerged. it will be on the list, but there's lots of competition for this infrastructure windfall. highway 37 connecting solano and marin county's a two lane bottleneck on its best days and closed by flooding on its worst. this east west connector is a prime candidate for infrastructure funding. literally, it needs to be higher. wider greener, safer and built to last. that's one big bay area goal. another getting more people between oakland and san francisco by improving bart capacity under the bay would allow for a massive expansion in the number of trains. that can be accommodated in the existing transbay tube. the infrastructure bill offers a $140 billion pot for projects across the country to vie for
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and it gives an immediate 50% raised tn existing formula, help our port, our airport and the overall safety and mobility. particularly as we're looking to create a new neighborhood on our waterfront mayor shaft envisioning oakland port improvements that could help the odds of an aids ballpark development. both chef and san jose mayor. liccardo attended the bill signing, ecstatic that funds begin flowing immediately to the more localized projects such as adding charging stations for electric vehicles that can company quickly, uh just needs to be disseminated to local communities, and we could see that in 2022 other expenses are going to just take much more time because they're big projects. another big one. modernizing caltrain from diesel to electric not only cleaner but considered essential if high speed rail is to ever bring passengers from the central valley to silicon valley and hand them off. remember the ultimate goal? of uh, high speed
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rail was transbay terminal all the way to union station in l. a this commissioner on the metropolitan transportation commission notes. caltrain san bruno. station alone cost $200 million to build with this infrastructure bill. jobs jobs, jobs, jobs and more jobs for the bay area, and that's that's exciting. millions of dollars are also allocated to harden california's defenses against wildfire and for water agencies to replace lead piping and aging systems prone to springing leaks. finally, mike expanding broadband and blocking cyber attacks, too. lot of possibilities out there. we'll see what gets done here in the years the decades ahead. alright deborah, thank you for that. ktvu political analyst brian sobel called today's bill signing a victory for the president, one that shows he can bring congress together. there were 800 people invited to the signing ceremony at the white
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house today. this was a big big deal. it was the first thing. first bill of any scope that anybody could point to for this presidency and so yes, absolutely joe biden can and should run on this as a demonstration that he can bring republicans and democrats together. hub how it goes from here will be the will be the open question. 32 republicans voted for the pill 19 from the senate, 13 from the house new at 11 tomorrow. oakland mayor libby shaft is expected to announce a new experimental program, sending monthly payments to the landlords of 200 households at risk of losing their housing. the program will cover portions of rent for low income households that spend more than half of their income on housing. families can receive the help for up to 18 months with no strings attached. participants will be targeted by certain zip codes. hard hit by rent, gougin, gentrification and covid. the
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subsidy program is privately funded in antioch 14 children were given the incorrect amount of the covid-19 vaccine at sutter hills pediatric vaccine clinic. senator health would not say exactly how much of the vaccine was given but said the patients may experience more arm soreness, fatigue, headache or a fever in response to the dose that was given. etcetera health said they immediately reviewed their procedures to help make sure that this does not happen again. today's san francisco mayor. london breed honored the city's unsung heroes of the covid 19 pandemic. that ceremony was held at the steps of city hall, where each hero was recognized for their hard work over the past 18 months. the mayor says those who were honored today went above and beyond to help people in neighborhoods that are typically neglected. the people standing up here with me today. they rolled up their sleeves. they didn't shy away from the work. they stepped up. and they put themselves at risk. in order to
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help other people. mayor breed says together the city's unsung heroes did just about everythin, including distributed distributing food, organizing online masses and setting up testing and vaccine cites. recent polls show republicans are much less likely to get out and get a flu shot than they were before the pandemic. business insider reports that in the years before the pandemic, republicans and democrats were both likely to get in. annual flu shot this year. however the gap between republicans and democrats on flu shots as 20% points bigger than it was before the pandemic that is similar to the approximately 30% point partisan gap on covid-19 vaccines coming up an immigration consultant arrested on charges of defrauding multiple clients how much money she is accused of taking next and closing arguments today in the kyle rittenhouse trial when jury d
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but, together, we got this. today he will retire after leading the agency for three years. porter took over as acting director in december of 2018 1 month after the campfire which at that time was the state's most deadly and destructive wildfire. since then, porter has managed the state through historic fire seasons. his last day will be december. 10th, a successor has not yet been named. a woman who worked as an immigration consultant in san jose is accused of defrauding her clients. sheriff detectives say
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that she took her clients cash but never submitted paperwork for the documents they were seeking. and because of that, one victim says she'd never got to visit a dying relative ktvu crime reporter henry lee as the story. he deserves what he gets. he makes people suffered. he suffered killed. julian escobar is angry. the san jose woman who didn't want her face shone says she was defrauded by an immigration consultant who worked out of this business center. escobar says the woman failed to turn in a visa and citizenship application for her husband, defrauding the couple of nearly $5000. we paid everything that we were supposed to pay to her for her to fix the papers and we never got any proof. of anything being done. the santa clara county sheriff's office conducted a four month investigation. detectives interviewed the immigration consultant at her office at the tropicana shopping center at story and king roads in san jose. sheriff's deputy russell davis said the consultant jasmine sanchez simply kept her client's money without doing the
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work this couple trust, said ms sanchez to provide the proper documentation and paperwork to obtain citizenship and at the end of it, they later determined that none of that paper was actually submitted to immigration. investigators say sanchez failed to provide any refunds. they arrested the 36 year old on suspicion of grand theft, theft by false pretenses and violations of the immigration consultant act. escobar says she and her husband were unable to visit dying relatives in mexico, including her brother in law because of what happened. i get so frustrated when i think about the excited right away, think about my brother in law and how i wasn't able to need it because she was playing games. investigators say. sanchez also defrauded a man who paid her $1000 for a daca application. he was in the process of obtaining a scholarship through a trade school. and unfortunately, do those circumstances that all got denied. escobar says the suspect took advantage of latino victims for her to be doing that to people. you know her own kind.
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that's wrong for somebody to do that. i believe in karma. big time. jasmine sanchez is free on bail. sheriff's investigators are asking anyone who may have been victimized by her to give them a call. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. jury deliberations are set to begin tomorrow morning in the wisconsin case of kyle rittenhouse. in closing arguments today, the state stood firm with its argument. prosecutors say rittenhouse was the aggressor when he killed two men and wounded another during a protest. that protest followed the shooting of jacob blake last summer in kenosha, but written houses attorneys say one man who was fatally shot charged toward rittenhouse, forcing him to defend himself. we don't play fast and loose with the facts pretending that mr rosen bomb was citizen a he was a rioter. the national guard is on standby for any unrest from a verdict and the white house says they will monitor the situation in
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kenosha. rittenhouse faces life in prison if convicted of the most serious felony charge against him. police in colorado are now investigating a drive by shooting near a high school today that injured 16 agers police say multiple rounds were fired from different guns at a park in the denver suburb of aurora. the victims range in age from 14 to 18 police say they are all expected to survive. it was in aurora back in 2012, where a gunman killed 12 people and wounded 70 others inside a movie theater. the gunman is currently serving 12 life sentences. coming up in african american group demanding reparations. we'll tell you about the abandoned building, they are now focusing on up next new numbers, underscoring just how hard it is to buy a home in the bay area right now the current state of the housing inventory. and i'll take a look at those rain chances for thursday. see
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and complete required activities. according to the bay area real estate blog socket site. inventory levels are now 44% lower than they were at the same time last year. that number is expected to keep dropping. through the end of this year, with the average asking price per square foot down 4% from last year. inventory levels are still 20% higher, though, than they were prior to the pandemic. san francisco is allocating $2.5 million to help revive the city's entertainment and music industry. the idea here is to help the industry really recover from the financial fallout due to the pandemic. the sf live initiative will include a series of concerts and live performances at outdoor parks and plazas. starting next year. mayor london breed said the city is doing everything possible to lead san francisco's economic and entertainment recovery. also in san francisco, african american leaders made a demand for reparations. they called on
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the city to hand over control of the abandoned fillmore heritage center. to a non profit organization from that, community leaders told ktvu rob brought the building would help deliver overdue justice. too many african american people in san francisco this building the fillmore heritage center represents perhaps their last chance to re establish what they say has been lost in the fillmore district. their heritage. this building is a right for us to return and have culture, dozens of african american leaders and residents, among them actor danny glover, who grew up in this city. rally need in front of the heritage center, asking the city to help transfer the empty building to a black run organization, which will use it to promote african american arts and culture. bring some real dialogue. not adjustments, but some real dialogue and some some real reparative justice there. then then we want. there was a time when the fillmore was known as
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harlem of the west. it was a predominantly black neighborhood during world war two. but after the war came urban renewal, which forced out most of the old residents who could no longer afford to live here, it was not about redevelopment. it was about black removal, and now there needs to be reparations, says reverend name is brown, president of the san francisco chapter of the acp. he is demanding the city and redevelopment agency which currently owns the vacant building that has yoshi's jazz club to transfer control to the black community. deliver justice. fairness and inclusion. for the culture, the history and the good sense of the african american community. community leaders are hoping that gross, of course so they can get this building and what they say are not only the proper hands, but the only hands in san francisco rob roth, ktvu fox two news.
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already nice day today because i mean there was fog and low clouds kind of cool in a lot of high clouds. tomorrow will be a nicer day. we're going to see more sunshine tomorrow the fog will be patchy. it won't be as widespread because of weak weather system going through. these were the actual highs from today and you can see those inland spots like fairfield and antioch few days ago. not too long. go there in the sixties and seventies and today they're just in the fifties and that had to do with all the fun, especially in the central valley, where dense fog advisory ran from reading all the way down towards. the bakersfield area that fog is reforming now and it's out there, but it's going to get beat up by this frontal system going through tonight. so here we are right now and see that clear patch as it moves south as the clouds move south. that's the front. weak front, no rain, but enough to blow up the inversion and watch what happens when it goes. but look between sacramento, modesto, so as a franco's by the inversion is broken up, but in the high jumps in real quick, so watch what happens. see the fog start to form. sort of interesting. so here is that as
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soon as that low pressure leave, the high is filling. the whole nature doesn't like a vacuum in the low pressure kind of leaves a vacuum or a hole in the high jumps in the fog tries to form. interesting okay so as we go into tomorrow, mostly sunny day temperatures be back into the mid sixties. and then as we get into wednesday, a few clouds and thursday there it is right. so that's real cloudy and a chance of some showers. that's the best opportunity. that's thursday late afternoon early evening through friday morning. doesn't look like in it. it looks like it's not gonna be awash, shattering like that mean 10th of an inch quarter of an inch, something like that bay bridge slow moving. not much out there. there's the system and there is an active, active, active pacific. so hopefully something breaks loose. regina has been getting the brunt of that has been seattle, which show these stories earlier up in washington state up in canada too heavy, heavy rain all time rain records atmospheric wherever. for them, not that dissimilar to what we saw a few weeks ago here. i mean
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all time records being broken up there north of the seattle area. 55 in oakland tomorrow morning. we're going to see fog, but it's going to form. it's not going to be there long and it's not going to look like this in the morning. it's going to be like i showed you it's going to be all fractured up. um and so they have forecast you don't this model shows no fog, and it shows a few high clouds, as are the ones drifting freely. yellows are seventies, lots of sixties for the bay area forecast tomorrow will be a nice stick. the five day forecast, then looks like this more of the same that shower chance on thursday. it's really about thursday night into friday morning. maybe friday morning's commute might be a bit damp. i'll see you back here tomorrow night. we'll see them, bill. thank you. ktvu is annual one warm coat drive is now underway if you have a gently worn coat or jacket that you would like to donate to bay area families, just take it to any participating ups store or big o tires. we also have collection barrels in oakland's jack london square, santana row in san jose and westfield san francisco center. the drive runs until sunday. december 5th. just
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visit ktvu dot com slash one warm coat for more information, all right, coming up in sports easily the game of the year for the 49 cars as they went head to head with the l. a rams sports director market. bonnie's has all your highlights coming up next. everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion
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know. look man, i was digging. i was gagging them the new guy. give me a break. ensuing drive niners take advantage. jimmy jean puts it right where it's supposed to be. george kills threads eight yards, seven lead they would never be headed ended the first quarter. stafford's passed this time. dropped its off the hands of tyler higbee, who was just awful for the rams tonight. ward picked it up brought it back 27 yards. the attitude is there. coach mcveigh knows it's gonna be a long nigh. rams do cut it. 14 7 niners answer in a big way, depot. samuel great game tiptoes and swims. and it's 21 7 49 years jimmy g really time to get off his case. jalen ramsey upset did no good because the dominance continued to the second half. niners keep playing. go for it on fourth and five and man did it pay off? debose gone 40 yard. jimmy jeep without one right where it needed to be first home win and 393 days. 31 10 is your
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final nine years four and five and the long faces on the rams bench. tell you how this thing went. jimmy g. how's it going up? that looked like your identity. what did it feel like to get back to that? it was goo. i felt honestly. it felt like pretty similar to the super bowl year that year that we did. and it felt like we ran the ball 35 times every time that year, and it's just what we could do that and nice that be successful in third down. it's a good recipe for us. and big kudos for the fans tonight, levi stadium was loud, just like the old days at candlestick got to keep that going as well. five area college teams hit the chords tonight for come out winners will start with stanford they played san jose state, so something had to give jared haas his six seasons at stanford. and nicely done here. harrison ingram live for jd delayer. bring it down. he had 19 later it's the cardinals up
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three. ingram pick and roll lucas soon as nicely done. stanford owned the second half the outscored the spartans by 23 76 62 is the final, cal beat san diego for their first win and st mary's and usf also victors in the wcc. all right, this is the night of the 49ers, right? so we got to go back to that, and this is a very rare place. okay? it's called defense. the old bloodiest maximus interception came on with the u. s you don't see it very often. but on the replay, you'll know what i'm talking about that that's the official coach's name, you know? yeah. that was great. unfortunately it didn't count guys. as you know it was a penalty and k juan williams still deserves major kudos for that. and mike, you're a coach. you know, when you always tell your players can't look in the
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rear view mirror, you know, you just got to use cash going. you gotta be focused right there for you had six tackles tonight. he had a good game all around. beautiful all the way around, beautiful all the way around, everybody. how you doing? phil dunphy. what do i have to do to get you to ask, "what do i have to do to get you into this car today?" well, why don't we start with a test-drive? i'll get the keys. sounds good. right where i want him. come here. come look at this. this thing warns you if you deviate from your lane. in my car, that's my wife. "andre, if you try to kill me, i swear i will kill you!" well, i guess this is what i'll be driving for the next 39 months. this is my dna talking, but you do not seem sufficiently excited about the prospect of driving a new cadillac. no, it's great. i've just leased the same thing forever. part of me wants to shake things up. i don't know. get something like... like that. oh, wow. colonel klink, that is nice.


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