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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 15, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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signs at $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill into law and tonight they area leaders are celebrating the billions of dollars now headed right here to fund transportation projects. it's a huge day in the bay area. this biden bill is really going to transform lives and modernize our transportation system. from bridges to broadband historic investment is described as long overdue and desperately needed. good evening, everyone i'm mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville, and i'm julie julie haener. here's a look now at where some of that money will go here in california. $25 billion will go to highways. 4.2 billion for bridge repairs. another 39 billion for public transportation and $65 billion for electric grid infrastructur. ktvu is deborah villalon live
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now in marin county with one of the problem areas in line for help, debra. julie let the contest begin. some projects will compete for funds nationwide, others from within california, but the wish lists are long and expensive. highway 37 connecting solano and marin county's a two lane bottleneck on its best days and closed by flooding on its worst. this east west connector is a prime candidate for infrastructure funding. literally, it needs to be higher. wider greener, safer and built to last. the infrastructure bill offers a $140 billion pot for projects across the country to vie for and it gives an immediate 50% raised two states based on an existing formula, help our port, our airport and the overall safety and mobility. particularly as we're looking to create a new neighborhood on our
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waterfront bare shaft, envisioning oakland port improvements that could help the odds of an eight ball park development. both chef and san jose mayor liccardo attended the bill signing. ecstatic that funds begin flowing immediately to the more localized projects, such as adding charging stations for electric vehicles that can company quickly just needs to be disseminated to local communities. and we could see that in 2022 other expenses are going to just take much more time because they're big projects. another big one modernizing caltrain from diesel to electric. not only cleaner but considered essential if high speed rail is to ever bring passengers from the central valley to silicon valley and hand them off. remember the ultimate goal of. high speed rail was transbay terminal all the way. the union station in l. a this commissioner on the metropolitan transportation commission notes. caltrain san bruno station alone cost $200 million to build with this infrastructure bill. jobs jobs,
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jobs, jobs and more jobs for the bay area, and that's that's exciting. millions are also allocated to make california more resilient against wildfire and for water agencies to replace failing piping and led components. so from potholes to megaprojects that challenge with this big windfall, julie maybe. just getting it, right? yeah a lot of places. need the money deborah villalon reporting live tonight in marin county, deborah. thank you. president biden praised the bill as a successful show of bipartisanship. despite the cynics democrats, republicans can come together and deliver results. we can do this. this law is a blue collar blueprint to rebuild america. at least no one behind and it makes marks an inflection point that we face as a nation for most of the 20th century, led the world by
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significant margins because we invested in ourselves. but somewhere along the way we stopped investing in ourselves. the bill was approved in the house 10 days ago with a vote of 228 206. the senate passed it in august with a vote of 69 to 30 the deadline to sign up for the child tax credit payments is now less than two hours away. those payments began back in july and next month. families that have not signed up can do so tonight to get next month's deposit will also receive the other half of the child tax credit when they file their taxes next year. the credit pays for up to $300 a month per child under the age of six for a total of $1800, and it also pays up to $250 per month per child ages. 6 to 17 for a total of $1500. in santa clara county officials have transformed an expo hall into a children's vaccine clinic. ktvu is jesse gary shows us how the new setup aims to distract the youngest kids who are getting their shots. so hashi ahlu all
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of 7.5 years old, didn't flinch when getting her first covid shot. i wasn't. it's good. i didn't hurt at all or anything. no she's short on words because our attention is elsewhere, specifically the jungle themed interior in a section of exposition hall at the santa clara county fairgrounds, creating this kid friendly environment with as many positive distractions as possible. is the best thing to do it. the county began offering covid vaccinations to its 167,000 children, ages, 5 to 11 in november, and we feel very about getting her vaccinated, especially given that we are heading into. mm you know the flu season? it's good to get kids vaccinated. officials say children can pass the virus to and those unvaccinated are five times more likely to become covid positive. this is really an example of how it takes a village for us to get everybody
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in our community across the finish line as we fight covid-19. but that's the nation sites can be sterile, amplifying young ones anxiety about receiving the shots, so distractions were created when it comes to taking care of our community, the future literally. is on our shoulders. bloom energy executive car guardino hoisted his young son head high. and help with the heavy financial lifting to make this transformation happened. it looks really cool and it makes you feel it's just a really cool place. bloom partnered with the vmc medical board and the result. scavenger hunts, toys, games, balloons and wild animals and very few if any sad faces so far actually feels pretty nice, so i can be brave, predictable shop. 20% of the county's eligible children have been vaccinated so far, but officials worry a flattening of the
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positivity rate could be a precursor to a spike just in time for the holidays. the santa clara county fairgrounds in san jose. i'm jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. protesters in northern and southern california gathered today in an effort to put a stop to covid vaccine mandates in public schools more than 4000 parents, students and teachers rally today at the state capitol in sacramento. they protested governor newsom's recent decision to require covid vaccines for california students as soon as they are eligible. meantime, some parents in orange county and elsewhere in southern california kept their children out of school today as part of the protest. demonstrators say they want to keep students home from school to show district officials how many students they could lose. if the mandate is put into place. the state of california will be collecting $500,000 from amazon tied to coronavirus violations. attorney
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general rob bonta announced the settlement this morning. he say. throughout the pandemic, amazon left its employees in the dark about the prevalence of covid-19 at its warehouses across the state and failed to share legally required information. under the agreement, amazon will change how it notifies workers as well as state and local health agencies about infections and amazon spokeswoman responded to the settlement, saying, we've worked hard from the beginning of the pandemic to keep our employees safe and deliver for our customers. in curing more than $15 billion in costs to date, and we'll keep doing that in the months and years ahead. you attend tonight there is outrage over the placement of a convicted sex offender who served his time a judge ruled today to allow him to reside in a home in a remote area of bonny doon on wild iris lane. ktvu azenith smith joins us now live from the santa cruz mountains after talking with neighbors who say they are disgusted as in it. yes julie. some neighbors are now planning to move out. the
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offender has no ties to santa cruz county, other than one of his sexual assault occurred in santa cruz. so why place him here? neighbors say the process is broken. nestled in this heavily wooded area of bonny doon at 2400 square foot, two story home. these are pictures from redfin across from a playground and nearest school neighbors not happy about who's moving in. that's crazy. you know, it doesn't make any sense. it's insane, the idea that the state would spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to house a sexually violent predator. this is where a santa cruz county judge says 69 year old michael cheek can live. back in 1980 cheek of concord visited santa cruz abducted and sexually assaulted a woman he met at seabright beach he was convicted and later raped a 15 year old putting sexually violent predators into neighborhoods without notice or giving a voice to the community or law enforcement for their ability to monitor. is incredibly
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problematic cheek currently at atascadero state hospital, will be wearing a gps monitor the sheriff's office worries about limited wifi and frequent power outages. our concern is that if we lose that connectivity with them. he's going to be a rural area kind of pretty range. do what he wants. bonny doon school board president attended monday's court ruling and says the judges rationale. cheek is qualified for conditional release for two years, unable to find a home if this is rejected, cheek, has asked the released as a transient the way the judge framed it, it would be hard to say no because he's waited so long for his justice, and that would be worse. in her opinion for society than this next door neighbor, joe brennan, with six kids is moving his 14 year old daughter walks past the house to the school bus. i don't think any reasonable parent would feel like that's okay. and i don't. it's unclear what will happen to wild irish private school.
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brennan runs it. a handful of students go there. i'm not going to put my kids in, uh, position where they have to walk in fear every day. and the district attorney plans to appeal the judge's ruling. community members hope today's decision will be overturned. julie azenith smith reporting live for us tonight in the santa cruz mountains as a thank you. to oakland city council members college shooting that wounded a mother and her 11 year old daughter unacceptable. it happened at about 10 30 last night when bullets were fired into the east oakland home on sterling drive. both victims were taken to hospitals and are expected to survive. police did not disclose a motive in the case or release any description of anyone they're looking for. the shooting happened in oakland city council member lauren taylor's district. we've got to do a better job. we need to treat this like the crisis that it is. it's a public health crisis. it's an emergency and we need to invest accordingly.
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shootings into occupied homes or vehicles in oakland are up 35% this year compared to the same time period last year. oakland police are asking anyone with information or surveillance video of last night's shooting to give them a call. ski season. nothing the sierra delayed still to come. why to tahoe resorts said they have actually been forced to push back those opening days. we got some fog and talked about and the opportunity for some showers out there as we head towards the end of this week. we'll have that when i return. at first defrauded out of thousands of dollars coming up after the break we'll hear from a woman who says an immigration consultant, took her money but never did any of the work. we paid everything that we were supposed to pay to her for her to fix the papers and. we never got any proof of anything being done.
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arrested and accused of defrauding victims in the city of san jose ktvu crime reporter henry lee here now, with the latest on the investigation, henry, my authorities say this immigration consultant took clients money but never submitted paperwork to immigration officials. one alleged victim tells me the suspect kept giving her excuse after excuse. he deserves what he gets. he makes people
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suffered. this is suffered to julian escobar is angry. the san jose woman who didn't want her face shone says she was defrauded by an immigration consultant who worked out of this business center. escobar says the woman failed to turn in a visa and citizenship application for her husband, defrauding the couple of nearly $5000. we paid everything that we were supposed to pay to her for her to fix the papers and. we never got any proof of anything being done. the santa clara county sheriff's office conducted a four month investigation detectives interviewed the immigration consultant at her office at the tropicana shopping center at story in king roads in san jose. sheriff's deputy russell davis said the consultant jasmine sanchez simply kept her client's money without doing the work this couple trust, said ms sanchez to provide the proper documentation and paperwork to obtain citizenship and at the end of it, they later determined that none of that paper was actually submitted to immigration investigators say
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sanchez failed to provide any refunds. they arrested the 36 year old on suspicion of grand theft, theft by false pretenses and violations of the immigration consultant act. escobar says she and her husband were unable to visit dying relatives in mexico, including her brother in law because of what happened. i get so frustrated when i think about the excited right away, think about my brother in law and how i wasn't able to need it because she was playing games, investigators say. sanchez also defrauded a man who paid her $1000 for a daca application. he was in the process of obtaining a scholarship through a trade school. and unfortunately, do those circumstances that all got denied. escobar says the suspect took advantage of latino victims for her to be doing that to people. you know her own kind. that's wrong for somebody to do that. i believe in karma, big time. jasmine sanchez is free on bail tonight. the sheriff's office is encouraging anyone else who may have been victimized by her or anyone else
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to give them a call reporting live. henry lee ktvu box do need detectives looking to build an even bigger case. all right, henry, thank you for that. a new report says a majority of latino and asian immigrants in california perceived racial discrimination researchers at the center for health policy say they surveyed roughly 2000, latino and asian immigrants with the goal of sharing the information with policymakers and community groups. researchers say they found that 70% perceived that immigrants in california experienced discrimination in the workplace due to skin color or accent and 65% felt they would be prevented from gaining legal immigration status if they used government benefits. marin county now ranks second in racial inequity in california that is down from first three years ago. advanced project. california now ranks mono county as having the most racial inequity in the state. the l. a based civil rights organization ranks counties by looking at several criteria, including economic opportunity, crime and justice and education
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and housing. new attend to tahoe area ski resorts are pushing back their home openers. both heavenly and northstar say they can't open on friday because it's just been. to warm recentl, the resorts made the announcement on social media, saying mother nature had other plans either gave a rescheduled opening day but they did say that they are hoping to have an update next week. heavenly added that its gondolas and tamarack lodge will still open on friday as planned. yeah, it's been pretty warm up there, so they're not making snow they counted. you know, we had the first snows of the season. even during those big events. they got a couple feet here a couple feet there and then with the count on is some cold, daytime and overnight lows, and they can blow snow and make new stone put it on top of that, well. that weren't able to the temperatures were above freezing in many cases, so that's where the ski resorts are now where we are now is different than where we were last night. this time. this is kind of how that fog footprint looked this morning. you see it down in the valley. and you see the higher clouds see those moving freely over the terrain? well what's happening? what we have is a system offshore.
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that's going to scoop in tonight and set us up with less of an inversion. it's going to blow up the inversion, and that's going to allow the fog to not be so prolific. tonight so we had dense fog advisors in the central valley last night the night before that, even some areas around here had very dense fog around here being in in the nigeria county. some of our cities, not the case tomorrow. tomorrow is going to be 30. there will be some fog and there'll be some low clouds. in clouds, but it won't be as prolific. it won't stretch from reading the modesto will be more on the patchy side and then by the afternoon, it's i think we're gonna see mostly to partly sunny conditions. so right now, santa rosa's temperatures 54 c santa rosa 54 temperature 54 dew point. that's dew point on the right. look at napa. they're right on their dew point. you have the ability for fog to form right now and then saying with livermore but as the night goes on this week system is going to come in and it's going to release that front. you can kind of see it here up. i'll put it in motion here with this. with the long range model back it up. so here's yet dry slot right there. here's tuesday morning.
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see it, so that's sort of a week weather system it goes through and there's drier, cooler air so it allows. you know, it just kind of lifts. inversion is that weak front goes through and you can see it clear the area and by tomorrow afternoon we're going to have partly sunny. to mostly sunny conditions. and in warmer to, um so fog a little bit of it not as much tomorrow during the day, mostly to partly sunny all day and temperatures a few degrees warmer. that's the story for your wednesday or tuesday. and as we go into wednesday and thursday, we have the opportunity for some showers. so we'll talk about that, too. all right. we'll see in a bit, bill. thank you. gas prices have soared to record highs here in california, according to triple a the current average for a gallon of regular is at $4.68 here in the bay area, prices have climbed even higher in oakland and san jose drivers will pay for 78 a gallon. and in san francisco. it's for 86 compare this with the national average, which stands at 3 41 a gallon energy economist severin
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borenstein told us why prices have spiked. hi spike over the last few months is because oil prices have rebounded, um, when we came out of the pandemic demand really increase very rapidly and supply has not increased as quickly. and as a result, we're seeing world oil prices go up. bernstein says californians are paying an extra $40 million a day or about a dollar a day per person. alright, coming up a new effort to revive san francisco's entertainment scene and taking matters into her own hands at 10 45 how an 87 year old woman is working to prevent speeding in her north bay neighborhood. plus. prosecutors and defense attorneys for kyle and house going back and forth during an emotional day of closing arguments. i'm a
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high winds have caused extensive flooding and mudslides. this is video from the area of bellingham, north of seattle, and just about 20 miles south of the canadian border. authorities there were forced to close interstate five and evacuate homes in schools this afternoon. more than 150,000 people have lost power governor jay inslee has declared a severe weather. state of emergency. in wisconsi. jury deliberations are set to begin tomorrow after a long day of final arguments in the trial of kyle rittenhouse as fox news madeline ribera reports, prosecutors and defense attorneys spent hours going back and forth today. bringing the two week trial to its close. closing arguments wrapped up in a kenosha, wisconsin courtroom as a verdict nears in the trial of 18 year old kyle rittenhouse. prosecutors and defense attorneys made their final pitches to jurors monday. this is a case in which a 17 year old teenager killed two unarmed men. and severely wounded a third person with an ar 15. that did
10:25 pm
not belong them the state's dating firm of their argument that kyle rittenhouse was the aggressor when he killed two men and wounded another during a protest following the police shooting of jacob blake last summer in kenosha, wisconsin. prosecutors showing additional evidence, including a graphic video of joseph rosenbaum after he was shot four times at the hands of rittenhouse. rain houses. attorneys say rosenbaum charged toward their client, forcing him to defend himself. we don't play fast and loose with the facts pretending that mr rosen bomb. was citizen. a he was a rioter. ultimately it will be up to the jury to decide the fate of rittenhouse if he was acting lawfully in self defense that the ball games over the national guard is on standby, and the white house says they will monitor the situation in kenosha, the white house for the president have any message to those who may stir up trouble. we're here to provide support. and beyond that, certainly we, uh, you know, are hopeful that
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any protest will be peaceful. on monday, judge bruce schroder dismissed a misdemeanor charge of illegally possessing a dangerous weapon as a minor. rent house faces life in prison if convicted of the most serious felony charge against him. and kenosha, wisconsin. mala rivera fox news conspiracy theorist alex jones, who claimed the sandy hook school shooting was a hoax has been found liable for damages and lawsuits brought by parents of children killed in the 2012 shooting. connecticut judge ruled against jones, saying he failed to produced critical documents in the case. the family sued the far right media personality for defamation after he suggested on his program that shooting was a hoax staged by crisis actors. he later acknowledged the massacre did occur. this is the fourth defamation lawsuit jones has lost against sandy hook familie, the judge will now hold a hearing to determine how much jones will have to pick. it's been two years since a man in his 13 month old son died from fentanyl overdose in the north bank coming up the two people
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now sentenced in connection with their deaths. also ahead. oakland residents fed up with trash piling up on sidewalks the newest strategy to prevent illegal dumpingrning from the ce european countries now in the very high risk category due to rising coronavirus cases. and the 49ers snapped their winless streak at home, how they pulled off the win against the ramp later in sports can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them.
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city's entertainment and music industry. the idea is to help the industry recover from the financial fallout related to the pandemic. the sf live initiative will include a series of concerts and live performances and outdoor parks and plazas starting next year. mayor of london, breed said the city is doing everything possible to lead san francisco's economic
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and entertainment recovery. also in san francisco to walgreens stores closed in the city today, dozens of stores remain open. but as ktvu is christian captain reports, some customers may have to fill prescriptions at a new location. the ordinary rush of customers in and out of to walgreens stores, one on golf street and the other on clement has slowed to a trickle. customers greeted with signs informing them that today is the last day these walgreens locations will be open. i'm disappointed. i need to get something from us from my cold. mm. and this this is a busy street. why they close this thing. enough ridiculous. walgreens announced a month ago that five locations around the city would be closing the retailer blaming rampant theft. city leaders have argued that walgreens, maybe using the sometimes brazen theft as an excuse to close locations after it overextended itself. the news that today was the day hit some customers hard. it's very sad
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it's very convenient for me to you know this suspect get my start from there. the closure of the walgreens locations could also contribute to the growing problem of vacant storefronts in san francisco. convenience stores can act as anchor businesses. but kevin ryan from green apple books, says big corporate entities like walgreens can pull out of a neighborhood in the blink of an eye leaving neighbors scrambling and impacting surrounding businesses. it's all an ecosystem and the more empty storefronts there are the unhealthier the ecosystem. richmond district supervisor connie chan agrees that the loss of the walgreens on clement will impact the neighborhood. but she's hoping that as one business closes, others will open, perhaps in that corner where walking will be missed, but at the same time, there could be opportunity for small businesses to come in. perhaps it's not just one small business in that space. this is a big space. perhaps there could be a multiple small business coming together to have a joint adventure in that corner. two
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other walgreens one on ocean, the other on mission have already closed and one more location on cesar chavez is set to close its doors for good on wednesday in san francisco. christian captain ktvu fox two news. san francisco police sergeant has been criminally charged in the robbery of a rite aid store in san mateo authorities say sfpd sergeant david cole was off duty earlier this month when he tried to rob the pharmacy. of painkillers. he's now charged with four counts of robbery, having a concealed and loaded gun and resisting arrest. officials say he resisted arrest by trying to run away. cole has been with san francisco police for 27 years. he's currently out on bail in his on unpaid leave calls. attorney says his client is battling prescription painkiller addiction illegal dumping has become a rampant problem in oakland that is only worsened during the pandemic. ktvu is elissa harrington shows us. the new effort underway to try to curb big items from ending up on the streets. would be pounded to the gate. tires beds, couches,
10:33 pm
dressers, some residents in east oakland said the amount of trash piling up on sidewalks vacant lots near overpasses and train tracks is out of control. 12 year old year. ellie has a hard time just walking to the grocery store with her grandmother. sad because when my grandma go to the story, and we have to pass through the street because we can't get through the sidewalk. is how much stress there is now. a new program aims to encourage people to stop illegal dumping and start cleaning up the city. it allows all oakland residents free, bulky way service. here's how it works. you can either hall the items yourself to the drop off site at the data st transfer station in san leandro. or schedule curbside pickup for the first time, renters can reach out directly to schedule a disposal. we want to encourage those of you who are renters to take advantage of this where you no longer have to go through your landlord. you can schedule the date and time that works
10:34 pm
best for you. we got to get back to making sure that the city is a clean safe environment. oakland city council member noel gay. i grew up in east oakland, he showed us some of the hot spots where he often finds large items left on the side of the road. he said. illegal dumping is worse than ever. and part of the problem is lack of enforcement. he blamed illegal hauling services and the fact that many people don't want to pay to properly dispose of bulky trash. we've got to have some pride and respect and loyalty to the city we live in and most of all for our children and families, because if not, this becomes the norm. guyot hopes this new program will make it easier for people to do their part and keep the city of oakland clean. there is no new cost to the city. for this program. residents can either call waste management or use the on line system to schedule a collection in oakland. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. thousands of uses. staff members are preparing to strike this week. more than 6000 lecturers are planning to walk
10:35 pm
off the job on wednesday and thursday at nine campuses, including uc berkeley, according to the chronicle. the lecturers are accusing the university system of bad faith bargaining on a number of issues including paid family leave and compensation for online learning. the uc system says the plan strike is quote grossly unfair to our students and quote lectures that ucsf are not expected to strike nearly 100,000 community college students received cal grants from the state this fall semester. california student aid commission says historic new investments in the 2021 22 state budget allowed them to award the grants. students will retain their awards even if they transfer to a cal state or u. c campus. as long as they're eligible. cal grants are between roughly 1116 $100 for community college students. the late bay area congresswoman ellen tauscher is being honored by caltrans. a new plaque was installed today. commemorating tauscher at the caldecott tunne. state senator steve glazer
10:36 pm
authored the resolution that resulted in the sign, he says tauscher helped to provide millions of dollars in federal funding for bay area highways, bridges and tunnels. ellen tauscher wasn't accomplished businesswoman, congresswoman and diplomat and she served our community with great distinction and honor and this is our way of recognizing great contributions to the contra costa alameda counties and all of the bay area. she brought resources and money to improve our highways, bridges and tunnels just like this one. ellen tauscher served in congress for 13 years. she died in 2019 of complications from pneumonia. coming up at 11 children given the wrong amount of covid vaccine, how clinic officials are responding to the dozing mistake. here we are tracking some fog out there and then some rain as well. not a bunch. but some as we move towards the five day i'll see you back here with that. but up first, the republican lawmaker now pushing to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level
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to learn more about cost, morning, and his cell mate is now being investigated in the case, alameda county county sheriff's sergeant ray kelly said the cell mate was found standing over the unresponsive man just after midnight. first responders tried to save the inmate, but he was pronounced dead about 45 minutes later. neither man's name has been released. an autopsy will determine how the inmate died. right now. the case is being investigated as a possible homicide. new attend to people were sentenced to prison for selling fentanyl to a man who overdosed and died along with his 13 month old son, according to court records. 34 year old lindsey williams has been sentenced to 7.5 years and 28
10:40 pm
year old shane kratie has also been sentenced to eight years. the two pleaded guilty to selling fentanyl to 29 year old patrick o'neill. who died from an overdose two years ago in santa rosa. his son, liam, also died after accidentally ingesting the drug, republican congresswoman nancy maze of south carolina introduced legislation today to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level. may says the measure would give states free rein to pass their own laws and regulations without fear of federal backlash. conservatives in south carolina immediately criticized the bill, saying marijuana is the number one gateway drug to the ongoing opioid crisis. that is ravaging the state. it was a down day on wall street today, with all three major indexes falling slightly the dow dropped 12 points. the nasdaq was down seven points and the s and p 500 was essentially flat. the cdc has now added three popular tourist destinations to its list of very high risk travel destinations. the czech republi, hungary and iceland have all been moved to level four, the
10:41 pm
highest risk category. the very high risk category means those countries have had more than 500 coronavirus cases per 100,000 residents over the past four weeks. the cdc says americans should avoid traveling to those countries and if you must go there, you should be fully vaccinated, and austria and germany have now imposed new restrictions on unvaccinated people in austria, austria, the unvaccinated will only be able to leave their homes for work, food, shopping or emergencies. police are checking vaccine cards to enforce the new mandate. and in germany. they're now dealing with the worst infection rates since the start of the pandemic. only fully vaccinated people can enter restaurants, theaters and sporting events. the federal government is also once again allowing free coronavirus testing. okay coming up now, mineta san jose international is getting ready for the busy holiday season plus. this is a senior citizen community. we're not talking about just an ordinary community community
10:42 pm
policing in sonoma county what an 87 year old woman is doing right now to stop drivers from flying right through her neighborhood, and scattered showers are back in the forecas. chief meteorologist bill martin there's this feeling we chase... like someone upped the brightness on the entire world. like your body is super-charged, but your mind is super calm. it feels like 20/20 vision for your whole being. and we'll chase this feeling, until we can feel it... one. more. time. feel the hydrow high. manhood looks different from guy to guy. but when yours bends in a different direction,
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10:45 pm
into her own hands to try to get people to slow down. see them slow down. complaining that she's getting no help from neither her homeowner's association nor the police 87 year old norma bomb, steiger has assumed the role of citizen activist her station. busy oakmont drive the main drag in her large north bay retirement community right by her home, where the speed limit is 25. slide down. the sign and her day glo safety vests, a slow down in a community where many slow moving elderly residents regularly cross the street on walks or to catch buses. this is a senior citizen community. we're not talking about just an ordinary community. press democrat reports show police citations are rare on oakmont drive for two days. they gave tickets and never came back in three years, going back to february of 2023 tickets were issued one for no insurance to
10:46 pm
stop sign violations, but none for speeding. then there's the abundant wild critters, which explains why dear faces on her signs. other side turkeys, quail deer. the fox comes here we have the fox come here. this is really a community of wildlife here. the support for her has been very high for her neighborhood. i'd say get approach, you know, like, i wouldn't mind having someone like that in my neighborhood i really wouldn't. you know, um, i feel like that brings some sort of respect the neighborhood. i think you can go 35 here and it'll be safe. but she is right. people are not driving 25. obviously that's more of a risk than 35. so yeah, i mean, good. good for her. florida is not unusual here. our radar gun verified that several times. but not all contacts are positive. i get a few like this. i call it a two point patrol here. i get the thumbs up or i get the middle finger. then there's the verbal stuff. oh, yes, vile, vile names. but she says the positive
10:47 pm
far outweighs the negative. i got a thick skin. i'm an old lady. i raised four boys and i've got a thick skin 87 years old, sharp as a tack and she means really means to slow people down. to protect wildlife and her neighbors. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. manana san jose international airport launched a new online parking system today to help travelers this upcoming holiday season. the airport says the upgrade is part of their new state of the art parking improvements. upgrades include touchless entry and exit license plate recognition and savings of over 15% when booking parking ahead online. reservations are now available for economy. lot one through 2022, with plans to expand to all airport parking lots later next year. alrighty then we've got a little bit of fog out thereot going to be as t
10:48 pm
night in the night before that, in other words, it's going to form it's going to be patchy. but there's a system. you can see. information shoulder here that's coming through and that comes through. it's going to clear out. a lot of that fog blows up the inversion. we'll look at it again. but these are the highest from today. and of course, you can see where the fog was. and we're really wasn't as much like certainly antioch this our daytime high, it's not overnight lows. and as you get to the coast in bay, it's a little bit warmer. but even at the in santa fell today is down to 59 santa rosa, said 58. so this is the computer model. we're gonna walk you through. um here we are 10 o'clock and then see that dry slot behind you can see it, right? yeah. the blue sky. so that's kind of the fron. it's really weak, but watch what it does. it pulls the clouds up and see the fog. you can't see it. but as it goes through, it blows up the inversion. so the fog just kind of disperses. so the fog that will form because the dew point are so high tonight will be blown up. around one or two in the morning. something like that, so and then you see it tries to reform around nine o'clock on in the
10:49 pm
morning. just because it's clear so tomorrow is going to end up being kind of a mostly sunny day warmer by virtue of less fog, more sunshine. let's high clouds. and then we kind of get through wednesday. and then here comes thursday. and that's the one i guess to the event. unfortunately that is the event. that's it's gonna be a light shower activity 10th of an inch, um, quarter of an inch. if we're lucky, maybe a half inch up in the north bay, so we'll keep an eye on that for you. but. that's it looks like a one and done to. it doesn't have the legs of the last few that we've seen. so i mean, we're doing good. we're good. okay so there's a picture we showed you shot earlier. remember, the fog was pouring in over the over the city. you can see some of those straightest or some fog trying to form and that's the kind of night you could see some out on the bay as well. but. really i mean, tomorrow is just gonna be a warmer day by a few degrees because again less fog, and then there is that front right there and see how the dry air behind it because the cold front right? it's this week call from we'll call fronts go through. right there just kind of push the moisture out ahead of it. the
10:50 pm
clouds, you know, go up and expand and condense. and so you're seeing the clouds in front of the courtroom where you can see that line. that line is the actual front itself and at the front. are the strongest dynamic so that's why you're seeing little bits of drizzle and sprinkle activity. at least some virga hitting, not that's not hitting the ground showing up. so this slides through tonight. i know it's a lot of nothing, but it's you know, it's something in 53 napa. 53 concor, 48 fairfield 55. in antioch temperatures tomorrow will be warmer than today, and that has again to do with less cloud cover. and then hopefully we get something going on thursday. i mean, that would be nice. tomorrow's highs could easily be in the upper sixties. maybe a couple of low seventies and then the five day forecast, not much going on. except for thursday when we get a shot at that some some sprinkles and the fog is not going to be as bad tomorrow voice if you had a rough go of it lately with the fog. tomorrow will not be as bad and then tomorrow we sunny and most inland neighborhoods as that
10:51 pm
happened in the haven't been for a while, so i'll see you back here at 11. alright bill thanks the popular slanted door restaurant in san francisco's ferry building will soon be reopening. the restaurant has been closed since the start of the pandemic. leaving some to wonder if it would actually ever opened its doors again. but according to the san francisco business times, the restaurant has signed a new 10 year lease extension restaurant reportedly is planning a renovation and will open next summer. the business times also says the owner is planning to open a location and napa. in the spring. coming up in sports easily the game of the year for the 49 ours as they take on the rams coming up after the break. sports director mark ibanez has all the highlights and then knew it. 11 displayed cases smashed when thieves storm conquered sun valley mall tonight what witnesses reported seen when the robbers arrived there at the
10:52 pm
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tonight. who was this version of the 49ers that showed up at levi stadium tonight. i'll tell you it was it was the team. everybody thought they were back in training camp when super bowl predictions were being thrown all over the place. they absolutely ramrod los angeles. it was never really a game and get this. they ran the ball down their throat. 40 times for their first victory. if you can believe that, at home all year, rams come in highly favored sporting a couple of new toys. von miller and odell beckham jr didn't help scoreless first period mess stafford deep not even close intended for o. b j and jimmie ward with the interception. he's like, hey i'm the new guy, man i zigged when i should've zagged it's suing dr jimmy g. puts it in there for george kill. that's a perfectly thrown past eight yards. nice
10:55 pm
seven lead into the first, stafford again past dropped up the hands of tyler higbee, who is awful. tonight and again, it is the interception and taking it back. jimmy ward. 27 yards. he's got the moves. the attitude is there and a stunner right out of the gate. 49ers leading forward mean nothing to cha mcveigh fields it in his gut, and it's not a good feeling. rams do cut it to 14 7. niners answer wowed. deebo samuel tiptoe and then some kind of dance or swim and it's 21 7. i think it's time to get up jimmy ji's case, jalen ramsey all upset huge play here right before the half. rams filgoal fake niners alert. they're all over. dj jones dropped candle blanton easy, 21 7. and halftime and dominance continues. in the second half. the niners go forward on fourth and five. win the game. nail it down. they do
10:56 pm
garafalo a dime for debo, and there's a dance gone, baby god 40 yards. this thing's over first home win in 393 days, the niners hey, they're alive again off the chain, you might say, and their four and five 31 10 the final first time. i think i've seen coach shanahan smile in about a month and a half. here's the assessment after the game. we've taken a lot of this year personally, so i want to just say taking something personally is what leads to that but we were very embarrassed about last week in every aspect. and, um you know which we have been a few things this year. um. no, no, that's what leads to that. but we definitely played our best game all around that looked like your identity. what did it feel like to get back to that? it was good. i felt honestly. it felt like pretty similar to the super bowl year that year that we did. ah. and it felt like we ran the ball 30 times every time that year, and it's just when we could do that and nice and be successful in
10:57 pm
third down. it's a good recipe for us. yeah good recipe. they just got to keep going against jacksonville and get some momentum get a win streak rolling up the other team that's been rolling in the bay stopped a little bit last night, charlotte and they have, uh, tough tour ahead of them if they're going to get back to winning, talking about the golden state warriors in brooklyn tomorrow night. national television. of course, the story is always the return of kevin durant against the warriors. i'll tell you what he's just playing sensationally no sign of the tort achilles and in fact, he's the eastern conference player of the week, and, of course, he has full respect from his former coach, steve curved, er. looks like the same guy. i mean, five. i watched the tape from three years ago and watched one from now. i don't think i'd be able to tell any difference there one emotion that will always be there is when you win championships together. that supersedes everything. look at
10:58 pm
me. you sort of cut through all the bs and, uh, in the end, we all we all have great respect for each other love each other, and we're thrilled that we all have the experience together. and by the way, steph curry was the western conference player of the week. he dropped that 40 and 50 point games last week. all right, let's talk college basketball, local motion on the college courts and the locals do pretty well. we'll start with stanford. they were playing san jose state tonight coach has in his sixth season at stanford, trying to get it going second half cardinal down one harrison ingram, the love for jaden delaire. bring it down. 19 points later. cardinal up three ingram pick and roll with lucas as soon as rock the rim high percentage shots. stanford owned the second half, they outscored the spartan by 23 76 62, the final cardinal now two and one in berkeley. the bears desperately wanting that first
10:59 pm
win of the year, second half ca, up seven on san diego and mchale foreman clicks from three. that's what the bears were doing all night. 66% from three. later callup only four jordan shepherd the blow by he had 14 75 70 also want to mention that st mary said usf were also winners. we have a little time, so why not check this out? sometimes the best place don't count. let's get back to the diner game. this is amazing here and interception from k one. williams penalty wipes it out, but you got to see the replay of this. i think he's gonna take, uh, some grief. it's a pill from tomorrow, maybe be the butt of a few jokes. very nice. yeah talk about catching it by the seedier pants. all right, they keep coming. i got a million of. i know. i know how
11:00 pm
to get. i wish that thing counted, though. hey come away with the w good game, right? big time. big time. thank you. next at 11. it's uh, both angering and a little bit mystifying. strong reaction tonight from local leaders and neighbors as a convicted sex offenders placed in their small community. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville. today, a judge ordered the convicted sex offender to live in the community of bonny doon in the santa cruz mountains. as ktvu is azenith smith reports, many residents say if he stays there, packing up and move in. nestled in this heavily wooded area of bonny doon at 2400 square foot two story home. these are pictures from redfin across from a playground and mirror school neighbors not happy about who's moving in. that's crazy. you know it doesn't make an


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