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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  November 15, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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into law today, the projects it could help to fund right here in the bay area and california drivers paying more to fill up their tanks than ever before. i look at what's causing the surge in gas prices. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth. and welcome everyone to the four on this monday afternoon. i'm heather holmes and i'm alex savage. we begin in oakland, where a mother and her 11 year old daughter are recovering right now, after being shot inside a home. ktvu henry lee, joining us now live from the newsroom with the latest on this investigation, and also henry reaction from city leaders. alex another shocking crime in oakland with the latest victims of gunfire, a woman and her daughter just 11 years old. yet again. we're waking up to tragic shooting that occurs and shouldn't have occurred. a mother in her 11 year old daughter shot and wounded when bullets were fired into a home in east oakland. we cannot. take
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this and begin to normalize it. it happened just before 10 30 sunday night at a home on sterling drive in the east mont hills neighborhood of east oakland, officers found a woman and her daughter suffering from gunshot wounds. they were taken to hospitals and are expected to survive. police did not disclose a motive in the case or release any description of anyone they're looking for. the shooting happened in oakland city council member lauren taylor's district. he has a daughter who's a year older than the girl who was shot when. i think about what she is going through what she went through. i can't help but think of my daughter. how young innocent. uh she is. shootings in the occupied homes or vehicles in oakland are up 35% this year compared to the same time period in 2020. council members trevor reid and noel gallo also say it's time for the violence to stop lawless that are senseless and how they are committing these malicious acts of crime every day to wake up to this terror to go to sleep and to have that trauma in our hearts that's unacceptable and excusable. and what bothers me
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the most is your impacting our children. you're impacting our families. we've got to do a better job we need to treat this like the crisis that it is. it's a public health crisis. it's an emergency, and we need to invest accordingly. people in the house where the shooting happened, did not want to talk about the shooting today. oakland police are investigating and they're asking anyone with information or surveillance video to give them a call. live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu, fox two news and henry just to clarify here are police saying at this point whether they believe those shots were intentionally fired into that home or these might have been stray bullets that were fired elsewhere in the neighborhood. yeah, they're not saying either way, whether this was targeted or stray bullets and whether the victims who were hit were the actual targets or just caught in the crossfire. okay, henry lee live in the newsroom. thank you. well, now we go to washington, where today president biden signed a $1.2 trillion infrastructure package. it's being touted as the biggest investment in the nation's roads and bridges in decades. includes
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more than $500 billion towards the repair of roads, broadband, internet and electric utilities. over the next eight years. lawmakers from both parties surrounded the president as he signed that bill today. bill i'm about to sign a law is proof that despite the cynics, democrats and republicans can come together and deliver results. we can do this. you can deliver real results for real people. we see in ways that really matter. all the bay area is expected to get a big chunk of that money. ktvu sally rasmus has more now on some of the local projects that it could help fund. this legislation, which is going to change the nature of transportation in america in the next five years in california, we can expect to see a larger network of electric vehicle charging stations, more electric buses and more money to upgrade airports, seaports and public transit. the area.
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congressman john garamendi was one of the infrastructure bills co sponsors for the bay area itself. we're going to be looking at a significant amount of money being made available for the upgrade of the bart system, as well as for the. local transit systems. we don't know yet exactly how the $1.2 trillion infrastructure and jobs act will be spent locally. local districts will have to bid for the money for their projects. but we do know how much california will get overall. 25 billion to improve highways. four billion for bridges, 9.5 billion for transit and 100 million for broadband access for the half a million californians who don't have internet one out of every three californians would be eligible for subsidies to pay for their internet acces. we've really under funded infrastructure in this country now for the better part of two decades. um it's been harder and harder as illustrated in this bill to get members of both parties to agree to an infrastructure package. gerrick perceval is the sheriff's san jose state's political science department, he says. even though
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the process of negotiating this bill was challenging president biden and the democrats should consider this a political win. and so should the public signs that you know we still have. parts of ours are governing system at the federal level that works some of the time it's very hard to get these kinds of bills passed. ali rasmus ktvu, fox two news. san jose mayor sam liccardo was one of several political leaders from the pay area who was on hand today at the white house as president biden signed the infrastructure bill into law. i talked earlier with mayor liccardo about the specific ways these funds would benefit people in the south bay. certainly transit investment as we see their projects like art to san jose and santa clara, as well as caltrain electrification transit connector to the stands a minute international airport. there are really gonna need a few more bucks here there and this could be critical help for us. certainly water we know that the drought will continue to be with us. despite recent rains,
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uh, and water infrastructure is very important. she's like sans is we try to build out our vance recycled system and our advanced purification system to ensure we can get more reliable, recycled water in town. mayor. liccardo also says funds from the bill will be used to improve the power grid and expand access to high speed internet in the south bay. other potential projects that could benefit and overhaul of san jose's dearden train station. and upgrading train crossings in the city's japantown neighborhood to reduce noise for neighbors. i asked the mayor realistically how long it would be until this money from the infrastructure package arrived at the local level. i couldn't give you precise time. but i do know that some of the infrastructure bill spending, for example, focused on electric vehicle infrastructure. uh that can complete quickly just needs to be disseminated to local communities. and we can see that in 2022. other expenditures are going to just take much more time because they're big
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projects. and they may still be in design or environmental review. and that is the nature of the process. it just takes time with big projects. mayor liccardo did tell me today. he's already been making calls to congressional staffers to make sure san jose and the south bay region are well positioned to receive funds from the infrastructure bill. now. oakland mayor libby chef joined mayor liccardo at today's signing at the white house and we will hear from her coming up in this newscast more about how oakland will beg your pardon? you're going to hear from mayor chef coming up tonight. on the five o'clock news with more on how oakland will be benefiting from the infrastructure bill. okay so let's talk more now about this landmark bill. let's bring in kate to be political analyst brian sobel. brian thanks so much for joining us today, this was a hard fought legislative battle. how big of a win is this for president biden? it's a win, heather and when you're talking about $1.2 trillion to a mirror like our does point about how long it's
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going to take for money to actually reach. the ground as it work, uh, speaks to the complexity of a bill of this scope, but it was a bipartisan bill. there were a number of republicans that came over to support it. yeah and now we'll see how it rolls out, because that's really the interesting point of this is you know where will we see improvements? how soon will we see him? but in many cases, whether it's going to be years, but at the end of the day, california did very, very well. here they californians or california. ends up with nearly $46 billion in this package. yeah, i want to talk about the politics of all of this, brian, because this ceremony today it was carefully choreographed. as you mentioned it did receive bipartisan support. so there were some republicans in attendance as well. and the president saying you know, i know you're tired of the bickering in washington, he said, frustrated by the negativity, and you just want us to focus on your needs. and your
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concerns, but brian senate minority leader mitch mcconnell absence said he had other things that he had to do. and some congressional republicans who voted for this bill are being blasted by members of their own party. what do you make of all of that? clearly a lot of the main stay. republicans the mcconnells and others were not happy about the. he is a word defection of some republicans sign onto this bill, but in their heart of hearts, they said, hey, this is an infrastructure bill. this isn't one. we're putting more money out the people paying for things that. you can't get your arms around sometimes. very well. this is infrastructure, ports, roads, bridges, all those sorts of things that people can look at and see. and i think that that's the difference between. this bill and the bill that is going to run into a whole lot more, uh, resistance, and that's the second part of the of the two pronged uh. bills that the
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president and the democrats have put forward. it's a win for the president, but we know that in in a lot of polling that's been done. people are really, really not very happy with. the direction of congress or the or the white house at this point, right, but this does give democrats brian something now to run on and all that's are that they are going to be touting this legislation come the midterm elections. well let's face it, heather, if you wanted to just get one demonstration of that there were 800 people invited to the signing ceremony at the white house today. this was a big big deal. it was the first. thing first bill of any scope that anybody could point to for this presidency. and so yes, absolutely joe biden can and should run on this as a demonstration that he can bring republicans and democrats together. um how it goes from
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here will be the will be the open question. and then before i let you go, brian, though, something that you touched on earlier, which is that voters? they appreciate the passage of this bill, but really, they want to see all of the money. see those projects implemented as well. that and also it's not lost on people that trillions of dollars are trillions of dollars. uh you can. people could say that. you know the ritual pay more money or whatever, but the devil's eyes in the details, and i think people fear middle class tax increases and that sort of thing. so the democrats have to do it very, very good job and the president of demonstrating that the money for this this bill and a subsequent bill is actually not going to come. from middle class taxpayers. all right, brian, so will appreciate your insight this afternoon. thank you, sir. my pleasure. amazon investigated accused of failing to notify its warehouse
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workers about covid cases coming up to settlement announced today by california's attorney general. you might need a game warden in certain parts of santa clara county. i'm just gary liv. i'll tell you where why and what it has to do with covid-19 after the break. cloudier cooler day over the bay area. we'll check in on your current conditions and show you what you can expect for your bay area tuesday, coming up. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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if you have a rash and other allergic reaction symptoms, stop cabenuva and get medical help right away. tell your doctor if you have liver problems or mental health concerns, and if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or considering pregnancy. some of the most common side effects include injection site reactions, fever, and tiredness. if you switch to cabenuva, attend all treatment appointments. with once-a-month cabenuva, i'm good to go. ask your doctor about once-monthly cabenuva. santa clara county health officials have created a less stressful option that keeps kids attention's off of the ouch and focused on other more fun things. ktvu southwood reporter jesse gary joining us now live from a transformed fairgrounds vaccine site. jesse. you there, mhm. i am here, part of expedition hall has been transformed into a jungle like theme. palm trees, animals,
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balloons, all part of the distractions that make getting a shop less traumatic. so hashi ahlu all of 7.5 years old, didn't flinch when getting her first covid shot. i was it. it's good. you didn't hurt at all or anything. no she's short on words because our attention is elsewhere. specifically the jungle themed interior in a section of exposition hall at the santa clara county fairgrounds, creating this kid friendly environment with as many positive distractions as possible. is the best thing to do it. the county began offering covid vaccinations to its 167,000 children, ages, 5 to 11 in november, and we feel about getting her vaccinated, especially given that we are heading into. um you know the flu season? it's good to get kids vaccinated. officials say children can pass the virus to
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and those unvaccinated are five times more likely to become covid positive. this is really an example of how it takes a village for us to get everybody in our community across the finish line as we fight covid-19. but that's the nation sites can be sterile, amplifying young ones anxiety about receiving the shots, so distractions were created when it comes to taking care of our community, the future literally. is on our shoulders. bloom energy executive car guardino hoisted his young son head high. and help with the heavy financial lifting to make this transformation happened. it looks really cool and it makes you feel it's just a really cool place. bloom partnered with the vmc medical board and the result. scavenger hunts, toys, games, balloons and wild animals and very few, if any sad faces so far, like actually feels pretty nice, so i can be brave actual shop. 20% of the eligible
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children have been vaccinated so far, but health officials worry a recent flattening of the positivity rate could be a precursor to a spike. just in time for the holidays. if you want, you can go online children signed up and registered to get vaccinated here at the county fairgrounds. that's why we're alive. this afternoon. just a gary ktvu fox two news. we will head back to you up in oakland. always nice to have something to distract you. whenever you're getting a shot, whether your kid or an adult, i would say definitely. yeah. all right, jesse. thank you. well. meantime parents gathered at the state capitol sacramento two day to protest the state's covid-19 vaccine mandate for school age children. organizers of the our children our choice event. say more than 4000. parents grandparents, students and teachers are part of their grou. the protesting governor gavin newsom recent decision to require covid-19 vaccines for california students as soon as they are eligible. protesters
4:18 pm
say they want to keep students home from school to show the districts just how many kids they could lose if the mandate is put in place. every day. more districts, more teachers, more parents and more students are standing up and no longer willing to legitimize this political charade. board more sand before us and simply say we will not comply. last month, newsom's office said the regulations will take effect for eligible students at the start of the following term, either. january 1st or july 1st state attorney general rob bonta today announced a settlement in a judgment against amazon. attorney general banta made the announcement this morning outside an amazon facility in san francisco's potrero hill potrero neighborhood. he says. throughout the pandemic, amazon left its employees in the dark about the prevalence of covid at its warehouses across the state and failed to share legally required information. amazon has agreed with the judgment which ponta filed today in court.
4:19 pm
amazon's practices lead to workers not knowing if they had been potentially exposed to 20 or even 200 cases of covid-19. this left many workers understandably terrified and powerless to make informed decisions to protect themselves and to protect their loved ones. under the judgment agreement, amazon will change how it notifies workers and state and local health agencies about infections. it will also submit to monitoring and pay $500,000 to the state. kaiser permanente has now reached a tentative agreement with this pharmacists all across northern california. the pharmacists were planning to strike today. that strike thoug, has now been canceled in pharmacy operations are expected to be back to normal. the three year deal reached overnight provides better wage and health benefits for some 2500 pharmacists across the state. this news comes just days after
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another tentative deal was reached by kaiser with more than 50,000 other union employees across four western us states. notable changes across the bay area this afternoon. we have mostly cloudy skies, temperatures in most areas cooler than where we had been over the weekend we went from 5 to 10 degrees above the seasonal norm over the weekend to falling below average today. here's a look over areas of us, um, mountie album. maybe i'm can't even tell we've got some high clouds overhead. we have low clouds. there is well. and as we get into the second part of the evening, we are looking at these clouds to continue. there is a weak system to the north of us that is providing us with this cooler pattern. the cloudier conditions the rain is sticking to the north we're not really expected to see any of that. maybe a little bit of drizzle late tonight and into early tomorrow morning, but that's going to be and how it it. the winds are generally light and calm out there. and we do have a northwest and westerly breeze in place. but here's a look at the 24 hour temperature change half moon bay down by 11 degrees or so santa rosa down by seven down
4:21 pm
by six in hayward deliver more one of the only spots out there. that is actually a bit warmer this afternoon and livermore coming in at 62 degrees 59 in san francisco. we have upper fifties in nevado 57 conquered in 60 degrees right now in oakland, the future cast here will show you again. all that cloud cover that continues. you will notice a little bit of that blue that kind of shifts through the bay area late tonight and early tomorrow morning, but doesn't bring us anything in the way of beneficial rain. and then tomorrow morning and into the afternoon, we will have more sunshine. temperatures are expected to remain a bit cool for this time of year, though temperatures will be in the upper sixties for tomorrow in santa rosa 66 in san francisco opera sixties oakland 66 liver, martin 68 over san jose. so about average for most of us, not much change when it comes to temperatures and getting into wednesday. we do have a possibility of some wet weather on thursday more on that coming up in just a little bit. 49ers and ramsar. tonight's monday night nfl featured the 49 years
4:22 pm
have seen the rams more times than any other team in franchise history. but they haven't seen as a guy who will make his rams debut tonight. odell beckham jr at wide receiver. we've got that a lot more coming up in a live report from levi stadium. and there you have it- woah. wireless on the most reliable network nationwide. wow. -big deal! ...we get unlimited for just 30 bucks. sweet, i get that too and mine has 5g included. that's cool, but ours save us serious clam-aroonies.
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monday night football taking on their rivals to the south, the los angeles rams ktvu joe fonzi joining us now live from levi stadium, and joe the 49ers in desperate need of another win would be nice to do it in front of a national audience tonight. there is no question about that. alex the 49ers and ramps have been rivals for as long as the 40 niners have been in existenc, but it's hard to recall a time when there are more in need of a win. that is the 49ers to stay relevant for the second half of the season. and we're gonna give you a little bit of a look right now at what's going on here at levi stadium. we've got the receivers and the kickers out here as they prepare for
4:25 pm
tonight's game, but you know, it's there's no question about the fact that the rams are all in for this season. what we're going to see tonight as they debut of wide receiver. odell beckham jr. who was disgruntled in cleveland, who the rams acquired and he's going to make his debut in a rams uniform tonight wearing number three which was not the number that he wore as a member of the cleveland browns. the other thing they've got cooper cup on this team. so when you talk about receivers, not only do you have odell beckham jr you've got the guy that's leading the nfl in all receiving categories, and matthew stafford, the quarterback to throw to them who they acquired at the beginning of the end of this season. on the other side of the ball, things aren't too bad there, either. aaron donald. the former defensive player of the year. multiple all pro, uh and all they did was acquire von miller at linebacker to help him out. so that's the challenge for the 49ers. jimmy garoppolo will be the starting quarterback. again tonight with trey lance in the wings, the 49ers know that they
4:26 pm
are desperate for a win a team that's lost five of its last six and the guys feel like they're ready for this challenge. i'm looking forward to playing the game monday night because they are guys been hungry. there are guys have really responded this week and. you see a lot of effort to see a lot of hard work out there every single day. so that's been good to see. you definitely prefer one o'clock game just cause get going earlier and don't have to wait all day. but. uh whenever it's primetime definitely have to try and show out. so hopefully nick booster brings that a little bit of anger out there on the field tonight. you know, we talk about it when being a necessary thing. this is a team that had huge expectations coming into the season, won its first two games on the road, but is now lost five of its last six. so in order to this not become. one of those seasons where you're building for the future, especially against the divisional opponent. 49ers desperately need a win tonight
4:27 pm
against the ramps. they are going to be underdogs. but if you look at yesterday, and maybe the prior two or three weeks in the nfl, it's kind of a situation where anything can happen. and that's what the 49ers need to put together tonight. if they expect to come out here and beat the los angeles rams, we've got more coming up at five o'clock. but until then, reporting live from levi stadium at santa clara. i'm joe fonzi back to you guys in the studio. hopefully the rams can. the night is that is can get the rams a run for their money tonight, joe. thank you. yeah no more building for the future. but no, no, that's 49ers said that the future is now right. alright. let's hope for a win tonight. okay a little bit of sticker shock. you probably noticed at the pump. so expensive no matter where you are in california. yes gas prices hit record highs here in the state. so what's driving the increase and can anything be done about it? also surveillance video of a taxi exploding outside of a hospital in the uk in what's now being investigated as a terror attack. why that cab drivers now being called a hero?
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hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. on the cemetery. oh bridge, where there has been a very serious crash. a big rig has overturned in the westbound lanes. these are live pictures here and that that traffic that's at a standstill on the right side of your screen is traffic heading in the westbound direction and obviously not going anywhere fast. we do understand that. all of the lanes are shut down. as a result of this crash, a big rig overturned there near the center divide. you can see the flashing lights up ahead there as you
4:31 pm
look down the bridge, but we do also understand the traffic is slowing down, even in that eastbound direction as well as you approach the scene of this crash, still very early here so we don't have many details on exactly what led up to this crash, but we do understand. that big rig overturned on the bridge, and there is some sort of a fuel spill that authorities are going to have to deal with here. we have no word at this point on whether anyone has been injured in this crash or if any other cars were involved or working to get more of those details, but traffic is stopped in the westbound direction of the san mateo bridge right now because of an overturned big rigs. certainly this is an area to avoid this afternoon. well gas prices have soared to record highs here in california according to triple a. the current average for a gallon of regular gas is $4.68 here in the bay area, as we all know prices climbed even higher, and oakland and san jose drivers are paying for 78 a gallon in san francisc. it's 4 86 compare this all with the national average. which
4:32 pm
stands right now at 3 41 a gallon. let's talk more about the pain that we're feeling at the pump with seven bornstein, energy economist at u c. berkeley thank you so much for being here. so here we are. once again, california's gas prices are higher than any other state. what do you attribute the price bike, too? well the price spike over the last few months is because oil prices have rebounded, um, when we came out of the pandemic demand really increase very rapidly and supply has not increased as quickly. and as a result, we're seeing world oil prices go up. every time the price of oil goes up $1 barrel that drives up the price at the pump about 2.5 cents a gallon. and so when you look at the increase we've seen over the last couple of months that's completely explained by higher world oil prices. now. that doesn't explain why we have higher prices than the rest of the country. that is due in part to the fact that we have higher taxes and environmental fees are the cap and trade program and
4:33 pm
other attempts to reduce greenhouse gases. and in part due to this extra mystery gasoline surcharge that we've had since 2015. okay so prices are surging as you mentioned how much more is that is all this costing californians compared to let's say last year. well we use about 40 million gallons of gasoline a day in california, and prices are up more than a dollar a gallon, so it's costing californians about an extra $40 million a day or about a dollar per person every day. well i want to go back to that mystery gas tax that you mentioned because i know you spent a lot of time kind of crunching the numbers. have you been able to get any further in regards to where that money is going? well we know it's going somewhere in the supply chain, and it's not at the refineries because it's actually the refinery prices in california are not really out of line with the rest of the country. it's somewhere downstream. it wasn't there before. 2015 when we there was a
4:34 pm
big refinery fire in southern california, and prices went up overall, compared to the rest of the country. it's just that they never came back down again. so ever since then, we've had this extra 30 cents a gallon. it is varied from 20 to 40, but around 30 cents a gallon on average, compared to the rest of the country that we can't explain through higher taxes or the environmental costs or anything else. ah it's disappearing somewhere in the supply chain with the distributors or the retailers. we just haven't been able to figure out where, okay, so let's look broadly now at prices across the country, as i mentioned they are up to more than a dollar from a year ago, and this is creating a major political problem for the biden administration. what can the president actually do here. not a whole lot. um the fact is that oil prices are set in the world oil market. part of the reason prices are so high as we haven't had as much oil production in
4:35 pm
the last six months as demand has increased supply has not really. increased as fast, but that's because of hesitation from those oil producers who got really burned with the beginning of the pandemic. one prices plummeted, and they are hesitant to start investing again. if prices stay up, they will start investing again and that will put downward pressure and, in fact the futures market where they trade oil for delivery six months or a year from now. ah is predicting that the prices are going to gradually fall over the next year. okay well, that was going to be my next question. how long do you expect these high prices to stick around? well we shouldn't take those predictions too seriously. they're not always accurate, but i think and you know, it's really hard to know what it's going to happen in the oil market, but i think the best gas is that they will gradually fall over the next year. we're not going to get back to the very cheap oil or gasoline we saw back at the beginning of the pandemic. ah probably, but we
4:36 pm
will see cheaper gasoline likely than we're seeing right now. okay i think that's what many of us drivers are hoping for. really appreciate your time this afternoon. thank you. chart. over calibrating houses. fate is now in the hands of the jury as foxes. madeline rivera tells us in closing arguments today, attorneys on both sides painted very different pictures of what happened. the night written house shot and killed two protesters in kenosha, wisconsin. the trial of kyle rent house nears its conclusion as the fate of the 18 year old now rests in the hands of a dozen jurors. the judge in the kyle rittenhouse case, beginning the day, weeding out juror instructions. the jury will decide whether rittenhouse acted in self defense or if he acted recklessly when he shot and killed two men and wounded a third. during a protest following the police shooting of jacob blake and kenosha, wisconsin. earlier today, judge bruce schroder dropping one count of illegal possession of a dangerous weapon. it is not a short barreled shotgun. very
4:37 pm
short barreled rifles. yes don't six is dismissed. schroeder explaining to the court. wisconsin state law actually doesn't prohibit a 17 year old from caring a rifle with a long barrel. that charge was punishable by up to nine months in prison and a fine of $10,000. following that dismissal, schroeder allowed jurors to consider to lesser charges. second degree, intentional homicide and first degree reckless homicide, examine the evidence and search for the truth, giving the defendant the benefit. of every reasonable doubt and his instructions. stroeder also told jurors to disregard the lesser charges if they decide rittenhouse acted in self defense. returning that guilty verdict without considering the lesser offenses. any question about that. the wisconsin national guard is currently on standby ahead of a verdict. ranch house faces life in prison if convicted of the most serious charge against him and kenosha, wisconsin. mala rivera fox news. cab driver is
4:38 pm
being credited with saving lives in what police are calling a terror attack outside a hospital in liverpool, england, as foxes, greg palkot reports, the explosion has prompted the u. k to raise its terrorism threat level. police are out in full force throughout the uk following an explosion that officials say was a terror attack happened on sunday just outside a hospital in the city of liverpool. a man was picked up by a taxi and after a 10 minute drive set off an improvised explosive device in the back seat. the man was killed the driver of the taxi injured, but he's being hailed as a hero after locking the doors of the bomber couldn't get out explodes into flames and the entrance city hospitals. 15 ft away. shocked me to the car. you know four other men have been arrested. police say their associates of the man who set off the bomb, but still not clear what motivated the attack. officials say they're considering the possibility that it was connected to remembrance
4:39 pm
sunday. that's when people across the uk hold ceremonies honoring phone service members. we are, of course, aware. that they were remembrance events, just a short distance away from the hospital and that the ignition occurred shortly before 11 a.m. as the investigation ramps up. the terror threat system here has been raised to its second highest level. meaning the threat of another attack is quote severe. prime minister boris johnson condemning the bombing and promising a swift response the british people will never be code by terrorism, we will never give in to those. who seek to divide us with senseless acts of violence. there have now been two terror attacks here in the last two months. lawmaker was also stabbed to death by an isis supporter in october. in london. greg palkot fox news. all right. it is being called the great resignation, a record number of people are leaving their jobs. we'll have a look at why so many are quitting. transition to cloudy, cooler weather over the
4:40 pm
bay area this afternoon. these clouds will part will have a little bit more sunshine is beginning to your bay area tuesday that followed by the possibility of rain. better details after the break. continua
4:41 pm
4:42 pm
record 4.4 million americans quit their jobs in september, according to the bureau of labor statistics. that number is up from the previous record set in august, when 4.3 million people left their jobs. workers are quitting for a variety of reasons. many are concerned about workplace safety. as covid cases increase. others are struggling with child care issues and others have been lured away by higher wages. for more on how the pandemic has thrown the labor market for a loop we are joined now by julia pollock, chief economist at zip recruiter. juliette thank you so much for joining us today. let's
4:43 pm
start with why we are seeing so many people on the move right now. what are the main reasons that workers are quitting and looking for new jobs? i say there are three big reasons. one is that there are 50% more job openings now than they were before the pandemic, and when there are more openings while there's a higher chance you're going to find a good fit to wage growth has just skyrocketed. and it is, you know, as high as it was in the 19 eighties, and when there's wage growth that high, like above 11% in leisure and hospitality, it isn't all firms raising wages at once. some firms are raising wages by 25% others are lagging behind and so people are moving from the laggards to the leaders. uh and then, finally, there's been this huge shift to remote work. and it hasn't happened everywhere some industries have about 30 or 40% of their jobs, you know that are being done from home remote and in other industries, it's closer to 0.5% and so workers who very much like the idea of working from home now uh, 55% of job seekers want that option.
4:44 pm
they are moving from industries where that's impossible to industries where remote opportunities are abundant and zip recruiter your survey found about 62% of job seekers say they are looking to change the type of job they had. and as you point out many people looking for the type of job where they can work from home. let's talk about what kind of jobs most people are leaving. i'm imagining that most of the jobs people are leaving, especially if they're concerned about about workplace safety and covid issues. these are these are jobs where you're interacting directly with the public. right so quits, hidden all time record overall and a couple of sub industries, especially those on site industries, hit their own new record highs. leisure hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare and retail. so those industries are really the ones that are seeing the biggest increase in quits as workers moved towards professional business services and financial services and industries where you can work from home. another interesting statistic, though, is the quits are higher than hires in education and public
4:45 pm
and you know the local and government, education, state and local education and that is a really big problem because the schools right now have about 723,000 fewer staff on payrolls and they did before the pandemi. that's despite the fact that many of our schools most of our schools reopened in person. ideally they would have more staff on hand right now to deal with having smaller class sizes for covid safety reasons and to address learning loss, but instead, schools were just blindsided in august september and how hard it would be to bring teachers back and they are dealing with record high quits, so it's incredibly difficult, you know, after teachers have been working from home. for more than a year, uh, to encourage them to wake up at six a.m. commute for an hour and come back to the classroom and be surrounded by unvaccinated children. we've talked a lot about the teacher shortage. as you point out. it is a major issue here uh, obviously as you, you know, across the board, whatever the industry is, employers clearly are having a tough time. finding candidates
4:46 pm
in this environment this has created obviously a very worker friendly labor market here. so how are people who are are changing jobs? how much are they benefiting from this environment as they look for new work? well you know, in the past firms kind of converged on doing things all the same way, and so often, there was very little benefit to switching jobs. maybe you'd get a 3% raise or a 5% raise now the benefits to switching or huge because employers who are short staffed are pulling out all the stops. they're rolling out the red carpet for job seekers. they are providing signing bonuses and record numbers they are offering to pay for your college tuition. uh 8% of job postings on computer now offer college tuition and educational assistance. 12% offer retirement vote, uh, retirement benefits of from just three or 4% before the pandemic, so this has been a huge, huge, huge shift, and that is definitely creating opportunities for job seekers.
4:47 pm
employers are also reducing requirements. they're no longer requiring 5 to 10 years experience. in many cases where bachelor's degrees they're saying, hey, we really, really far short pressed here. we need to fill vacancies in order to keep up production to prevent bottlenecks. to rent the kind of supply chain issues that are driving consumers crazy, and we will train you up. yeah a lot of people seeing a benefit right now in making a move and maybe changing careers, we have to leave the conversation there really appreciate your time. julia pollock from zip recruited the chief economist there. thanks for coming on. good talking to you. thank you. take care. large batch of clouds over the bay area this afternoon evening and temperatures running a bit cooler. we will get into some sunshine for tomorrow, and temperatures will rebound just a bit at least become a little bit closer to average today, we fell below average. this after being unseasonably warm for the last few days. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge, where you can see the clouds their visibility. still an issue in
4:48 pm
some spots. we've still got some fog out there right now. san francisco reporting 59 degrees 60 in oakland low sixties livermore 64 in san jose. mostly cloudy for you there 56 over santa rosa. if you are going out to see the niners play, we've got that game 62 degrees game time. 5 15. and we're looking at mostly cloudy skies with the south priest about 10 mph so not too bad justin layers and have the jacket ready, and europe should be in great shape. here's a look at the cloud cover that just continues to roll across california. you have to go far north to get some of the rain out of this northern california over areas neuro, oregon as well as washington. this is going to continue to shift but we are just on the tail end and we're not likely to see any rainfall may get a little bit of drizzled late tonight tomorrow morning, but there's a look at it tomorrow morning at eight a.m. and notice we're already beginning to clear out so partly cloudy skies a four year after noon on tuesday wednesday, we see an increase in clouds. once again. thursday's a cloudy day thursday will be our next opportunity. getting at least a
4:49 pm
little bit of rain into the bay area. here's a look at thursday night and again kind of breaking apart as to get a little bit closer to us. and then by friday morning, it looks like maybe a few scattered showers. and then we're done as far as the rainfall amounts. we'd like to see something a little bit stronger, but we'll take what we get. we're looking at two anywhere from 1/10 of an inch right now to about a quarter inch or so. this will continue to change and we'll be fine tuning it as we move forward. meanwhile tomorrow morning starting out with partly cloudy skies, the patchy fog once again 55 degrees in san francisco, 55 in oakland upper forties over napa chilly 46 for you, santa rosa and for the inner east bay will go low fifties as well. the afternoon highs for tomorrow again bringing them up with more club sunshine expected in the afternoon. 66 san francisco upper sixties in oakland, mid upper sixties around the bay upper sixties for the inner east bay have a pair of 69 for concord as well as livermore your extended forecast getting into the next few days. temperatures don't change much we've got near repeat come wednesday. then, as we get into
4:50 pm
thursday, that possibility is of showers. developing. looks like late in the day and then lasting into friday morning before we dry out in into your weekend. under partly cloudy, mostly clear conditions. temperatures remaining in the sixties low sixties at the coast little bit sixties around the bay, mid upper sixties expected inland. back to you. okay rosemary. thank you. former trump advisor steve bannon turns himself into the fbi and does not mince words says he leaves court. i'm never going to back down and they took on the wrong guy this time, okay? they took on the raw guys. more of the defiant and combative reaction from bannon on the charges he's facing up next and coming up with new new at five o'clock tonight. it's closing day for a pair of walgreens struck stores in san francisco more on why the chain is shuttering the stores. and how the closures are impacting customers and nearby businesses will also have details on the new push by the city of oakland to make big trash pickups easier and hopefully prevent illegal dumping around the city.
4:51 pm
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authorities today in washington, bannon is facing two charges of contempt of congress. on friday, a federal grand jury indicted bannon for refusing to answer questions from the house committee investigating the january 6th riot at the us capitol. bannon left his position in the trump administration in august of 2000 and 17. but he was still informally advising mr trump after he lost the election. bannon expressed outrage over the indictment. merrick garland. every progressive, every liberal in this country that likes freedom of speech and liberty. okay should be fighting for this case that's why i'm here today for everybody. i'm never going to back down and they took on the wrong guy this time, okay? they took all the raw guys. thank you very much. thank you very much. bannon was released on his on his own were cognizance after surrendering his passport. he is due back in court. on thursday. democrat
4:54 pm
beto over orcas running for governor of texas. i'm running for governor, and i want to tell you why. this past february, when the electricity grid failed and millions of our fellow texans were without power, which meant that the lights wouldn't turn on the heat wouldn't run. and pretty soon they're pipes froze. in the water stopped flowing. they were abandoned by those who are elected to serve and look out for them. o rourke was a congressman from the el paso area before a narrow loss to ted cruz for the senate. you may remember he also ran for president in 2020, he will challenge republican incumbent greg abbott, the u. s officials say an anti satellite weapons test by russia is to blame for space junk that's now threatening. the seven astronauts aboard the international space station. the debris forced the astronauts to take shelter in there, doc capsules today for possible impact. the state department says russia fired a missile at one of its own satellites over
4:55 pm
the weekend, generating a dangerous cloud of debris in space. department spokesman called the test reckless and irresponsible. there are four americans, one german and two russians aboard the space station. 1/10 person has died following injuries sustained at the astro world festival in houston. i'm casey siegel. we've got
4:56 pm
welcome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill. people will tell you what to eat. everyone will have an opinion. and, yes, there will be tears. lots of new introductions. sleepless nights. that's normal. okay. so many new toys. it's not going to be easy. but, together, we got this. kaiser permanente. thrive
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this month has now claimed its youngest victim, a nine year old boy who was injured at the concert and placed on life support has sadly died as foxes. casey stegall reports. we're hearing more now about the chaotic events surrounding that deadly stampede. the crowd surged during a concert earlier this month that astro world in houston has now claimed its 10th life. nine year old ezra blunt,
4:58 pm
the youngest of the victims passed away over the weekend. he had been hospitalized since the november 5th concert attorney ben crump says the family is quote grieving the incomprehensible loss of their son. there should not have been the outcome of taking their son to a concert. what should have been a joyful celebration. azra was placed on life support following the stampede. he was on his father's shoulders at the time at the back of the crowd, but the rush of concertgoers caused him to fall to the ground and he was trampled. we just want there to be accountability. and transparency of who did what and why they didn't do their jo. more than 100. lawsuits have been filed targeting the concert organizer, live nation and its headliner. rapper travis scott. houston fire department logs show people rushed gates and fences at the venue before the show even started. one concert goer describes the crowd surge. as horrifying, adding they were
4:59 pm
fenced in on three sides with barricades. the only entrance and exit was that like one place that like wasn't barricaded. and that kind of became like a choke point. as you had people inside that were panicking and freaking out. then like realizing that they were like suffocating. travis scott's attorney says the rapper didn't know his own concert had been categorized a mass casualty event. until the next morning. that's the latest from dallas. casey stegall fox news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now. when it comes to taking care of our community, the future literally. is on our shoulders, santa clara county transforms and expo hall right into a children's vaccine clini, complete with plenty of distractions as those find 2 11 year old start to roll up their sleeves. good evening, everyone. i'm mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener, santa clara county health officials opened up a new covid vaccine clinic. this one
5:00 pm
is designed specifically for children as young as five. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary joins us live from the new vaccine side, jesse. guys good afternoon or good evening to you and expedition hall closed for the day after the first day of a magical transformation on the inside palm trees, animals toys games. all to make getting a shot less traumatic for kids. so hashi ahlu all of 7.5 years old, didn't flinch when getting her first covid shot. i was it. it's good. did it hurt it all or anything? no she's short on words because our attention is elsewhere, specifically the jungle themed interior in a section of exposition hall at the santa clara county fairgrounds, creating this kid friendly environment with as many positive distractions as possible. is the best thing to do it. the county


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