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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  November 15, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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learning about the investigatio, and now some city leaders are responding. plus a strike avoided the deal reached that's prevented kaiser pharmacists from going on strike today. and we're just moments away from historic signing of an infrastructure bill at the white house will take a look at what california set to gain from it. the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian and i'm quoting wang in from mike mibach, mother and daughter are recovering in the hospital after police say someone shot them in their home as ktvu james tours reports, city leaders are calling the rise in violent crime. unacceptable. oakland's year of violent crimes continue this time we're hearing of a mother and daughter shot in front of their home. officers say they are recovering and a new investigation is now underway. in an east oakland neighborhood. police set up a perimeter near columbia and sterling drive,
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they say officers found a blown out window and a mother and her daughter hurt from gunfire. it's tearing our hearts apart, it's tearing families apart. it's tearing our communities apart and we've had enough city council members sounding off at the growing rate of violent crime in the city, and the slow rate of solving those crimes we have to understand. there are many things that lead up to it. we have to address root causes. preventing. the violence. we have to deter the violence by having a presence of. community and law enforcement folks who are holding people accountable and we have to follow through on these investigations to make sure that we are not just responding, but solving these cases. ktvu is investigative team looked into oakland's rate of closing cases. they found about 33% of the cities, homicides have been solved a number much lower than neighbouring cities. compare that to about 62% statewide over
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the last decade, but you know that's nonsense. you know, if you're involved in illegal activities should pay the price regardless of who you are. what your situation is. council members call the rise in violent crimes in sanity and a public crisis. last week, three people were shot in separate shootings within a 10 hour period, and police are still looking for the person responsible for firing the gun that killed one year old jasper wu on a freeway. we have a culture unfortunately, where. it seems that people aren't valuing their lives or the lives of others. we're not united to be able to identify the neighbor, your son, your cousin. your friend is committing the crime because we don't want to get involved were afraid of the repercussions. councilman lauren taylor says he's planning a community call to action, hoping to work with community members and local police agencies to find some sort of solution. to the rising crime reporting in oakland. i'm james torrez, ktvu fox two news. three people were
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shot in antioch as they attended what police called a peaceful vigil. officers were called to hillcrest park at 5 40. last night, someone fired shots into a large crowd there, police say a 17 year old 23, year old and 20 year old was shot and taken to the hospital with what officials described as non life threatening injuries. no suspects have been identified. there is no motive given for the shooting. kaiser permanente has reached a tentative agreement with its pharmacists across northern california the pharmacist were planning on striking starting today, but that strike has now been canceled, and pharmacy operations are expected to be back to normal later today. the three year deal reached overnight provides better wage and health benefits for some 2500 pharmacists across the state. this news comes just days after another tentative deal was reached by kaiser with more than 50,000 other union employees across four western states and admit it now we expect to see president joe biden signing his historic infrastructure bill at the white house. a live look outside as the crowd is gathering but no president just yet. we do know that san jose's
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mayor, assembly cardo and several members of the bay area's congressional delegation will be here in d. c. katie's ali rasmus live in our newsroom now to explain ali what the bill includes, and some of the local projects that could pay for here at home high. garcia well, the bulk of this money from this $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan will go to pay for things like improving even expanding freeways, upgrading the energy grid and in the bay area. changes to the transit systems and transportation overall. this legislation, which is going to change the nature of transportation in america in the next five years in california, we can expect to see a larger network of electric vehicle charging stations, more electric buses and more money to upgrade airports, seaports and public transit. the area. congressman john garamendi was one of the infrastructure bills co sponsors for the bay area itself. we're going to be looking at a significant amount of money being made available for the upgrade of the bart system, as well as for the. local transit
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systems. we don't know yet exactly how the $1.2 trillion infrastructure and jobs act will be spent locally. local districts will have to bid for the money for their projects. but we do know how much california will get overall. 25 billion to improve highways. four billion for bridges, 9.5 billion for transit and 100 million for broadband access for the half a million californians who don't have internet one out of every three californians would be eligible for subsidies to pay for their internet acces. we've really under funded infrastructure in this country now for the better part of two decades. um it's been harder and harder as illustrated in this bill to get members of both parties to agree to an infrastructure package. derek perceval is the sheriff's san jose state's political science department, he says. even though the process of negotiating this bill was challenging president biden and the democrats should consider this a political win. and so should the public. the signs that you know we still have parts of ours are governing system at the federal level that works some of the time. it's
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very hard to get these kinds of bills passed. now once the bill is signed into law, which again is expected any minute now, all 50 states will then get their portion of that 1.2 trillion, then it will be up to the states to decide how to distribute the money to local projects. live in the newsroom. ali rasmus ktvu, fox two news. well. closing arguments are underway at the kyle rittenhouse murder trial in kenosha, wisconsin, and he's now facing one less charged in court this morning. prosecutors said rittenhouse lied about his motive and acted out of pendant vengeance when he killed two people and wounded a third. now. before closing arguments began, the judge dismissed the charge for illegally possessing an ar 15 style rifle that rittenhouse used in the shootings. the judge sided with the defense argument that there are exceptions in the law allowing britain house to possess the semi automatic rifle. if the barrel length is less than 16 inches. or an overall length less than 26 inches, then. i'll deny the
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motion if it does not meet those specifications than the most defense motion will be granted. don't uh, six is dismissed. the defense now has 2.5 hours to present its closing arguments. and then prosecutors will be given time for rebuttal. after that, the jury will be randomly narrowed down from 18 to 12 and deliberations will begin. if found guilty, written house could be sentenced to life in prison. and police officers in petaluma will patrol kennel worth junior high starting today because of a potential bomb threat, according to the petaluma city school district. the threat was made through the anonymous stop it app. that app is designed to report safety problems, misconduct and bullying on school campuses. the petaluma school district is working with police to determine if the bomb threat is real. and the pleasanton city council will meet tonight to review the city's policy on having police officers on its school campuses. at least two full time pleasant and police officers have been assigned to school since 2000 and two city leaders in pleasanton are among those now questioning whether police officers are needed. citing
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critics who say they often raised tensions on campus. others say police officers play a vital role in keeping students and school staff members safe new at noon, state attorney general rob bonta is in the bay area where he just announced a settlement in a judgment against amazon. attorney general. bondi made the announcement this morning outside an amazon facility in san francisco's potrero neighborhood, he says throughout the pandemic, amazon left its employees in the dark about the prevalence of covid at its warehouses across the state. and failed to share legally required information. amazon has agreed with the judgment, which bonta filed just this morning in court. amazon's practices lead to workers not knowing if they had been potentially exposed to 20 or even 200 cases of covid-19. this left many workers understandably terrified and powerless to make informed decisions to protect themselves and to protect their loved ones.
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under the judgment agreement, amazon will change how it notifies workers and state and local health agencies about covid infections. it will also submit to monitoring and pay $500,000 to the state. officials in santa clara county unveiled a child friendly makeover at a mass vaccination site in san jose, santa clara county and the valley medical center foundation of transformed decide at the county fairgrounds expo hall into a bright jungle with its own rainforest and other activities. their games, scavenger hunts and fidget toys to keep children busy and entertained ahead of their vaccination. well, children in the free month school district were able to get vaccinated. over the weekend, the school district teamed up with the safeway pharmacy for a clinic at irvington high school for children, ages five and older. some parents told us it was important to get their children vaccinated after the pfizer vaccine was approved for emergency use. i think the kids are only people who are vulnerable because they are going to the school because of we are working from home. but the kids are going to the school. they are interacting
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with teachers and their kids. so i think. this is very important that they forget vaccines. the clinic will open again at irvington high school on december 4th and fifth for second vaccine doses still to come at noon, racist graffiti discovered at an oakland chinatown market. we'll have the latest on the investigation and why businesses in the area continue to remain on high alert. plus. so we've had mountain lions here and more sightings. but a bear is new to me, and i've been here for 17 years, a rare side up in the north bay had long force mint issuing a shelter in place. what happened to this bear that roamed into a neighborhood ended up in a tree in petaluma. changes in the areas. we are covered with a lot more cloud cover this afternoon. we'll check in on your conditions and show you you can expect for the show you you can expect for the week ahead coming up. i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take oste bi-flex
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a jelly bean that's good for you? nature's bounty introduces new jelly bean vitamins. good for you nutrients in a tastier for you form. more sweet dreams, more flavorful immune support. new nature's bounty jelly beans. live bountifully. more flavorful immune support. cars were involved. we know at least one person died. a new highway safety report finds car crashes involving wildlife have cost california drivers more than a billion dollars during the past five years and the deadliest highways for the so called roadkill crashes is here in the bay area on the peninsula on interstate 2 80 trump san bruno to cupertino. that cuts
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through what is largely undeveloped, open space on one side. researchers at u. c. davis say that just this 31 mile stretch of 2 80 cost drivers nearly $5.8 million in damage and cleanup costs every year. the study found that the vast majority of these crashes involved dear that wonder onto california highways, an estimated 22,000 deer killed across the state every year. oh, dear. for sure. i mean, i've missed dear. like within inches, um reckons i've hit a raccoon on 2 80, but on 92 so, yeah, right in the same area. recent studies have found that nearly 600 black bears and more than 300 mountain lines were also killed in highway crashes in california between 2016 and 2020. the bear is now out of a large tree up in petaluma after it forced to shelter in place for one neighborhood. the bear was last seen heading toward the petaluma golf and country club. ktv is tom baker talked with both neighbors and wildlife officials as people there are still being told to be very aware of their surroundings. early sunday
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morning, petaluma police issued to shelter in place for residents and their pets near downtown, a resident reported seeing a bear wandering around near sixth street and raymond heights. initially tom limbert stock went ballistic, causing him to look outside. what was strange is that the gate that goes into our neighbor's yard was open and we never open it s. that's why we thought it was a person apparently frightened. the good sized barrack lined up a huge redwood 85 ft above the ground, with the knicks alert now out, neighbors and others in the area gathered to see the rare sight. so we've had mountain lions here and more sightings. but a bear is new to me, and i've been here for 17 years sonoma county wildlife rescue licensed by the state to deal with bears says fires and drought have severely reduced foraging and game so they're coming down a little closer to our cities. people have garbage people have cat food. all of these things that the bears are desperately trying to find food,
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the trouble and the danger is. this is a powerful apex predator that's currently confused and frightened. it's scary in the bear and scary and is putting it mildly terrifying is more the word. give him a space and angle to get out. they'll usually take that. um, definitely if you try to corner him, or if you surprise him. it could be a possible bad outcome when a wild bears confronted by a human or some other large, aggressive species. it has to make a choice, fight or flight. in this case, the bear decided to go up that tree and wait everything out. the question, of course, is how do you get them down out of there safely, north bay animal services officer mark scott said the bear was far too high up the tree to tranquilize. fearing that the fall would kill it. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. all right. let's check in now with meteorologist rosemary oroczo for check on how
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this day is shaping up, but there's been a great great start to the week. rosemary yes, claudia garcia. hello to you happy monday to all of you. we definitely have a change is underway and very visible at this point with. a lot of cloud cover and the fog still at sfo giving you a live look there. temperatures will cool down as we get into the afternoon will be below average this after a weekend of temperatures above average by five even 10 degrees or so here's a look at the system that is providing us with the change in our weather pattern areas over the pacific, northwest washington, oregon and northern california have the possibility there of a little bit of wet weather for us, not so much. we may squeeze out a little bit of drizzle in the overnight hours. that's probably going to be about it. but take a look at all the cloud cover that is continuing to push right across the bay area. so for today, we'll go with partly sunny conditions. the visibility out there. not bad for most spots, the santa rosa still reporting visibility a mile and a half fairfield reporting about a mile and a half as well. so
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just a little bit of fog in some spots. sometimes it's more dangerous when it's very spotty like that, because it kind of comes at you without any warning. you'll have good visibility and then it just comes at you like a wall. so be careful in those valley locations and even into the afternoon, the winds are generally light. we do have a bit of a westerly flow. now that is setting up over the bay area, and you can see here from the 24 hour temperature change. half moon bay notably cooler sfo down by five and, hey, we're down by five but most areas within a couple of degrees of where we were yesterday, some a tad warmer, some a tad cooler. here's a look at the numbers 57 in san francisco 53 in nevado for the inner east bay right now, 56, walnut creek and for the south bay over us, san jose reporting 63. the future cast will show you getting into the afternoon. we continue to have the cloud cover you may notice a little bit of rain. that kind of trickles this way from the north. this is the front that is going to continue just break apart, fizzle out and not bring us much in the way of beneficial rain so into the overnight hours again, maybe a little bit of drizzle. and then tomorrow morning. drying out, and nothing
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to speak of. we do have the possibility coming our way later in the week, though it looks like the thursday friday time frame and you can see from the numbers here doesn't really look like a incredibly strong storm. but at least it's wet weather and there's some accumulation there, so we'll continue to track that fine. tune it for you. meanwhile for the afternoon today 64 in santa rosa 60 to san francisco, oakland, 62 63 deliver more 67 san jose. that's definitely going to be the headline for the afternoon just how much cooler we are today than yesterday. i have a better look at these afternoon highs and more on that, whether that is expected later in the week coming up in just a little bit. thank you. rosemary still to come at noon, the uk is elevated its terror threat level. what? we're learning about a deadly taxi explosion in liverpool and why law enforcement says the timing is suspicious. we learn about covid-19,
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the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future,
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the explosion in liverpool investigators say one man died when a taxi exploded outside a hospital. the cab driver was also injured. british police are investigating this as a terrorist incident. the motive is not yet clear. police say the timing is suspicious since the blast came moments before the british mark remembrance sunday, the day the british hold services in memory in memory of people killed in wars. three men were arrested. they are still in custody. a nine year old boy became the 10th person to die from injuries suffered during the astro world music festival
12:23 pm
in houston reporter christa mayo tells us about this latest victim, who was injured by a crushing crowd more than a week ago. another life lost from the astral world music festival tragedy the family of ezra blount says that the nine year old died sunday from injuries sustained at the november 5th concert, making him the youngest victim to pass away as the number of dead now rises to 10. israel was placed on life support in the days following the concert stampede after a sea of fans rushed to the front of the stage when rapper travis scott came on forcing people to be pressed together so tightly they couldn't breathe while others were trampled in an interview before his passing, ezra's grandfather told the associated press his son tristan had ezra on his shoulders when the crowd surge erupted. causing trust in to pass out and ezra to fall when my son awakened. as our wasn't there, so he was making a frantic search to find other my wife got on the telephone and called around to every hospital until we located him and, uh, will be located him. he was listed as a john do.
12:24 pm
so the hospital really didn't know who he was. but we knew he was missing. family members say ezra suffered serious injuries to his heart, liver lungs and brain. this is my son's only son. so i'm angry because it's disrupted our family and this could have been a avoided if. people in positions of power had done the right thing. the blount family is calling for accountability as lawsuits continue stacking up against travis scott and concert promoters. police say emergency plans submitted for the astro world event did not include any details about how to handle crowd surges. chris demeo fox news. well members of the san francisco police department gathered this weekend to remember officer james guelph who was killed in the line of duty 27 years ago. the memorial service was held at pine and franklin, which is the spot
12:25 pm
where golf was shot and killed by a carjacking suspect back in 1994. the memorial featured some current and retired officers speeches from his family at a moment of silence. american journalist danny finster is headed back to the u. s. after being freed from a prison in myanmar he has seen here in with former new mexico governor bill richardson, and this is before leaving the country a few hours ago. richardson helped secure his freedom fencers release comes just days after he was sentenced to 11 years in prison on charges that he spread false information. the military myanmar stage a coup in february and immediately began a crackdown against journalists and pro democracy supporters. american airlines is cutting back its service to haiti amid growing violence in that caribbean country. americans said it will now operate only one daily flight between miami and port of prince starting november 15th. the airlines currently operating three daily flights to haiti, one from fort lauderdale to from miami. haiti has experienced a surge of violence in recent months, including the assassination of haiti's president in july and
12:26 pm
the abduction of 17 american missionaries in october. the tension is growing along the border between poland and belarus with thousands of migrants are trying to cross that border. the government of belarus reportedly took the migrants to poland's border after the eu imposed sanctions after a disputed election. russia is a key ally of belarus. but russian president vladimir putin denied any involvement in this tense situation at the border. i believe the solution needs to be found to the benefit of belarus and european countries, including poland and the federal republic of germany and the other countries because their systems of social security overloaded. eu foreign ministers are considering increasing sanctions on belarus in response to the migrant crisis. protesters call up facebook why they're accusing the social media giant of allowing hate speech against muslims plus. hospitals are feeling the strain once again as the covid outbreak intensifies in many areas. i'm jonathan
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attacks your joints. rinvoq regulates it to help stop the attack. rinvoq can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious infections and blood clots, sometimes fatal, have occurred... have certain cancers, including lymphoma, and tears in the stomach or intestines, and changes in lab results. your doctor should monitor your bloodwork. tell your doctor about any infections... and if you are or may become pregnant while taking rinvoq. take on ra. talk to your rheumatologist about rinvoq relief. rinvoq. make it your mission. learn how abbvie could help you save on rinvoq. daughter are recovering in the hospital after police say someone shot them in their home in oakland. it happened. your colombian sterling drive video of the scene shows a shattered window. council members called the rise in violent crime public crisis. last week, three people
12:30 pm
were shot in oakland in separate shootings in a 10 hour span. kaiser permanente has reached a tentative agreement with its pharmacists across northern california. the pharmacists were planning to strike starting today that's been canceled and promising operations are expected to be back to normal later today. the three year deal reached overnight provides better wages and health benefits for some 2500 pharmacists across our state. let's take you live now to washington, d. c where president joe biden is just about to sign the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill into law. the signing taking place right now, the white house ceremony attended by a bipartisan group of lawmakers. we know two mayors here from the bay area, mayor sam liccardo of san jose and oakland mayor libby chef are here in d. c the bill includes $29 billion for california highways and bridges. nearly $10 billion for transit in our state and 100 million for broadband access across california. new cases are down nationwide, but in some areas and new search could be just around the corner with cases and hospitalizations, both spiking. jonathan serrie has more from atlanta. this is
12:31 pm
really a critical moment in the pandemic. fears of 1/5 nationwide covid surge are growing new cases are now spiking in at least 19. states and hospitalizations are hitting pandemic records in many areas, including minnesota, where non essential surgeries are being delayed, and health care providers are struggling to find beds. for new covid patients, and i keep thinking, we, you know we got to be at the peak care soon and we're not going to turn down but we're not colorad, california and new mexico are now offering booster shots to all adults despite fda guidelines, recommending boosters only for those over 65 or at high risk. officials say the move is justified by the fast spread of the delta varian, and they're now making a big push to get folks to roll up their sleeves again. everybody can get the booster. everybody should get the booster. please if you got the vaccine six months or more ago, get your booster. meanwhile the battle
12:32 pm
over vaccine mandates is heating up again, a federal appeals court refusing to lift a stay on president biden's vaccine mandate for businesses with more than 100 workers, but the administration says it expects the courts to eventually give the green light because. they claim precedent is on their sid. we've had a requirements and various settings in our country since the founding of the united states of america, including in schools since the 18 hundreds work, places like hospitals have had requirements for vaccines. for years, at least, 27 states have now filed legal challenges against the nation wide mandate. in atlanta johnson, siri ktvu, fox two news. we have an update on a deadly apartment fire last week that happened in brentwood, a family member tells ktvu that a second person has now died from his injuries. 79 year old jesus jesse sandoval died on thursday at the fire scene. steps on 65 year old bill foster was critically injured. and then treated at a burn center in san
12:33 pm
francisco. but we have now been told that he has also died from his injuries. a go fund me has been set up to help the family with expenses. in oakland, racist graffiti was discovered at a market in chinatown. the president of oakland's chinatown chamber of commerce tells ktvu the graffiti was found outside new tins market yesterday morning, the chinatown areas been on high alert as the number of racial attacks has increased dramatically in the past year. anyone with information on this graffiti is asked to call police. more than 100. protesters held a rally outside of the headquarters of facebook's newly named parent company, meta. his brother. best book fairs bust. they say facebook is not doing enough to stop hate speech and misinformation in india. some of the demonstrators say that social media sites, including facebook, have pitted members of different religions against each other, and that has led to violence. their inability or turning a blind eye to hateful species and then not being able
12:34 pm
to moderate the voice of you know moderation that has directly resulted in people losing lives. a recent report from the associated press that facebook has known for years about groups in india using its site to encourage violence, the report says facebook has been selective and removing this information and anti muslim content. the demonstrators are calling for facebook to moderate posts, remove all hateful speech and identify violent groups. nonetheless goddess where thousands of people marched to show their solidarity against all hate speech and hate crimes. organizers say some 2500 people marched from fisher middle school to the loose. gotta civic center. community leaders call this the largest demonstration ever held in los cabos. organizers planned the event after racist and homophobic graffiti was found around town in town council meetings over diversity issues were interrupted by protesters in the midst of inflation supply chain issues and a labor shortage. employers are finding it increasingly difficult to recover. and expand ktvu tom baker has more on the current state of the economy. recent
12:35 pm
reports of healthy hiring or creating confidence for getting better, higher paying jobs. but then you must factor in inflation, which robs workers of purchasing power. even if your wages may be increasing by two, or 3% of the inflation at 6.2% you're not doing better. in fac, it's fair to call inflation a wage cutter. and the fact that millions of people are not coming back to work seems due to new cold weather covid fears and a myriad of other longstanding unresolved issues. some. reconsidering careers, some still lingering concerns. the schools have reopened but again in a very fragile manner. and u, childcare has come back, but again by no means how it is so it really differs among workers. add to that workers continue to quit their jobs at record rates. 4.4 million. that's the highest
12:36 pm
the highest. it's been since tracking began in 2000 and one if companies do not have enough workers, then they can't do or make the things they sell. that itself could eventually lead to layoffs all along the supply chain, further fueling inflatio. if it continues, as it's likely to in the next couple of months, um it will have labor market effects. it can also cause employers to more quickly adopt automated and robotic technologies. finally those wanting to snag one of those high paying infrastructure jobs, bernick says they will not come soon. these jobs take time to develop. that is the bill passes. um but it's going to take a year or two for the majority of jobs to even begin to start as we learned from stimulus package is passed to end the great recession of a dozen years ago. each of those jobs and projects will cost a
12:37 pm
lot of money, reducing the number of projects and jobs. that will be actually funded tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. senate majority leader chuck schumer is calling on the biden administration to tap into the nation's strategic petroleum reserve to bring gas prices dow, senator schumer says with the holidays approaching, the country needs immediate relief from rising gas prices. prices in california set a new record for the state for a second day in a row today, hitting $4.68 a gallon, according to triple a. that's why i'm urging the administration to tap that reserve. get the prices down, and then we have to embark on a full time campaign to get us away from carbon fuels altogether. senator schumer says the infrastructure bill to be signed by president biden today will help lessen americans america's reliance on carbon fuel. much of the bill is aimed at pushing the country towards electric cars and renewable energy. the parents have been getting advanced child tax
12:38 pm
credit payments are seeing this month's payment in their account today, monies from the american rescue plan meant to help families recover from financial hardship during the pandemic. a recent treasury department report finds that more than two million eligible families, though, may be missing out on the benefit because they didn't file income taxes for 2019 or 2020. the payments based on family income can be as much as $300 a month per child. oakland making some improvements to its bulky waste removal program to help reduce illegal dumping across the city. starting today, the program will allow oakland residents to schedule curbside pickups for big items through waste management of alameda county for free. people can also drop off large items at the waste management transfer center on davis street in san leandro. we know that there must be more to get the tires, the mattresse, the dirt debris, blight from all the vacant properties and from our curbside and throughout the community, and so i just want to thank our waste management partners. i want to thank the city of oakland. i want to just appreciate that we are doing more to restore the cleanliness that we deserve in our communit.
12:39 pm
the health public health is critical for us and how we manage this crisis of blood and illegal dumping. the oakland public works department said from october of 2022 this past september, its staff cleaned up more than 23,000 tons of illegal dumping. empowering young women here in the bay area. we're gonna take you to san francisco where run about women and young girls together and encourage them to accomplish their goals. mostly cloudy skies over the bay area and a lot cooler for your afternoon. i'll have a look at what you can expect for today when we may actually see a little bit of rain returned to the bay area and you we can forecast coming up.
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and i want to tell you why. this past february, when the electricity grid failed and millions of our fellow texans were without power, which meant that the lights wouldn't turn on the heat wouldn't run. and pretty soon they're pipes froze. and the water stops flowing. they were abandoned by those who are elected to serve and look out for them. o'rourke was a congressman from the el paso area before a narrow loss to ted cruz for senate became a well known figure across the country when he ran for president in 2020 says winning the governor's mansion in austin won't be easy, but it is possible he is challenging republican incumbent greg abbott, controversial top adviser to former president trump steve bannon surrendered to federal authorities to face contempt charges. after defying
12:43 pm
a subpoena to testify before a house committee investigating the january 6th attack at the u. s. capitol bannon was taken into custody this morning. he was indicted on friday on two counts of contempt of congress. if convicted, each count carries a maximum sentence of one year in jail. former president, trump told his former aides and advisers to refuse to cooperate with the january 6th committee, and he cited executive privilege. well, plans are moving forward for the major expansion of a reservoir in contra costa county, according to the bay area news group. the contra costa water district is moving closer to breaking ground on plans to expand the los vaqueros reservoir near brentwood. the plan would expand the reservoir by 72% and could feel enough water for the yearly needs of 1.4 million people. it would also be the second tallest dam in the bay area. the project is expected to cost $1 million and construction could begin in late 2023 if that project gets final approval. plans are expected to be reviewed by dam safety officials in the spring. and hundreds of women and girls
12:44 pm
laced up their running shoes for the 13th annual mermaid run in san francisco and many participants told ktvu semantic quintana that the race is all about inspiring women and girls. to pursue the goals. it's not often you see young girls leading at the start of a big race but empowering runners of all ages like 10 year old lia ernst to complete her first five k. is what the mermaid series is all about. i knew i could do it, but and it was going to be hard and but i did it anyways. for the last month, nava cone has been training leah to use running as a way to deal with stress and anxiety. it just. like relaxes me, and it makes m. like calmer. they ran across the finish line together, hand in hand to see her progress and continue to do something that was hard even though she has all of these different things that she needs to no combat in life.
12:45 pm
um it was awesome. these are just two of the about 1500 women and girls inspired by the mermaid run the series with 10, mile 10-k and five k runs started in fremont with the triathlon specifically for women way back in 2000 and four when i started, it was very male dominated. ah so i wanted to create an atmosphere that was inviting for the women to come out to. so women's triathlon made sense and that helped bring out that very supportive, welcoming and encouraging environment now, with its 13th year in san francisco, it's become a tradition for many with costumes of course, it makes the race more fun. and it makes the 10 miles more bearable with, you know, the cool um, medal at the end, and then the fun outfits. normally, there's some glitter. although the run is not a nonprofit, it helps support the mini mermaid running club, and that's a free program for young girls that get to learn about self esteem about their bodies,
12:46 pm
and they get to learn how to run a five k. yeah girl power pride that comes with getting across that finish line. something leo wants to share if there's anyone who was troubles like. just wished there like a really angry all the time. i just feel like it's a good idea for them to start running because it really helped me. i mean to quintana ktvu, fox two news. you there at the golden gate bridge yesterday for the big run, rosemary. we've yet to get some good sunshine here on the oakland estuary so far today i think we are going to be stuck under this cloud cover for most of the day. hello, garcia including and all of you out there. definitely a notable change going on. we started out with the fog this morning. that wasn't anything different than the weekend. but we are continuing to see a little bit of fog out there at this hour and a lot of cloud cover those claws associated with the system to the north of us. here is a view over sfo the gray skies there and as we know the low clouds and fog tend to
12:47 pm
impact arriving flights for sfo. so if you know somebody that is arriving today, maybe check flights. here's a look at storm tracker to when it comes to all that cloud cover, continuing to just pass through may fin out at times, but it really doesn't go away. here's a look as i pull it back for you. the pacific northwest areas all the way down to northern california will get a little bit of rain and snow for the higher elevations. i have a 12 hour time lapse. and if you look, you can kind of see. how it just begins to shift closer to california. we had a ridge of high pressure over the bay area for the weekend, but that has begun to shift and break down, and as a result, we now have that storm track working its way back in our direction tonight and into tomorrow we may come away with just a little bit of drizzle. we're not looking at anything in the way of beneficial rain. our next opportunity will come thursday into friday. here's a look at thursday. noontime right on the corner there of northern california, and then it slides through kind of falls apart while it does, but it will bring
12:48 pm
us the possibility of some rain thursday. it looks like thursday evening into friday morning. the future cast model shows you on accumulation wise. we're looking at anywhere from a few 107 inch, perhaps over. southern portions of the bay area to a quarter inch. this will continue to change as we move in closer to thursday and friday and we'll continue to track it for you. but that's our first shot at getting more rain into the bay area 57 degrees right now in san francisco, and mostly cloudy skies. we have 57 walnut creek, 63 over san jose, and your afternoon highs for today. with lot cooler than yesterday. we went from being above average over the weekend to below average today. low sixties expected 63 in oakland, 60 to san francisco if you go now to levi stadium, we're looking at partly cloudy skies for today, light winds and dry conditions at game time is going to be 5 1. the extended forecast temperatures will be dropping off just a little bit more tuesday. and continuing to fall wednesday, thursday friday when we're into the low sixties for all of us from the coast to our inland cities and then in time
12:49 pm
for the weekend sunshine, but temperatures remaining on the cool side thursday friday that will be an opportunity for some wet weather back to you. well tomorrow. the warriors face former teammate kevin durant and his new jersey nets last night. the doves lost for only the second time this season following the to the charlotte hornets. 1 61 to steph curry ha. 24 points and 10 assists. the best was a steel and a no look behind the head passed to jordan pool for that dunk. curry also sank a 37 ft three pointer at the end of the third quarter. wait for it doesn't need to get any closer. warriors struggled with the perimeter shooting and snapped their seven game win streak tonight. the san francisco 49 ers will host their nfc west rivals, the los angeles rams and monday night football. the niners coming off a tough loss to the arizona cardinals last weekend. they are now a long shot to make the playoffs. wide receiver odell beckham jr is expected to make his debut with the rams tonight following his release from the cleveland browns. tonight's get golf at levi stadium is at 5 15 still to
12:50 pm
come at new we are more than a month away from christmas, but experts stations shopping early what they're predicting when it comes to toys this year and what are expected to be some of the top selling items. when you hear the word healthy it always feels a little out of reach. but it's all about the baby steps. maybe it's a jump or eating something green. or taking mom to get that vaccine. ♪ healthier means bringing stuff to the folks ♪ ♪ that really need it. ♪ ♪ like help at 2 am or care that's right at home. ♪ ♪ believe it. ♪ ♪ and caring for them all means ♪ ♪ we're doing healthier right. ♪ ♪ so, let's do it all together people, ♪ ♪ 'cause this is what healthier looks like. ♪
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♪ so, let's do it all together people, ♪ round on the way. good looking shot dead? no not the first one first one. yeah you can't make this arms. yeah. high fives all around that amazing tee shot, courtesy of pro golfer suo at florida's pelican women's championship yesterday for that shot, she won a two year lease on the lamborghini of her choice was born in south korea grew up in australia. her parents might be even happier than she is because see the 25 year old girl
12:54 pm
for does not own a car. she borrows her parents, volkswagen. well a company that provides camping experiences from yosemite designed to katya national forest in maine is giving us an inside. look at what campers can expect if they want to try out glamping. reporter nicole valdez shows us how to visit a national treasurer like the smoky mountains with an upscale twist. the great smoky mountains, one of the most beautiful and oldest mountain ranges in the u. s a diverse ecosystem home to more than 10,000 different species and rich in history. no wonder it's one of the most visited national parks in the country. it's also a sought after site to sleep under the stars, but making the trek with a tent and a sleeping bag. they not be everyone's idea of a dream vacation. it's why more and more americans are going glamorous camping, also known as glamping,
12:55 pm
think the idea is that we're offering in an upscale version of a camping experience. uh so instead of the typical sleeping in the dirt, you're sleeping in a king size bed and getting some of that extra amenities that you want when you're on vacation. andy chaff runs the under canvas experience at the great smoky mountains, one of a handful of glamping sites across the u. s. he's heard you say the under canvas experience promises to take the hassle out of camping. instead of packing a home away from home. you get to sit back, relax in a tent, unlike any other. these tents here they all come fully equipped with what you find in a typical hotel roo. so most have a king size bed. they're gonna offer a full bathroom and a stove that would keep the tent warm. that's totally got my attention. this chicago mother knew it would be the perfect way to introduce her son to the great outdoors, so it's kind of like dipping our toes in the water and being in the luxury of all the. amendment
12:56 pm
amenities? yes so that was a plus definitely amenities like a full service kitchen. plenty of games activities. but even in luxury. weather changes in the smokies are a constant factor. we are prepared for any type of weather. the tents are designed in such a way that they lend to a pleasant experience. if it's raining or or if it's not still it's only an experience you can enjoy eight months out of the year, depending on location. under canvas is great, smoky mountain site shuts down for the winter at the end of november when temperatures can drop below 30 degrees and reopens in the spring as the mountain ranges begin to bloom. just being here is calming and relaxing. the smells just being here is different than looking at a picture, you know. in the smoky mountains. i'm nicole builders for fox weather. well, groundbreaking new character
12:57 pm
will make her debut on sesame street on thanksgiving day. the young is the first muppet to have an asian american storyline in the long history of that award winning children's television show. she's seen here with ernie now, james said. to be korean, american and seven years old viewers are going to see her rocking out on her electric guitar and writing a skateboard, by the way, the syllable g in korean means smart and wise, and it also mean sesame u. s postal service is reminding people to ship their gifts early if they want them to arrive in time for the holidays, postal workers deliver some 13 billion letters, cards and packages during the holidays every year, the state year they expect to handle 12 billion packages alone. they're expected to take up to 10 days to reach most destinations. postal officials have guidelines for getting your packages in the mail for first class and priority mail going to all military bases. the deadline is december 9th. cards and packages headed for the continental us and being shipped by first class mail need to be at the post office by december. 17th first
12:58 pm
class packages and cards headed to alaska should be on their way by december, 18th. the priority mail express deadline for hawaii and alaska is december 21st priority expressed for the continental u. s. is december 23rd might be hard to find some popular toys this holiday season because of the supply chain issues we have long been reporting on. so here's some top toy recommendations from the toy insider. the cats versus pickle, collectibles popular on social media, children project the heartbeat of the blues clues and you check up time to oy. whatever you're looking for, retail experts say you might want to do your shopping in a store this year. instead of going online. you don't have to navigate around those delivery dates this year, of course to with the labor shortages, but also we talked to some toy manufacturers, and they're expecting that. um the stocks in store are actually better than the stock online. another popular gift, family games such as what do you mean family edition. this one comes in several different versions, as well as the spongebob version. here's a fun thing your family
12:59 pm
can do together ktvu annual 11 kurt drivers now underway. you can dig through your closets find those gently used coats and jackets you'd like to donate to bay area families in need, and then take them to any participating ups store or bigger tires. we also have collection barrels at oakland's jack london square, santana row in san jose and westfield shopping center in san francisc. drivers on now goes till sunday. december 5th you can head to ktvu .com slash one warm coat. for more information, we'll brand new balloon will be taking part in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. this year, the massive baby yoda balloon made its debut in new york city this weekend. in preparation for next week's parade. hundreds of volunteers conducted those test flights yesterday, baby yoda or grow. gew made his debut last year on the disney plus series. the mandalorian. and since then he's become a pop culture sensation. a lot of fun. all right, thank you. so much for joining us today still gray and cloudy here along the oakland estuary likely where you are as well. we're back with our next newscast at four. news is always on ktvu. com and, of course, the
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