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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 14, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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got to go protesters. you think facebook allows hate speech against muslims hope, forming a crowd outside the social media platforms headquarters will convince the company to take action. good evening. i'm julie julie haener. and i'm mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville. the protesters say facebook's online practices are leading to real world violence, and today, people protested not just outside the company's headquarters in menlo park. but there were also rallies in seattle, chicago, charlotte and other cities across the country. ktvu is elissa harrington joins us now live outside the company's headquarters in menlo park with the story, alyssa. well julie my some protestors. i talked to told me they're worried. they have family members living in india, who they say have been targets of hate and violence. they want facebook to be held accountable. the reason why they say that the company does not do
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enough to curb hate speech and miss information. his brother bears book fairs, book protesters rallied outside the meta headquarters in menlo park, calling out facebook, accusing the social media giant of inciting violence against muslims in india. basically we're trying to bring awareness to the masses here about what facebook has been doing. in india got technically promoting hate and david ali said social media has pitted religions against each other, he said. neighbors are turning on neighbors and facebook has played a large role in politics and real world violence. these organizations are. openly inciting bombs, uh, calling them to kill muslims calling them uh traitors, a recent report by the associated press found. facebook has known about these issues for years and has been selective in removing misinformation and anti muslim content in india. demonstrators accused mark
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zuckerberg of being complicit. he is not regulating because he's putting profit, uh, over the people's lives, their inability or turning a blind eye to hateful species and then not being able to moderate. the voice of you know moderation that has directly resulted in people losing lives. they want the company to remove hateful speech. moderate posts, identify dangerous groups and invest resources in stopping violence. we want mark zuckerberg to stop that propaganda. he should use facebook for constructive purpose. helping the humanity for human rights, human rights, not for killing and massacring minorities back in october, facebook told the associated press in a statement it has invested in technology to find hate speech in various languages and reduce the amount of hate speech that people see by half 1 52. so i'm told. similar
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protests were held in other major u. s cities, including los angeles, seattle and chicago. i did reach out to facebook again today for comment on the protests, but so far have not heard back reporting live in menlo park. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news, alyssa. thank you. thousands of people marched through lost shadows to show solidarity against hate speech. community leaders say today's rally was perhaps the town's largest demonstration ever, an estimated 2500 people gathered at los catto civic center after marching from fisher. middle school organizers plan the event in response to racist and homophobic graffiti found around town as well as disruptions at town council meetings. over diversity issues. racist graffiti was discovered at a market in oakland's chinatown. karl chan, president of oakland's chinatown chamber of commerce, tells ktvu that the graffiti was located just outside of new tins market just this morning. jen says police have been notified chinatown neighborhood has been on alert over the past year amid increased racial attacks. no
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resident made in this specific case. anyone with information about the graffiti is asked to call oakland police. new attend. starting tomorrow, petaluma police will be assigned to kennel worth junior high school until further notice due to potential bomb threat. the petaluma city cat school district says the threat was made by someone using the anonymous stop it app, which is designed to report safety issue, misconduct and bullying at school. the district says it has been working closely with police to determine whether the bomb threat is credible, starting now to a developing story in the north bay, a big bear as captured the attention of many people living in petaluma and tonight we are waiting to hear from wildlife officials on whether or not that bear has made it safely down. from a large redwood tree as ktvu is tom baker report shelter in place. alerts were sent to many residents earlier in the day. early sunday morning, petaluma police issued to shelter in place for residents and their pets near downtown, a resident reported seeing a bear wandering around near sixth street and raymond heights. initially tom
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limbert stock went ballistic, causing him to look outside. what was strange is that the gate that goes into our neighbor's yard was open and we never open it so. that's why we thought it was a person apparently frightened. the good sized barrack lined up a huge redwood 85 ft above the ground, with the knicks alert now out, neighbors and others in the area gathered to see the rare sight. so we've had mountain lions here and more sightings. but a bear is new to me, and i've been here for 17 years. sonoma county wildlife rescue licensed by the state to deal with bears says fires and drought have severely reduced foraging and game so they're coming down a little closer to our cities. people have garbage people have cat food. all of these things that the bears are desperately trying to find food, the trouble and the danger is. this is a powerful apex predator that's currently confused and frightened. it's scaring the bear and scaring is putting it
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mildly terrifying is more the word, give him a space and angle to get out. they'll usually take that. um definitely if you try to corner him, or if you surprise him. it could be a possible bad outcome when a wild bears confronted by a human or some other large, aggressive species. it has to make a choice, fight or flight. in this case, the bear decided to go up that tree and wait everything out. the question, of course, is how do you get them down out of there safely, north bay animal services officer mark scott said the bear was far too high up the tree to tranquilize. fearing that the fall would kill it, so we're going to try to either wait for him to get to a safer level or hopefully tonight, he'll come down on his own and leave when everybody's already back to bed. and we'll obviously stay here until that happened. and so it's a wait and see situation no matter how long tom vacar ktvu fox two news
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encountering wildlife on bay area, highways and streets, really not too uncommon. oh, dear. for sure. i mean, i've missed dear, like within inches. uh raccoons. i've hit a raccoon on 2 80, but on 92. one stretch of bay area freeway has been named california's deadliest stretch of highway for wildlife encounters and coming up a little bit later on in the news, guys, we'll take you there and break down how the problem cost drivers millions of dollars every year. new tonight. the 10th victim to die from injuries suffered during that rush of fans at the astro world music festival is also the youngest victim to die. the family of nine year old ezra blount says the boy died today. the boy's father says his son was sitting on his shoulders. one of the crowd surged, crushed them during a performance by travis scott. the boy's family is already poor. part of a lawsuit filed against scott and the music festival's organizer, live nation. it is seeking at least a million dollars in damages and investigation of whom may be to blame for that tragedy is
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ongoing. we now have an update on a deadly apartment fire in brentwood, a family member tells ktvu. a second person has now died from his injuries. 79 year old jesse sandoval died at the scene on thursday. his stepson, 65 year old bill foster, was taken to a burn center in san francisco in critical condition, but he has now died from his injuries. a go fund me has been set up to help the family with expenses of fremont police officer has been released from the hospital after a car crash over the weekend. police say that officer was on his way to a prowler call when the officer crashed with another vehicle on niles canyon roads happened around 6 40 last night. the officers suffered moderate injuries. the passenger from the other car, complained of pain and was transported to a hospital for treatment that crashed temporarily closed niles canyon road between mission boulevard and pull them away. kaiser says it has reached a tentative agreement with more than 50,000 of its workers, mostly in southern california, who had been threatening to strike. however 2500 kaiser
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pharmacists here in northern california are still planning to walk off the job tomorrow. the unions for kaiser's pharmacists say they have been understaffed for months and their pay is not keeping up with inflation. kaiser says it hopes to reach agreements with those bargaining unit soon. non urgent and elective surgeries and procedures have now been postponed to prepare for the possible strike. the oakland unified school district is holding a meeting tomorrow night to discuss its plan to better serve the district's african american students. parents will get a chance to weigh in on a reparation program that will provide more resources to young black students. the school board approved this program back in march. tomorrow's meeting begins at six o'clock at west oakland middle school on 14th street. berkeley landlord who went to prison for sex trafficking. young women from india has died, according to berkeley side 84 year old laki ready bali ready was found unresponsive inside his home last monday. he was taken to all debates in oakland where he was pronounced dead of natural causes ready, spent
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eight years in federal prison after pleading guilty to charges that he brought girls and women from india on fraudulent visas and then paid them low wages and sexually abused many of them. a deadly explosion in the uk leads the three arrest for suspicion of terrorism coming up what investigators know about how this explosion was pulled off. and we've got more dense fog showing up in the central valley in parts of the bay area. right now we'll look into that and what you can expect in the next couple of days, and by that way, some credit card users are noticing higher balances than noticing higher balances than expected on thei if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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driver's upwards of a billion dollars from 2016 to 2020, and it turns out this deadliest stretch of roadway for these types of accidents is right here in the bay area, interstate 2 80 from san bruno. the cupertino ktvu zach sauce joins us live and zack encounters they really happen almost every day. yeah mike, julie. you know, i've spoken with plenty of people today who regularly drive this stretch of i 2 80 from san bruno to cupertino. and not one of them told me they haven't had some sort of close call with wildlife on this roadway. it's definitely a problem like nowhere else. it's why derek room of san mateo was hardly surprised to hear the findings of uc davis's recent roadkill report naming a 31 mile section of i 2 80 from san bruno to cupertino, california's deadliest stretch of highway for wildlife encounters. oh, dear, for sure. i mean, i've missed
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dear, like within inches. uh raccoons. i've hit a raccoon onto 80 but on 92, so, yeah, that's right in the same area, researchers from the university road ecology center estimate that just this part of i 2 80 cost drivers in the state around $5.8 million in damages and clean up costs a year. that's around $178,000 a mile. oh you got to really be careful especially at night and in the fog is really bad. uh so i never i mean, i try to drive at a normal pace because you just never know it's going to happen on 2 80 just asked lydia candia coming back from san francisco for 28 by 2 80. in um i do cross. suddenly he crossed so that i wanted to stop. because other want to hear it, you know, but he crossed and i got so scared candia, narrowly avoiding the deer but others not so luck. statewide state farm insurance estimates that there are around
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22,000 claims to crashes involving deer each year, and they're not the only animals from 2000 and 16 to 2020 nearly 600 black bears and over 300 mountain lines were killed by crashes. across the state concerning to animal conservationists. just last week, a san mateo patrol vehicle hit a mountain line on nearby route 92. the animal ran off and it's unclear if it survived from mountain lions, two raccoons and deer. neighbors say wildlife is abundant here. i mean, we see here every day and render house they're everywhere. and researchers that u. c. davis say they feel the best way to address this problem is to build more wildlife, dedicated bridges to allow animals to safely cross these roadways. they're also urging the state legislator to allocate more money for fences along these animal area hotspot. for now, we're live in redwood city, zach sous ktvu, fox two news ongoing issue there, right, jack. thank you. we expect to see president biden sign off on
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a plan to pump more than a trillion dollars into infrastructure projects tomorrow, but that's not the only domestic policy goal he hopes to achieve this week. the president also wants his build back better social spending plan to be signed into law as soon as possible. but as fox news david spun tells us, the bill has hit another snag in congress. preparations are underway on the south lawn for a signing ceremony to take place monday. president biden expected to sign the bipartisan infrastructure package. into law despite a hyper partisan atmosphere in washington. this was a bipartisan effort. the signing comes as gas prices are climbing. store shelves in many cases, bear and those cargo ships continue to sit off the coast of california just waiting to pull into port and don't forget that trucker shortage. that's still going on nationwid. the president says the answer to some of these issues, namely inflation is his build back better social spending,
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which he wants to sign into law as soon as possible. but fox news is learning there is yet another delay. senate majority leader chuck schumer will delay the vote on build back better because it has not yet come up with officially yet in the hous, and more importantly, perhaps there is no score from the congressional budget office to illustrate the exact cost, and i see it as a jobs act. i don't call it a spending plan is the jobs act, every single center that will be paid for, um, i think this is part of the path to a better at bringing down that inflation. in a better economy. most americans hard working americans are on fixed income and this is going to hit him really hard, and this is before we get to the energy crisis that we're facing this winter after signing the infrastructure bill into law on monday, the president will tout that new law in detroit, michigan and woodstock, new hampshire. at the white house. david spent fox news. a top adviser to former president trump is expected to turn
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himself in tomorrow after he was indicted by a federal grand jur. steve bannon was charged with two counts of contempt of congress after refusing to comply with the subpoena from the house committee investigating the january 6th attack on the u. s capitol. each count carries a maximum of one year in jail. former president trump has directed his aides and advisers to refuse to cooperate with the january 6th committee, citing executive privilege developing tonight in the united kingdom, a deadly blast right outside of a women's hospital leads to arrests on suspicion of terrorism. investigators say one person died when a car blew up right outside the hospital in liverpool tray yank shows us what investigators are now learning about the case. this is a developing story. we do know. three people have been arrested in the united kingdom on suspicion of terrorism. police say a taxi exploded outside of a woman's hospital in liverpool, england earlier today, killing one person and injuring one other. there is an investigatiot authorities say will take some
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time to complete roads around the area were blocked off following the explosion that occurred around 11 a.m. local time. the mayor of liverpool tweeted out, calling the incident unsettling and upsetting. but again what we know at this hour, one person is dead following an explosion in liverpool, england, outside of a woman's hospital, and three people are currently in custody. tree angst. fox news. today was remembrance day in britain a day to pay tribute to all of the country's war dead. one of you. queen elizabeth was set to attend a ceremony in london today, but buckingham palace says she could not attend due to a sprained back. her daughter, princess anne, was among the royal family members to attend along with prince william. today's event was supposed to be the first public appearance for the 95 year old queen after canceling events in recent weeks on the advice of her doctors. already the fog is reforming rapidly out there. we had a lot
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of it this morning. this is a shot from around 11 o'clock this morning for the central valley in the bay area, and you can see all the fog really from reading all the way south down to its bakersfield and it's in there. this was earlier today. it's broken off a little bit tonight. but the other thing that happens is because the fog is so cold and the coast is actually warmer. that fog bleeds out into the into the coastal areas out into the base in the north. they got the brunt of that today with a dose of fog. some temperatures in the inland valleys didn't warm out of the fifties, so upper fifties mid fifties. story tonight is going to be more fog. it's forming now out towards kuala creek and conquer. the temperature is on the left. dew point is on the right, so santa rosa's 50 50 50 degree temperature 50 degree dew point boom fought. 53 52 napa right now, so you would agree on another degree cooling five will begin. foreign probably already has, and you can see livermore's just two degrees away. so that's basically these inland slots. these inland areas are really going to be. right in here and
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where they were. it was this morning, too, will be back tomorrow morning with a lot of valley fog, and it's dance like which wasn't bridges at venetia bridge and the cockiness bridge. um. yeah that's right. yeah, the venetian. the cartoons is getting mixed up, but they both had massive low visibility fog on this morning and yesterday morning, so it'll be that way again tomorrow morning. the bridges are pretty nasty because there's a lot of moisture right because of the. evaporative components of the bag. these are the temperatures that were recorded today and you notice the warmth in antioch. 56 degrees. not really warm. look at pacifica 71 degrees. it's the exact opposite in this winter fog than it is in the summer, right? the micro climates now cooler inland. cooler bay or mild day warmer coast. that's the opposite of the summer. when i come back, we'll look at everything. we have some rain in the forecast to all right, bill. thank you closing arguments and the homicide trial of kyle rittenhouse. are scheduled to start tomorrow. defense attorneys argue the 18 year old shot three people in self defense during in kenosha wisconsin. rittenhouse
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lived in illinois but traveled with a gun to wisconsin during protests that erupted after a white police officer shot and seriously injured jacob blake, who was black. rittenhouse testified that he fired his gun only after he felt his life was in danger. wisconsin's governor has placed hundreds of national guard troops on standby for when a verdict is announced. a top democrat in congress, uses his sunday to call on the president to take action coming up what he thinks will offer drivers some relief at the pump and coming up later in sports. the raiders battling the chiefs for first place in the division, joe fonzi will have all the highlights in sports. and see how hundreds of women hope to inspire other women and young girls with a run.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the 13th annual mermaid run in san francisco, as ktvu is amanda quintana shows us this race is all about inspiring young women
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to pursue their goals. it's not often you see young girls leading at the start of a big race but empowering runners of all ages like 10 year old lia ernst to complete her first five k. is what the mermaid series is all about. i knew i could do it, but and it was going to be hard and but i did it anyways. for the last month, nava cone has been training leah to use running as a way to deal with stress and anxiety. it just. like relaxes me, and it makes m. like calmer. they ran across the finish line together, hand in hand to see her progress and continue to do something that was hard even though she has all of these different things that she needs to no combat in life. um it was awesome. these are just two of the about 1500 women and girls inspired by the mermaid run the series with 10,
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mile 10-k and five k runs started in fremont with the triathlon specifically for women way back in 2000 and four when i started, it was very male dominated. uh so i wanted to create an atmosphere that was inviting for the women to come out to. so women's triathlon made sense and that helped bring out that very supportive, welcoming and encouraging environment now with its 13th year in san francisco, it's become a tradition for many with costumes. of course, it makes the race more fun. and it makes the 10 miles more bearable with, you know, the cool um, medal at the end, and then the fun outfits normally, there's some glitter. although the run is not a nonprofit, it helps support the mini mermaid running club, and that's a free program for young girls that get to learn about self esteem about their bodies, and they get to learn how to run a five k. yeah girl power pride that comes with getting across that finish line. something leo wants to share if
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there's anyone who was troubles like. just wished there like a really angry all the time. i just feel like it's a good idea for them to start running because it really helped me. amanda quintana ktvu, fox two news. still to come. it seems like just about everything is getting more expensive. we take a closer look at whether better pay is really helping out. the average worker also had members of president biden's own party called for quick action to lower gas prices and find out how ice sitting in storage may actually help scientists working to slow climate change.
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call 1.877.only.att. limited availability in select areas. of people quitting altogether, employers are finding it increasingly difficult to
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recover as well as expand. ktvu tom baker gives us a closer look at what's creating this dynamic. recent reports of healthy hiring or creating confidence for getting better, higher paying jobs. but then you must factor in inflation, which robs workers of purchasing power, even if your wages may be increasing by two, or 3% of the inflation at 6.2% you're not doing better. in fact, it's fair to call inflation a wage cutter. and the fact that millions of people are not coming back to work seems due to new cold weather covid fears and a myriad of other longstanding unresolved issues. some. reconsidering careers, some still lingering concerns. the schools have reopened but again in a very fragile manner. and, um, childcare has come back but again. by no means how it is, so it really differs among workers add to that workers
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continue to quit their jobs at record rates. 4.4 million. that's the highest the highest. it's been since tracking began in 2000 and one if companies do not have enough workers, then they can't do or make the things they sell. that itself could eventually lead to layoffs all along the supply chain, further fueling inflation. if it continues, as it's likely to in the next couple of months. um it will have labor market intense. it can also cause employers to more quickly adopt automated and robotic technologies. finally those wanting to snag one of those high paying infrastructure jobs, bernick says they will not come soon. these jobs take time to develop. it is the bill passes. um but it's going to take a year or two for the majority of jobs to even begin to start as we learned from stimulus package is passed to end the great recession of a dozen years ago. each of those
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jobs and projects will cost a lot of money, reducing the number of projects and jobs. that will be actually funded tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. senate majority leader chuck schumer is calling on the biden administration to tap right into the nation's strategic petroleum reserve senator schumer says with the holidays approaching, the country needs immediate relief from rising gas prices, which is now averaging $3.41 nationwide. 4 68. right here in california. that's why i'm urging the administration to tap that reserve. get the prices down, and then we have to embark on a full time campaign to get us away from carbon fuels altogether. schumer says the infrastructure bill to be signed by the president tomorrow should help ease our dependence on carbon fuels. much of the bill is aimed at pushing the country toward electric vehicles and renewable energy, in addition to a surge in consumer prices, credit card interest rates are
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also soaring. in fact, they're approaching an all time high. the average annual percentage rate has grown from 15.9% to 17.14% over the past two quarters. that puts the current rate just below the all time record, which was set back in 2019 at 17.13% some lawmakers and business leaders are now doubling down on their opposition to recent vaccine mandates. fox news alexandria half has more now on what states are doing to block the requirement. the fifth circuit court of appeals called the president's mandate staggeringly overboard. late friday, the court upheld its prior decision to halt the bite administration. covid-19 vaccine mandate for companies that employ over 100 workers. the sweeping mandates, announced in september were met with immediate pushback more than half of u. s. states are now suing to block the requirement. here's texas attorney general ken paxton, speaking with chris wallace on fox news sunday. the federal government has no authority to do this right now. we have osha guidelines that have not been authorized by congress. they
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absolutely have no authority to this. the three judge panel based in new orleans, sided with opponents of the requirement on the basis of upholding constitutional civil liberties. they also noted the economic impacts and the one size fits all nature of the band aid. the biden administration warned that the court's decision could lead to hundreds of unnecessary deaths. it would be a setback for public health. what we know very clearly is that when people get vaccinated and the more people who get vaccinated. the quicker we're able to bring this pandemic to an end. the more lives we can ultimately save. the justice department says they are willing to fight this case all the way up to the supreme court in washington, alexandria hoff fox news. children of fremont schools were given the opportunity to get vaccinated this weekend. the free fremont rather unified school district partnered with safeway pharmacy to provide a clinic at irvington high school for kids ages five and up. emergency use of the pfizer vaccine was approved for 5 to 11 year olds by the fda and cdc nearly two weeks ago.
10:34 pm
parents we spoke with told us why they thought it was important to get their kids vaccinated. i think the kids are only people who are vulnerable because they are going to the school because of we are working from home. but the kids are going to the school. they are interacting with the teachers and their kids. so i think. this is very important that they get the vaccine. the clinic will open again at torrington high school on december 4th and fifth four second doses. first lady dr jill biden and the u. s surgeon general vivek murthy went to texas children's hospital in houston today. this is all. part of the nationwide effort to get children ages. 5 to 11 vaccinated against covid-19. a recent poll shows that not everyone is eager to get their children vaccinated. nearly 25% of parents with children 5 to 11 said they would get their children vaccinated as soon as possible. 38% said they planned to wait and see if there are any major side effects. california is largely rural san joaquin valley as recently become a hotspot in the covid 19 pandemi,
10:35 pm
according to the l a times, sparsely populated kings county has one of the highest per capita covid hospitalization rates in the state. into larry county, one hospital has treated more covid patients in recent days than any other medical facility in california and understaffed hospitals in fresno county are now turning away some patients due to a surge in covid patients. statistics show that many of these same areas have the lowest vaccination rate in the state. thousands of migrants have been traveling to belarus in hopes of being able to cross over into the european union, only to find themselves stuck right near the belarus. poland border. unable to cross fox news is trade jinxed as a story. today thousands of refugees remain on the border between belarus and poland it the situation continues to deteriorate as people attempt to cross one group of 50 was successful, but they were quickly apprehended by polish forces. clashes have broken out and whenever a small amount of aid is delivered, the workers are stormed by masses of people.
10:36 pm
eu foreign ministers are looking to increase sanctions on belarus and officials in mix that are suspected of organizing the flights and transportation to get the migrants to poland's border. this is seen by european officials in neighboring poland, lithuania and latvia as a direct response from belarusian president alexander lukashenko for sanctions imposed on his country after a disputed election last year. the russians are key allies of belarus, but president vladimir putin says his country has nothing to do with the developing migrant crisis finishing. i believe a solution needs to be found to the benefit of belarus and european countries, including poland, in the federal republic of germany and the other countries because their systems of social security overloaded. this comes as the prime minister of poland is calling for emergency talks that will allow his country to remove 15,000 troops that are currently stationed along the border in jerusalem tray yanks. fox news,
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american airlines announced it will be cutting back service to haiti due to a drop in customer demand. americans said it will now operate only one daily flight between miami and puerto prince starting november. 15th. as of this weekend the airline was operating three daily flights to haiti, one from fort lauderdale and two from miami. haiti is experienced a surge of violence in recent months, including the assassination of haiti's president back in july, and the abduction of 17 american missionaries in october old archived ice may actually be held in scientists figure out a way to slow down climate change coming up what they're now doing. with the ice. plenty of fog in the forecast for tomorrow morning again. plus, there's rain in the five day we'll see you back here. and forget about visiting observation decks will visiting observation decks will show you how it' if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized.
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stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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pebbles that once lay nearly a mile beneath greenland's ice sheet surface, and they hope their studies will provide a manual to how our planet responds to climate change. scientists have long visited the giant. frozen island and brought back deep drilled tube shaped ice cores to study in sophisticated laboratories, and now they're cracking them open to discover what they say is a time capsule. to the past inside. it contains. freeze dried fossils of plants from a tundra ecosystem that used to live in greenland. when that ice sheet had melted away in the past, and we're trying to learn more about what that environment was, like. what the climate conditions were like at that time and use that information to understand how sensitive the greenland ice sheet maybe to melting under human cause climate change in the future. specifically the researchers are looking to find out when the
10:41 pm
sediments mineral grains were last exposed to direct sunlight that could reveal the temperatures when the greenland ice sheet last melted away. the u. n climate conference in scotland ended this week with nearly all of the world's countries coming to an agreement on combating climate change. the plan sets benchmarks for countries to reduce their carbon emissions over the next decade. but his boxes charlie watson tells us the deal is also being criticized after a last minute change to the fine print. hearing no objections. it is so decided a landmark deal reached saturday on the last day of the cop 26 conference in scotland, nearly every country in the world signing a pact pledging to lower carbon emissions and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. historians will look back at cop 26. as the moment humanity finally got real about climate change the deal known as the glass cow climate agreement set a goal of capping global warming at 1.5 degrees celsius threshol,
10:42 pm
scientists have said cause irreversible damage if it surpassed, while most are calling it a win for climate advocates. it did include plenty of compromise. much of the final language on fossil fuels was watered down. from phasing out coal to phasing down. delegates from some smaller countries felt rich nations who are the world's biggest emitters of greenhouse gases did not pay their fair share. the last minute change on coal came at the request of china and india while it wasn't very popular at the conference, u. s climate envoy john kerry said it had to happen in order to get a deal done. did i appreciate that we had to just one thing tonight in a very unusual way. no, but if we hadn't done that we wouldn't have an agreement by the deal did not give everyone everything they wanted and marks the first time countries acknowledged fossil fuels as the main contributor to climate change. in atlanta. charles watson fox news thrill seekers have
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something new to put on their bucket list. coming up scaling skyscrapers has actually become a thing in new york city. and the fog. well it's sticking around tonight. coming up chief meteorologist bill martin will join us with what t off the sidee
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rafferty has an inside look at an adrenaline junkies playground in the clouds. get is up in thrill seekers now have a new way of getting an adrenaline rush by harnessing up. oh, and scaling the side of a new york city skyscraper with the help from a city climb guide. we are on top 30 heads in yards in the middle of new york city. nearly 1300 ft in the air. awesome but
10:46 pm
what's being called the world's highest external building climb involves more than just walking up a staircase towering over manhattan. once visitors get to the top of the platform, they have an opportunity to push themselves even further. by leaning off the side. we know it's safe. and if you trust in us, and you trust in the equipment and you trust in our process, um you will be very proud of what you can do. if you don't think about it. think about it. it doesn't feel that bad. 30 hudson yards is about less than 500 ft. shorter than one world trade center. the tallest building in the big apple. and at these heights, the only noise rivaling the roaring gusts of wind are the victory yells from people conquering their fears. we're also then going to have those people who. really want to prove to themselves that they can overcome not only their fears or their hurdles. this is going to
10:47 pm
be a magnificent life changing experience for some people. the city climb experience just opened this month and cost $185. the only things preventing operation are severe weather events and temperatures below 23 degrees. marianne rafferty, fox news. already high temperatures today we're on the cool side especially inland 56 in antioch. 58 fillet ho, very cool. 59 conquered much warmer at the coast pacific at 71 degrees 68 in hayward 69. fremont temperatures tomorrow, a little cooler but still warmer at the coast. we'll see mid number sixty's there, but that fog. does that move? we're showing you earlier. it's in the center of ireland. it bleeds in through these low lying areas of the delta and filters into the bay. and so the inland cities have been getting quite a cool down even that far inland cities and then places like santa rosa sonoma. napa you guys have been having a dose of it as well. so as we look at the computer model, the long range backing it
10:48 pm
up, moving it forward. so here's tomorrow. it's all about partly cloudy tomorrow. a lot of fog. and as we get into tuesday fine wednesday, find some fog thursday. that's our best shot for a few scattered showers. thursday chance of showers. it's not a big deal, maybe 2/10 of an inch of rain, something like that, and then maybe something behind it, but it's really. uh, pretty not it's not a very dynamic pattern. honestly, it's not in terms of significant rainfalls. unfortunately, we're sitting on a lot and we can we can wait it out it we have to write. no fog at the coast. but there will be fog as i said, and there already is fogging those inland valleys, and so if it's an issue for you driving in, it has been the last couple mornings. count on it again tomorrow morning. and some areas like like cockiness. bridge really, really has been bad, because that's right. where tha, um, reservist in those areas of that fog just pushes right out through the through towards the coast, and it gets really bad right in there beneath a bridge as well. so you know the spots. i mean, your drive it all the time. so as you look at the forecast for tomorrow, there are
10:49 pm
the clouds and they just kind of filter. it's fair weather cloud, basically the high clouds and there's a system out here. you can barely see it's a little notch. that shows up on thursda, and that's that opportunity for a few light, scattered showers. so not a big deal, unfortunately, but something forecast overnight lows about where they were last night, actually. and then there's that fog in the central valley then you can kind of see it just it'll bleed into. i don't know about oakland. but like braga and walnut creek and napa. santa rosa. those areas, plenty of it. dense fog advisory right now for modesto south, but i suspect that's going to change in the morning is that fog moves a little further north. so there are the sky conditions for tomorrow. right what do you do with that? partly cloudy, partly sunny temperatures generally in the sixties like this, 67 fairfield 68 in antioch. 75 morgan hill and then little cooler at the coast. 65 pacific, 17 santa fell, and then the five day forecast. scattered showers. certainly on thursday, but not a lot, but something. and then as
10:50 pm
you go into the next weekend, it dries up. so we're not usually you know less for the last few months. we've had a lot of rain in the five day but not this particular five days, so we'll hopefully get something thursday and then wait on the next one. bill thank you will see it a bit. caltrain conducted an emergency response drill in the south bay today. it happened at the lawrence station in sunnyvale. the simulation included volunteers on site acting as injured or scared passengers. the drill was held to test emergency responders preparedness in addressing disasters as well as intentional events such as terrorism. some small businesses say the supply chain bottlenecks are causing them to wait 4 to 5 times longer for their products. this as a just released consumer confidence survey was at its lowest rating. in 10 years due to the rising costs of everything from me to gasoline reporter david sent injury as the story. as far as supply chain issues. what's the worst for you right now? well, it's been the lights on shipping. of course. vanna collins is a
10:51 pm
hairstylist who also sells her own oils, she says global supply chain delays and shortages are trickling down to her day to day operations were going from. the standard 4 to 6 weeks between 18 to 24 weeks. we're getting product in, so i have to be ahead of the curve with orderin. she works at a one stop shop for grooming clothing and more. normally i have a turn around 4 to 6 weeks. owner jerome jones sells custom shoes and clothing, mostly coming from spain. he can't seem to get items quickly enough. and now how long i'm looking at probably. right at two months on the heels of new inflation numbers out this week, hitting a 30 year high and exceeding, economists forecast consumer confidence survey out friday was just as concerning the university of michigan's consumer sentiment index, which measures how americans view the economy fell to its lowest rating in 10 years due to the escalating inflation rates and a belief that. no effective
10:52 pm
policies have been put in place to reverse the trend. i'm just having to maneuver in different areas because of the time lapse with different products coming in small businesses across the world are feeling the effects weeks before the holiday season, right. i got a couple of packages ready to go over here. some small business workers are trying to stay patient while planning ahead. by more than i typically would to make sure that i have it in stock when needed. and that was david centenary reporting now if you're worried about getting what you need for the holidays, retail experts say, start shopping now before the shelves are empty, and those prices rise even more. coming up in sports. we will hear from the warriors as they head out on the road and put their seven game winning streak on the line. and then on the 11 o'clock news. we'll take you behind the scenes of an operation designed to get packages to your doorstep. a closer look at how exactly ups operat
10:53 pm
ahhh. beautiful day in baltimore where most people probably know that geico could save them money on car insurance, right? you see the thing is geico, well, could help them save on boat insurance too. hey! okay...i'm ready to come in now. hello? i'm trying my best. seriously, i'm...i'm serious. request to come ashore. geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance.
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happening tonight in sports after enjoying eight games worth of home cooking, the warriors hit the road tonight played the first of four straight away from chase center steph curry back to the city and state where his basketball career started. charlotte, north carolina words and hornets locked up in a good one and meeting for the second time in 11 days. final seconds of the third quarter. kelly you break knocks down a three to give the hornets the lead, only to see the warriors come back down and go back in front as curry banks in a long three at the buzzer. the warriors up three in the fourth quarter. but turn it over here. the hornets run the floor. it's uber again, this time slicing to the hoop for a layup uber and then gets called for his second technical foul of the game when he gestures to the refs. that there should have been a foul call. that was it for you. break who was then injected? after that, the warriors down to now with less than a minute to play watch
10:56 pm
draymond green. he has a path down the lane and goes strong to the hoop. they're tied at 102 with 44 seconds left that a high percentage shot, but the warriors were ice cold from the field all night. now it's the hornet's turn miles bridges, fakes and jokes and then rises for hope that again gives charlotte the lead. the warriors were later fouled, but missed both free throws and the hornets added two more they win 161 to ending the warriors win streak at seven games. the warriors shot just 23% from three point range. 68% from the free throw line, look no further. just never got any traction in the game whatsoever. never made a stand. defensively and never got any rhythm offensively, so it felt like a game. it felt like a team that hadn't been on the road a couple weeks and forgot how connected you have to be how hard you have to compete. the stanford women have every expectation that they will be in
10:57 pm
the middle of the ncaa championship picture again this year. they undoubtedly no, that won't be easy. and today they got a stark reminder high profile matchup today at maples pavilion with texas in town take on the defending national champions stanford leading here in the third quarter and forcing a turnover after this deal. that's lexi hall running the floor and make a nice move under the hoop for to over 16 points. stanford in front by six. the cardinals still in front of the fourth quarter, when the longhorns rory harmon looks to drive but then steps back and hits two of her 21 points. harmon just a freshman, longhorns outscored stanford by 10 points in the fourth quarter. it's a lie up with r o with a three to beat the shot clock. texas knocks off the cardinal at home, celebrates his 61 56 winner. little wake up call for the national champ, stanford one, and once after two games, all the raider and chief franchises have been playing each other since 1960 tonight renewed the rivalry in las vega. charles woodson was honored
10:58 pm
before the game. remember the most recent class inducted into the pro football hall of fame? a bacon retiring major raiders fell behind 17 7 at the half but got back into the game on the first series of the third quarter. derrick carter, brian edwards, edwards will split the defense. 37 yards the end zone. kansas city's lead cut to 17 14. but that's as close as the raiders got the chiefs answered on their first drive of the hal. they go for the touchdown on fourth and goal, patting the homes with the nice touch to noah gray the chiefs back up by 10 at 24 14. raiders trying to answer back and they had something going here car over the middle to the newly acquired the sean jackson jackson trying to get more yardage fumbles the ball. it's recovered by the chiefs. grabbed by tyron matthew at the 13 and the radar threat is over. that was jackson's first catches a raider rashad fenton was the guy who knocked the ball out. mahomes had a huge 90 by some time. than just before getting to the line of scrimmage unloads a 38 yard
10:59 pm
score to darryl williams. all mahomes did was throw for 406 yards and five touchdowns with no picks. the chief's win 41 14 at six and four they're back in first place in the tightly bunched a f c west and the familiar side of cam newton back at quarterback for the carolina panthers the panthers in arizona going in front seven. nothing when newton looked like the newton of old finding the end zone from two yards out. and ye, he is back. then later in the first quarter was newton throwing to robby anderson for six. the panthers building 23. nothing lead. we're not doing 34 14. there was a time when we would think of lost by the cardinals was good news for the 49ers. we're not really in that mode these days, the 49ers just looking to win in general, and they will get their next chance to do that guys tomorrow night in a nationally televised game, the monday night game against the ramp, they've been the rams a few times in a row. they have seen. all right, joe. thank you. you bet next at 11. i got to go.
11:00 pm
protesters call out facebook, accusing the social media platform of allowing hate speech against muslims. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville. protesters say they hope today's event will convince the company to take action. the protest, they protested, rather outside the company's headquarters in menlo park. demonstrators also held rallies in seattle chicago, charlotte and other cities across the country. ktvu is elissa harrington reports. best book fairs bust, protesters rallied outside the meta headquarters in menlo park, calling out facebook, accusing the social media giant of inciting violence against muslims in india. basically we're trying to bring awareness to the masses here about what facebook has been doing. in india get technically promoting


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