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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 12, 2021 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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affect my kids. new at ted reaction to a public high school in palo alto coming under fire. several students there claim they were victims of violent and racist bullying. good evening. i'm cristina rendon and i'm andre senior. those parents allegations include repeated racist language. violent physical attacks and administrators not doing enough to protect students you attend ktvu zach sauces live at gunn high with what he has learned zack. good evening. the
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allegations are startling as you mentioned from one student, saying that he was repeatedly called the n word to bullying so severe in another case that a student was sent to the hospital. quote pummeled with fists and kicks, just one of the alleged attacks, detailed in a court filing submitted by attorneys representing the parents of six boys, a gun high school in palo alto. the document detailing how they were allegedly the victims of violent and racist bullying. in one incident, attorneys saying several of the boys were gained up on in a bathroom. quote the boys screamed for help in the bathroom, but no help came one sent to the emergency room with a bleeding ear and two others to the nurse. that same day, another student from the group allegedly attacked before physique class, resulting in head injuries. the students responsible suspended. friday some students just learning about what took place honestly pretty surprised because, like i would assume that there has to be bullying to some degree like at a new school. why would i
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didn't really realize like this band of it, according to the court, filing, the onslaught of rachel slurs and bullying began in september. the targeted students include one who is black, repeatedly called the n word and five others who are of european or middle eastern descent. attorneys say the students parents contacted the school and despite assurances that their children would be protected. the hazing only got worse. at one point, the students taking two weeks off from school to avoid the attacks as appearance. you know, i don't want anything like this to affect my kids. at the same token, i don't want this to affect any kids. to that matter. this is not the first time gun high school in the district has come under fire to separate sexual assaults, including taunting were reported at the school in 2000 and 17 and 2000 and 19. gunn high school principal wendy stratton, responding to the latest accusations in a statement friday, saying, quote palo alto unified school district takes reports of bullying and
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harassment seriously. one request for a transfer was granted, although the recipient declined unless his friends were also transferred. the aggressors were immediately disciplined, consistent with protocols and protective measures are in place. and the district. the families rather asking for $25,000 in damages and for the district to put into place better measures to address bullying. the district has until next month to respond for now live in palo alto. zach sauce, ktvu. fox two news. all right, zack. thank you. we have some breaking news right now. an amber alert just activated within the last 20 minutes for missing three year old police say that this child was abducted in sacramento just before five p.m. this evening. leo norville is the three year old three ft. tall £35 with brown hair and brown eyes. police believe the suspect here is 30 year old joshua yea go. he is five ft. 10 inches tall £180 and has brown hair and brown eyes. this is the
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vehicle that the chp is asking everyone to be on the lookout for a great 2011 bmw license plate. six n t u 367. police say the suspect. should be considered armed and dangerous. if you are asked. excuse me. if you do see that child you were asked to call 911. all right. new 10 u. s appeals court today upheld its decision to put on hold president biden's covid vaccine mandate for private companies. the order would have been enforced by osha on any business with 100 or more employees. the circuit court panel in new orleans affirmed an earlier ruling. despite the biden ministrations argument, it could lead to hundreds of deaths, the judges said. the mandate is staggeringly overboard that's a quote and order the white house to take no further action. the decision and the latest development in what is expected to be a lengthy legal battle over the mandates legality. nursing homes are being told welcome back all visitors today, the centers for medicare and medicaid instructed
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facilities to lift pandemic restrictions on visiting nursing homes will no longer be able to the frequency and length of visits or require advanced scheduling. the government is still discouraging against large group visits and urging residents, families and facility staff to keep their guard up against outbreaks. that recommendation comes as health officials warn of a possible fifth covid surge. cases are spiking, and more than a dozen states and hospitalizations are on the rise. in colorado, hospitals are so overwhelmed officials have enacted crisis standards of care. the national guard helping staff, some hospitals and at least three fema medical search teams have been deployed. colorado's governor has signed an executive order allowing booster shots for all adults in the states, saying it is the best way to bring infection rates down. health officials in three bay area counties say anyone over 18 can get a booster shot here. if it has been six months since they completed their series. today san francisco and sonoma counties joined santa clara county in that recommendation
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stay wide. california has similar guidance, allowing any patient to assess their own risk and request a booster. congressman ro khanna and santa clara county supervisor otto li visited kids kids vaccination side today. the clinic at emmanuel baptist church on north wide road served children ages. 5 to 11. congressman conyers says he helped play a key role in getting the fda to release a timeline for vaccinating kids under 12 today, the congressman met with officials for tour of the site, which he called impressive. it's inspiring. it's wonderful and admirable. what our county is doing with kids with people adults who need their boosters, but i was particularly moved to see the kids. i mean, they have games they can play. they have videos. they can see. they get prizes, and they made this a fun experience. so a lot of credit to our county. a steady stream of people showed up for the clinic. but wait times did not exceed more than 30 minutes. there is no $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest
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in the killing of toddler jasper wounds. 23 month old was hit by a stray bullet as he was sleeping in his car seat. the incident. happened last saturday on interstate 80 80 in oakland. the bullet was reportedly from a gang related gun fight, and tonight authorities hope the money will be an incentive for witness to come forward. today the boys heartbroken family released a statement. we are pleading for the shooters or anyone with information to come forward. so that a tragedy like this will never happen again to anyone. oakland's police chief is advocating for freeway cameras, saying they might have made a difference. so far. no arrests have been made. well this year surgeon homicides in oakland has families grieving and many residents concerned for their safety, but just how many of these killings are being solved? ktvu investigative reporter. evan sernoffsky looked into the numbers and explains why solving crimes is crucial in reducing violence at night, these streets in oakland often become battle zones between warring groups where gunfire and
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death rage out of control. as a friday 119 people have been killed, a toll not seen in a decade, leaving residents and city leaders aghast a senseless act of violence in our community continues to sicken me, but part of stopping the bloodshed requires law enforcement to catch the killers. so just how many of these homicides are being solved? we asked oakland police for the numbers. of the 119 killings. so far this year 29 have been solved. police cleared an additional 11 cases from previous years. that's an overall 33% clearance rate. by comparison, san francisco has cleared 87% of homicides from just this year and, according to the state department of justice, california has averaged a 62% clearance rate over the last decade. every department would love for you to have 100% clearance rate. oakland police chief laurent armstrong pleaded with his community at a press
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conference friday. he stressed that police can't do the work alone. i really think it's a joint effort that police will do everything we can with every resource we have, but at the end of the day, it really is community that has to say that this. type of violence is not tolerable. the violence shows no signs of slowing down. three people were shot in a 10 hour span on wednesday and thursday. in another case thursday, police reported 198 shots fired on 89th avenue in east oakland affected investigations that can quickly identify and bring to justice individuals involved in these events. can reduce the potential for future retaliatory violence. eric pisa is a professor at john jay college in manhattan and the former chief crime analyst for the newark, new jersey police department. he said strong relationships between police and communities is essential for catching those perpetrators. we've seen firsthand the strained between police and
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american communities, particularly the communities that suffer from high crime rates. chief armstrong has pledged to try to mend that fractured relationship with so many communities that are suffering from this violence. in oakland, evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. and tonight we're hearing from the family of a man who was killed in a house fire in brentwood. the men's dog died and his stepson is fighting for his life. at the same time to family members are without a home. ktv s amberleigh is live at the scene tonight. an amber. you met with the fire incident commander and a family member. andre we're on nancy street. the fire destroyed this home. the victim's son tells me he visits his father here every sunday after church and he stunned by what happened. it was a simple man. quite and, uh, it's very honest. hard worker. torture sandoval is grieving the loss of his father. he sues sandoval,
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affectionately known as jesse, the retired farm worker was killed in the brentwood home where he raised his family. he taught us myself and my brother. you know how to be, uh, good people. on this night, neighbors lit candles and said prayers for sandoval. he lost his life thursday afternoon when a far broke out at his home. italian chief gil guerrero tells me it appears to have started in the kitchen area. the exact cost is still under investigation. the stove was not on, but it is believed that there was a pot on the stove that could have contributed to the fire. guerrero says there was a fire crew nearby and was able to respond in six minutes. firefighters were able to keep the flames from spreading to nearby homes. a next door neighbor tells me he's relieved that his home had only minor smoke and water damage that this whole thing was just took it off. you know that was like it was really. it was scary, guerrero says crews were able to
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knock down the fire in about 15 minutes. we're getting good knocked down on the fire and locating the victims at that point. fire officials tell me there was no smoke detector in the home. they say a second victim, sandoval stepson was napping in a back bedroom when the fire broke out. the 65 year old is now fighting for his life at a burn center in san francisco. sandoval's dog, chico chihuahua was found dead in the kitchen. check on my dad. it was just like i said acceptable. was he loved that dog. the fire has displaced to other relatives who live in the home. they're now staying with family members also shocks hard to believe what happened. chief guerrero tells me the exact cause of the fire won't be known until next week. he's urging everyone to have working smoke detectors in their homes. the family has set up a go fund me to help with the expenses. andre christina bqe. alright, amberleigh reporting for us live in brentwood ever. thank you. are coming up
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tonight. the end of the fossil fuel fight in richmond. the deal reached in the legal fight between the city and three companies. britney is free judge has ended her conservatorship, but a legal battle may still be ahead over her personal and professional life. we'll check in with a lawyer for the reason why plus. blurs so excited because it's been over a year. um and right before covid hit we were planning on coming to this theater, and we have another sign of holiday traditions. making a pre pandemic. eric come making a pre pandemic. eric come back ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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sierra club in san francisco bay keepers the settlement reached with the 11 richmond terminal corporation would phase out the handling of coal in the city by the end of 2026. it's not closes the chapter on a legal fight between the city and three fossil fuel companies after richmond passed an ordinance last year calling for an end of the storage and handling of the substances. over three years. while holiday events are back from santa at the mall to give shows and entertainment tonight, the beloved nutcracker story hit
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the stage in walnut creek more from ktvu deborah villalon. she's live with the last year center. for the arts with this awesome assignment tied up. hi christina. yeah no more zoom nutcracker. live performance is back, and it's hard to say who was more excited the audience or the dancers. the familiar music, the beloved characters. diavolo ballet presents an hour long nutcracker set at san francisco's fairmont hotel where clare diablo falls in love with the bellhop who turns into the nutcracker prince. as the curtain goes up, you feel the energy. even though we look out to black. it's been 21 month since diablos 12 professional dancers where on stage for an in person audience. it's been a long time, so i think there's obviously a little bit of nerve. um, but i think once we hear the audience again, um it's gonna be really rewarding. you ladies doing okay? co founder loren
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jonas, a diablo dancer, at its beginnings had nutcracker roles since childhood to lose the seasonal favorite during covid. it left the whole for sure. and i think it did for all of the dancers, but now audiences seem ready and ticket sales strong. a turning point for live arts. it seems like this is really the time. that everyone is fully getting back. and so how wonderful that it's happening around the holidays go in rehearsal for weeks. the nutcracker company of 34 also includes student dancers. teenagers for this production so they could all be fully vaccinated and everyone is covid tested weekly as well. girls all seem so excited, and i know we're excited as a family to get to be out as well. so. it's our first outing since the pandemic during their hiatus, the students and prose work to stay sharp and stay in condition with
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virtual shows. but when you see a live audience. it's like it's like you actually have the feel of this stage instead of just being in your comfort zone you get to like, step out of your comfort zone. and step out. they have feeling the love of the audience and the joy of performance again. probably my favorite part is the finale when we're all on stage together, and we all get to about, um, you know, really just shows all of us together and all the hard work and we're really just thinking the audience for coming to experience that. diablo ballet. back in march, 2020 was making the lesser center its new home when everything halted a week from its first performance here, so this debut was delayed. but not denied christina two performances tomorrow and tickets are still available. something tells me those tickets are going to get sold out pretty quickly, and i know how much the theater industry took a hit when covid happened, so it's really nice to see this show back on
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stage. thank you. it is opening night of glow far e at the oakland zoo. it's the zoo's annual holiday lantern festival featuring hundreds of large, glowing animal lanterns. the experience is about a mile long stroll through the zoo. visitors can see displays of camels, elephants, crocodiles much more to fancy. it's an experience the entire family will enjoy. the first expression was wow. like i mean you can see that that's that snake right there. plan behind me. it's amazing. all these lights are great fun family evening. i just think that you guys like it right? are you glad i planned it. sure he is last year's festival, of course, cut short this year. in its a scheduled to run through january. 30th tickets must be purchased before your visit. by the way way. president biden is expected to sign his infrastructure bill next week and says it will ease the pressure of inflation. as jackie heinrich reports, the president
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held a cabinet meeting today as his administration deals with historically. bad numbers. you need to bag more of what we've already heard from the biden administration as prices for food, gas and household goods continue to soar, we're gonna almost see ease and i say yes, he's lower inflationary pressures on our economy. and when we carry this out what i call them blue collar blueprint for america. the white house says the heart infrastructure bill the president will sign on monday will eventually ease supply chain issues. and more big spending. democrats want to pass in the social infrastructure package will eventually get americans back to work. it was specifically designed to bring down the costs of child care. but even democrats are urging the white house to pull other levers. now i have said let's have the president kept the strategic petroleum reserve that would bring down the cost of gas. the administration says there's nothing to preview on that front, also challenging the assertion. there's no relief in sight by touting the coming end
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to their own program. democrats passed along party lines in march, but. these are long term solutions, mostly that you're talking about, so what will be done in the immediate future to address the next year? actually, many of them are short term, but what what is true, and it's not often out there is that a lot of these pandemic relief programs are ending right are ending obama economist larry summers among critics who say they saw this coming, said it was transitory doesn't look so transitory. they said it was due to a few specific factors. doesn't look to be a few specific factors, they said. when september came, and people went back to school that the labor force would, uh grow and it didn't happen. the white house says these economic problems are what you'd expect in a pandemic recovery. but republicans say that biden white house traded one problem for another combination of their anti supply measures like. shutting down pipelines and banning drilling on federal lands and. oh yeah. all kinds of
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policies that make it harder to actually create goods and services. also tonight, the white house, brushing off concerns the president's intended nominee for fda commissioner dr robert, calif. won't be confirmed by the senate. after senator joe manchin voiced his opposition, the white house appearing to indicate republicans could make up for his no vote, saying that he was confirmed to this role once before by a vote of 89 to 4. at the white house. jackie heinrich fox news. awfully of them. yeah i said pretty much across the board with all shipping stores facing supply chain problems have been warning customers for weeks now to get holiday shopping done early, coming up why you may need to ship those packages earlier than usual, too. what we're trying to extend their winning streak to seven games tonight later in sports market, baniyas will have highlights and another shoot, including courtesy, steph curry and find out when the feds expect president trump's former adviser to surrender after being hit with an indictment. edit
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and jurors in kenosha, wisconsin will return to the courthouse for closing arguments. it will then be up to the jury to decide whether the now 18 year old was a vigilante when he fired at three protesters during a demonstration last year. the shootings, killed two people and wounded a third written house maintains he was under attack and acted in self defense. if convicted, he could be sentenced to life in prison. a former adviser to president trump is facing indictment for failing to answer questions from congress. steve bannon is expected to surrender himself monday. as lauren blanchard tells us he's not the only member of the trump administration being sought by lawmakers. steve bannon, longtime aide to former president trump has been indicted by a federal jury for
10:26 pm
failing to comply with a congressional subpoena. he's facing two counts of contempt of congress first for not appearing before the january 6th select house committee and second for refusing to turn over requested documents. i think you're going to see this cascading. of rulings coming against donald trump coming against people like bannon and meadows. bannon's lawyers said he didn't comply because the testimony and documents requested might be protected by executive privileg. former president trump has also pushed back through the legal system to stall the release of documents surrounding january 6th. the president has no ability to declare kind of executive privilege to stop this. and we also see a very accelerated timeline to hear this case. the doj notes bannon is still presumed innocent until proven guilty. but if so, each count could mean 30 days to one year in prison, plus fines up to $1000, president trump's former chief of staff, mark meadows, also defied a subpoena friday to
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appear before the committee. mark meadows. call your office because your refusal to show up today is probably not going to be looked upon kindly at the department of justice. it's expected bannon will surrender himself and appear in a federal court on monday. in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news. showing the conservative ship of britney spears has been terminated. her fans right ther, showing their support as a judge puts an end. to bring your spirits. conservative ship coming up. why the case over her freedom must still go back to court. and more than just holiday travel will have. airport business is booming over the next couple of months. details on what's convincing what airline to add more what airline to add more flights. if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away,
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and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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spears outside of los angeles courthouse today as a judge puts an end to her conservatorship. you can call this independence day of sorts that has been more than a decade in the making, and fans gathered in the street there to mark the occasion. spirit's conservative ship controlled large parts of her personal and professional life. cocoa mcevoy's live from los angeles tonight. we're today's ruling came down to tell us about. yes good evening. there's a lot of excitement here in los angeles because, of course that conservatorship control britney spears is life, her affairs her finances, and now she is finally free. and though britney spears was not in attendance for the hearing today, her fans spoke loud and clear, saying they, too, have been waiting for this moment, and there's still partying tonight. red at the naughty pig in west hollywood. britney spears fans plan to
10:31 pm
party the night away following the judge's decision to end britney's conservatorship frida. you know, we've basically set up of freedom party. we've got balloons with tess freed britne, we've got britney music playing all night long. we're just having a good time with megan radford has been a key member of the free britney movement since 2000 and nine britney was silenced and we helped give her a voice and so it is really amazing to be where we are now and. we're excited to celebrate. the celebration started outside of the stanley moss courthouse before the ruling was even made. and when the announcement came that britney's personal and financial conservatorship was ended. the crowd erupted into cheers. words can't describe how me as a disabled woman who also is a fan of brittany, like i can't describe how it feels right now to be in this moment, britney spears shared her excitement on social media with a tweet saying quote. good god,
10:32 pm
i love my fans so much. it's crazy. i think i'm going to cry the rest of the day. best day ever praise the lord, can i get an amen her attorney matthew rosen guard expressed relief to what's next for britney. and this is the first time that this could be said for about a decade. is up to one person. brittany inside of the courtroom was a different feel from outside fox 11 reporter phil shuman describes a room full of lawyers, reporters and some members of the public. you know, there was an extraordinary amount of attention to this. huge crowds outside which we never see. uh incredible security inside. uh both for the members of the press, a small number of the public they were very concerned about the privacy aspect of it. even though the courtrooms are public. the conservatorship started in 2000 and eight when britney's father, james spears, was appointed the conservator of britney and her estate and finances. though the conservatorship is over, james
10:33 pm
spears could still face legal trouble and further investigation on how he handled britney's money over the years if britney wants. if britney instructs, we will pursue james spears deposition. we will pursue the discovery that we served on him and fans say if that day comes, they will be ready. i mean, we'll always continue to support britney and. whatever is going to come after as far as like the allegations of her dad taking her money like if there's more court hearings will be here for that, too. and it could take months for britney spears to regain control of her life and finances due to this long conservatorship reporting live this evening. i'm coco mcevoy. let's send things back to the studio with andre. thank you so much. meantime, tracking a case like this is a first for many people who followed spears career. okay to be legal analyst michael cardoza joins us now with some perspective on all of this, michael. thank you so much for joining us. let's start with this people might understand. but what can spears do now that she could not do previously?
10:34 pm
well basic. basically she's now in charge of her life, both her personal life and her business life and i think what we have to keep it meant andrea's about what 14 years ago. a court made a determination with the help of mental experts that at that tim, britney spears was not able to take care of herself or her business life and appointed conservatorship way back then. remember some of the very public issues that she went through back then, 14 years. why do you think it took so long to happen to get to this point? well, basically, the court didn't think that she was capable of living their life, taking care of herself taking care of her business life so the court said no. and when they were asked before, no, we're not going to release that conservatorship, and they kept that conservatorship. in place until now, and i understand one of
10:35 pm
them with the moving reasons or maybe the salient reason that the court limited that conservatorship or got rid of it, but keep in mind, too. they did not get rid of jurisdiction because of the court that completely dismissed the case. the court wouldn't have jurisdiction so the court is going to keep some control over this, but during those 14 years, they didn't think she was capable at this time. they do. therefore they're releasing in part the conservatorship. they know something. we certainly don't. where does this leave the man who was in charge of pretty much her finances and even. i think she said whether or not she could get engaged. where does this leave jamie spears, now the former conservative. well, he left as conservator a few months ago. uh so now we're it leaves him as totally out. he's not in charge of her. he's not in charge of our finances but has his, her attorney said they are going to be looking into him if brittany directs her
10:36 pm
attorneys to do that, so they can, and that's why the court wants to control or have jurisdiction over this conservatorship. they can look into see whether he defrauded her out of any money. so that's yet to come. but that answers the question while in the gorgeous walk away from this because it wants to keep contro. it wants a cpa and there which there will be to help her transition to taking care of her own life. both. her personal life and her fight financial life, and that's some $60 million. think that he was collecting some sort of, uh, salary on all of this, but that all ended when he was taken off of this right? absolutely and all conservatives get paid, so that's not unusual. alright michael cardoza. we know that there's another court hearing december 8th and january 19th. we'll see what comes of it from there. michael cardoza, ktvu legal analyst. thank you so much for your insight this evening. appreciate it. take care. added
10:37 pm
whether i'm tracking the fog, in fact, a dense fog advisory for parts of the bay area first thing tomorrow morning, but warm temperatures in your weekend outlook and we'll have the update coming up. also had thieves began to complicate matters for shippers struggling to stay on time delivering your packages. more company on roads n
10:38 pm
10:39 pm
airport over the next couple of months triple a expects or experts rather predict airports and highways will likely be crowded more than seven million californians. expected to crowd those airports over the thanksgiving holiday. while more people will be traveling compared to this time last year, the numbers are predicted to be slightly less than during the pre pandemic holiday season of 2019. and the uptick in travel
10:40 pm
is likely to last through the holidays and into the new year. united is seeing so much interest in people planning to travel to las vegas for january's consumer electronics show. but it's adding nearly two dozen more flights out of san francisco and san jose. the u. s. postal service is now promising. they're ready to handle this year's holiday season after disastrous. 2020 is still if you think the packages are taking longer to arrive, you are right, ktvu tom vacar tells us and some of already noticed delays in shipping and receiving ahead of the holiday season. given the growing chaos in holiday shipping and shopping by early and ship right away, we got some folks at a san rafael post office who ship on various carriers, mostly just them kind of disappearing off of tracking. um either showing in transit and it should have been like a one week trip and it's you know, three weeks and still no delivery, and usps has done even first class letters like from pacifica to san francisco seem to take three days. four days
10:41 pm
now. just gotten real real lazy and so few packages. like you say at least a week sometimes. nonetheless the controversial postmaster general appointed by the last administration has promised this send us your packages and your mail and we will deliver timely. i'm not approving of this postmaster general when he owns a company that competes. with the postal service delivering packages, and he's more looking for i'm going to say business for himself, and it's not just the usps, fedex and ups have been having major challenges to all three of them. yeah i said pretty much across the board with all shipping for italian harvest importer and distributor of fancy italian foods. shipping problems have multiplied to the companies nationwide client that work of individuals and retail consumers. who get deliveries by the big three shippers who blocked says have increased their prices by 25 to 35%
10:42 pm
there's a lot of damage, and there's also theft that has never happened before, but that seems to be a new thing, and it's not just package is gone forever, but once delivered often late, but missing contents a lot lighter. than what we shipped out and items are missing. so obviously somebody opened the box removed. the items closed the box again and proceeded to have continued to have a chip shipping tracker ship matrix, says september ground service package deliveries were on time 85.1% for fedex. 95.2% for ups and 95.5% for the post office that has longer promised delivery times. even with that three million packages arrive late. each and every day. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. police for right now, it looks like the burial locked in a dry weather pattern and a warm one as well.
10:43 pm
temperatures you probably have noticed a little warm up over the past few days, and that trend will continue over the weekend take a look at some of the highest from this afternoon. lots of seventies for santa rosa, san francisco. san jose 75 the cooler spots we had some sixties that's because we had some stubborn fog and that fog is doing its thing. once again overnight tonight especially out towards the valley locations so we'll wake up to some areas of dense fog. first thing tomorrow morning, then clearing skies for both saturday and into sunday. dense fog advisories you can't see issued out toward the modesto tracy sacramento. this does include solano county, so visibilities could be near zero first thing tomorrow morning. the dense fog advisory until 11 o'clock saturday morning. there's the chance that could expand to include other portions of the bay area as well. here we are in the satellite the storm track is kind of being pushed up to our north, in fact, significant rainfall and atmospheric river. up in the pacific northwest current numbers in the fifties and the sixties out there, oakland
10:44 pm
checking in 57 santa rosa 51 show you some of the visibility reports. they've been moving around a bit because he's santa rosa, down to about a half mile. back of ill down to a quarter of mile now that dense fog advisory out towards solano county our live camera tonight looking out toward the golden gate bridge. at least from this perspective, we have clear skies. we could have some patches of some fog regroup first thing tomorrow morning temperatures in the forties and the fifties for your saturday morning. this forecast model definitely picking up on the central valley fog and also some patches right around the bay itself. into the afternoon hours. increasing sunshine and temperatures run 66 to 76 degrees. your forecast highs warm the heart of this area of high pressure temperatures in southern california today we're in the mid nineties. dense fog overnight. we talked about that we have that dry weather patter. the main focus of the rainfall is up to our north, there is a slight chance of a sprinkle that could be on tuesday favoring the north bay highs forward tomorro.
10:45 pm
after some foggy conditions in the morning temperatures will be in the sixties and the seventies. clearing skies warm conditions on sunday that will gradually cool things off into next week. but the weekend of foggy start nice afternoon. all right, mark. thank you. coming up on the 11 o'clock news. a south bay attraction welcomes back family will take you to the grand opening reopening. but in the meantime, take a little break guys cause you get to sit back and just watch the warriors work their wonders as they close out the home stared with big time exclamation point. and, of course, the local kid gary payton, the glove to have a little something to do with it. and you know what? it was such a great year for the giants. you know, the off season is going to be a good one, too. gabe kapler is sure to be the manager of the year and the giants reward


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