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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  November 12, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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two news. this is the fourth. today we learned one woman has been taken into custody by police. welcome to the four i'm greg lee and for heather and i'm alex savage. the good news here is that both of those children were found unharmed last night, but certainly those were agonizing hours for their parents. ktvu crime reporter henry lee. he's joining us now live from concord and henry you talked today with the mother of one of those children. yes. this mother is clearly relieved and now conquered in pittsburgh. police are comparing notes trying to see if the suspect behind bars could potentially be linked to both kidnappings. or if this is just a coincidence. it was a living nightmare, and i'm just very thankful that she's safe with us. now sally cisneros, paez is grateful that her one year old daughter is back home after a woman stole the family's suv with the little girl inside. that woman is now in custody. i am speechless. there's nothing i could say to
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him very angry and upset towards her, and i just don't understand why it happened at about 5 45 thursday afternoon near an auto body shop in pittsburgh. in this surveillance video, you see the girl's father making a u turn into chevy tahoe. he pulls over to talk to another man. and then here you see a woman approach, police say she asked the two men for a cigarette, then suddenly got into the tahoe. he went to check on the baby, and as he checked on her, the lady hopped in the truck and took off with the truck here. you see the father running after the suv. the woman dumped the tahoe at a nearby apartment complex. neighbors called police less than two hours after the kidnapping. it was parked here for about an hour. i hear and then. one of the neighbors heard a baby crying and when they heard the baby crying, it flashed the lights and saw the baby. and when they saw the bab, they called the police. the girl was reunited with her family. thank you for literally all the hard work and just doing their part and just bringing her home safely. just after midnight
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early friday, a witness spotted a woman matching the descriptio. police arrested 24 year old natalie ayala. in a second case at about 10 thursday night and conquered a four month old girl was kidnapped when someone stole a honda odyssey at a shopping center at national valley road and clayton. the minivan was found a half hour later nearby, with the infant inside unharmed. that baby girl was also reunited with family. the suspect was gone. concord police tell me it's unclear if the two incidents are connected. while it is very similar. we're not going to confirm any speculation on it. we are pursuing all investigative leads. now. the investigation by concord and pittsburgh police are continuing now i reached out to natalie yala, the suspect in the pittsburgh case for a jailhouse interview, but she declined. reporting live at the concord police department. henry lee ktvu, fox two news and henry. i know at this point, there's no nothing to suggest that the two cases are connected, but but do we know whether concord police in pittsburgh police are sharing
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information about these separate cases to try to see if there are similarities? yes they are certainly aware of each other's case, so they are getting together and meeting and trying to see if this woman could be linked or if she has nothing to do with the concord case. all right, henry lee live force and conquered. thank you. there is now a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the freeway shooting that took the life 23 month old boy in oakland, jasper was hit by a stray bullet. last saturday's he was sleeping in his car seat. the bullet was reportedly from a gang related gun fight on interstate 80. the shooting has some local groups calling on the chp for better protection and more law enforcement presence on bay area freeways. we need more patrol. why because you know, in the cities where police but criminals know so much so well about if they could just trouble with one city to another city. they are actually. a limitation of what they can do. and the
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other city. so the california highway patrol head to the bridge of helping us. you know, stopping or slow down this crime? the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce also announced a go fund me for jasper was family. so far it has raised more than $200,000. a 70 year old woman has been arrested in connection with the crash that killed a para educator in san francisco earlier this week, people have been placing flowers and candles at the intersection of union and franklin streets. that's where 30 year old andrew seaman was hit on wednesday today, police said. susan vienn, ruchi ran a red light and caused a crash between several cars. one of those cars jumped the curb and hit semen. bana rucci was arrested at the scene on charges of vehicular manslaughter. zemun worked at sherman elementary school, which is near the scene of the crash. some doctors say a new covid search could be just around the corner, with hospitalizations increasing in some spots around
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the country, including parts of california. that warning comes as more covid vaccine doses are getting two kids ages. 5 to 11. but its boxes, griff jenkins shows us there's a potential snag in the vaccination push for kids. we're not out of the woods yet health officials are warning of a possible fifth covid surge with cases spiking in more than a dozen states and hospitalizations on the rise as well. in colorado hospitals are so overwhelmed officials have enacted crisis standards of car, the national guard helping staff some hospitals in at least three fema medical search teams have been deployed. and on thursday, governor jared polis signed an executive order allowing booster shots for all adults in the state, saying it's the best way to bring infection rates down. i really encourage everybody to get that third dose of the vaccine. i got mine and i'm 46
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get it no matter what. your age. meanwhile the feds are making a big push to get kids to roll up their sleeves. by the end of the weekend, the cdc says more than a million children ages, 5 to 11 will have gotten their first dose and in some areas, demand is starting to outpace supply as soon as the authorization when we started refreshing, like the walgreens website and the cbs website and trying to find a appointment, there have been no widespread reports of serious side effects. but one pharmacy in northern virginia announced this week. they gave adult doses to more than 100. children officials are investigating the mistake and hoping it doesn't add to the lingering vaccine hesitancy. a lot of people are still waiting. in the cdc's says kids, given the wrong dose can still proceed with the second dose three weeks later. in washington. griff jenkins fox news. here in california. every adult who wants a covid booster shot can now get one, the
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state's health department has told healthcare providers not to turn away adults who want to boost her shot. and they said anyone age 18 or older should be able to self determine their risk and get a booster shot when they're ready. cdc guidelines, though at this point are advising booster shots for people who are 65 or older or younger people with underlying medical conditions or who work in high risk areas. for more. we're joined now by dr peter chin hong infectious disease specialist at u. c. s f. dr chen hong always appreciate your tim. so any adult here in california who wants a booster shot. can now get one under these new rules. how much of a difference do you think this is going to make in terms of getting more people? those additional doses? i think it'll make some difference, alex, but i think as evidence in the states where boosting has had the highest uptick, it's usually when people see that cases arising and they're worried. i think it was prescient of california to do
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this. it's kind of like before we get to colorado state of emergency, so i think it makes it simpler. the rules, uh, more straightforward. i think it's being proactive before the holiday travel and people coming in from europe. do you think, though, that we, you know, as a state, maybe we should have considered expanding eligibility for booster shots. a little bit earlier. i mean, maybe this could have helped to get more shots into people's arms if we hadn't put restrictions in place during that initial rollout. uh yeah, i think that might have been the case in hindsight, alex because, you know, i think people, uh, heard the confusion in terms of subgroups. they weren't really sure if they were eligible. some people, you know, self attested. i think this brings it all out in the open and hopefully we'll increase uptake. i'm most worried about over 65 year olds. and in your compromise, they've usually got the vaccine. definitely more
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than six months ago. we're starting to see that population yet into the hospital now, even though they have been vaccinate, um again, moussa unvaccinated. but that's a group that we're seeing waning a little bit other people they may need it to prevent transmission infection to grandma across the country. sure the cdc, though meantime still, as we pointed out, it's only recommending booster shots for those over 65 or people over 18 who have underlying conditions or who work in those high risk settings. is it your expectation that federal health officials are likely to follow california's lead here and recommend that everyone who wants to booster shot go out and get one? definitely i think this will likely come. um faisal put in the formal, uh, fda approval notice earlier this week, and they'll deliberate, maybe not for too long, a few weeks. i think the idea is that they will have a national ruling sometime before thanksgiving, so that at
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least everywhere around the country, people can get it as you alluded to a short time ago. obviously health officials are urging as many people as possible to get those booster shots. before the holiday seaso, which which is nearly upon us here, because as you know, doctor here in california, we're seeing cases, hospitalizations and deaths from covid 19 all trending up right now. how worried are you about this potential for a winter search? i think it will look different from last year. we're not going to see as many deaths overall what we're gonna see regional u, surges that are going to be more dangerous possible in called in sacramento area. center of ali and parts of southern californi. hopefully the bay area won't see too much. uh we will see a bump for sure. and the other, uh, scary thought that i have is a combination of. blue hospitalizations, plus a little bumping covid and the reaction. the relationship between two
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that might lead to utilization of resources are more than anticipated. yes so a good idea to get that flu shot along with that booster dose as well as we move toward the holidays and a lot more folks are going to be hanging out spending time indoors with relatives. alright. appreciate your time today, dr peter chin hong infectious disease specialist. at ucsf have a nice weekend. you too, alex. thank you. britney spears is free after 13 years of others making decisions for the pop star. she's now control of her own life more on what the judge said about brittany and what the decision means for her future. also the trial of kyle rittenhouse is coming to an end. we'll get a live report from kenosha, wisconsin, about the testimony jurors have heard so far and what's next in the legal proceedings? it's a fantastic weather friday out there with temperatures well above the seasonal norm. i'll have a look at the current conditions and what you can expect for your bay what you can expect for your bay area weekend coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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deadly astro world festival disaster in texas. nine people were killed and hundreds of others were injured in a crowd surge at the music festival last friday, while travis scott was performing. the lawsuits were filed by victims who say they were injured mentally physically or psychologically at the event. i never thought that by attending the festival. i was taking the chance that i would possibly not return home to my children. and i remember looking at the two people that i saw there and then all the sudden someone just fell on us. and that's what honestly freaked me out the most. and i looked at them and i told them i can't do this is basically a war zone. and it just got worse and worse, the closer. two. when travis was coming out, we will make sure that they get justice. because this should have never ever happened. these new filings put
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the total number of lawsuits above 200 those suits named travis scott, the show producer, live nation, along with others. closing arguments are scheduled to begin monday in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. he's accused of killing two people and shooting another person during police protests last year in wisconsin. fox's you, vonnie leisure is joining us from kenosha, where geo. we could possibly have a verdict as early as next week. good evening, greg. will we could those closing arguments will begin on monday. the case could be hinted to the jury either late monday evening or early tuesday mornin, and law enforcement agencies here in wisconsin are actually planning for possible protests. i was cornered from in front of me with mr tyminski. after a week of shocking testimony. and he did. arguments between the
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judge and prosecution for the contest. brazen with me, i was astonished. when you began your examination by commenting on the defendant's post arrest silence, both sides of the rittenhouse trail have officially rested their cases. state formally arrested its case and we would rest. but even today with the jury gun if there were more arguments following the prosecution's request for the courts to consider lesser charges if they are agreeing that rittenhouse is facing life in prison if convicted. his mother is now speaking out, my son. it's not a white surprise. it's not a racist. he's a caring young man. he has a hard to goa. the prosecution believes written house acted with ill intent, however, rittenhouse's stands firm in his self defense claims people were saying cranium him get him. kill him. it people are
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screaming, and i just was trying to get to the police running down sheridan road and you say i'm trying to get to the police. why were you trying to get to the police? so i didn't do anything wrong. i defended myself. and now we have heard from 31 witnesses over the past nine days. those closing arguments on monday will be the last opportunity for both the prosecution and defense to present their cases to the jury. geo as you said, things have certainly been heated in this courtroom. rittenhouse's lawyers have asked the judge to declare a mistrial. have we heard when we might get a ruling from him? absolutely so just a few days ago, we heard word of the defense called for a mistrial with prejudice. and just for a little explainer with prejudice means written house could not be tried for these crimes again. if it is granted and at this point. the judge has not made a decision on that. you talk about police, bracing for potential protests any more details on how they are doing that. absolutely
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so the national guard is on standby. we heard word about that from the governor's office today in the police department here in kenosha, is also preparing as well. last year, it was a similar situation with those protests are we have seen some people out here, but nothing. uh like last year to this point. giovanni luigi in kenosha for us tonight, joe. thank you. britney spears is finally a free woman just over an hour ago in los angeles judge ended the conservative ship that has controlled the pop star's life and money since 2000 and eight britney's father, jamie spears no longer has power over britney's $60 million estate or her medical and personal decisions, the judge said today the singer is now capable of overseeing her own affairs, and the conservative ship is no longer needed. her lawyer spoke to reporters outside the courthouse shortly after today's ruling. not only is this momentous for britney but she helped shines. a light. i'm not
4:19 pm
only this conservative ship was which was corrupted. by her father, james p. spears. but she helped shine a light on conservatorships and guardianships from coast to coast. the ruling comes after the singer in june gave a scathing statement in court about the restrictive conservatorship. temperatures this afternoon. five even 10 degrees above the seasonal average and slightly warmer expected for your bay area saturday and sunday, giving you a live look here over san francisco. isn't that a gorgeous view? a little bit of fog there. coming into the bay. you can see how shallow the marine layer is comparison to the golden gate bridge. in fact, we can see the golden gate bridge, which gives you an indication of just how shallow that marine layer is outside and around the bay area. you may have noticed little bit of hayes. we've had the fog out there this morning. air quality does remain good to moderate and is expected to remain this way rolling into your weekend as
4:20 pm
well. so not seeing anything in the way of us spare the air day for tomorrow. at least not yet. given you look here at storm tracker two and again a little bit of fog along the coastline. we also have that totally type of fog right along the sacramento san joaquin valley that has been coming our way in the early morning hours in some areas right around fairfield conquered brentwood, antioch stuck. you can even see still a little bit of a layer out there. but all the way to about noon time it was really, really thick visibility was low and. temperatures suffered in some areas today because of it right now. fairfield reporting 2.5 miles conquer reporting six good visibility for the rest of the bay area, but i do expect it to return tomorrow morning, perhaps not as widespread as today, but we'll have some of that patchy, thick fog, ground level fog out there for tomorrow morning. temperatures are very similar to yesterday within a couple of degrees. you will notice where the fog is again. fairfield conquered anywhere from 5 to 7 degrees cooler today than yesterday. in fact, fairfield struggling at 59 degrees meanwhile, you've got a beautiful 73 in santa rosa. nice
4:21 pm
71 in san jose, and around the bay upper sixties and oakland 72 in berkeley, 66 right now in the city of san francisco. tonight and into tomorrow we may have a few high clouds that kind of stroll through and that's about it. we wake up tomorrow morning there is that fall continuing in the valley pushing its way towards us, and then we'll have a little bit of fog right along the coastline and inside the bay so in a partly cloudy skies and areas of fog will go with a cool temperatures in the north bay 40 to start your day in santa rosa. that's a chill in the air. we've got 54, san francisco and 51 expected a mountain view for your afternoon tomorrow again. 5 to 10 degrees above average. 76 expected santa rosa 70 for san francisco lost seventies in oakland, 74 livermore and a beautiful 76 in san jose on sunday will even be a little bit warmer. we're going to cool things down. i'll have a look at the extended forecast for you coming up in just a bit. the president meets with his cabinet and announces a new nomination. i'm lauren blanchard in washington, plus more on his
4:22 pm
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the recent passage of the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, senator padilla was at the port of long beach this morning outlining how the bill will benefit california's ports and waterway infrastructure. the bill is one of the largest investments in the nation's infrastructure, and nearly a century it will invest $17 billion in ports and waterways across the country to help maintain the supply chain across the u. s. we need to make sure that the united states department of transportation
4:25 pm
continues to actively engage with the california state transportation agency to expand port capacity. keep operations going around the clock. and speed up the funding. from the bipartisan infrastructure build. president biden is expected to sign the infrastructure bill next week. the president has been meeting with his cabinet members as he explains how the latest piece of legislation passed by congress will help their agencies. but as he pushes forward now, with another spending bill, republicans are pushing back boxes. lauren blanchard is in washington with more. the bill represents critical investments that are long overdue in our country, president biden sitting down with his cabinet ahead of monday's signing of the bipartisan infrastructure bill, do we do it right? we know what it will mean. we know what it will mean it will create millions of new jobs will grow the economy plus announcing he will nominate former commissioner of the food and drug administration, dr robert,
4:26 pm
calif. again lead the agency. but senator joe manchin, whose state has been hard hit by the opioid epidemic, says he opposes the nomination because of caliphs ties to the pharmaceutical industry. every senator can vote for against members or people who are nominated. that's their role, but we feel he's a qualified person mansion remains an issue for the president in moving his larger social spending, build back, better bill forward. moderates want to know exactly what the bill will cost. the congressional budget office is scoring it, but it takes time. the white house says thanksgiving is congress's deadline. we're pretty far along on the build back better act. we have the votes for it. government dependency programs once they're turned on. are ver, very difficult to turn off, so they just reduce the number of years by which they score it. that's just a budget gimmick. the president will head to new hampshire and michigan next week to continue his sales pitch for the infrastructure bill. in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news, the red kettles and
4:27 pm
the bell ringers. holiday tradition is returning coming u, we'll hear more about the salvation army's annual fundraising drive, and we'll tell you why making a donation this year will be easier than ever. i'm jesse gary live in palo alto. more fallout from the supply chain problems following the covid pandemic, you will never guess what there's a shortage of now. that story after the break. pandemic holidar
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off santa's are returning to bay
4:30 pm
area malls. but the big comeback is being hampered by a shortage. ktvu jesse gary joining us now live from outside of stanford shopping center, and jesse it's not even thanksgiving yet, and we're already talking about a lack of santa's for christmas. say it isn't so. i it is so lie. god you're right. not even do more weeks. yes well, we know that santa can be many different places across the globe in one night. however a shortage of like minded individuals means the big man in the red suit is squeezed thin this holiday season, producing a santa shortage. for the first time in two years, the big man with the big smile and the bigger belly is suited up and ready to sit and listen in person to christmas presents requests. we're grateful to have had it and. we got our photos in the santa himself was lovely, as was mrs claus. and so santa's arrival at malls, maybe more of
4:31 pm
an outlier than the norm this season, there's a nationwide shortage of people to portray this icon. it is a little crazy when the phone rings from 5 30 in the morning till 11 30 at night and then at midnight, i can start my work for the day. susan mexico is the founder and president of a colorado based professional santa school. she says the aftermath of the covid pandemic is demand outpacing performers for this holiday classic natural attrition of appropriately aged men a surge in requests now that in person gatherings are allowed. and some former santa's declining and deciding they'll sit out this year are all blamed as reasons he just fell in love with it. you know, everybody loves santa at taylor started playing the part in 2000 and three and now has a worldwide santa network. he says the covid year pushed him to make 600 virtual appearances. now there's an updated twist on this staple of the season, and now we have generations of children who are
4:32 pm
brought up looking at phones and tablets and this virtual solution. there's something that works out incredibly well. first santa. for the children and for the parents for throwbacks, patience and planning are urged. there is still hojo hope. um we're asking some of our clients to possibly consider doing their events during the week. santa there's also an urgent call, for all would be santa's to step up and serve. how you doing good to see you. to help ensure everyone has the holiday. they dream of. merry, chris. technically we are still in a pandemic here in santa clara county, but vaccination rates approximately 85% and officials say transmission rates are low. still, if you're headed out to see santa mask up and plenty of hand sanitizer to go around.
4:33 pm
we'll end with this. now we know who plays santa claus. that the ktvu holiday party. yeah absolutely live in palo alto. jesse thank you. we have to recruit more santa's clearly we need to start with dave. start with start with mr dave excellent photographer here in the south bay and also santa claus. this time of year. he fits the bill to a t. all right, jesse. thank you very much. appreciate it. sign him up. the salvation army's red kettle campaign is officially back, get ready to see volunteers and hear the familiar bell ringing in front of stores. the time honored holiday tradition that began in san francisco collects donations to assist the salvation army and helping people in need and funding social service programs. and as we all know, amid the pandemic, the need is once again great. for more. we're joined by major james sullivan, the salvation army officer in charge of alameda county. major appreciate your time. let's start there. this again has been a tough year for a lot of families. how great is the need right now? they need
4:34 pm
is huge in the salvation army is going to always be there to meet the need. we've got our red kettles on the in front of us stores across the bay area, and, uh, we're just excited to be out there to serve. a lot of people don't know that the salvation army has been it started the bell ringing campaign in san francisco, way back in 18 91 as a way to raise money for holiday meals, and we've been continuing to do that on a regular basis. we love a little history lesson on friday, sir 70% of the salvation army's annual donations are collected during the holidays. can you tell folks a few of the ways their money will help people in our very own community? well it'll it'll make a big difference. we provide food. we provide shelter. we provide toys for kids. we provide a rental assistance utility assistant. we have workforce development training programs to help people get the training they need. programs for children addiction recovery programs for adults and so many
4:35 pm
more programs to help people that can't help themselves. it's the community coming alongside the people in need through the ministry of the salvation army, just remarkable works or salvation army continues to make it easy and safe to donate, including more virtual options. we understand for the first time. utilizing venmo and paypa. what is your message to potential donors about how easy this is getting. well, a lot of people don't carry cash nowaday. and so it's super easy to have your cell phone and you can scan the q car qr code. you can, um give by paypal by venmo by kettle paid by apple pay by google pay so you don't have to carry those dollars in your wallet. just carry your phone and you can just go up to the kettle stand. and make your donation. it will go right into the community where you lived years. it code will make sure that that donation that you made at the kettle goes right to your friends and neighbors, right where you are. major we know people may want to donate, but
4:36 pm
they may also want to do more. they may want to volunteer to be a bell ringer. can you tell us about the need for more volunteers this season? absolutely the labor market is very difficult, and it's hard to find enough people to staff all those kettles. so we need your volunteers. call your local salvation army and offer to volunteer. if you'd like to donate online, you can just simply go to, uh, w w dot oakland red kettle or the name of your city. red kettle. www dot oakland red kettle .org. and they can also sign you up to be a volunteer when you go to our website. lot of options, a lot of opportunities. no reason not to give this holiday season. major james sullivan, salvation army officer in charge of alameda county, appreciate your time and appreciate your work in our community. have a blessed day. thank you. thank you, sir. if you would like to donate to the salvation army, or perhaps become a bell ringer, we have posted a link on our website. just look under the web links section at ktvu .com. all right.
4:37 pm
for the first time in more than 18 months, the chabot space and science center is now back open to the public coming up. we'll have a look at the world, uh, out of this world experience for visitors with a brand new exhibit. are seasonally warm weather pattern is going to continue as we get into your bay area weekend. i'll have a look out to the warmest day and when i cool down will begin coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪
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year old businessman glenn deliveries was one of two people killed in a small plane crash yesterday in new jersey. authorities say the plane crashed in a heavily wooded area in sussex county. 54 year old thomas fisher was also killed in the crash. investigators are working to figure out what caused the plane to go down. a federal grand jury returned an indictment today against former
4:40 pm
trump advisor steve bannon for contempt of congress. bannon was charged with one count related to his refusal to appear for a deposition before a congressional committee looking into the january 6th insurrection. and another count related to his refusal to produce documents. each count carries a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of one year in jail. bannon is reportedly expected to self surrender and appear in court on monday. nearly two dozen people near the oregon coast are safe after being rescued when floodwaters trapped them in an rv park. it was flooded today by an overflowing creek and tillamook county following record breaking rainfall. u s coast guard airlifted 12 people and three dogs from the rv park. local agencies evacuated eight other people, the region has had 5 to 10 inches of rain in just the last 48 hours. all around the bay area this afternoon after a foggy start beautiful blue sky,
4:41 pm
sunshine and temperatures way above average for this time of year out, senators at this time we do have a light winds will take a look at that in just a moment. let's take a look at. that beautiful view and noticing just a little bit of fog rolling in to san francisco as well as through the golden gate. we will have a little bit of fog to start tomorrow morning and not only this low cloud cover that we get from the coastline, but. that fog that comes our direction from the sacramento san joaquin valley. meanwhile we do remain with good to moderate air quality for today and into your weekend. we are looking at light winds and very little change. in fact, we're going to warm things up just a little bit outside orders at this time again, we're talking about just a little bit of fog hanging on for the inner east bay and through fairfield, visibility was low and still below two miles, fairfield reported. how long i 80 there. meanwhile half moon bay, not reporting visibility down to about a quarter mile so little tough along highway one a little tough along i 80 temperatures for most of us very similar to yesterday unless you are stuck under that
4:42 pm
fog temperatures anywhere from 5 to 7 degrees cooler. the future cast is showing you a little bit of fog to start tomorrow morning amid and high level clouds as well. they met offset the fog just a little bit, but it doesn't look like much. we are likely to see the patchy, thick fog. once again. the winds are light around the bay area, but you see a little breezy in our hills. mount diablo reporting 21 mph. oakland north reporting 14. and as i step back just a little bit and give you a look at these numbers, so half moon bay now reporting the fog and 57 degree. meanwhile san francisco enjoying 66 santa rosa 73 for the inner east bay right now, livermore at 68 your overnight lows for tomorrow upper forties to start your morning in santa rosa as well. it's napa, so chilly start for some 49 conquered. fifties around the bay. cool, but not too bad 53 for hayward 53 sam ato and then as we get into the afternoon another mild one temperatures even expected to tick up just a little bit conquered fairfield. you should notice a difference unless we're stuck under that fog once again tomorrow, but likely to see a
4:43 pm
better day. 72 in oakland 70 degrees for downtown san francisco. 76 in santa rosa, as well as in the south bay of san jose, and the extended forecast shows you even a tad warmer for some on sunday before we begin to cool things down monday, tuesday, wednesday back into the sixties, even low sixties by wednesday with a mix of sun and clouds, and fortunately. don't see a whole lot of opportunity for wet weather. i'll have better details coming up in just a little bit. okay see you then. rosemary. thank you. the chabot space and science center in oakland is now open once again for the first time in more than 18 months, congresswoman barbara lee and assembly member mia vonta. we're at the ribbon cutting ceremony this morning to mark the reopening. the space and science center has new exhibits and a new nasa ames visitor center. the nasa experience exhibition is part of a partnership between nasa ames research center and should bow to bring more science, technology, engineering and math or stem learning opportunities
4:44 pm
to schoolchildren in oakland. for more. we're joined now by adam tobin, the executive director of the chabot space and science center. adam great to have you on here. i want to get to some of the exhibitions in just a moment. but first off, how much does this mean to you? and the staff at the science center to finally. be inviting visitors back into the space after a year and a half. yeah thanks so much for having me it's impossible to describe how much this means for us. we have been working very hard for 20 months. uh we are here to serve kids. we are here to impact our communities and we have missed them terribly. so we are so excited not only to welcome back our visitors, but to be able to share the all these amazing experiences that we've created over these last 20 months. you have been very busy during this closure. you've been doing renovations you've been creating. new exhibitions, and that, of course, includes the new nasa experiences partnership with the nasa ames research center. talk about what this experience is going to be for
4:45 pm
visitors. how will this interactive exhibit allow them to learn more about space research and exploration? yeah so the nasa experience is an exhibition that has artifacts from nasa. nasa has sent us over 100 artifacts, some of which have never been seen before by the public. we have a suite of interactive exhibits hands on exhibits. we also have activities. deep dive activities where kids can, for example, create their own rovers that they then get to test on our newly created rover escape. uh and this is an opportunity for kids not only to experience the amazing content and discovery and research of nasa ames but also to have an opportunity to see what it's like to be a nasa scientist, the nasa researcher, a nasa engineer, or even providing opportunities for kids to talk about the things that interest them. and find ways in which that might be similar to practicing scientists at nasa ames showing them that they, too, can be scientists, and they too, would have pathways into
4:46 pm
the sciences. and this is about inspiring that next generation of nasa astronauts or nasa scientists who might do that kind of work in the future to that end, i know that as you reopen there. there is a renewed emphasis on inclusion. um how are you going to try to make sure that you are connecting more with underserved communities across the bay area, but specifically in oakland? i know you're planning to do a lot of outreach. what is that going to look like? yeah so this is a huge part of our mission is making sure that opportunities within the sciences are truly inclusive, and there's a number of ways in which we do that one when it comes to our own science center. is we invite students and community members not only to experience what we create, but to create it alongside us. a very specific example is right in our main rotunda. when you come into our center, you will see 180. exoplanets those are planets that orbit around other stars that were created by
4:47 pm
oakland unified school district, 5th and 6th graders. and not only are there, uh, exoplanets there, but their stories what their planets are about, and that was an opportunity for them to exercise their own imagination. we put those exoplanets together with them in their schools that those kids come up to szabo and they see themselves in our science cente. so that's one critically important way in which we foste, hopefully deeper sense of belonging and inclusion for kids who otherwise might not have the opportunity to come to a science center like szabo. yeah inspiring for so many young people as we wrap up here, let let's let everybody know what what they need to know. i imagine everybody's watch now, and they are excited to bring their kids down to the shabbos space and science center. but i know where you know we're still emerging from a pandemic. so there are going to be some safety measures in place. are people going to have to make reservations before they show up? what are the rules that people need to keep in mind? yeah so we do have covid safety. uh guidelines in place. we have
4:48 pm
time ticketing to keep attendance at levels that are appropriate. we have reduced seating in our planetarium. and of course we have extensive cleaning protocols and air filtration. that's as robust as can be, um, time ticketing. you can buy your tickets online. this is a very exciting weekend. it's basically a festival that goes all weekend long. we're open tonight from five pm to 10. pm saturday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and sunday from 10 a.m. to five p.m. and you can buy tickets at chabot space .org. all right, well, it looks like a lot of fun here. congratulations on the reopening lots of fun. new features at the chabot space and science center in oakland. adam tobin, the executive director of the center. always appreciate your time. thank you. thank you so much. absolutely if you want to get tickets to the chabot space and science center, we have posted a link on our website ktvu .com. you can find that under the web link section at our website. san francisco giants manager kate kapler is
4:49 pm
going to be around for at least a few more years. giants announced today that they have extended capitalist contract for two additional years that will keep him with the team. through the 2024 season. the giants didn't have the postseason fans had hoped for. but under kapler, the giants played one of the best seasons in the team's history, winning 100 and seven games and the division title. alright kaiser patients are being urged to refill prescriptions as soon as possible. the strike next week that may lead patients without some important medications and coming up in the five o'clock our there are reports of hundreds of children's receiving the wrong dose of the coronavirus vaccine. to speak with the medical expert about what the wrong dose means for your child and what to look out for when monitoring the shop and we'll tell you how former raiders head coach jon gruden is hitting back at the nfl after a series of his racist and misogynistic emails surfaced. ♪ ♪ ♪
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recruitment challenges has left the palo alto police department without a single black officer, sergeant adrian more retired from the department last month after 24 years of service. palo alto's police chief has acknowledged the department's lack of diversity and said they're working to recruit more people of color. in recent months, recruiters have attended military and collegiate recruiting events and made presentations at local universities and community colleges. guys are hospital is warning its patients about a week long strike set to begin on monday at its pharmacies over 2500. kaiser pharmacists plan to go on strike because of what they say are unfair labor practices. kaiser says it's disappointed that union leaders would ask pharmacists to walk away from the patients that depend upon them on the guy's website apologizes for any inconvenience and suggests patients use the hospitals free mail delivery services in the meantime, to avoid prescription delays. well thanksgiving is
4:53 pm
less than two weeks away now, and a lot of people already are planning to hit the road despite sky high gas prices right now, fox is lauren blanchard tells us how much more drivers can expect to pay at the pump. almost 53. a half million americans plan to head out for thanksgiving. that's up 13% from last year and almost near pre pandemic levels, according to triple a with so many taking their turkeys on the road. there is real concern over the cost of not only the food but also the fuel. every american knows that prices are going up every time they go to the gas station to fill up the tank or increasingly fill up a half tank, triple a predicts most will jump in their cars to travel even as gas prices are sky high in many areas. gas buddy data shows the average price for a gallon is $3.41, the american petroleum institute blames the white house for policies they say increase america's dependency on foreign
4:54 pm
oil when the administration is continually putting forward new proposals. the limit production in the united states, uh american oil and gas companies are cutting back on production. the baden administration says they are working on a fix for not only the gas prices but also the entire supply chain crunch. i think we're on the right path here. to help working families to help middle class families and to curb this inflation. democrats are hoping the president acts sooner than later to ease gas woes. i believe that he's going to take decisive action. i think he should tap the strategic petroleum reserve. guess buddy data shows fuel is 15 cents higher now than just a month ago. dollar 31 more than last year in washington. lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news. any out. mayor lamar thorpe, speaking out about his military background. what he's saying about his time in the u. s navy and how it helped to shape his life.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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but our here, we are just getting started. in the u. s navy. ktvu is evan sernoffsky talked to the mayor about his military service and how it shaped his life. i still you know, know the navy's core values, honor, courage and commitment. those are those three values that i still maintain this date before he joined the navy in january, 200. lamar thorpe said he was failing out of community college in east l. a he was born in prison raised in foster care and didn't know how to read or write. what was the navy that changed my life signing up for service put him on a path that's led to antioch city hall he's now seen as a rising star in bay area politics. change has come to eniac began his service on the uss frank cable. a submarine tender stationed on guam. when september 11th hit his crew is
4:58 pm
at the ready. our ship was everywhere in the pacific. we were in japan, singapore, australia. uh hong kong and all because we were supplying submarines and repairing submarines as well. he later passed a test, allowing him to become a legal man. the navy's version of a paralegal. it was first time i said, well, i did this by myself. they call these year summer whites and then all this is my old jacket. when i became a petty officer. he later went to college and graduate school at george washington university before moving to antioch, where he was elected mayor. since the police killing of george floyd in minneapolis. thorpe said he's listening to his community, and it's made police reform a top priority. when you're willing to protest your government and say things have to change um. to me. there is no there is no greater thank you. to me as a veteran, then by by exercising your civic rights to protest or government, he said his service in the navy is in his dna. and informs all the
4:59 pm
decisions he makes in life and as a public servant. well, i don't wear like veteran on my sleeve. i just don't i wear veteran in my heart in antioch. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now. but the pharmacy on the east coast admits to giving over 100 children the wrong dose of the covid-19 vaccine. i should be celebrating the fact that she's finally has her first vaccine, and instead i'm left wondering did she get enough? reports of misdiagnosed coming as a local and state and federal authorities make the push for more children to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. good evening. i'm andre senior, and i'm christina rendon by the end of the weekend, the cdc says. more than a million children ages, 5 to 11 will have gotten their first dose and in some areas, demand is starting to outpace supply. as soon as the
5:00 pm
authorization when we started refreshing, like the walgreens website and the cbs website and trying to find a appointment. over the past week. one pharmacy in northern virginia says it gave adult doses to more than 100. children officials are investigating the mistake and hoping it doesn't add to lingering vaccine hesitancy. similar issues are happening in clinics and other states across the country as well. so far, though, there have been no widespread reports of serious side effects. over more on this, we're joined by dr monica gandhi, ucsf infectious disease specialist dr gandhi. thanks so much for joining us today, i am a parent myself, and i can just imagine if this happened to my child, so many questions would be running through my head. what do parents do if their child is given an adult dose? do you contact the pediatrician? the pharmacy? the cdc. what appearance do. yes i mean, i'm really sorry this happened for these parents because it does feel really concerning the one thing i will say is that 30 microgram was the dose that we give for adults and 10 micrograms is what we give for children.


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