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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 11, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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old girl missing for nearly three hours. she was abducted in an suv that was later found abandoned. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. tonight police in pittsburgh are searching for the woman who stolen suv with the infant inside. hello again. i'm cristina rendon and mike mibach. frank. julie, do have the night off. that baby is now safe and has been reunited with her family. ktvu jana katsuyama live rose tonight in pittsburgh. without the child was located, jenna. well mike, the police had canine units actually out at the scene where they located the stolen car. they also say that there was surveillance video at the restaurant where the car was taken. so they are looking at that. trying to identify the woman who took both that suv and that young child. the chp issued an amber alert, searching for the brown chevy tahoe stolen with a one year old girl inside
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pittsburgh police say about 5 45 thursday night the child's father had pulled up in the suv to the la pinata restaurant on bliss avenue and stepped out to talk with another man. moments later, a woman walked up and asked for a cigarette, then jumped in the man's suv. and drove off. police say the man's one year old daughter was in the back seat. police say the suspect was a blonde woman in her early thirties with a tattoo on the left side of her face about 7:30 p.m. a half mile away residents in an apartment complex along leland lane said they saw a suspicious vehicle abandoned in the parking lot. one residents. wife found it blocking their parking spot. she came and told me she couldn't park the van. and then i came outside and looked and saw that, uh, we saw flash on the t v about i believe a carjacking with a child. and looked up and i believe that's the vehicle. it was parked here for about an hour. i hear and then. one of the neighbors heard a baby crying and when they heard the baby crying, it flashed the lights and saw the baby. and
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when they saw the baby, they called the police and debate and we don't know where this person went. it hit me because i'm like it could have been. anybody's kidding. it scares me because. i mean, for someone that had to pick up a child and. this is crazy. this is crazy. police tell me that they are expecting to have some sort of update a little bit later on this evenin, but certainly there's so much relief that the child was found and has been reunited with her parents tonight. so glad that that child is safe. janet reporting live for us tonight. thank you. new at 11. $10,000 reward will be announced tomorrow for information leading to the arrest in the shooting death of jasper woo. the tyler was shot and killed by a stray bullet on 8 80 in oakland on saturday. the $10,000 reward. is being offered by the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce, the san francisco police officers association and burma
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lovin superstar restaurants community leaders also plan to call on the chp for greater presence out there on bay area freeways and to really bring attention to a go fund me. for the family. traffic moving again tonight on the golden gate bridge following an accident involving two chp officers and three bridge workers, and they were rid as they were monitoring a very large protests we get live coverage tonight from ktvu deborah villalon. she's at the bridge with how those five individuals are doing, deborah. well mike bumped and bruised, but fortunately, all five are recovering at home now. this happened at the tail end of a three hour demonstration. north to end on the golden gate bridge tangled by a car accident, this one unusual because of a chain reaction that knocked five people off their feet and against the bridge wall, please to chp officers and three bridge employees were the ones hit. for hours. personnel had been the human buffer between traffic and protesters who came to the
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bridge to show opposition to vaccine mandates, especially in the workplace. some said they'd lost their jobs over it. a city where, um, they're so progressive and they're so black lives matter. you know, it doesn't seem to reflect what the city seems we're doing. i can't eat in a restaurant. i can't go to a movie theater. you know if i'm not vaccinated. mm mandates in health care, law enforcement and education are taking effect. still lot of black people whose voices are silent and its site a lot of black people who will be unemployed. but you're talking about teachers who call me firefighters, parking lots and bridge walkways were closed to keep the crowd corralled at the south end and traffic moving. their hope to march across the bridge did not happen, but there was only one skirmish and arrest a protester who stepped into the lanes and refused to leave. a noisy but nonconfrontational
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crowd. it was already thinning when paramedics were called for the people who have been suddenly hit a ford explorer collided with a bridge sweeper truck. which veered into another bridge vehicle positioned as a lane buffer and that in turn, hit them showing how a bridge this narrow has little margin for error and safety. chp had a debrief at the scene after two of their own went to the hospital for evaluation and one bridge worker was transported to, but at this hour everyone has been released, like one person will need crutches for a few days, but no broken bones. everyone is home. three words. we like to hear it tonight. deborah villalon live there at the golden gate. deborah. thank you. most fully vaccinated adults across the state should be able to get a covid vaccine booster, even though the cdc's guidelines suggest fewer people seek out the shots. the california department of public health sent a letter to healthcare providers today directing them not to turn away adults who want a booster. the
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department thinks patients who are 18 or older should be able to self determine their risk and seek out boosters when they're ready. the cdcs guidelines suggest people 65 years or older get the shots. the cdc also thinks anyone younger than that should meet other criteria, like living in a long term care facility or having an underlying condition. the only criteria the state thinks is necessary depends on the type of vaccine in adults got first. if you've got a pfizer or moderna vaccine, you should wait six months to get a booster. if you got a johnson and johnson vaccine, you should wait two months, the white house is moving ahead with a number of vaccine mandates, but at least 10 states are now suing over the vaccine requirements for health care workers. coalition of business and transportation groups, as well as 11 states have also filed the lawsuit aimed at blocking the mandate for all businesses with 100 employees or more. health officials say they are ready to defend the new rules in court. people being vaccinated or along the lines of
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the osha rule being tested a minimum once a week is really important for work place safety for our economy. some lawsuits have already made their way into courtrooms in arizona. a judge turned down a request to stop the mandate for federal workers and contractors from going into effect next month. the superintendent of schools for the archdiocese of san francisco says students ages five and older will not be required to be vaccinated against covid-19. in a letter to parents superintendent pamela lion says she anticipates the state legislature will consider covid vaccine mandates for students in january and encourages parents to voice their opinion to their state representatives. parents were also notified in the letter that personal belief exemptions would be accepted in catholic schools in the diocese should there be a legal mandate in california, she wrote. quote the archdiocese of san francisco is dedicated to balancing the need to protect the health of our students, teachers and staff with the rights of parents to make decisions on issues vital to their children. a man in a dog died in an apartment fire in brentwood. this fire started in
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a three unit apartment complex on nancy street, just about 1 30 this afternoon. a neighbor grabbed two garden hoses and began spraying the flames surrounding the front door. another neighbor, lupe co rule tells us that she was alerted to the smoke by her grandson and then began screaming for the residents to leave the apartment. firefighters with east contra costa fire in the contra costa county fire protection district quickly arrived on scene where they saw the black smoke and brought out the hoses and started fighting that fire quickly. they did find two men inside. but only one survived. no word yet on the cause of the fire. we're going to be went again. the band of brothers. and sisters a big thank you tonight to veterans in the south bay coming up, see how they're being honored on this veterans day and on the heels of the fatal shooting on a movie set tv and film work crews. prepared to vote on a new contract affecting their working contract affecting their working conditions. can you see my wall of smiles?
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when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help.
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san jose, as ktvx azenith smith tells us they were thanked for their service for their country and their community. today. we're gathering. we're going to be once again. the band of brothers. and sisters. it's the first time since the pandemic, the san jose chapter of the american gi forum held its annual veterans day banquet in person at the drying shed restaurant in san jose. when you think about it, it's a
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relatively small group of people who say you know what? i'm gonna do something for my entire community. i'm going to stand up a night to honor the brave men and women who served in the armed forces. remembering those who did not come home plate is empty because they're not here and those missing in action, this table reserved for them with an empty plate and inverted glass. you just don't leave. nobody behind richard santos served in the u. s. army during the korean conflict, now retired from the san jose fire department after three decades. he is among those honored, urging more support for veteran. we don't take care of our veterans, we serve our country honorably and then we come home. it's not about money. it's about taking care of folks in need medical help, i would have wanted a little bit more training to get back into civilian life. it was a hardshi. another honoree leslie cepeda, a u. s. army veteran who after her service was a coach for developmentally disabled adults.
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once homeless, she was. seemed help through the homeless veterans recovery program in menlo park. helping her story will inspire others. i hope that they will go ahead and reach out to the facility itself and get the help they need all of them. also mindful when a veteran serves their families serves while he was in boot camp. that is when september 11th occurred. this blue star moms son served in the u. s. marines in iraq. some people who saw her mother she had disliked the military before but has a new perspective and appreciation. after he went into battle. we have our freedoms. there are places that you can't do a lot that we can do. people don't appreciate it. and i so appreciate in san jose. i'm azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. more california stimulus checks are expected to go out tomorrow, the state's franchise tax board will send some 748,000 checks to individuals who earn $75,000 or less last year. roughly 34,000 payments will be
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made through direct deposit. the $600 payments were approved as part of the state budget earlier this year, which does set aside $12 billion in coronavirus relief to roughly roughly 15 million california households. the white house is trying to calm fears about inflation with promises of relief to come. but republicans say their plans aren't working. and they want democrats to explain how the infrastructure bill that the president is scheduled to sign on monday will help america. republicans also want democrats to explain why they want more money for education, healthcare and climate in the build back, better bill, all while inflation continues to drastically rise. most people think that the bills inflationary because the only thing that most people know about the bill is that it's somewhere between $1.75 trillion.03 point point $5 trillion of additional government expenditures. the white house says the bill will bring down expenses for familie, in part with money for child
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care. and here in the bay area, people are feeling the pinch of inflation, doing their best to deal with those rising prices as ktvu tom vacar reports for those leaving the grocery store that number right there at the bottom of the receipt. is a lot higher. overall berry inflation, which stood at a scant 1% in october of 2020 was 3.8% just last october last month. that brings real wallet woes well, very much so since i'm on a fixed income. yes well, of course it's affecting us. we're coming out of the pandemic, so work is scarce and savings have been depleted to a certain extent. inflation can be more or less depending on what you're buying. i just felt my car up with gasoline cost just over $60. a year ago, i would have paid. $25 less than i went over to the local safeway there. i bought two bags of groceries. the cost was about $46. a year ago, it
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would have been $3.25 less overall price increases have been brutal gasoline up 40.2% used cars up 25.6. natural guest 21.7% up, electricity up 9.1% food at home up 7.1% all the staples stuff. i think i've gone up. um. i think people are feeling it in their pocket books by probably 100. if it's a family over $100 a month, then there's shrink flay shin, which is more common than you might think. some food companies will take some of the chips out, for example, change the weight on the bag, but leave the price. the same shrink flay shin. and it all keeps adding up. yeah my sandwiches, $9 and my chips are $2. that's $11 for a little bit of lunch. so there you have it. and because of all those
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increases the real average hourly earnings of all employees decreased across the nation. half a percent from september to october. tom vacar ktvu fox two news. new at 11, members of a union representing film and television crews begin voting tomorrow on a tentative contract with hollywood producers that issue or wages and the dangers for film and tv workers on sets, especially given the recent deadly tragedy on the. rust said. on the table is a three year agreement reached by the union and a trade group representing producers. oakland shiva space and science center is reopening to visitors again coming up how the senator hopes to lure people back and some scientists hand over their crystal ball coming up, see how they think. will be living without drastic intervention to stop global warming. weekend is just around the corner. now i'll take a look at what you can expect. it was warm today asked me warmer tomorrow. all that the five days coming up
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there's this feeling we chase... like someone upped the brightness on the entire world. like your body is super-charged, but your mind is super calm. it feels like 20/20 vision for your whole being. and we'll chase this feeling, until we can feel it... one. more. time. feel the hydrow high.
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reopening tomorrow. it's also the official launch of the new nasa ames visitor center and an exhibit called the nasa experience. it's going to feature space suits from the mercury and gemini missions, experimental heat shield technology and a fan blade. from the world's largest wind tunnel. many of these items have never been on display to the public. this center opens at five o'clock tomorrow night. the oakland museum of california is temporarily closing its special exhibition space because of storm damage. officials say that a big storm back on october 24th cause leaking from the upper level of the museum. the exhibition dish, edith heath, the life in clay was expected to open this weekend but has now been postponed. no artwork or
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artifacts were damaged. the great hall exhibition space is closed, but the rest of the museum is still open. scientists have released new dramatic images of what they believe cities worldwide. will look like if global warming continues without drastic intervention. the independent organization climate central says. these images reflect the damage that will be done if temperatures are not confined to an increase of 1.5 degrees celsius. that is the level that is aimed by countries as part of the 2015 paris agreement, scientists say crossing that threshold could result in far more severe climate change. so. to prevent that situation. we have to get emissions under control. before. the impacts got a lot worse than we're already seeing. researchers say that even if drastic action is taken, while we can slow the rise of sea levels, the impact of climate change has already taken hold and its effects will be felt for hundreds of more years. and
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climate change was the focus for hundreds of people who took to the streets of sanford, cisco. today, demonstrators held signs and banners as they marched along the embarcadero. organizers planned the rally to coincide with the u. n climate change conference being held in scotland. protesters demanded that world leaders commit to real and immediate action to tackle what they called an ecological emergency. so we're out here to really kind of try and bring attention to the climate crisis, the fact that leaders in government and business aren't necessarily taking the steps that are necessary to sort of prevent the worst of the climate crisis. it's ongoing. you know, we've had record wildfires. droughts, floods all sorts of stuff. leaders of some 200 countries have taken part in the climate conference, which ends tomorrow. as part of a draft agreement, countries are being urged to strengthen their carbon cutting targets by the end of next year. all right. we're checking in on your weather. we've got some cool overnight temperatures tonight we're going to see daytime highs tomorrow, a little warmer than they were today. these were the highest from today. pretty warm actually for
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this time of year, 73 in san rafael santa rosa was 71 santa rosa tomorrow. tomorrow will be 75. probably i think fairfield could easily make 75 tomorrow. danny i'll probably 75 70 forces were warmer day tomorrow. very noticeable. for this time of year. the high pressure is doing what it didn't do last week, and that's keeping the storms to the north. last week and the week before that, and before that. the high really wasn't a part of the scene. and so we were getting rain, right? we had a really significant. three all three of those events were significant in my mind and obviously the big one, but the other two were too and, you know, talk about some other time, but they were just that those systems that early in the season was really. you know, great to see put us way ahead and rainfall averages. but now the storm track as well to the north. the fire danger has been greatly reduced the right and that's that's huge. i mean, we if we didn't get those, especially that first big storm, we'd still be talking fire danger right now, and they are in southern california. the santa ana winds of these, we ramping up down there. they have
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temperatures tomorrow. downtown l a is going to make 92 degrees. so the whole western great is pretty warm, especially from san luis obispo down. it's clear and beautiful in oakland tonight, there will not be fog in oaklan. there might be a little coastal fog. uh tomorrow afternoon tomorrow mid morning afternoon, but it be patchy. that's the jet stream go well to the north. these are the current temperatures. yeah fifties dew point our upper forties, so i think we'll see fog. certainly some of those inland valleys like we did. last night and the morning before that, so there's the forecast. for tomorrow. yellows are seventies. you see a little bit of fog in the early morning hours and then bunches of seventies for the bay area mid seventies, maybe even some upper seventies. this will be the forecast high specifically. and in the five day forecast looks like this, and so you got a nice one right through the bay area weekend little cooler on tuesday and hopefully next week, we'll see some opportunities for some some wet stuff. i'll see you later. that forecast looks
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great bill. yeah, indeed. hey, have a great weekend bill. coming up. the third rank scampered women's basketball team tips off the season with a 55 point win ourselves. a state game comes right down to the final buzzer. market baniyas sports next just got the shot off in time.
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can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them.
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look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help. on the shark's losing out on the road. they still have major covid concerns. eventually that's going to catch up with you seven guys out there on the ice up and winnipeg against the jets, and, of course, observing veterans day there. yes we remember and the sharks with a scoreless game, brent burns will find young andrew. pugliano to
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scored his second goal of the year. sharks just like they did the other night to a quick lead, but later in the first period, winnipeg jets will tie it three on two break. kyle connor. claims it up his 10th of the year already and the game is even 11 and it went downhill from there in the second period. same score right off the face off nate schmidt unloads slapper that finds the back of the net his first of the year. winnipeg takes it to one leg and the jets add on for one shark still playing good hockey 75. and one thursday night football. this was brutal. for three quarters we had more punts, then points at an upset in the making, and it turned out that it actually did happen, but the game got a little more interesting in the fourth quarter. and of course, we have to commemorate veterans day with army ranger raven offensive lineman alejandro villanueva. three time tour of duty in afghanistan and a bronze
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star to him. 93 miami, sammy watkins. the ravens is stripped man. did they play terribly tonight? david howard. with a 49 yard return zigging and zagging and finally scoring 22 10 is the file miami. only their second win of the year, and lamar jackson is not happy at all about that. all right, you know, teams kind of load up early college basketball season. this was about as big mismatch stanford against the bears. not the ones from over and berkeley. it was a different kind of bear, but they were hunted down and beaten badly talking about the famous morgan state and it is anna wilson pillar to post to score it. for the cardinal just ran away. they were up 22 at that point, some nice ball movement. right here up. 33 is the cardinal and fran believe be played only 12 minutes, scored. 12 points, four rebounds. 91 36,
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not a misprint. morgan state takes it on the short end tournaments basketball, the opener for the spartans and san jose state. we go to the final seconds. look at that colorful court 76 all trey smith tenacious on the offensive board at the buzzer. the spartans win it 78 76. you've got to stay after it on the board, and it pays off right there. and you know what? let's go. one buzzer beater. to another one, right? check this one out big. you don't want to give anything away to riverside, but you cannot foul here long distance way you see riverside upends arizona state on s use home court. and that's jp mormon not to be confused with jp margon from three quarters court. this just got to be unbelievable to see it go in from that distance. a game
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winner. where u c riverside cal loss, you know, and then arizona state laws can be a rough year state laws can be a rough year for tax well, maybe why are they making four more avatar movies? it's not like the first one is even that good. what are you talking about? you love that movie. you even went as avatar for halloween. i remember. that was not a lot of clothes. hey, guys. -hey. -hey. i'm, uh, i'm running a special today, uh, buy something, keep having a comic book store to come to. this is awkward. i was actually gonna return this. what's wrong with it? i-i finished it. speaking of something i find interesting, did anyone read that article about bitcoin i sent you? yeah, i can't believe a single bitcoin is worth about $5,000 now. wait, didn't we mine some a few years ago? it was seven years ago. oh, yeah, i remember that.


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