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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 11, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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baby crying a flash the lights and saw the baby. and when they saw the baby, they called the police that baby was missing for nearly three hours abducted in an suv that was later found abandoned with the child inside. good evening. i'm christine overdone and mike mibach. frank and julia have the night off that one year old is safe tonight after a terrifying ordeal, but right now police in pittsburgh they're still looking for the woman who stole the suv. we get the developing story from ktvu. jana katsuyama live tonight in pittsburgh, janot. that's right. we're at the police department and police are saying that there was some surveillance video at the site where this incident happened right now. they are trying to identify the woman who sold the vehicle with the child inside. the chp issued an amber alert, searching for the brown chevy tahoe stolen with a one year old girl inside pittsburgh police say about 5 45 thursday night
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the child's father had pulled up in the suv to the la pinata restaurant on bliss avenue and stepped out to talk with another man. moments later, a woman walked up and asked for a cigarette, then jumped in the man's suv. and drove off. police say the man's one year old daughter was in the back seat. police say the suspect was a blonde woman in her early thirties with a tattoo on the left side of her face about 7:30 p.m. a half mile away residents in an apartment complex along leland lane said they saw a suspicious vehicle abandoned in the parking lot. one residents. wife found it blocking their parking spot. she came and told me she couldn't park the van. and then i came outside and looked and saw that, uh, we saw flash on the t v about i believe a carjacking with a child. and looked up and i believe that's the vehicle. it was parked here for about an hour. i hear and then. one of the neighbors heard a baby crying and when they heard the baby crying, it flashed the lights and saw the baby. and when they saw the bab,
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they called the police and debate and we don't know where this person went. it hit me because i'm like it could have been. anybody's kidding. it scares me because. i mean, for someone that had to pick up a child and this is crazy. this is crazy. police say the child's family was reunited and they went with the child to the hospital to get checked out. officers did toe the father's suv away from the scene, and again they are still looking for the woman. they describe her as having blonde hair in her thirties with a tattoo on the left side of her face. they're hoping to try and locate her, and everyone at that account apartment complex was just glad. that the child was found safe and was able to be back with her parents tonight, christina. jana katsuyama reporting live for us in pittsburgh. janet thank you. protest at the golden gate bridge turned chaotic went to chp officers and three bridge workers were hit by a vehicle while monitoring that crowd and tonight, traffic is moving again in both directions, but that
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crash did back up traffic into city streets for hours. ktvu deborah villalon live at the span tonight and learned this accident involved multiple vehicles. a domino effect. yeah kristina. fortunately, the five who were hit are going to be okay. this happened at the tail end of a three hour demonstration. northbound on the golden gate bridge tangled by a car accident, this one unusual because of a chain reaction that knocked five people off their feet and against the bridge wall wall, please to chp officers and three bridge employees were the ones hit. four hours. personnel had been the human buffer between traffic and protesters who came to the bridge to show opposition to vaccine mandates, especially in the workplace. some said they'd lost their jobs over it. a city where, um, they're so progressive, and they're so black lives matter. you know that it doesn't seem to reflect what the city seems we're doing. i can't eat in a
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restaurant. i can't go to a movie theater. you know if i'm not vaccinated. mm mandates in health care, law enforcement and education are taking effect. still lot of black people whose voices are silent and his site a lot of black people who will be unemployed. but you're talking about teachers who call me firefighters. it's parking lots and bridge walkways were closed to keep the crowd corralled at the south end and traffic movin. their hope to march across the bridge did not happen, but there was only one skirmish and arrest a protester who stepped into the lanes and refused to leave a noisy but nonconfrontational crowd. it was already thinning when paramedics were called for the people who have been suddenly hit. a ford explorer collided with a bridge sweeper truck, which veered into another bridge vehicle positioned as a lane buffer and that in turn, hit them showing how a bridge
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this narrow has little margin for error and safety. chp had a debrief at the scene after two of their own went to the hospital for a valuation. one bridge worker was transported to but late word everyone has been sent home like no broken bones, but one officer will be needing crutches for a couple of days. very close. call there at the golden gate bridge. glad to hear no serious injuries. alright. deborah villalon live tonight for us, deborah. thank you. most fully vaccinated adults across the stage should be able to get a covid vaccine booster, even though the cdcs guidelines suggest that fewer people seek out the shots. the california department of public health senate letter to healthcare providers today directing them not to turn away adults who want a booster. the department thinks patients who are 18 or older should be able to quote self determined their risk and seek out boosters when they're ready. the cdc's guidelines suggest people 65 years or older get the vaccine. the c d. c. d c also
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thinks anyone younger than that should meet other criteria like living in a long term care facility or having an underlying condition. the only criteria the state thinks is necessary depends on the type of vaccine in adults got first. if you've got a pfizer or moderna vaccine, you should wait six months to get a booster. if you got a johnson and johnson vaccine, you should wait two months, according to the centers for disease control and prevention, just under 34% of fully vaccinated adults in the state who are 65 or older. have received that booster shot. now that number is slightly outpaces the overall percentage of adults 65 years old or older who have received a booster shot across the country, the national figur. is at just over 32% the superintendent of schools for the san francisco archdiocese, says students ages five and older will not be required to be vaccinated against covid 19 and a letter to parents superintendent pamela lions. said she anticipates the state legislature will consider covid vaccine mandates for students in january and encourages parents
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to voice their opinion to their state representatives. parents were also notified in the letter that personal belief exemptions would be accepted in catholic schools in the diocese. should there be a legal mandate in california? superintendent lyons wrote. the archdiocese of san francisco is dedicated to balancing the need to protect the health of our students, teachers and staff with the rights of parents to make decisions on issues vital to their children. a church and school were evacuated in santa rosa today due to carbon monoxide leak. fire officials say. cruz responded to bridge church and grace christian academy around 10 30 this morning after reports of an odor inside the building. 12 students and two staff members also complained of symptoms consistent with exposure to carbon monoxide side. the link was traced or the leak rather was traced to an h vac unit on the roof, which was covered by a tarp during the recent rain. the ceo from the unit that would normally be expelled out in the open air was recirculated h vac
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unit and conversely, then distributed throughout the building, where that each back unit covered. fire officials say the h vac unit began to work properly once that tarp was removed all 14 people who felt sick from the carbon monoxide were treated and released at the scene in the east. bad man and dog died in an apartment fire in brentwood today that fire started in a three unit apartment complex on nancy street. this happened just about 1 30 this afternoon. a neighbor grabbed two garden hoses and began spraying the flames surrounding the front door. another neighbor, lupe cruel, tells us that she was alerted to the smoke by her grandson and then began screaming for the residents to leave the apartment. i put the water holes and start screaming and then get out. get out of their fire, and i was screaming, but i don't know. they hear me. cruz with east contra costa fire and the contra costa county fire protection district quickly arrived on scene where they did see thick black smoke billowing into the air. they did find two men inside, but only one surviv. no word yet on the cause of the fire. to leave somebody. that
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was so caring and just wanted to better the world. it was it was devastating. the san francisco public school community loses a longtime staff member coming up how they're coping after this educator, sudden death and up next on this veterans day, taking time to say thank you to those who fought for our countr, tonight's reminder that freedom is not free and how some who serve we're honored. already we're heading for another warm day tomorrow. temperatures back into the mid seventies and some places we'll look at the weekend as well after the break. in san s
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for their service to their community to our country, ktvu to azenith smith tells us blue star moms were also recognized on this veterans day. today. we're gathering. we're going to be once again the bend of brothers. and sisters. it's the first time since the pandemic, the san jose chapter of the american gi forum held its annual veterans day banquet in person at the drying shed restaurant in san jose. when you think about it, it's a relatively small group of people. who say you know what? i'm going to do something for my entire community. i'm going to stand up a night to honor the
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brave men and women who served in the armed forces remembering those who did not come home plate is empty. because they're not here and those missing in action, this table reserved for them with an empty plate and inverted glass. you just don't leave. nobody behind richard santos served in the u s. army during the korean conflict, now retired from the san jose fire department after three decades. he's among those honored, urging more support for veterans. we don't take care of our veterans. we served our country honorably and then we come home. it's not about money. it's about taking care of folks in need medical help, i would have wanted a little bit more training to get back into civilian life. it was a hardship. another honoree leslie cepeda, a u. s army veteran who after her service was a coach for developmentally disabled adults. once homeless, she received help through the homeless veterans recovery program in menlo park. helping
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her story will inspire others. i hope that they will go ahead and reach out to the facility itself and get the help they need all of them. also mindful when a veteran serves their families serves while he was in boot cam. that is when september 11th occurred. this blue star moms son served in the u. s. marines in iraq something blue star mother she had disliked the military before but has a new perspective and appreciation. after he went into battle. we have our freedoms. there are places that you can't do a lot that we can do. people don't appreciate it. and i so appreciate in san jose. i'm azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. events honoring veterans were held across the bay area today like this one in the south bay. this is what it looked like at today's veterans day parade in san jose, one of the biggest ceremonies to mark the holiday coming up later in the newscast will show you other ways. people
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marked the occasion across the country. the white house is trying to calm fears about inflation with promises of relief to come, but republicans say their plans. are not workin. they want democrats to explain how the infrastructure bill that the president is scheduled to sign on monday will actually help america. republicans also want democrats to explain why they want more money for education for health care and climate in the build back, better bill, all while inflation continues to drastically rise. most people think that the bills inflationary because the only thing that most people know about the bill is that it's somewhere between $1.75 trillion.03 point point $5 trillion of additional government expenditures. the white house says the bill will bring down expenses for familie, in part with money for child care here in the bay area, people are feeling the pinch of inflation and doing their best to deal with those rising prices as ktvu tom vacar reports for those leaving the grocery store that final number there at the bottom of the receipt. is a lot higher. overall beary inflation,
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which stood at a scant 1% in october of 2020 was 3.8% just last october last month. that brings real wallet woes well, very much so since i'm on a fixed income. yes well, of course it's affecting us. we're coming out of the pandemic, so work is scarce and savings have been depleted to a certain extent. inflation can be more or less depending on what you're buying. i just felt my car up with gasoline cost just over $6. a year ago, i would have paid. $25 less than i went over to the local safeway there i bought two bags of groceries. the cost was about $46. a year ago, it would have been $3.25 less overall price increases have been brutal gasoline up 40.2% used cars up 25.6. natural guest 21.7% up,
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electricity up 9.1% food at home up 7.1% all the staples stuff. i think i've gone up. um. i think people are feeling it in their pocket books by probably 100. if it's a family over $100 a month, then there's shrink flay shin, which is more common than you might think. some food companies will take some of the chips out, for example, change the weight on the bag, but leave the price. the same shrink flay shin. and it all keeps adding up. yeah, my sandwiches, $9 and my chips are $2. that's $11 for a little bit of lunch. so there you have it. and because of all those increases the real average hourly earnings of all employees decreased across the nation. half a percent from september to october. tom vacar ktvu fox two news. all right. pretty nice day
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out there today. temperatures on the warm side for sure. we had some mid seventies 74 in fairfield, 71 napa and in santa rosa 73 in san rafel, so pretty warm for this time of year. we are not going to get rained for the next at least five days probably more like six or seven. so we're dealing with valley fog and we're gonna be dealing with kind of mild daytime highs and cool overnight lows so kind of a nice pattern, and it's fine because, like i say earlier, we've had. a bunch of rain. we've had a bunch of rain and fire danger has gotten pretty much squished. it doesn't ever go away completely. but with all the rain we've had the fuel moistures and such a fire danger is much lesson. so here is the jet stream right now. there's the ridge over us. all the storms follow this arrow and then look at the storms go. they're all out there on the east, where it's much cooler and much stormier for us that high pressure stays put. for at least four or five days. and so we are in a pattern that is dry, and
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it's also productive for valley fog. so we'll be looking at valley fog the next few days, especially in the inland bay valleys in the far inland bay values in the big valley temperatures tomorrow, a little warmer than today. i'll see you back here with the long range forecasts. all right, bill. thank you. still to come here on the 10 o'clock news. a rash of violence hits oakland over a span of hours coming up some members of city council but calls out for peace. and in two minutes another death linked to the astro world music festival in houston, as police
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪
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(music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ people surging right toward an astro world music festival stage has died. bardi shahani died from a brain injury days after the tragedy. musician travis scott's attorney, is defending his client tonight, he says houston police officers are doing finger pointing amid criticism that his client is getting for not stopping his
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concert in the middle of the chaos. casey stengel has the latest from this investigation in texas. we're gonna hold people accountable. and i think that the family we owe that to them. the investigation into what happened the night of the astro world festival disaster is accelerating. the probe now focusing on personnel working at the festival, and whether they received proper training. houston police chief troy finner is now walking back claims that a security guard was injected with drugs at the deadly concert. finner says the security guard was hit in the back of the head with an unknown object members of the medical team in the medical tent. said that a male security guard had come in. and say that somebody had pricked his neck. his story is not consistent with that. at least nine people were killed, ranging in age from 14 to 27. dozens were injured, including nine year old azra blunt. who remains in a medically induced
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coma after sustaining injuries to his heart, lungs and brain. we just want there to be accountability. and transparency of who did what and why they didn't do their job. meantime lawsuits continue to pile up against concert organizers and rapper travis scott. dozens of suits have been filed many of them blaming live nation for failing to implement safe crowd control procedures. and travis scott. for not halting the show more quickly. he could have stopped the show. he could have prevented all this. we really wanted to texas governor greg abbott has formed a special task force on concert safety in the wake of this astral world accident. that's the latest from dallas. casey stegall, fox news defense attorneys today called their final witnesses in the homicide trial of kyle rittenhouse self defense and video expert. dr john black, took the stand today. they're
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judge ruled prior to trial that black could testify about the timing of events but not speak to whether written house acted in self defense. at one point, prosecutors objected to his testimony, arguing questions black was asked were beyond the scope of what the court ruled permissible. but the judge allowed the testimony, prompting another heated exchange with prosecutors. yesterday. he said. i was under the court's iron i was talking yesterday. about the constitution of the united states. and how the supreme court has interpreted it for 50 years. the judge said it would be ideal to have closing arguments tomorrow, the defense attorney for one of the three men charged with killing ahmad are very is being criticized for what he said in court, defense attorney kevin goff told the judge. that reverend al sharpton's presence in the courtroom yesterday was an attempt to intimidate the jury. there's only so many pastures they can have and the fact that their pastors out sharpton right now, that's fine, but then
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that's it. we don't want any more black pastors coming in here or other jesse jackson. whoever was in was in here earlier this week, sitting with the victim's family trying to influence the jury in this case. in response to those comments, the judge said the reverend was sitting in the back, unsure if the jury even saw him. he also said he won't exclude members of the public are very was shot and killed last year, while the three suspects claim they attempted a citizens arrest and alameda county jury has found three men guilty in the case of a man who was killed while trying to retrieve his laptop in oakland. it happened almost two years ago on new year's eve at schwab's saying was working on his laptop in montclair. investigators say key one, wiggins came up behind saying and snatch the computer zynga and chased after wiggins and was run over by byron reed, who was driving the getaway car. yesterday a jury found re guilty of second degree murder. wiggins was convicted of voluntary manslaughter and jurors found a third man heavenly guilty of robbery, the centers for disease
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control and prevention is issuing a warning after it says millions of babies did not get vaccinated for the measles. the agency says more than 22 million babies missed the vaccination over the past 18 months, most of them in developing countries. measles is one of the most contagious viruses known and does kill more than 60,000 people a year, mostly young children. while reported measles cases dropped last year, the cdc's says we're likely seen the calm before the storm as the risk of outbreaks continues to grow around the world. are we were planning on living togethe, um, getting married and having lots of cats and a golden retriever tragedy takes that away from a loved one of a longtime san francisco educator. coming up how that woman and his school community work to cope with the shock of his sudden death and transportation workers are cautioning you to reconsider your travel plans for the upcoming holidays. the third ranked stanford cardinal woman tip off the season with the 55 point win sports director mark
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ibanez up later, with all those highlights and sports also three acres of holiday lights now on display. what's different this year, though, as the third annual garden of delights opens its doors.
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schools say they are in disbelief tonight. the 30 year old was hit and killed by a driver right outside the school where he worked. ktvu s amberleigh live tonight in the city for us and amber. the victim had a lot of passion here for helping children. absolutely mike were at the couch hollow neighborhood across the street from where the para educator work. right here. you can see that students, teachers, neighbors have created this memorial to honor him. what i would give to have him back in
10:29 pm
my life. to be able to hear is jokes. i miss him like crazy. alex zemun arrived from out of state thursday to mourn the loss of his cousin, andrew seaman. he tells me he's still trying to come to terms with the 30 year old's death. just steps from sherman elementary in san francisco, where andrew worked as a pair of educator, a school that he attended as a boy. i'm probably never going to be the same, to be honest with you. a memorial now at the intersection where andrew was killed with heartfelt messages from his students. shortly before eight wednesday morning, andrew was struck and killed by a car at franklin and union streets. it appears he was either going to or leaving a corner store when a female driver possibly older, crashed her car into another vehicle, causing it to jump the curb, pinning andrew to the wall. police have not confirmed the details. cars just fly down that hill, andrew's girlfriend tells me there have been many accidents at that intersection
10:30 pm
with drivers speeding when she worked at sherman elementary with andrew. they would often walk to the corner store. he would always make sure that i was safe by, you know, kind of walking first and holding his hand out for me to make sure that i. that i was safe, she says. he took great pride in working with children, especially those with autism and other challenges. it is emotionally draining. it is taxing working. in a school. you create a bond with the kids, but no matter what he never ever said he wanted to quit. andrew was taking online classes at city college to eventually become a credential teacher. understand my motives understand my focus left one say andrew was passionate about performing rap music, he wrote. describing him as artistic, soft spoken and patient. his cousin tells me the night before andrew was killed, andrew asked him to come work at sherman elementary to help children. to lose somebody. that
10:31 pm
was so caring and just wanted to better the world. it was. it was devastating to me. the principal sent out a letter to parents that there will be a crisis response team to respond to the emotional needs of students and staff tomorrow since there was no school today due to the holiday, the principal said she will lead a circle in the morning. to talk to children about andrew simmons death. mike just wanted to better the world just wanted to teach at the school he attended when he was a young boy. heartbreaking alright, amberleigh live tonight in san francisco. hambor. thank you. a man posing as a spiritual healer in san jose, is now facing charges of raping a child 42 year old jorge luis navarette to upset jose was arrested on several counts of felony sex crimes, including rape by force with a child under the age of 15. police say the alleged crimes happened from october of last year until august of this year. anyone with information about this case or other potential cases is asked to call
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san jose police some members of the oakland city council tonight are calling for peace on the streets. the city has had three shootings in less than 12 hours, two of them right near city landmarks. the fox theater and lake merritt ktvu crime reporter henry lee as the story. three people shot within 10 hours across oakland city council members lauren taylor and trevor read, say the violence is unacceptable. it's draining traumatizing on our oakland residents, this destructive violence just the malicious acts of crime. they're tearing our hearts. they're tearing our families, the ring of lights around oakland's lake merritt and the alameda county courthouse, a jarring contrast to flashing police lights and yellow crime scene tape. just before one thursday morning a man and a woman sitting in a car were confronted by armed robbers on the lakeshore avenue called a sack near first avenue. they try to get away and the robbers fired as many as 16 rounds, hitting the 22 year old woman in the head. officers found the woman unconscious and barely breathing. she's reported to be
10:33 pm
in grave condition and homicide investigators have now taken over the case. police told this chevy tahoe from the scene. at about 9 30 wednesday night, a 68 year old man was shot numerous times and critically wounded on 97th avenue near b street and the elmhurst neighborhood in east oakland. the victim is in critical but stable condition. and police continue to investigate the shooting near the fox theater in 19th and telegraph at about 2 30 wednesday afternoon, witnesses told ktvu shots rang out as a car burglar was confronted by a car owner. a 33 year old woman not linked to the dispute was hit in the arm while waiting in line with their two kids outside the theater. students at a nearby art school ran for cover. a car with a six year old child inside was also hit by gunfire, blatant disregard for human life and that's what needs to stop. put down the guns that that it is not acceptable. it is not okay and that you will be held accountable to shoot people in the midst of traffic at concert
10:34 pm
lines. parks gas stations walk. oakland police say they can't investigate these shootings alone. anyone with information in any of these incidents is asked to give him a call. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. a federal appeals court today temporarily blocked the release of records sought by u. s house committee investigating the january 6th insurrection. the court was considering an emergency request by former president donald trump the administrative stays intended to give the court time to consider trump's arguments against the release of documents. the documents were set to be released tomorrow. but today's order delays the potential release of them until the end of the month airport starting to see an uptick in the number of people feeling confident enough to travel during the pandemic still to come here. why some transportation workers? thank you should reconsider the traveling over the upcoming holidays. and we have another warm day on tap for your friday. it's gonna be beautiful house good back into the mid seventie. what's the weekend look like? i'll have that when i returned. up next. a dazzling display of
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yours, your employees' and even your customers'. so you can stay ahead. get started with a great offer and ask how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. the fundraising event is being held at the ruth bancroft garden and nursery where 3.5 acres have been lit up for the holiday season. organizers say there are more lights and lasers than ever before which they hope will attract just as much interest as last year's event. last year was crazy because it was covid and you know, we're in all outdoor nursery and garden. and so it was a perfect event for that we could social distance and the response has been really great. we want you guys to keep coming out. it's new and it's better this year, so bringing the whole family. tickets are timed and must be purchased in advance garden of delights is open thursdays to sundays and continues through december 23rd
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and with holiday travel around the corner airlines staffing stretched thin. there is some concern about airline safety. former ntsb officials says if w, it could have catastrophic consequences. i think the aviation industry could have a similar problem self induced unless it slows down and takes the time necessary to be sure that safety is not forgotten as a ramp back up to meet the new demands. the southwest pilots union says the number of pilots removing themselves from the flying schedule for the day because they're just feeling fatigued. it's actually up seven times compared to the historical average. thanksgiving now two weeks away, and already many people are planning to hit the road way despite the sky high gas prices boxes, lauren blanchard tells us how much more drivers can expect to pay at the pump. almost 53. a half million americans plan to head out for thanksgiving. that's up 13% from last year and almost near pre pandemic levels, according to
10:39 pm
triple a with so many taking their turkeys on the road. there is real concern over the cost of not only the food but also the fuel. every american knows that prices are going up every time they go to the gas station to fill up the tank or increasingly fill up a half tank, triple a predicts most will jump in their cars to travel even as gas prices are sky high in many areas. gas buddy data shows the average price for a gallon is $3.41, the american petroleum institute blames the white house for policies they say increase america's dependency on foreign oil when the administration is continually putting forward new proposals. the limit production in the united states, uh american oil and gas companies are cutting back on production. the baden administration says they are working on a fix for not only the gas prices but also the entire supply chain crunch. i think we're on the right path here. to help working families to help middle class families
10:40 pm
and to curb this inflation. democrats are hoping the president acts sooner than later to ease gas woes. i believe that he's going to take decisive action. i think he should tap the strategic petroleum reserve. guess buddy data shows fuel is 15 cents higher now than just a month ago. dollar 31 more than last year in washington. lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news. we approached the weekend with mild fall temperatures and look here at the golden gate bridge coming up, chief meteorologist bill martin will show us how long to expect this weather to stick around and coming up tonight at 11 tracking down the shooter, what some people say they believe will actually help bring in the person responsible. for shooting and killing this toddler on 8 80 in oakland. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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have served in the armed forces before he was mayor. van eog lamar thorpe served eight years in the united states. navy ktvu is evan sernoffsky talked to the mayor about his military service. and really how it shaped his life. i still you know, know the navy's core values, honor, courage and commitment. those are those three values that i still maintain this date before he joined the navy in january, 200. lamar thorpe said he was failing out of community college in east l. a he was born in prison
10:44 pm
raised in foster care and didn't know how to read or write. what was the navy that changed my life signing up for service put him on a path that's led to antioch city hall he's now seen as a rising star in bay area politics. change has come to eniac began his service on the uss frank cable. a submarine tender stationed on guam. when september 11th hit his crew is at the ready. our ship was everywhere in the pacific. we were in japan, singapore, australia. uh hong kong and all because we were supplying submarines and repairing submarines as well. he later passed a test, allowing him to become a legal man. the navy's version of a paralegal. it was first time i said, well, i did this by myself. they call these your summer whites and all. this is my old jacket. when i became a petty officer. he later went to college and graduate school at george washington university before moving to antioch, where
10:45 pm
he was elected mayor. since the police killing of george floyd in minneapolis. thorpe said he's listening to his community, and it's made police reform a top priority. when you're willing to protest your government and say things have to change um. to me there is no there is no greater thank you. to me as a veteran, then by by exercising your civic rights to protest or government, he said his service in the navy is in his dna. and informs all the decisions he makes in life and as a public servant. well i don't wear like veteran on my sleeve. i just don't i wear veteran in my heart in antioch. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. well as we mentioned earlier, the streets of downtown centers they were once again swept up in the pageantry that is its annual veterans day parade. the theme this year was heroes in motion, and it was a return to the traditional parad.
10:46 pm
the program was held virtually last year did the covid 19 pandemic and many of the men and women who wrote in vintage vehicles, military transports or walk the route along santa clara street. had tales of horror and terrorism and all share love of country that transcends race, religion, social class or creed, the nation's capital took a moment to pause today with tributes throughout the city to remember those who served in sacrifice. president biden honored america's veterans at the tomb of the unknown soldier. 100 years after it was first dedicated. you are the very spine of america. not just the background. you're the spine of this country and all of us. and just as they did a century ago, a military procession made its way through arlington national cemetery past the tomb. more ceremonies took place at the world war one and world war two memorials as well as a wreath laying at the navy memorial and for the first time. our reading of all 7070 names of those
10:47 pm
americans killed in action since 9 11 read by gold star families at the lincoln memorial. aftercy pattern now for the next 5 to 7 days, which is fine. we've had plenty of rain fire danger has been greatly reduced. and the storm track stage well to the north, so the dry pattern for us mild to warm temperatures. definitely in the forecast. so today we did have a couple of low to mid seventies. tomorrow we will see a couple of 75 degree readings, maybe even a little warmer than that. so it's probably the warmest day not just. for the bay area, but look down in southern california. they're going to be hitting temperatures up into the eighties and even low nineties so very warm pattern. that's a santa ana wind condition for those folks down in southern california, so they're going to be looking for red flag warnings and such as the earth sinks like right. it's basically the same as our diablo diablo winds. it's just a regional name. so, uh,
10:48 pm
the, um the, uh, the offshore winds down there are about just the same. they're a little bit more robust sometimes because it topography is different, but they're going to have a fire danger concern there next couple of days for us. fired engine much less. we've had plenty of rain word. santa ros is 500% of rainfall. average other areas 5 403 150% so we're doing good, patchy coastal fog around tomorrow afternoon in the inland bay valleys will see fog as well or some patchy fog. and that has, of course to do with the cool. the cool night, the moisture at the surface from the rain that we've had, and then there's the jet stream, just arguing well open to the pacific northwest, and it's going to keep growing and coming up further. and so this ridge is going to stay put. and that sets up a trough on the eastern seaboard, where they're seeing rain and snow and or cooler temperatures from about chicago over to new york. so if you are traveling to the east, it's a very different weather pattern for them right now. the current barmy. the current temperatures. generally in the fifties, about
10:49 pm
where they were last night. not too much of a difference. the fog though the dew point are high, the fog will form. we had a bunch of fog today from about sacramento south and hung on for a long time. i think we'll see more fog a little further north tonight and that when that happens, it actually spills. into the vacaville area into fairfield, right because it's being pulled towards the warmer bay area. that's right. the opposite. the exact opposite of our summertime fought gets hot in the valley in the summer takes the coastal fog, which is cooler and the cold air gets sucked in. and because of the thermal low created well, there's a relative thermal low here along the coast, subtle. but enough that it pulls the fog out of the central valley. so you've seen those mornings right when it comes in through back of ill out through black point and those areas up by sonoma, so that's kind of thing will be looking at next couple of days. your forecast highs tomorrow. yellows are 70. so lots of mid seventies even right out to the coast, maybe a little patchy fog model backed off on it, but they got a little patchy coastal fog
10:50 pm
out there. i wouldn't anticipate it being a real problem. and you can see some work right about here, too. but overall, it's gonna be really nice day tomorrow. and with that, with temperatures like these right so mid seventies 75 in santa rosa 73 in fairfield, 70 in antioch, so beautiful day again. fire danger. we're good air quality rule real good in terms of, uh, the drought and the concerns for whether we're still need a lot of rain. but we're doing as good as we can possibly expect so i'll be back at 11 will update that forecast. all right. thank you. so much bill water agencies in the tri value, telling customers to keep conserving water despite the recent rain zone seven water agency says it's drought emergency declaration remains in effect. the agency is mandating that customers use 15% less water in october, customer saved 20% more than they did compared to last year. the cities of livermore, pleasanton and cal water are also restricting water use among its customers. we have good news to share after volunteers in the east bay made a plea to save
10:51 pm
thanksgiving dinner for thousands of people in need, as we reported just yesterday. the league of volunteers in new work was at risk of losing 300 turkeys if it didn't secure a 26 ft refrigerated truck by monday. the group's initial reservation for such a truck was unexpectedly cancelled. well no. the work can continue. the veterans age group one nation dream makers said the league of volunteers could use a refrigerated truck a just received as a donation from the owner of bay city produce, so it does appear that thanksgiving dinner has been saved. coming up in sports. a buzzer in san jose tonight is the college basketball season gets underway marks next and then on the 11 o'clock news, oakland's chabot space and science center stages a comeback coming up how it plans to attract crowds. it goiny
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10:53 pm
10:54 pm
is with you what you might call a veritable potpourri of sports going on tonight. let's get the bad news. out of the way. alright, it's tough out of the road up in canada tonight. the sharks, who have actually been playing some good hockey honoring veterans day up there in winnipeg. yes, we remember, of course, brent burns early first period of scoreless finding andrew cuddly and no front of the net is second goal of the year and the sharks are off to a one. nothing lead, but later in the first period, still one, nothing breaking three on to the jets. kyle connor cleans it up in front is 1/10 of the year already, game is even now 11 same score, moving on to the second period after a face off. nate schmidt just unloads its slapper. he buries his first goal of the year. winnipeg taking a 21 lead, and they finished the sharks off for one shark 75 and one so far, but
10:55 pm
with regard to the stanford women defending their national championship, the news is much better. you know, these teams just load up their early season schedule. this was kind of a ridiculous game way way out of their league are the bears of morgan state, not cal against the stanford women. it's anna wilson. you know, brother is russell. the steel pillar to post she goes great ball movement here by stanford up 33 points it ends with friends. believe me going to the bucket. she had 12 points in just 12 minutes, and here's the final 91 36 that's ugly. men's basketbal. san jose state versus cal state fullerton. spartans open their season. it's tied final seconds 76 all on the offensive board tenaciously. it's trey smith at the buzzer to bring the spartans of victory in their opener. 78 76 trey smith, the heroes he had 14. to help lead the spartans to
10:56 pm
victory. lots of football stuff to talk about thursday night activity for the first three quarters of this game, there were more penalties and punts than there were points touchdowns. hard to come by, and as it turns out, a major upset as they in miami do commemorate. veterans day that's former army ranger ravens offensive lineman alejandro villanueva. three time tour of duty in afghanistan and a bronze star for him. we got 93 miami. late second half sammy watkins of the ravens has stripped by xabi in. howard who will go 49 yards, weaving his way to the end zone touchdown. like i said they were hard to come by 20 to 10, the down and out dolphins. of hardball upset along with lamar jackson as well. 20 to 10, the final miami the big upset they're all right. he is a big name. but will he be
10:57 pm
a big producer for the rams? you've got to give him credit. they're going out there, giving it their best shot at taking a super bowl with this opportunity loading up on veterans odell beckham jr. signs with the rams. that's kind of a mock up look of what he may appear to be on monday night against the 49ers, but let's face it. this guy's 29 years old hasn't got a touchdown passes here. constantly injured, but when he's healthy, and he's happy, which is rarely, there's no doubting his talent and skil, said the rams. all in they signed von miller week and a half ago. so they want the veterans to have one last gasp in a shot at the super bowl. beckham is in with the rams and the 49ers, meanwhile, unloading some talent, jalen hurd. he's given so many chances as they release him today, talented wide receiver at a baler played a little with tennessee but man third round pick in 2019 can't
10:58 pm
get on the field. quite literally. he's had a bad back injury to be problems. and they finally have to give up on him your best ability always availability. gone but not forgotten. and of course, we're talking about buster posey of the san francisco giants. imagine what his trophy case looks like. it's just loaded up and add one more as he is the silver slugger award winner for this year, basically signifying the best overall offensive player at his position. which is catcher hit 34. 18 home runs means 13 rings. he's batting title winner mvp rookie of the year. next step cooperstown hall of fame for him always when it comes to college basketball. let's get back to that. you got to love the buzzer beaters and he need to check this out. you don't want to give anything away the riverside but you cannot foul here long distance
10:59 pm
goodness. oh it doesn't get much better than that. 1.7 seconds left to play and jp mormon, even it up from three quarter court and hit nothing but net as you see the replay right here. shopper tempe. yeah right there. a game winner, u c. riverside. wins it over arizona state got to show you this young lady 105 years old julia hawkins world record of the 100 m on sunday. she completed it in just over a minute. her friends and family they color hurricane and why not 100 and five years old? that's a double thumbs up right here on veterans day. and, uh, thanks for checking it out. juliet i love it. i love saying that mike christina's 105 105 credibly cool. alright. thanks mark next at 11. for someone that had to pick up a child. and this is
11:00 pm
crazy. this is crazy. a one year old girl missing for nearly three hours. she was abducted in an suv that was later found abandoned. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. tonight police in pittsburgh are searching for the woman who stolen suv with the infant inside. hello again. i'm cristina rendon and mike mibach. frank. julie, do have the night off. that baby is now safe and has been reunited with her family. ktvu jana katsuyama live rose tonight in pittsburgh. without the child was located, jenna. well mike, the police had canine units actually out at the scene where they located the stolen car. they also say that there was surveillance video at the restaurant where the car was taken. so they are looking at that. trying to identify the woman who took both that suv and that young child. the chp issued an amber alert, searching for the brown chevy tahoe stolen with a


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