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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 10, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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uptown oakland. one person shot in theoxheater. and tonight ban set to perform has cancelled its show. the whole point of having his great concert venues trying to revitalize the street is, you know to make it fun for everyone. and when you have violence like that, it just ruins the whole thing. witnesses say the woman who was shot with standing in line for tonight's concert. good evening, everyone. i'm mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. people in the area say they heard rapid gunfire around 2 30 this afternoon. it happened right outside the fox theater at 18th and telegraph live coverage now from ktvu, deborah villalon and deb. some concertgoers did not get the word that the show was canceled in time. julie we talked to fans from vacaville and sunnyvale. they drove quite a
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distance to get to tonight's indie rock show, and they were crushed. but realized what happened here today was very serious. yeah we saw her. what we went over there because she was down and there was no one there. yet these restaurant owners were among the first to run to the spot where a woman lay wounded people trying to help her. she was conscious and talking, and she. they had her, you know, pressed, which was the right everything was right. minutes later, she was rushed away in an ambulance of bullet through her arm at two o'clock. it really underscores how. um strange of a occurrence. it is. yeah it's random yeah, so it's i mean, 8.5 years we've not had that happen from sky fox. the block where a running gun battle broke out. some witnesses said it was between a car burglar and the car owner. but police aren't confirming, and it was. rapid fire, basically automatic rifle or something like that. this witness was parked a few feet away. some cars were pierced by
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bullets. at least 17 shots fired as everyone scattered, including kids from a nearby. ws happening. the shooters were gone before police arrived. the woman waiting for concert tickets was the only one hit pop punk band all time low, is on tour from maryland and set to play the fox. we. put the safety of our fans first and foremost, the band announced on social media. it would not go on so grateful that everyone is all right in this. uh but obviously given the circumstances. we don't feel it's appropriate to play the show tonight. some fans didn't find out in time and showed up anyway. disappointed at the cancellation and the reason why that's disturbing. i mean, like. you know the whole point of having his great concert venues trying to revitalize the street is, you know to make it fun for everyone. and when you have violence like that, it just ruins the whole thing. at wendy
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owners say they are committed to this location and that such violence isn't unique to oakland. they note also the witnesses who stayed to help both the victim and police great to see that i mean in a terrible situation. it was nice to some people put yourself out there says i was here and here is what i saw. and here is what i did. those restaurant owners heard the woman who was shot was accompanied in line by two teenagers, possibly her children. fortunately she is not in danger. she's in stable condition. witnesses say the bullet went through her arm reporting live in oakland. deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. tonight another candidate, has joined the race to become oakland's next mayor, city council member xiang tao officially announced her candidacy. ktvu zambelli live tonight in oakland without tabs, background has really shaped her vision here, amber for the city for the future. mike tao tells me her struggles are her
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strength, she says. she knows how to bring people together to get things done. the next mayor of the great city of oakland shank cow introduced by state attorney general rob bonta, xiang tao took to the stage in west oakland to launch her campaign to become mayor of oakland. i'm a daughter, a refugees. pao said she grew up in poverty in stockton, the seventh of 10 children for a time we lived in public housing. i grew up in a very real fear of not having stable home. the city council member tells me she plans to draw from her life experiences to lead oakland. i know what it means to live paycheck to paycheck. i know what it means to not have a job to escape a really bad domestic violence relationship and being homeless with my baby. living in our car. couchsurfing tao describes herself as bold, persistent and progressive, she says as a single mom, those qualities helped pave the way for a better life. tower attendant
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merritt college and went on to graduate from uc berkeley. she worked her way up from intern to chief of staff for city council member rebecca kaplan, who is among her supporters. i manage multiple city budgets fought for affordable housing help small businesses opened. and work to get guns off the streets. three years ago, she was elected oakland's first mang, american city council member. i've seen her operating and where people are pushing and pulling into all sorts of different ways, and her view is always to try to collaborate earlier this year, was credited with brokering a deal to fund a new police academy. amidst cries to defund the police. if elected mayor, she tells me her priorities are what she describes as the basics public safety housing the homeless. and clean streets, but we're not supposed to all agree. you know, that's the beauty of democracy. however it's about respect and collaboration. you
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can get things done, and it's going to only. better impact the community in a positive way. towel tells me she never dreamed she would be running for mayor of oakland so far, the 36 year olds, one of three candidates, incumbent mayor libby, chef will be turned out the election. will be held november 8th 2022 mike. from public housing in stockton all the way to city hall in the city of oakland, right there quite the journey and let the campaign begin the election now one year away, all right, amber. thank you. for that report. amber mentioned that to others have entered this race. uh, those are homeless advocate. derek su, who says he wants to confront homelessness, illegal side shows in crime and east oakland city council member lauren taylor, who says he will rise above politics to unite oakland. and solve the city's problems across the bay tonight, san francisco supervisor matt haney welcome supporters to his new campaign office for his run for state assembly. the open
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house at the office, located at market and castro included a lion dance as well as blessings from community groups, saying he represents the tenderloin in south of market and as a supervisor, he's been focused on ending homelessness in the city. and said he really hopes to do the same from sacramento. it's an exciting time. i think not only for this campaign before our city to be able to have a vision of our future that people can be helpful about the primary is set for february 15th. the district 17 assembly seat was held by david chu, who now. is the city attorney of san francisco, also in san francisco. residents in the haight ashbury neighborhood are concerned about the rise in violent crime there. it's really heartbreaking to experience such violence within our community. um and it impacts all of us. tonight supervisor dean preston held a virtual town hall to address recent shootings. last week, a
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man was shot and killed in broad daylight. another shooting involved rival gangs breaking into cars. and then there was a man who was shot after confronting a group of burglars. neighbors say they are an edge every time they leave their homes. i can tell you. i have never felt this afraid for my life. and i don't ever recall the violence being to this level. what i think is new is the presence of guns. by those that are perpetrating car break ins and their willingness to shoot them. uh if people are interrupting the break in. police say they have added more officers to the streets and increased over time. the department has also parked its mobile emergency unit in the hate to help with police presence continued fallout more than six months after sexual assault allegations against former windsor mayor dominic poli ktvu tom vacar reports. sonoma county sheriff deputies served a search warrant. at his home just today. early wednesday morning, sonoma
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county sheriff's deputies served a search warrant on the home of former windsor mayor dominic for paulie. mr polly had been accused of numerous acts of sexual misconduct. in sexual battery by several women, the sheriff's office told reporters it had removed documents pertinent to its investigation. the accuser's attorney is a former longtime prosecutor and said such a search is ominous for football league for a warrant to even be granted. there has to be probable cause that there is. evidence that a felony occurred. or that that person committed a felony. so far, no official charges have been filed against him. as yet what april. the case has been under criminal investigation, i would say, also under civil investigations. miss correo also works with prosecutors on this case under the provisions of marcie's law, and it. allows a victim to actually have an advocate for them and their
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specific rights. if criminally charged, the former mayors freedom would be at great risk, but he'll also face great financial peril if accuses, succeed in civil court, where the standard of proof is not as rigorous as criminal charges. it's going after him for um, for the same types of crimes, but it would be on the civil path and it would be for like a tort. basically you must feel pretty confident that information you have is sustainable. absolutely there's also the potential that if others aided or abetted football, they could be dragged in criminally or civilly. if we find that there are other people that are going to be brought in or entities we will do so it appears. that mr football no longer lives here because neighbors say the house has been rented out many, many times, and when we asked for some information, the sign on the door made it quite clear. no comment. tom vacar ktvu fox two news in santa rosa for bank
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employees were tied up this morning during an armed bank robbery. it happened at about 8 30 at the west american bank on granville road. police say these two armed men were not able to get into the vault but still money from the tellers cash drawers. police declined to say how much money was stolen. no one was hurt during the heist. a community group is now offering a $5000 reward for information leading to the suspects capture in los angeles, the head of lighting for the movie rust filed a lawsuit for emotional distress caused by the deadly shooting of the film cinematographer. surged retinoid claims that onset negligence lead actor alec baldwin to fire a live round from a prop weapon on the set in new mexico. soviet noise said he. comforted elena hutchins until paramedics arrived. the lawsuit filed in los angeles superior court names. nearly two dozen defendants associated with the film, including alec baldwin, and it claims that soviet neufeldt the bullet whizzed by and that gunpowder stuck to the side of his face. this lawsuit.
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is to bring awareness to a problem and to prevent it in the future. this lawsuit is to make these kinds of unsafe conditions that happened too much. on movie sets. stop now. the lawsuit also alleges the defendants failed to keep control of the firearms allowed real bullets on the set and failed to properly inspect the gun. neither baldwin nor other rust producers could be reached for comment. dozens of positive kobe cases on the uc berkeley football team at 10 30. the changes in protocol, the team says it's now making. and we've got some warm weather to talk about drawing up and warming up. the five day forecast is right around the corner. first give him back to bay area veterans after the break, the nonprofit that says that u. s withdrawal from afghanistan has its struggling to keep up with demand. they have done so much for us, and the least we can do
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is just be able to take care of them when they come back. emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family
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if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. but it will help you and your family stay safe veterans day to expand its services to help veterans, many of them homeless. ktvu is azenith smith joins us now live in san jose and azenith smith
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nonprofit says it is trying to keep up with demand. yes julie, the founder of the nonprofit opened doors to future possibilities, says the need is great, especially after the withdrawal from afghanistan. socks. shoes especially for the homeless, dr simone lundquist going through the donations for veterans in need, she says. they could use more or having a lot of these veterans that have a hard time even holding onto a regular job. because of this replay of all those memories. lundquist who worked in community mental health services for years, started the nonprofit open doors to future possibilities back in 2019, helping more than 1500 veterans and their families in santa clara county with groceries, transitional housing and counselling. after free santa clara county. uh, unfortunately holds. uh lot of homeless
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veterans, their services more in demand, she says, as more military service members returned home from overseas, especially after our withdrawal from afghanistan. and we're having troops coming back. uh and they need a lot of help. they're coming back feeling that they didn't fulfill their goals over there. the nonprofit is raising money to hire more staff and to move to a space three times bigger for more therapy rooms and on the first floor to accommodate veterans with disabilities. they. i feel like they don't really know where to go. once they come back home, ellen fosse with the nonprofit helps distribute boxes of food and clothing to upwards of 100 veterans in the south bay every other friday. i am right here. office manager irene raymond, a single mother, who has dealt with trauma herself wants to give back because i know what it's like. to need help. and now that i
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have been lucky enough to have gotten the help that i need, i'd like to give others help all of them seeing veterans in need day in and day out during the pandemic, hoping to show them care and gratitude. support our veterans in any way you can. um they need us now. they have done so much for us. the nonprofit has started a go fund man for those interested in learning more about them. the non profit will be collecting donations of the best pro shop in san jose. tomorrow on veterans day at two in the afternoon, julie and we thank all veterans for their service as a thank you. a ceremonial flag folding at the capitol today, marking 100 years of the tomb of the unknown soldier. the us flag was unfolded, then re folded in a triangle as a tribute to our nation's unidentified fallen heroes. the ceremony comes as the tomb of the unknown soldier
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open to the public for the first time in 96 years. for the past two days, members of the public have been allowed to approach the tomb and paid their respects leading up to veterans day peralta community college district is wiping out $2.8 million in student debt. this comes after the district did receive $12 million in federal relief money. district officials say the debt that will be erased will be from the most recent three school terms. the peralta community college district does include laney merit and berkeley city colleges, along with the college of alameda. new attend tonight. a water main break in san francisco. this is what it looked like in the cities bernal heights neighborhood this evening, the gushing water forced officials to close courtland avenue near and over. people who live nearby say luckily, water has not reached any homes. crews are on the scene, but no word yet on when the break is expected to be repaired. all right. we got a little bit of rain around here. now we're drawing out and warming up temperatures today
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into the sixties temperatures tomorrow, perhaps into the low seventies. some valley fog overnight. i think that's the big weather story for us as we go through the next five days. i mean, there's no. rain in the forecast or dry for a while, which is fine considering we've gotten so much rain early on, which is great, but literally right through this weekend. we are dried. it's you know, wet at the ground. it's cool overnight. the winds are light, so bank valley fog something taking a look at some of the rainfall accumulations in parts of the bay area. and these percent of normal i'm going to throw up or just find a look at their again this time of year. santa ros is what 500% of average for this time here, which. it's just cool, but it doesn't really mean much for the whole year, obviously, but san francisco where the average about 20 inches a year and they're sitting at 8.5 inches now, so they're on their way, and that's kind of cool. but yeah, so we got some good rain. we're doing well. the plan, though, the next few, even the next few days, the next let's see. let's walk it all the way back. so here's wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday sunday. monday tuesday. yeah
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all the way through tuesday. we're pretty much dry. so that's the story of valley fog a thing. we'll talk about that when i get back, and we'll look at the five day forecast. all right. we'll see you then. bill thank you knew attend. the oakland museum of california is temporarily closing its special exhibition space because of storm damage. the museum says the atmospheric river on october 24th. cause leaking from the upper level of the museum. the exhibition, edith heath, a life in clay was expected to open this weekend, but that has now been postponed. the museum says no artwork or artifacts were damaged, but they have never had damage to this extent before only the great hall exhibition spaces closed. the rest of the museum is still open. sequoia national park is partially reopening tomorrow after a two month closure because of a wildfire. the lightning sparked k and p complex fire began on september 10th officials now say parts of sequoia national park in the southern sierra nevada are safe to visit this park will reopen.
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from the three rivers ash mountain entrance station to the hospital rock picnic area, roughly six miles up the generals highway access to giant forest lodge pole and the general sherman tree remain closed. breakdown from kyle rittenhouse in court today. that's right, right? after the break his testimony when he took the stand in his own defense, plus why there are now concerns about a mistrial, and it's known as a small reservation in east oakland at 10 45. how one indigenous man has created a lifeline for native americans providing healthcare and community all in one place. oh, we're gonna just .
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thanks for our break anyway. dramatic testimony today is kyle rittenhouse took the witness stand at his homicide trial written house said he was acting in self defense when he.
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shot three men, killing two during protests in kenosha, wisconsin, but at one point during this cross examination qg led to calls for a mistrial by the defense. as foxes. mike tobin reports his fate and the entire case could now be up in the air. it's funny about to give kyle rittenhouse homicide trial could be in jeopardy. following emotional testimony by the accused. the defense is going to be making a motion for a mistrial the defense suggesting prosecutors were deliberately trying to cause a mistrial. the prosecution's line of questioning violating predetermined rules when they asked the defendant about his silence after his arrest, prompting the judge toward monets, the chief prosecutor. i was stanish. when you began your examination by commenting on the defendant's post arrest silence, that's basic laws. it's been basically on this country for 40 years 50 years. i have no idea why you would do
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something like that. rittenhouse testifying that he was under attack when he shot three protesters during the unrest in kenosha wisconsin, last year, killing two and wounding a third. rittenhouse telling the court joseph rosenbaum, the first man shot cornered him and put his hands on the barrel of rittenhouse's rifle. he could have ran away. it's tried to take my gun from me. but he kept chasing me. it didn't stop him. rittenhouse fired four shots at rosenbaum a short time later, he says anthony huber hit him with a skateboard before rittenhouse shot and killed him. the third victim, gage grosskreutz came at him with a gun. rittenhouse shot him to injuring him. the now 18 year old saying all shots were fired in self defense. i didn't want to have to kill anybody that night. the defense asked for a mistrial with prejudiced if granted, written house cannot be retried. the judge took it into consideration in kenosha, wisconsin. mike tobin fox news. ktvu legal analyst, michael cardoza told us that four that
10:26 pm
seeing the judge criticizing the prosecutor from the bench was an unusual move. judges usually especially prosecutors, don't come down on them. but what the minister bigger the prosecutor in this case did was so egregious when he went after kyle rittenhouse. about first time you're telling the story. you've never told it before. you've seen everybody testify defense objects the judge sends the jury on says you can't comment on that. and alex. what this is doing? should have written house get convicted. there's an appeal issue. over. cardoza said he does not expect the judge will declare a mistrial still to come. you see berkley making changes the new coronavirus protocols the cal football team is putting in place after dozens of positive cases. and helping the victims of the astro world tragedy the bay area artists now donating his profits from that concert to families of those who lost their lives also ahead, the
10:27 pm
biggest inflation surge and more than 30 years of president biden is hoping to address the sticker shock. and coming up later in sports. we will hear from the warriors as they go for their 10th win of the season highlights coming up in sports. everybody's in spoke pubt
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changes following the team's coronavirus outbreak. dozens of players and staff tested positive, prompting this weekend's game against usc to be postponed. jtv is jana katsuyama joins us now, with the changes in how players are really feeling about this season here, jenna. michael out of frustration and disappointment. many of them said that the university in cities covid testing protocols are stricter than other teams. but cal officials say after one team member had symptoms and tested positive last week, they took every precaution following
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berkeley and state covid safety guidelines. cal's football team is sidelined this week after the berkeley public health department said the team had a major outbreak with 44 lab confirmed covid cases involving students, coaches and staff. they said in the statement. quote cases emerged in an environment of ongoing failure to abide by public health measures. people in the program did not get tested. one sick stay home when sick where masks indoors. the cow football coach justin wilcox pushed back at a virtual news conference wednesday. we have followed the guidelines, uh, through the athletic department, the university and the city of berkley. we have health professionals housed in our building at our practices on our planes, wilcox said. between all the school county and ncaa protocols, there was confusion and misunderstanding, wilcox says moving forward there will be changes now. there will be multiple tests
10:31 pm
during the week. there's going to be, uh, you know, food you grab and go. workouts will be structured differently. you see, officials say the team was 99% vaccinated. the outbreak forced the golden bears to play last week against arizona without starting quarterback chase. garber's. garber said in a twitter post, he felt the testing and removal from play was unfair. other players said it has been hard. it was very difficult, um, to prepare for football games with kind of being on edge about. um who's going to be available this weekend? and who's not players say they did meet with a doctor from university health services. i think moving forward everyone is very clear about you know the protocols that are in place going forward, the team says at practice wednesday they were making changes and trying to stay optimistic practices have been cut a little bit shorter. you know, we have different things that are different within. uh. within practice, you know, individual drills, team drills, things like that. um but i think the mood
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especially today, i mean, i was smiling. we were laughing. we were running around. we'll find some good in this somehow. some way our team will. our fans will and we will make the most of it. wilcox said he hopes they'll have enough players out of isolation in time to play against stanford, november 20th and for that rescheduled usc game december 4th state workplace rules do state that people with covid must be tested twice a week, and cal says they are abiding by safety protocols. let's hope they get those players, especially by the 20th. no one wants that cal stanford the big game to be postponed or canceled, right, janet thank you for that. governor. newsom was down in southern california today promoting covid-19 vaccinations and booster shots. winter is here. and as we are want to be reminded and should be reminded. last year we had a challenging winter, particularly down here in southern california we started to see around this time last year case rates. positivity rates. hospitalization rates icu
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numbers start to increase. the governor and senator alex video. we're at a vaccine and flew clinic in los angeles, talking about the state's ongoing efforts to really increase vaccination and booster rates california has administered about 726,000 booster shots, the most of any state. vaccine violations and contra costa county and it is not just in and out burger ktvu christina ridin tells us a number of other restaurants are refusing to check customers vaccination status and are now facing fines. in contra costa county warnings and fines for violating the local vaccination verification health order have been given out. these restaurants received warnings in the past two months in an out locations make up a majority of the list. but local spots like huckleberries and conquered and mj's downtown cafe in brentwood, got a warning. both of those restaurants tell me they're in compliance and following all rules. signs are also given at two in and out locations in pleasant hill, san ramon, pittsburgh and panel ranging
10:34 pm
from $250 to $1000, but rutgers and conquered was recently fined $250. and lumpy is diner in antioch has been hit with three separate finds in the past two months for not checking vaccination cards. the fines started at $250 then increased to 501,000. the owner declined to comment. the county ordinances are meant to maintain health and safety of the public. jennifer chapman is associate dean at u. c. berkeley haas school of business. she understands some restaurants are choosing to defy health orders in the name of customer service. i do understand. that organizations feel the burden of having to finesse the enforcement of, uh, you know, somewhat awkward mandate asking people have you been vaccinated? on the other hand? we are in still the midst of this pandemic. it is not over yet. some restaurant
10:35 pm
owners feel that asking for proof of vaccination or a negative covid test runs counter to the hospitality environment they want to create and say, sometimes customers forget to bring their vaccination card. leaving their hands tied. while businesses are in the middle, chapman says they need to remember this isn't permanent. a spokesperson for contra costa health services says they do not have plans to ramp up enforcement. their primary goal is to educate business operators and gain compliance that way in concord, cristina rendon. ktvu, fox two news. new attended bay area musician says he's donating his profits from the astro world music festival to the families of the victims from the deadly concert. jazz bear, who goes by tory moy was scheduled to perform on the second day of the music festival on instagram. today, he said he will donate any of his fees and profit to victims families, he said, quote. profiting from this event feels completely off, and i'd like to encourage other performers to consider helping in some way as well. eight people died and dozens of others were injured.
10:36 pm
a man has agreed to plead guilty for his role in the 2018 overdose. death of hip hop artist mac miller 38 year old ryan revis says he knowingly distributed fake oxycodone pills that contain fentanyl. mac miller suffered a deadly overdose on those same pills two days later at his home in studio city. the man who actually handed the drugs to miller is also expected to plead guilty. both are expected to appear before a federal judge in los angeles in the next few weeks. this is an attraction for daredevils only coming up on the 11 o'clock news, the new site. in new york city that allows people to hang off skyscrapers more than 1000 ft in the air. alright it's kind of cool out there tonight. valley fog back in the forecast warming weather as well. the weekends around the corner. the five day is next. at first, elon musk lives up to a promise made on twitter why he sold billions of dollars worth of his tesla shares.
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♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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billion worth of tesla shares this week. the sale was reported in regulatory filings made public late today. some of the money will go to pay taxes for stock options he received in september. must hold people on twitter about over the weekend about whether he should sell 10% of his holdings in tesla that caused a sell off earlier this week, the sale ended up being a much smaller percentage. he still holds 166 million shares. the consumer price index rose to a 31 year high last month for the fiscal year ending in october. prices are up. 6.2% food costs rose 5.3% gases up about 50% and energy costs are up 30. economists have been predicting
10:40 pm
decades higher reading on the cpi, which supply chain shortages and an increased demand for products and today from the port of baltimore. president biden said his three main priorities to help ease the supply chain crunch are lowering prices, fully stocking stores and getting people back to work. we're announcing steps to improve ports of the east coast provides support for the port of savannah, the fourth largest container port in the country to help reduce congestion. the president said he has spoken with leaders of top retail and shipping companies in an attempt to tap into the private sector to ease holiday shopping woes. the u. s is keeping an eye on china's military as tensions rise between the two countries. this comes after a group of us congressional lawmakers visited taiwan on a military plane today. it is not clear who traveled to taiwan. and how long the delegation plans to stay. but china is slamming the u. s warning lawmakers not to collude with taiwan over its independence, its military forces are now holding exercises near taiwan in
10:41 pm
response. yes the u. s lawmakers visit to taiwan is a serious violation of the one china principle and the provision of the three china us joint communicates. china is firmly opposed to that and has made a solemn complaint to the u. s. china sees taiwan as its own territory to be annexed by military force if necessary. president biden is reportedly expected to meet virtually with china's president next week. coming up celebrating native american heritage month. it's more than the clinic. it's a gathering place. we're going to take a closer look at the east bay clinic that not only cares for thousands of indigenous people, but also employs them and creates a sense of community and a drive forecast ahead. chief meteorologist b
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that's cool, but ours save us serious clam-aroonies. relax people, my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. the federal government tried to relocate indigenous people into large cities, promising a better life, but it left many homeless, jobless and disconnected. new attend. ktvu is brooks jarocz has an in depth look into one group's tireless work. to overcome adversity. the bay area became home to one of the nation's largest energy, tribal populations. many of them settled here in east oakland in the 19 sixties and seventies by the mid 19 eighties, one man's leadership. lead to what's now
10:45 pm
a community lifeline. to see a tp makes you stop and think. for me. it's just a feeling of pride in the heart of oakland's fruitvale district stands a sign of native american identity. it gives me a feeling of yeah, we're here. let me plan to stay here for martin walk a zoo. it's been a journey spanning decades, beginning 1400 miles away, where, at times he says he felt ashamed of his heritage. remember the feelings? i have? walking down the street and south dakota with my father. seen signs in the stores. no indians are dogs allowed. wa kazoos life became a battle dealing with discrimination, then becoming a high school basketball star. overcoming an alcohol addiction. after moving to california and starting his life's work building and expanding what he now calls a small reservation.
10:46 pm
it's more than the clinic. it's a gathering place. the native american health center under wa kazoos leadership for over 40 years now, 14,000 patients strong and employing more than 100, indigenous people. it's a place for us to connect with our identity who we are culture, access and trust. it's how this nonprofit was able to have a profound response to the pandemic. 65,000 covid-19 tests another 20,000 vaccines and counting, including close to 1300 native americans. it's been really, really critical for us to get out there that outreach goes beyond medical or dental services. holistic healthcare for the most vulnerable, helping with housing, food and jobs. now, that is the quickest way to improve the health of the community. and pick up and lift them out of poverty. job working here is like that's my community here ain't one that's growing in spirit and vision.
10:47 pm
big plans for a cultural center to celebrate community diversity 76 affordable housing units and a clinic, another testament to the contributions aimed at overcoming obstacles together. will be the community from hopelessness to hope for wacha zoo. it's healing, seeing a sign of indigenous influence reflective of a healthy community filled with culture and resiliency. that's the pride. i was still in their youth and for the next generation for my children, my grandchildren my great grandchildren. ownership brings pride to the community that you're gonna put your roots down. you're going to face the adversities that come before you. and be proud of who you are and where you came from. a commemorative street sign now bears the name wa kazoo way right in the middle of the native american health center campus. it's oakland city councils way of paying tribute to his contributions in his community. i'm brooks jarocz
10:48 pm
ktvu, fox two news. more than 20,000 uninsured santa clara county residents may become eligible for primary health care services through a resolution proposed by two county supervisors, supervisors, joseph median and otto lee. one increased eligibility for the county run primary care access program. it essentially acts like a safety net for uninsured residents who do not qualify for insurance through the affordable care act or other state and federal programs. the current requirement provides services to those making less than $53,000 a year for a family of four. beautiful shot of san francisco tonight. clear and cool temperatures overnight will get down into the upper thirties and the coolest locations even some mid thirties and places that, uh, will accommodate that without much moisture. anybody else might be seen valley fog, especially in the central valley and out around the napa valley. so we've got a little bit everything for you tonight and i think we don't have his reign. what i can show you.
10:49 pm
here is the temperature and the dew point, right? and when the temperature meets the dew point, they're both temperatures with dew point temperatures reach to get fogged. so what's happening in santa rosa? you've got a temperature of 51 dew point of 51. so you've got. if you're not seeing farther on the ground everywhere. you're seeing it in some places two degrees off in napa from seeing for tomorrow morning, we'll see plenty of low clouds and fog in the central valley and the big valley. as that, uh, you fog extends from all the way from reading to modesto to bakersfield, and that's going to go on for a few days. because we're dry. this is stable environment we're in and with the dry weather and the high pressure this time of year, it's just perfect for this kind of stuff for valley, fox. you know if i'm not showing coastal fog here, we did have a little bit this morning, but we're basically talking valley fog and many bay area locations. certainly as we head into, um, tomorrow in the next couple of days, so you're gonna be bumping into that temperatures. as you look out there
10:50 pm
were generally in the sixties and seventies 68 liver more temperatures tomorrow be a little bit warmer. you see that big ridge of high pressure up over the top. that ridge of high pressure is going to stick around, and like i said, we're drive for a while. we're not going to see any rain at least through the weekend. and so with that in mind, we're basically setting ourselves up for valley fog nights and mornings, cool nights and pretty warm days, days are going to be. mm hmm. you know, sixties low seventies it's cooler right now. in napa by six degrees. it's cooler in san jose by two degrees overnight lows. they're cool, and they're right around those dew point temperatures like we talked about, so we're going to be seeing fog and a lot of places when you wake up in san francisco tomorrow. it looks like this. you're going to find temperatures at lunchtime in the mid sixties and san francisco oakland will be in the low seventies. and then by the time that day gets full, full sun, san francisco's about 66 degrees 69 in, uh, oakland tomorrow. 69 11 more so, really nice day and we're going to continue. this pattern continues right through the bay
10:51 pm
area weekend. so the five day forecast let you know that we're dry, dry dry and we stay dry right through the weekend and hopefully something breaks loose. after that. i'll see you back here at 11. all right, bill, thank southern california's largest water district has declared a drought emergency. the metropolitan water district is now calling for increased conservation. the district serves as a wholesaler to 26 water agencies that supply about 90 million people, water officials say. on average, southern california gets about a third of its water from the northern part of the state. but next year. southern california could get even less coming up in sports warriors going for that sixth straight win in a row. we're going to hear from the team and then on the 11 o'clock news they were coming into the holidays were coming into one of the busiest travel days a year. and there's a great way to protect yourself and your family. the bay area has often led the pack when it comes to coronavirus guidelines tonight at 11, the one county now recommending that nearly
10:52 pm
all of its vaccinated residents get their booster shot ahead of the holidays.
10:53 pm
can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help.
10:54 pm
guess the easiest thing to say about the golden state warriors. they are back two years off the scene, basically and just so aggressively forcing themselves. onto the front page of the sports section right now exhilarating to watch and tonight against the t wolves. veterans day, of course, tomorrow fan base giving up 150. floor seats to veterans courtside. jason richardson, former dunk champ would appreciate what he was to see is he was also honored staff. a miss, however, come on, looney,
10:55 pm
maybe his best game as a warrior doing the. relentless mop up your underneath the at 11 points. more importantly, 17 rebounds. he won't take no for an answer. second quarter the gary payton the second joke begins three possession step blindly. lobbying for peyton young glove is all smiles. you could just feel the energy. in fact, he is the human energy drink next possession. iguodala peyton reverse dunk the time you've got to see it twice and then this moments later, curry iggy peyton, not quite done that. vicious dunk. however he does draw a foul and that is northern california show time period motion. you can just feel the unity, the bonding of this team coming together. still in the second andrew wiggins haven't even talked about him yet working the baseline of our former teammate karl anthony towns he had 35 tonight. 14 of 19 shooting.
10:56 pm
look at the excitement this team is showing. but uh oh, moment. draymond is hit on this play, watch the leg and happy to say for the warriors steak. it is listed as a deep five bruce. he's questionable for friday. golden state led a 20 point lead get away last year's number one pick anthony edwards of the t wolves worth looking at he had. 48 points tonight. fourth quarter now warriors up eight curry. oh yeah. what about him? he had a mirror 25 tonight that was a long tube for golden state. this is the showstopper, jordan cool mist, but wiggins to dunk a poco on that one slam dunk. he had 35 points against his former team. maybe his best performances of golden state warriors. he claims it was not revenge against the team he used to play for. no no. no revenge game well played game, you know, against the former team.
10:57 pm
that's all that was, you know, comparative game one game. andrew was just fantastic. the aggression from the beginning of the game, uh, loved his energy. um obviously he was, you know pretty excited to play against his old team, and we needed everything he brought us tonight. can we see those highlights again? why is sean connery over my shoulder along with kris bryant, who is a giant at least in name as he came over in that mid season trade? well his agent who is known for trying to take advantage of every possible situation. has said today that chris bryant is like sean connery, the hero in red october because he's always leading his team hot down the stretch in. the hunt for october. if you know anything about scott, boris, you know he tries to grind every penny out of a team that his clients will sign for. that may price
10:58 pm
himself away from san francisco, wn the stretch. know, however, bryant let it be known about mid season after coming here that you know what he doesn't necessarily do. what is agent tells him to do all the time. i know it's all super new to me, too, that the whole being here and you know, um, playing with these guys, but it's just there's just something that feels a little different about. it feels right. i feel, um you know, just really good people. they put their head down. they go to work. they're not flashy. and i kind of, uh, see myself as that type of player to scott's not gonna let you sign something before you hit the open market though, is he? i run the show. all right. we'll see about that if he runs the show and really wants to come back to the giants, just a matter of how much get a little time and it is that time where we need to check this out. where's bill martin? when you need him, love this surf video. this is four
10:59 pm
time surfing world champion justine dupont. she was born in bordeaux, france, started surfing at the age of 11. in january of this past year, she surfed the biggest wave ever recorded by a woman in hawaii. and yes, check this out. i mean, the fear factor alone. give her credit and again, justine dupont surf champ. that is something else. scary just watching him, let alone beautiful. imagine that thundering noise that those waves are making all right. the warriors, making some waves of their own. we'll have more highlights for you about 20 high labs and sake, um up again, right? just that about 20 minutes. all right, thanks. we'll see you then. next at 11. yeah i will be your next mayor. that's right. another oakland city council member is running for mayor tonight. xiang tao officially entered the race.
11:00 pm
the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. the race to become oakland's next mayor is getting bigger. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville city council member xiang tao is the latest to officially announce her candidacy. ktvu is amberleigh live in oakland tonight without. towns, background as a refugee in his single mother has really shaped her vision for the city, amber. mike tell tells me her strength come from her struggles, she says she has a track record for getting things done. the next mayor of the great city of oakland shank cow introduced by state attorney general rob bonta, xiang tao took to the stage in west oakland to launch her campaign to become mayor of oakland. i'm a daughter of refugees. how says she grew up in poverty in stockton, the seventh of 10 children for a time to lived in public housing. i grew


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