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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  November 10, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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shooting at the suspects, the suspects returning fire and both cars taking off toward telegraph avenue. that is when several witnesses say that a stray bullet may have hit the woman who is now in the hospital. she's in stable condition expected to survive. but at this point now all these people keep coming out here to the fox theater, and they're very disappointed. take a listen. i was devastated. i mean, i was so excited. i was all pumped up and i saw nobody in line and the guy just told us it's canceled that. somebody got hurt, or i'm not sure, but i was devastated don't lose hope. you know there's good things in the world. you know, this stuff happens. but in the end, we all got to stick together. can keep the positivity. i just saw that there was nobody out here and i thought that was kind of weird because, like the doors are opening soon, and then i found out that the show was canceled. what did you think? when you heard that i was i was confused
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because i hadn't seen anything on the band social media or heard anything about the show being cancelled. i just drove an hour away. i was just was not expecting it. the world that we live in today is just. there's so much going on. i don't know some people. is do they just do crazy things? it's just after six o'clock here tonight. it's dark out here in downtown oakland. but this all happened at 2 30, broad daylight. several business owners and by standards say. this happens all the time in downtown oakland. people casing the neighborhood looking for cars to break into. of course, we're not sure police have not told us if that is what actually led to the shooting, but it has been a violent weekend and violent year in oakland. we've had 119 homicides so far, and now yet something else that the police. have to investigate and trying to figure out who is responsible. and what exactly happened along 19th street and telegraph live in oakland. brooks jarocz ktvu, fox, two
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news and brooks. it's sadly very similar to what happened just about a week ago to that little boy who was riding with his mother in the back seat of his car. a stray bullet in oakland, right in the middle of the day around two o'clock, 2 30 strikes and in that case killed a little boy. um today a in this incident where they describing it. you mentioned as like a rolling gun battle between two cars are their descriptions of those suspect vehicles. at this point, police have only told us that a woman was struck and taken to the hospital. they have not confirmed to us yet that this was in fact, some sort of car break in or rolling gun battle. that's all based on four or five witnesses that we spoke with this afternoon, but it just speaks to what has been happening here in the last several weeks and months, and something needs to change is what many. business owners and people nearby are saying, yeah, absolutely. brooks jarocz reporting live for us tonight
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in downtown oakland. brooks thank you now to the north bay a dramatic morning in a windsor neighborhood today as sheriff deputies. served a search warrant at the home of the town's former mayor. these are the images from that scene now. since last april, investigators have been looking into sexual assault allegations against dominic for poli. interviews tom vacar reports on this major development. early wednesday morning, sonoma county sheriff's deputies served a search warrant on the home of former windsor mayor dominic for paulie. mr for polly had been accused of numerous acts of sexual misconduct and sexual battery by several women, the sheriff's office told reporters it had removed documents pertinent to its investigation. the accuser's attorney is a former longtime prosecutor and said such a search is ominous for footballing for a warrant to even be granted. there has to be probable cause that there is evidence that a felony occurred. or that that person
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committed a felony. so far no official charges have been filed against him. as yet what april. the case has been under criminal investigation, i would say, also under civil investigations. miss correo also works with prosecutors on this case under the provisions of marcie's law, and it. allows a victim to actually have an advocate for them and their specific rights. if criminally charged, the former mayors freedom would be a great risk, but he'll also face great financial peril if accuses, succeed in civil court, where the standard of proof is not as rigorous as criminal charges. it's going after him for um, for the same types of crimes, but it would be on the civil path and it would be for like a tort. basically you must feel pretty confident that information you have is sustainable. absolutely there's also the potential that if others aided or abetted football, they could be dragged
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in criminally or civilly. if we find that there are other people that are going to be brought in or entities we will do so it appears. that mr for paulie no longer lives here because neighbors say the house has been rented out many, many times, and when we asked for some information, the sign on the door made it quite clear. no comment. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. san francisco residents will be voting in a couple of recall elections next year. as ktvu christian captain reports mayor london breed is throwing her support behind one recall effort but holding off on any other. san francisco voters have a busy year ahead of them. the san francisco board of elections has confirmed that those looking to recall district attorney chase a boudin and a separate effort to oust three school board members have enough signatures to get on the ballot in 2022. now. san francisco's mayor, london breed is saying she supports the effort to recall the school board members. they have become a distraction and that they really genuinely cared about our kids. they
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would get out of the way and allow us to move forward with people who understand financial management who understand the need to put children before anything before politics. school board president gabriela lopez says the mayor support for the recall follows a pattern of disrupting the education system and amounts to a power grab quote. her support of the recall adds to these patterns of disruption and is a direct benefit to the mayor's own ability to appoint three new members board vice president valuable. liga also took aim at the entire recall process, saying, quote. i do not support the recall of any elected official recalls are not a function of a representative. democracy recall. supporters say they can't wait until the school board elections next november. they need to act. now kids can't wait another year they've already lost. one of here's one year is an enormously long time in the life of a nine year old so the way people who created this crisis i'm not going to the people who can deal with it right. so we need better leadership for our students, and neither desperately if possible. we would love for the
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election to be held today. supporters of embattled district attorney chase a boudin are also casting doubts on the recall process. the stand with chase of website reading, in part quote, make no mistake. this effort to overturn an election is republican led and fueled by fear mongering and dangerous misinformation. and while the mayor has weighed in on the school board, she's reserving judgment for now on the district attorney. yeah, i haven't taken a position on that recall. at this time, san francisco voters will decide the fate of those three school board members in february and the district attorney in june. in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox. two news nurses with kaiser permanente or holding 20 protests across the state to warn patients about what they call a dangerous patient dumping scheme. nurses say kaiser sends some patients in need of hospitalization back home to be overseen remotely by health care providers who are miles away. they say the at home program means patients are alone and at risk instead of getting the in person care they need. what they're doing is
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just they just cutting down starting, so you know they couldn't you know, uh, saint cost, but we are after the patient safety being at home. kaiser says its implementation of the medically home care delivery platform is an innovative program rooted in quality and safety, adding that nurses will continue to play a critical role in the care team. kaiser released a statement this morning reminding patients that today's picketing is not a strike and said quote in spite of the acute shortage of nurses in the state, kaiser permanente, northern california will have hired an estimated 1800 experienced nurses by the end of the year. in addition to adding 300 new nurses who will graduate from kaiser permanente nurse residency program. the full oakland city council will debate whether to stop testing city workers for marijuana use that happens when they are not on the job. the city's public safety committee unanimously approved that proposal yesterday. oakland currently
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test employees for cannabis, which can show up in test weeks after use. opponents s they saye testing has led to city employees quitting their jobs and adds to oakland's worker retention crisis. the proposal does not affect the policy against employees being impaired on the job. former las vegas raiders wide receiver henry ruggs is now facing more charges in connection with a dui crash that killed a woman in las vegas rugs did not appear in person in court today, as prosecutors announced those additional charges. they include felony dui and reckless driving in a charge for possession of a firearm while intoxicated. also in court today, rugs attorney argued to keep his client's medical records away from prosecutors, citing privacy laws right now, rugs is out on bail, the judge today, said his preliminary hearing for december 16th. a pedestrian was hit and killed by two vehicles this morning in san francisco. police say it happened shortly before eight o'clock at the intersection of franklin and union streets.
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they say the man in his thirties was pronounced dead at the scene. the cause of that collision is still under investigation. coming up. breweries say they just don't have enough cans to keep up with the demand for beer will tell you what prompted the shortage. also ahead, changes to the way you buy dungeness crab. the pilot program allowing customers to purchase directly from fishermen. got a lot of rain in the buckets. i'll show you how much will also look at the weekend coming up. i'll see you back here with that. and the biden administration taking a lot of feed over inflation. the president's latest efforts to ease the supply chain crisis and you're taking a live look at it that wednesday evening commute bumper to bumper in both directions there on the lower east shore, ask. people try to roll right through emeryville and berkeley. we're emeryville and berkeley. we're back after the break. mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross!
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mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. foxes lower. blanchard reports president biden headed to the port of baltimore today to talk
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about federal efforts to get those goods moving. president biden on the move visiting the port of baltimore wednesday, even though wages are going up. we still face challenges. we have to tackle them. we have to tackle it head on talking about how he plans to get the backed up supply chain. also moving. it's going to modernize our ports. with $17 billion in investment. $17 billion investment going to reduce congestion. this speech comes after congress passed a trillion dollar infrastructure package designed to modernize airports, roadways and shipping ports. and while the president frames the package as part of the recovery there are warnings. the higher prices are here for now. there is no quick fix. i wish if there were light switch that we could flick we would do that. it's also as inflation continues to skyrocket from food to fuel ahead of the holiday season, the labor department announced. october's consumer price index is 6.2% more than a year ago. and
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almost a full percentage point increase from september. it doesn't matter what it is. everything is going up, and that's that's attacks. whether you look at it that way or not, it's attacks, but when will the higher prices go away and the chair of the federal reserve warrant it could be well into next summer. in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news. breweries are facing an aluminum can shortage like never before, during the height of the pandemic brewery shifted from selling more can beer for curbside pickup and less draft beer since tack rooms were closed. now, with the supply chain crisis, there is a struggle to keep up with demand. supply chain disruptions, you know, go beyond cans and almost everything that brewers use in the brewhouse right now is either challenging to find are going up in price. and his breweries pay more. you'll pay more brewers expect the challenge is to continue into next year or even the year after the wine and spirit industry is also experiencing a glass bottle shortage. this year. for the first time you're
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going to be able to buy dungeon is crab directly from the boats at fisherman's warf in san francisco, the city's port commission voted to allow the sale of whole live dungeness crab from fishing boats at the warf during a one year pilot program. the commission says it's a way to help out the fishing fleet here in the bay area, which was really been hit hard during the pandemic. when all those restaurants closed. it's not clear yet. when the commercial season for crab will began. it was scheduled to start november 15th but that was recently put on hold by the department of fish and wildlife. all right. we've had some pretty significant rain accumulations over the early part of the fall. and look, we're going to look at the numbers and i'll show you percent of average. percent of average doesn't mean anything except it looks really cool. but in this early in the year, it doesn't really matter. but what matters truthfully is that we've got 13 almost 14 inches of rain up in santa rosa on in the bucket so far. i'm going to pop in here you'll see the percent of average come in, which makes sense because you're early in the rain season, right? but san francisco they're not. you know, san
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francisco averages about 20 inches a year of rain, so they're they're they've taken a big chunk. of that percentage away, which is great. so good news there. um we're looking at some phoenix lake water overflow stuff, which is great because we're seeing water coming out of the this marine county area, but flowing water, you know, we've just had three really productive one extremely productive and then to lesser events, but those lesser events still delivered each time for four or five inches of rain into the mountain watershed. so marin county is doing real well on this weather system. these are the highest from today. highs tomorrow are going to be about the same probably just a little bit warmer. the rain is done for now, right? we're going to be dry for at least the next five or six days. we're talking about valley fog. and we're talking about, um, the opportunity for temperatures to get into. that may be low and mid seventies as we get into saturday and sunday, so we are dry valley fog in the morning hours. get ready for that. i think it's if you had it this morning. you get it
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again tomorrow morning temperatures. i gotta plug him in here. but we know we've talked about temperature dew point temperature hits the dew point temperature. you get fogged, but what we have here is the actual current temperature on the left. and the dew point temperature on the right and santa rosa right now, 60. you bet they're going to make it to 54 degrees tonight. so that's how you're gonna know. so i'll keep using this all night. you can watch the temperature drop and meet that dew point and fog begins to form. i'll be back here in a few minutes. we'll take a look at the five day forecast. we'll see them, bill. thank you, governor newsom on the move today promoting covid-19 vaccinations and booster shots coming up after the break. why? the governor says shots protecting you against the coronavirus are not the only ones you'll need this winter, plus one he spake county is issuing warnings and finds the restaurants that are not checking customers. covid vaccination status will tell you with the big offenders are
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i'm just glad i can help.
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now as we've reported, one big offender has been in and out, but it's not the only one ktvu cristina rendon has the story. in contra costa county warnings and fines for violating the local vaccination verification health order have been given out. these restaurants received warnings in the past two months in an out locations make up a majority of the list. but local spots like huckleberries and conquered and mj's downtown cafe in brentwood, got a warning. both of those restaurants tell me they're in compliance and following all rules. things are also given
6:21 pm
out to in and out locations in pleasant hill, san ramon, pittsburgh and panel ranging from $250 to $1000 fuddruckers in concord, was recently fined $250. and lumpy is diner at antioch has been hit with three separate finds in the past two months for not checking vaccination cards find started at $250 then increased to 501,000. the owner declined to comment that the county ordinances are meant to maintain health and safety of the public. jennifer chapman is associate dean at u. c. berkeley haas school of business. she understands some restaurants are choosing to defy health orders in the name of customer service. i do understand. that organizations feel the burden of having to finesse the enforcement of, uh, you know, somewhat awkward mandate asking people have you been vaccinated? on the other hand, we are in still the midst
6:22 pm
of this pandemic. it is not over. yet. some restaurant owners feel that asking for proof of vaccination or a negative covid test runs counter to the hospitality environment they want to create and say, sometimes customers forget to bring their vaccination card. leaving their hands tied. while businesses are in the middle, chapman says they need to remember this isn't permanent. a spokesperson for contra costa health services says they do not have plans to ramp up enforcement. their primary goal is to educate business operators and gain compliance that way in concord, cristina rendon. ktvu, fox two news. the white house covid-19 response team says the vaccination program for young children is fully up and running, the team says more than 900,000 kids. 5 to 11 years old have received their covid-19 shots since the fda and cdc approved it last week. the vaccines are available at doctor's offices. children's hospitals, health clinics, school based clinics and pharmacies. through pharmacies alone 700,000 additional
6:23 pm
appointments are already on the calendar at local pharmacies. parents and families across the country are breathing giant sighs of relief. and we are just getting started. the biden administration says it has procured enough vaccines to distribute to all 28 million children ages 5 to 11 in the united states governor nixon was in southern california today, promoting covid-19 vaccinations and booster shots. the governor along with senator alex padilla, we're at a vaccine and flu shot clinic in los angeles. they talked about the state's ongoing efforts to increase vaccination and booster rates. governor newsom also says flu shots are just as important as we head into the winter months. winter is coming. um, winter is here. and as we are want to be reminded and should be reminded. last year we had a challenging winter, particularly down here in southern california. we started to see around this time last year case rates. positivity rates.
6:24 pm
hospitalization rates icu numbers start to increase this year. just wanna remind people that we want to avoid the twinned emmick that is referred to by some oh, and get that flu shot. according to the state's covid-19 website, more than 55 million doses of covid-19 have been administered right here in california, and just last week about 726,000 booster doses were given. coming up on ktvu news at 6 30. prince harry says he sent a warning one day before the january 6th attack on the u. s capitol. why he says social media platforms are at least partially to blame and later in sports. we'll hear from cal head football coach justin wilcox on the team's covid-19 outbreak. 40 athletes and staff testing positive also ahead emotional testimony in the trial of kyle rittenhouse that heated exchange during today's cross examination. out tr
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windsor mayor dominic poli. the sonoma county sheriff's office tells us the warrant was in connection with the ongoing investigation into for poli. nine women have accused him of sexual assault and misconduct. he resigned in may amid the allegations and has denied any wrongdoing. san francisco mayor london breed says she supports the recall of three san francisco school board members, the mayor said today the three have become a distraction. but mayor breed also said she is
6:28 pm
still weighing her decision when it comes to the recall effort of district attorney chase of boudin, and we are following a developing story right now. in oakland, a woman was struck by gunfire near the fox theater at about 2 30 this afternoon. at this time, we know she's been taken to the hospital and is listed in stable condition. the concert, scheduled for tonight at the theater has been canceled. we are working to get more details, and we'll bring you up to date just as soon as new information comes into the ktvu newsroom, you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30, the u. s. justice department filed a lawsuit today against uber over allegations of overcharging people with disabilities. the lawsuit claims people were charged wait time fees when they needed more time to get to the vehicle. due to their disabilities. the department is asking the court to order uber to modify its wait time policy to comply with the americans with disabilities act. ktvu henry lee has more in the lawsuit filed in the u. s district court. for the northern district of california. a lawsuit filed by
6:29 pm
the u. s. department of justice says some people were charged by uber for unfair wait time fees due to their disabilities, though they needed more time to get to the vehicle. the department is asking the court to order uber to modify its wait time fee policy to comply with the americans with this abilities act. the justice department also wants uber to pay damages as well as a civil penalty. in april, 2016 uber began charging passengers wait time fees in a number of cities, eventually expanding the policy nationwide. wait time fees start two minutes after the uber car arrives at the pickup location and are charged until the car begins its trip. it's just easier to have someone take your door to door and so uber has made it convenient lift has made it convenient. earlier this year, ktvu spoke to a blind uber writer, the reverend albert macklin, who says he relies on uber as well as a seeing eye dog. disabled writers like macklin could benefit by the suit filed by doj to be able to just come out of your house and get in the car go from point a to point b a man and be able to get there safely. even with bart and with
6:30 pm
bus systems use it as an in between. in response, uber called the lawsuit surprising and disappointing. in a statement, uber said, in part, it has been our policy to refund wait time fees for disabled writers whenever they alerted us that they were charged. after a recent change last week. now any writer who certifies they are disabled will have fees automatically waived. we fundamentally disagree that our policies violate the 88. uber also says they had already been in discussions with doj about how to address these issues before the lawsuit was filed. henry lee ktvu fox studios. kyle rittenhouse took the stand today in his defense at his own homicide trial, he testified, saying he was under attack when he shot three men during protests in kenosha, wisconsin. fox news mike tobin tells us things heated up as prosecutors cross examined the teenager. emotional testimony from kyle rittenhouse as he takes the stand in his homicide trial, breaking down as he details what happened that night. there was. people right there. the
6:31 pm
defendant crying so hard. the judge called a break written how stepping away to compose himself written house on trial for shooting three protesters during the unrest in kenosha, wisconsin, last year, killing two and wounding a third. but written house says he was under attack, maintaining all shots were fired in self defense. didn't do anything wrong. i defended myself. the now 18 year old testifying, he fatally shot joseph rosenbaum after rosenbaum threatened him chased him and put his hand on the barrel of rittenhouse's rifle. cheese scream. if i catch any alone, i'm going to kill you. if you blocks away, he says anthony huber hit him with a skateboard before written how shot and killed him. then he describes wounding gage grosskreutz after grosskreutz confronted him and pointed a gun at his head during cross examination. i did what i had to do to stop the person who was attacking me. by killing them. two of them passed away,
6:32 pm
but i stopped the threat from attacking me. by using deadly force judge bruce schrader scolding the prosecutor over a line of questioning, saying he was trying to introduce prohibited testimony. you're an experienced trial attorney and you're telling me that when the judge says. i'm exploding this you just take it upon yourself to put it in because you think that you've found a way around it come on the defense then requested a mistrial. written. house faces life in prison if convicted. in kenosha, wisconsin. mike tobin fox news. and testimony continued today in the trial of three men charged with murdering among our berry in brunswick, georgia. police sergeant testified that defendant greg mcmichael said he recognised are very from security footage from a neighboring home under construction. mcmichael also reportedly told police that after chasing are buried with this truck are barrier was quote trapped like a rat and not going to get away. end quote. a neighbor said he called police when he saw are very entered the house that was under construction. in the
6:33 pm
beginning. i didn't understand why. god had places assignment on me. but that being said, is that. god would never fail. you right? greg mcmichael, his son, travis and their neighbor william brian, have all pleaded not guilty to murder, aggravated assault and false imprisonment. tonight we are learning, prince harry said he warned twitter ceo jack dorsey of the deadly january 6th capital riot a day before the insurrection. prince harry made the comments during a panel discussion at wired rewired conference. he said he talked to dorsey before the riot, voicing his concerns. jack and i were emailing each other prior to january. the sixth where i want him to this platform was. allowing a coup to be staged that email was sent the day before, and then it happened and i have nothing since how a few prince harry
6:34 pm
also criticized youtube and facebook for allowing misinformation to spread on their platforms and focusing solely on their bottom line. prince area is now a member of the aspen commission on information disorder. it's an organization that aims to identify the sources and causes of false information. coming up a potential santa shortage this year why more men who usually fill that role are opting out the supply jane crisis could lead to one of the most expensive thanksgiving dinners ever which items have those highest price tags.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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chain crisis, especially at the grocery store, and this year's thanksgiving dinner could be the most expensive in history. fox news medicine all worth reports now from new york city. new consumer price index numbers are out, and they show that americans are paying 6.2% more today than they were last year, and that's being felt across the board, especially at the grocery store, one of the categories that's contributing the most to this increase is protein. take a look at some of those numbers and those increases. meat prices are up over 14. beacon that's up over 20% fish and seafood up 11% and while wages have improved on average, americans are taking home 4.9% more in their paycheck. it is still below the inflation rate of 6.2% the
6:38 pm
economic picture is worse than analysts anticipated. the problems leading to inflation range from labor shortages to supply chain delays. those in the industry say. expect bigger price tags today and through the holiday season. especially for items like your turkey. they're going to see a minimum of 10 15% higher, especially thanksgiving, and we're going to have shortages. so i'm saying to people by early don't take a chance on being shook something special for your thanksgiving or christmas to come. not only are americans experiencing those higher prices, also having more trouble getting their hands on items. the picture that the grocery store shelves paint is not always accurate. this shelf right here looks pretty full. but all you have to do is remove one box. to just see the supply chain shortages up close in new york. i'm madison alworth fox business. the pandemic now contributing to a shortage of santa's this holiday season. the wall street journal is reporting that
6:39 pm
workers who normally fill the role are often now due to the risk of covid exposure. and he also said they're afraid of potentially exposing younger, unvaccinated children to the virus, the staffing agency higher, santa says while there are 15% fewer professional saint nick's to play the part this season, there's a 121% increase. and requests for santa's this year compared to last. all right. we are drying up and warming up as we head towards the weekend. i'll have the five day forecast after the break. let's go to ktvu alex savage. now he's in the newsroom with a look at some of the stories we are working on for the seven o'clock news over on ktvu. plus julie. thank you coming up new tonight another store in san francisco's union square is closing its doors ahead of the holiday shopping season. the major retailer that is shutting down after nine years, plus one bay area organization is helping people to get back on their feet through the help of technology and coming up tonight at seven. we'll talk live. with the founder of the san francisco
6:40 pm
nonprofit code tenderloin about the free computer literacy courses. they are now offering well, those stories and much more coming up tonight. live at seven over on k tv. plus we'll see you then alex. thank you. but first after the break, both the defense and prosecution scored wins in the fraud trial of elizabeth holmes will bring you up to date. and on this wednesday evening a live look out over. san francisco from sutro tower, just a beautiful fall evening in the city by the bay. we're back after the break. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
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relax people, my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. elizabeth holmes, ktvu investigative reporter. evan sernoffsky tells us both
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the defense and the prosecution scored points today during the testimony about the failed blood testing company. once the federal fraud trial against theranos founder elizabeth holmes started strong for the defense wednesday. former lab director, dr king shook dos testified under cross examination about his efforts to revive the struggling company after a scathing government audit in 2015. das said he worked to overhaul the laboratory practices, avoiding its tests and shifting the blame to former lab director dr adam rosen, dwarf in one meeting, he reassured homes with a quote from the film the best exotic marigold hotel. this is your first time in india. everything will be alright in the end if it's not all right. it's not yet the end. dust was followed by former theranos investor alan eisenman. he put $1.2 million
6:44 pm
into the company in 2000 and six, he said holmes made repeated false claims about theranos is revenues and its blood analyzers. including their use by pharmaceutical companies, he testified. quote before i made my investment, i was told they had contracts with major pharmaceutical companies. to me that put in additional stamp of approval on the company. eisenman will continue his testimony when the trial resumes on monday. now with regards to how long this will last, the prosecution signaled at the end of the day. that they may rest their case as early as next week at the federal courthouse in san jose, evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two news. and evan is also live blogging the elizabeth holmes trial you can find his coverage on our website just go to ktvu .com. some bad news today for google, europe's second highest court dismissed google's challenge to an eu antitrust ruling in 2017. the european
6:45 pm
commission ruled that google had favoured its own comparison shopping services to give it an unfair advantage against smaller european rivals, and they find the company $2.8 billion. google can now choose to appeal the verdict to the u. s highest court. zillow is reportedly unloading 2000 homes as it breaks apart, it's house flipping business, according to the wall. street journal. the company is selling those homes too pretty and partners. the price of the deal was not disclosed. those homes are in 20 markets across the u. s. and friday, um, is planning to rent them out. zillow still has 18,000 more homes to sell. in a briefing today, pentagon spokesman john kirby says the u. s is closely monitoring large scale an unusual troop movements inside russia. what we continue to see is, um. unusual military activity inside russia but near ukraine's borders, and we remain concerned about that. and it's not exactly clear what the russian intentions are. we
6:46 pm
obviously would like to better understand that. and we don't want to see any action further destabilize what is already a very tense part of the world. um and we urge russia to be clear about their intentions and to abide by the minsk agreements. ukraine's defence ministry says about 90,000. russian troops are stationed not far from the border in eastern ukraine. the russia has denied any presence of any troops there. the biden administration is actively monitoring tensions in the pacific between an ally and an adversary. today a us delegation made a visit to taiwan, which has long been a key partner. the move outraged the chinese government, leading to military exercises just miles away. fox news madeline rivera has more now on the dispute and what it means for us foreign policy. the us is keeping an eye on china's military growth as tensions rise between the two countries. now the strained relationship is seeing more pressure after a group of us congressional lawmakers visited taiwan on a
6:47 pm
military plane trip, the department of defense argues is not uncommon. this is the second one this year alone. it's not clear who traveled to taiwan and how long the delegation plans to stay. but china is slamming the u. s warning lawmakers not to collude with taiwan over its independence, its military forces are holding exercises near taiwan in response, china sees taiwan as its own territory to be annexed by military force, if necessary. when you have from the u s lawmakers visit to taiwan is a serious violation of the one china principle and the provision of the three china us joint communicates. china is firmly opposed to that and has made a solemn complaint to the u. s the u. s and taiwan have a strong but informal relationship. the d o d maintains the us remains committed to keeping the taiwan strait a peaceful region. nobody wants to see. cross comes or come to a conflict, and there's no reason that it should. president biden is
6:48 pm
reportedly expected to meet virtually with chinese president xi jinping next week, suggesting the country might be willing to work with the us and cooperate more in washington, mala rivera of fox news. already a nice day today and i stay tomorrow and the next couple of days he's really highs from today. that's 67 in santa rosa. that's 70 out in fairfield numbers tomorrow i'll be a little bit warmer. we're going to stay in the upper sixties low seventies right through the bay area weekend. which is fine by me. if we hadn't had rain like we had. i guess we'd all be you know, wishing we get. we're getting rain, but we've had significant rain. it's always good to get more, but we can survive. now that we've got. in some cases, 500% of rainfall average for this time of year again. it doesn't mean a lot when it's early in the season, but. we can enjoy it. so enjoy it. if you're going out to the coast, please, please, please be careful. there were a lot of big tight swings last week there will there not as big the king tides aren't happening this week, but. there's some
6:49 pm
swell. there's actually a lot of swell out there. so just be careful if you got a lot of folks now, with the fluid schedules and everything, a lot of folks beach and stuff and you see people out there at lunchtime on tuesday, and things like that, so. just be careful. and if you're fishing off the rocks pretty nasty. so be really careful next couple days. these are the forecast overnight lows. we've got fog, uh, that will form two points are kind of high there right around where these numbers are and so temperatures are going to reach the dew point. we're going to see fog in central valley certainly probably a dense fog advisory there and then that will bleed obviously into. the bay region that that means being the fog and this fog in the central valley is going to become a fixture this next three or four days. it's going to hang out from reading all the way down to bakersfield so i will break off at times nights and mornings. i think it's just going to be a thing until we get another low pressure center in here, which isn't for the next five days or so. so the forecast for san francisco tomorrow morning about 54 lunchtime here at 63 in the sky. that's how it looks
6:50 pm
for all of us, and that's how it looks on friday, saturday and sunday to we're going to just kind of higher clouds moving through the area. um so you know, kind of classic fall weather again. no rain. we are dry, so fog is sort of the story around here. the ridge of high pressure. i guess you could see it. yeah, it says things are kind of barking clockwise flow writes. that arc tells you now if it goes the other way, if it sags, that's your trough, which is where we were last week before that the week before that, so when you see this, our king up like that. that's generally in our world is a stable weather pattern and stable weather patterns. get you dense fog advisories, so i think we'll see the potential for that in the valleys the next couple of days. current temperatures are upper fifties 51 or 61 out and conquered right now it's going to be 71 tomorrow in fairfield, 67 in antioch. kind of like today. maybe a little woman like sandra phil's gonna go up to 70 tomorrow. so the five day forecast as you peek out of here looks. fun and dry. i
6:51 pm
guess it can't doesn't look fun, but it will be fun. it's going to be nice and dry. i'll see you back here tonight at 10 and 11 weekend looks fun. i'm with you, bill. all good. all right. coming up. after the break, the golden state warriors go for their sixth straight win as they host the timberwolves sports. marco van is coming up next and here's a look right now. ktvu is prime time lineup at eight. it's the mass singer followed by alter ego and then stay tuned after that for the 10 and 11 o'clock news. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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so even a routine appointment can save your life. and i see you're due for a mammogram. should we schedule it? a leader in the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer. think of the warriors season so far is like going to disneyland. you know long wait. it's been two years since the warriors made the playoffs and then a wild ride so far right 10 games, nine victories and a whole lot of fun. nobody, of course, getting ahead of themselves. but. man they have been something to watch the other night comeback victory. they were down as many as 15 to the atlanta hawks came on, thanks in part to steph curry's 50 points. but you know what? the thing about this team no matter who they bring in off the bench, you never have the feeling that things are going to go sideways. they have just been. so consistently good tonight they take on the timberwolves admit a so to try to make it 10
6:55 pm
victories. they've got two more games counting tonight left in the eighth game home stand. steve kerr, of course, cautioning. let's not get too excited too soon. i don't think anybody is getting too cocky. you know, i think we're aware of the schedule has been kind to us to this point. we know it's going to get a lot tougher. draymond mentioned it to the team the other day. uh um. and the veterans who've been around know that. you know there's turbulence coming. there always is in an nba season. turbulence coming, but they look like they can handle it and turbulences already hit the cal football program. as you know, saturday's game has been postponed against usc and moved up to december 4th in berkeley. and the reports keep coming out now 44 people connected with the cal football program have reportedly tested positive with virus associated problems and
6:56 pm
they are very optimistic that they will be able to get in the big game against stanford. and all the protocols are being talked about kind of tighten things up a little more stringent, but you can kind of sense the frustration with head coach justin wilcox, who addressed the media little over an hour and a half ago. we have followed the guidelines, uh, through the athletic department, the university in the city of berkley. uh, we have health professionals housed in our building at our practices on our planes. do we have to tell remind people from time to time to put their mask on? do people have i been told that? yeah, absolutely. and i would also think that maybe there's folks in the city of berkley walking down the street or going to church or dinner or whatever, and maybe students on campus that might fall into the same category. i can't confirm that. but i would think that's probably likely. all right just
6:57 pm
in case you're wondering, never reportedly 99% of the program is vaccinated. why is there a picture of sean connery over my shoulder connected with kris bryant? that's because his agent scott boris, is notorious for squeezing every last dime out of perspective. teams that want his players that he represents and today. you're a giant fan and wondering if kris bryant will be back the trade deadline acquisition of performed so well? well it seems that his agent boris, said chris bryants, like sean connery red hot in the hunt for october, meaning he's a clutch player down the stretch. that is a little bit of a stretch. but kris bryant having boris as an agent that in itself may have priced him out of the giants potential acquisition range. alright? this is a guy who gives so much attention. odell beckham jr. and he hasn't even scored a touchdown this
6:58 pm
year. as you probably know. odell beckham jr is a free agent now. he has said that he wants to sign with either the saints, the packers or the chief's, and apparently if you listen to bruce arians, head coach of the super bowl champion tampa bay bucks, he will not be playing. with tom brady. ask you with tiger and junior suites sexy part of that. no. no too many letters already got a b i don't need l b. j. talking about antonio brown, of course, and we've got a little tabs. so let us check this out. this gentleman's name is and steph curry may have nothing on this guy. bud lefty from beverly hills, michigan. this has gone viral. this is a compilation of him sinking insane basketball trick shots, love to see him play a game of horse, but steph curry that could be pretty entertaining. could be pretty entertaining. uh, as i mentioned the
6:59 pm
can we start the movie? before sheldon gets here? last time we did that, he didn't talk to us for a month. so do it! hold on. where is he? well, according to his text, he was on the second floor, then he stopped to tie his shoe. (phone chimes) all tied, and... -hello! -hi. sorry we're late. amy took forever tying my shoe. koothrappali: all right! who's excited to see a documentary? oh, i know this one. nobody ever. hey! this one's going to be great. this is about the rivalry between a cool renegade scientist, nikola tesla, and his arch-nemesis, thomas edison. it's the greatest scientific feud of all time. i mean, you can forget about leibniz and newton. done. so, tesla's the one that invented the electric car? (laughter) sheldon: no, penny. no, the car is just named after him. okay, you don't have to be so smug about it. you know, you went to see that movie it
7:00 pm
because you thought it was about scary i.t. guys. tesla was a genius who invented our electrical grid. edison just wanted to get rich and famous. didn't he invent the lightbulb? that's what he wants you to think. but without the foundational work of ebenezer kinnersley, warren de la rue and james bowman lindsay, you wouldn't know edison any more than you know ebenezer kinnersley, warren de la rue or james bowman lindsay. isn't he sexy all fired up? he really gets my current alternating, if you know what i mean. edison was kind of a publicity hog and a bully. yeah, he electrocuted an elephant named topsy just to make himself famous. if i had an elephant named topsy, he would want for nothing. also, he'd be named jumbo. and worse than that, edison filmed the first on-screen kiss, so...he's basically a pornographer. although, every time i put that in wikipedia, someone takes it out. is your current still alternating?


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