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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  November 10, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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the four this afternoon. i'm heather holmes and i'm alex savage. we want to get right to that breaking news we're following in downtown oakland this afternoon. that's where police have responded to a shooting near the fox theater at 18th and telegraph avenue. police tell us a woman was shot just before 2 30 this afternoon. the victim was taken to the hospital and at last check is listed in stable condition. so far. police have not released any other details on the investigation, whether they have a suspect in mind here, or what the motive might have been for the shooting. we do have a crew there at the scene. they're working on gathering more information. and we'll head to that scene. live to get an update coming up at 4 30. well, now we go to san francisco this afternoon where voters will be deciding on a pair of recall decisions. next year. he was christian captain joins us now live and christian, the city's mayor, also weighing in throwing her support behind one of the recall efforts, but holding off onto another. yeah
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the mayor is saying that she supports the recall effort against the three san francisco school but members but when it comes to the recall effort for san francisco's district attorney, she says she's still weighing that decision. san francisco voters have a busy year ahead of them. the san francisco board of elections has confirmed that those looking to recall district attorney chase a boudin and a separate effort to oust three school board members have enough signatures to get on the ballot in 2022, now san francisco's mayor, london breed is saying she supports the effort to recall the school board members. they have become a distraction and that they really genuinely cared about our kids. they would get out of the way and allow us to move forward with people who understand financial management who understand the need to put children before anything before politics. school board president gabriela lopez says the mayor support for the recall follows a pattern of disrupting the education system and amounts to a power grab quote. her support of the recall adds to these patterns of disruption and is a direct
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benefit to the mayor's own ability to appoint three new members board vice president for wilma liga also took aim at the entire recall process, saying quote. i do not support the recall of any elected official recalls are not a function of a representative. democracy recall. supporters say they can't wait until the school board elections next november. they need to act. now kids can't wait another year they've already lost. one of here's one year is an enormously long time in the life of a nine year old so the way people who created this crisis i'm not going to people who can deal with it. right so we need better leadership for our students and neither desperately impossible. we would love for the election to be held today. supporters of embattled district attorney chase a boudin are also casting doubts on the recall process. the stand with chase of website reading, in part quote. make no mistake. this effort to overturn an election is republican led and fueled by fear mongering and dangerous misinformation. and while the mayor has weighed in on the school board, she's reserving judgment for now on the district attorney. yeah, i haven't taken a position on that recall at this time. at
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san francisco. voters will decide on the future of the school board members in february, and the district attorney in june. live in san francisco. christian captain ktvu box two mules. all right, kristen. thank you. a search warrant was carried out today at the home of former windsor mayor dominic for poli. the sonoma county sheriff's office tells us that warrant was in connection with the ongoing investigation into football league. nine women have accused him of sexual assault and misconduct. detectives were seen caring brown paper evidence backs containing what appeared to be personal belongings out of the police house. he resigned in may amid the allegations and has denied any wrongdoing. in a surprise move, kyle rittenhouse took the stand today at his own homicide trial, and he testified he was under attack what he shot three men during protests in kenosha, wisconsin. fox's mike tobin tells us as prosecutors cross examined written house things heated up. emotional testimony
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from kyle rittenhouse as he takes the stand in his homicide trial, breaking down as he details what happened that night. there was. people right there. the defendant crying so hard the judge called a break written how stepping away to compose himself written house on trial for shooting three protesters during the unrest in kenosha, wisconsin, last year, killing two and wounding a third. but written house says he was under attack, maintaining all shots were fired in self defense. they do anything wrong. i defended myself. the now 18 year old testifying, he fatally shot joseph rosenbaum after rosenbaum threatened him, chased him and put his hand on the barrel of rittenhouse's rifle. cheese scream. if i catch any alone, i'm going to kill you if you blocks away, he says anthony huber hit him with a skateboard before rittenhouse shot and killed him. then he describes wounding gage grosskreutz after grosskreutz
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confronted him and pointed a gun at his head. during cross examination. i did what i had to do to stop the person who was attacking me. by killing them. two of them passed away, but i stopped the threat from attacking me. by using deadly force judge bruce schrader scolding the prosecutor over a line of questioning, saying he was trying to introduce prohibited testimony. you're an experienced trial attorney and you're telling me that when the judge says. i'm exploding this you just take it upon yourself to put it in because you think that you've found a way around it come on the defense then requested a mistrial. rittenhouse faces life in prison if convicted. in kenosha, wisconsin. mike tobin fox news. and coming up at 4 30. i'll talk live with ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza about today's proceedings in the written house trial, including the judges admonishing of the prosecution today and what written houses emotional testimony on the stand. will mean for this case. convicted killer scott peterson will find out next year whether
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he will get a new murder trial. a judge in redwood city today said a hearing will begin in february to determine if there will be a new trial. he said to be re sentenced on december 8th for the 2002 killing of his pregnant wife. peterson's death sentence was overturned last year due to juror misconduct. the judge today also set up to 16 of lacey peterson's family and friends and six of scott peterson's family can attend that re sentencing. the judge is expected to re sentence peterson to life in prison without the possibility of parole. a judge today approved a $626 million settlement for people harmed by drinking water contaminated with lead in flint, michigan, the state changed flint's water supply from detroit's municipal water to the flint river back in 2000 and 14 to cut costs. the water was not treated and pipe corrosion resulted in lead. getting into the water money will be available to every child who was exposed to the
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water. every adult who can show an injury and some business owners and anyone who paid water bills. the white house is trying to calm fears about rising prices and supply chain problems. foxes lauren blanchard reports president biden headed to the port of baltimore to talk about federal efforts to try to get goods moving. president biden on the move visiting the port of baltimore wednesday, even though wages are going up. we still face challenges. we have to tackle them. we have to tackle it head on talking about how he plans to get the backed up supply chain. also moving. it's going to modernize our ports. with $17 billion in investment. $17 billion investment. remember reduce congestion. this speech comes after congress passed a trillion dollar infrastructure package designed to modernize airports, roadways and shipping ports. and while the president frames the package as part of the recovery. there are warnings. the higher prices are here for now. there is no quick
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fix. i wish if there were light switch that we could flick we would do that. it's also as inflation continues to skyrocket from food to fuel ahead of the holiday season, the labor department announced. october's consumer price index is 6.2% more than a year ago. and almost a full percentage point increase from september. it doesn't matter what it is. everything is going up, and that's that's attacks. whether you look at it that way or not, it's attacks, but when will the higher prices go away and the chair of the federal reserve warrant it could be well into next summer. in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news. well. that report on inflation slammed into the bond market today sending stocks lower on wall street. the dow fell 240 points. the nasdaq was down 263 and the s and p finished the day down. 38 points. of the number of americans applying for unemployment benefits has now hit a new low nationwide last week, 267,000 people filed for first time claims that is a
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drop of 4000 compared to just the week before. now many businesses owners are scrambling to keep up with demand, and they complain that they can't find workers to fill their job openings. a near record 10.4 million in august. ride sharing giant uber is facing a lawsuit from the department of justice coming up the claims that uber has unfairly treated customers with disabilities, all right we'll also have details on a major covid outbreak on the couch football team, forcing changes for the games scheduled against usc this weekend. add a burial weather after some dense fog this morning, lots of sunshine this afternoon and a bit of a warming trend. that'll take us to the weekend. we'll have more to the weekend. we'll have more your forecast coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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and now paying less for car insurance. with metromile's per-mile pricing... your rate is based on how much you actually drive. isn't that delightfully different? get your free quote at company of overcharging people with disabilities. ktvu henry
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lee, joining us now live from the newsroom with more on this lawsuit, henry. alex the doj is taking uber to court, saying it's charging wait time fees for disabled riders, even when they may need more time getting to the car. now. this lawsuit says people were charged wait time fees, but due to their disabilities, they needed more time to get to the vehicle department is asking the court to order uber to modify its wait time fee policy to comply with the americans with disabilities act. in april, 2016 uber began charging passengers wait, time fees and a number of cities, eventually expanding the policy nationwide. wait time you start two minutes after the uber car arrives at the pickup location in our charge until the car begins its trip. now. earlier this year, ktvu spoke to a blind uber rider, the reverend albert macklin, who says he relies on uber as well as his seeing eye dog. disabled writers like macklin could benefit by the suit filed by doj. it's just easier to have someone take your door to door and so uber has made it convenient lift has made it convenient to be able
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to just come out of your house. get in the car go from point a to point b. a man and be able to get there safely. even with bart and with bus systems use it as an in between. in response, uber called the lawsuit quote, surprising and disappointing. in a statement, uber also said in part, it has been our policy to refund wait time fees for disabled writers whenever they alerted us that they were charged. after a recent change last week. now any writer who certifies they are disabled will have fees automatically waived. we fundamentally disagree that our policies violate the 88. now uber also says they've been an active discussions with doj about how to address these issues even before this lawsuit was filed. live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu fox two news. okay, henry. thank you. this week's cal game against usc has been postponed after u. c. berkeley's announcement that dozens of football players have tested positive for covid as kate views amanda quintana reports. public health officials say the outbreak. is
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linked to a failure to follow coronavirus guidelines. this is the first major college football game that had to be rescheduled this year because of covid at the end of last week. 24 positive cases were found before the game in arizona. then this week, even more were found. and i think for me this has been, you know, as hard of a time to navigate as i've ever had during, you know, in a d, um. you know, to see our staff frustrated our student athletes frustrated, you know, it's just challenging with now, a total of 44 football players and staff testing positive for covid cal athletic director jim knolton says there was no choice but to reschedule saturday's big game against usc, but they were all in the same position group and it left us. with an inability to compete safely, milton says more than 99% of the football program is vaccinated. so how did so many people get infected in a statement? berkeley public health blames this quote major outbreak of highly contagious covid-19 on the team's failure
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to follow public health measures like getting tested and staying home when sick or wearing masks. u. c s f infectious disease special dr peter chin hong says it's also because the team likely got vaccinated more than six months ago, and their immunity is waning. none of the cow football team players even if they're infected word, i would expect it to go to the hospital and get seriously ill, but just like breakthrough infections in the community with vaccinations. you've seen people get symptoms that looked like a cold and that's essentially what the cow football team is getting. some players like quarterback cheese, garber are speaking out on social media upset vaccinated players without symptoms still had to be tested and quarantined the whole 10 days if positive, and they'll probably kick out at virus much faster. than somebody who's unvaccinated. but you know, right now, the public health guidance is meant for a big population and doesn't make that distinction. and that's why the players of frustrated
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doctor chen hong says the team is an example why boosters are needed. reason why tuesday, pfizer asked the fda for booster approval for everyone. 18 and older. everybody's immunity wins and maybe in a college football players will never get really sick. but they can take that infection probably spread it to grandma grandpa, whose immunity is also waiting, and that person will get much sicker. with pac 12 rules, the cow bears could have forfeited this game about the athletic director says that he is happy and grateful that usc and the pac 12 were willing to reschedule instead. in berkeley, amanda king found ktvu fox two news. well after the rainfall yesterday, some dense fog this morning lots of sunshine this afternoon a beautiful afternoon across the entire bay area. good chance to get outside kind of explore the creeks and the streams and it looks like this pattern will stick around as we head into your thursday, friday and into the weekend, so it's
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been a great start to the rainy season. and we can kind of guess celebrate these numbers so far. of course, we need a lot more rainfall, but still a nice starts. as you can see everybody well up above the average, especially in the north based santa rosa 515% of average. with the almost 14 inches of rainfall just amazing an amazing start to the iranian year now the forecast model showing you this. you can see some rainfall, but it's not moving into the bay area's heading up into the pacific northwest. so dry weather returns and it will continue for quite some time into the weekend and beyond. so, at least at this point, there's no one day we can pinpoint saying it's going to rain here in the bay area, but we'll see if that changes but it looks like we're kind of locked in this dry weather stretch for right now. now what happens when whenever you have a pattern like this, you have a lot of moisture on the ground. the long nights you get the formation of some valley fog, and we had that this morning. that could be the case once again as we head into. you are thursday morning. current numbers out there. san francisco checking in 63 degrees right now. 66 in santa rosa. lots of sixties across
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the entire bay area, and here's a live san francisco out toward the bay, where we have lots of clear skies. but just a heads up. we could have some patches of some dense fog that could impact your visibility overnight, so especially toward the central valley, out towards sacramento toward fairfield, but some of this fog kind of settle around the bay as well. that could impact your, uh, visibility's for the thursday morning commute. so just keep an eye on now. just be prepared for that, as i could be developing overnight. overnight temperatures will be in the forties and the fifties. so a bit of a chill in the air to start things off tomorrow morning, but after that cool start, we are expecting lots of sunshine into the afternoon hours and temperatures ranging from the sixties lower sixties all the way. to the lower seventies by about three or four o'clock tomorrow afternoon, and it looks like this minor warm up will continue as we head toward the weekend. we'll have more on that with your full forecast coming up in just a few minutes. all right. thank you. governor newsom makes another public appearance after taking time away from the spotlight coming up where he was today to encourage vaccines. and here is a look at
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ktvu s prime time lineup at eight o'clock. it's the mass singer that will be followed by alter ego. and then of course, stay tuned after that for the 10 o'clock news and the 11 o'clock news, all right here on ktvu.
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california today promoting covid-19 vaccinations and booster shots. that governor and senator alex padilla, where the vaccine flu shot clinic in los angeles. talking about the state's ongoing efforts to increase vaccination and booster rates. governor newsom also says flu shots are especially important as we head into the winter months. winter is coming. um, winter is here. and as we are want to be reminded and should be reminded. last year we had a challenging winter, particularly down here in southern california. we started to see around this time last year case rates. positivity
4:22 pm
rates. hospitalization rates icu numbers start to increase this year. just wanna remind people that we want to avoid the twinned emmick that is referred to by some and get that flu shot. i got. more than 55 million doses of the covid-19 vaccine have now been administered here in california, and last week about 726,000 booster shots were given. that's most of any other state. federal regulators will soon decide whether all adults should be able to get pfizer booster doses, perhaps as soon as thanksgiving week. as foxes david lee miller tells us, this comes as more seniors and others who are already qualified or getting their extra shots. almost 70% of adults or at least partially vaccinated, and now the focus is turning to boosters. pfizer is asking the fda to amend its emergency use authorization so we can offer boosters to all americans, 18 and older. the company, hoping to overcome lingering skepticism by some
4:23 pm
regulators about the need to expand access. more than 25 million booster shots have been administered so far. we're averaging 800,000 every day in the us of 50% from last month. the way you get a 100% decrease in the risk. of hospitalization is to not get infected in the first place. get your booster shot. when it is your turn. the feds are also focusing on getting kids to roll up their sleeves. the cdc says by the end of wednesday, some 900,000 children ages, 5 to 11 will have gotten their first shot. and demand remains high in most areas. i'm hearing from parents who are breathing a sigh of relief that their younger children it just five and up are now able to be protected. meanwhile opposition to vaccine mandates is intensifying. several republican governors say they're considering joining 11 other states in a lawsuit aimed at stopping a federal mandate from going into effect in january. yeah well on the
4:24 pm
local level. public workers in most big cities are facing a choice. get the shot or get fired. it's between your doctor and you here in new york, officials say so far fewer than 1% of city workers have been punished for refusing to get their shots. david lee miller, fox news. as we mentioned. there was dramatic testimony today in the kyle rittenhouse trial coming up what our legal analyst says about rittenhouse's claims of self defense. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪
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newscast a shooting this afternoon in downtown oakland. katie's brooks jarocz live now for us at the scene with new information, brooks. heather police haven't said much other than a woman was shot. she is in stable condition in the hospital were along 19th street between broadway and telegraph and glance marks the spot, according to witnesses. they have told us that there were some car break ins that occurred here and one of the people's cars who was being broken into. he saw what was going on, came out pulled out a gun. there was some gunfire exchanged, and then the suspects took off in the direction toward the fox theater. and that is where potentially were told by some witnesses that a bullet a stray bullet hit a woman. and then she was down on the sidewalk. there have been a lot of people out here today. who have come out to see one of the concerts
4:28 pm
at the theater, and we're told that that woman could have been waiting to possibly get inside and see that concert. this happened just before 2 30. several witnesses say they have seen many break ins occur at cars here. and one witness describes what he heard this afternoon. take a listen. it was a rapid fire, basically, automatic rifle or something like that. and it turned out that it was just people acting up, shooting down, up and down the street. and. the woman i think got shot in their arm. you know, that's why the parliament. you know, in the last 10 minutes or so i've talked to several people who just kind of shrug it off and say boy, it's another day in oakland. we just came off of violent weekend there have been 119 homicides in the city. and now this in broad daylight shooting, and yet more work for oakland police to try to investigate and figure out what exactly happened here. alright brooks jarocz reporting live
4:29 pm
for us there on that shooting in broad daylight there in downtown oakland. brooks. thank you. that's right run role. oh we're gonna just take it anyway. dramatic and emotional testimony today as kyle rittenhouse took the witness stand at his own homicide trial. britain house said that he was acting in self defense when he used an automatic rifle to shoot three men, killing two of them during protests in kenosha, wisconsin. joining us now for more is ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza. michael good to see you. certainly it is very unusual for a defendant to take the stand at their own trial. does it look to you like. this was a smart move for kyle rittenhouse's defense team. you know, certainly there was high drama in the courtroom today. and yes, i think it was the right thing to put him on the stand. it is taking a big chance because of the jury
4:30 pm
doesn't like the defendant for some reason, the entire case no matter how strong. focuses on the testimony of the defendant, but in this case i thought written house was intelligent or onions. it was appropriate emotionally. he answered questions. i don't think it gets any better when you put a defendant on the stand and what he did today, but alex that being said, you never know how would jury. perceives the testimony of the defendant. how do you think the cross examination was by the prosecution today? obviously they tried to go step by step and sort of poke holes in kyle rittenhouse's story. do you think they were able to maybe convince some jurors that kyle rittenhouse wasn't actually in fear for his life when he opened fire? i don't think so at all. i don't think they made any dense in his testimony. and if you recall during one of the recesses, the judge absolutely
4:31 pm
came down on the prosecutor for what he thought were unethical questions in commenting. a about the written houses, right? not to say anything. he questioned him about that the judge stopped. the drought pushed the jury out and absolutely lambasted the prosecutor, and he also got on him about another issue. so this judge. is conveying to this jury when they are in there that he's not very fond of this prosecutor. yes and you know what? you're what you're talking about here was was the judge twice on two occasions criticizing. the prosecution, the deputy district attorneys line of questioning once it was for questions about why written house remains silent after his arrest, and then the second time it was related to questions about evidence that was not allowed to be admitted at trial. how unusual was this for the judge to lay into one of the attorneys in this way, and what do you think it's
4:32 pm
going to come by the defense team's motion for a mistrial? well first of all i don't think the judge will grant a mistrial in this case, especially a mistrial with prejudice, meaning if he dismisses that it can never be filed again. he won't do that. as for whether it's unusual, it is unusual judges usually especially prosecutors, don't come down on them. but what the minister bigger the prosecutor in this case did was so agree gis when he went after kyle rittenhouse about first time you're telling the story never told it before you've seen everybody testified defense objects the judge sends the jury on says you can't comment on that. and alex what this is doing. should written house get convicted. there's an appeal issue and a very strong appeal issue. as for the other, the judge ruled before you are not to talk about this particular piece of evidence,
4:33 pm
the judge told the my thinking right now is to keep it out. what's protocol is for the defense or the prosecution if they want to talk about what a judge says to that point, he's keeping out you say judge has there been enough evidence that i can now go into that side? object. the prosecutor did not do that, and bam! that judge went right through the roof. and rightfully so before we wrap up, michael. how does a heated exchange like this in the middle of a trial play for the jury when you have a judge being being this critical of the prosecution in that way does does that have an effect on the jury as they go back to make their decision? i can't tell you how big an effect but keep in mind. the jury didn't see all of that the judge push the jury out of the jury box and into the jury room, but not withstanding. the jury picks up little cues from the judge. you know how he talks to how we treat both sides and in this case from what i've seen when
4:34 pm
the judge deals with the prosecutor because of the prosecutor's transgression, the jury is going to pick up judge doesn't like him and that will affect the government's case. you don't want that from a judge implying to a jury that you can't trust this guy. it's going to have a devastating effect. if i had to prognosticate. they're going to find him not guilty, but. again one thing we do know we don't know what a jury will do. no, absolutely not. we will continue to follow up but certainly pivotal moment in this trial that we saw today. yeah alright. ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza always appreciate your time. thanks. you're welcome. take care. new york's attorney general, released hundreds of pages of transcripts today of interviews conducted during an investigation into sexual harassment allegations made against former governor andrew cuomo. the transcripts included cuomo's interview with the independent investigator hired by attorney general letitia james. in that interview, he
4:35 pm
denied many of the allegations said he was. excuse me careful in how he behaved around women and said several of his accusers had misrepresented what happened. cuomo announced his resignation on august 10. coming up here on the floor. the new life saving device unveiled today along some bay area beaches and the tragic drowning that inspired them. and whether the bay area the clear this afternoon and that warming trend will continue as we head into the weekend. we'll have wonder forecast and we'll let you know when rain may return, we'll have the update coming up. and there you have it- woah. wireless on the most reliable network nationwide. wow. -big deal! ...we get unlimited for just 30 bucks. sweet, i get that too and mine has 5g included. that's cool, but ours save us serious clam-aroonies.
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unveiled today they're going to be installed at beaches all along with san matteo county coast to try to help prevent drownings. the circular buoy is attached to 100 ft. of rope so
4:38 pm
someone on the beach could then toss the buoy to someone in the water. and pull them towards the shore. this whole thing. is designed to help save lives. as we all know, we have a beautiful, very unique california coastline. it's one of the best in the world, but it has a unique dangers. as ktvu is azenith smith tells us the idea came after the tragic death of a boy from fremont. these are the most current version. these new signs in ring buoys part of life saving stations at some barrier beaches. erik jones, the founder of nonprofit c valour, knows the unique dangers of sneaker waves from a very young age. i was taught by my parents, you know, you never turn your back in the ocean because it's just unpredictable. but many beach visitors don't know the risks. jones help with the search of 12 year old aruna pruthi of fremont. the seventh grader swept out to sea back in january, pulled in by a sneaker wave playing on cal ranch state beach. it was something we
4:39 pm
never imagined would happen on a. bright sunny day of the beach for 15 minutes, a. rooney's family and other beachgoers watched as a rooney tried to swim human chains were formed. items like beach tents were thrown. nothing was able to bring him back all the people on that beach that they were helping us standing there. watching that happened is very tough. i mean, it's a lifelong. a grief so we may not be able to recover from it. but it is. we just have to move forward 10. months later the rooney foundation along with steve l. a nonprofit now raising awareness about beach hazards, with these stations, complete with a triangular sign. that's a danger in 12, different languages and informational sign, noting how many people have died from sneaker waves. this is a. it's a decal that can be hopefully over the years. drop and the most important component a life ring
4:40 pm
with 100 ft. of rope attached. the idea is, hopefully somebody will grab one of these rings and throw them to the person in distress instead of just jumping in. themselves privately funded and sponsored, first installed that maverick speech and to its surfers beach. renee's family believes if there was a station like this that day, their son would be home. all i know is if someone else would have put it there. they could have saved my son's life. so why not me doing it for someone else's like azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. veterans day is tomorrow, and santa clara county is honoring veterans and their families during the entire month of november. veterans day celebration took place today at hell, your park and san jose. also as part of this month, celebrations and tributes, county officials are highlighting new ways for veterans to get help applying for critical federal, state and local benefits. organizers say. this is one way to make sure veterans get the help they need and have earned with their countless sacrifices for this country. veterans sacrificed,
4:41 pm
you know, and they sacrificed blood. they sacrifice sweat, and they sacrificed tears in their service to this nation, and we have these freedoms. and as americans, those freedoms sometimes seem expected. when they're not really expected there really a gift from the veterans to the american. people. through that blood, sweat and tears. santa clara county, says the number of veteran disability claims it has helped us submit has increased by about 25% since this past summer. and for veterans day we are expecting lots of sunshine for tomorrow. after some pockets of dense fog, the sun will win out in the afternoon hours and a little bit of a warming trend is temperatures trying out just slightly as we head into your thursday and toward the weekend as well. but, boy, the creeks are really coming to a coming alive as i've had all the recent rainfall. this was out
4:42 pm
toward the phoenix lake spillway. it's amazing just how much water is coming out. of the lake and in the stream, so just amazing to see all that water just re energized. basically with all those storms moving into the bay area, especially that big atmospheric river just over a couple weeks back now it looks like a storm track will be pushed up to our north. so with that we are locked in a dry weather pattern. for maybe 9 10 days. something like that. but at least the last rainfall, of course was yesterday. so our tally is up to one dry day. we'll probably add onto this to maybe nine or 10. dry days will be keep updating. this map fact was interesting. when i updated this map from this was actually from the last march, we had a stretch of over 30 days of dry weather, so hopefully it won't be that long. we definitely need some more rainfall to attract here in the bay area satellite showing you some of the fog from this morning kind of melting away into the afternoon hours, and that'll probably the story once again. as for as we head into your thursday current numbers right now san francisco 63 close to 70 out toward fairfield upper sixties there. at san jose
4:43 pm
right now, checking him. 67 degrees beautiful live camera above san francisco. looking out toward the bay we will cloud things up a bit overnight with some patches of some dead fog, but still a nice kind of brisk wednesday evening out there overnight. we'll start out tomorrow morning in the forties and the fifties so a bit of a chill in the air to start things out tomorrow morning, so definitely want to bundle up and of course, watch out for some pockets of fog. what's happening in this big area of high pressure which is offshore, this will gradually build in and this will be the source of the dry weather and the warmer what other as well. but it kind of squashes that to fog bank and if you think of all the recent rainfall is a lot of moisture on the ground. the long nights we have the fog that forms, especially in some of the valley locations. and that'll be the case. first thing tomorrow morning. no dense fog advisories, but just be prepared for some dense fog. storm track is being pushed up to our north this week, so it is that mild to born pattern. the rainfall kind of focused up to our north up in the pacific northwest. that's what that will be the kind of the target zone at least as some more significant rate fall at least with this pattern this week and
4:44 pm
into the weekend. forecast ties for tomorrow, mainly in the sixties to the lower seventies. so tomorrow will be a little bit warmer than today. you could see center fell. 70 fairfield 71. degrees san jose 70 the look ahead your five day forecast. we'll have some fog to deal with for tomorrow morning and then once again in the friday morning, the weekend. it's just going to be a nice forecast with the clearing skies mostly sunny conditions, temperatures in the sixties and the seventies and then partly sunny skies into monday, so no rain chance over the next five days. thankfully, we're kind of kind of. it's the saving those raindrops were celebrating those raindrops we picked up lately, so i guess we can go outside and enjoy the weather. looking pretty good. different both saturday and sunday. yes, it is. thanks so much mark. appreciate it. well this year for the first time, you'll be able to buy dungeness crab directly from the boats at fisherman's warf in san francisco, the city's port commission voted to allow the sale of whole live judging this #### from fishing boats at the war during a one year pilot program. commission says it's a
4:45 pm
way to help out both local fishing fleet, which has been hit hard during the pandemic when restaurants were closed. it's not clear yet, though, when the commercial season for crab will begin. it was supposed to start on november 15th, but that was recently put on hold by the department of fish and wildlife. well is it is an issue that has just so many pay area families coming up. i'm going to talk live with a mental health expert on ways of preventing suicide and the event coming up this friday in memory of this young bae area, man. coming up tonight at five o'clock bay area restaurants, not enforcing vaccine requirements are being fined hundreds of dollars per violation by some businesses say they'd rather take the charge, then enforce the mandate. also the home of former windsor mayor dominic police raided today by sonoma county sheriff's deputies will have more on that ongoing investigation into allegations of sexual assault and misconduct.
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of the pandemic, studies show that the global crisis exacerbated risk factors associated with suicidal behavior, such as job loss and barriers to accessing healthcare. north bay family knows the pain of losing a loved one to suicide in 16 2024 year olds. ain't templin died by suicide. he was a scholar athlete who graduated with honors from santa rosa high and went to u. c. davis. and attended the university of the pacific school of dentistry in san francisco. here he is with his fellow dental students. his mother has since started a nonprofit called the zain templin foundation. to support mental health awareness and suicide prevention. the group is involved in the u matter. walk in the north bay, raising more than $100,000 and coming up this friday, the foundation
4:49 pm
is holding his high heels for hope fundraiser in santa rosa. and i am so proud to once again be the emcee of this very important event joining me now i'm talking more about mental health support as dr jonathan horowitz, director of the san francisco stress and anxiety center, jonathan thank you so much for being here. no doubt the pandemic has been an added layer of stress for so many people. what are ways that people can manage their mental health during this ongoing pandemic? hi heather. that's a great question and thank you so much also for taking the time to address this topic. it's really important. i think they think what people can do. first of all is recognized that what we're experiencing now isn't normal. it feels more normal than it did before, but we're not back to what's fully normal. and people are experiencing lots of loss. there's a lot of uncertainty, and that creates a lot of anxiety, and that can never real psychological impact. so 1st 1st off. just being aware of that is important. um there are people who aren't severely suffering, but they're not fully okay, right? the other thing that is really important,
4:50 pm
i think is social contact. sometimes it takes creativity during the pen the pandemic to get out there and be around the people that you care about and do the things that are important to you, but i would encourage people to really make the extra effort to do that. uh, as we get through this. yeah and jonathan, we know that the holidays are coming up and so from family to finances boy, the season can really trigger anxious nous for some people. what's your advice for the holiday season? yeah so there's a few things first off just being aware that the holidays mom aren't the change in season so it gets dark earlier, and some people are really sensitive to that. so if you're one of those people just knowing that that can affect your mood, and that you might need to get more sunlight that can really help some people. secondly with the holidays, managing expectations is really important. i think we have this idea from the media and from culture that there's like a perfect kind of holidays that we're supposed to experience and for most people most of the time, the holidays are not really like that so going easier on yourself and have a
4:51 pm
good expectations. realistic expectations is important. and then finally being careful with alcohol, you know, because the holidays can be so anxiety provoking for people. they tend to overindulge. right so just being really careful about how much you're drinking out events throughout the season that can be really. no longer a really good advice there jonathan. what are the situations and risk factors that could lead someone to consider suicide? and as a friend or loved one? how might we respond? great question. yeah so as far as risk factors, obviously mental illness in the history of mental health concerns is a big risk factor, but it's not just about mental health concerns. it's also things like financial stress, loneliness, alienation, shame, loss of relationships, especially when people are going through when they're in the midst of a loss like that, that can be a real risk factor. uh as far as what you can do as a friend or colleague just expressing concern. i think a lot of times people are
4:52 pm
hesitant because they feel like they don't have the right words. you don't have to have the person the perfect words. it can be as simple as just saying, you know, from a heartfelt place of concern. you see him down? what's going on for you if you think that somebody really is going to harm themselves, you can ask them straight out, you know? are you planning on doing that? are you going to hurt yourself in and if you think that they are, they say they are. then professional intervention is really important. so calling 911 or calling the national suicide hotline and the number for that is 1 802 738255. okay final question for you. how should we as a society better address the issue of suicide and mental health. yeah i think the first and most importantly, just talking about it and removing the stigma from the conversation goes along way people commit suicide or try to commit suicide because they're in deep. emotional pain, and they're unable to see a way out of that pain. and on top of that they often have additional
4:53 pm
shame about the fact that they're feeling so bad and are considering suicide cycle. so the more that we can talk openly about it, and people share their stories and their experiences. it gives room for them to talk about what they're experiencing, and that can really help. um the other thing that's important as a society is just making mental health services widely available. we're getting better about this. there are more online resources, for example, for example. but we still have a ways to go in california. insurance companies are required to provide full coverage for all mental health conditions. so if your insurance company doesn't have therapists available or they won't pay for your care or something. then get a new one or contact california department of insurance. yeah jonathan, thank you so much for what you do. and thank you for taking the time to have this really important conversation. appreciate it. yeah. thanks for having me. okay so friday's high heels for hope is actually sold out. but if you would like to make a donation, or you want
4:54 pm
to know more about the zain templin foundation that very important suicide prevention group based there in the north bay. just log onto our website ktvu com and click on web links. i'm so happy that this event is sold out that just shows how many people really care about this issue of mental health and suicide prevention and how many people now are really willing to have this conversation openly absolutely such an important discussion and it does seem like there is a renewed focus here during the pandemic, as there should be absolutely all right. she is in a accomplished and she has accomplished a lot in her young life now. nobel peace prize winner malala yousafzai has announced another milestone. we'll have more on the new journey she's starting coming journey she's starting coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪
4:55 pm
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has gotten married the 24 year old shared these photos on twitter. she married oscar malik in a private ceremony in birmingham, england, she said they are quote excited to walk together for the journey ahead. at the age of 15. she was shot in her native pakistan by the taliban for speaking out about educating girls. she graduated from oxford university last year. her husband is a general manager at the pakistan cricket board. what a beautiful moment for her. congratulations well, another bay area institution, sadly has. fallen victim to the pandemic, the golden skate in san ramon has announced that it is closed. ktvu is cristina rendon tells us the roller rink holds a lot of fond memories for so many. step inside the golden skate, and you're transported back in time, a place where memories were made for decades. people come here and, you know, celebrate their birthdays and anniversaries. we even had anniversary party here. i'm betting party. can you imagine
4:58 pm
that mold they began working part time at the golden skate 20 years ago, making goody bags and doing inventory. she's now the operations manager. mulvey says the response from the community has been overwhelming since the owner announced the skating rink will be shutting down so many people sent us emails. facebook messages, tons of phone calls because we'll definitely stay open during, um, holidays. so november and december, the owner of the golden skate purchases in 1995 and says it took him years to revive the business. unfortunately during the pandemic, the financial impact was too much, and he decided that it was time to close receptionist tamara tabatabai grew up in san ramon and remember skating with her friends. it's the people she'll miss most. i've never really worked anywhere where it's been such like a family and. just really nice people, and it's a great place to work. and i've had a blast for wish it wasn't going. the golden state will likely close early next year, meaning there's still time for the public to slip on a pair of warnings skates for a ride down
4:59 pm
memory lane, and the owner says it will give them the opportunity to say goodbye to their beloved customers. we wanted to give them a chance to come in and skate for the last time. i feel sad. but you know, we have to do what we have to do in san ramon cristina rendon ktvu, fox two news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now. breaking news in downtown oakland. a shooting in the middle of the day right outside the fox theater. i heard them and i saw people running. so i and i realized it was actually gunshots. police say a woman was shot this afternoon and taken to the hospital. good evening, everyone i'm heather holmes in tonight for julie mike mibach in tonight from frank somerville. those shots were fired right around 2 30 this afternoon at 18th and telegraph avenue. ktvu brooks jarocz has been on the scene and he joins us now live with the latest on this breaking story. brooks. guys we're just on telegraph avenue
5:00 pm
right outside the fox theater right behind me. see where this water is here? that is where the cleanup crews have just finished following that shooting, where a woman was hurt taken to the hospital by ambulance and we're told she is expected to survive her injuries. this all played out earlier. we're told by witnesses down this street. on 19th street. apparently there were a couple of car break ins and one of the owners went to confront the potential criminals, and at that moment pulled out a gun. there was gunfire exchange. the suspects by witnesses say, took off. and came heading toward broadway, and that's when a stray bullet may have hit a woman who is waiting outside here potentially to see the concert tonight. we did have several witnesses described hearing the gunshots, seeing what was going on seeing


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