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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  November 10, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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people vaccinated against covid, and how is also encouraging californians to get their flu shots at the same time. plus, saturday's big game between cal and usc postponed what we're learning about dozens of cal football players tested positive for the coronavirus, then the san francisco school board recall election still months away, but leaders in san francisco are starting to weigh in. the new public support from mayor london breed the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian andre. senior infra mike mibach new at noon. governor newsom is in southern california today, promoting covid-19 vaccinations and booster shots. the governor and senator alex padilla. we're at a vaccine and flu clinic in los angeles county, talking about the state's ongoing effort to increase vaccination and booster rates. governor newsom also says flu shots are important. as well as we head into the winter months. winter is coming. um, winter is here.
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and as we are want to be reminded and should be reminded. last year we had a challenging winter, particularly down here in southern california. we started to see around this time last year case rates. positivity rates. hospitalization rates icu numbers start to increase this year. just wanna remind people that we want to avoid the twinned emmick that is referred to by some and get that flu shot. i got. all over 55 million doses of covid-19 vaccine have been administered here in california and last week about 726,000 booster doses were given. that's most of any other state. this week's big cal game will not happen, university officials said yesterday. saturday's game against usc has been pushed back to december 4th. because dozens of cal football players have tested positive for covid ktvu is amanda quintana reports. this is the first major college football game that had to be rescheduled this year because of covid at the
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end of last week. 24 positive cases were found before the game in arizona. then this week, even more were found. and i think for me this has been, you know as hard of a time to navigate as i've ever had during, you know, in a d, um. you know, to see our staff frustrated our student athletes frustrated, you know, it's just challenging with now, a total of 44 football players and staff testing positive for covid cal athletic director jim knolton says there was no choice but to reschedule saturday's big game against usc, but they were all in the same position group and it left us with an inability to compete safely, milton says more than 99% of the football program is vaccinated. so how did so many people get infected? in a statement? berkeley public health blames this quote major outbreak of highly contagious covid-19 on the team's failure to follow public health measures like getting tested and staying home when sick or wearing masks. u c s f infectious disease specialist
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dr peter chin hong says it's also because the team likely got vaccinated more than six months ago, and their immunity is waning. none of the cow football team players even if they are infected word, i would expect it to go to the hospital and get seriously ill, but just like breakthrough infections in the community with vaccinations. you've seen people get symptoms that looked like a cold and that's essentially what the cow football team is getting. some players like quarterback cheese, garber are speaking out on social media upset vaccinated players without symptoms still had to be tested and quarantined the whole 10 days if positive, and they'll probably kick out at virus much faster. than somebody who's unvaccinated. but you know, right now, the public health guidance is meant for a big population and doesn't make that distinction. and that's why the players of frustrated doctor chen hong says the team is an example why boosters are needed. reason why tuesday, pfizer asked the fda for booster approval for everyone.
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18 and older. everybody's immunity wins and maybe in a college football players will never get really sick. but they can take that infection probably spread it to grandma grandpa, whose immunity is also waiting, and that person will get much sicker. with pac 12 rules, the cow bears could have forfeited this game about the athletic director says that he is happy and grateful that usc and the pac 12 were willing to reschedule instead. in berkeley, amanda king found ktvu fox two news. supporters of the effort to recall three san francisco school board members getting public support now from the city's mayor, ktvu ellie, rest with his life to explain in the newsroom with more on mayor london breed who is the latest san francisco leader to support the recall of these three board members? ali and we are hearing from those three board members who are facing a recall will explain what they have to say about this momentarily. but this recall election is still months away. february 15th. san francisco. political leaders, though, are now pub to weigh int
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state senator mayor london breed says she supports parents quote calls for change in a statement to ktvu, she said, our school district is in a dire fiscal situation. our kids have fallen behind after spending more than a year out of the classroom. sadly our school board's priorities have often been severely misplaced and quote. the board members facing a recall include board president gabriela lopez, allison collins and fogelman liga. some of the issues plaguing the district they ever see include a $125 million budget shortfall and declining enrollment. enrollment has dropped flying fight over 69% i've been since the pandemic and almost found out percent just in the last year. and so people have lost the trust san francisco public schools were among the last in the nation in california to reopen middle and high school students didn't return in person until fall of this year. while schools were closed for 18 months, the board tried and failed to rename 40 san francisco schools school board
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president lopez said there was no learning loss among students during the closure. just students quote learning differently. then there was the lawsuit brought by board member allison collins. she tried to sue the school district and her fellow board members for $87 million. a judge tossed that suit before it even had a hearing. sivarasa is one of the organizers of the recall. our children have lost over wound up. yes, educa and we're spiraling from crisis to crisis. the school board is the members of school board have not even acknowledged. the level of harm. i personally feel. feel like we did the right thing in san francisco to ensure that. when our students did come back in person that it was as safe as possible. there is an organized campaign against this recall, critics say it's a waste of time, money and resources to have a special election in february, when the regular school board election will happen a year from now having a election and an unusual time means that fewer san franciscans and less diverse sent franciscans will have our voices heard. recall
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supporters say waiting another year for changes in leadership is too long. one year is an enormously long time in the life of a nine year old. we need better leadership for our students, and neither desperately if possible. we would love for that election to be held today. now if the board members are successfully recalled in february, the mayor would appoint three people to replace them until the general election next year. just in the past hour, we heard back from all three board members. facing a recall president gabriela lopez accused mayor breed of playing politics, saying quote breeds actions have been more disruptive than helpful. her support of the recall as to these patterns of disruption and as a direct benefit to the mayor's own ability to appoint three new members and quote. allison collins characterized the recall as a power grab and said quote our policies are working to fix broken systems and make students safe. such politics is tiring, transparent and actually causes more harm. and board commissioner felt bogomil liga said quote. pacific islanders believe this
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is an attempt to recall the entire community, not just me as an office holder. we are hurt and dismayed by mayor breeds choice to support the recall. san francisco voters will start receiving their mail in ballots for this recall election about two months from now. live in the newsroom. ali rasmus ktvu. box two news. san francisco voters will decide whether district attorney chase abedin should be removed from office. san francisco's elections director announced that the recall petition had enough certified signatures to qualify for the ballot. the recall election set to take place june 7th organizers of the recall subroutine is too easy on criminals, while the district attorney supporters say he should be allowed to finish out his four year term. chase a boudin and his office are making decisions to not file charges in certain cases to not file that the appropriate charges in certain cases in that. chronic and violent offenders are being permitted to receive very inexplicably low and lenient
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sentences, he said. as a candidate he would shake up the system because the system was broken, racist and unfair. those who are more attached to the status quo aren't going to feel comfortable. if the recall in june successful, another election will be held in november to select someone to finish what each term which ends in 2023. kyle rittenhouse took the stand at his murder trial this morning, saying he was under attack when he shot three men during a night of turbulent protests in kenosha. when rittenhouse faces charges of killing two men and wounding a third last year during protests set off by the police shooting of jacob blake rittenhouse is accused of killing one man at close range and killing a second, who was seen on video hitting written house with a skateboard. a third protester admitted to pointing his own gun at written house just before he was shot. written house broke down on the stand while describing being chased by the first man he shot and killed. he continued his testimony after the judge called a recess. there were
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about 100 people surrounding that. that those cards and there was no space for me to continue to run to. and so you turned around? yes and as you see him lunging at you. what do you do? i shoot him. and how many times did you shoot? i believe four. put my hands rittenhouse went on to say he didn't do anything wrong and that he was defending himself. during his testimony the judge said the jury out of the courtroom a number of times to scold prosecutors for improper questioning. rittenhouse's lawyers say they'll ask for a mistrial over the prosecutors line of questioning. if convicted, written house could get life in prison. today the u. s justice department filed the lawsuit against uber over allegations of overcharging people with disabilities. the lawsuit claims people were charged wait time fees but due to their disabilities. they needed more time to get to the vehicle. the department is
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asking the court to order uber to modify its wait time fee policy to comply with the americans with disabilities act. in april, 2016 uber began charging passengers wait, time fees and a number of cities, eventually expanding that policy nationwide. wait time p start two minutes after the uber car arrives at the pickup location. and her charged onto the car begins its trip. it's been 4.5 years since the deadly mass shooting at a san francisco ups facility, how dozens of workers are now coming together. to file a lawsuit against the security company and why they say that company didn't do enough to prevent it. plus. that was probably one of the scariest thing that i've ever been through. um. who gets had fallen. police were everywhere. the legal fallout continues to grow following the deadly stampede at the astro world festival in houston. what we're learning about the security protocol at that concert. also a slight warm up is heading to the bay area, and san francisco
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is enjoying some gorgeous sunshine ktvu meteorologist. mark tamayo has your full forecast and marks next. stampedl
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continues to grow. dozens of lawsuits have now been filed as we learn more about the security protocols at that concert, casey steagall reports. that was probably one
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of the scariest things that i've ever been through. um. gates had fallen. police were everywhere. 18 year old jonathan espinosa, describing the moment the crowd began surging at last week's deadly astro world festival. more than three dozen victims and families have now filed lawsuits, many claiming that concert organizers should have had better safety measures in place. and that rapper travis scott should have stopped the show when chaos erupted. anybody who encouraged or or in rage the audience into coming together as. this big mass, uh, wave of people crushing together. those people have to be concerned. travis scott maintains he wasn't fully aware of what was happening while he was performing. according to tmz. he left the concert friday evening and went straight to an after party but reportedly left once he was informed of the tragedy. meantime investigators
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are looking into how closely events security. it followed safety protocols. the president of houston's firefighters union says the fire department asked concert organizers for radio to communicate with emergency medical providers on site, he says. instead they were only given cell phone numbers. the difference between getting to somebody. uh, in a minute. or five minutes is critical when somebody's in need. houston authorities say they are in the early stages of investigating what exactly went wrong. that's the latest from dallas. casey steagall, ktvu fox two news. veterans day is tomorrow. santa clara county is honoring veterans and their families during the entire month of november veteran's day celebrations taking place right now at hell, your park in san jose, also, as part of this month celebrations and tributes, county leaders are highlighting the new ways veterans can get help to apply for critical federal, state and local benefits. organizers say this
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is one way to make sure veterans get whatever help they need, and they've earned their services with their sacrifice to our country. veterans sacrificed, you know, and they sacrificed blood. they sacrifice sweat, and they sacrificed tears in their service to this nation, and we have these freedoms. and as americans, those freedoms sometimes seem expected. when they're not really expected there really a gift from the veterans to the american. people. through that bled sweat and tears. santa clara county, says the number of veteran disability claims it helps submit has increased by about 25% since this past summer. all right, so we've had some great weather at that event today. hopefully if they're more events happening, bill deal with some great weather like you're dealing with right now, but we have some fog in san francisco earlier today as well. mark. yes some dense fog. it's one of those deals on during hacia the rainfall, some leftover moisture on the ground
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those long nights and the fog formation. so we're just saying that because we could have the fog return tomorrow morning and into friday and that could impact your visibility for the morning commute. something be watching closely over the next few days. but as you can sell right now, lots of sunshine across the bay area and it looks like we get a break from the rainfall forward today says, you know, it has been a very great starts at just a wonderful start to the rainy season. we are well above the average. 500% of average, but it looks like an extended period of dry weather right now so at least that last system both nice to bring in some more rainfall, but it looks like we're to dry things up over the next few days. here's our forecast models he can't see and all the storms headed up to our north, and they're in fact will be an atmospheric river. not here. but up in the pacific northwest. so looks like where the dry part of this pattern. so with that we're gonna have more sunshine. after the fog over the next few days. here's the satellite and the radar. he see some rain showers up to our north, but that's just about it in the clouds offshore,
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starting to show that the shape of an arc and that means that essentially it's a. fairweather ridge trying to build in that'll warm us up and keep us dry satellite right now, though, still showing you some pockets of fog, especially out towards modesto out towards sacramento, and some of that to fog will likely regroup. first thing tomorrow morning for your thursday morning. current number is out there you can see ranging from the upper fifties in santa rosa to the mid sixties, released a mid to upper sixties out toward palo alto and free month. so most neighborhoods this afternoon will be in the sixties. maybe approaching 70 degrees. here's a live camera looking out toward the bay bridge out towards san francisco. lots of clear skies right now shaping up to be a very nice afternoon, so right ends for right now as an area of low pressure from from monday and into tuesday, kind of scoots out to the east and as you can see right now, with that big h developing offshore. that will be the source of our dry pattern and a little bit of a warming trend as well. in fact, we're talking about some more seventies as we head towards the weekend. for today, though most areas will be in the mid to upper sixties
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for your wednesday afternoon. san francisco 64 conquered 67 in antioch 66. degrees here is look ahead your five day pretty much the same story for your thursday and then into friday temperatures. trending up to slightly as we head towards the weekend. in fact, the weekend forecast looks beautiful after the fog in the morning clearing skies in the afternoon hours looks like a great great pattern to get outside for both saturday and into sunday. we need the rain. we also need to break the rain that's happening right now. mark thank you still to come and noon, a change in the way you purchase crab and san francisco this year, the one year pilot program just approved that will allow people to buy crabs directly from the boats at fisherman's wharf.
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past...
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and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. the sale of whole live dungeness crab from fishing boats at the war during a one year pilot program, the commission says it's a way to help out the local fishing fleet, which was hit hard during the pandemic. when restaurants closed. it's not clear yet when the commercial season for crab will begin. it was supposed to start november 15th, but that was recently put on hold by the department of fish and wildlife, another worrisome economic indicator released by the labor department today shows consumer prices are on the rise. it's happening just before the thanksgiving holiday, and his congress intends to vote on another massive spending package. madeline rivera has a closer look from washington.
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americans are shelling out more for everyday items like food and gas. inflation in october, coming in hotter than expected, with people now paying 6.2% more for goods. than they were a year ago, the largest annual increase in 30 years. the american people are mad, and they realize that we're not going in the right direction, meat, fish and eggs up 11.9% beef rising 20.1% electricity spiking 6.5. the biden administration, pointing to supply chain disruptions as the driving factor behind the price increases. the pandemic continues to poke holes in our ability to get goods to where they need to go, republicans warned. the price jumps are another red flag for democrats to pump the brakes on a nearly $2 trillion social spending bill. they argue with only overheat the economy. what's on people's minds are the fact that again, they may not be
12:25 pm
able to get the things they need for thanksgiving if they do, it's going to cost more. if they travel, it's going to cost more. house democrats are still pressing for a floor vote on the bill next week, the federal reserve has said. inflation as transitory, but some economists are questioning that sentiment. warning things could get worse. before they get better. and washington mallory, vera ktvu, fox two news. nurses with kaiser permanente. you're holding a 20 protests across the state to warn patients about what they're calling a dangerous patient dumping scheme. nurses say kaiser's plan sends patients in need of hospitalization back home. to be overseen remotely by health care providers who are miles away. they say the at home program means patients are alone and at risk instead of getting the in person care they need. well you'll be by yourself who is going to be taking care of you and touching your hands there? who's if you need something like if you're having fever, you're down in your in your bed. who can you call no. one which means
12:26 pm
patients will be at risk for their lives. guys says its implementation of the medically home care delivery platform. is an innovative program rooted in quality and safety, adding that nurses will continue to play a critical role in the care of someone in their care. kaiser released a statement this morning reminding patients at today's picketing is not a strike. and quote in spite of the acute shortage of nurses in the state, kaiser permanente, northern california will have hired an estimated 1800 experienced nurses by the end of the year. in addition to adding 300. new nurses who will graduate from kaiser permanente nurse residency program still to come at me in a new tool to prevent drownings on the peninsula of the family of a free mind boy who drowned is raising awareness about water safety and working to prevent future tragedies. plus. relaxation of the restrictions and then the winter season where people are more tend to be more indoors. alright then contributing to increased transmissions. warning of a
12:27 pm
winter surge. california officials are getting ready for more covid cases, and the state says we're already seeing a slight rise.
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♪building castles in the sky♪ ♪just the two of♪ ♪building castles in the sky♪ home of former windsor mayor dominic foot. poli the sonoma county sheriff's department
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tells us the warrant was in connection with the ongoing investigation into for polling. a number of women have accused him of sexual assault and misconduct will have more on this developing story for you today on the four also new at noon, residents of marin county being told to shelter in place. right now, the sheriff's department is looking for a possible burglary suspect in the area of bel marin keys boulevard man was last seen wearing a blue flannel black pants and boots. anyone who sees them is asked to call 911. experts are warning of another uptick in covid-19 cases in some parts of california. it comes as some restrictions, ease and cooler, wetter weather people spending more time indoors. 75% of california's population has received at least one dose of the covid-19 vaccines 60% fully vaccinated, but that's not stopping. the recent uptick were telling you about. doctors say places with lower vaccination rates are driving the latest spike. stats show hospitalizations are increasing in areas such as the sacramento region and central valley, along with orange. riverside san bernardino
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counties. dr lee riley, chair of the division of infectious diseases, impacts the knowledge e. u c. berkeley, says the rise isn't surprising and that there are few forces at work here. the relaxation of the restrictions and then the winter season where people are more tend to be more indoors or i think, contributing to increased transmissions. this is also the, uh, you know season for all kinds of other respiratory illnesses, you know when to common calls in region. governor newsom says planning is already underway for a winter surge here in the bay area. alameda county had 403 covid cases monday. santa clara county the highest 535 that same day. experts say the numbers highlight the need to continue to wear masks and push for increased vaccination rates. the search comes ahead of a busy travel season over the holidays, so doctors urging people to get their booster shot. as soon as they can. and the push to get the booster shot isn't just happening here. in california. doctors nationwide want people who are qualified to get a booster to
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get one as griff jenkins reports visors put in a federal request to get everyone ages, 18 and up eligible for a booster. it's official. pfizer asking federal regulators for permission to give booster shots to all americans over the age of 18, potentially adding a new layer of protection heading into the holidays. fighter says it's data shows the boosters were 95% effective in preventing covid hospitalizations and deaths. but it's far from a done deal. the company is expected to face tough questions from fda officials about whether boosters are needed for the general public were talking about lowering the risk with the booster from one in 3000 to 1 in 30,000. which is about the reduction we may see in people over 65 push for boosters comes as the legal challenges to vaccine mandates are accelerating. a federal judge has allowed united airlines to move forward with its mandate, one of the first tests of a big company requiring vaccines for employees. but 11 states have already filed lawsuits aimed at
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stopping president biden's federal mandate, saying the white house is going beyond the scope of its authority. we have a responsibility to protect floridians regard. hardness of those mandates the vitamin inspiration, firing back, accusing some governors of putting politics before public health. why are these legislators? these republicans getting in the way of that getting in the way of saving lives getting in the way of us, making sure that the economy is working with the feds are also moving ahead with a major push to get 5 to 11 year olds vaccinated, the cdc says, so far more than 360,000 kids in that age group have rolled up their sleeves in washington. griff jenkins, ktvu fox. two news, alameda county as a new vaccine policy, all first responders have to be vaccinated by december, 21st. this applies to police, firefighters and ambulance providers. anyone who's not fully vaccinated has to be tested for covid weekly and has to wear a face mask around patients. the county says employers are first responders
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can have their own vaccine mandates that don't include testing options if they choose. the security company is facing a lawsuit 4.5 years after deadly mass shooting at a san francisco ups facility as ktvu christien kafton reports, workers claimed the company did not do enough to keep them safe the day of that shooting. the shooting at the ups facility in san francisco's potrero hill in june of 2017 shocked the bay area. police say employee jimmy lam shot and killed two of his co workers inside the facility and another outside to others were shot and survived their injuries. lamb took his own life when san francisco police arrived on the scene. now 47 workers have joined together suing allied universal security company, saying the company failed to keep them safe. that day. the ally guard did literally nothing. when lam walked through the email detector with a backpack, presumably carrying weapons and ammunition, showing photos of the weapons used in the shooting. the plaintiff's attorney asked san francisco police officer thomas smith and court quote. would this handgun
12:35 pm
set off a metal detector? yes what material where the nine millimeter bullets you discovered in the blue backpack made of metal with those bullets have set off a metal detector? yes. defense attorneys argue that there were numerous ways into the facility and that the metal detectors were there to prevent theft. they asked officer smith if there was any proof that lamb was carrying guns and ammunition when he entered the building that day through that entrance, with the metal detector and security guard on duty, asking quote. is it correct that you have no information as to where the weapons came from? yes for instance, you do not have any information as to whether lamb brought firearms into the ups facility prior to june 14th correct. yes the attorney for the employees says his clients are still dealing with the scars both physical and emotional. following the deadly shooting enormous losses obviously had loss of life and people who were shot were survived several physical losses. but. poster mac stress disorder and mental health is a real real issue. the trial is
12:36 pm
still underway at this time, the plaintiffs are not asking for a specific dollar amount if the jury finds in their favor in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news. another person has been arrested in connection to a deadly shooting at the home of a gilroy council member 18 year old michael daniel zuniga macias was killed during a halloween party at the home of councilwoman rebecca armendariz. gilroy police announced their investigation led to officers serving search warrants at three locations in the city officers confiscated a gun and arrested 18 year old lucas james thomas city. he was booked into santa clara county jail as a felon in possession of a firearm. the first person who was arrested in this case has been released after prosecutors declined to file charges pending further investigation. now to a deadly problem in the bay area. california highway patrol says there have been 76 shootings on alameda county freeways alone in just the past year as ktvu crime reporter henry lee tells us the latest freeway shooting
12:37 pm
is another example of why it is so hard to catch the shooters. the california highway patrol has not made any arrests in the deadly shooting of 23 month old jasper wu, who was hit by a stray bullet on an oakland freeway. but at a news conference chp captain mike lehman did reveal a startling statistic over the past 12 months. there have been 76 freeway shootings within alameda county. most of the extreme machines occurred on interstate 5 80 interstate 80. that's an average of between 1 to 2 shootings a week. it is scary, but the reason that you should feel safe is that, um the chances of this happening are not high. when we asked this huge p was unable to provide details of the case is their locations or how many rest they've made. but they're having many deadly incidents. last month, a man was shot and killed on 5 80 in east oakland. back in may, two teenage girls were shot dead on a party bus also on 5 80. the 76 incidents also include injury shootings and those in which no one was hurt. that was the case on highway 24 near the calico
12:38 pm
tunnel when a car was hit by gunfire in september during a road rage incident. generally speaking, the motives behind freeway shootings run the gamut. many of these freeway shootings are random acts. um, but or some of them are, um, but other. other shootings take place between parties that know each other. my heart really goes out to the individuals who and their families who have been impacted by all of these freeway shootings. alameda county supervisor keith carson says it can be challenging to prevent freeway shootings before they happen. you can't be every place at the same time. but it takes that kind of a comprehensive communication network to approach these kinds of things, not knowing when they're going to take place, not knowing how to actually prevent them. the chp is asking anyone with information cell phone or dashcam video for any freeway shooting to give them a call. their tip line is air code 70791744. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. we're tracking the bay area freeway shootings
12:39 pm
this year and have an interactive map that shows where and when the shootings have happened. you see that map on our home page. when you go to ktvu .com. several emergency life saving stations equipped with ring buoys were unveiled this morning. they're going to be installed and beaches along the san mateo county calls to help prevent drownings. as ktvu azenith smith reports. the idea came about from the tragic death of a boy from fremont. these are the most current version. these new signs in ring buoys part of life saving stations at some barrier beaches. erik jones, the founder of nonprofit c valour, knows the unique dangers of sneaker waves from a very young age. i was taught by my parents, you know, you never turn your back in the ocean because it's just unpredictable. but many beach visitors don't know the risks. jones help with the search of 12 year old aruna pruthi of fremont. the seventh grader swept out to sea back in january, pulled in by a sneaker wave playing on cal ranch state beach. it was something we never imagined would happen on a. bright sunny day of the
12:40 pm
beach for 15 minutes a. rooney's family and other beachgoers watched as a rooney tried to swim human chains were formed. items like beach tents were thrown. nothing was able to bring him back all the people on that beach that they were helping us standing there. watching that happened is very tough. i mean, it's a lifelong. grief so we may not be able to recover from it. but it is. we just have to move forward 10. months later, the rooney foundation along with steve l. a nonprofit now raising awareness about beach hazards, with these stations, complete with a triangular sign. that's a danger in 12, different languages and informational sign, noting how many people have died from sneaker waves. this is a. it's a decal that can be hopefully over the years. drop and the most important component a life ring with 100 ft. of rope attached.
12:41 pm
the idea is, hopefully somebody will grab one of these rings and throw them to the person in distress instead of just jumping in. themselves privately funded and sponsored, first installed that maverick speech and to its surfers beach. renee's family believes if there was a station like this that day, their son would be home. all i know is if someone else would have put it there. they could have saved my son's life. so why not me doing it for someone else's like azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. giving up for a busy holiday sipping season with the u. s postal service is doing its processing and distribution center in oakland. also slight warm up is making its way into the bay area. ktvu meteorologist. mark tamayo is up next and he has your full forecast.
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proceeding, he said to be re sentenced on december 8th for the 2002 killing of his pregnant wife. peterson's death sentence was overturned last year due to juror misconduct. the judge is expected to re sentence him to life in prison without the possibility of parole. today's hearing concerns whether peterson's attorneys can continue to represent him since. by law, they only handle death penalty cases. the former lab director at theranos is back on the stand today in the trial of elizabeth holmes. dr king shook. das says his decision to avoid theranos test results from 2014 and 2015 was based on his review of reports signed by his predecessor. yesterday dr. das
12:45 pm
testified that he was hired to get the blood testing lab back into federal compliance. he detailed the report from government regulators that found the company's machines did not perform basic lab tests. regulators also discovered errors in patient test results. legal experts say the testimony is a blow to homes. well for the postal service of holidays are the busiest time of the year and back in 2019. it delivered more than 28 million packages per day in the week before christmas, ktvu zambelli says the oakland distribution center. as new robotic processing equipment to help speed up those deliveries. the oakland processing and distribution center for the u s postal service is the first site to test. and successfully used this new robotic arm, officials say it makes sorting more efficient. it helps direct oversized packages. and ones with irregular labelling to the proper destination. it's part
12:46 pm
of a system that includes cameras and mirrors. it looks like all six sides of every package. so that information source the male robotic arm cost $650,000, and it debuted in july, and we want to make sure that everybody knows what we're working on efficiency. and this is how this happens to be one of those few products. the postal service says the automation does not take away jobs as we need. people to not only maintain the appointment we need them to help us load the equipment. we need them to help us processing equipment storms. lawyers are also working in a more efficient manner is helping them do their job to their back. and the postal service says it is looking to hire mail processing plants in oakland, san francisco and richmond have 1000 positions to fill. officials say reliable service is their priority. and we know that our customers. relied on us for over 240 years and we don't take that lightly. so
12:47 pm
we're here and committed to our customers. that's robotic arm will be added to sorting systems that mail processing centers in different parts of california and all across the nation. next year in oakland, amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. and the report is breaking down rent decreases in the bay area and the ongoing rebound. the chronicle analyzed data from website apartment list for rents on one bedroom apartments. san francisco saw the biggest rent plunge in the nation. dropping almost 27% from march of 2022 january of 2021, but those prices are creeping back up now. median rent in march, 2020 was about $2700 compared to $2400 last month. the biggest rental increases were in the north bay with rents in rohnert park. they jumped 17% from march to october of last year. up in the sierra. there's a fresh blanket of snow. this is video from mammoth mountain, the southern part of the range. the resort says the latest storm brought another 7 to 9
12:48 pm
inches of snow. mammoth opened two weeks ahead of schedule, says three lifts are currently open. heavenly and northstar also said today that open on november 19th so i wonder if our ktvu meter always mark tamayo has his snowboard. ready to go. are you there yet? mark? yeah i got to get it tuned up. definitely not have to bring the baby gear as well. right to bring the baby girl to the mountains. yeah yeah, we're working on working on that plan. as we kind of build up that snowpack in the mountains always nice to report new snow, especially for the higher elevations. yesterday they picked up most of the is still fault in the mountains. now for us here in the bay area. it has been a great start to the rainy season. if we're to go back in time exactly one year ago today showing you this for santa rosa the rainfall from october 1 to november 10th 2020. only point on one to have to get excited about 10.1. but compare that to this year october 1 to november 10th 20 21/13 inches of
12:49 pm
rainfall so it could dramatic difference here the comparison from last year at this time to this year in a great start, of course, need a lot more. but this is a nice start to the rainy season for us here in the bay area. it looks like a dry weather stretch. that'll carry us into the weekend and beyond, as you can see that dry weather powder returns for us up in the pacific northwest, we could be talking about more significant rainfall is the jet stream the storm track? gets pushed up there over the next step over the next five to a 10 days, satellite showing you this. we have the cloud cover from this morning. in fact some areas of fog from this morning but that storm track but kind of be nudged up to our north, and that is a dry weather pattern that is setting up. we still have some lingering fog patches out there, of course, locally dense patches of some fog earlier today, right now looks like we have some stubborn overcast out towards sacramento closer to with stockton. and it looks like some of that dense fog could reform first thing tomorrow morning, so watch out, especially in something inland valleys that could impact your visibility for your thursday morning commute. current numbers most areas right now in
12:50 pm
the sixties santa rosa, though one of the cooler spots checking in 59. most neighborhoods this afternoon will wind up in the sixties. maybe flirting with 70 degrees. look at this live camera looking about san francisco this afternoon. we have lots of sunshine up above. so some cloud cover this morning. some fog. and then more sunshine. today it's actually shaping up to be a pleasant afternoon as yesterday's system is moving out to the east. this area of high pressure is rebuilding offshore. this will push the storm track up to our north. it looks like a dry weather stretch for today, right onto the weekend and possibly beyond the weekend as well. we could be talking about maybe 7 to 10 to 12 days of dry weather. so i guess the main messages we can't point toward one day, saying we'll have some rain back in the berry forecast. hopefully, we'll have that day coming up, but. not showing up any time soon highs this afternoon as we talked about lots of sixties out their warmest locations could be approaching the 70 degree mark and look ahead your five day minor changes. temperatures are trading up a little bit each and every day and by the weekend. it looks just great.
12:51 pm
so it's nice. we had the recent rainfall. those hillsides are greening up, and it looks like we have a chance to get outside for a bike ride. a hiker a walk. both saturday and sunday. after the fog, the weather looks excellent for both for the upcoming weekend. a lot to look forward to mark. thank you still to come at noon. we're learning more about the closure of an iconic roller skating rink in san ramon. we wanted to give them a chance to come in and straight for the last time. i feel sad. but you know, we have to do it. we have to do so many memories here. the golden escape plans to close its doors will give you that date and share all the reaction pouring in from the community. to removel
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
statue of the former mayor. the statue in west julian st was created in the late 19 eighties. it commemorates the day san jose's former mayor, thomas fallon, raised the us flag into city back in 18 46. many local
12:55 pm
groups are opposed to the statue, saying it represents the oppression of native people. those in favour of keeping it safe. removing the statue erases local history. mayor sam liccardo says it's time to move on. hopefully. we can move on beyond this because i'm much less concerned about the dispositions in the statute. and much more concerned about where we go from here. and we critically need to focus our energies on what we build and not we turned down. the committee has recommended the statue be placed in storage and possibly made available for future academic study. another bay area institution has fallen victim to the coronavirus. the golden skate in san ramon announced it is closing up as ktvu cristina rendon reports. the roller rink holds a lot of fun memories. step inside the golden skate, and you're transported back in time, a place where memories were made for decades. people come here and, you know, celebrate their birthdays and anniversaries. we even had anniversary party here. a wedding party. can you
12:56 pm
imagine that mold, they began working part time at the golden skate 20 years ago, making goody bags and doing inventory. she's now the operations manager. mulvey says the response from the community has been overwhelming since the owner announced the skating rink will be shutting down so many people sent us emails. facebook messages, tons of phone calls because we'll definitely stay open during, um, holidays. so november and december, the owner of the golden skate purchases in 1995 and says it took him years to revive the business. unfortunately during the pandemic, the financial impact was too much, and he decided that it was time to close receptionist tamara tabatabai grew up in san ramon and remember skating with her friends. it's the people she'll miss most. i've never really worked anywhere where it's been such like a family and. just really nice people, and it's a great place to work. and i've had a blast for which it wasn't going. the golden state will likely close early next year, meaning there's still time for the public to slip on a pair of
12:57 pm
warnings skates for a ride down memory lane, and the owner says it will give them the opportunity to say goodbye to their beloved customers. we wanted to give them a chance to come in and skate for the last time. i feel sad. but you know, we have to do what we have to do in san ramon cristina rendon ktvu, fox two news. there's a new effort to encourage people to shop. small businesses. san mateo county is launched a new app that rewards people for shopping small they choose local program allows customers to earn rewards at hundreds of participating businesses. they include yoga studios, boutiques here, salons and cafes. every time you shop your points, and those can be redeemed for cash discounts, the program is launched in seven cities in the peninsula. but plans to expand so far. 334 businesses are participating in the program. the area. fast food workers joined us statewide protest, demanding higher pay and better working conditions. one protest was in campbell outside of a burger king restaurant. protesters are urging the
12:58 pm
passage of state assembly bill 2 57. the fast food accountability and standards recovery act, it would set aside state minimum wage of $15 an hour and creative fast food sector council to create industrywide minimum standards for wages, working hours and working conditions. folding pandemic. oppression exposed. in the quality of our system. managers at the burger king and campbell say they already pay $15.50 an hour to keep up with fast food salaries and neighboring san jose. full oakland city council will debate whether to stop testing city workers for marijuana use that happens when they're not on the job. the city's public safety committee unanimously approved the proposal yesterday. oakland currently tests employees for cannabis, which can show up in tests weeks after use. opponents say this is not an accurate indicator of impairment. they say this testing has led to city employees quitting their jobs and that it adds to oakland's worker retention crisis. the
12:59 pm
proposal does not affect the policy against employees being impaired on the job. people magazine's 2021 sexiest man alive is paul, the 52 year old actor told people he and his wife of 18 years were surprised by the news read, is currently teaming up with will ferrell for the new apple tv plus series, the shrink next door. he's also joining the latest installment of the ghostbusters franchise. red said he hopes his new title will earn him invites two dinners with past title holders, including george clooney, brad pitt and michael b. jordan. now to the hit netflix show squid game it's getting apart to the series creator confirmed the news during a news conference, said he has a basic storyline in mind that the lead after will return season. one of squid game, of course, the biggest new series launch for netflix, and i understand you are a fan. yes i'm a fan of it, although i'll tell you initially, when the first scene started playing out, i got kind of gory, okay, and i'm like i might have to bail out of this, and that's not usually me. i like action fixed, but this one was crazy. but then you get hooked in and you watch the whole thing. so i do want to see a season two. it's coming more gore on the way. all right. thank you. joining us for ktvu news and do for the latest news. and
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whether be sure to download. the ktvu app will also have more news and weather coming up more news and weather coming up dr. oz: next "oz," does your imagination run wild when you feel a weird pain? today we'll reveal what might be causing the ache in in your upr back. then, artificial fats are everywhere in the food aisle but we're asking, is it making you gain weight? >> the viral microwave recipe everybody is talking about. dr. oz: the dish on "oz." dr. oz: we all get pain from time to time and let's be honest, your imagination can run wild with what that pain could be. that's why we have been revealing possible reasons behind your weird pains. the pain we're talking about today is one i'm all too


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