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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 9, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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official san francisco district attorney chase a boudin will face a recall election after opponents submit enough signatures to put it on the ballot. everyone is taking. notice of the issues that they are experiencing in their everyday lives in their community. this is pure hardball politics. and that is unfortunate. the san francisco department of elections today certified the petition that seeks to remove chase a boudin from office. good evening. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm mike mibach in tonight. for frank somerville. the recall question will appear on that june ballot. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us live from san francisco city hall after getting reaction from both sides, jenna. mike and julie, both supporters of boudin and supporters of the recall say that this wasn't a big surprise. they expected
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that this latest petition was going to succeed, but it is very clear that this is going to be a long and very contentious battle. san francisco's election director announced tuesday that the recall election will take place june 7th after a petition to recall district attorney chase a boudin had enough certified signatures the party to qualify was 51,325 director of elections john aren't says the recall petition organiser submitted more than 83,000 signatures, well above the 10% of registered voters needed. to put the recall on the ballot. the special election will be an up or down vote. it's a yes or no question, just like we saw with the recent, uh, election to potential, recall the governor to hear that it is official now is a really great feeling. brooke jenkins is part of the recall efforts. the former san francisco assistant district attorney resigned from boudin's office. she says it was in protest because she felt bodeen, a former public defender, is being too easy on
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criminals and jeopardizing public safety chase. a boudin and his office are making decisions to not file charges in certain cases to not file that the appropriate charges in certain cases in that. chronic and violent offenders are being permitted to receive very inexplicably low and lenient sentences for crimes that they commit. in this city, a group called friends of chase a boudin says the recall is a republican backed effort to oust boudin who ran as a criminal justice reform er, he said, as a candidate, he would shake up the system. because the system was broken, racist and unfair when someone new comes in, and someone who's a reformer comes in those who are more attached to the status quo part going to feel comfortable. former state senator mark leno says voters elected boudin to a four year term and he should be allowed to finish. recall supporters say anyone would be better than boutin. john art says voters should be aware there is one major difference
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from the gubernatorial recall. it was different, though there are no candidates. aren't says that boudin's term goes until 2023. so if the recall is successful, there would need to be yet another election this coming november in order to find a replacement for that final year, mike. no doubt will be a heated campaign all the way to june 7th there jana katsuyama live in san francisco. janet thank you for that. report san francisco mayor london breed says she supports the recall of three school board members. the recall has qualified for the ballot in february. mayor breed tells the chronicle that the school board's priorities quote have often been severely misplaced and quote parents who started the recall, dr say they're frustrated with how the three members handled reopening schools and in expected budget crisis. state senator scott wiener has also said he supports the recall. today mayor breed and supervisor raphael man woman proposed a plan to cover the cost of the recall election, which comes as
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the district is facing a $125 million deficit. the proposed $12 million plan would also cover a special election for san francisco assessor to replace carmen chu, who is now city administrator and a primary election for the district. 17 assembly seat left vacant when david chu became san francisco city attorney. governor newsom made his first public appearance today in nearly two weeks. our political reporter greg lee, tells us why newsom says he's been away from the public eye. and the kids, literally. they kind of had an intervention, they said. they couldn't believe that i was going to miss halloween. in his first official appearance, nearly two weeks, governor gavin newsom tried to explain a very public absence and what caused him to abruptly cancel a trip to scotland for the u. n climate conference. and i woke up that next morning with. something's probably familiar. a lot of parents that knot in your stomach. had no choice. i had to cancel that trip during a fireside chat at the
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california economic summit, newsome explained. he's been spending time with his family and working at the capitol vogue reports. he also attended a glitzy san francisco wedding for eris ivy getty, the sudden exit from the public eye and limited explanation from his office led to lots of speculation, conspiracy theories and criticism. republican assemblyman kevin kiley wrote. governors work for the people, so an unexplained absence is always a matter of public concern. but that's especially true for governor who has claimed sole authority to control the lives of millions of people through his own state of emergency. you weren't abducted by aliens or had no there was some twitter accounts of. that i think we'd all do well. taking some time away from social media. the governor's actual reason for attending the summit, talking about california's economic recovery. california has no pierce. continues to have no peers. we are world beating in terms of our economic growth,
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with all due respect to states like texas eat your heart out, despite continuing to add jobs and huge budget surplus, california's latest numbers show the unemployment rate in september at 7.5% tied with nevada for highest in the nation. the governor also urged people to stay vigilant as covid hospitalizations have risen in parts of the state. we've got to keep those boosters up, and we've got to be mindful that the job's not done, you can't spike the ball. governor newsom will continue his public events tomorrow, stopping at the vaccination site in l. a county to encourage eligible people to get their covid booster shots. greg lee ktvu, fox two news. some parts of california are seeing a troubling rise in the number of new covid cases. authorities say hospitalizations are increasing in areas with low vaccination rates, such as the sacramento region and the central valley, along with orange, riverside and san bernardino counties, with mass restrictions loosening and the winter months
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ahead, health officials say we could see more cases statewide. the relaxation of the restrictions and then the winter season where people are more tend to be more indoors, or are they contributing to increased transmissions? governor, newsom said today that planning is already underway for winter surge, which includes prepositioning extra staff to handle more patients. there's a new vaccine mandate in alameda county county health officials today announced that all first responders must get vaccinated. this includes police officers, firefighters and ambulance providers. anyone who's not fully vaccinated by december, 21st must wear masks when they are around patients. and must test for the coronavirus weekly. but the county says employers first responders can implement of vaccine mandate without a testing option if they choose to. this week's cal game has been postponed. school officials said today that saturday's game between cal and usc has now been pushed back because a number of cal football players have tested positive for the coronavirus.
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they have been unable to practice this week and would not be cleared by saturday. the game will now take place on saturday, december 4th. this marks the first covid related postponement in the pac 12 conference this season. if you have purchased tickets u. c berkeley's athletic department says it will reach out. the nfl has now find the green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers for violating covid-19 rules. the packers oh, $300,000 and rogers has been has been ordered to pay $14,500 wide receiver alan lazard has also been fined. this comes after controversial comments from rogers last week about why he's not vaccinated against covid. despite previously saying he was immunized new attend the u. s postal service tonight showed off new robotic processing equipment and it's oakland distribution center just in time for the very busy holiday season. last year was played with widespread delivery delays. ktvu is amber lee joins us live tonight they're in the city of oakland without this agency hopes to avoid a repeat, amber.
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officials tell me they're doing everything they can to avoid the problems of the past. they say they've added new equipment and hope to hire more people. they gave us a behind the scenes look. the oakland processing and distribution center for the u. s. postal service is the first site to test. and successfully used this new robotic arm, officials say it makes sorting more efficient. it helps direct oversized packages and once with irregular labelling to the proper destination. it's part of a system that includes cameras and mirrors. it looks like all six sides of every package. based on that information is sourced the male robotic arm cost $650,000 and it debuted in july, and we want to make sure that everybody knows what we're working on efficiency. and this is how this happens to be one of those, uh, you products, the postal service says the automation does not take away
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jobs as we need. people to not only maintain the appointment. we need them to help us load the equipment. we need them to help us processing equipment storms. lawyers are also working in a more efficient manner is helping them do their job to their back. and the postal service says it is looking to hire mail processing plants in oakland san francisco and richmond have 1000 positions to fill. officials say reliable service is their priority. and we know that our customers. relied on us for over 240 years and we don't take that lightly. so we're here. it committed to our custom. the robotic arm will be added to sorting systems that mail processing centers all over california and across the nation next year. officials say they've seen an increase in packages each year. do do online shopping, urging people to ship early during the holiday season. mike great piece of advice right there. alright, amberleigh live in oakland. amber. thank you. gas
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prices reached a seven year high today. triple a says california continues to top the nation's most expensive markets with an average of $4.62 for a gallon of regular unleaded nationwide. that number is 3 42. which is a dollar 31 more than a year ago. demand right now for gas. it is strong, and the energy secretary says president biden could take action to address soaring gas prices as early as this week. new tools to prevent drownings along the peninsula new at 10 30 how a family used their own tragedy as inspiration for the effort. there's still a few light showers out there now, but the rain is mostly over. it's going to warm up and dry up here the next few days, we'll have that when they see you back here and these recent atmospheric rivers, helping to put a slight then in what's been a two year drought, but the recent storms have brought some problems recently. we'll give you a look at the damage up next. it's kind of a little scary. you know, there's places that you know, don't have that you know, don't have electricity and
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from ktvu deborah villalon. she's live in santa rosa tonight, deborah. yeah julie about an inch most places, but some parts of marin and predict, the storm brought some trees down. after the storm, the cleanup trees falling in lafayette and orinda. many communities woke up to this and parts of west moran lost power in the middle of the night. there's a couple places in town that do have generators and. rather than that. there's no lights on anywhere. this volunteer firefighter got up at three am to look around and spied the reason a tree into lines. it closed highway one north of point reyes for hours. the outage ended more quickly. we did have sheriff out here and he was patrolling the area, a couple of them. i saw past multiple times. it's all minor compared to the historic amount of rain dumped on the bay area during the atmospheric river of
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two weeks ago. but mount tamil pius one with 4.5 inches of rain by noon tuesday, feeding reservoirs that supply most of marin county nudging supply from a third of normal to two thirds. 70% is still not a good figure, but it's a lot better than 35% and so from marin county. this really brought them back from the precipice. so when can we start asking about an end to the drought for the state as a whole? it's too soon to ask. too soon because southern california and the reservoirs of the southern sierra are getting a fraction of the moisture falling to the north. but as they remain parched the bay area probably likely that will end up with at least normal rainfall this year, data show. some parts of marin, for example, have gotten more than 20 inches of rain compared to zero last year. but the professor cautions a multi year drought isn't likely to end in one season. it's going to take a couple of years. unless we have an extraordinarily what
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year? to make up this deficit. i think it's impossible to say at this time making every storm even the weaker ones matter just thankful that nobody got hurt and power was an offer too long. professor monte verde adds, these extremes are no surprise to climate scientists because of climate change and that we should expect alternating periods of strong drought years and strong, wet years going forward, julie. yeah every little bit helps, like he said. deborah villalon live in the north bay tonight, deborah. thank you. the marin municipal water district moved a little closer today to getting a new emergency pipeline along the richmond san rafael bridge today, east bay muds planning committee outlined conditions it would require before the $90 million pipeline could be assembled and connected to marin. among the conditions no cost to east bay mud or its customers and no less water or water pressure for customers. the eight mile
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long pipeline would also need to be accepted by the city of richmond, where the project would be connected to the east bay. this application is premature because we're in water has not met the purpose and intent of the california environmental quality act. if approved by next summer, it could pump some eight million gallons a day over the richmond san rafael bridge and up in the sierra. there is a fresh blanket of snow want to show you some video from mammoth mountain in the southern part of the range, the resort says. the latest storm brought another 7 to 9 inches of snow there mammoth open two weeks ahead of schedule, actually. and says three lips are currently open. heavenly and northstar also said today that they're going to open up on november 19th. yeah there was a little snow up there last night. higher snow elevations. we dig it a bunch of rain in marin county. some cities were down to an inch inch and a half. but like mountain maha pious was almost five inches of rain occidental in the far north bay up around sebastopol, nearly four inches. canfield right
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there near san rafel. they were at almost three inches. so yeah, the rain came down aggressively, and it really was about the north bay. they need the water. the northern reservoirs need the water up around. um. up around lake shasta lake orville and they got them. so the northern california got a pretty good pop some more rain totals as we look at him, and it came down for a time. it wasn't as robust in the south bay as you would expect or down towards the central bay. a little dry air got slotted into this system, and so the moisture just didn't really happen for areas south. of oakland and south of redwood city. but still oakland came in at almost 8/10 of an inch of rain. this is cora, madera creek and larkspur. mark tamayo took this for me. it just shows the water running off clean. and, you know, you like to see that. this is an easy creek to overflow. right you get a high tide, the mouth goes out to the to the bay. um in this thing all overflow, but we've had a break, and every time you get a break, this creek has a time to drain out. this is the creek that causes the problems in san anselmo. so if you get day after day, a couple days of
10:19 pm
what we just had, this thing goes up over its banks. that's just that simple. so as we go into the next couple of days, we're going to dry up. and warm up. we've got a few sprinkles out there. now it's just real light mist up, but high pressure is going to dominate the landscape here for the next few days, i'll be back with that forecast. five days when i see you back here in a minute, all right, bill. thanks, san francisco today marked the. groundbreaking of an affordable housing project in the outer mission. i do believe that people who are part. of these communities deserve to continue to be a part of these communities when i talk about housing and affordability, and the need to build more people talk about coming to san francisco for a better opportunity and being able to find a place to stay and then. making a better life for themselves, raising their children in san francisco. that makes use development will be called balboa park upper yard. it includes 131 units right next to the balboa park bart station. when it's completed, the development will provide social services. unemployment
10:20 pm
services and training a proposal to stop cannabis testing of oakland city employees for off the job use unanimously passed the public safety committee today. the proposal now heads to the city council. currently the city test employees for cannabis, which can show up for weeks after use, city leaders say that is not an accurate indication of impairment and needs to stop. they also say the testing has led to worker attrition at a time when oakland is facing a worker retention crisis. the policy does not impact the policy regarding employee impairment on the job, which is not allowed coming up another arrest made in a deadly shooting at the home of a gilroy city council member, also 76 freeway shootings in just one one year in one bay area county. what officials say. really needs to get done to prevent more gun violence on the highways and we are hearing from people who attended the deadly astro world concert later tonight. they described the traumatic experience.
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the gilroy council member 18 year old michael daniels enigma. macias was killed on october 30th gilroy. police say this morning, officers searched served search warrants at three different locations in the city. they located a firearm at one of those locations. and arrested 18 year old lucas james thomas city at this time, he is not charged with homicide, but with being a felon in possession of a firearm. it is a deadly problem in the bay area, the california highway patrol says. there have been 76 shootings on alameda county freeways in the past year alone, and as ktvu crime reporter henry lee tells us. the latest freeway shooting proves it can be hard to catch. the shooter's california highway patrol has not made any arrests in the deadly shooting of 23 month old jasper wu, who was hit by a stray bullet on an oakland freeway. but at a news conference, chp captain mike lehman did reveal a startling statistic. over the past 12
10:24 pm
months there have been 76 freeway shootings within alameda county, mostly free machines occurred on interstate 5 80 interstate 80 80. that's an average of between 1 to 2 shootings a week. it is scary, but the reason that you should feel safe is that, um. the chance of this happening are not high. when we asked the chp was unable to provide details of the case is their locations or how many rest they've made. but there have been many deadly incidents. last month, a man was shot and killed on 5 80 in east oakland. back in may, two teenage girls were shot dead on a party bus also on 5 80. the 76 incidents also include injury shootings and those in which no one was hurt. that was the case on highway 24 near the calico tunnel when a car was hit by gunfire in september during a road rage incident. generally speaking, the motives behind freeway shootings run the gamut. many of these freeway shootings are random acts. um but or some of them are, um, but other. other shootings take place between parties that know each other.
10:25 pm
my heart really goes out to the individuals who and their families who have been impacted by all of these freeway shootings. alameda county supervisor keith carson says it can be challenging to prevent freeway shootings before they happen. you can't be every place the same time. but it takes that kind of a comprehensive communication network to approach these kinds of things, not knowing when they're going to take place, not knowing how to actually prevent them. the chp is asking anyone with information cell phone or dashcam video for any freeway shooting to give them a call. their tip line is air code 70791744. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. and we're also tracking the number of freeway shootings this year. we have an interactive map showing where and when those shootings have happened around the bay area just had two ktvu .com for more information. elaine maxwell has been denied bail yet again today a u. s district judge refused to release the british socialite to home detention. 59
10:26 pm
year old is accused of recruiting teenage girls for jeffrey epstein to sexually abuse her lawyers alleged maxwell has been subjected to physical and emotional abuse by jail guards and has had to endure unsanitary living conditions. jury selection is underway in her trial, which is expected to begin later this month. we decided to just, uh. done this grief and pain and suffering to hope and education, the family of a freeman boy who drowned now looking to help save others up next, how they are raising awareness about ocean safety with new life saving stations. at bay area beaches, plus dozens of san francisco workers band together to file lawsuit against a security company. why they say the company did not do enough to protect them from a mass shooting. san francisco based doordash makes a multi billion dollar deal the company's plan to expand into europe and later a shark's player takes a brutal hit on the ice in calgary, but
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have freshly cracked fried eggs with bacon crumbles cooked right in. and you can get them all day. and night. and day. and night. only at jack in the box. with ring buoys will be unveiled tomorrow. they're going to be installed at beaches right there along the san mateo county coast to help prevent drownings as ktvu is azenith smith reports. this idea came about from the tragic death of a boy from fremont. these are the most current version. these new signs in ring buoys part of life saving stations at some barrier beaches. erik jones, the founder of nonprofit c valour, knows the unique dangers of sneaker waves from a very young age. i was taught by my parents, you know, you never turn your back in the ocean because it's just unpredictable, but many beach visitors don't know the risks. jones help with the search of 12 year old aruna pruthi of fremont. the seventh
10:30 pm
grader swept out to sea back in january, pulled in by a sneaker wave playing on cal ranch state beach. it was something we never imagined would happen on a right, sunny day of the beach for 15 minutes, a. rooney's family and other beachgoers watched as a rule new tried to swim human chains were formed. items like beach tents were thrown. nothing was able to bring him back all the people on that beach that they were helping us standing there. watching that happened is very tough. i mean, it's a lifelong. grief so we may not be able to recover from it, but it it's we just have to move forward 10. months later, the rooney foundation along with steve l. a nonprofit now raising awareness about beach hazards, with these stations, complete with a triangular sign. that's a danger in 12 different languages and informational sign, noting how many people have died from sneaker waves. this is a. it's a detail that
10:31 pm
can be hopefully over the years. drop and the most important component a life ring with 100 ft. of rope attached. the idea is, hopefully somebody will grab one of these rings and throw them to the person in distress instead of just jumping in. themselves privately funded and sponsored, first installed that maverick speech and to its surfers beach. renee's family believes if there was a station like this that day, their son would be home. all i know is if someone else would have put it there. they could have saved my son's life. so why not me doing it for someone else's like this project will serve as a pilot program. the hope is that it will expand to other areas along the california coastline once permits are secured. the ribbon cutting is tomorrow morning at pillar point harbor. i'm azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. a former lab director testified today in the fraud case against their nose co founder elizabeth holmes. dr kinship dos took the stand. he
10:32 pm
was hired to get the blood testing lab back into federal compliance. he detailed a report from government regulators that found the company's blood analyzer machines were not able to perform basic lab tests. regulators also discovered errors in patient test results. legal experts say the testimony is against homes. he was communicating directly with elizabeth holmes about problems that were showing up in a report about the lab. it shows clearly that she had knowledge that there were problems. and that there were different defective outcomes and the tests that were being made. dr das said. by the time he came board the company had stopped using the machines. he also said he avoided all of the test results conducted on the machines when they were in walgreens stores in 2014 and 2015. court returns tomorrow with more witnesses for the prosecution security company is facing a lawsuit 4.5 years after a deadly mass shooting at a san francisco ups facility
10:33 pm
and as ktvu christian captain. reports workers claim the company did not do enough to keep them safe. the day of the shooting. the shooting at the ups facility in san francisco's patrol hill in june of 2017 shocked the bay area. police say employee jimmy lam shot and killed two of his co workers inside the facility and another outside to others were shot and survived their injuries. lamb took his own life when san francisco police arrived on the scene. now 47 workers have joined together suing allied universal security company, saying the company failed to keep them safe. that day. the ally guard did literally nothing. when lam walked through the email detector with a backpack, presumably carrying weapons and ammunition, showing photos of the weapons used in the shooting. the plaintiff's attorney asked san francisco police officer thomas smith and court quote with this handgun set off a metal detector? yes what material where the nine millimeter bullets you discovered in the blue backpack made of metal with those bullets have set off a metal detector? yes. defense
10:34 pm
attorneys argue that there were numerous ways into the facility and that the metal detectors were there to prevent theft. they asked officer smith if there was any proof that lamb was carrying guns and ammunition when he entered the building that day through that entrance, with the metal detector and security guard on duty, asking quote. is it correct that you have no information as to where the weapons came from? yes for instance, you do not have any information as to whether lamb brought firearms into the ups facility prior to june 14th correct. yes the attorney for the employees says his clients are still dealing with the scars both physical and emotional. following the deadly shooting enormous losses obviously had loss of life and people who were shot were survived several physical losses. but poster mac stress disorder and mental health is a real real issue. the trial is still underway at this time, the plaintiffs are not asking for a specific dollar amount if the jury finds in their favor in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news.
10:35 pm
lawsuits continue to come in against rapper travis scott and promoters of the deadly astro world concert in texas more attendees now claiming they suffered lifelong physical and emotional trauma after last week's disastrous concert. eight young people were killed and dozens more injured when bands pushed to the front of the stage and caused so much congestion that people couldn't breathe while others were trampled. about 200. plus people come and instantly my ribs are getting. collapse into into the gate gate had fallen. police were everywhere. and it was just chaos. law enforcement are looking into whether travis scott had anything to do with causing the crowd surge. the rapper has previously been charged with inciting a riot and reckless conduct at past concerts. president biden said to outline how he will use the infrastructure bill to improve the supply chain issues, plus how the bay area could benefit from the legislation. and of showers have ended for now, but
10:36 pm
we've got some warm weather on the way the next couple of days. we'll talk about the next chances for rain in the five day forecast next at first, the change coming to one bay area county regarding how they handle ice inmate transfers.
10:37 pm
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no longer responding to ice inmate transfer requests. the news comes after immigrant rights advocates rallied outside the board of supervisors meeting demanding the transfers to stop. they claimed families are being torn apart by policies in san matteo county. today the sheriff said. it is his office's mission to protect the safety of all residents in san mateo county. last year, the sheriff's office coordinated 15 transfers to ice from the county jail. a federal judge has rejected former president donald trump's
10:39 pm
request to block the release of documents to the house committee investigating the riot at the u. s. capitol. today that committee called on 10, former trump officials to testify and provide documents. they include former white house senior adviser stephen miller and former press secretary kayleigh mcenany. the national archive said it would turn over documents from former president trump starting on friday. if there was no court order stopping it, the case is likely to reach the u. s. supreme court tomorrow. president biden is headed to the port of baltimore to explain how the infrastructure bill will upgrade the nation's ports. the $1.2 trillion measure includes funds for roads, bridges, power grids and broadband internet. but in baltimore, the president is expected to announce plans to add cranes and space to unload ships as well as help ease the backlog of cargo. we're going to modernize our portrait. airports are freight rail make it easier for companies to get their goods to market and reduce the supply chain back bottlenecks.
10:40 pm
president biden will also use his appearance in baltimore to campaign for another huge piece of legislation is $2 trillion, build back better plan, and the bay area could also see a big boost from the infrastructure. bill senator alex padilla, south bay congresswoman, zoloft grin. and san jose mayor sam liccardo were at the dearden station in san jose just this morning to offer up some of the details. senator pretty has said $25 billion will come to california to repair our roads and highways. at $9.5 million for public transit and more money for another crucial resource drinking water. we also part to ensure that the bill investing critical upgrades to drinking water and wastewater infrastructure, including $3.5 billion for california. to ensure that every california community has reliable and safe drinking water. senator said the bill will also provide $5 billion to shore up the power grid against climate change and natural disasters. on wall street.
10:41 pm
stocks were slightly lower. after setting records across the board. yesterday the dow was down 112 points the nasdaq off 95. and the s and p 500 fell 16 points. bank shares were lower along with auto companies and travel related stocks. coming up the new effort that aims to help shoppers and small businesses on the peninsula plus so many people sent us emails, facebook messages, tons of phone calls. beloved bay area roller rink shutting down but there is still time for one last skate, and we saw a lot of rain last night, few inches for some pockets of the north bay's we give you that live picture out of the golden gate that storm gone now. but what about later this week, chief meteorologist bill martin will have the forecast for your neighborhood coming up.
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try my $5.99 cheddar loaded cheeseburger combo small businesses. san mateo county has launched a new app that rewards people for shopping small. the choose local program allows customers to earn rewards at hundreds of participating businesses. they include yoga studios, boutiques, harris salons and cafes. and every time you shop, you earn points and those can be redeemed for cash discounts the program has launched in seven cities. on the peninsula, but plans to expand so far, 334 businesses are participating in the program and other bay area
10:45 pm
institution has fallen victim to the coronavirus. the golden skate in san ramon has announced it is closing as ktvu cristina rendon reports. the roller rink holds a lot of memories for people who grew up in that area. step inside the golden skate and you're transported back in time, a place where memories were made for decades. people come here and, you know, celebrate their birthdays and anniversaries. we even had anniversary party here. i'm betting party. can you imagine that the mold they began working part time at the golden skate 20 years ago, making goody bags and doing inventory. she's now the operations manager. mulvey says the response from the community has been overwhelming since the owner announced the skating rink will be shutting down so many people sent us emails. facebook messages, tons of phone calls because we'll definitely stay open during, um, holidays. so november and december, the owner of the golden skate purchases in 1995 and says it took him years to revive the business.
10:46 pm
unfortunately during the pandemic, the financial impact was too much, and he decided that it was time to close receptionist tamara tabatabai grew up in san ramon and remember skating with her friends. it's the people she'll miss most. i've never really worked anywhere where it's been such like a family and. just really nice people, and it's a great place to work. and i've had a blast for wish it wasn't going. the golden state will likely close early next year, meaning there's still time for the public to slip on a pair of warnings skates for a ride down memory lane, and the owner says it will give them the opportunity to say goodbye to their beloved customers. we wanted to give them a chance to come in and skate for the last time. i feel sad. but you know, we have to do what we have to do in san ramon cristina rendon ktvu, fox two news. san francisco based doordash is growing. it's food delivery service and expanding right into europe. doordash announcing today that it is buying finished delivery service won't enterprises for $8.1 billion in a move to expand. into foreign markets.
10:47 pm
doordash is ceo says the combined companies will reach 700 million people. the news sent doordash shares soaring 19% and after hours trading expansion does come as doordash reported higher than expected third quarter sales. twitter has launched an ad free service for anyone willing to pay a subscription. the blue subscription cost $2.99 a month and is available now for twitter users in the united states and new zealand. aside from removing ads from the user's feed. the subscription allows users access to special features like the ability to undo a tweet or customized the twitter app icon and upload videos up to 10 minutes long. already we had some pretty good weather today. rain showers pretty heavy last night, but the afternoon kind of didn't really clear up. but we got partly cloudy. partly sunny skies and temperatures warmed a few degrees after that overnight rain of up in the marine county area of mountain was came in at just under five inches of rain. most of us an
10:48 pm
inch and a half in the north east, central and then south of redwood city. not much at all. san jose barely got over near 1/10 of an inch of rain warmer as we head into the next few days. the big h means high pressure is going to stay. stay put. and it just arcs the jet stream right up over the top. so when you see the big age, you think, okay, rain's gonna typically stay north but you also get a stable environment, so that means that, uh, coastal or not, coastal coastal fog would form if it was that time of year summer, but we're gonna get valley fog in those inland bay valley since you need a stable environments with us getting out and that's what we have. so i've already seen some reports of valley fog out there at around. nicasio and places like that out brown, uh, eastern contra costa county up in marin marin county area, let those little low lying areas like would occur. um you're going to find some fog currently the bay bridge. traffic moving fine. no fog clouds a couple leftover spritz als if you will were showing up this afternoon, not picking up on radar. but even in the last hour, just some some straight,
10:49 pm
uh, drizzle kind of stuff going on, but that's winding down quickly. so as you look at the satellite loop, you see a lot of clouds and that you think oh boy, that could be rain, but it's really just a lot of clouds. higher level clouds as this system sort of is this that high pumps up and then this arcs over the top. you can kind of see if you use your minds. i see that our king and it'll build it up it'll pump it up to about here and will stay dry with some overrunning clouds like these. but there's not enough dynamic. there's no dynamics. really that will allow it to produce rain. so we're not expecting any showers. um just kind of looking at some of the storm reports last night from the areas and most of the issues. these are street flooding and what have you all kind of north of the oakland san francisco line? everything south was pretty dry, so just i mean, you remember you were there last night, so the rain has done for now, overnight lows are going to be chilly enough that dew point will be reached and we will see fog. current temperatures are generally in the fifties forecast highs tomorrow, much warmer right back in the mid
10:50 pm
sixties, even some upper sixties and then in the five day we end up with the potential for some low seventies as we go into. um thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. so it looks like really heck of a nice weekend after some really, really productive rain this early fall has been just outstanding and we're going to be dry for about seven days now, but hopefully there's something coming after that. a new report from the national oceanic and atmospheric administration says 2021 has been the deadliest year for weather disasters in the united states in a decade. winter freeze earlier this year killed 125 people in texas. hurricane ida devastated the eastern seaboard and this summer's extreme heat along the pacific northwest claimed hundreds of lives. this report says the u. s. has seen an unprecedented 18 separate weather in climate disasters. killing 538 people with damage totaling in the billions of dollars. nasa has delayed its moon mission officials say astronauts will not return to the moon until
10:51 pm
2025 at the earliest. they were aiming to return in 2024, which was a deadline set by the trump administration. but nasa says congress did not allocate enough money for them to develop a landing system for its artemus moon program. legal challenge from jeff bezos rocket company, blue origin has also caused delays. nasa's last moon landing was back in 1972. all right, coming up in sports mixed reviews for count stanford as the college basketball season tips off marks up next with all the highlights, then on the 11 o'clock news, a vote to remove a controversial statue in the south bay. why some groups say it's important to display it's important to display comes down.
10:52 pm
welcome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill. people will tell you what to eat. everyone will have an opinion. and, yes, there will be tears. lots of new introductions. sleepless nights. that's normal. okay. so many new toys.
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it's not going to be easy. but, together, we got this. kaiser permanente. thrive but, together, we got this.
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in a long time, leaving with the sharks tonight. and if you watch this game, and you're kinda to a little long and going, who are these guys? well how about seven regular shark players out with covid related issues and those young guys that replaced them? keep those guys around awhile because they played some interesting, invigorated hockey in calgary this evening, john mcclane says coach taking over like that shark fan behind him to the left. she's into its second this period scoreless great. two line pass. brent burns. yeah he's a familiar name. but how about alexander barra bana? and it's one nothing. hockey's a rough sport bar a barn off. not much time to celebrate. nikita is adora knocks his block up right there. that's quite a check and six ft. 5 to 20. he's not feeling too good about that, and we go to one san jose flames pulled their goalie about a minute and a half left. they take advantage. tomas hertl, usually empty
10:55 pm
headers are kind of boring. but how about that whirling dervish? discord they added another one for ones of final was actually a much closer game that that score would indicate the shark circuit, 74 and one and by the way, aidan hill in the med, absolutely excellent, particularly in the second period as he had 37 saves and it is on college basketball. evidently stanford feeling pretty good. about their offseason recruiting next season, so they want to take a look at those guys right? and it looked pretty good, at least in their opener. i'm sure you're familiar with carrollton state. problem stephen, texas and the cardinal down early by one michael o'connell, finding harrison ingram. he's one of their top recruits as all american freshman. 16.7 rebounds carrollton five point lead after a turnover, it's there. jonathan jackson jr on the breakaway they call him
10:56 pm
triple j get a glimpse of him on a breakaway, but stanford strong down the stretch they prevail is a silver. nice to maximum run no, who is a seven ft one recruit from paris, france and stanford 62 50 winners over carrollton and, uh, it is. i want to know record. however cal bears back in berkeley on the wrong side of history tonight against u. c s d, a team that had never beaten anybody from the pack. 12 pack 10 of the pack. eight u c. san diego, uh up. by one, and it's jordan's shepherd with a 32 seconds left before intermission, and the bears are up four by the way ship had 27 bryce pope begins to bring him back. he is fouled on a 34 point play san diego within one, and this is a nice little move from tony rotateq kg right there near the bucket. he gets
10:57 pm
it to drop. he had 27 82 67 is the final first time u. c s d as i says, beaten any pac 12 team and the bears off to a rough start it could be historically brutal for the bears this year and the football team. not very no whole lot better as they've got covid issues. this really one of those stories you felt like you heard all the time last year as their game this saturday against usc in berkeley, has been postponed related problems. multiple positive cases remember last week. they played with 24 players in covid protocol did the bears losing the lowly arizona hard times for cows football program? it's rescheduled for december. 4th one of the best ever, american born soccer players, has called it a career and he just so happens to be from the bay area. bill specifically, you know, i'm talking about chris wondolowski, who had a press
10:58 pm
conference today, making it all official remember on sunday pointed, he go out in style scored a goal. in his last ever game, which happened to be the 171st of his career. he is, after all, the mls leading goal scorer of all time from danville went today lasalle and our jason appelbaum asked him of all your scoring records, and there are many. what means the most to hear the all time game winning goals uh um and so just those goals mean something. you know those one new games and so that that's why that one definitely the whole most wait for myself. all right. and finally, you know what? what's next for you? very very excited to now be able to attend all soccer basketball softball games on the weekends with my girls and being able to be their biggest fan, and we do we have a new one on the way and so little nervous about my sleep, but i can't wait for it and, uh, looking forward to it.
10:59 pm
yeah the great wonder what a great career good for him. enjoy the retirement. hey 49ers. they don't play it on monday. we're not going to talk about them, but about a couple of former 49ers. check this out. you? of course. remember the great running back frank gore. it's taking up boxing these days, and he's going to be taking on former nba player darren williams in a for real about look at that. fight card. tampa florida december 18th believe and beyond paper view from frank gore and check this out. remember caches march he had a brief go around with the 49 years is the coordinated outfits. his hair and his coat, all matching, and, uh, that's not easy to do guys very smooth. he worked. he worked hard on that look, caches marsh. good boxing name to that's the sporting life. get you back to the desk, guys. alright, mark. thank you, mark. mhm next at 11. we literally or planning
11:00 pm
out our winner search strategy. prepositioning assets in anticipation. what's going to happen in the next few weeks, warning of a winter served. california officials are getting ready for the possibility as some places are already seeing a rise in coronavirus cases. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now another uptake in cases in some parts of california. good evening, everyone i'm mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener. some restrictions are easing, but the cooler, wetter weather means more people spending time indoors and that is making some doctors nervous as ktvu is. andre senior reports places with lower vaccination rates are driving the latest spike. 75% of california's population has received at least one dose of the covid-19 vaccine and 60% have been fully vaccinated. but that's not stopping a new uptake in case rates. dr lee riley, chair of the division of infectious disease and vaccine ology at u. c. berkeley, says
11:01 pm
the rise


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