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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  November 9, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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worse than christmas, missing christmas. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth. speaking at an economic summit in monterey this afternoon, governor newsom said he took some time to catch up with his family after his four young children insisted that he spent halloween with them. speculation grew after newsom's office provided limited information about his absence. welcome everyone to the four i'm heather holmes and i'm alex savage. today, the governor explained the time with his family, saying he's been jumping from crisis to crisis over the last year and a half. our political reporter greg lee has been following this story and joins us now with more on governor newsom. message greg alexander good afternoon. during much of that last year and a half the governor has been no stranger to cameras holding at least a couple public events a week. since october 27th nothing and the rumor mill turned after he canceled his trip to scotland for family obligations. today, he offered an explanation. and
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the kids, literally. they kind of had an intervention, they said. they couldn't believe that i was going to miss halloween. in his first official appearance, nearly two weeks, governor gavin newsom tried to explain a very public absence and what caused him to abruptly cancel a trip to scotland for the u. n climate conference. and i woke up that next morning with. something's probably familiar. a lot of parents that knot in your stomach. had no choice. i had to cancel that trip during a fireside chat at the california economic summit, newsome explained. he's been spending time with his family and working at the capitol vogue reports. he also attended a glitzy san francisco wedding for eris, ivy getty. the sudden exit from the public eye and limited explanation from his office led to lots of speculation, conspiracy theories and criticism. republican assemblyman kevin kiley wrote. governors work for the people, so an unexplained absence is always a matter of public concern. but that's
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especially true for governor who has claimed sole authority to control the lives of millions of people through his own state of emergency. you weren't abducted by aliens or had no there was some twitter accounts of. that i think we'd all do well. taking some time away from social media. the governor's actual reason for attending the summit, talking about california's economic recovery, california has no peers. continues to have no peers. we are world beating in terms of our economic growth, with all due respect to states like texas eat your heart out, despite continuing to add jobs and huge budget surplus, california's latest numbers show the unemployment rate in september at 7.5% tied with nevada for highest in the nation. the governor also urged people to stay vigilant as covid hospitalizations have risen in parts of the state. we've got to keep those boosters up, and we've got to be mindful that the job's not done, you can't spike the ball.
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tomorrow governor newsom will continue his public events stopping at the vaccination site in l. a county to encourage eligible people to get their covid booster shots in studio gregory ktvu box juniors. alright, greg, thank you for the update. the u. s delegation has now arrived in glasgow for the second half of the u. n climate conference. former president obama met with the group today. mr obama also met with some members of the state department. to thank them for their continued efforts to tackle climate change. today house speaker nancy pelosi talented president biden's build back better plan, which, if approved, will include billions of dollars for clean energy and significant cuts to carbon emissions. he was one of the first people in congress in 1986 to introduce legislation to address climate crisis. he takes pride in that he's worked on it ever since. and now in the lead as president of the united states. speaker pelosi is leading a large democratic
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delegation of 22 lawmakers that includes new york breakfast representative alexandria ocasio cortez. she encouraged young climate activist to stay in the streets and keep pushing for change. more members of the trump administration have received subpoenas from the house investigators looking into the january 6th storming of the u. s. capitol the house committee called on 10 former trump officials to testify and provide relevant documents. they include former white house senior adviser stephen miller and former press secretary kayleigh mcenany in a statement today, the former president called the committee quote politically ambitious hacks who shouldn't be focused on the protest. but what he called the fraudulent elections that led to it. and now to our weather and giving you a live look outside and boy a lot of clouds. it was. some drizzle earlier in the day, and it picked up on my drive here to oakland after another sizable storm moved through the bay area overnight. our
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meteorologist mark tamayo is here now, with more on that last storm, and if any more rain is on the way. either heather. yeah looks like we're heading into a bit of a drying trend. in fact, it looks like a warmer forecast as well. but of course, it has been a soggy 24 hours, especially overnight. but things beginning to dry up this afternoon outside with even a few breaks in the cloud cover, but another sizable system, especially for the north bay. this video from earlier this afternoon as we take a look at the graphics out in larkspur, those creeks really coming to life with with this storm coming on board and clarksburg course nearby mount tam picking up significant rainfall over the past 24 hours. let's take a look. mount tam. approaching five inches of rainfall. occidental almost four, canfield almost three inches and ben logan in the santa cruz mountains, 1.86 because we take a look at the numbers here, not everybody picking up significant rainfall. you can see the first few panels here. santa rosa napa nice. san francisco 0.90 conquered about a half an inch. but people in san jose are
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asking what storm are you talking about? only 0.3 is the south bay. they called the rain shadow effect. basically a lot of the rain out toward the santa cruz mountains. but by the time the clouds get get toward the santa clara valley. not much to speak of santa's a only a few 107 inch. this was barely a system for portions of the south bay. here's a satellite in the radar as you can see that to rain band moving across the bay area yesterday evening into the overnight hours right now is becoming closer. still lots of clouds and places you check out the satellite and the radar. let's see conquer reporting some light rain during the three o'clock hour, so there's a little bit of some coverage here on the radar. as you can see, it's becoming closer to portions of the east based so not 100% completely dry just yet, but we are heading in that direction. fact here's a live care. we're looking out toward sfo with some blue sky up above. it looks like we get a break from the rain over the next few days. we'll talk more about that with your forecast coming up in just a little bit. alright mark, thank you. and with the rain, first responders were prepared for any emergency. ktvu james torres shows us what
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the storm left behind and tells us whether this rain is putting any sort of a dent. in our drought. the rain from this morning storm didn't come down too hard this time around, but it did come down for hours and hours. what a one at lucky drive and marin county is a typical flood spot for traffic, but the rain only caused some standing water not enough to prevent cars from passing through. this storm was much more manageable. you know, little bit of rain here and there a little bit of wind. the marine county sheriff's office says they had additional resources on standby to respond to any emergency. luckily today, there weren't many pretty good sized trees came down around 3 30 this morning had some power lines blocked both directions of shoreline highway a tree down north of point. reyes closing highway one for hours. the sheriff's office says that was the worst of it. trees fell all over the bay in aranda, a tree blocked traffic along happy valley road
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and in lafayette, a tree closed morocco road, still a minor event compared to what the bay area experienced two weeks ago. this is good for water resource is as well. john monteverdi is an emeritus professor of meteorology. at san francisco state. i asked him if it's too soon to ask if these recent storms are putting an end to our drought for the state as a whole. it's too soon to ask for our area. this extraordinary rainfall we had in october. actually has created a situation where it's probably likely that will end up with at least normal rainfall this year, monteverdi and a team of weather experts collected rainfall data showing october. producing about 20 inches of rain in marin county, compared to zero last year. while they quiet rainstorm is great for emergency responders. more rain helps keep wildfires quiet. at least in the bay area. all we'd have to do is have normal rainfall, uh, for the rest of the year, and we'd end up with
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normal or above normal. that's not true for southern california and for the reservoirs that are in the southern half of the sierra nevada reporting in marin county. i'm james torrez ktvu. fox two news. and all that rain we received down here in the bay area. well, it came down as snow up at the sierra. several inches of new snow fell overnight and into the morning hours up in the higher elevations. all this early season. snow is, of course, great for business up there this morning, heavenly and northstar resorts announced plans to open up on november 19th. well, a man has been arrested in the deadly stabbing of his mother in walnut creek police say it happened around five o'clock yesterday morning on jones road, which is right near interstate success. 80. they say that 74 year old darlene roth was able to call 911 after being stabbed. she was taken to the hospital where she died. police arrested her son, 41 year old nicholas roth, at the scene on suspicion of murder. the chp is trying to reassure the public that bay
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area freeways are safe. all this comes as officials tell us there have been 76 shootings in alameda county on alameda county freeways in the past year, and most of them. have happened on interstate 5 88 80, the most recent one happened this weekend, and it killed an innocent young little boy. any of these freeway shootings are random acts. um, but or some of them are, um but other other shootings take place between parties that know each other. or as a result of a road rage incident. um and you know the public should feel safe on the freeways. on saturday afternoon. 23 month old jasper was mom was driving south bong on interstate 8 18 year, filbert street when he was shot and killed by a stray bullet. the siege. priest says that bullet was fired from the north beyond lanes, and they believe that the. family was not targeted. investigators do not have any suspect descriptions yet and are asking any witnesses to
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come forward. investigators want anyone who may have some information about this tragic case to contact the chp investigative tip line. at number is right there on your screen. 7791744. the proposed recall of san francisco district attorney chase a boudin will go before the voters the san francisco department of elections today certified the petition seeking to put the recall on the ballot. the certification means the petition has a sufficient number of valid signatures to go forward. that special election is scheduled for tuesday. june 7th 2022. fast food workers across the state walked out of their jobs today to demand better pay and safety standards here in the bay area, local politicians joined with workers from the jack in the box on hagen burger road in oakland. and the burger king on hamilton avenue in campbell. workers say they're on strike over unsafe working conditions and lack of covid-19 health precautions were on the side of
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a living wage of dignity and respect for our workers. i'm on the side of racial equity because 80% of our fast food workers are people of color. i'm on the side of gender equality because two thirds of our workers are women. and those lawmakers are calling for assembly bill 2 57 to pass it would hold fast food corporations accountable that would set minimum industry standards for working conditions, wages and working hours. coming up. south bay leaders outlined the upcoming improvements about to be funded by the recently passed infrastructure bill, plus due to a committee voted east bay mud. we're one step closer to having a large water pipe once again running across the richmond, sandra fell bridge. richmond, sandra fell bridge. to water starved marin county. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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live look here at interstate 80, the east shore freeway heading through emeryville into berkeley. their traffic stacked up in this shot in california. triple a, says 7.1. million people are expected to travel over the thanksgiving holiday. that's a 16% increase from last year. the vast majority of travelers 6.1 million will be going by car 800,000 will travel by air. that's an 82% increase from last year. comcast xfinity customers are back online today after tv and internet service went out late last night, all across the bay area just before 10 p.m. the down detector website showed complaints from 24,000 users, saying they had no internet or cable service. frustrated customers also complained on social media. complaints were mostly here in the bay area, but there were also outages reported as far south as salinas and up to the north in uk to comcast put out a statement today that says, in part quote we have addressed
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the issue and the service is now restoring for impacted customers. as we continue to investigate the root cause we apologize to those who were affected. state and local leaders met in san jose today to talk about the benefits of the newly passed infrastructure investments and jobs act. u s senator alex padilla hosted the event with congresswoman zoloft grit. san jose mayor sam liccardo, another leaders. at the deer adan train station to discuss the nation's largest infrastructure investment in nearly a century. the lawmakers described how the bill will provide billions in federal funding for california for transportation roads, clean energy and strengthening the supply chain. i also want to mention the high speed internet provision in this bill 65 billion for the nation, but we know there are parts of our community even here in santa clara county. or high speed internet does not exist and you can go and find out where that is. when you see parents with
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their kids in a car outside of mcdonald's, so their kids can do their homework that should not be. the bill will also fund strengthening the state's electric grid, secure and diversifying california's water supply and infrastructure and increasing charging stations for electric vehicles. despite a much improved water supply situation in the north bay. the marin municipal water district has moved a bit closer to building a new emergency pipeline across the richmond centre fell bridge from the east bay. ktvu tom vacar joining us now live from the marine side of the bridge with the details on this plan, tom. and once you take a look at this bridge now back in 1977 pipeline was constructed and saved marin from a very serious drought, then. now the situation is would that pipeline even be big enough? thanks to recent rains, the phoenix reservoir spillway is spilling, but there are no
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guarantees for the future for the marin municipal water districts, 191,000 customers. on tuesday, the east bay municipal utilities district planning committee outlined and refined conditions it would require before the $90 million.08 mile long emergency water pipeline could be assembled and connected to marin. they would need to find a seller and then essentially, the water would be built through the east fame on water distribution system to their facilities. among the many conditions. no cost to the east bay municipal utilities district or to its customers, no less water or water pressure for its own customers and acceptance of the project by the city of richmond, where the project would be connected to the east bay, the sighting locations for the pump stations. are really going to have significant impacts on the rich residents in point, richmond. and they need to be reconsidered. their their
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locations are right at tewksbury and castro, which is a residential area we want for whatever those impacts are to be addressed by marin of for the richmond community, and some complain that marine is using the long known limitations on its own water storage ability. to claim it's an emergency to waive an environmental impact report. this application is premature because we're in water has not met the purpose and intent. at the california environmental quality act. if approved by next summer, it would pump and carry some eight million gallons a day over the richmond san rafael bridge. this is all highly complex because four or more different water agencies are involved. adding to all of this complexity is the fact that we've had a pretty good rainier so far. in the north bay. but the questions still arise. will the rains keep coming? will the drought be over? and when will the next
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drought come? how do you solve that problem? what do they need to do both now and in the future. penned in the spirit of cooperation and partnership. the east bay municipal utility district says this they don't want to make any money on this. what they really want to do is make sure that they don't cost any money. no profit from marin. tom vacar ktvu fox two news, tom before i let you go. can i ask about timing here? if this project does get all the final approval and clears all those hurdles you talked about how long would it actually take to build this pipeline? well this is the thing that's amazing. when you're talking about eight mile pipeline, it will be operating in the summer of 2022. not long from now. that's pretty remarkable. okay tom vacar live for us on the inside of the richmond centre fell bridge, tom. thank you. call while they kind of
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celebrate the great start to the uranium season here in the bay area, of course, it's very early on. so as tom mentioned, we need a lot more rain to play catch up, and it looks like we're heading into a bit of a break here in terms of the rainy pattern looks like a warming trend that will carry us into the weekend. in fact, after the clouds clear out today temperatures we're talking about some seventies. so here's the forecast model and things you probably still some clouds overhead in your neighborhood, and maybe few while lingering showers. those showers will move out as we head into the overnight hours and we're not expect to watch in the way of rainfall. that point of three in san francisco could be in the form of some drizzle. but this is right on through the weekend and possibly beyond still looks like a dry weather pattern setting up. in fact, you can see out in the pacific. those clouds. there's our system from last night moving across the region. those clouds offshore are beginning to arc up to the north, and that is the high pressure ridge. it's going to build in keeping us dry and also warm as well has been an active 24 hours with the cloud cover and the moderate to heavy rainfall as we talked about earlier, though, san jose the south by not picking up much adds all a few 107 inch. if you
4:22 pm
storm reports to show you this one is from earlier this morning 6 36 and corner madeira right around one on one reports of some roadway flooding as we still have some lingering downpours from last night's system moving across the region satellite right now and the radar fairly quiet, but you could still run into a few sprinkles. or maybe some drizzle for this evening, but the clouds will gradually clear on out as we head into your wednesday. here's a live camera looking out toward sfo, where you can't see a little bit of a some blue sky. we will cloud things up once again first thing tomorrow morning and also we could have some pockets of some dense fog for your wednesday morning. temperatures will be in the forties and the fifties. and here's the forecast models. you put this into motion as you can see the clouds trying to clear on out a little bit later on tonight. still starting out your wednesday with some cloud cover partly to mostly cloudy skies and look what happens by the afternoon. more sunshine and temperatures are trending back up into what your wednesday thursday and into friday that warming friend what kind of set up a nice weekend for us. we'll talk more about that with your full forecast coming up in a little bit. new video of one of
4:23 pm
the deadly shootings in kenosha, wisconsin, emerging in the kyle rittenhouse trial. i'm mike tobin in chicago. details coming up. and here is a look at ktvu is prime time lineup tonight at eight o'clock, it's the resident followed by our kind of people and then be sure to stick around for the 10 and 11 o'clock news while we're right back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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with dupixent adults saw long-lasting, clearer skin and significantly less itch. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. talk to your doctor about dupixent. kyle rittenhouse murder trial. this comes after a week of testimony, including newly released drone footage, the clearest video yet of the deadly shooting in kenosha, wisconsin, last year. access bank. tobin has more on today's developments. as kyle rittenhouse's trial continues prosecutors on tuesday showing the jury drone video of one of the fatal shootings. the footage capturing the moment written how shot joseph rosenbaum at close range during
4:26 pm
last year's turbulent protests in kenosha, wisconsin. rosenbaum has seen following written house before the team turns and fires his rifle, rosenbaum falls to the ground. rittenhouse since circles parked cars and comes back to the victim, forensic imaging specialist james armstrong, taking the stand to detail how the video was zoomed in and slowed down, highlighting the deadly incident. this is a video again clarified, um cropped into the area of interests, and this video is slowed down by 50. and is it true and accurate copy of the video that. you've created for this exhibit, and it appears to be yes, forensic pathologist, dr. doug kelly, testifying, rosenbaum was shot four times by written house who was within four ft of him so that pam. was over the barrel of mr. rittenhouse has done with his hand was shocked. that makes sense. rittenhouse is also accused of killing anthony huber moments later and injuring another protester who
4:27 pm
took the stand on monday. then 17 year old maintains he acted in self defense. meanwhile the judge putting new policies in place after deputies caught someone recording the jury at a bus pickup location that person ordered to delete the video. the kenosha county sheriff's department is investigating. if it happens again there to take the phone. rittenhouse was facing seven charges, but the judge today drop the charge for curfew violation in chicago. mike tobin fox news. now to the latest on the ahmad are very murder trial that's happening in georgia, two police officers testified today once, said greg mcmichael, who initiated the chase that ended in our berries, death. changed his story at police headquarters. the officer told the jury that mcmichael first told him are very had been recorded by security cameras breaking into several homes. mcmichael later told a detective and intruder had only targeted one home that was under construction. prosecutors say the three white men had no legal reason to pursue the 25 year old black
4:28 pm
man with guns as there is no evidence are very committed any crimes. this is moving full steam ahead with a federal vaccine mandate despite growing legal challenges, my command you in washington. i've got the details coming up. and stay with us as we take a look at a bay area non profit focusing on helping veterans experiencing homelessness. mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross!
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as the white house pushes back against legal challenges to an upcoming vaccine mandate for large companies. as fox says, mike emanuel tells us the administration believes it is on solid legal ground despite lawsuits filed by nearly a dozen states. and i think that some of the most noble. and exciting work. vice president kamala harris touring a covid research lab in paris, while the battle over mandates heats up back home, the white house is now asking a federal court to overturn a judge who put a nationwide vaccine mandate on hold. the new rule from osha would have required businesses with more than 100 employees to make sure their workers are vaccinated or face heavy fines. at least 11 states are now suing to make sure it does not go into effect. they know this is illegal. they know osha has no authority whatsoever to mandate these vaccines. well, white house officials are sticking to their guns, saying they like their chances in court. because they claim osha
4:32 pm
has always had the authority to take steps to protect workers. in quote, grave danger. this is an authority that the secretary of department of labor has. this is when you talk when you think about grave danger when you think about 1100 people dying a day. it's still not clear if the feds will expand the mandate to children over the age of five. they've been making a big push to get kids vaccinated. after the cdc gave the green light last week, and on tuesday, the surgeon general released a new community toolkit to address concerns about vaccine safety spacing out that interval dozing to six weeks, 12 weeks actually causes a stronger immune response and decreases the side effects in washington, mike emanuel fox news. sonoma county health officials are encouraging parents to check with their family doctors on when they're younger children should get vaccinated against covid-19. the county started today. i'll holding pop up clinics at schools. for students and their
4:33 pm
families, including adults, students who qualify for free or reduced cost lunches or who live in areas where english is a second language will get priority. anyone living in those communities is also eligible to get vaccinated at the school's today's clinics were at granville elementary school and jefferson elementary in clover deal. now tomorrow's pop up clinics are in occidental at harmony elementary school and mcdowell elementary in petaluma. other clinics will be held later this week as schools in santa rosa, healdsburg, sonoma and windsor. we have a link to all of the sonoma county clinics offered at schools and other locations across the county on our website at ktvu .com. just click on the web links tab right there at the top of the page. the alameda unified school district is giving the public an inside look at safety measures used in schools across california to protect kids from covid-19. this morning, teachers, parents and district leaders were at peyton elementary school to
4:34 pm
demonstrate the everyday practices that are in place to keep students, staff and the community safe, masking and regular covid-19 testing programs were all highlighted. his local leaders push for the next step of vaccinating students. right now we have an opportunity for children ages. 5 to 11 to finally get vaccinated to have the opportunity to not have their school days disrupted anymore with incidents of having a covid. covid testing and covid carrying cases happening for everybody. school leaders say vaccinations will be a key layer of protection for keeping schools safe. other ongoing steps include contact tracing symptoms, tracking quarantines for exposed students and proper ventilation. the council university system has launched an outreach program to encourage students who dropped out during the pandemic to re enroll, according to the chronicle, san francisco state university. contacted 300 to students in good academic
4:35 pm
standing who enrolled in 2000 and 19, but then dropped out during the pandemic, and so far 60 have come back, which is a 20% return rate. more than the school's goal of re enrolling 10% well today and tomorrow the public has the rare opportunity to lay flowers at the tomb of the unknown soldier and arlington. that sign is usually restricted to the u. s. infantry sentinels who patrolled the tomb. and sparks is lauren blanchard, though, tells us the public access as part of the centennial of the memorial. it was a very special moment to be here for nearly 100. years approaching, the tomb of the unknown soldier has been off limits for visitors of arlington national cemetery. but for two days ahead of veterans day, people can pay their respects and leave behind flowers. this is really. the first opportunity in 100 years for the general public to be able to get as close and personally connected with the tomb. very somber, very quiet, reflective moment, i would say in 1921, the tomb was created
4:36 pm
with the remains of an unknown american soldier from world war. one later remains from a world war two and korean war soldier were added. today the white marble sarcophagus represents those who gave all the love for our country to look for our patriotism in our country hasn't died like so many people do think the old guard stands watch in the rain shine day and night. for many military families, these two days are a special opportunity. come from a military family. i just want to pay like honor respect to them. arkansas senator tom cotton, who served as an army combat soldier also laid a flower. the tomb of the unknown soldier itself is now become our national place of mourning. for all those who have lost a loved one in the fight to defend this great nation on thursday, president biden is scheduled to attend a private veterans day ceremony at the tomb in arlington, virginia. lauren blanchard, fox
4:37 pm
news. this thursday is veterans day, and in today's giving day, we're putting the spotlight on an east bay nonprofit that helps provide housing to people who are living on the streets, where the special focus on veterans who are experiencing homelessness. i talked earlier with tameka perkins from operation dignity about the organization's mission to help vets and others regain stability. in addition to working with our veterans, we provide emergency transitional and permit and some permanent housing for veterans and their families. we also conduct the city of oakland's outreach teams where we also run and manage three community cabin site as well as one rv site in the city of oakland. and of course i mention is, everyone is to get folks house and house right stable, so we provide rest and respite both in our emergency shelters as well as in our community cabin sites where we can allow people to come in from outdoors. take that opportunity to rest. behind you know a lot key for
4:38 pm
safety security, and then once they have rested, then we start working on them with some of the barriers of how and why they became homeless in the first place and then start tackling them one by one, until we get to a point where we're able to refer them to permanent housing. how difficult is it to reach the people that you serve? and then what are the biggest challenges in terms of getting them from from a temporary housing situation to something that's more permanent? i think the biggest married for reaching thoughts is establishing that trust right. a lot of folks have been told so many things by so many people so kind of building that trust with folks like you're not just a number, but that we truly care about where you're going and what's happening to you. so um, that's kind of the biggest obstacle is his first gaining that trust and the second is affordable housing. right like we can do all of the outreach and that we want, but if there's nothing on the other end of that, it's kind of a mute point. right so you know the city is doing a lot. um but
4:39 pm
we still need permanent supportive housing. right i just putting people in housing but addressing the issues of how they became homeless in the first place so that they don't fall back into housing. and with that, being said, when it comes to either veterans who are find themselves living on the streets, or anyone else for that matter what what? what are some of the what's the common thread that you off most often here in terms of. how somebody wound up living on the streets and found themselves homeless trauma. so unfortunately with our veterans, of course you have those who have come home from the vietnam war and various wars, so they're dealing with ptsd and things aren't as they were when they left re adapting back into society right now, they're looking for jobs, or they're trying to manage their mental health or their physical disabilities on their own. and so that has been a challenge, right and then. affordable housing because you know the berry is very expensive to live here. so if you're cutting minimum wage is very difficult. it doesn't matter if you served
4:40 pm
your country or not, right. it's like rents or are skyrocketing and you have to be able to live. how important is support from the community to the work that you do. instrumental right? um i like to say homelessness isn't an individual problem is the community line right? most folks that are homeless that we interact with our deal with our from our community. they've grown up there. they've gone to school their their parents still live in the area or their relatives are still there. so when we start to isolate folks that are homeless, as if they are from some far off place, they're not, you know. they probably grew up with someone that you know. and so as a society and as a community, we have to kind of embrace that and take ownership of that. and if you'd like more information on how to help out operation dignity, you can go to our website. of course. it's ktvu .com and look under web links. well. the holiday travel season, of course is coming up
4:41 pm
amid some very, very high gas prices, especially here in the bay area, still ahead on the floor, the growing calls for the biden administration to do something without the price hikes. at a barrier whether the rank clouds moving out of town, in fact, a bit of a warming trend. in our five day forecast, we'll have the update coming up after the break.
4:42 pm
don't worry, ma. we'll be there soon. “we?!” is this “the one.” well...let's say i found the one who takes me to another level. always stays calm under pressure. most importantly... the one that helps me discover the coolest places. this sounds wonderful! come outside. i'll introduce you.
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definitely the one! introducing the all-new nissan frontier. americans plan to hit the road to visit family and friends. box reporter madeline rivera tells us about the pressure being put on the biden administration to bring the cost of national gas prices down ahead of the holiday weekend. ask anyone who's on the move these days and they'll tell you gas prices are on the rise, according to triple a. the national average for a gallon of gas is 16 cents more than it was a month ago. the association also predicts more
4:44 pm
than 53 million people will travel this thanksgiving. this year. people seem to be enthusiastic about getting their families back together again, with higher prices. the biden administration is facing major criticism even from some members of his party 11. senate democrats sent the president a letter asking that he released oil from the strategic petroleum reserve and banned exports of u. s crude oil and we're looking at all the tools in our arsenal were very concerned about the impact. of high energy prices on consumers while overseas in scotland house speaker nancy pelosi in a delegation of democratic lawmakers touted their build back better legislation, arguing the bill will significantly help in the fight against climate change. and reduce emissions in action is really not an option. still, the administration is facing criticism about its environmental policies. the army corps of engineers is studying the potential impact of shutting down the line five pipeline in michigan, which some argue will lead to higher
4:45 pm
energy prices heading into the winter months. i invite president biden to really look at the domino effects of shutting down this line what it would mean to our economy. energy secretary jennifer granholm announced the president could take action to address soaring gas prices as soon as this week in washington. mala rivera fox news. well it looks like and whether it looks like the bay area beginning to dry out this evening, a bit of a warming trend as we head toward the weekend, but with all the rain really nice to kind of help out the gardens, this little crepe myrtle, the backyard really appreciates, really appreciates the raindrops and it's nice to have just a nice early start to the rainy season gets a healthy start to the iranian season so far, in fact, taking a look the numbers up in the north bay for santa rosa, if we were to will show you whether cast from a year ago from october 1st to november 9th 2020 the rainfall only 20200.1 not too much to get excited about. compare that to this year october 1 2021 to november 9th today. look at
4:46 pm
that number over 14 inches of rainfall says you know, it has been such a great start to the rainy season. we need a lot more, but at least it's a very nice especially compared to last year as far as more. rain well, it looks like it's not our future in the short term, a bit of a dry for a drying trend in a warming trend will take us into the weekend. here we are into saturday, sunday and into monday so dry weather returns so no significant rain in our forecast, so i guess it's kind of nice. we kind of had this system move into the bay area last night into early this morning to help us out to continue to help us stop because it looks like a few days of a dry weather pattern satellite showing you the active weather pattern from yesterday you can see those clouds start nuba arc up offshore. that is our ridge. building and that will be the source of warmer temperatures. nothing major, but still temperatures training up into the weekend for a saturday and into sunday. here is the active radar from last night into this morning. as you notice the overall trend, the showers beginning to dissipate still a chance of a few sprinkles for this evening. you can see one
4:47 pm
of this, uh, this one storm report from this morning in corte madera. typical spot around one on one lucky driving corta madera reports of some flooding there. as we show you. the satellite in the radar is still fairly quiet, but once again the chance. it of a few sprinkles or some drizzle but here's our camera in the south bank san jose and i should mention. so excited about last night's system. san jose did not pick up much rainfall at all, only 0.3 so not much in the way of rainfall for portions of the south bay. rain is moving out forward tonight. this area of high pressure wants to rebuild and that will keep us dry right on through the weekend and temperatures in the sixties and the seventies, so a subtle warming trend right on into the weekend. here's a forecast model clearing skies will start out tomorrow morning, though some areas of fog and then clearing skies into the afternoon hours and then on thursday, essentially the same story. three with partly sunny skies. temperature is for tomorrow, mainly in the sixties. so here's your wednesday afternoon forecast to the warm spots, upper sixties so kind of we're all in the same camp for tomorrow afternoon. look ahead for your thursday, clearing
4:48 pm
skies and warmer and then more sunshine for friday into the weekend so the weekend is looking just fantastic. it's one of those deals where we could feel good about the recent rainfall we have picked up and of course, those hillsides are turning green. it's nice chance to get outside for both saturday and sunday let's soak up some sun this weekend. mark sounds good. thank you. ktvu s annual one warm coat drive is underway here in the bay area. if you have a gently warm coat or jacket that you want to donate to bay area families in need, just take it to any participating ups store or big o tires. ktvu also has collection barrels up at jack london square in oakland, also at santana row in san jose, and the westfield san francisco center in the city. the coat drive continues until sunday, december, 5th. head to ktvu .com/ one warm coat to get more information. the investigation into last week's astro world festival is ramping up as the fbi gets involved and dozens of lawsuits are filed. i'm garrett tenney in houston, with the details coming up. and coming
4:49 pm
up tonight at five o'clock, the legal action former ups employees are taking against the security company four years after a deadly workplace shooting here with the bay area. also will have a close up look at safety measures being used in schools across california amid the efforts to try to protect kids from the coronavirus again, that's all coming up in just a few minutes coming up in just a few minutes at five. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. ♪ ♪ ♪
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world festival and the headliner travis scott. authorities are also ramping up their investigation into what caused the deaths of at least eight concert goers. fox's garrett tenney is in houston. now with more for us the criminal investigation into last week's tragic deaths at a houston music festival is expanding. the fbi has joined the probe, working alongside harris county and the city of houston. it's a complex case with multiple groups under the microscope, including concert promoters of private medical
4:52 pm
group and rapper travis scott, houston's fire chief says it's a matter of who knew there was a problem and win. the promoter was the one that was in charge of developing that emergency operations plan and it listed the chain of command, in essence for who would be making certain calls. harris county judge lina hidalgo has called for a separate independent review as well to ensure the city avoids any conflicts of interest. houston's mayor says law enforcement is leaving no stone unturned it is about providing accountability from the beginning to the end. everyone demands uh, there's entitled to answers the questions to be answered. more than three dozen lawsuits have piled up against those behind the festival, including the event organizer, live nation entertainment, travis scott and nrg stadium. the suits claim both serious injuries and emotional distress. one attorney claims christ for helping the crowd went unanswered. someone's up on the
4:53 pm
on the stage participants screaming, uh, saying people are dead. please stop the show, and they continue to go for at least an hour. travis scott maintains he wasn't fully aware of what was happening while he was performing and didn't find out anyone who died until after the show. in houston. i'm garrett tenney fox news. a southern california couple is suing the fertility clinic that help them give birth to a child who they later found out was not theirs. ivf is an incredibly painful procedure, both physically and emotionally. involving injections, hormone treatments, blood tests and even surgery. we came to it with incredible vulnerability and trust in our doctor and in the process. definitely a and alexander cardinali say when they're little girl was born. they were surprised she had a darker complexion than either of them. weeks later, dna tests showed the baby was not biologically related to either of them. our
4:54 pm
memories of childbirth will always be tainted by the sick reality. in our biological child was given to someone else. and the baby that i fought to bring into this world. it was not mine. too cute. the lawsuit claims to california center for reproductive health mistakenly implanted another couple's embryo into dafna and transfer the embryo from dafna and alexander into another woman. the baby girls were returned to their biological families before they were five months old. cardinali say the hardest part was trying to explain to their older daughter that the doctor made a mistake. and the baby they all loved was not her sister. there's been no comment so far from the fertility clinic. coming up a look back at the iconic bob hope they're a new book out chronicling his overseas tours entertaining us troops. entertainer bob hopes spl
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
connection with america's armed forces during world war two foxes actually diverted, says the book was unveiled during a special ceremony in hollywood. thanks for the memory, a new lobby tribute at the hollywood museum to bob hope, put a special spotlight on the book dear bob bob hopes wartime correspondence with the gis of world war two. these were ordinary fan letters. these were letters addressed to their buddy there, pal. their dad, meaning bob hope probably he identified as a young man, which he was during those days with the people that had committed did themselves to serving during world war two. and i think that this collection of materials shows dad to be. not only just an
4:58 pm
entertainer, the book is by hope staff writer martha bolton with his daughter, linda, hope it brings insight into the special connection between the entertainer those serving and their loved ones at home, his last military show. was when he was 87 years old. his joy came from being with the troops and being there for them, not only in war, but in peace time. they feel readers can also take a lot from it now, as we honor our troops this veterans day he talked to republicans and democrats alike and joked about it. he didn't. papa's side. it was just we were together. we've got to pull together. i hope that. it gives people are, uh, time to remember a time to think about the sacrifices that those people made. everybody was willing to work together. and to accomplish a goal and to
4:59 pm
do something to bring peace to the world in hollywood. ashley tamarkin fox news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now. i don't understand how it's taken this long, and we have to lose a young life for this to become the story. the numbers are alarming. dozens of shootings on east bay freeways and some ending in a loss of life. good evening. i'm julie julie haener and mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville. the california highway patrol says there's been 76 shootings on alameda county freeways in just the past 12 months are crime reporter henry lee is here now, with a closer look at what's been going on. henry. well mike and julie. that number certainly took us by surprise. the chp says many of those shootings include incidents in which shots are fired, and no one is hit. still that's a little comfort that those who say more needs to be done. california highway patrol has not made any arrests in the
5:00 pm
deadly shooting of 23 month old jasper wu, who was hit by a stray bullet on an oakland freeway. but at a news conference, chp captain mike lehman did reveal a startling statistic over the past 12 months. there have been 76 freeway shootings within alameda county. most of the extreme machines occurred on interstate 5 80 interstate 80. that's an average of between 1 to 2 shootings a week. it is scary, but the reason that you should feel safe is that, um, the chances of this happening or are not high when we asked this huge p was unable to provide details of the case is their locations or how many rest they've made. but they're having many deadly incidents. last month, a man was shot and killed on 5 80 in east oakland. back in may, two teenage girls were shot dead on a party bus also on 5 80. the 76 incidents also include injury shootings and those in which no one was hurt. that was the case on highway 24 near the calico tunnel when a car was hit by gunfire in september during a road rage incident. generally speaking, the motives behind


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