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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  November 9, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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enough is enough. business everybody's gotta stop. step back and look at what's happening to our community right now. a family heartbroken after 2023 month old child was killed in a freeway shooting in oakland. we're going to have the latest on the investigation and the search for the suspect, plus thousands of people left without television and internet service. how comcast it's been. itty is responding to its major outage last night. the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. and good afternoon to you. i'm clouding wang in for gaza and mike well. another wet system moved into the bay area, and the front is now moving out. after dropping up to a few inches in some locations overnight and into this morning. joining us now meteorologist rosemary oroczo with a look at this latest front, and it's kind of been it
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was heavy right and then it kind of stuck around a little bit and how much longer until it moves on its way. it's still moist out there clouding we're still dealing with the cloudy skies and with the cloudy skies, we have the opportunity of still a little bit of result to fall through the bay area, giving you a look at what is happening outside our doors at this time. so the clouds intact still, with the mostly cloudy one out there and still a bit soggy if we get into storm tracker, too. you can see that we've got just light scattered showers that continue to fall over areas from the north base for the central bay and through the south. let's start in the north bay where glen ellyn over areas of napa as well as american canyon, perhaps a few sprinkles for you there inside the bay with kassandra fell mill valley over towards that. tiburon and sausalito, some light rain and a little bit over san francisco as well sliding down along the peninsula sama tail redwood city off towards the coast in and out of a few sprinkles and to the east bay, where it's widespread along 5 80 between areas near dublin all the way towards livermore and out towards tracy along 8 86 80. we've got a little bit there.
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hayward fremont, one of those areas where we've got a few scattered showers and scattered showers continue over areas of the santa cruz mountains as well as the mountains in the sierra. the snow continuing here we will continue to watch this move out of the area, and by tonight we will be dry. better details on what you can expect for your bay area tuesday, and some of those rainfall amounts from the last 24 hours coming up in just a bit. okay thanks so much. rosemary oroczo say they were prepared for any emergency. ktvu james tourist shows us what the storm left behind and tells us whether this rain is putting a dent in our drought. the rain from this morning storm didn't come down too hard this time around, but it did come down for hours and hours. what a one at lucky drive and marin county is a typical flood spot for traffic, but the rain only caused some standing water not enough to prevent cars from passing through. this storm was much more manageable. you know, little bit of rain here and
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there a little bit of wind. the marine county sheriff's office says they had additional resources on standby to respond to any emergency. luckily today, the work many pretty good sized trees came down around 3 30 this morning hit some power lines blocked both directions of shoreline highway a tree down north of point. reyes closing highway one for hours. the sheriff's office says that was the worst of it. trees fell all over the bay in aranda, a tree blocked traffic along happy valley road and in lafayette, a tree closed morocco road, still a minor event compared to what the bay area experienced two weeks ago. this is good for water resource is as well. john monteverdi is an emeritus professor of meteorology. at san francisco state. i asked him if it's too soon to ask if these recent storms are putting an end to our drought for the state as a whole. it's too soon to ask for our area. this extraordinary rainfall we had in october. actually has created a
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situation where it's probably likely that will end up with at least normal rainfall this year, monteverdi and a team of weather experts collected rainfall data showing october. producing about 20 inches of rain in marin county, compared to zero last year. while they quiet rainstorm is great for emergency responders. more rain helps keep wildfires quiet. at least in the bay area. joel we'd have to do is have normal rainfall, uh, for the rest of the year, and we'd end up with normal or above normal. that's not true for southern california. and for the reservoirs that are in the southern half of the sierra nevada reporting in marin county. i'm james torrez, ktvu fox two news. service for comcast. xfinity is coming back after tv and internet service went out late last night just before 10 p.m. the down detector website received calls from 24,000 users, saying their internet and cable service was out. frustrated customers also complained on social media. the complaints were mostly here in
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the bay area, but there were also outage reports as far south as salinas and to the north in nukaya. comcast released a statement this morning saying, in part we have addressed the issue and services now restoring for impacted customers as we continue to investigate the root cause. we apologize to those who were affected. well, the california highway patrol says bay area freeways are safe. they are trying to reassure the public after a toddler was struck and killed by a stray bullet on interstate 80 this weekend. ktvu sally rasmus joins us live with an update from investigators as well as. we hear from family and community members who are now grieving this little boy's death. ali clouding 76 shootings reported on alameda county freeways in the past 12 months. that's according to the chp. now most of those shootings happened on interstate 5 88 80 in the most recent one this weekend. killed an innocent young child. yes. sit here. that's the grandfather of 23 month old
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jasper woo, thanking the community in mandarin for their sympathy and support. the little boy's mother was driving southbound 8 80 near filbert street in oakland saturday afternoon. jasper was asleep in his car seat in the back seat when he was struck by a stray bullet. the chp says that bullet came from gunfire that had been shot on the other side of the freeway, the north bound lanes of 8 80. the police do not believe the car the child was writing and was targeted. however jasper was rushed to the hospital where he died. community members turned out to support the family. last night, they held a vigil at seventh and market streets in oakland with the fruit near the freeway where the toddler was shot. such a tragedy. for jasper, you know. oh god. um you know, so we've got to come together as a community and let the family know that they're not alone. many of these freeway shootings are random acts. um but or some of them are, um but other. other shootings take place between parties that know each other, um or as a result of a
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road rage incident. um and you know the public should feel safe on the freeways. tickle the chp does not have any suspects or suspect vehicle descriptions to give, but investigators are looking for more witnesses to come forward. so anyone who is driving on 8 80 in downtown oakland saturday afternoon is asked to contact the chp investigators are looking for anything like. surveillance video or dashcam video. we have the chp investigation tip line on our website. you can find it at ktvu dot com. we also have a link to the go fund me page that's been set up by the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce to help the little boy's family with funeral expenses. live in the newsroom. ali rasmus ktvu, fox two news. all right. thanks so much. ali. well the contra costa county district attorney's office as recently installed surveillance cameras are doing their job. prosecutors say the cameras have helped authorities with their investigations into freeway shootings. the freeway security network utilizes shot spotter technology on the freeways, which gives law
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enforcement and alert to a shooting incident on the freeway within seconds. and it allows one force mint to respond to the fatal incidents within seconds, then being able to pinpoint the precise location of the freeway shooting, then we can go back through the system of, um. pan tilt zoom camera, video and license plate readers to identify suspect vehicles and witnesses in the area as well as to collect evidence, such as the casings along the freeway in the exact shooting location. the day is office has this type of technology is key in getting law enforcement to shooting scenes quickly so officers can begin their investigation such as finding witnesses and evidence. now in about an hour from now, a 24 year old woman is set to appear in court to face charges in the deadly shooting. of a 19 year old man who was responding to a car. add today's court appearance follows sunday nights candlelight vigil in venetia to honor the victim, michael le preta. investigators say he was
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killed last week when he went to fairfield to purchase a car that he had found online. the suspect. 24 year old come. aria strange of san pablo is due in court this afternoon. authorities have not yet revealed any details about that deadly shooting. and san francisco police are mourning the death of a fellow officer who died from covid-19. 47 year old jack nice died over the weekend. ktvu has been told that he died after contracting coronavirus. there are also reports at nice did not meet the city's deadline to be vaccinated for covid. these eh? francisco police officers association released this statement saying, we honor the 17 years of service that officer jack nice gave to the surface isco police department and the people we serve. our heartfelt condolences go out to jack's wife, family and friends, the statement goes on to say this is a sad time for our department, jack leaves a void that will be difficult to fill. rest in peace officer nice. new at noon, the alameda unified school district is giving the
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public an inside look at safety measures used in schools across california as the efforts to protect children from covid-19 continue this morning, teachers, parents and district leaders were at payden elementary school to demonstrate the everyday practices in place to keep students staff and the community safe. masking and a regular covid-19 testing program, where all highlighted as local leaders push for the next step of vaccinating students. right now we have an opportunity for children ages. 5 to 11 to finally get vaccinated to have the opportunity to not have their school days disrupted anymore with incidents of having a covid. covid testing and covid carrying cases happening for everybody. school leaders say vaccinations will be a key layer of protection for keeping schools safe. other ongoing steps include contact tracing symptoms, tracking quarantines for exposed students and proper ventilation. still to comment noon while it rained here in the bay area. it was also
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snowing in this era. we take a look at just how much has fallen so far and what ski resorts just announced, plus. lawsuits are piling up after eight people were killed at a music festival. i'm garreton folt
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people at the astro world festival in houston. and as garrett tenney reports, civil
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lawsuits are now piling up against the events promoter and rapper travis scott. the legal fallout is growing following the deaths of eight people at a houston music festival lawsuits have now been filed in harris county, the event organizer, live nation entertainment, as well as rapper travis scott er, named as defendants in most energy stadium in drake were named in at least one of the lawsuits. some of those suits claim fans suffered both emotional distress in serious injuries from being trampled by the crowd. when you look at the number of people who were killed or injured in the age of the people who were killed or injured. um this is a sensitive population. those killed range in age from 14 to 27. dozens more were injured in the chaos, travis scott announced monday. he'll cover all funeral costs for those who died. but an attorney for one of the victims says the rapper could have done so much more to ensure fans safety at the concert. even in this particular concert, he had sent out tweets, encouraging
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those who did not have tickets to come anyway that he would quote sneak them in. houston's police department is leading a criminal probe into how the chaos erupted. the fbi has also joined the investigation. law enforcement officials say they'll review whether those behind the festival followed safety plans submitted for the event. a typical book will outline. who's who knew where they're posted. wow they're working. what they're looking for. you have so many variables, the harris county medical examiner says. while autopsies have been completed, it could still be several weeks before we know the exact causes of death. in houston. i'm here. tenny ktvu, fox two news. all right time now is 12 15, and let's turn our attention to the weather because while it was raining here in the bay area, it was snowing in the sierra, and that's good news up there. several inches of new snow fell overnight and into the morning in the higher elevations and the snow is expected to continue to fall throughout the day. just a short time ago,
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heavenly and northstar resorts announced plans to open on november 19th. alright let's bring in meteorologist rosemary oroczo rosemary, you know that makes me happy. i'm always i'm always keeping an eye on on the resorts of there, and we have that big atmospheric river before, but it just it didn't hold. so they had to shut down again. so it's nice to see them planning to open up again. so nice cloudy and i know you're a big time skier, but we know for the entire state, right? it's definitely good for all of us, and that snow pack is important. and so happy to see that it is so early in the season. we typically haven't seen this too big storms and this amount of time but giving you a look here at sfo. this latest storm is pulling out a little tough to tell. we don't have a whole lot of rain falling from the sky, but the clouds are still overhead. a little bit of fog out there is well this after getting a good amount of rain in many spots. here's a look at some of those rainfall totals from the last 24 hours. mill valley, almost two inches reported santa rosa
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reporting an inch and 9/10 mount diablo an inch 3/10 san francisco 85 100 there as a phone reporting a little bit more than 4/10 of an inch and take a look at some of the. the areas in our hills mountain town reporting almost four inches we have scotts valley reporting 1.7. oh, and areas over canfield reporting two inches 70 to 100. so the system. as expected, came in and brought us a good amount of rain brought the wind advisory that expired early this morning, and the winds are little breezy, but not bad out there do have some in our hills and still have a few sprinkles that we are enjoying or dealing with, depending on how you like it. glen ellyn sonoma. we may have a few scattered showers there along american canyon as well. over towards the coast. molinas along highway one inside the bay, tiburon may have a few scattered showers. right over the bay bridge, maybe a few sprinkles right over the san matteo bridges well in and out of a few light showers along the peninsula and into the east bay. we go where we have a little bit of light rain over
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livermore and over the diablo range. this is higher elevation stuff. into the santa cruz mountains. we've got some light rain here and on and off from san jose through morgan hill. so getting into the next we'll call it 6 to 8 hours or so we're looking at maybe a few 107 inch, so we're not done completely. but as we get into the second part of the afternoon, we do begin to dry out. here's a look at the future gas for you two o'clock in the afternoon. still a little bit of blue out there with those clouds. we will get a little bit of a breaker as we get closer to us sunset, hopefully seeing a little bit of sunshine by the end of the day. meanwhile temperatures on the cool side 58 degrees in san francisco right now 60 in walnut creek and in the north bay, 57 over napa for your afternoon low sixties in the forecast. 64 san francisco oakland conquered 65 expected san jose. low sixties over areas of napa temperatures will begin to warm. we do have mild weather and store as we get closer to the weekend. better details coming in just a little bit. all right, thanks. so as mary still to come at noon in southern california, couple
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outraged and saddened following a mix up at a fertility clinic. our memories of child birth will always be tainted. but the sick reality. that our biological child was given to someone else. we'll have more on their story, including the accountability the
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princess cruises was born right here in california. for over 55 years, we've been helping californians make the most of their precious vacation time. and right about now, we could all use a real vacation. so forget the road trips and rentals and sail with princess right from san francisco to the glaciers of alaska, the beautiful tropics of hawaii, the beaches of mexico or along the california coast. set sail with california's cruise line. book now at or call your travel advisor. set sail with california's cruise line. clinic that help them give birth to a baby, who they later found out was not theirs. ivf
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is an incredibly painful procedure, both physically and emotionally. involving injections, hormone treatments, blood tests and even surgery. we came to it with incredible vulnerability and trust in our doctor and in the process. definitely and alexander cardinali say when they're little girl was born. they were surprised that she had a darker complexion than either of them. weeks later, dna tests would show that the baby was not biologically related to either of them. our memories of child birth will always be tainted by the sick reality. that our biological child was given to someone else. and the baby that i fought to bring into this world. it was not mine. too cute. the lawsuit claims that california center for reproductive health mistakenly implanted another couple's embryo into dafna and transfer the embryo from dafna and
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alexander into another woman. the baby girls were returned to their biological families before they were five months old. cardinali say the hardest part was trying to explain to their older daughter that the doctor made a mistake and that the baby they all loved. was not her sister. there is no comment from the fertility clinic. well, the impact of climate change that is the central focus this week for house democrats. the delegation of lawmakers, led by house speaker nancy pelosi, are in glasgow meeting with key players to discuss the impact of extreme weather. and how the u. s can help lead. meanwhile as griff jenkins reports, the biden administration admits it is studying the potential impact of shutting down a pipeline in michigan just as gas prices continue to rise across the u. s. house speaker nancy pelosi leading a delegation of u s lawmakers to glasgow, scotland for the united nations climate change conference were cutting fossil fuels is a top priority for climate activists. we come here, uh equipped. ready to
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take on the challenge to meet the moment but putting pressure on energy producers since prices skyward and a key economic gauge out tuesday shows wholesale prices jumping more than 8% over the past year. republicans have criticized the bite administration for months over inflation. and now a group of 11. democrats are getting concerned to reportedly writing a letter to the president asking him to find a way to get a handle on soaring gas prices were monitoring the prices and we're making sure that we have tools in our tool belt, but now there are moves underway to potentially shut down an oil pipeline in michigan, white house officials say. the existing line five pipeline, which moves millions of gallons of crude oil every day is not being shut down, but they are looking at the impact of shutting down a future replacement. and what they're doing is every regulation every
12:25 pm
agency of government every way they can. to stifle and kill the fossil fuel industry. another complicating matter for the white house, the administration says americans may have to pay more for heating this winter due to supply chain issues. in washington. griff jenkins, ktvu, fox two news. new at noon. state and local leaders met in san jose today to talk about the benefits of the newly passed infrastructure investments and jobs act. u. s senator alex padilla toasted that event with congresswoman zoloft grin san jose mayor sam accardo and other leaders of the deer don train station to discuss the nation's largest infrastructure investment in nearly a century. the lawmakers described how the bill will provide billions in federal funding for california for transportation, roads, clean energy and the strengthening of the supply chain. i also want to mention the high speed internet provision in this bill 65 billion for the nation, but
12:26 pm
we know there are parts of our community even here in santa clara county. or high speed internet does not exist and you can go and find out where that is. when you see parents with their kids in a car outside of mcdonald's, so their kids can do their homework that should not be. the bill will also fund strengthening the state's electrical grid security and diversifying california's water supply and infrastructure and increased charging stations for electric vehicles. still to come at noon, expanding covid boosters to more americans how pfizer is hoping to get approval soon for all adults, plus. there has been no closure. no justice. as far as we know he's just not here. we don't know why. we don't know who we don't know. hand that's hard. families in oakland, calling for change the grief they are describing following the loss of loved ones to gun violence, and just how many homicides have happened in the city so have happened in the city so far this year.
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mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. rosemary oroczo with more on this latest front, and we need this rain we needed to come just like this too. i think
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come in, drop a little leave. absolutely and then we're going to dry things out clubbing for a few days. in fact, we're going to warm things up, and it should last through your weekend. outsider doors at this hour. we're still looking at a lot of cloud cover. here's a live look over sfo. the winds have died down just a little bit of a breeze out there and i'm beginning to see a few breaks in the clouds. even if you look to the top left of your screen, you may notice that cloud cover their little bit lighter than the rest indicating we do have some sunshine attempting to pull in. storm tracker to hear also giving you an idea. all that cloud cover and the scattered showers still over the bay area moving to the east and what is behind it, some clearing so hopefully we'll get at least a little bit of blue sky and sunshine before sunset today, just after five o'clock, meanwhile, continuing to watch just a few scattered showers over the north bay near american canyon, napa sonoma. over towards petaluma. if we shift to the central bay, we've got areas over the east bay shore right along berkeley, emeryville, the bay bridge and then over toward the west mill
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valley and along highway one, we've got some along the peninsula and into the santa cruz mountains. we've got a little bit of light rain and into the east bay here. you can see 5 80 leaving out of livermore going towards tracy and a few scattered showers along 88 between hayward and fremont. as we go to the hills. we've got still some snow here. the advisory allowed to expire for winter travel, but you can see still a little bit of rain snow mix there at the higher elevations. so again, we will be drying out a little bit later today and then we're dry for the rest of the week. better details on what you can expect, and some of the rainfall amounts from the last 24 hours coming up in just a bit. well the city of san francisco could become the fourth in the state to issue a formal apology to the chinese community, according to the chronicle supervisor, matt haney plans to introduce the resolution at today's board of supervisors meeting. law and policies put into place starting in the 18 fifties, discriminated against chinese and other asian communities in the city. now in addition to an admission of wrongdoing, the resolution will also push the city to find ways to rectify
12:32 pm
the lingering consequences. of those discriminatory policies. antioch san jose in los angeles have already issued their own apologies. and the city of oakland has seen a devastating surge in the number of homicides this last year and why police in oakland residents are openly struggling with the violence. the victim's families face a lifetime of sorrow. ktvu investigative reporter. evan sernoffsky talked to some of those families whose loved ones died this year from violence. i didn't know. what to say. or how to say. to try and explain to a child. it's a conversation. no parent ever wants to have telling your four year old daughter. her dad is dead. i am a conjurer imagining rams that aren't yet. there but families across oakland are increasingly having these conversations as homicides near a 10 year high and street violence swells out of control.
12:33 pm
then the questions start. to come about. where is he was going on? working on talk to him. why can't i see him? sherry robertson's daughter, azari, a lost her dad, 40 year old aqaba, alipay. in march, he was shot dead in a car here in north oakland. the killer was never caught. and the family is left shocked and in pain do you feel about daddy? there has been no closure. no justice. as far as we know, he's just not here. we don't know why. we don't know who we don't know. and that's hard. there's been more than 115 homicides so far this year in oakland, and that's already surpassed last year's total. the numbers are approaching the body count from the 19 eighties and nineties at the height of the crack epidemic. behind all those deaths are traumatized family members and loved ones. post
12:34 pm
traumatic stress disorder is real. um i think that we don't really feel safe. nowhere in the world. barbara bell's niece and another teen girl were killed when gunmen opened fire on an oakland party bus in may. it's been very painful like i can't sit here and act like i'm not in pain. i'm in pain every single day chief laurent armstrong is in oakland native. and knows well the long term effects. this violence will bring. just last month, the retired head of the department ceasefire program was shot in a robbery and in another tragedy of 15 year old girl was shot dead in a road rage incident so much violence. so many guns. so many senseless lives lost. if this is not a calling to everybody in this community that there is a crisis, i don't know what is without really good support and resources and intervention. people suffer with the impact of this for years. dr gina castro rodriguez is a clinical psychologist and victim advocate with the
12:35 pm
california prosecutors alliance. she said. the unresolved pain can also perpetuate the problem. sometimes it comes when people try to take justice into their own hands. things don't get settled. things don't get resolved. we don't get answers. people continue to be unsafe, and so it just builds on itself. and we see this cycle continue for people like robertson and her daughter. the pain isn't going away anytime soon. we never get a chance to heal. we never get a chance to just breathe just to live. but while this mom knows there are challenges ahead, she's determined to give her daughter the best life she can. and hoping the worst is behind them. can you want king e t t? that's one thing i try to live by his being resilient. um i refused to give up and i have to set an example for her. she sees everything in oakland. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. well. homicide investigation is underway in walnut creek. police say it
12:36 pm
happened around five o'clock yesterday morning on jones road, which is near interstate 6 80, police say 74 year old darlene roth called 911 after being stabbed. she was lat murde fourth homicide in walnut creek this year. and at san jose couple is asking for the public's health after the storage unit was broken into, and items that they say have deep sentimental value or taken ktvu azenith smith has their story. it was last wednesday at this public storage on santa teresa road in san jose jared farmer discovered the storage unit containing most of his and his wife's belongings had been broken into. i came to find that the door had been kind of jammed backwards, and i had to get the help of the property manager, a look inside the newlyweds in the process of moving had wedding gifts and xbox. other electronics taken. those items they say could be repurchased. but not everything could, namely three guitars belonging to a special person.
12:37 pm
my wife died with her. her brother died a number of years ago. these were his guitars. his wife, tabitha's brother, dennis, a guitar enthusiast, died of lymphoma at the age of 22,012. he was just so sarcastic and hilarious. and i must have every day. it's been nine years since we lost him, and i can't say it. it gets easier. dennis was jared's best man at their wedding in july, and it was just always a piece of him that was in our house. and now we don't have that the couple created this flyer, posting it on social media, the guitar nearest and dearest to them and all black fender jazz bass guitar with the wooden neck. that's the one dentist played the most right now we have no leads. we are keeping our eyes peeled and the obvious places craig's list. facebook marketplace flea markets. we think they tailgated in and then they somehow got also inside of the building. the couple says the theft likely occurred the morning of november, 2nd security footage
12:38 pm
captured a carve interest a silver bmw x three with cardboard covering a broken were windshield. i feel very violated. um you know, something that was really important to me and really special to me was taken. what would it mean for them to get their guitars back? it would mean the world. dennis would be back home. azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. young woman who gave birth in a jail cell has been awarded $250,000 candice steel went into labor at the santa rita jail in dublin back in 2017. a nurse didn't believe she was pregnant, saying she believes she had a stomachache. but soon after still gave birth to her daughter hope in an isolation cell steel was in jail at the time after being detained at a homeless encampment in castro valley. that case was dismissed. and prosecutors have rested their case against kyle rittenhouse after 5.5 days of testimony, and one of the final prosecution witnesses was a forensic pathologist who analyze drone video just obtained by the prosecution
12:39 pm
late last week. that gave jurors their first glimpse of the rittenhouse shooting of joseph rosenbaum, the first of those gunned down. prosecutors used extensive video and witnesses, including two former military veterans, who were on the streets alongside written house in a bid to convince the jury that he was the aggressor. but some of the witnesses also offered testimony that seemed to bolster rittenhouse's claim that he acted in self defense. well access to covid-19 vaccine boosters could soon be expanding in a big way. just a short time ago, pfizer asked u. s regulators to allow boosters. of its covid-19 vaccine for anyone 18 or older, david lee miller reports. the booster solves the third dose. is that the one but gives very, very high level of protection higher than the original get 50 levels of protection, which was 95% if the request is approved, it would go a long way towards meeting the biden administration's goal. boosters for all adults, but it also comes as the battle over
12:40 pm
mandates is heating up with the white house asking a federal court to lift an order blocking its rule that businesses with 100 employees or more required vaccines for workers. the administration clearly has the authority to protect workers and actions announced by the president are designed to save lives and stop the spread of covid-19. but cities and states are also moving ahead with their own mandates, including los angeles, where most businesses are now requiring proof of vaccination from employees and customers. we shouldn't be told that we're going to lose our jobs that we're going to lose our freedoms that our children are going to be able to go to school, the deadline for companies to comply with the federal mandate was set for january, 4th. it's not clear if that will change as the legal challenges move forward. in new york. david lee miller, ktvu fox two news. well, the city of san jose says despite warnings at 100 santa's, a police officers would quit over the city's covid-19 vaccine mandate. only six city employees have decided not to get vaccinated.
12:41 pm
the vaccine mandate took effect last month, and under the new rules employees who decide to remain unvaccinated. face a week of unpaid suspension, and they do have to test negative twice a week at their own time and expense. san jose says 95% of all city employees have submitted proof that they are fully vaccinated. and still to come at noon. it has been three years since the campfire left a path of destruction in the town of paradise. we're going to take a look at where things stand today and the challenges that people in that community still face. this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past...
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and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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economic summit hosted by the non profit california forward. it's the governor's first public appearance since he canceled his trip to the united nations climate conference in scotland. at the event, he explained why he decided not to attend. i signed up to go to europe and i was ready to go and had that dinner a lot even know this dinner with the family and. and the kids, literally. they kind of had an intervention, they said. they couldn't believe that i was going to miss halloween. and we've got a five year old oldest is 12 of four young kids. and i'm defending myself. you know, i gotta go, honey. this and that and my wife was going to go as well. and mom and dad missing halloween. for them. it's like worse than christmas, missing christmas
12:45 pm
and i woke up that next morning. so right now, the governor is discussing the recovery efforts that are underway after businesses were hit hard because of the pandemic. well. the city of san jose has pledged to go carbon neutral by the end of the decade. the city council voted unanimously to approve the resolution making san jose the largest city in the us to commit to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. that includes emissions from fuel grid supplied energy and the treatment of waste generated within the city. well it's been three years since the campfire and many people who have returned to the community of paradise say they feel optimistic about the future. ktvu is tom baker shows us how far they've come. on november 83 years ago, the very concept of wildfires took a wild turn when the butte county town of paradise population 26,218. was essentially burned off the map. it began at 6 30 in the morning. i was there that awful day fire everywhere, smoked thick as
12:46 pm
molasses, wind blow, torching everything in a sense of the apocalypse. we had to keep moving back several times as the fire raged on and on, ultimately consuming 18,804 buildings, 95% of the town's structures. and it was here near the corner of edgewood and pearson. people died in their cars in all 86 people died in the camp fire. tens of thousands displaced, many in makeshift camps down the mountain in chico. it remains the deadliest and most destructive fire in california's history. on the first anniversary of the fire artist jesse mercer collected informed 12,000 keys found in the debris of the homes and buildings burned, including from those who perished. formed into a phoenix the symbol of paradise rising from its ashes. it's just pretty profound and the trust that people gave me
12:47 pm
for a year. i don't know how to say thank you, except for what i did, which is just give this right back to the people. cafe owner nikki jones was one of the first to rebuild and reopen for the first anniversary. it was important to me to reopen. in paradise because paradise is my home, and i my part of my goal for this is to be an example. you know, to the community like, hey, if we can do it two years after the fire, the stark reality of rebuilding was a constant topic. we had so many problems with insurance companies not paying. making us jump through all kinds of hoops insurance companies are you know they're just they were bailing on people and fear of premium increases to come. they want to start charging me two or three times per year. what i've been paying now. that might make a difference in whether i can stay here and not now, three years later, not even 10,000 people live with
12:48 pm
26,000 dwelt, but the recovery continues. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. well, time now is 12 47 triple a, says the travel forecast for thanksgiving shows that travel is rebounding from the pandemic in california, triple a, says 7.1. million people are expected to travel over the thanksgiving holiday, a 16% increase from last year. the vast majority of travelers. 6.1 million will go by car. 800,000 will travel by air. that's an 82% increase from last year. at 12 48. let's take another look at our temperatures rosemary watching the storm as it decides to leave. i think, right, yes, it's exiting its exit, including by later today and into the afternoon. i should say evening hours we are going to be. if a dry conditions partly cloudy conditions tomorrow morning with the residual moisture this time of year likely to see some fog developed, giving you a look here at what is happening over sfo. mostly cloudy skies skies
12:49 pm
do continue this after getting a good amount of rain. we had the wind advisory that. was put into place last night expired early this morning, and here's a few of the rainfall totals that are updated just a moment ago, mill valley reporting more than two inches of rainfall, santa rosa an inch and 9/10 oakland reporting 71. i'll 107 inch there some more than 7/10 of san francisco 85 107 inch mount diablo an inch in about a third, and here are some of the areas that really saw some good accumulation. mount tam almost four inches. we have kazuhiro reporting more than 2.5. can't filled two and 70 to 107 inch and scotts valley about an inch and 7/10 storm tracker to here we do have still some wet weather up over the sierra. no advisories there for winter travel some high elevation snow at this point, and for us, we're still seeing a few sprinkles as well. on the back side, though you can see a bit of blue sky out over the pacific that will eventually get to us. hopefully before the
12:50 pm
sunset. hopefully we see it just a little bit of sunshine today. in any case, a good amount of rain and still a few sprinkles over the bay area. sonoma napa american canyon shifting over towards areas near mill valley tiburon san rafel crossing the richmond sound awful bridge crossing the bay bridge. crossing the golden gate for that matter if you like showers there, sam ato, maybe in and out of a few sprinkles on that bridge along the peninsula and into the santa cruz mountains, as well as over the east bay. a few scattered showers remaining here, so we'll call for on and off light stuff over the next few hours before finally pushes out and we begin drying out. meanwhile the winds generally lie a little breezy in oakland, little breezy and fairfield and a little breezy in our hills. mount diablo reporting 18 mph. big rock ridge reporting 22 middle peak reporting 17. here's a look at the future cast and you'll notice there's like 34 o'clock in the afternoon, breaking away to partly sunny skies and then as we get into sunset, we are going to continue with the dry weather. temperatures outside
12:51 pm
right now. 58 degrees in san francisco upper fifties and napa 60 in brentwood, so it's a cool one, and it's still soggy. one, meanwhile, are afternoon highs for today, we'll go 60 for pacifica low to mid sixties for the rest of us. the extended forecast temperatures will bump up just slightly in some areas for tomorrow, but really not much change. the bigger change is going to be the dry conditions. and then we get into some mild weather. thursday friday into your weekend upper sixties to low seventies from the coast in our basic communities low mid seventies expected for inland communities clotting. okay thanks, rosemary. well, the cal state university system has launched an outreach program to encourage students who dropped out during the pandemic to re enroll, according to the chronicle san francisco state university contacted 302 students in good academic standing who enrolled in 2019. but then dropped out during the pandemic. so far, 60 have come back, and that is a 20% return rate more than the school's goal of re enrolling 10. still
12:52 pm
to come at noon. it is one of the last roller skating rinks in the bay area, and now an iconic east bay attraction is closing its doors. how the owners of the golden skate in san ramon. say the pandemic has taken a big toll on its business. here. bob hope special
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
connection with america's armed forces during world war two foxes, ashley devore kin says the book was unveiled during a special ceremony in hollywood. thanks for the memory, a new lobby tribute at the hollywood museum to bob hope, put a special spotlight on the book dear bob bob hopes wartime correspondence with the gis of world war two. these were ordinary fan letters. these were letters addressed to their buddy there, pal. their dad, meaning bob hope probably he identified as a young man,
12:56 pm
which he was during those days with the people that had committed did themselves to serving during world war two. and i think that this collection of materials shows dad to be. not only just an entertainer, the book is by hope staff writer martha bolton with his daughter linda, hope it brings insight into the special connection between the entertainer those serving and their loved ones at home, his last military show. was when he was 87 years old. his joy came from being with the troops and being there for them, not only in war but in peace time. they feel readers can also take a lot from it now, as we honor our troops this veterans day he talked to republicans and democrats alike and joked about it. he didn't papa's side. it was just we were together. we've got to pull together. i hope that it gives people are, uh, time to remember. a time to
12:57 pm
think about the sacrifices that those people made. everybody was willing to work together and to accomplish a goal and to do something to bring peace to the world in hollywood. ashley devore kin fox news. well. amazon is scheduled to submit plans next week to build a major warehouse and shipping center in san francisco. amazon paid $200 million to buy these six acre site on seventh street from the water recycling company ecology, which is owned the property since 1970. amazon plans to use the facility to receive packages from its warehouse and tracy and its efforts to speed up deliveries across the bay area. well. members of the east based largest water district will meet to discuss one of the biggest bay area water projects ever. the plan is calling for using east bay mud water system for a massive pipeline across the richmond centre fell bridge. east bay mud will discuss two things at once from that plan, the agency does not want the
12:58 pm
project to affect its customers. and does not want to pay for any part of the project. the miranda municipal water district has already approved more than $23 million to help fund that pipeline. well. prosecutors in alameda county say the clothing line easy will pay almost a million dollars in a lawsuit over slow shipping times. now, they say, the clothing brand, which is owned by kanye west, who is now legally known as yeah. violated california law that says online orders must be shipped within 30 days. that settlement also bans the company from making false statements about products. shipping times prosecutors, some sonoma napa and los angeles also joined that lawsuit. and one of the east based iconic recreational attractions, is closing the owner of the golden state roller rink in san ramon is shutting down because of quote the enormous financial damages from covid-19. in a letter posted on its website, dr hassan sharif wrote that he hopes the memories created over the decades will be cherished by those who visited the rink.
12:59 pm
dr sharif he bought that golden skate rink in 1995 when it was on the verge of closing, then and exact closing date has not been given. and a tweet about sesame street's big bird getting vaccinated for covid-19 is sparking some backlash. the beloved character tweeted saturday that he got vaccinated and many twitter users think big bird for doing his part and setting a positive example. including president biden and cdc director dr michelle wolinski. but others slam that post senator ted cruz called the tweet government propaganda and conservative political contributor. lisa booth accused the muppet of brainwashing children. meanwhile others said the criticism was ironic. given that big bird is both a fictional character and is known for spreading messages of kindness. well for the second year in a row. olivia and liam are the top ranking baby names in the u. s so rounding out that list for girls you've got emma, amelia, ava and sofia for boys. you have? no uh. oliver
1:00 pm
elijah and lucas. thanks for watching the news at noon. that's going to do it for us for the latest news and weather- >> she heard a woman's voiceher- creaming "help me." dr. oz: new details emerge in the death of the natalie wood. >> the detective said she would have been unconscious or had already died when she hit the water. dr. oz: how would she have die if someone didn't help her die? >> precisely. dr. oz: is your normal -- back pain normal? the different reasons behind your weird pain. ♪ dr. oz: i became a doctor to help people heal. now, i'm using the same science and medicine to take on true crime.


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