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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  November 8, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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store on stevens creek boulevard. after months with no progress in the case, detectives are releasing his picture to the public and hope jog someone's memory. shocking, disgusting. that was the two words i've described as investigators say the man in this target security video is wanted for sexually assaulting a blind woman in the middle of the day. the crime happened back in may near the intersection of stevens creek boulevard and north stelling road in cupertino. that's a horrible thing to do. being a blind woman and attacking her. just shows shows we're living at a terrible time. investigators say the victim was walking back to work after shopping inside target. the suspect approximately six ft. tall and 20 to 30 years old. follows her and then sexually assaults her in a parking lot. it's a brazen attack, and that's why we've used our leads, and we want to reach out to the
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public to see if anyone has any type of information that would lead identity. sheriff's spokesman russell davis says a bystander saw the suspect grabbed the victim blew his horn and then gave chase. the suspect ran off. people with disabilities like this are easy victims of attacks like this, and then on top of that they become a victim of crime. so it seems to be like piling on retired fbi special agent kenneth gray says those who are visually impaired to try to stay in areas where there are other people. in this case, another person seeing the crime in progress was prompted to take action. a target corporate reptiles, fox to safety is a key priority and the company does everything possible to ensure safety for guests and team members that includes sharing surveillance video with the sheriff's department in hopes it leads to an arrest. it's unfortunate that it occurred, but we're very fortunate there was a bystander there to stop the incident from a crane and from the runoff.
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the suspect was able to get away and a silver 2000 and 3 to 2000 and seven scion xb, but it had no front license plate, and investigators say they could not see the back license plate. there are colorful objects such as toys on the inside, which makes this vehicle a little more distinctive, investigators say if you have any information about the suspect or the vehicle called the santa clara county sheriff's department, we're live in cupertino this evening. jesse gary ktvu, fox two news, michael head back to you. those leads start to roll in here. all right, jesse. thank you for that report. family and community members are mourning the death. of a toddler who was shot and killed just shy of his second birthday. investigators say jasper woo of fremont was caught right in the crossfire of a shootout on 8 80 in oakland this past weekend. ktvu crime reporter henry lee joining us live tonight from the newsroom with the latest on the investigation, henry. well, mike jasper, who was an innocent victim, just sleeping from the other side of the freeway came into his family's car. he just so tough? you know
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when you're supposed to go home but instead, you know you went to the hospital, saying your baby's dad jasper wu was just weeks away from turning to. but instead of a birthday celebration, his family is planning his funeral after he was shot and killed on an oakland freeway. you know they're traveling through. fun, funny kind of freeway and get shot. and obviously your baby, you know, it's just no longer there. carl chan, president of the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce, has been helping jasper's family. he says they're nightmare began shortly after two saturday afternoon, the family was headed home to fremont from san francisco on south beach and 8 80 when shots rang out near filbert street in west oakland. and the baby you know was sweeping, you know, in kosit, uh, i guess a bullet, you know? went through the shield windshield and just hit the baby. the california highway patrol believes there was a shooting on the other side of the freeway in the north bong lanes. the chp says the boy and his family were not the target. one of the bullets hit jasper who never woke up, and it's very sad because the baby didn't ever get cry. and
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you will never see the biggest smile again. jasper's mother, who was driving the family's lexus is trying to be strong, but i know she's holding up pretty well. but uh but inside, i know she's crying like crazy. oakland police joins chp officers on 8 18 year broadway where jasper's mother stopped the car. in a statement, oakland mayor libby schaaf said, in part to lose a 23 month old to gun violence is as heart wrenching in a sickening as it gets as a mother and as a mayor. i'm devastated by the totality of human loss and trauma caused by gun violence in our society. it could happen to any one of us driving on his on the freeway. now just minutes ago we heard from the chp about their investigation. no arrests have been made so far, but they did say there have been 76 freeway shootings in alameda county in the past year, mostly on 5 88 80. a chp captain mike lehman did ask for the public's help for tips. here's what he had to say. public safety is a top priority for the chp. um and, um, as we
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continue to investigate this matter, we call upon the public for assistance. um the for the sake of the family. if anybody has information regarding this incident, they're encouraged to call the chp golden gate division investigative tip line. that number is seven. oh, 7917. four fia 91. um and any information would be would include witnesses. this incident. um anybody who may have a dash cam or videos, video surveillance of the incident. yeah the boy's father is flying in from china this afternoon and he has not met his son in person yet because of covid and travel restrictions. there will be a candlelight vigil tonight at seven near seventh and market in oakland. live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. heartbreaking story. contra costa county coroner has now released the identities of two men killed in a shooting at a birthday party in oakley over
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the weekend. 29 year old myron crenshaw, junior of vallejo, and 44 year old anthony hernandez, brentwood brentwood were killed and two other people were injured in that shooting. it happened saturday night. at a home near mallicoat avenue and main street in oakley, which police say is usually a quiet neighborhood. the shooting followed a fight involving several people attending that party. milica avenue. it's a working class neighborhood. um. it's not known for extraordinary calls for service just kind of a average average street for us. the suspect. a 22 year old brentwood man is under arrest and faces several charges, including murder. it was so much violence in the bay area over the weekend. tonight we're taking a deeper look into the problems, the strategies and solutions to make cities safer. ktvu investigative reporter brooks jarocz here now, after reviewing research and data that does show what works and brooks what doesn't. that's right. mike study after study finds crime and gun violence center among small groups of
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people or in small pockets of cities in oakland, for example, research finds 60% of murders were within a social network of a couple 1000 people, but it's a delicate balancing act to implement effective early intervention with enforcement strategies. across the country. gun violence is on the rise in oakland well over 100 murders this year surge is seen in several bay area cities more lives lost, calling into question policing and criminal justice reforms. most important solutions are those that are focused, balanced and fair. thomas app chairs the violent crime working group for the council on criminal justice. it's a nonpartisan, independent think tank looking to enhance community safety and basing it on data and research. what the research says is very clear. please have to be part of the solution, but they can't be the whole solution and we need folks to work together. case in point oakland ceasefire program
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aimed at identifying high risk people and social groups implementing violence intervention by offering support and service is to keep people safe, alive and out of prison. it had proven to cut violence in half. the problem now changes in strategy, hyper polarized political environment and a growing need to keep promises of accountability. people have to understand that when lives are on the line, we need to have a message that involves not just rewards but also punishments. it's the only thing that works to keep people safe is you have to have a little bit of carrot and a little bit of stick. but that can be a tough sell. building. community trust is strained. police departments are having a tough time keeping and recruiting officers, investigative resources are often limited. all is research shows more illegal guns are on the streets. it's not all guns. generally it's illegal gun carrying by those at the highest risk for gun violence.
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and so those are the guns in the hands of the most dangerous people in the most dangerous places that we need to focus on taking a proactive approach to stop the violence by analyzing where and who to target investing time and attention to building relationships and solving crimes and attempting to address underlying causes of gun violence. by leaning on partnerships. it depends on collaboration between cops and community members and others, and it depends on people putting down their ideological beliefs and saying, you know what this problem is so important. i'm willing to work with people i don't necessarily like and may not even trust in order to get the results we need. since the pandemic. another key issue is social media. developing research suggests online confrontations can lead to offline violence, police say that's especially true surrounding gangs and gun violence. in the studio. i'm
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brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news, putting differences aside, working together as one all for the same goal there of a safer city. safer neighborhood. right? brooks thank you for that san francisco police officer died over the weekend of complications from covid 19. the department says 47 year old jack nice was with the department for 17 years and was most recently assigned to the park station. police chief bill scott released a statement today calling nice, widely respected colleague and the police officers association called it a sad day for the department. there is no official word yet from the family or the department. whether or not officer nice was vaccinated against covid. los angeles is joining san francisco and many other cities in requiring people to show proof of vaccination before they can enter some indoor businesses. the new rules affect customers at shopping malls, movie theaters and nail salons l. a mayor eric garcetti, who tested positive for the virus last week, says the rules should encourage more people to get vaccinated. some business groups that oppose this new
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rule and force mint begins november 29th. the united states is now welcoming many international tourists. for the first time in nearly two years the travel ban put in place at the start of the pandemic expired this morning, opening the door to vaccinated and covid negative visitors ahead of the holiday season. and as ktvu is james tours reports. there were a lot of smiles, added san francisco international, where some families were reunited for the first time in more than 18 months. travel experts say. san francisco is one of five top major u. s. cities that international tourists will visit and just under the international rivals signed this morning, we saw smiles. hugs and some tears. i am happy that i'm here happy. and here in san francisco, fresh off of a 15 hour flight from delhi, india, one of the airports first arrivals today much i'm so excited. i got wait. this grandmother hasn't seen her daughter for nearly two years. she's most excited. to meet her grandson for the first time in person, a far better experience
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than her daily video calls two times a day sometimes, but looking at them holding a baby is different feeling. that's one example of what lifting a travel ban means to people around the world. places like india, canada, mexico and most of europe can now send tourists to us airports. us. citizens didn't have much trouble traveling before, but now non citizens will be able to freely do the same. just in time for the holidays were very encouraged about what we're going to have this holiday season. we think we're probably going to have the best levels of activity this holiday season due in part because of the lifting of these restrictions. these flights can only happen if passengers are fully vaccinated and show proof of a negative covid-19 test within the last three days. these parents are visiting their son for the first time in the bay area. last time they saw each other. it was november 2019 very excited after two years meeting my son and my daughter in love with at home. now
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airport officials are warning people of the bay area of longer lines at security. so plan ahead as much as you can. they, too, are planning for airline expansions and new jobs created as a result of lifting these restrictions. and we're already hearing from new airlines that have never served as cfo before planning to launch service and spring of 2022 in san francisco. i'm james torrez, ktvu fox two news. coming up at 5 32 $150,000 payout by alameda county we'll hear from the mother who gave birth in a cell at the santa rita jail, plus a former police officer involved in the shooting death of brianna taylor, now fighting to get his job back his argument about why he should be reinstated. but first how the town of paradise is rebounding. three years after the deadly camp fire tore through butte county. and we are seeing rain drops out there now. rain continues tonight as well as a wind advisory. we'll have all that and when i return what can i du with less asthma?
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♪ ♪ ♪ bay area tonight san francisco public works is getting ready for the changing conditions. the big problems are going to be the trees and limbs coming down, so it's not just rain that's coming here, but it's also the high winds and we saw with the last storm in san francisco. we lost about 800 trees or large limbs coming down. we're not expecting anything that big this time around, but we are prepared and we're ready to go out there whenever we're needed. cruz will also be out tonight. making sure storm drains are clear to reduce the risk of flooding. all right. we do have a nice looking weather system coming our way. one thing we're going to notice, too, is all the leaves in the trees, right? we're gonna have some wind. some rain by the leaves in the last week or so have changed. we're gonna see lots of leaves
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down. lots of gutters clogged rainfall. accumulations could be significant enough that we will see some more will be significant enough. that we will see some urban and small stream flooding. that's just how it is. it's very typical. i think most of the rivers obviously in the creeks will absorb the water, but the san francisco downtown areas lucky drive, you know the spots the usual suspects, so there is the system. lots of some tropical moisture is kind of warm out there that's going to make for some pretty high snow elevations. you can see where the heaviest rain is now kind of yellows and greens. now it's pretty my light right now. the heavy rain comes onshore late tonight and early tomorrow morning, and what we can do here is we'll take a look at the rainfall rates and that's really what. do. it's when you get in trouble with rain events is when you get a rainfall rate. that's something you can't really manage. so let's take a look right now. the heavier green areas of rainfall rates are probably pretty mild. yes so like 1/10 of an inch an hour, but by the time we get to midnight. one o'clock in the morning. those rainfall rates are going to pop up to a half inch an hour, maybe an inch and
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our and that's when you get into it. and last two weeks ago when we had that big event, big, big event san anselmo creek in those areas we're looking at rain, uh, fall rate of 2 2.5 inches an hour. they didn't rain up for the whole hour. but it was a heavy rate, so you'd have a hard time getting all that water to run off. here's what the model wants to do. so here we are, essentially now we push it into 11 o'clock tonight or 10 o'clock tonight. it's gonna be raining. that's kind of the main event in terms of diurnal or aerial distribution of the rain. there's just going to be a bunch of it. and it's going to be coming down pretty pretty significantly. so it's wired home. it's probably why you're in better getting ready for bed. the winds will come up as well. a wind advisory goods into effect tonight at seven o'clock goes away tomorrow morning at about three am wind gusts could be 35 45 miles an hour and. with the ground wet the leaves on the trees, branches coming down just typical stuff on a scale of 1 to 10. this is probably a good 7.5. maybe that probably 7.5 hour scale of 1 to 10 allowed. the big one was a tent, so it's nothing. out of
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the ordinary at crazy. it's just a good looking winter storm on the back end of what has already been a pretty good early fall for us as we head into the morning commute on tuesday. tomorrow morning roads are web. standing water. we've got extreme tides, too. so some of those higher tides we're going to see issues with flooding on out by corta madera in places like that, and again, you will versed in these areas pen grove, those areas that tend to flood on the high tides with some rain. so tomorrow morning, look for standing water. six a.m. still scattered showers and then boom. see? yeah, that's it. that's it for the week. basically so the heavy rain overnight tonight well, let's do it again overnight tonight and into your saturday or into your wednesday morning or into your tuesday morning. sorry i get the day, right? okay. here it comes again. so that's it right there about 11 o'clock tonight. heaviest rain. and then it pushes through that your morning commute. most people will be impacted by this. most of us sleep during the heavy rain and wind, but there'll be wet on the roadways leftover okay and then after that the
5:20 pm
afternoon commute on tuesday, i just ran the model again. the afternoon committee on tuesday. much better. alright, so good stuff. i'm smiling because it's exactly what we need and we're not going to keep continue. if we had a couple of these lined up back to back then we got to start worrying about all the mudslides and things like that. but this getting storms like this. we can do this all winter. i'll see you back here with the five day forecast in the full forecast in just a few minutes. i think we're making tremendous strides in recovery, and i think we have a real bright future words of optimism and hope on this third anniversary of the campfire in butte county earlier today on the floor. the mayor of paradise. talk to us about the rebuilding efforts and the progress his town is made in what's been a long road to recovery. the campfire remains the deadliest and most destructive fire in california history took 85 lives and engulf more than 13,000 homes. in flames. ktvu tom baker there, uh you cover the fire the morning it broke out, tom. he's live in the newsroom, and, uh, just three years ago. well,
5:21 pm
paradise remains laser etched in my mind. then now and forever. on october 8th three years ago, the very concept of wildfires took a wild turn when the butte county town of paradise population 26,218. was essentially burned off the map. it began at 6 30 in the morning. i was there that awful day fire everywhere, smoked thick as molasses, wind blow, torching everything in a sense of the apocalypse. we had to keep moving back several times as the fire raged on and on, ultimately consuming 18,804 buildings, 95% of the town's structures. and it was here near the corner of edgewood and pearson. people died in their cars in all 86 people died in the camp fire. tens of thousands displaced, many in makeshift camps down the
5:22 pm
mountain in chico, it remains the deadliest and most destructive fire in california's history. on the first anniversary of the fire artist jesse mercer collected informed 12,000 keys found in the debris of the homes and buildings burned, including from those who perished. formed into a phoenix the symbol of paradise rising from its ashes. it's just pretty profound and the trust that people gave me for a year. i don't know how to say thank you, except for what i did, which is just give this right back to the people. cafe owner nikki jones was one of the first to rebuild and reopen for the first anniversary. it was important to me to reopen. in paradise because paradise is my home, and i my part of my goal for this is to be an example. you know to the community that we can do it.he e stark reality of was
5:23 pm
a constant topic. we had so many problems with insurance companies, not paying, making us jump through all kinds of hoops. insurance companies are you know, they're just they were bailing on people and fear of premium increases to come. they want to start charging me two or three times per year. what i've been paying now. that might make a difference in whether i can stay here or not. and now, three years later, not even 10,000. people have where 26,000 used to dwell a long time to recover reporting live. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. concert goers trampled and crushed tonight new information about the events that led up to the deaths of eight people at a music festival in houston, as the incident is now considered a criminal investigation, also ahead, a group of california lawmakers laying out plans to fight climate change, but governor gavin newsom is noticeably absent from the
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it's going to be a long bus ride home for the defense. in houston, where eight people were killed after the crowd of 50,000 surged right toward the stage. that news comes as more information is coming to light about past charges against travis scott for encouraging fans to violate safety guidelines. box news garrett tenney has more now from houston. the events that led to the deaths of eight people at the astral world festival in houston over the weekend. now a criminal investigation, many are frustrated that rapper travis scott continued to perform for 30 minutes after officials had declared it a mass casualty event. some of those in attendance said they felt their chest being crushed as the crowd surged towards the sage being suffocated under a massive people. those killed ranged in age from 14 to 27. dozens were injured in the chaos first song. everybody start compressing and together you couldn't move your elbow. you're just so compressed. to the point where you literally stops, you're bringing people started panicking. you looked at the back. people are young
5:27 pm
and help help help houston's police chief, saying that ending the show sooner could have sparked a riot. scott says he did pauses performance several times when he saw people in the crowd who needed help working closely with everyone and just try to get to the bottom list. city, houston, hpd. fight apartment. you know everyone, uh, help us. help us figure this out. scott and festival organizers are facing multiple lawsuits from folks who were injured at the concert. the rapper has been charged twice in the past for encouraging his fans to taunt security and safety guidelines at his shows, oftentimes when there is a mosque bit of one of his concerts. he will. he will probably say this isn't a mosque pit unless someone's getting hurt. houston city officials say they are still in the early stages of investigating exactly what caused this tragedy. in houston. i'm garrett tenney fox news. a mother who gave birth in a santa rita jail cell is now receiving a massive payout. how she says she and her family are just trying to move past the incident. also ahead
5:28 pm
tonight a renewed effort to clean up san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood up next way, organizers say the areas revitalization ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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baby girl inside a santa rita jail cell has now been awarded $250,000 candese charles went into labor at the dublin jail in 2000 and 17, a nurse didn't believe she was pregnant, saying steel was having a stomachache. she gave birth to
5:31 pm
her daughter hope in an isolation cell still won the judgment in a lawsuit against the sheriff's department. we spoke with steel, who now lives in las vegas with her husband and two daughters about the settlement today. we have to turn up new page in our in our life. that's what we're trying to do. when. once i get that money, that's what i want to do. steel was in jail after being detained at a homeless encampment in castro valley. her case was dismissed, still says she will buy a house without money. san francisco's tenderloin has been blanketed with trash and drug dealing for years now, but now there's a new effort underway. neighbors coming together to tackle a daunting task to clean up the streets. ktvu is christian captain reports. bit by bit bag by bag. neighbors new and old, worked shoulder to shoulder cleaning up the 30 square blocks that comprise the city's tenderloin district. community. organizers said the day was about bringing together volunteers, private companies
5:32 pm
and government resource is all with a common goal. so today is obviously about cleaning. we're gonna be picking up litter. people living in san francisco say they're fed up with seeing trash on the street. vince u n says he founded refused ref use as a way to organize and harness people's desire to clean their own neighborhoods. i was not doing anything up until recently, and i think a lot of us are in that same boat, and there's a lot of us that need to step up. you're going to see that public works, tenderloin, cbd and all the cbd s urban alchemy. they cannot do it alone. the neighborhood networking app next door recently moved its headquarters into the area. the company is saying it's workers volunteered to help clean the streets to be part of a greater business, government and private citizen movement. to take ownership of some of the dirtiest streets in the city and i think what's really cool about today is that this is probably one of the first times that we're really seeing this multi layer of partnership between companies between civic organizations and residents. people who love the city who live here and want to do better. the department of
5:33 pm
public works, cleans the area daily but says even after a deep cleaner power wash the following day can look like no work was done at all. the jaded durden from the dpw says there needs to be neighborhood by in, we work hard to keep the cities clean. do our job with the sweeping but we can't do it alone. we need residents, schools, business owners, nonprofits, everybody hands down to help clean our city. mayor london breed herself stepped in picking up trash, the mayor, saying it will be a matter of will to clean the tenderloin, and that will be a concerted effort part of why we're here is to make sure we're going to change this. we're going to turn this around, but it's going to require a lot of work and a lot of patients, organizers say. well this is the first time they brought together city crews, private companies and private citizens to help clean up the tenderloin. it won't be the last. they say they're already beginning plans for the next big clean and they say they hope it's a plan that starts here in the tenderloin and spreads throughout the city in san francisco, christian captain ktvu. fox two news.
5:34 pm
crews were busy on the peninsula today repairing a broken water main in belmont. it was at ralston avenue in twin pines lane. the water flooded the streets, but no other damage was reported. crews were at the scene for most of the day, but water service in that area remained on and was not affected. democrats are touting the recent passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill that president biden is expected to sign. the white house is now preparing for members of the administration to travel across the country to talk about and promote what's in the $1.2 trillion bill. the funds will be used to shore up roadways, bridges, highways, improve internet access and build electric car charging stations. is important to sell this. yes to sell this, but for the people to understand that this is going to make a transformational change in their lives. the infrastructure bill was passed on friday. with the help of 13 republicans. members of congress are now trying to reach a deal on the larger social spending plan.
5:35 pm
the house is looking to debate and approve the package during the week of november, 15th. the second and final week of the u. n climate conference is underway in glasgow, scotland. five state senators are part of the more than 20 person delegation of california lawmakers and administration officials who traveled to that conference today. the state delegations shared with reporters what they've been up to if we reduced our emissions more than 20% per capita at the same time, we've grown our economy by 60% so again, that is a great example of for the rest of the world. at the same time, we're learning about new technologies. as senator gonzalez mentioned, for example, hydrogen, um but other countries are doing as senator later we'll talk about with offshore wind climate justice. over the weekend, climate activists took to the streets of berkeley joining marches around the world. they are demanding stronger, more immediate action. when are we going to stop letting fossil fuel corporations co opt the you know the negotiations? we
5:36 pm
can't even begin to have the conversation about the future. when every time we get together as a global community, we start on page one again. senators face several questions about who is not in attendance. governor gavin newsom abruptly canceled his trip to scotland, citing family obligations and has not held a public event in more than a week. she cares deeply about this issue, and this is a big deal and this is a world stage. it's important but human beings, man, we're all human beings. something clearly is with his family. i don't think it's appropriate to further dig into it seriously. the governor's staff said he plans to participate in the conference. virtually this week. sonoma county has started administering covid-19 vaccinations for children five and older. this week, sonoma county is expected to receive 7500 doses of the vaccine for children. parents who have health care coverage are advised to get their children vaccinated at their pediatrician's office or pharmacy. the county is working
5:37 pm
with the office of education to establish clinics at public schools with the focus on equity. the way that we have scheduled. our clinics at these particular sites have involved as i said, it's very multi print. we have involved education sessions called charles or community chest preceding the clinics that way parents can have their questions answered by trusted medical professionals. there are about 37,000 children in the county between the age of five and 11. the county hopes to get at least a quarter of them fully vaccinated by the end of this month. an important delivery today will go a long way to help families in need. this thanksgiving this afternoon, foster farms delivered more than £8000 of turkey and a check for $10,000 to the san francisco marin food bank. the thanksgiving turkeys will be distributed in the coming weeks. the food bank says that a nation is timely because it's seeing a staggering demand for food assistance. these are not just the ingredients for a thanksgiving meal. this is about ensuring the families don't have to choose between critical things like rent or
5:38 pm
food or medicine and food and for this kind of incredible donation to come. right now to make a meaningful thanksgiving for our families and our communities. it just means a lot. today's delivery is part of foster farms. £64,000 turkey donation to food banks across the west coast and our annual one warm coat drive is now underway. if you have a gently worn coat or jacket that you'd like to donate to bay area families, just take it to any participating ups store or big o tires. we also have collection barrels in oakland's jack london square. santana row in san jose and westfield san francisco center. the drive runs until sunday. december 5th. you can visit ktvu dot com slash one warm coat for more information on the football field. the reason the las vegas raiders are cutting ties with a former. first round draft pick, and we are hearing firsthand accounts of what happened and i, kyle rittenhouse opened fire at a protest in kenosha, wisconsin. how a trained paramedic describes the chaotic scene
5:39 pm
that night
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just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent. taylor in her own apartment, is trying now to win his job back earlier this year, miles cost grow, was fired for failing to properly identify a target. in the botched raid that killed taylor, the 26 year old medical worker was struck six times, the fbi concluded costco fired the fatal shot tomorrow, a louisville police board will begin to hear an appeal by cosgrove and his legal team in their effort to get him reinstated today inside a georgia courtroom jurors heard from the first officer who arrived on scene after 25 year old ahmad are very was chased down. and fatally shot by three men in a pickup truck last year. former glenn county police officer ricky minshew told the court. he was responding to a report of a suspicious person. when he heard shots ring out. menchu said he got out of his vehicle to investigate. and that's when
5:42 pm
he came upon our berries body in the street. he had bled out to the point that the blood was exceeding the perimeter of his body, so he was laying face down on his stomach in the puddle of blood. the officer said that due to concerns about his own safety, he himself did not render medical aid and instead waited for emergency responders to arrive. three white men, including a father and son face murder charges accused of shooting are very at close range while he was out jogging. the men have pleaded not guilty and have claimed that they thought are very might have been fleeing from a crime. the defense's portraying the shooting as self defense. the lone survivor of the kyle rittenhouse shooting took the stand today in kenosha, wisconsin. fox news, mike tobin tells us the trained paramedic came face to face with rittenhouse, who shot and killed multiple people during a police brutality protest last year. did you witness him fire a shot into mr huber's chest. i did the lone survivor shot by
5:43 pm
kyle rittenhouse, revealing bombshell details to kick off week two of the high stakes trial. gage grosskreutz says he confronted written house after seeing him shoot and kill a man just feet away from him. grosskreutz trained paramedic says he was delivering medical assistance to people during the police brutality protests. he said he stepped in to stop the bloodshed and admitted he thought he was going to die that night at the hands of kyle rittenhouse, what was going through your mind? at this particular moment that i was going to die. in that moment. i felt i had to. do something to try and prevent myself from being. being killed being shot or killed. the defense says protesters acted aggressively towards written house, prompting him to defend himself. lawyers representing written house focused on the mental health of the people who were shot. you were asked by, um. attorney cross if he had taken his medication that day, right, correct. the fiancee of joseph rosenbaum, the first man killed by written house says
5:44 pm
rosenbaum was taking medication for bipolar disorder and depression. the defense says his mental condition may have contributed to his aggressive behavior that night. okay, and you know, having. been around him that that was for bipolar disorder. it was to help with along with the antidepressant. i did. um, explain to him. that things had gotten bad. the prosecution is expected to rest its case in the next day or two in chicago. mike tobin fox news. a judge in the trial of theranos founder elizabeth holmes, or arguments today on whether to exclude certain testimony. in this case. it involves journalist roger parle off who's scheduled to testify for the prosecution. parliament, wrote a profile piece of their notes and. homes for fortune magazine back in 2014. he later corrected the story, saying it contained a whopping false statements. the defense wants to see all of parliament's notes and other unpublished materials, and the prosecution said those materials are privileged and are protected by the first
5:45 pm
amendment. ktvu investigative reporter. evan sernoffsky live blogging the elizabeth holmes trial. you can find his coverage on our website at ktvu .com. frustration is mounting among 49ers fans, still ahead with the team says is their biggest challenge moving forward and a pair of california's sisters paying it forward up next, what they're doing to help less fortunate teenagers in mexico. it's raining right now in parts of the bay area will have the forecast on what you can expect overnight into tomorrow morning.
5:46 pm
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working from home means driving less, and now paying less for car insurance. with metromile's per-mile pricing... your rate is based on how much you actually drive. isn't that delightfully different? get your free quote at conduct conduct rather off the field. they waived cornerback damon arnette after video surfaced of him making death threats with a gun. the raiders drafted arnett out of ohio state in the first round in 2020. he had been on injured reserve since early october. the team says he's made a series of bad decisions over the past year or so. but the content of this video is
5:48 pm
unacceptable. just last week, the raiders released receiver henry ruggs following a deadly dui car crash in las vegas. san francisco 49 ers will host the los angeles rams a week from tonight for a little monday night football. niners looking to bounce back and actually win a game at home. after they lost to the cardinals. 31 17 yesterday. ktvu joe fonzi says it is clear the frustration is growing among 49ers fans. oh! that's the kind of thing that you can expect to hear when your team has lost five of its last six games. all season long the 40 niners have been saying it's the little mistakes that are costing them games. that was the case again against the cardinals. but when you continue to make those little mistakes, game after game. maybe you're not as good a team as you thought you were. i was very surprised that we don't play well today, but we had a great week of practice thought guys were on it in the meetings all week. um and i felt their energy before the game was very caught off by how he played and i thought we did come out, firing at the beginning
5:49 pm
offensively, and then they got two turnovers on this, knocking those balls out, which i think took away points. once we got behind and stuff, you know, defense. we have to clean all that up. i was very disappointed that whole game. i hope you guys are inspired to play because no, i don't want to lose every single game. that's not fun and. so we just got to come back, work together, not point fingers and just take the sauce as a team, and i don't know something about playing home. we gotta figure it out and get it right because these fans deserve it. you know, we're all in this thing together right now, and we got figured out. and while it's easy to point to the mistakes made by the 49 our offense, 49ers defense, frankly, was gashed. two huge place to start the second half lead to arizona touchdowns and a 31 to 7 game rather than a 17 to 7 games. i mean, that's a good offense, right, but with a lot of that stuff, it's just us being ourselves, not tackling correctly, not being being out of a gap. you know, it's pretty embarrassing and ah. you know, it's unacceptable for sure. so now the challenge for this team to avoid a lost season is a
5:50 pm
very good los angeles rams team that comes here next monday night place where the 49ers haven't won, since all the way back to january of 2020. in the nfc championship game. in santa clara joe fonzi ktvu fox two. two teenage sisters and you would city have collected hundreds of pairs of soccer cleats to send the children in need in mexico, 16 year old laura lie and 14 year old lily miller loves soccer. they heard about the baja children's mission orphanage in mexico. that's where kids play soccer on a dirt field, and no one has the right shoes to protect their feet. so the sisters decided to start cleats for kids. we have about 200 pairs of cleats right now in our house, and we started at three years ago, just collecting and putting these green buckets out at random locations and the community definitely has responded. yes it is really more than pleased for us. they will, um. definitely give them some. persp on how other
5:51 pm
people do care about them, and that they are not around that there are other kids like them that share their interests that want to help them there and get them doing something that they can work. pleads for kids is also donating money for the construction of a new soccer field for that orphanage. that's a great that's a great plan yeah, lots of cleats. get left around the house or in the garage. they don't ever get used. it's great, great, great idea of those girls. so we got some rain coming down. not a lot, but it's starting to pick up, especially in the hills out by the san mateo coastline. this is the radar satellite. it's a loop. it's six hours or last three hours. pardon me and you can see up north of us for the yellows and oranges are that's where it's going on. the strongest dynamics are still offshore. they're going to get here after midnight tonight, but in this area here we are starting to see those rainfall rates creep up a little bit. we just talked about that. so in the yellow zone there were 2/10 of an inch and our, uh, about 2/10 of an inch an hour and
5:52 pm
then he's like green spots. it's 307 inch an hour. but what's going to happen is those yellows are going to start to light up the radar as we move forward into the evening into the early morning hours. a wind advisory. in effect, it's until seven o'clock tomorrow night or actually apartments from seven o'clock tonight until three o'clock tomorrow morning. a wind advisory for the hills wind gusts could be 35 45 miles an hour. here's the model and you see when it peaks, we can look for the contours. somewhere around 12:34 a.m. in the morning is probably the strongest winds and then it backs right down so that it's not like a massive wind event. it's going to really you know, 60 70 miles an hour. it's just going to be pretty blustery for a while. as that front moves through the bay area. winter weather advisory in the mountains will probably turn into some kind of a snow advisor. a winter storm warning with snow levels a little bit higher, but potentially a foot two ft of new snow so good news there and then here comes our system. 11 o'clock tonight. that's the main dynamics.
5:53 pm
that's when the wind is two and then you'll see afterwards in the morning hours. scattered showers, wet roadways. if the models are right. the rainfall rates are really going to increase. and so even though it's a short overnight early morning event, there's going to be a lot of water out on the roadways just standing water because the rainfall rates are expected to be fairly significant. e atmospheric river. that's what they do. they drop drop significant amounts of rain, but as you look at the golden gate bridge right now, you just see a few scattered light showers. come back tonight at 10 o'clock, we'll show you that same shot. it'll be going off pretty sure pretty pretty wet out there. as we look at the current temperatures, it's mild to warm. 58 napa 58 conquered. that's with clouds and drizzle. so it's kind of a warm storm. more mayor holds a lot of water tomorrow it's going to be cloudy and then we're going to see the showers taper off late in the afternoon. the five day forecast and scattered showers in the morning hours. so the main hit here is overnight so literally between now and three in the morning. and then they'll be scattered showers
5:54 pm
after that afternoon commute will be dry on tuesday wednesday, dry all the way through the weekend, with temperatures popping back up into the low seventies or potentially into the low seventies. so. some good stuff is exactly we can do this all winter long. you bring the rain in to give us a few days off, get some more rain few days off, and this is going to help significantly, especially in those marine county watershed areas and i feel like shasta. that's her biggest surface reservoir as well as lake orville, the biggest surface reservoirs we have that feed the state so they're going to get a lot of water out of this next one, as they did the first one that came through a couple weeks ago. i will see you back here at six. and we will look at the radar again. alright, busy night ahead. thanks, bill. a bay area soccer icon for so many years, says it's time to go more on his final farewell to quake fans. then at six. we will get back to this weekend's deadly shooting of a toddler on interstate 8 80 in oakland, the chp held a news conference on this case about an hour ago as people prepare for a vigil to honor the toddler's life. and
5:55 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪ president biden welcome the bucks for a reception where they presented him with the number 46 jersey near the first nba champs to visit the white house since 2015 when the cleveland cavaliers. identity a ceremony with then president obama. the warriors and the lakers declined to visit following their championship seasons over issues with then president trump and the toronto raptors did not visit. due to the pandemic. well something was really bugging dallas cowboy linebacker michael parsons this weekend and it wasn't just his team's loss. but then there you gotta go out
5:58 pm
there. execute. and dominate and i don't think. a giant wasp buzzed around the podium during parsons postgame interview in arlington, texas, yesterday the big bug force the rookie linebacker to briefly step away out of the wasp path. parsons and his team were already having a bad day. the denver broncos had just defeated the cowboys 32 16 1 of the most popular soccer players in the bay area, is calling it quits, but not without ending his career on a positive note. has taken a hit here this is what drops to wondolowski. oh go. chris wondolowski scored the san jose earthquakes only goal in yesterday's match against fc dallas that gave the quakes. 11 tie in the final game of their season. it was the 171st goal of wanda's career, which is a major league soccer record. wondolowski announced his retirement on the field right after the match. thank you to the fans from the full line. the epicenter the ultras to
5:59 pm
everyone in here. uh, i can't thank you guys enough, you guys in the world. wondolowski played high school soccer at day lasalle in concord and in college for chico state. he was drafted by the quakes in 2000 and five it was named major league soccer's most valuable player in 2012, and was a five time all star. this is ktvu fox two news at six. i'd like to start by on behalf of the california how patrol expressing my condolences are our condolences to the family, friends and local community for this tragic loss. as people get ready for a vigil tonight to honor the life of a toddler killed in a shooting on 8 80. the chp is asking for help in finding the shooter. good evening. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville. chp came forward just a little more than an hour ago asking for the public's help in finding the pursuit. who killed young jasper woo on 8 80 in oakland. eric our crime reporter henry
6:00 pm
lee tells us the toddler from fremont got caught in the crossfire of a shootout. he just so tough? you know when you're supposed to go home, but instead, you know you went to the hospital, saying your baby's dad jasper wu was just weeks away from turning to. but instead of a birthday celebration, his family is planning his funeral after he was shot and killed on an oakland freeway, driving through. fun funny kind of freeway and get shot and all of a sudden, your baby, you know, it's just no longer there. carl chan, president of the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce, has been helping jasper's family. he says they're nightmare began shortly after two saturday afternoon, the family was headed home to fremont from san francisco on south beach and 8 80 when shots rang out near filbert street in west oakland. and the baby you know was sweeping. you know, in kasich, i guess a bullet, you know? went through the shield windshield and just hit the baby. the california highway patrol believes there was a shooting on the other side of the freeway in the n b


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