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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  November 8, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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in oakland over the weekend. how the little boys being remembered and the chp continues to look for the shooter plus started struggling to breathe. i told my boyfriend like. we've got to get out of here, but there was no way out grief and anger after eight people were killed at the astro world music festival in houston. the questions about what organisers and police didn't shut down the show when chaos broke out. i just want to see my dance and. so i was so exactly to start the flight and that should be the first question beautiful reunions today as international travel is resuming to the united states. we have the excitement from many people who touched down at sfo today somewhere meeting family members for the very first time. the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox two news at noon and good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian and i'm claudine wang infer mike mibach. the rain is returning to the bay area today. and it's not just the rain. it's also a wind advisory that does go into effect
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tonight as well. so let's check it. check in with meteorologist rosemary oroczo for a look at how this day and this night is going to shape up. yes claudine and garcia hello to you sort of the calm before the storm outside our doors at this hour high clouds overhead. started out awfully chilly this morning and into the afternoon. temperatures are going to remain on the cool side as we await the wet and windy weather here's a look at sfo again, not much to complain about at the moment as we get into the second part of the afternoon and early evening hours, it could get a bit hectic, especially for parts of the bay area for the evening drive. you can see the rain. still offshore as we move in closer here, still dealing with the or enjoying maybe the dry weather still areas over crescent city eureka. seeing a little bit of rain outside of that, it's offshore. that will change as we get into the second half of the afternoon, early evening hours, and as mentioned a moment ago, it does come with the wind advisory. it starts at seven o'clock this evening.
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we'll go all the way until three o'clock tomorrow morning winds could gust anywhere from 35 to 45 mph, and you can see it includes the entire bay area. one other stop this advisory for the sierra, a winter weather advisory that begins at four o'clock this afternoon. we'll go until tomorrow morning. at some point. we are expecting a snow levels to fall below the past. so better details on these advisories. the timeline of that rain and how much i expect we'll get coming up in just a bit. rosemary thank you. the california highway patrol is investigating the killing of a 23 month old little boy this weeken the toddler was in the back seat of his family's car sleeping when he was hit by a stray bullet. ktvu valley. rasmus joins us live to update this investigation alley gaseous chp investigators continue to ask for the public's help with this case, they need more witnesses to come forward. to help them find the people responsible for the killing of an innocent child. the woman you know, went through the shield windshield and just hit the baby. and his first because the baby didn't
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ever get to cry. and you would never see the biggest smile again. jasper wu was just weeks away from turning two years old. his mother was driving crouton 8 80 near filbert street in oakland around two in the afternoon on saturday, when seemingly out of nowhere, a bullet struck the child. he died at the hospital. the chp says they do not believe the car the little boy was riding in was targeted. instead investigators say they have evidence that shows the cart may have been caught in the crossfire. investigators do not have a description of the vehicle the shots were fired from. they just couldn't believe how this could happen. but think of this. it could happen to any one of us driving on his on the freeway. carlton the president of the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce, has been helping the little boy's family and mother strong. um answer staying strong because you know, she is determined to get things done now, but i know she's holding up pretty well. but inside i know she's crying like crazy. jasper's father, who never had
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a chance to meet his son in person, is arriving in the bay area today from china to help bury his son. chan says the family is grateful for the help and comfort they're getting from investigators. but chan says he and others want to see stepped up security additional help from the california highway patrol. and also declaring a state of emergency and we need more help. field in chinatown chamber of commerce is working to set up a go fund me account for the young victim's family. they haven't finalized it just yet, but as soon as they do and send it to us, we will post the link on our website. my colleague henry lee will have another update on this story in our afternoon newscast. garcia, including back to you. all right. thanks allie well, a 22 year old man is in custody facing murder charges in a deadly shooting at a birthday party in ugly. two people were killed, two others were injured this was in gunfire at a home near mallicoat avenue and main street on saturday night. police say the shooting followed a fight involving several people attending the party in a usually quiet neighborhood. malika avenue.
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it's a working class neighborhood. um. it's not known for extraordinary calls for service just kind of a average average street for us. two people wounded in the gunfire are listed in stable condition. authorities have not yet released the names of the shooting victims or the suspect. eight people were killed and hundreds injured in a terrifying crowd surge at a concert in houston. now several lawsuits have been filed against rapper travis scott over the deadly stampede at the astral world festival. garrett tenney has more on the frustration from those who attended the event, but why things weren't shut down sooner. multiple lawsuits have been filed against rapper travis scott, an event organizers over the deadly astral world festival in houston. one of the lawsuit cites a tweet scott posted back in may in reaction to angry fans complaining that his show was sold out. with scott tweeting. they would quote still be sneaking the wild ones in the suit argues the tweeting courage fans to breach barriers and encouraged a culture of violence. eight people were
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killed and hundreds others injured friday night when the crowd surged towards the stage crushing concertgoers. scott apologized for what took place. to send out prayers to the. to the ones that was lost last night. we're actually working right now to identify their families. so we can help assist them. through this tough time. police in houston have launched a criminal investigation there now examining safety, barrier design and crowd control procedures to determine what prompted the deadly stampede. it started just before travis even came on. people started pushing rushing towards the stage and i started struggling to breathe. i told my boyfriend like we got to get out of here, but there was no way out when she were in the only way out was to go up. vigils were held outside the houston concert venue on sunday. when i was trying to get out i was just thinking like. i'm going to die in here like this is it? i was just enough to make it out of life. rest in peace to all
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that. you know, i didn't deserve to die. police tell us travis scott and event organizers are cooperating with the investigation. in houston. i'm gary tenny, ktvu fox two news. the united states is now welcoming international tourists for the first time in almost two years after lifting a travel ban that was put in place last year as ktvu james torres reports from san francisco. this meant so many families reunited for the first time in more than 18 months. travel experts one of five top major u. s. cities that international tourists will visit and just under the international rivals signed this morning, we saw smiles. hugs and some tears. i am happy that i'm here happy. and here in san francisco, fresh off of a 15 hour flight from delhi, india, one of the airports first arrivals today much i'm so excited. i got wait. this grandmother hasn't seen her daughter for nearly two years. she's most excited. to meet her grandson for the first time in person, a far better experience
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than her daily video calls two times a day sometimes, but looking at that holding a baby is different feeling. that's one example of what lifting a travel ban means to people around the world. places like india, canada, mexico and most of europe can now send tourists to us airports. us. citizens didn't have much trouble traveling before, but now non citizens will be able to freely do the same. just in time for the holidays were very encouraged about what we're going to have this holiday season. we think we're probably going to have the best levels of activity this holiday season due in part because of the lifting of these restrictions. these flights can only happen if passengers are fully vaccinated and show proof of a negative covid-19 test within the last three days. these parents are visiting their son for the first time in the bay area. last time they saw each other. it was november. 2019 excited, very excited after two years meeting my son and my daughter in love with at home.
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now airport officials are warning people of the bay area of longer lines at security. so plan ahead as much as you can. they, too, are planning for airline expansions and new jobs created as a result of lifting these restrictions. and we're already hearing from new airlines that have never served as cfo before landing to launch service in spring of 2022 in san francisco. i'm james torrez, ktvu fox two news. no at noon. an important delivery was made just a few minutes ago that will help feed people in need. this thanksgiving, foster farms delivered more than £8000 of turkey and a check for $10,000 to the san francisco marin food bank. thanksgiving turkeys will be distributed in the coming weeks. the food bank says this donation is timely because it's seeing a staggering demand for food assistance. i think we have to keep in mind that even as the economy begins to recover that food insecurity in san francisco and the bay area is still a very serious problem. these are not just the
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ingredients for a thanksgiving meal. this is about ensuring the families don't have to choose between critical things like rent or food or medicine and food. and for this kind of incredible donation to come right now to make a meaningful thanksgiving for our families and our communities. it just means a lot. today's delivery is part of foster farms. £64,000 turkey donation to food banks across the west coast. still becoming noon. pharmacists at kaiser permanente could be going on strike next week. the warning to patients who rely on prescriptions and that's ahead of that expected strike, plus. i want them to be like lifted up just a little mark, even if like they're having a really bad day. i want them to just be a little happier. an 11 year old girl from piedmont, hoping to inspire others how they make a wish foundation helped her wish come true with an art display in oakland's jack london square and the special meaning behind her message.
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avenue in twin pines lake, where the water flooded the streets. a few blocks of el camino real. the mid peninsula water district's website says the staff is still on scene cleaning the area, but water service remains unaffected. there's a new mural in oakland celebrating a young girl who has been battling a life threatening disease and ktvu is greg legans explains. how does
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wish fulfilled right before her eyes. the mural hanging behind this blue tarp was inspired by a young girl whose life for a time was potentially hanging in the balance. two years ago, 11 year old micah ting of piedmont was diagnosed with a plastic anemia in layman's terms, bone marrow failure. an illness that can be life threatening. i mean, it shook out world because up until that point, my god had always been a healthy kid. so it just hit us out of nowhere. after the diagnosis, micah's family was introduced to the make a wish foundation, which makes wishes reality for sick kids facing an uncertain future. we do all kinds five types i wish to give. i wish to be a wish to meet. i wish to go to when i wish to give and it's hard to sort of say what micah's is, in many ways it's i wish to give because she's giving hope and inspiration to all of us. micah's initial wishes included things like a personal gymnastics session with olympian simone biles or meeting former first lady michelle obama. but covid limited options and then she found inspiration. i've always
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thought i'd be cool to do like large scale art. but when i thought of the murals like very on the spot, actually, that spark of an idea would eventually come to life. make a wish helped secure this space on the side of the z hotel at oakland's jack london square. and 70. friends and family joined together to make something micah conceived. and for the first time she and a crowd saw it unveiled sunday afternoon. why. listen you're emblazoned along the building a colorful flower full burst of happiness with the quote. it doesn't get easier. you just get stronger. those words exemplify michael's personal struggle fighting her disease, and she wants them to help lift others during hard times. i want them to be like lifted up just a little mark. even if like they're having a really bad day. i want them to just be a little happier. uh little joy goes a long way. micah is fortunate. her now six year old brother alistair ended up being a bone marrow match leading to the medical intervention she
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needed to be cured. in her young life. she has already left the legacy for anyone who drives down third street and broadway to see. i think that really speaks to her truth. um, you know it was. that was her journey. things never got easier. but she, um. she made it indeed, micah had her hand and making it in more ways than one not just for herself, but for everyone. greg legans ktvu fox two news. well nothing's pretty here in oakland and the gorgeous sun behind us along the oakland estuary rosemary oroczo. but that's about to change, isn't it? that son is going to go away? garcia hello to you. hello claudine. into all of you out there. we are enjoying some nice weather after a very chilly start, temperatures are still below average, but not too bad. we will begin to see an increase in cloud cover they'll thicken up and by tonight the rain is expected to move in. here's a live look at sfo. where if you take a look at the bush at the bottom of your screen there not moving too much. not just yet. we also have a wind advisory
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that will come along with this wet weather right now. temperatures in the upper fifties over san francisco low sixties in berkeley, 60 degrees reported in livermore and in the north bay. we have 61 napa. temperatures are within a few degrees of yesterday at this time, nevado down by four as well as fairfield conquered and livermore, up by two winds are generally light. we do have a little bit of a breeze in our hills at this time. mount st helena reporting. 16 mph big rock 15. diablo 16. and middle peak reporting got 24 outside of that one's generally light at this time. here's a look at what's happening. you can see the radar still quiet out there. the rain is still to the north and. pretty much offshore. but they said system here to the north over areas of the gulf of alaska tapping into that so tropical moisture once again that atmospheric river and we are expecting a good amount of rain to move in tonight through tomorrow before we break away to scatter showers tomorrow morning. this is going to bring us anywhere from half inch of rainfall to
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areas of the south bay to 1 to 2 inches for the central bay into the north bay. maybe a little bit more in our hills are expected to get anywhere from an inch and a half to 3.5 inches by tomorrow. the future cast here gives you a good idea of how you can see areas like san jose a little bit more than half inch and then you get into areas like sandra fell. santa rosa. reporting a little bit more than an inch can't see what's going on here along the coastal range, but that's where we do expect the most amount of rainfall. when it comes to the timing on this, we are with the high clouds outside right now by five o'clock or so, perhaps a little bit of light rain over the north bay. of course, we are now looking at the evening drive as we get into 67 o'clock a little bit more. it doesn't take much. to make the roadway slick, but it looks like it will remain light. the heavier stuff is expected to come in tonight. here's a look at nine o'clock or so where it's now over the north bay, the central bay down along the coast by 11 o'clock, it's widespread. and then it moves through. while most of us are sleeping.
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there's a look at tomorrow morning mostly cloudy skies and remaining with the possibility of scattered showers, at least for the first part of the day. also expecting the wind to come at its strongest right along with that heavy rain. here's a look at eight o'clock where you can see now we're seeing shades of yellows and oranges, primarily over our hills. but everybody is involved in this wind advisory that goes until tomorrow morning. by tomorrow morning. that's when it begins to let up. i'll have a look at what we can expect for the sierra going to see some snow there your temperatures for today and into the rest of the week. we're actually going to have some warmer weather come our way. better details coming up. rosemary thank you still to come in and beloved italian restaurant in oakland is getting ready to close. the restaurant is always have this really remarkable family feel to it. elevators owners say it's time to shut down after 35 years in business. owners about w
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they made the difficult decision to close their doors. the blinks in clatter from the kitchen of renowned oakland restaurant oliveto, creating a virtual symphony of cooking and app way to describe the famed food at this 35, year old fixture of the bay area dining scene now planning to perform its final service on new year's eve. we told the staff last week. and we're not looking
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forward to it, and i talked to a friend about it. and they said, well, you're gonna be bathed in love. and um, yes, we are. how long i'll get 23, a devoted and valued team, many of whom kohner bob klein says have been with the restaurant for years. the restaurant is always have this really. remarkable family feel to it. yes people. we take care of people and people to get each other and a lot of that was. um brutalized by the pandemic despite staying open throughout the pandemic, the restaurant losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. so the owners all now in their seventies, decided now is the right time to retire. klein and his team working to find their staff, new jobs before they close for good. you know where i'm just out. finding jobs. there's some real talent here in a little greens a little worse, the type of talent that helped put oliveto on the map
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as a pioneer in the farm to table movement for cal italian cuisine. i remember a number of times where i would just save all my money and eat top ramen just so i can go eat it. all of that does and like the nineties, so, um it holds a very, very dear and special place to me. where, like that was my you know that was my mecca, chris bus. tina understands how difficult it can be to keep the restaurant going rising from a dishwasher in the oakland restaurants seem to become a top area chef he now owns and operates chop bar and talavera in oakland with his wife and in his spare time provides guidance to those trying to navigate the industry, one of the most challenging periods restaurants have ever faced. i don't think we've seen the worst of it yet. a lot of, uh, you know a lot of the funds that we got from the government, uh, through p ppe in the restaurant revitalization. they're going to announce in that combined with supply chain issues sending operational costs sky high and labor shortages, forcing restaurants to make some difficult choices of a lot of it has to do with,
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like reimagining how we do things, uh, simplifying and streamlining and. you know without, you know, compromising the, uh, guest experience and also creating great places for people to work, prompting some, like oliveto co owner maggie blight, kline and her husband, bob. to make the difficult call to finally hang up their restaurant chef hat it's nothing but sad for me. it's i, um you know, i'm going to get a new dog and i'm going to get back into my garden. but really, um it's nothing but sad. that's the truth. we're already having separation anxiety in oakland, zach sauce, ktvu fox two news. well some schedule changes take effect today for the san francisco bay ferry, the agency says. most of these changes that take effect today are minor and involved midday hours on weekdays, however, service to the south san francisco. will resume for
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the first time since the pandemic began. there were also now be a short hop service that's between alameda and oakland's jack london square, and the new schedule for the vallejo route will involve changes on the evening commute hours and on weekends. the bay area continues to have some of the highest gas prices in the country. the average price for gas here in the bay area according to triple a $4.84 a gallon, that's a dollar 44 more than we were paying just one year ago. the rise comes as the cost of crude oil and ethanol is surging. drivers can find the lowest average price for gas in houston, where it's 2 98 a gallon still to comment noon kaiser patients being told to fill their prescriptions. now what? we're learning about a possible strike by pharmacists next week, plus. always had low for a lot of people with people that he didn't know he was showed up to a community comes together to remember a 19 year old man killed while responding to an online ad will have the latest on that investigation and the person that is now facing charges. later today, butk
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here at the golden gate bridge san francisco and the marine headlands tells us it's time to get out and do those outside things now will bring out our in our meteorologist rosemary oroczo. you are going to tell us how much rain we can expect with this storm that's coming in. yes we're looking at anywhere from half inch for our south bay 22 inches or so for the north bag. good afternoon
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to both of you and to all of you out there. if you weren't watching the weather forecast, you may be surprised that we do have some rain coming in tonight because from this vantage point. it really doesn't look like it. we're just looking at a high clouds that are streaming overhead. these clouds will begin to thicken a little bit later today. the winds are generally light at this time. that is also going to change as a wind advisory moves into play for the evening hours as well. here's a look at storm tracker two very quiet out there. as we take a look to the north and west. we do have that system. just now beginning to move ashore in areas over northern california lot of cloud cover but still not seeing a whole lot of rain, not even over areas near crescent city and eureka. as we get into the afternoon, it will come ashore and for us, the rainfall amounts again anywhere from half inch in areas of the south bay 2 2.5 in the north bay. even more than that expected in our hills. the winds are expected to kick up with the heaviest rain tonight and into the overnight hours with some gusts reaching 45 mph. and we do have a wind advisory to talk about. meanwhile the sarah's
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going to get some snow anywhere from a couple inches below the past to 18 inches at the higher peaks, winter weather advisory there for the evening hours as well as tomorrow morning. better details on this storm coming up in just a bit. okay thanks. rosemary four year old woman from san pablo is in jail, accused of killing a 90 year old man who was responding to an online ad in fairfield ktvu. zach sauce, talked with the young man's family and friends about his loss. you should have to bury or have to cremate your brother, your best friend anthony gan barely able to hold back tears at sunday's vigil for his best friend, 19 year old michaela preta shot and killed thursday during a robbery in fairfield. it happened during what police described as a robbery gone bad. he was allegedly lured to the city by an ad for a car he had found on the site offer up the president's grandfather says cars had become a passion for the teen his father was in the car business was in that stage where he was just finally starting to get his feet on the ground to graduated from
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venetia high school this year and enjoyed history even expressing the idea of becoming a teacher. he also loved cooking and worked at a local restaurant. friends say wherever he went, people were drawn to him. he always had love for a lot of people. people that he didn't know he showed up to that wonderful part of him was, um, you know, infectious, really, and infectious personality still capable of bringing so many in this community together, and it happened. i. i thought of like my inner circle and how it was going to affect them. and um, i had no idea of the ripple effects of like so many people that michael came across in his life who just adored him and loved him and. he loved his friends and his family. and he loved to this town, and he loved the giants. a lifelong giants fan, michael and his mother would begin each preseason by picking a top rookie games were so fun with michael because we'd have to go get a clam chowder. we'd have to go get an ice cream sundae and we'd have to get a hot chocolate. that was our game
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day thing that we had to do. and it's really heartbreaking that next season, it's not going to just be the two of us going to this game. zack sauce ktvu fox two news police in san jose were investigating a deadly crash. it happened on hillsdale avenue at jarvis avenue about six o'clock this morning. police say a truck was traveling eastbound on hillsdale left the road and hit a tree. it's unknown. what caused the driver to beer off the street. this marks the 51st deadly traffic accident incentives a and the 53rd person killed. the santa clara county sheriff's department is asking for the public's help in finding a man who sexually assaulted a blind woman in cupertino. investigators released this video of the assault and the attacker. it happened in a parking lot back on may 5th. investigators say the woman was walking to work in the area of stevens creek boulevard and north stelling road when she was attacked the attack iran when a witness approa anyone information regarding this case is asked to call the santa clara county sheriff's
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department. it's a day months in the making vaccinated international travelers boarding flights to the us as the biden administration lift some pandemic travel restrictions. phil keating has a look at the predictions for the airline industry in the months to come. airplanes bound for the united states took off from the uk this morning after more than 20 months of air travel restrictions. the us international travel ban that's been in place for much of the pandemic has been lifted for vaccinated people living in more than 30 countries. travelers say it's a welcome relief. after not seeing family and friends for nearly two years. we're going to, um, so my nephew, my mom's first grandson. we haven't met him. the less restrictive rules apply to mexico, canada and most of europe. international travelers will have to show proof of vaccination and a negative covid test taken within three days of travel. but as the skies open to more people airlines are producing a
12:35 pm
surgeon travelers meaning long lines to check in for flights and get through customs. because of the importance of the u. s business. it may be a breaking point. i suppose that, i guess. but into summer 2022. we will be where we have been in 2019 last week divided administration pushed back its vaccine deadline for federal contractors, including airlines like american and southwest to january, 4th. carriers are urging staff to apply for exemptions, but they're facing continued opposition from pilots, labor unions and other employees to retired of the mandate retired of being told. that our body is not ours. airline executives don't expect the new mandate to impact already busy holiday travel, but they say it just gives them more time to comply. at the miami international airport. phil keating, ktvu fox two news. well today, los angeles joins san francisco and many other u. s cities a of
12:36 pm
vaccination before they can enter many indoor businesses. the new rules taking effect in los angeles today affect anyone going into a shopping mall, movie theater or nail salon. today sonoma county starts covid vaccinations for children between the ages of five and 11 this week. sonoma county is expected to receive 7500 doses of the vaccine for young children, parents who have health care coverage or advised to get their children vaccinated at their pediatrician or local pharmacy. county is working with the office of education to establish clinics at public schools with the focus on equity. the way that we have scheduled. our clinics at these particular sites have involved. as i said, it's very multipronged. we have involved education sessions called charles or community checks preceding the clinics that way parents can have their questions answered by trusted medical professionals. there are about 37,000 children in the county between the ages of five and 11. the county hopes to get at least a quarter of them fully vaccinated by december, 1st more than 350
12:37 pm
healthcare workers walked off the job today at delta delta medical center in antioch. the workers union says the strike comes after sutter cancelled a planned mediation session. according to s e i u the hospital has massive understaffing and tough working conditions. workers say the problems started before the pandemic and are even worse now. very hard on this mentally because we see things that the public doesn't get to see. and unfortunately working, really short staffed, so we don't have the force for us to come to work. sometimes it doesn't even feel safe for me to come to work. the sutter spokesperson said the hospital is disappointed that minutes after the mediation session ended, the union decided to give notice of the strike. the hospital has hired replacement workers and sutter also stands behind its latest offer, which includes health benefits and a 13% salary increase over four years. another healthcare walk out his plan for pharmacists at kaiser from ananta in northern california. ktvu amanda king tana has more on the warning to kaiser patients that they should not wait to get prescriptions filled. after the
12:38 pm
guild for professional pharmacists contract with kaiser expired this summer. five months of bargaining could not bring the two twin agreement now a strike notice is served. in a statement. the guild accuses kaiser of ending negotiations prematurely trying to deal directly with members and all around moving backwards in negotiations. kaiser is calling its proposal respectful and generous. telling us in a statement. the health care provider is disappointed, saying its proposals would keep kaiser pharmacists among the highest paid in the profession, fulfilling the majority of what the guild wants with wage increases over four years hopefully, negotiations will continue and hopefully. um some resolution will be achieved. employment attorney michael bernick says the strike notice is required by law, so it doesn't necessarily mean a strike will happen on november 15th. there's already a strike happening outside local kaiser's stationary engineers are starting their eighth week on strike and about 32,000
12:39 pm
kaiser employees in southern california, oregon and washington are also planning to strike starting on the 15th. so why are we seeing all of these labor disputes right now? strike activity is up over 2020. it's back to the levels. it was it 2018 and 2019. nationwide so its combination of this particular sector but also some of the labour dynamics nationwide, bernick says. there's a huge movement of people quitting across the u. s. 4.3 million people left their jobs in august, the highest since 2000 and one. but despite this, and the recent strike notices he's confident the state's health care system is healthy with 1.7 million workers. some people are burned out from the work during the pandemic, but overall, it's a sector that's um. from an employment point of view, very in very good shape. commander quintana ktvu, fox two news.
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well please in fairfield are issuing a warning after finding a skimming device at a bank et em, they say last week, someone trying to use a bank of america atm on travis boulevard notices suspicious mirror with wires attached to the atm. and so they flagged down a police officer. well that officer found out that the machines rear view safety mirror was actually a pinhole camera that was able to record bank transactions, card numbers and customer pin codes. to protect yourself. police say, make sure you cover your hand while you're typing in your pin number still to come at noon. frustration among 49ers stands. we'll have the latest on the season so far with the team says is its biggest challenge says is its biggest challenge moving forward. working from home means driving less, and now paying less for car insurance. with metromile's per-mile pricing... your rate is based on how much you actually drive.
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from scan health plan for 2022. their latest loss at home, backup quarterback colt mccoy led the arizona cardinals to a 31 to 17 victory over the niners at levi stadium. ktvu is, joe fonzi says it's clear that the frustration is growing among 49ers fans, ocean that's the kind of thing that you can expect to hear when your team has lost five of its last six games. off season along the 40 niners have been saying it's the little mistakes that are costing them games. that was the case again against the cardinals. but when you continue to make those little mistakes, game after game. maybe you're not as good a team as you thought you were. i was very surprised that we don't play well today, but we had a great week of practice thought
12:44 pm
guys were on it in the meetings all week, and i felt their energy before the game. hours very caught off by how he played and i thought we did come out firing at the beginning, uh, offensively and then they got two turnovers on this, knocking those balls out, which i think took away points once we got behind and stuff, you know, defense. we have to clean all that up. i was very disappointed that whole game. i hope you guys are inspired to play because no, i don't want to lose every single game. that's not fun and. so we just got to come back, work together, not point fingers and just take the sauce as a team, and i don't know something about playing home. we gotta figure it out and get it right because these fans deserve it. you know, we're all in this thing together right now, and we got figured out and while it's easy to point to the mistakes made by the 49 our offense, 49ers defense, frankly, was gashed. two huge place to start the second half lead to arizona touchdowns and a 31 to 7 game rather than a 17 to 7 games. i mean, that's a good offense, right but with a lot of that stuff, it's just us being ourselves, not tackling
12:45 pm
correctly, not being being out of a gap. you know, it's pretty embarrassing and ah. you know, it's unacceptable for sure. so now the challenge for this team to avoid a lost season is a very good los angeles rams team that comes here next monday night place where the 49ers haven't won, since all the way back to january of 2020. in the nfc championship game. in santa clara joe fonzi ktvu fox to one of the most popular soccer players in the bay area, is ending his career with his usual flair. chris wondolowski scored the centers. the earthquakes only goal in yesterday's match against fc dallas. i gave the quake so one all tie for the final game of the season. it was the 171st goal of wondolowski's career, which is a major league soccer record. wondolowski announced his retirement on the field right after the match. thank you to the fans from the full line. the epicenter the ultras to everyone in here. i can't thank you guys enough, you guys out in the world i want to ask
12:46 pm
you played high school soccer daily sound conquered in college for chico state. he was drafted by the quakes in 2000 and five was named major league soccer's most valuable player in 2012 and was a five time all star. well, snow making machines are up and running at the newly named palisades tahoe resort. the resort says the cooler temperatures have allowed them to fire up those machines for the first time this year. the resort says snow making will continue as long as the conditions allow them to. daily operations at that resort are scheduled to begin on november. 24th all right. that's what we look for. rosemary thyme, we get the rain here. we look at the sierra as well to see if the snow is falling there. tell us how this storm is going to shake out. well, yeah, it's going to be a wet windy one for us here in the bay area and for the sierra going to get more snow. this is all good news, right? don't think about talk to. i haven't talked to anybody that isn't excited about this early season storm followed by the big one that we had in late october outside our doors at this time
12:47 pm
we do have an sfo in view or high clouds overhead will begin to thicken as we get into the second part of the afternoon. i pointed this out in the last half hour that large bush at the bottom of the screen, not swinging around just yet. we do have a wind advisory that is going to come along with this system as well. storm tracker two is quiet and on the north edge of sonoma county. we can see the thicker cloud cover there, and the rain is still pretty much offshore for most of california areas, even over crescent city, eureka and a little bit farther towards the mendocino county. still seeing a lot of cloud cover but mainly dry conditions. the rain forecast for us here at home anywhere from half inch to an inch, too. in the south bay the central vacancy an inch and a half and in the north bay 2.5 inches along the coastal range anywhere from an inch and a half over areas near the santa cruz mountains to 3.5 expected. for our coastal hills over the north bay. the wind advisory is for the entire bay area starts at seven o'clock this evening will go until three o'clock tomorrow morning winds anywhere
12:48 pm
from 15 to 25 mph sustained and gusting to 35 even 45 in our hills closer to the coast to expect it to be really, really breezy to windy tonight and into tomorrow. as far as the winter weather advisory for the sierra above 6000 ft anywhere from 42 to 4 inches all the way down below the past, and some of our higher peaks could get. a foot to a foot and a half of new snow. this advisory is from four o'clock this afternoon until tomorrow morning. so if you do have to travel going to be very hazardous for us, we are likely to see some rainfall looks like late in the afternoon, perhaps over areas of the north bay. this could come in time for the evening, dr. maybe a little bit of drizzle. maybe a few scattered showers. into 78 o'clock, it begins to shift into the central and south bay and then the heavier stuff is expected to hold off until late this evening and into tomorrow morning, so that is some good news. for us in the sense of not having to drive with it, but take a look at tuesday morning are likely to wake up
12:49 pm
with mostly cloudy skies and a few scattered showers lingering for the morning drive, and we would expect, of course, a little bit of urban flooding as well as well as the small streams. that type of thing with this type of rainfall. so be very careful. if not tonight into tomorrow morning. you may find some of that. meanwhile temperatures under dry conditions at this hour upper fifties to low sixties and we're not expecting much warming from here into the end of the afternoon where temperatures remaining in the low sixties. your extended forecast here. so the rain and the wind moving into night lasting into tomorrow morning with scattered showers. a possibility redo remain cool even cooler for tuesday. not much change on wednesday. we will be driving temperatures remain below average. thursday friday, though a nice little bump in the numbers and all the way into the weekend, mostly sunny skies low seventies expected around the bay and inland upper sixties to about 70 degrees at the coast back to you. all right. thanks rosemary, where president biden is back at the white house following a brief trip to delaware. his administration is now strategizing how to best
12:50 pm
implement the recently approved bipartisan infrastructure bill while also keeping the focus on the social spending package. which is still under negotiation. madeline rivera has the latest details from washington. a moment of calm for president biden and first lady jill biden and rehoboth beach, delaware sunday. finally a day after he took a victory lap touting congresses package of a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill. we did something that's long overdue. that long has been talked about in washington. the historic investment funnels money to shore up roads, bridges and highways, improving internet access and building electric car charging stations. shovel ready projects are expected to begin by spring per the biden ministrations and it would not have passed without 13 republican votes. i look forward to working with my colleagues here locally and the mayor and the governor in should the money is being spent wisely. the bill's passage comes as the president faces sagging poll numbers in november. poll shows the
12:51 pm
president's approval rating at 38. i think. households across america are already suffering the effects of inflation. white house officials say the infrastructure bill will help ease inflation, and they argue a second bill of the larger social spending package will do more to help americans, but it faces a tough road in congress, with moderate democrats still unsure of the plant scope and cost the responsible thing to do when you get a piece of legislation like this is to do a full analysis and to understand. the impact on your district. the white house is planning an aggressive sales campaign for the infrastructure bill. the president will visit a port in baltimore on wednesday and will hold a highly publicized signing ceremony when lawmakers return to capitol hill. in washington. mala rivera, ktvu fox two news still to come at noon. it's called cleats for kids will tell you how to teens from cuba city teamed up to help children in mexico with their love of soccer. us our annual one warm coat drive is underway right now, so if you have some gently used coats and jackets you'd like to donate to bay area
12:52 pm
families. please take them to any participating ups store or bigger tires. the drive is on right now goes until sunday, december 5th. head over to ktvu .com slash one warm coat for more information. want more from your vitamins? at nature's bounty, we give you more. more immune support. with the only vitamin c that lasts 24 hours. more restful sleep. with the first-ever triple action sleep supplement. we put more of our brains into helping your heart. we give you more wellness solutions backed by rigorous science than we ever have before. nature's bounty gives you more, so you can live bountifully.
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of a massive global cyber crime crackdown. they are accused of ransomware attacks affecting companies and individuals in countries across europe as well as the united states. investigators say the two suspects now in custody are directly tied to thousands of hacking incidents with huge ransom demands, and more arrests are expected. former president barack obama spoke earlier this morning at the u. n climate conference in glasgow, scotland. mr obama called for international cooperation to deal with climate change, saying the world has not done enough to prevent global warming. he said he signed the paris accord six years ago to give the planet a fighting chance he discussed former president donald trump's decision to withdraw the u. s
12:56 pm
from that agreement. back in the united states. of course, some of our progress stalled when. my successor decided to unilaterally pull out of the paris agreement in his first year in office. i wasn't real happy about that. and yet. the determination of our state and local governments. along with the regulations and investment that my administration had already put in place allowed our country to keep moving forward. despite hostility from the white house. the 90 former president. obama also had a message for young people, telling them to stay active and involved. state senate delegation is in glasgow attending the united nations climate change conference. they say they hope to learn a lot about how to combat climate change emergencies and bring the issue back to the legislature for full consideration. we're figuring out the port congestion issue
12:57 pm
not just on the supply chain logistics and the economics of how we can recover from this crisis, but also on the emissions reductions that we need to. we need to be, um, reducing learning. about new technologies. as senator gonzalez mentioned, for example, hydrogen, um but other countries are doing as senator later we'll talk about with offshore wind how which can be a tremendous resource for california extremely and perfectly actually complementary to our solar and our onshore wind. negotiators from 200 countries are attending that climate conference, which is now in its second week. 31st avenue in oakland, is now called walk as a way to honor a longtime advocate for the native american community. the renaming was initiated by oakland council member noel guyot in recognition of martin walker's whose lasting impact on the health of oakland residents welcomes you has been the ceo of the native american health center for more than 40 years. the ceremony also
12:58 pm
commemorated the work of workers whose wife helen, she co founded and was the ceo of san francisco's friendship house association of american indians. that is a substance produced abuse program serving native americans. tonight the golden state warriors will host the atlanta hawks in san francisco. last night, the warriors beat the houston rockets. 1 20 to 1 of seven jordan pool had 25 points to lead the way, including 15 points in the first quarter. gary payton jr. son of legendary point guard gary payton, known as the glove came up the bench to spark the warriors with 10 points and solid defense. gary payton jr. one of five warriors players who scored in double figures. the warriors are in the middle of an eight game home stand that includes three more games, including tonight's game against the hawks. two teenage sisters in yuba city of collected hundreds of pairs of soccer cleats descend to children in need in mexico. 16 year old laurel i and 14 year old lily miller loves soccer. i heard about the baja children's mission orphanage in mexico, where children play soccer on a dirt field. none of them have
12:59 pm
the right shoes to protect their feet, so the sisters decided to start cleats for kids. we have about 200 pairs of cleats right now in our house, and we started at three years ago, just collecting and putting these green buckets out at random locations and the community definitely has responded. yes it is really more than pleased for us. it will, um. definitely give them some. perspective on how other people do care about them, and that they are not around that there are other kids like them that share their interests that want to help them there and get them doing something that they can want. absolutely cleats for kids is also donating money for the construction of a new soccer field for the children. there sounds great. what a great effort and absolutely in a nice way to give back well, thank you for watching ktvu fox two news at noon for the latest news and weather. be sure to download the ktvu neuza and we'll see you get it for dr oz starts now and make sure
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