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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 2, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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lake tahoe. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. a woman battling cancer mauled by a bear after it enters her home, searching for food. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm like me back in tonight for frank somerville. this attack happened saturday at the woman's vacation home in tahoe vista. that's on the north shore of the lake. new tonight. ktvu is amber lee joins us live after speaking to the woman who survived this incident in amber, she is understandably shaken up. mike the woman tells me she is lucky to be alive and that she wanted to share her story to warn others. i was. bleeding and scared and screaming. and laurel rose hoffman kirsi of orinda describes being mauled by a bear early saturday morning at the family's vacation home in tahoe vista in north lake tahoe should be dead. the way that very swiped at my face. and
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right here. her injuries include a deep laceration to the cheek that required stitches, puncture wounds, cuts and bruises all over her body. she says. she was treated at a hospital. the 66 year old tells me she is fighting stage four lymphoma and was isolating in her tahoe home when loud noises from the kitchen woke her up around six a.m. she says she found a large bear by the refrigerator. must have come straight at me. i have no, i have only a vision of the part it was. it was dark and then i'm getting torn up. von hoffman. kirsi says these are photos of a bear on her property just in june and that the animals often break into cars, but none has ever gone inside her home. until now, she says, she fought back by throwing a quote at the bear, and it eventually left. through the front door the same way it had gotten in anything that has a strong odor to it is really the number one thing that attracts a bear on people's properties. the california department of fish and wildlife says. so far this year, there
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have been three bear attacks in the lake tahoe area. state officials say people leaving out food and intentionally is a large part of the problem. that comes in the form of garbage comes in the form of food that's fallen off the tree. that they're rotten like rotten fruit. that type of thing or cat food that's left outside. state officials say dna samples have been collected from the victim's injuries and clothing to create a profile of the attacking bear and that a trap has been set on the property if we can identify. the profile of the attacking animal that we might have trapped. we can remove it and it could be euthanized. this bear has been in the neighborhood. he's not afraid of people. my screaming didn't frighten him behaviors. she tells me that bear left when i saw her husband and sons. she liked to see animals that attack humans be relocated. she says she's concerned the next mulling maybe deadly live in orinda. amber lee ktvu, fox two news. major developments in the
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fight against covid as the director of the cdc approved the pfizer vaccine for 5 to 11 year olds earlier tonight this afternoon, an expert panel of cdc advisors unanimously approved the smaller doses as safe and effective for school aged children. data from fighters showed the shots to be 91% effective. the director of the cdc said, while the risk of severe disease and death is lower in children, the pandemic has had an enormous impact on children's lives. yes vaccination has the power to help us change all of that. and to let us move towards schools as we once knew it and hope it can be a safe and enriching environment for all of our children. 28 million more children across the country are now eligible for covid shots and here in the bay area. some families already have appointments to get their kids vaccinated, and pediatrician, schools and health officers have been preparing for months to ensure a smooth rollout.
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ktvu jana katsuyama joins us now live with when kids can get the shot, janna. julie some clinics say they receive deliveries of the pediatric vaccines today from the state, so they're ready as soon as the western states scientific safety workgroup gives the green light. the children will need two shots and then wait two weeks after that, to be fully immune, and i immunized rather so it's not quite in time for thanksgiving, but possibly good timing for christmas and other winter holidays. i think i get it. jet brennan says he's ready. the nine year old is 1/4 grader in berkeley, and he and his younger brother became eligible tuesday for the fighter pediatric vaccine, their mom, jessica, says their doctor's office at berkeley pediatrics started preparing appointments in advance. the phone was busy for two days, with people calling to get their kids on the list. dr olivia laing at berkeley pediatrics says demand was so high. they posted a warning online that all slots for saturday's covid vaccination clinic are already
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full, and our phones were literally lit up for three hours straight until we closed people were lined up the next morning outside of her office, trying to get in to get an appointment. california has already sent the first batch of doses. the pediatric vials are orange, a different color from that adult doses. we received our 300 doses today. this time around with the pediatric doses. there's a more reliance on pediatric practice is giving the vaccines so we're kind of in the first wave. parents with children under five will need to wait longer, but some say they're glad to hear the news because they're toddlers go to daycare with kids. five and up, i think was one of the concerning things about covid in general is not knowing what exactly long covid looks like. in the long term effects. california has already sent many doses to clinics that work with underserved communities. there's also no legal documentation. the did to get the vaccine, so it's free and available to everybody, also, regardless of documentation status. la clinica in oakland's fruitvale district is ready to give the shots as soon as wednesday. if approved, these
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covid vaccines went through all the same regulatory steps at all the vaccines have gone through. um, that we already give, um to our children, and so there weren't any steps that were skipped in the approval process. contra costa county's health department says it's getting 20,000 pediatric doses to administer at their clinics on saturday, and many counties such as marine are also partnering with school districts to have pop up clinics on campus starting this weekend. you're asked to check your local county health department to find out the vaccination locations that are closest to you. reporting live from the newsroom. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. all right, janet. thank you. for that. doctors are urging state officials to his stablization plan for lifting mask mandates in schools. as younger children have now become vaccine eligible. most all students are required. to wear masks inside classrooms and in a letter addressed to governor newsom and other officials, the doctors say without an end in sight to mask restrictions in those
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classrooms, parents might not feel incentivized. to vaccinate their children. health officials in los angeles county set new metrics that will determine when they will lift the county's mask mandate there. the county must stay in the cdc's moderate transmission tier for at least three weeks. l a county has long been in the substantial tear and cases have increased over the past week. hospitalization levels also must stay low for three consecutive weeks and at least 80% of people over 12. must be fully vaccinated. currently 72% meet that requirement. a southwest airlines pilot is reportedly facing assault and battery charges following a dispute with the flight attendant over masks usa today reports that happened in a hotel bar in san jose on october 18th. san jose police said the alleged attack stemmed from a disagreement over mask wearing the airline told the newspaper the pilot is on leave during an investigation in santa clara county. two men have been charged with hate crimes in connection to two separate assaults. prosecutors charge 62 year old. richard
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hanford for making racial remarks and striking an asian woman in the face and lost shadows and 56 year old david greenberg is charged with spitting on a 93 year old persian man in san jose after making racist comments toward the man. both are charged with hate crimes. hanford faces in additional battery charge, while greenberg faces an additional assault charge. before the pandemic, he distributed about 28 million meals worth of food this year. we're going to do 48. unprecedented demand a bay area food banks, but they are not immune to nationwide supply chain problems, and millions of people have been using zoom for free during the pandemic, but some people will soon see ads on the platform details after the break. the number of people e
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living out there on city streets. a new law passed today will allow people to legally parked rvs and mobile homes on private property where housing is permitted. they will not, however, be allowed to park on city streets and state owned property. the new law comes as housing construction costs in oakland have more than doubled over the last decade. this has made it more difficult to build new homes residents can't afford. the san francisco mayor sat down for a summit meeting to discuss the city's guaranteed income program. this afternoon, mayor breed joined former stockton mayor michael tubbs to talk about the need for anti poverty programs at the war memorial. herbs theater, san francisco has launched several guaranteed income pilot
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programs during the pandemic, including for expectant mothers, artists and performers. as well as others. tub said that those individuals deserve the help just as much as large businesses. we don't have a problem giving some people money. some people get a lot of money with no strings attached. some people get belt out every recession that some people get del outs every crisis and it's only when we talk about people who are struggling with only one talk about black people. although we talk about women only when talking about immigrants is that's when we that's how how did you spend the money? as the mayor of stockton, tubbs spearheaded a program into 2019 to give 125 low income families an extra $500 a month with no strings attached. they found that the money overwhelmingly went to food, clothing and utilities area food banks are the latest victims of the supply chain issues and the increasing prices are good, some say. they are dealing with a number of issues, including food shortages during a time when the number of people in need is increasing. ktvu is rob
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ross has more on the challenges. at the l. a minute county community food bank. the numbers of people in need are staggering. we're sending out just unprecedented record number of meals worth of food. every day in the days before covid one in five alameda county residents had trouble putting food on the table. now it's up to one in four before the pandemic. we distributed about 28 million meals worth of food. this year. we're going to do 48 million meals worth of food and that's heading into the holidays. so uh, we know these coming months are going to be among the busiest we've ever experienced as an organization in 36 37 years, but as the need grows, so our food prices the food bank pays four times what it spent for food pre pandemic. at the mission food hub in san francisco, which distributes food to 7000 families. higher costs are only part of the problem with thanksgiving, less than four weeks away, smaller grassroots organizations are
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running into shortages that larger food banks are not facing. we're having a shop around to different suppliers and to be able to uh, getting of turkey's a lot of the items like for example, stuffing is there's a shortage of that. so again, there were having to go to different suppliers. he says. the food shortages are in part due to form labor shortages in the high food prices are partially due to the high cost of gasoline for truckers to bring the food in at the same time, the economy is not come back for many with the unemployment. uh checks that have terminated you have now a whole new population of people who are out of work and out of getting, you know any kind of cash benefits. and so they're coming to us for food. it's in anthony's in san francisco's tenderloin. that concern is not supply shortages, but whether donations will keep pace with the rising costs whether people will have donor fatigue, but regardless, st
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anthony says, it will be serving thousands of thanksgiving meals but outdoors because of covid. we have tens we have we have tables. we have chairs. and we'll try to make it as cozy as possible in that setting. rob roth, ktvu fox two news. the video conferencing platform. zoom may soon show adds to some users, the company says basic users may see ads while using the platform. initially zoom says, as will be ruled out only on the browser page that users see when they end their meeting. the ads will only be shown to people who do not pay for zoom if they join meetings that are also hosted by other free basic users. it's unclear how many people use the service for free. but during the company's last earnings call, the cfo said. free calls, make up to 30% of minutes or make up 30% of minutes on the platform. this is not the first step usd rodeo with deficit frustration as the san francisco unified school
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district deals with a massive budget deficit that cuts the district is now considering up next also had people's park in berkeley could soon be on the national register of historic places. but that likely won't stop a controversial building from going up in the park. no, we are tracking more rain drops in the bay area for tomorrow night into thursday morning, plus more as we get towards the end of the weekend. see you end of the weekend. see you back here with that. mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross!
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