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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  November 2, 2021 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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and san francisco schoolchildren got a lesson in vaccines today as that district and others around the bay area are getting ready to host vaccine clinics for the 5 to 11 year old age group. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth. and welcome everyone to the four this afternoon. i'm heather holmes malik savage. millions of younger children across the country could soon start getting their covid shots today. cdc advisory panel greenlighted fighters low dose vaccine that unanimous vote came just two hours ago. full approval by the cdc director could come sometime this afternoon. and after that happens, children aged 5 to 11 could start to get vaccines this week. the fda has already approved smaller doses as safe and effective for school age children. several of the cdc advisor said they plan to get their own young children vaccinated right away. we are
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parents and we have given this to our children because we have seen the devastation of this disease and we've seen the disruption and then kids live and you're very looking forward to moving forward. while the risk of severe illness and death is lower in children. when it comes to covid, there have been more than 8300 children in that age range, who have been hospitalized about a third of them required intensive care. with the vaccine, potentially just days away. school districts across the bay area are getting ready to inoculate a new wave of children. kate with tom baker joins us now live from marin county. with the preparations underway, tom. indeed you many of these school districts say along with the county health departments, they're ready to go with the young ones because of how well they did with the older students. school districts across the bay area, and for that matter, the state nation are working with their county health departments preparing to administer covid vaccines to 5 to 11 year olds. the san francisco unified
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school district's top officials say it's ready and talk directly with students about it. we're here to help you feel supported and help your families feel confident that the vaccine is. is healthy and good for you over 95% of the students who are 12 to 17 have gotten vaccinated. you are as young people have lived the way. they also answered questions the first and most important about this thoroughly tested vaccine currently authorized for emergency use until fully approved. well, we have to get the vaccine. with an emergency use authorization. we cannot and they you get vaccinated from a scientific standpoint, but we can strongly encourage hit. mary jane burke is superintendent of marine schools and says that 95% of her older students are already fully vaccinated and that the district is ready for the 5 to 11 year olds. we have been planning for this for the last several months, so we feel, you
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know, definitely ready to go. so at this point, we have super pods that have been scheduled starting this coming weekend, three consecutive weekend sessions saturday and sunday, plus online questions and answer sessions are available. so our hope is that 75% of the students who are eligible to be vaccinated would be fully vaccinated prior to the winter recess. this has been tested on more people than any vaccine in the history of vaccines. so i'm not i'm not concerned, and i'm much more concerned about what would happen if he were to get covid. we definitely looked at all the data and we talked it over. as a family. we have two high schoolers that we took the option of having them vaccinated and we made the decision to have her vaccinated. this is delaney. she'll be seven. and we think it's the right path for us. players center built now, since this is once again emergency use that's very important
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emergency use. it's one of those things that is not mandated as yet. and so each family will have to decide. reported live. tom baker, ktvu fox two news and, as you mentioned shipments advisors, one third dose vaccine are in fact available now. all right, tom. thank you very much. younger kids become eligible to get the covid-19 shot. doctors are urging state officials to establish a plan for lifting mask mandates in schools since students are required to wear masks at all times in this letter addressed to governor newsom and other officials, doctors say without an end in sight to the mask restrictions. parents might not feel incentivized vaccinate their children. do it. four san francisco police officer is now charged with homicide for 2017 shooting that resulted in a man's death. three years later. san francisco de a chaser boudin today announced those charges against officer kenneth char and a judge has issued a warrant for his arrest. the charges include voluntary manslaughter, assault with a
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semi automatic firearm and infliction of great bodily injury. josh shot sean more during a confrontation on the doorstep of his home after responding to a call that more was violating a restraining order. more with schizophrenic and unarmed, maureen says officer cha elevated a non violent encounter now, the san francisco police officers association issued a statement today and it says in part, quote officers responded to a call for service and encountered the very hostile sean moore, who was accused of violating a restraining order. we support officer chaz constitutionally protected right to present his defense against these charges. writers wide receiver henry ruggs is now charged with felony driving under the influence after a crash in las vegas that left a woman dead on the crash happened around 3 40 this morning on a busy thoroughfare right near the las vegas strip. rug chevrolet corvette rear ended an suv, which then caught fire and the driver died.
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police say 22 year old rugs, shows signs of impairment. he and his female passenger were both hospitalized with unspecified injuries. the raiders released a statement saying in part quote, we are devastated by the loss of life and our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim's family. facebook today announced plans to shut down its facial recognition system that lets users tagged their friends and delete the face scan data of more than one billion people. the feature was introduced in 2010 so that facebook users could save time. the software automatically identified friends who appeared in uploaded photos and suggested users tagged them with a click to link their account to the picture. facebook says it's making the change because of concerns about the place of facial recognition technology in society. president biden is now heading home from the climate summit in scotland, having joined other world leaders promising to protect the world's forest and cut greenhouse gas emissions. fox's lauren blanchard tells us the president will return to
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washington as democrats continue to debate his domestic agenda. this decade. we have to make significant progress. president biden hoped he could fully concentrate on global climate issues. the single most important thing, it's gotten the attention of the world. is climate because we want to be able to breathe and we want to be able to lead the world but back home the lack of support within his own party to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill and move forward on his build back better framework overshadowed much of his overseas visit, president biden began his trip touting a $1.75 trillion framework, he said, could pass the senate did you sign off on the framework on friday? prior to the president announcement. i'm not going to talk about the specifics of my conversations. i believe. that joe will be there. senator joe manchin says he first must see the congressional budget office or cbo score. do they need to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill that shows good faith progressives have held up house votes on the bipartisan infrastructure bill.
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they still want paid family leave new prescription drug policies and immigration reform included in the larger bill, though tuesday, signaling they may allow a vote on infrastructure this week, the president is indicated. that he wants his agenda moving forward and i feel very confident. the democrats will move forward in the house and the senate democrats are looking at a thanksgiving deadline for the build back better bill as it will take anywhere between 10 days and two weeks to get a cbo score and possibly moderates on board. in washington. lauren blanchard fox news, a group of more than 20, california lawmakers and administration officials will join world leaders in scotland for the u. n climate change conference. included in that delegation, state senator john laird, who represents part of santa cruz county and the central coast. and he told us he wants to share california's accomplishments in this space with other leaders. it's about the future. it is about places
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along the coast being habitable. it is about mountains burning. it is about heat islands and urban course of cities. but it's also about shifting our economy, so it's still booming in meeting those challenges we want to do is we want. senator laird also said he hopes to learn about how other countries combat wildfires and learn more about offshore wind. the san francisco unified school district facing a $125 million budget hole, coming up next tool. take a look at some of the cuts that officials will have to make in order to avoid a state takeover, and it was the only ski resort that was damaged by the cow door. fire of mexico have an update on repairs happening there and tell you when skiers and snowboarders may be able to return. added whether we have a bit more sunshine this afternoon, but we are tracking another system that will boost our rain chances. by wednesday night. we'll have more your forecast coming up. and there you have it- woah. wireless on the most reliable network nationwide.
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but our here, we are just getting started. decisions have to be made about where to cut costs. ktvu christian captain is joining us now live from san francisco unified district headquarters and christian administrators are facing the prospect of a state takeover. yes that's right. and the school board is set to hear a plan on how to balance the budget. now the district has to have that plan heard and approved before the middle of next month, or else face the prospect. of a state takeover. san francisco schools
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are facing declining enrollment and fewer students means less state funding. now the district must cut roughly $125 million out of the approximately $1.1 billion budget, and the superintendent is pitching a plan to make drastic but necessary cuts to prevent the state from stepping in just say that that plan would be availed this evening and well, we're and it's really part it's more a discussion that we're having with the board to get to a place where we have a stabilized budget. san francisco mom and budget hawk beth kelly says the plan removes 50 million dollars from the budget. which students will see directly, possibly with bigger class sizes, the elimination of some teaching positions or combined schools, and the district is looking at an additional $40 million in cuts to central services like office jobs. still kelly says, that won't be enough to cover what the district needs to do to prepare for the long term. we don't want any of those things to happen. but they are going to happen. and so how do we think about the future and really plan for sustained,
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declining enrollment. school board president gabriela lopez says she understands that difficult decisions will have to be made. but that is the duty of the district to ensure that the city's children receive a top notch education. it's a discussion that we want to make open and clear for everybody. a lot of my work is. connecting with the community, letting folks share what it is that we want to prioritize in our budgeting because we're in this this space where we have the opportunity to clear up a lot of, uh, years worth of what brought us here. budget experts say soaring costs and projected declines in student role mint means that the district needs to be prepared to face some long term austerity measures. to stay in the black, but i don't want people to lose hope over it. right this is not. this is a moment of crisis, which also makes it a moment of opportunity. it does have a one time $35 million boost in state funding this year, but that won't solve this systemic financial problems that the district is facing. the district is planning on finalizing the current financial plan by december,
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14th. in hopes of avoiding a state takeover. we're live in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox. two news. difficult decisions ahead, christian. thank you. one person is under arrest. after a homicide in campbell sky, foxx was over the area around juanita way in the san tomas neighborhood this afternoon. it's where police located their suspect in a shooting hours earlier on sunny oaks avenue. the victim was taken to valley medical center where he died. a shelter in place was issued on part of sand on juanita away as police were making their arrest that has since been lifted. police have not yet released a voted for the killing or identity identified either the victim or the suspect. two siblings from pittsburgh made their first court appearance earlier today in the killing of a teenage girl from monterey county 19 year old leilani beauchamp's of caramel was last seen at a halloween party in sacramento early saturday morning. authorities say she left that
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party with two men and ended up at a home in fairfield, where airmen juan power peralta lives he stationed at travis air force base and is believed to be her ex boyfriend. court documents show abuse champ was shot and killed allegedly by 21 year old jessica king tonya of pittsburgh and got help from her brother after the crime, a friend says king tanya is the airman's current girlfriend. do you know who they are their relationship to want their relationship to leilani? uh, i think that's his current girlfriend. that's all i know. one of them. jessica jessica is wands. current girlfriend. yeah, that's all i know. i've only seen them once or twice to the airman power. peralta was arrested for accessory to murder, but the solano county district attorney's office has not yet filed charges against him. jessica king tanya is charged with murder. her brother marco king, tanya is charged with accessory to murder. fairfield police say beauchamp's remains were found in rural monterey county on sunday night. well it looks
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like sierra at tahoe ski resort will not open this year. i'll due to damage from the cal door fire that fire over the summer burned chairlifts destroyed the maintenance shop and also a number of trees. resort operators have been working around the clock to try to make repairs, and they posted photos of the damage. sierra at tahoe sign being replaced just last week, but operators say there is just too much to do and they likely won't be able to get it done and opened this year. they are the hoping to welcome skiers and snowboarders back to the slopes in early 2022. and hopefully we'll have a big snow pack to talk about by then. in fact, we're talking about some more rain chances here in the bay area forecast as we head into your wednesday night and thursday and possibly next week as well, but it's nice to kind of have the stores move in. move out me get a break, and that's kind of what we have this week here in the region as far as the rainfall totals, of course, these these numbers are so just. huge amplified because
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we had the atmospheric river so once again, some areas upwards of 500% of average for this step for this time of year, we're gonna be adding to those totals. it's a little bit as we had an early thursday morning, so rainfall projections. south bay. maybe just point out to get the idea. this system really weakens by the time it reaches the south bay up in the north bay could be over a half an inch winds around 25 miles an hour and the surf. we do not have a high surf advisory. but ways will be increasing with the swell of producing ways around 10 to 15 ft. as we head into thursday, as far as current numbers out there, temperatures actually kind of mild sixties and seventies this tuesday afternoon with partly cloudy skies even some mostly sunny skies after some cloud cover from this morning, the satellites kind of picking up on those clouds gradually clearing out throughout the afternoon hours as we back out the maps here we are showing you this and there's our next system, the offshore you can see it's getting to act together. most of the energy will be up in northern california. not in the bay area just kind of falls apart over us, but still enough enough
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energy to produce those rain showers, especially favoring the north bay. here's a live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge. the marine headlands just beautiful. nice to have some sunshine back in the picture this afternoon. we will cloud things up overnight. just just a heads up. you are driving early tomorrow morning. watch out for some pockets of a thick fog. it's one of those deals were selling at the coast. but also for some of the inland spots as well as that could impact your visibility. first thing tomorrow morning next system, those developing offshore that's going to move in late wednesday, at least four tomorrow, though it we'll call it a mild wednesday, sixties and seventies, some areas of fog and then rainfall gradient develops primarily up to the north bay wednesday night. it's a short term deal, primarily from 10 p.m. wednesday. until about five or six o'clock thursday morning, so this will mostly be an overnight system. as you can see, the forecast model is picking up on that idea. here. we are four o'clock wednesday and then into wednesday night, the chance of some rn upai in the north bay and this gradually slides the south early thursday morning, and then it's just zipping on out of here throughout the day on thursday, even more sunshine by
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thursday afternoon. forecast highs for tomorrow, mainly in the sixties and the seventies. so tomorrow one of the warmer days, the weak and the look ahead. we had that shower chance primarily overnight into thursday morning clearing skies by friday, the weekend should be fairly quiet. but what's kind of interesting next week? by monday, we could be talking about some more rain falls. it's nice to least be talking about multiple systems impacting the berry. all right? yeah, that's good to hear more rain on the way, mark. thank you. here's a look at what things look like. at san francisco's ocean beach today. the national weather service has been warning about sneaker waves along the bay area's coastal region. they say the larger than normal swells can come without warning and can easily sweep people away and out into the ocean. officials are telling beachgoers to stay away from the water and to never turn your back on the ocean. right. american airlines still trying to recover from days of cancellations and delays, what caused the disruption and how it could affect the upcoming holiday affect the upcoming holiday travel season.
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merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. so you can work that budget and get those savings. recovers from five straight days of travel nightmare. we did some checking and here in the bay area, sfo reported just one cancellation today, and there weren't any cancellations at mineta san jose international airport that's obviously good for travelers. fox news william la jeunesse, though, tells us about the extended cancellations and delays from los angeles. we got
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here yesterday to find out our flight was counseled. it's a familiar story among stranded passengers nationwide american airlines canceling thousands of flights over the past five days. and in many cases, travelers are still trying to find a new way home. the problems started when high winds took out service at dallas fort worth, america's main hub. which meant pilots and flight attendants couldn't get to their assignments, prompting massive staffing shortages. the airlines need to be less aggressive in their scheduling. they're just trying to fly as many places they can and then when there are problems, things go really bad fast and that could lead to even bigger problems as we head into the busy holiday season, with travel experts saying communication will be key as airlines work to get back to pre pandemic staffing levels opt into all notifications from your airline so that you are one of the first to know there's a problem. american is canceled more than 2000 flights since friday. impacting more than 136,000 travelers. so far,
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the pace of cancellations is slowing. but the airlines still scrapped more than 3% of its flights on tuesday. and experts say there will not be a quick fix. take that deep breath and have a little bit of patience. because this is such a complex system. this isn't a simple problem. and that means it doesn't have a simple one off solution. american says about 1800 flight attendants that had been furloughed during the pandemic are returning to work this week. in los angeles. we margin s actual news. well, the state fish and wildlife department has now delayed the bay area's upcoming dutch in this crab fishing season to protect him back whales earlier today we saw crab pots ready to be cast in the water at san francisco's fisherman's warf. commercial fishing between the sonoma mendocino line to monterey county was supposed to start in just a few days coming up on november 15th, but it will now be delayed until at least november 22nd when risks are reassessed. so far this
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year, at least 11 humpback whales have been found tangled in fishing gear, including crab pot lines. environmental groups say the whales are currently feeding off the california coast, and there are more concerns that more whales, sea turtles and other marine life. could get entangled. hopefully we get those crafts are at some point during the holiday season. all right, that does it for us here on ktvu up. next is our coverage of the world series. but our live news coverage does continue for you over on ktvu and coming up, we will have more on the effort to vaccinate younger children in this country as approval of fighters. pediatric doses now faces its final hurdle. big big decision today. alright supply chain issues also impacting nearly every industry, including the wine industry. california wineries are dealing with the impact of the global shortage of supplies. and we invite you now to stay tuned for game six of the world series right here on ktvu. you
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are looking live, admitted maid park in houston. first pitch just minutes away here. will be atlanta braves close out this series and take the championship or will the houston astros force a winner? take all game seven. game six of this series up next here on ktvu. when the world series takes the field on fox two, fox two news continues at 4, 35 6 and seven p.m. on ktvu, plus find ktvu plus over the air on directv dish and at and t on channel 36 or xfinity channel +76. -hi mommy! -hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby... don't say a word...
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>> we are fox sports! >> it is game six of the best world series. we return to houston. braves need a win to take home the crown. astros trying to keep their season alive. ♪ ♪ >> you can feel it with every step, every pitch, every game. it looms larger. the gravity of the moment, the weight of history, the anticipation of what's to come. one team survives and returns home with renewed belief. >> maldonado with another rbi. what a nig


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