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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 1, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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in the north bay today, the santa rosa fire department declared an end to this year's fire season. we anticipated what was likely going to be a very long, potentially destructive fire season. ah, we're very fortunate of somewhat dodged the bullet, santa rosa fire officials say thanks to the recent rain, there is no longer a significant risk of wildfire. good evening, everyone. i'm julie julie haener mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville. the city's fire season started back in may, but now it has come to an end. ktvu zach sauce live for us tonight in coffee park neighborhood once devastated by the tubbs fire four years ago, and zack hey, i'm sure people are happy to see the rain happy to hear about this news. absolutely happy as you mentioned this neighborhood of coffee park absolutely devastated by that wildfire just a few years ago, so it makes a lot of sense that
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the rain they've been getting lately in santa rosa helping folks sleep easy for a change. i think it's great john buyers and so many in the city of santa rosa breathing a collective sigh of relief. because of this news, we feel our conditions are to the point where we can safely call for the end of virus season. the santa rosa fire department making the call after last weekend's atmospheric river finally delivered the rainfall that the bay area had so desperately been waiting for. there's absolutely the potential for some level of fire activity to occur in what could be a dry winter. but at this point in time, given how much rainfall we've had, given how much rainfall we're currently experiencing, uh, and scheduled to get we feel comfortable that that threat has been significantly minimize here in the wake of the news, the city suspending weed abatement inspections but asking homeowners to begin fire mitigation work on their properties ahead of next year's fire season. the early end to the season a blessing for a city that's been. plagued by wildfires over the last few years in 2017 devastating fires,
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killing nine and destroying over 3000 homes, many in the community of coffee park, then in 2020, the fast moving glass fire destroying another 34 homes. we all know people who no. other people that have lost home, so it's been. spent pretty devastating why so many in this community welcomed yet another rainy day to the region. my personal reaction is every time there's a potential for rain and sonoma county. we all get excited. it's like a little drizzle and for good reason or in a big family owned winery. paradise ridge, all but destroyed in 2017, the winery burned down our production facility burned down. we lost. three homes on the property and all those tenants in a flat in the middle of the night. artwork including this science spared becoming a symbol of the communities recovery surrounding neighborhoods and his winery now rebuilt, looking forward to welcoming visitors free from fire fears. news worth raising a glass to see you later fire season. so
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certainly community in good spirits, but not totally out of the woods. yet there is still concern about the burn scars left from those wildfires concerns about flooding, so certainly something that fire officials will be keeping an eye on ahead of future storms for now live in santa rosa. zach sauce ktvu to fox news. it is nice to have the rain because november we've had some deadly wildfires out there. 2018 the camp fire comes to mind. all right, zack. we appreciate that statewide, though cal fire is not declared it ended the fire season as parts of the state, especially southern california remain at risk for wildfires. so far this year. cal fire says nearly 2.5 million acres have burned statewide, killing three people and damaging or destroying more than 3600 structures. the rain came down today all around the bay area, shoppers in oakland's chinatown tried to dodge the raindrops this afternoon. some people carried umbrellas. others had to use their jackets for cover. our chief meteorologist, bill martin joins us now with more on the
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wet weather bill. yes the rain came down significantly in some parts of the bay area. mount tam o pious came in at almost two inches of rain 1.7 inches. that's a lot of rain for this smallest storm, boulder creek's santa cruz mountains just over an inch. mill valley down at the base of mount mount tomah. pius came in at 8/10 in berkeley. at 0.3. most of us were anywhere from 1/10 of an inch to 3/10 of an inch down at sea level, but in the hills, the oakland hills and the north bay hills and the santa cruz mountains as i just let you know the rain really came down as we look at the rain, what's out there now it's kind of scattered drizzle and showers. it's going to last into the next. few hours and then it's out of here. so tomorrow morning's commute going to be relatively dry from the sky, but the roads might be a little damp with the potential for valley fog, right because the ground so moist so yeah, again, almost two inches of rain up in mill valley or up in a mount tam over the last 24 hours from this last weather system, which was a pretty weak one in comparison to what we experienced last week. right, bill. we'll check back with you a bit later. thank you. the
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president of the state public utilities commission wants answers from p. jeannie about it's wildfire prevention program called fast trip starting in july, the utility made its automatic sensors more sensitive in areas of high fire danger in a letter to pg and e. today the cpuc said the initiative has caused more than 500 unplanned power outages. they've hit santa cruz county, especially hard the c p. u. c is asking for detailed information on how the utility uses fast trip and on the customers being affected. american airlines still struggling with even more flight cancellations and delays. this is the fourth straight day of major problems that have really left passengers. coast to coast stranded, scrambling to book some new flights. get views. jana katsuyama joining us live tonight from san francisco international and jen, i know you ran into some frustrated travelers. mike one couple said that they missed halloween with their toddlers because their flights were canceled. other people said they had two even three delays
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before they could get onto a flight. they're hoping will leave at midnight tonight. american airlines tells me that today they had to cancel more than 500 flights. at sfo, the wild weekend of cancellations and delays continued for thousands of american airlines customers, george lee showed up monday after his flight to orlando sunday was canceled. i spent four hours on the phone. trying to get ahold of somebody. then when he arrived, he learned his new flight was delayed three times a rough start to his special vacation. orlando, florida with my mom. she's there by herself. the problem started on friday when high winds knocked out service at americans main hub in dallas, american airlines began canceling hundreds of flights and that left flight attendants and crews out of position. the number of cancellation sword with thousands of planes grounded over the weekend, as many as 20% of all american airline flights on sunday, booked their early five am flight to get home so we could trick or treat with the kids.
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and unfortunately got the email that it was canceled instead of halloween and boston with their children. john and aaron cook, india ended up with two cancelled flights from phoenix and had to book a ticket through sfo monday just to get home kind of crazy, you know, but could mayhem. but, um, you know, we're just lucky that we're able to get home they end customer service was really great. these passengers had come to outside lands and had their tickets to chicago canceled and now must take a midnight flight and go straight from the airport to work and classes on tuesday, little stressful. just the bad night's sleep will be. the worst. i think overall, i got a notification that my flight was delayed two hours already as of this morning, and it keeps getting pushed back in 15 minute increments. problem is the airlines these days? especially american and southwest. they're really extending themselves where you know they don't have a lot of people on reserve. it's towards the end of the month, when a lot of the flight attendants and pilots of maxed out their hours. some passengers say
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after these disruptions, they've decided not to fly over the holidays. this is it for me. it's i can't do it. and the association of professional flight attendants, which represents american airlines, cruise said they had warned management before quote since they travel rebound in may, a pf has voiced concerns to american airlines management that the flight attendant staffing levels are inadequate. staffing levels leave precious little room for weather events, covid exposure related issues and other disruptions. american airlines, said a statement to me today, saying that they had 1800 flight attendants who did come back from leave today. so that did help that they are preparing for the holidays by hiring another 600 or more flight attendants. and some 4000 reservation experts to help man the front desk. they are saying that they hope that they will not have another incident like this over the winter holidays like. 24 days to thanksgiving. we'll see if american all airlines can get ready for that holiday rush.
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right? jana katsuyama live there at sfo. janet. thank you. southern california man accused of attacking a flight attendant last week appeared in federal court today on criminal assault charges. the incident happened on an american airlines flight from new york to santa ana, forcing the plane to land in denver. witnesses say 20 year old brian sue, placed in front of the lavatory. and hit a female flight attendant on the head and in her face. this has happened after she asked him to sit down, according to court documents, who was with his mother and told the fbi he was experiencing psychological damage after brain surgery. american airlines says it will not tolerate acts of violence against crew members. the airline has banned him from flying again on wall street. today all three major indexes posted new records. the dow is up 94 points, the nasdaq gaining 97. and the s and p 500 slightly up, adding eight points. big day, though for tesla it shares were up 8.5% after the company said it would open its charging network to other vehicles in europe. tesla
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uses a standard plug in europe, but it proprietary plug right here in the u. s. covid vaccine mandate enforcement began today for new york city workers and thousands, including firefighters and police officers did not show up for work about 9000, new york city, municipal workers were put on unpaid leave for refusing to comply with the mandate. that's out of the workforce of nearly 400,000. the fire department says 2300 firefighters called out sick and nearly 100 police department employees replaced on no pay status. union officials say they want more time to decide whether or not to get the shots. it's all we were trying to negotiate more time to make these decisions, just like diblasio administration came from every other organization, every other union this city. new york city mayor bill de blasio says about nine in 10 city workers covered by the mandate have been vaccinated and there have been no disruptions to city services as a result of the staffing shortages closer to home in san francisco city employees were
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back in the office for the first time in a year and a half. today was also the deadline for city workers. to prove that they're vaccinated as ktvu is christian captain reports employees who refused the covid-19 vaccine could lose their jobs. after more than a year of relative quiet. san francisco's city hall is once again bustling city workers are back in the office, many of them for the first time in more than a year, the city's director of human resources says today is the day by which all city workers must be fully vaccinated. the city estimates that 98% of employees are fully vaccinated only about 1000 of the city's more than 30,000 employees remain unvaccinated. we have no interest or desire to want to separate city employees. we want everybody to stay working. um and we're doing everything we can to talk to every city employee individually, and we hope that we don't have to separate anybody in the end for those who are now fully vaccinated. they are now required to return to the officeear and a half of working remotely,
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we're really excited about it. people are making their way back. they're going to start riding public transit again. they're going to be populating the civic center and other areas of the city, the head of the city's office of economic and workforce development, said it's important for city workers to provide ride a role model for returning to work. and for stimulating the local economy surrounding city offices in this area where we stand at city hall and civic center, one of the toughest areas that's been hit hard by the pandemic. our city employees are part of the economic recovery. we go out. we buy coffee. we support the local restaurants. just a block and a half away from city hall. euro king has always been one of the go to spots for city hall workers' for lunch. nerese atassi says business is still slow and could use the influx of city workers. yeah, thank you very much for good news. but i think it's not enough is a city right now is, uh, empty is lot of space is empty. and business. like that before.
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business maker like maybe 30% we make the right now. monday is the deadline, the city won't be moving to separate employees right away. those employees who are not vaccinated will first get notices from the department of human resources and if they've asked for an exemption. they'll get a hearing to determine what will happen next in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. a vigil for a teenager shot and killed while at the home of a gilroy city council member how friends are remembering him and the new details were learning about the shooting and a pastor from the south bay arrested accused of molesting children what we're learning about the alleged victims. also ahead tonight $500 a month. no strings attached. we hear from two people in oakland who are now part of the city's guaranteed income program. how they say income program. how they say it's helping new at 10 30.
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boulevard called to the church for comment was not immediately returned. investigators say they believe. there may be more victims who have not yet been identified, and they are asking anyone with information about the case to call morgan hill police. a vigil was held in gilroy this evening for a teenager who was shot and killed at a halloween party over the weekend. music was played, and there were hugs and candles for 18 year old michael zeno got. police say the shooting happened at the home of gilroy city council member rebecca armendariz. one relative is now in custody and tonight, police say they're looking for a second shooting suspect. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary has more now on the team who died and
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