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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  November 1, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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contra costa county is getting ready for the rollout and november is off to a soggy start with scattered showers moving across the area. we may see even more rain later this week. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth. welcome to the forum, gregory and for heather holmes, and i'm alex savage. we begin with a look at our weather this afternoon. we saw steady showers coming down and sandra fell just a few hours ago. this is what it looked like. unlike the last big storm we had, though that caused quite a bit of damage across the bay area. this system is relatively uneventful, with no weather warnings and no advisories. and how about a live look at the richmond san rafael bridge toll plaza? lot of water on that camera there wet roads certainly is the afternoon of traffic starts to pick up. make sure to take your time out there. for more now on the wet weather, let's go to ktvu meteorologist rosemary oroczo, rosemary s. greg and alex. so outdoors. we've got all that cloud cover. we have the scattered showers still falling and that maybe
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the big concern. as we roll through the next few hours with the evening commute getting underway, giving you a live look here at the golden gate bridge where we can't really see the rain falling at this time. take a look that flog on the right hand of your screen is blowing around but not too bad and as the anchor as mentioned a moment ago, no advisories was this system just some beneficial rain giving you a look there now as storm tracker to as the front. sweeps through california all the way from northern california down to the central coast. seeing that line of rain a little bit of snow in the sierra, but the levels are high and with that, no winter weather advisory for travelers if we take a look at the north bay, we've got a little bit of rain over areas of napa and vallejo and then into the central bay if you sprinkles along the peninsula and the coastline. as well as areas over the east bay hills. maybe a bit right over highway 24 when shift over towards the santa cruz mountains, where the light rain continues to fall there, let's head up to the sierra. take a look at some of this rain snow mix again. snow levels fairly high way above the past is there are no advisories for travelers
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tonight when i come back, i'll have a look at what you can expect into your bay area tuesday, as well as. how much rainfall has fallen so far, and how much more i expect. we'll get coming up in just a bit. we look forward to it. rosemary oroczo stree lacks masking rules of any bay area county. they met the cdcs guidelines to have moderate transmission status for at least three weeks, plus low covid hospitalizations and at least 80% of its residents fully vaccinated. creative use. tom baker is live in san rafel, with the rule breakdown for each county as well as popular travel destinations. tom. well, just like halloween masks. covid masks are now in the rear view mirror. at noon monday, marin became the first bay area county to lift indoor mask regulations at bars, restaurants and grocers. if the proprietors allow it, masks are still required on public transit and in health care facilities. i think it's finally good we can get back to, uh, semi normal life. um
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the county is almost 90% vaccinated. half the burden is, um, remembering your mask. that's why where this kind because i can walk out of the house and you know, i don't have to worry about remembering. day and leave it for some folks. the mask has proven it works now and in the future i plan on continuing to our my mask in public places. well, i am vaccinated, but. at this point better safe than sorry. i'm gonna keep mine on. uh 68 years old. i don't want to take any chances. i've opened up a little bit, but i'm not quite ready to just go out in the public without any mask on as of monday, alameda and contra costa joined san francisco and sonoma counties and lifting mask mandates for those fully vaccinated. fully vaccinated. folks can also go unmasked into many places such as meeting halls, offices, higher education classes and the like subject to two conditions. the locations operators must allow unmasking and no more than 100 regularly
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attending. people can be present at one time in solano county. there has never been a mask mandate, but folio and venetia do have rules similar to those in san francisco in santa clara, san matteo and napa counties. masks are still required indoors, regardless of vaccination status. if you're going to travel somewhere? no, the masking rules in hawaii masks are always required indoors in mexico, masks are required indoors. in l, a and san diego county. everyone must mask in all indoor public settings in palm springs, face coverings are required indoor plus proof of vaccination or negative covid test for bars and restaurants. we are. both lucky and can be proud of the fact that most people follow the science and have done what is necessary. marines. main goal right now is very straightforward. don't get involved in any backsliding. reporting live. tom vacar ktvu
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fox too many lot to keep track of tom. thank you. all right for more on these mass requirements here in the bay area, we're joined now by dr sophie mercuria with contra costa county health services. doctor mercuria appreciate your time. thank you. so in contra costa county, fully vaccinated people as of today can go masculine in certain indoor spaces, places like gyms, offices and college classrooms. what is it that makes you and your fellow health officials there in contra costa county, comfortable lifting the mask requirements in those particular settings. that we've seen a decrease in our case rates throughout our county decreasing hospitalizations, and we felt that they've fallen enough to really feel comfortable. um and knowing the vaccination works really well and protecting everyone, um, covid-19 to kind of lift the masking mandate or requirement in certain situations for vaccinated individuals. as you
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mentioned, it's in situations. other offices, gyms, fitness centers, higher education, so college classrooms or maybe some other organized gatherings as long as everyone is fully vaccinated. and the setting can be controlled. and so, uh, the public doesn't enter the setting. and uh, individual aren't fully vaccinated wouldn't be attending and come across the rare by. has not yet met the criteria to relax the masking rules in more settings like what we're seeing in marin county. can i ask you what happens, though? if you ease the mass requirements in these particular settings, but you start to see case numbers and hospitalizations tick back up. at what point would you consider re implementing the indoor basque mandate for all spaces once again. yeah we would. we would definitely take in consideration monitor case rates and hospitalizations closely. whether there is a concern to kind of take away this amendment or say everyone
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again. we're fully vaccinated. need to wear masks? we have no set number just a close watching of the numbers. to see where we go, and that's kind of our as we move forward and kind of take away some other mandates. as we move through the pandemic, we would watch carefully to see the implications of removing that and seeing if there is an increase of hospitalizations, workplace rights, okay, let's shift to the other big story this week tomorrow, a cdc advisory panel. will be meeting to consider giving emergency use authorization defies ear's covid-19 vaccine to be administered to children between the ages of five and 11 and wants to cdc director signs off, which is expected to happen. those younger children could start receiving shots later on this week. i know in contra costa county, you are already getting prepared. you are expected to receive at least 20,000. of the child sized doses this week. talk about the preparations that are being made there and how you're coordinating this rollout with schools and health care providers to administer the shots to kids. yeah so we have
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been planning for these vaccine efforts of the 5 to 11 year olds in partnership with the different healthcare providers that number of justice that you mentioned was throughout the county. so that includes pharmacies, health care providers in our own vaccine sites. in addition to that, we've been partnering with the school, just with many schools across the county again with other healthcare partners, um, to operate a school vaccine clinics on site for this shootings within the school, their families and in some instances, community. we're still planning and have details for that and kind of dates around those and so as more information, particularly that the community, um sites for everyone who that will be taking place at school will be on our website, um cc health .org/ coronavirus. and schools that are having vaccine clinics will get information through their schools as well for their students. all right, what are you expecting? the demand is going to be like among parents in contra costa county. we
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we've heard and some of the polling is sort of shown us that there is a fair amount of hesitancy among a significant number of parents out there a lot of them saying they don't plan on getting their kids vaccinated right right away. what do you expecting? in terms of demand in contra costa county? do you have a sense of whether parents are going to be lining up to get their kids? the shots are you going to have to overcome some of that hesitancy? i think there will be a wide range of kind of parents who and students we've heard from a school that the students are very excited to get that and i'll make just go the vaccine and so a range of individuals who are very excited, want to get the vaccine. it is a great way to protect. their children and families, particularly as the holidays are coming up. i've been gatherings are happening, but i do think there will be some hesitancy just more needed education around the vaccine. the vaccine rollout at kind of the process that went through which is the same rigorous fda process that all the other vaccines have gone through. um and it is a smaller dose that's
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about a third of the dose or is apparent just for as compared to the adults, fighter and team vaccine ease. and so we are working on education and communication around the practice. 11 vaccination, uh, with in partnership with the school districts with to get that information out there and really. educate families on the importance of vaccines and that they've been studied in a statement effective for this project, 11 year old population alright well, a big week as the rollout expected to begin later on this week, and contra costa county and across the country to roll out the vaccine to the younger children in that younger age group. appreciate you taking the time today, dr sophie. mercurial with contra costa county health services. thank you. thank you from. it is deadline day for san francisco workers they are now required to be vaccinated against covid-19. ktvu is christian captain joins us now live from city hall where city employees are returning to the office. after more than a year of working remotely christian. yes, as you well know, for
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months and months, san francisco city hall was closed to the public will once again it is now a bustling hive of activity, with most city employees fully vaccinated now and back to work on the job in person. after more than a year of relative quiet. san francisco's city hall is once again bustling city workers are back in the office, many of them for the first time in more than a year, the city's director of human resources says today is the day by which all city workers must be fully vaccinated. the city estimates that 98% of employees are fully vaccinated only about 1000 of the city's more than 30,000 employees remain unvaccinated. we have no interest or desire um doing everything we can to talk to every city employee individually, and we hope that we don't have to separate anybody. in the end. for those who are now fully vaccinated. they're not required to return to the office at least two days a week after more than a year and a half of working remotely,
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we're really excited about it. people are making their way back. they're going to start riding public transit again. they're going to be populating the civic center and other areas of the city, the head of the city's office of economic and workforce development, said it's important for city workers to provide ride a role model for returning to work. and for stimulating the local economy surrounding city offices in this area where we stand at city hall and civic center, one of the toughest areas that's been hit hard by the pandemic. our city employees are part of the economic recovery. we go out. we buy coffee. we support the local restaurants. just a block and a half away from city hall. euro king has always been one of the go to spots for city hall workers' for lunch. norris atassi says business is still slow and could use the influx of city workers. yeah thank you very much for good news. uh but i think it's not enough is the city right now? is there. empty is, uh, a lot of space is empty. and business. like that
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before. business maker like maybe 30% we make the right now. well, today is the deadline. the city won't be sending out any notices to separate employees right away. those employees who are not vaccinated will first get notices from the department of human resources, and if they've asked for an exemption, they'll get a hearing to determine. what will happen next? we're live in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox. two news, christian. thank you. covid vaccine mandate enforcement also began today for new york city workers and thousands, including firefighters and police officers did not show up for work about 9000, new york city, municipal workers were put on unpaid leave for refusing to comply with the mandate. that's out of the workforce of almost 400,000 the f d. n y. says 2300. firefighters called out sick and just under 100 police department employees were placed on no pay status. union officials say they want more time to decide whether or not to get the shots. that's all.
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we were trying to negotiate more time to make these decisions, just like diblasio administration came from every other organization, every other union this city. new york city mayor bill de blasio says about nine in 10 city workers covered by the mandate have gotten vaccinated and there have been no disruptions to city services as result of staffing shortages. a middle school in pinole lockdown because of a pellet gun. we'll hear from one student coming up about the threats allegedly made by a classmate and another day of flight delays and cancellations for american airlines. how the airlines actions in the beginning of the pandemic may be partly to blame. -hi mommy! -hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby... don't say a word...
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♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪ with a deadly shooting outside her home during a halloween party. it happened early saturday morning in the yard at the home of councilwoman rebecca armendariz. one person was killed. three others were
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seriously injured in the shooting. all the victims are between the ages of 17 and 19 years old police arrested 19 year old benjamin, colorado and at the scene. he is the council woman's cousin. some type of altercation sued between some of the partygoers, uh and at least one suspect produced a firearm and started shooting. as home during the shooting, but was not part of the halloween party. the young man who was arrested lives in a separate home on the property. an investigation is underway right now, after a student brought a pellet gun to an east bay middle school today and allegedly threatened to shoot other students panel middle school was locked down this morning after someone reported seeing the gun, which they said appeared to be a real semi automatic pistol. police did an extensive search and they did find that gun in a student's backpack. a student we spoke to says the boy brought the gun to school because of a previous altercation with another student. he says the boy told students he would shoot them if they told teachers about the gun. we've decided not to show
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his face. he just pulled out of his pants. his pulled up his jacket. a little when i saw it, did you notify teacher teacher or administrator or have they already known about? i couldn't because he was threatening to shoot me. you're threatening to shoot all the other kids that he told about the gun, he told one of my friends. i used also gonna shoot him if he said anything to the teachers or anything. police say the student was detained for questioning and no one was injured. president biden and other world leaders pledged to cut carbon emissions by varying degrees at the climate summit in glasgow, scotland, but his foxes lauren blanchard, reports a deal on legislation to address the climate crisis and many other social issues here at home still up in the air. it's time to pass the bill and quit playing games. that message from moderate senator joe manchin as both the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill and $1.75 trillion build back. better reconciliation. bill sit stalled in congress. you are
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very, very close close, but not there yet, especially after mansion came out to scold progressives monday. they're holding up a vote on the infrastructure bill because they are not happy with the president's proposed framework deal. holding this bill hostage is not going to work. and getting my support for regular reconciliation. bill mansion also said the framework had economic gimmicks and may cost far more than has been announced. we'll i've worked hard to find a path to compromise that's obvious. compromise is not good enough mansions message may throw off. house speaker nancy pelosi is planned to hold votes early this week. we'll certainly they don't have the votes. the devil is always in the details, and there's a lot of details they have to work out. meanwhile, in glasgow president biden, hoping his climate agenda can help push the bills forward. i talk to american people about climate change. i tell them it's about jobs while with world leaders, he has tried to focus on america's role in global climate policy. problems arise from the bank, united states. the last administration
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pulled out of the person courts and was sort of the kind people president bought in also announced at the summit that his administration will try to get the country to net zero greenhouse gas emissions. by 2050 in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news. american airlines canceled hundreds more flights today is it dealt with its fourth straight day of disruptions caused by staffing shortages and weather problems in all more than 2000 flights have been canceled since last week. the problems began on thursday when high winds led to reduced flights. the carrier then trying to move thousands of pilots and flight attendants to their next assignments, but that never happened. problem is the airlines these days, especially american and southwest. they're really extending themselves where? you know they don't have a lot of people on reserve. it's towards the end of the month. when a lot of the flight attendants and pilots of maxed out their hours. like other airlines,
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american encouraged it's workers to quit last year when air travel collapsed because of the pandemic, but now it's found itself facing staffing shortages as travel recovered faster than expected. all around the bay area this afternoon. scattered showers remaining in the forecast this after some steady light rain pulled in earlier this morning and remain for the first part of the afternoon. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. still a lot of cloud cover out there and. little bit soggy as well for folks that do have to take that evening commute may find a little bit of drizzle, maybe a few sprinkles. in the last 24 hours. we have seen anywhere from a few 107 inches, some areas to almost an inch ken field reporting almost an inch. since this system roll through earlier today, monte abu reporting a little bit more than third of an inch oakland less than 10th of an inch san francisco a little bit more than 2/10. half moon bay, just 6 100 reported. there been loman santa cruz mountains a little bit more than half inch. so a nice little system pretty uneventful in the sense of no
4:22 pm
advisories in place, not even for the sierra, but got some good news as well. storm tracker to showing you as we move this through. we are looking at the back end of this, and i think we'll have scattered showers through tonight. and then tomorrow morning, we will be. mainly dry, even areas over the north bay, mainly dry at the moment can't rule out the possibility of some drizzle, falling below the radar beam into the east bay along highway 24. we may have somebody looks pretty much like it's in our hills in the higher elevations. 80 close to hayward, shifting over towards the peninsula may have some right along that coastal range, and the santa cruz mountains continues at this hour to have that light rain as well. so i pull it back just a bit. we are looking at some dry weather behind it. another shot coming our way. on late wednesday night into thursday, but here's a look at the future cast tonight. still watching as a few sprinkles moved through and then tomorrow morning where done when it comes to the temperatures, we are going to remain pretty status quo. not a lot of change going on with our temperatures. i'll show you that coming up in just a little bit. but as far as how much
4:23 pm
more rainfall we're expecting to get, you can see just a few 107 inch for most, maybe 10th of an inch or so for santa rosa. i'll have a better look at what you can expect for tomorrow and the rest of the week coming up in just a little bit. the trial is now underway for the man accused of shooting and killing two people during a protest in kenosha, wisconsin, coming up why legal experts say it could set a precedent for other self defense claims. and there you have it- woah. wireless on the most reliable network nationwide.
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♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ in wisconsin over a year ago, kyle rittenhouse shot and killed two demonstrators during protests that followed the police shooting. as foxes. anna iliopoulos tells us the jury will have to decide whether that shooting was in self defense. jury selection is under way in the trial of kyle rittenhouse, the teen who shot and killed two people and wounded another during anti racism protests in kenosha, wisconsin, last year. britain
4:26 pm
house is facing two counts of homicide, along with several other charges, the now 18 year old entering a not guilty plea, claiming he acted in self defense with respect to the first five counts. the district attorney alleges that the crime was committed while the defendant was armed with a dangerous weapon. in august, 2020 rittenhouse crossed state lines from his home in illinois during police brutality protests in wisconsin after kenosha police shot jacob blake multiple times in the back during a domestic disturbance call. blake is now paralyzed from the waist down. rittenhouse is accused of opening fire with an ar 15 style semiautomatic rifle, killing protesters joseph rosenbaum and anthony huber and wounding another. the polarizing case is expected to be a litmus test for self defense claims, and it will be up to a jury to decide if rittenhouse was a vigilante. or hero jersey to put themselves in the position of rittenhouse and decide if they or other reasonable people in that
4:27 pm
position. would have come to the same conclusion and felt they had no choice but to shoot 20 people from 150. prospective jurors will be selected to hear the case. ultimately 12 will deliberate and the rest will be alternates. kyle rittenhouse is facing life in prison. the trial is expected to last roughly two weeks in new york and l. leopoulos fox news. still ahead here on the four today protests outside the supreme court as justices hear arguments about texas is controversial anti abortion law coming up, we'll hear from the legal expert about the challenges to that law. plus former state assemblyman david shoe officially has a new job will show you the moment he made history in san francisco.
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law that blocks most access to abortions. the justices will decide whether those lawsuits can go forward as foxes. madeline rivera tells us the two new conservative members of the court question whether the texas law violates legal precedents. my body like dozens of demonstrators rallying outside the supreme court monday as it took up challenges to a texas law that effectively ended abortions in the state two months ago. get down. the band prohibits abortion in most cases after six weeks once a heartbeat is detected, but it gives the state no direct role in enforcing the law authorising private citizens instead to sue anyone who helps a woman get an abortion. and be awarded at least $10,000. as
4:31 pm
you know, this bill does something that hasn't been. done like this in text before, which is to recognize that life is protected when the heartbeat is first detected. challengers argue the law violates the supreme court's precedents. it designed that law to thwart judicial review by offering bounties to the general public to carry out the state's enforcement function. and it's structured those enforcement proceedings to be so burdensome and to threaten such significant liability that they chill the exercise of the constitutional right altogether. two conservative justices brett kavanaugh and amy coney barrett raise questions about the laws legality. justice kavanaugh question of the state is exploiting a loophole through its unique enforcement scheme, leaving the nation's highest court to decide whether to close that loophole. several of the justices had serious concerns with what texas is doing here. while today's arguments focus more on the legal procedural questions and not the constitutionality of abortion itself. next month,
4:32 pm
the justices will review a mississippi law that bans most abortions after 15 weeks in washington, mother of era fox news. for more inside on today's oral arguments. we're joined again by jessica levinson, professor at loyola law in los angeles and residents supreme court expert jessica thanks as always, breaking this down a little bit. the cases brought by texas abortion providers in the doj are not about whether or not this law is unconstitutional or constitutional, but rather about who can sue to stop it. can you explain? absolutely and i'm so glad that you started with that because i think when people think about texas's abortion law, they very naturally think is that constitutional. can we enforce this under roe versus wade and casey versus planned parenthood? but this case that the court heard today are these two cases are all about getting through this initial threshold of who can sue and be sued. and that's because texas when it passed its law. typically want
4:33 pm
to state passes a lot. the state officials enforce it, texas said private individuals will sue to enforce it. so the questions the court was tackling today are who can sue to try and stop this law? is it abortion providers against court clerks? is it the department of justice against texas. those were the cases that the court tackled this mark. just because we look at this much is being made about justices cavanaugh and coney barrett questioning the structure of this law, but just a couple months ago they voted to allow in force mint of the law. so where is the disconnect? and why broach this topic now? so another great question. it was just two months ago to the day the justices allowed this clearly at this point on constitutional law to go into effect. what changed in part, i think what? you heard justice kavanaugh in to a certain extent, just as barrett saying is okay if we let texas do this. then what
4:34 pm
happens in the other states where they try and pass laws that clearly contravene the constitution and then outsource enforcement to private individuals? let's imagine california passes a law that says. you can't own guns and california but the only people who can sue to enforce that law are private individuals if the court today cited with texas that would mean we couldn't a federal court couldn't stop that clearly unconstitutional law. that's where i think you're getting. justice barrett justice kavanagh saying. this is a whole structural problem. it's not about abortion rights. it's about states being able to take us as federal judges out of the equation. jessica we got about a minute supreme court scheduled here another abortion case from mississippi on december 1st. we heard that in that package. what do you expect from that huge case. that's a huge case. that's the second question, right? this texas case is the first question of who went texas sets up a lot like this can sue.
4:35 pm
mississippi is a law where you ban abortion after fix 15 weeks, in fact, constitutional the fact that the court takes it up the fact that this is a very conservative court indicates to me that they're likely to uphold that law. the question will be how they write the opinion. will it just be 15 weeks is where you can ban abortion, or will they say there is no right to obtain an abortion under the constitution? a lot of eyes on the nation's highest court. jessica levinson, loyal law professor. i'm sure we will be checking in with you very soon. we appreciate your time as always. thank you. former state assemblyman david chu, was sworn in today as san francisco's new city attorney, and he's the first of asian descent. the city attorney. the city attorney for the city and county of san francisco city and county of san francisco. who took the oath alongside his wife canvas. chen and five year
4:36 pm
old son lucas choose served on the san francisco board of supervisors from 2000 and 9 to 2014. he's also worked as a civil rights attorney and as a prosecutor in san francisco district attorney's office today, chu says he will use the power of the law to stand up for san franciscans. chu is replacing dennis herrera, who is becoming general manager at the public utilities commission. former democratic presidential candidate sounds off on president biden's massive spending plan by tom steyer calls it a game changer when it comes to fighting climate change, and that last major rainstorm we had did have an effect on the fire season. the big announcement today from one city in the north bay. rainy day over the bay area. we'll check it on the current conditions. talk about how much longer this wet weather is expected to last and what you can expect for the rest of the week coming up. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community.
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week united nations summit on climate change. the biden administration continues to push the new build back better plan. the budget deal makes the biggest climate investment in u. s history. ktvu heather holmes spoke with billionaire environmentalist and former democratic presidential contender tom steyer. he calls the climate change package a game changer. nobody got everything they wanted in this package. and in particular, i think some of the people were hoping for what's called clean energy payment program. but what is really important to remember is that biden ministrations made sure that they got into this program enough for us to meet our goals and to do so, in a way that in my mind is just equitable and he's going to build our economic base. i am extremely excited about what got in heather. i know that there are people who are always going to may say, but what is important to remember is that this administration and really stood up. really stood up to their
4:40 pm
promises in the campaign to americans and specifically to young americans to do what's right and to do it in a way that's fair, and just i'm really, really proud of what they did. you mentioned some of the aspects of the bill that you believe will make a difference. explain a little bit more about how this will impact to trust the climate crisis. let's talk about the united states and then let's talk about the world. for us. the biggest thing we need to do is to get clean energy across the board. this gets us to set about 75% clean energy by 2030. so if you think about it. if heather and tommy each by an electric vehicle instead of a gas guzzler, and that means we're plugging it into a wall socket someplace to get our juice right. well if that juice is coming from a coal fired power plant, we haven't really haven't done that much. so the point is, if we're going to electrify everything, which is part of what we're doing, we first need to make sure that we clean up that electricity generation itself. and that is exactly what this program does.
4:41 pm
so from the standpoint of what we need to get done this decade, that's the biggest thing and this is a huge step forward to that. but the other thing that's true is this is global warming. this is a worldwide crisis. and that's exactly what we americans like to believe. we excel that the lead in terms of it with our allies, bringing other people's along building the businesses. that in fact, are actually going to get this done. what about those who are concerned here about the costs? look. when i was running for president, i was absolutely in favor of taxing the people who have benefited the most from the american system and the centuries of american sacrifice to build this system. this is actually the way that we're paying or for this program is by a much fairer distribution of tax costs, including two big corporations, including to the
4:42 pm
richest americans. i've always been favor in favor of that. i think it's way overdue. i think the american people want that, and i think that biden administration and the congress are exactly right to pay for it that way. what about potential job losses? there has always been a sense that you know, somehow moving to clean energy. to dealing with this crisis was going to either raise our electricity bills. or cause job losses. this creates literally hundreds of thousands of net job creation and lower bills. now does that mean that we don't have to be very, very attentive to the working people who have jobs in industries that are going to decline? no, that's absolutely something that we have to focus on and try to protect people from, but i know that the biden administration is incredibly serious about that. and so is that an absolute human issue. i mean, let me take one. step back up. why have i spent 15 years worried about climate? why am i starting a business to
4:43 pm
invest in climate solutions? because i believe not answering this question will cause unimaginable human suffering. unimaginable human suffering, including by americans. so when you say, you know, there are people can lose their jobs. i do care about that. the whole point of this is to try to enable people to succeed enable people to have healthy and safe lives. so we have to start that at home. and of course, i care about the people whose jobs are to be in danger. california is sending a delegation of more than 20 lawmakers and policy leaders to the climate conference in scotland with the goal to highlight some of the work the state has done in this space governor newsom was slated to attend but abruptly canceled his in person trip. due to family obligations. the city of santa rosa says the fire season is officially over. that declaration comes after the city received 11 inches of rain during the recent atmospheric river and other rainstorms. the fire season started early this year back on may 17th while crews responded to numerous fires this year,
4:44 pm
most were less than 50 acres in size. during this off season, fire officials are encouraging people to take steps to get ready for next fire season. by clearing debris and brush from around their homes. little bit of rain falling over the bay area today, we'll get another opportunity later in the week. let's take a look outside our doors and a beautiful view here over a san jose. isn't that nice where we do have. a few pics of blue. if you look close enough, you may see some. they're also watch the clouds. those upper level winds really pushing those clouds along wins in our hills. a little breezy today, anywhere from 25 to 35 mph over mount diablo. and but for most of us at the lower elevations not too bad, not too breezy. no wind advisories. well, we know october it was one for the books, especially when it comes to the rainfall amounts and take a look at some of these numbers. santa rosa coming in. with more than 10.5 inches of rain and even san jose coming in just a little bit more than two inches of rain still 480% of average for
4:45 pm
october. san francisco as we know, breaking records on that day and 750% of average for october. so we starting november soggy and wet. that's some good news. we do have storm tracker to here for you showing you the northern california area and down through the central coast. the scattered showers continue. it's now beginning to move up into the sierra, where the foothills have a steady light. rain and snow levels are still really high above about 8000 ft. or so few sprinkles, perhaps over 8 80 near hayward and then along the peninsula. mainly dry a little bit in the coastal range as well as in the santa cruz mountains, and we could have a little bit of drizzle out there. that's not really being picked up by the radar. here's a look at the sierra where again you can see anywhere from auburn plaster bill area all the way into lake tahoe. we've got a mix of rain out there a little bit of rain and snow. but you have to get up to the higher elevations to see the snow and there are no advisories for winter travel tonight. scattered shower continues. we'll see another
4:46 pm
few 107 inch or so and then tomorrow morning, we're dry. on the. back in here upstream wednesday night into thursday. that will be our next chance. it looks like it may roll into the north bay first and then on thursday, at least the first half of thursday. we'll call for scattered showers. at least the chance north bay will will be favored in this one. so here's a look at what we do expect over the next 12. hours or so if you want hundreds to 1/10 of an inch, and then as i movie into thursday afternoon, the timestamp there three o'clock, we've got a little bit more rain in store. we'll take it temperatures outside our doors this afternoon, a little cool 59 in the north bay of santa rosa 59 a half of kobe what of sixties out there? as we get into tomorrow morning, we'll call for the chance of a sprinkle. i don't think it will be a big deal. 58 degrees for san francisco for the east bay shore 58 for hayward, and then into the afternoon temperatures will be nice and mild. upper sixties san francisco. upper sixties in hayward will go low seventies red with city low seventies for the inner east bay of conquered your extended forecast drying out, even
4:47 pm
warming it up a little bit. tuesday wednesday another chance for scattered showers. on thursday. partly cloudy and dry on saturday notice our temperatures don't change much low sixties at the coast, mid upper sixties around the bay and inland. mainly dry conditions expected for the weekend. back to you. all right, rosemary. thank you. in marin county. a baby seal is safe right now, after narrowly avoiding being hit by cars. san rafael police share these photos of this cute baby northern fur seal. a seal named ivy was spotted in the area of east francisco boulevard and grange way she had managed to flap across the road without getting hit and was eventually rescued by the marine mammal center. the northern first seal is listed as a threatened species, and they're typically found about 600 miles off the coast. two construction workers who were stuck in a 25 ft trench in arizona have been rescued. authorities say a worker fell into a trench in north scottsdale this morning and got stuck when his co worker jumped into the trench to help. he also became stuck.
4:48 pm
the rescue took time and special equipment, but both men are now out safely. the man who fell into the trench as head and neck injuries, the second man was not hurt. alright it is time to get rid of those halloween pumpkins, but the oakland zoo says don't throw them away. we'll tell you how they could be repurposed as snacks for some of the zoo's residents and do it five tonight as some bay area counties ease or drop mask mandates. we'll tell you where officials are beefing up mask rules. also at five. the new figures out today on a sharp spike and kids screen time during the pandemic.
4:49 pm
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covered california executive director peter lee, state health secretary dr marc galle and u s health and human services secretary javier herb acerra announced the opening. secretary basara says covered california offers increased financial help and lower premiums under the american rescue plan. it's a reality.
4:51 pm
and all those horror stories we heard. you know, death panels, uh, government takeover of health care. okay dismissed that because the reality is you're getting more access to better care. at a lower price. sarah says the american rescue plan will help lower premiums for consumers at all income levels by paying an average of 90% of their monthly health insurance premiums. it's a big week for the oakland ballet, which is set to bring back live performances for the first time since the pandemic began. the dance company will perform a dia de los muertos or day of the dead show as it returns to a live audience at the iconic paramount theater. the show is called luna mexicana, and it's described as a beautiful, joyful blend of dance and music. and celebration of family performances are being held this friday and saturday. proof of vaccination against covid-19 is required to attend. the ballet will return next month to perform the holiday
4:52 pm
favorite. the nutcracker. and thousands of people in mexico filled the main avenue of mexico city for a lively parade celebrating dia de los muertos said many are happy to celebrate. this year. the pandemic put a damper on last year's festivities, as health officials urge people to stay at home. during yesterday's event. most of the spectators wore masks as they watched the colorful floats, bands and performers make their way down the street. outside lands is now officially in the books, but there's still a lot of activity inside san francisco's golden gate park sky, foxx was over the concert venue as work crews clean up following a three day festival. let's see cruz breaking down the main stage and working to pack up all of those supplies that were brought in. 75,000 people attended each day of the three day event. starting tomorrow, the oakland zoo will take in your halloween pumpkins to feed elephants and other animals. only on carved pumpkins will be
4:53 pm
accepted from 10 am to three pm between tomorrow and november, 14th. no need to call head simply go to the front gate and a security guard will direct you where to drop them off again. only carved unmarked pumpkins and gourds will be accepted, but any size pumpkin or gourd is just fine. alright it's called the fleet of the future. but four years after bart's new cars were introduced, the full fleet has yet to be unveiled up. next, we'll have a look at the challenges and delays this project has faced.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
in business, setbacks change everything. so get comcast business internet and add securityedge. it helps keep your network safe by scanning for threats every 10 minutes. and unlike some cybersecurity options, this helps protect every connected device. yours, your employees' and even your customers'. so you can stay ahead. get started with a great offer and ask how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. future. but almost four years after bart's new cars hit the tracks, we are still waiting for the full fleet to be unveiled. ktvu tom vacar explains why the $2.6 billion project. has stalled. any
4:56 pm
different restricted getting the full order of bart 775 car fleet of the future has been delayed from mid 2022 to late 2022 now into the spring of 2023. they need to work harder on that contract management engineering. get on top of your job. thank you. not the biggest deal in the world, but it be would be nice to um. editors those, uh, working high definitely, really like the newer cars. um but at the end of the end of the day, i'm just happy to get where i need to go, thanks to the pandemic. that's no surprise to the mineta transportation institute at san jose state. we saw that there were workers shortages that there was reduced production and that there were also cases at our ports and with our long haul drivers that said bart no. has its biggest fleet ever. 798 cars. that's 129 more. new fleet started to arrive, there
4:57 pm
are 286 new fleet of the future cars and 512 older cars in service. the new cars have. just less seating areas. so for me, i prefer the older ones. you know, i don't care about the. they do look nice. whoever designed those new bart trains definitely listen to the people that were listening instead of people that been here on the bart, a long time with the current covid reduced ridership part is actually running 621 cars. but has enough cars in reserve to handle whatever increases come. bart stopped accepting the new cars last january and won't accept any more until a program of reliability improvements are completed. some of the new cars had a number of train control software problems that caused shutdowns and delays. that problem appears to have been mostly corrected, but not fully as yet some other issues with wheels developing noisy flat spots also persist but hopes to have all 775 cars of the fleet
4:58 pm
of the future in place by spring of 2023. as of last friday, bart hauled 120,000 passengers 28% of pre covid levels. transit ridership plummeted at the height of the pandemic upwards of 96% in some cases we can levels are back to 55% of pre covid traffic, but bart does not expect to get back to 55% of its pre pandemic weekday traffic until next july. and that's because a lot of people can now work from home. and many people still think the potential of covid on transit systems is very real. what we know from the scientific literature is that absolutely was not the case. as a result, part says it may take as long as eight years to return fully to pre pandemic ridership. one note, despite a request to the bart board, neither the media relations department nor any board members would do an interview. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. ktvu fox two news at
4:59 pm
five starts now. another wet weather system is moving through the bay area at this hour making for a soggy afternoon commute as people make their way home on slick roadways. good evening, everyone i'm julie, julie haener and mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville. it is still coming down in many pockets of the bay area as we give you a live look here at the. golden gate bridge. i came across the richmond san rafael bridge just a couple hours ago when julia was gusty, and it was definitely a lot of rain coming down at that time and bill, our chief meteorologist, bill martin joins us now. with the latest on the system not as strong as one we saw until about a week ago. jill sets an understatement for sure. yeah the last one was dropping, you know, inch and a half an hour rainfall rates is saying is much lighter. the rainfall accumulations of generally been quarter of an inch to 1/10 of an inch some areas in the north day up to a half inch of rain, and we definitely don't have any flood concerns. but we do have retro with brett, wet roadways. as we look at the morning commute. not too bad,
5:00 pm
right? it kind of started late, but when it came in, it came in late in the afternoon around one o'clock and kind of see this loop here, and it's still lingering for the afternoon commute. so as you look at some of these rainfall totals can feel there's a big inch up there is that some significant water up in marin county watershed a half inch in santa rosa, san francisco, 2/10 of an inch. and then ben loman, santa cruz mountains about half an inch of rain. what's what is that half moon bay? two point oh, six. so run of the mill storm, but again, impressive considering this is early late october early november. we had that major event and now we're getting more rain. and so this is this is adding up, and it's also doing a nice job up in northern california as well in terms of percent of average again. it's just it's just fun to look at. it doesn't mean anything this time of year, but. 647% of average of santa rosa. course. these get ticked away every day as we get closer to the real rainy season, but we're doing well and if we keep getting rain, which we will see some more scattered showers tonight we break the showers off tomorrow. so tomorrow's drive from front to back.


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