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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  October 25, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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to three ft of snow over the weekend in early start to the winner in the sierra. good evening, everyone i'm mike mibach in tonight for frank somerville, and i'm julie julie haener ski resorts and businesses say they need the booze, the pandemic nearby wildfires and below average snowfall in recent years have taken a toll. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us now with a look at the latest conditions, janna. julian mike, who would have thought we'd go from wildfire season just last week to snow and ice this week. drivers in the sierra today had to get out the change. ski resorts and shops say this early snow is a great sign for the season. snow and slick roads in the sierra monday brought the plows out and sent vehicles spinning out. lot of snow. bad conditions. yeah it's ice. it's slippery. just be careful on i 80 near sugar bowl, a big rig got stuck in the snow and had to be towed and near donner summit, a jeep facing the wrong way slid into a snow bank for sierra ski resorts. the early snow was a welcome sign for the season.
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palisades tahoe said more than three ft of snow fell on the upper mountain by monday morning as they prepare to open november 24th alpine meadows got two ft of snow at its space area ski resorts from sugar role to mount rose to #### valley. the mammoth on our reporting up to 48 inches in the last 24 hours. so it's the perfect setup to the south. heavenly got more than two ft of snow as they prepare for a november 19th opening. the early snow had various ski shops busy over the weekend at california ski company in berkeley. people were gearing up, hoping to go up to home, you know, four or five times at least. and, yeah, yeah, maybe do a couple of days trips couple of weekend trips. many say they're glad to get out and you have a cabin in tahoe, actually, with 56 of our friends, and all they've been doing is just texting each other. that you know, when are we going to get out there? every ski shop owner really worries at the beginning of the year. it's like you can't sleep until its nose at least once
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you just change this from soft owner greg white house says he's relieved he and his staff managed to make it through the pandemic shutdowns thanks to federal state and local small business loans. now he's scrambling to hire more workers to keep up with pent up demand. his biggest fear isn't the amount of snow but selling out of stock limited by supply chain shortages. if you want it, come get it because it's going to everything is going to sell out. heavy snowfall has one ski resorts starting this season early mammoth mountain decided to open this friday, two weeks ahead of their original schedule, they say this weekend, they got more than two ft of fresh powder. many scariest are offering discounts, but they say it's important to book early they are expecting bigger crowds than last year. that's more people feel comfortable traveling. jana katsuyama ktvu fox two news. the storm has brought some good news for lake tahoe. we told you last week how the lake had fallen below
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its natural rim during the drought. what a difference though an atmospheric river makes, scientists say lake tahoe gained 20 billion gallons of water in this recent storm. it is now back up five inches over its natural rim in just the past 24 hours. historic storm, no doubt a step in the right direction. but will it make any change for the current two year drought? ktvu deborah villalon spoke to some water officials. she joins us live tonight from marin county with the latest death. well. marine gets a little bit of its water from the russian river, but it's three quarters dependent on rainfall, and the system serves every city and moronic separate of otto so every storm matters. from sky foxx, phoenix lake, one of seven reservoirs that provide water for almost 200,000 people in central and southern marin county. as promising as this looks from the air. it sounds even better as runoff flows through the mountain milpitas watershed. it was a puddle, and this is only a week ago, and
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this place is so dry. we're worried about fire. and it was a whole different mindset. miraculous it's october never happens in october like this, and as for a drought buster, we would need about six more of these storms over the year for us to catch up repeats are unlikely, say experts. while the early downpour was dramatic, consistent rain is what's needed so beginning. but it's no guarantee that we're going to have a wet year by any stretch of the imagination, which is why marin municipal and other districts will continue blaring a water conservation message and requiring reductions. those practices that became habit during these last two years. we need to continue them. we don't know when the next three years coming. we really need to be prepared for that, and conservation is just the new normal for us here in iran and really all throughout california, the store and brought her in reservoirs from 32% capacity, lowest ever up to 43. but well, short of where
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they should be 67% so as planned, customers must stop watering their yards except by hand in december and a project moves ahead to run a water pipeline over the richmond san rafael bridge, two timer and system to more sources. water users are philosophical about the road ahead. well, it's a good start to the year, so hopefully we get a lot more lot more snow and. um well still conserved, but hopefully we have a better year and. a good snow pack. all the waterfalls are just gushing. it looks tropical people are smiling. people are excited. it's just so good to see the water back. just enjoying the moment today, and many people are happily surprised. damage from the storm wasn't worse so they can just kick back and enjoy the totals altogether. marines reservoirs hold a two year supply of water, but mike that's assuming. rain comes great start to the season. let's hope for a great month of
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november coming up. all right, deb. thank you. north bay was hit especially hard during yesterday's storm. crews have been very busy cleaning up after some neighborhoods and sonoma county where evacuated due to flooding in santa rosa's bennett valley. sunday's rains saw creek rise well over its banks. city officials say it was unusual to have that kind of flooding in the heart of santa rosa. they say 95 homes had to be evacuated. i had my clothes for evacuation. packed because this is typically are fire season. little did i know i'd have another opportunity to evacuate that wouldn't have anything to do with fire. just remodeled four plex apartment right beside the create was red tag, forcing residents into a hotel. in san francisco the countdown is on for outside lands and music. festival goers. hope mother nature will cooperate sky foxx was overhead golden gate park today, and it appears it fared pretty well during yesterday's massive storm. festival crews moved gear into place before the storm and set up equipment to
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protect the meadows, where that three day event will take place. temperatures are expected to be around 55 to 60 degrees for the kick off on friday with a low chance of rain. and a reminder you can plan your weekend with the ktvu weather app there. you can find a seven day forecast for the area where you live. thousands of state workers are still unvaccinated despite a covid-19 vaccine mandate for state government employees in california department of human resources, says 66% of the state's employees provided proof of vaccination. that is lower than the 74% of people, 18 and older who are fully vaccinated. statewide both state run workplaces are also failing to conduct weekly test for unvaccinated employees, roughly half of 59,000 unvaccinated state employees were tested as required during the first week of october. moderna announced today that its covid-19 vaccine provides a robust immune response for children. 6 to 11 years old. the company says most of the 4700 children who participated
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in the trial experience mild or moderate side effects, after having received half the dose given to adults, moderna says it will soon submit the information to the fda. this comes as an fda advisory panel is scheduled to meet tomorrow to discuss whether to recommend the pfizer vaccine for children ages. 5 to 11 coming up. judge weighs in after richmond's police chief accuses a man of pimping out her daughter the restraining order proved just today. and a massive deal between tesla and a rental car company how many cars could soon be on the lot at hertz? larf
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the filipino american labor leader as ktvu azenith smith reports the only school in the country named after him right here in the bay area. even in reality, we can support each other and joint to reveal the truth and share the legacy teacher eileen pacto con reading poems written by her middle school students after day celebrating filipino american trailblazer, very italy on this is a big special day for us because we get a chance to teach our students about where their namesake comes from 10 years ago, the school formally alvarado middle school in union city, renamed it leon vera cruz middle school. after larry it, leong and another filipino labor leader, philip vera cruz, who were instrumental in organizing the delano grape strike in 1965 that led to a nationwide boycott. the owners figured out
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very quickly to pit the mexican workers against the filipino workers and that the filipino workers would ask for more benefits and more and better working conditions. and instead of giving it to them, they would say nope. and they would just go and hire mexican workers instead working side by side with scissor chavez and dolores huerta all pictured here on this mural at the school, they stood up for farm workers rights and fair wages. out of 1300 students at the school, roughly 40% are a filipino descent and, yeah, a lot of our textbooks and history books never highlighted who filipino americans are in the fabric of america history in science. we talked about ingredients on our plate lessons for the day centered around it. leong's work and journey for justice. throughout the school are tributes, books and posters of italy along i think how he was, like outgoing and bold and he stood up for what he thought was right. and even how like something so small criticism thing so big in some more about our friend
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harry did the young students watch music videos like this one created by aj rafael on youtube. now more inspired and empowered to take on the ideals of their namesake. learning about larry at leon has taught me is to be proud and tell your own story. like make sure that people can't tell your own story and make sure you fight for what you believe in and union city. i'm azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. new at 11, the chief of the u. c berkeley police department will soon be retiring. it will mark the end of a 20 year career at the department and eight years as chief cal's vice chancellor outlined some of the chief bennett's accomplishments, including instituting peer reviews with other university police departments working to end the use of the carotid chock chokehold at all. you see campuses. and developing a mental health response team on campus chief margo bennett announced today she will be retiring in june. the department is searching for her replacement. a judge today approved a two year restraining order against richmond police
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chief piece of french and her husband, who was a. oakland police sergeant, their 18 year old daughter accused them of threatening her and her boyfriend as well as his mother. chief. french and her husband say the 34 year old man had actually been pimping their daughter as a sex worker in oakland. the alameda county d. a. has charged him in the case and in court today, chief french and her husband voluntarily agreed to stay away from and not contact their daughter, although she is free to contact them. if she chooses. police in south san francisco, say a man is under arrest for sexual battery at a shopping centre. investigators say woman was touched against her will and about 8 45 saturday morning at a. shopping center on hickey boulevard near el camino real as officers investigated, they discovered there were at least two other victims. they were able to track down the man who now faces numerous charges. any other victims or witnesses urged to contact the south san francisco police department. san jose woman is one of two tourists killed in the crossfire of a suspected drug gang shootout in mexico. police say anjali riot was killed last
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week in a tourist town along mexico's caribbean coast. a german woman vacationing in mexico was also killed. mexican police say both were innocent victims caught in the crossfire. investigators say they were dining at a restaurant when the gunfire broke out between two violent gangs involved in a drug sale. really at the mercy of mother nature with these events because they're so widespread, it's not something that's small and contained. it's something that's you know, at the landscape level. debris down trees and road closures plagued the south bay today a closer look at the cleanup effort next. already we're drying out or drying up out there. we are looking forward to temperatures on the warm up this week. the five day forecast is next. also a bay area 7 11 sells a winning lotto ticket where six figures will have the details for you after the break.
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isn't that delightfully different? county. starting tomorrow. this means that landowners and land managers can again do hazard reduction burns and controlled burns with valid permits on designated burned days. now the burn band was put into place. back in may because of the risk of wildfires. cal fire wants to remind people that lifting the burn band does not signal the opening of backyard burn season in santa cruz county, which does not start until december. 1st. people living in several areas of san mateo and santa cruz counties were forced from their homes this weekend. this after the weather service issued a flash flood watch and wind advisory proportions of the ccu lightning complex. burn area evacuees are back home, but as ktvu jesse gary reports, there's plenty of clean up ahead from down trees. and mudslides. in the santa cruz mountains. the clearing
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overhead does not extend all the way to the ground. there's a big eucalyptus tree down over there, so we can't get in from that side that we just came from down there to try to get back home, but we came out this way. i don't know why we can't get back and now the 2900 block of glen canyon road is a road to nowhere. down tree limb also took out power lines. i'm on standby until bucket trucks get here. pg and e and the chp closed the road out of safety concerns a lot of closures, slowing down traffic, and it's happening throughout the county, so it's a lot to deal with in a short period of time across the area. debris limbs and power lines littered several roadways after a potentially record setting storm for october, really at the mercy of mother nature with these events because they're so widespread, it's not something that's small and contained at something that's you know, at the landscape level and evacuation center at san lorenzo valley high school. packed up monday,
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and crews cleaned the gymnasium area where a handful of evacuees had stayed. one family tells fox two they live in a burn scar area and left as a precaution are real concern was the high likelihood that we could see the movement of earth due to the down course. luckily we have not had major reports of debris flow the pressing issue as the day after it turns into the following night. how to get someplace on some roads that for now lead no place. we came out to get some provisions. but now we're stuck out. so i guess we're gonna have some lunch and see a clear the line pg and e and first responders say if you come across down power lines don't drive around or over them. simply go a different way. in the santa cruz mountains. jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. all right. i hope you had a nice stay today. temperatures today, mostly in the mid sixties, plenty of sunshine tried out pretty quick. i mean, all that rain, and this morning the sun was out. the birds were singing
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and the ground was pretty pretty dry except the concrete areas, but most of the soil just absorbed massive amounts of rain, so these are some of the 24 hour totals. castro valley over 6.5 inches, son developed just 2.5 inches, but against that these are even for sunnyvale. that's a good three or four storms. winter storms to get to 2.5 inches. the golden gate bridge. you can see it's dry, obviously, and there's no fog now. just checking the dew point dew point temperatures and the dew point temperatures are showing us that. up in the north bay temperature dew point. temperatures are up in the upper forties. the temperatures right now are in the fifties and upper forties. so valley fog is certainly a real possibility. and dew point really, it's a temperature just tells you when the temperature reaches. in this case 48 degrees in santa rosa, when the actual ambient air temperature hits 48 degrees that the water vapor in there will condense and become fog. and that's what's going to happen. so we're going to see valley fog
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likes to form right down where the moisture is so down the creek beds down the arroyos places like that. there's our system, leaving its a big one it's going to be big for other people as it moves off into the middle part of the country. these are the current temperatures. these are the forecast overnight. louis so here's your dew point like i say, like napa to napa valley, and maybe a little vallejo two and out towards fairfield, so dew point generally in those inland valleys are upper forties. i wouldn't be surprised if fairfield's. seeing a little valley fog right now. it's not going to be widespread, but it's going to be in those pockets. this is the forecast for tomorrow morning if you clouds. more clouds. partly cloudy. partly sunny then you get into wednesday morning, then you get into wednesday afternoon, very similar day, more sunshine on wednesday and warmer thursday. and friday and saturday will warm up as well. you see that in the five day forecast, but just nice time to dry out, so you haven't got so much rain that we can enjoy a few days of not rain. 59 nafta 60 in santa
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rosa 65 in sandton fellows, the forecast highs and then the five day forecast pop sunday and two, but that's nice, right? and now the nice thing is, you know, we're not thinking about fire danger right now, which is huge in my mind. and we've also took a big bite out of the rainfall that we need for the year. nice halloween on sunday. halloween on sunday. children love it. there you go. right? thanks, bill. starting next month. you might see a tesla model three out there on the lot at hertz rental car. hertz has agreed to purchase 100,000 tesla vehicles for its rental business in the u. s and europe. the deal is one of the largest orders ever for electric vehicles. florida based hurts is also investing in its own card charging network. the cost of the deal was not released. federal prosecutors are reportedly building an antitrust case against apple, the website the information reports that the justice department attorneys are asking questions about how the cupertino company keeps its strict control over the iphone. the report says a lawsuit against apple is likely. just last month, a judge a federal
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judge struck down some of apple's app store rules after fortnite creator epic games accused apple of antitrust violations. lottery tickets sold at a 7 11 in san jose had all five winning numbers last night, but the winner did not come forward today. the ticket for last night's fantasy five game is worth about. $169,000 it was purchased at the 7 11 on albany drive in san jose sometime yesterday. the winning numbers 4 11 30 32 39 the winter now has six months to claim that big prize. coming up after the break. we'll hear from 49ers head coach kyle shanahan after team lost its fourth straight game, and if quarterback jimmy garoppolo will start this week. but first a look at tonight's beautiful sunset behind the san francisco skyline. what a difference a day makes in. you are watching the 11 o'clock news on ktvu will be right back.
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the final room tonight. maybe it wouldn't be as discouraging if we all didn't figure the 49ers at a super bowl potential roster this season, but man they have on every conceivable level performed way below acceptable ability, said the last night. kind of the topper bad weather great fans to come out, and those fans have not rewarded with so much as a victory in more than a year, i guess having a good time dressed as a diver jimmy garoppolo took. a couple of shots, and this one was just say, turn the ball over three times against the colts and some bad pass interference calls against the 49 ers. by that, i mean no problem with the officiating. they were just brutal. they were just unacceptable. like i say, every
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level you can do is look forward chicago bears next week and coach shanahan no doubt about who he's going to start at quarterback. we didn't go into that game thinking that jimmy was one bad game away from losing a job or anything like that. jimmy didn't play as good as he could. which he knows that. i know that in terms of deciding who's going at quarterback that has to do with jimmy self. the table. unbelievable but seattle's even worse than the 49 years in the nfc west. russell wilson still dealing with the finger issue up there in seattle tonight, geno smith cannot lend a hand in his absence, but did have a nice moment here. dk metcalf gun 84 yards down the sideline. quick seven zip lead for the seahawks. it didn't last. geno smith was sacked five times states jamis winston fumbled it quickly recovers gives it to alvin kamara, who had a big, game busting free touchdown. 10 7 saints and half seahawks tied
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it up fairly late, and then rookie brian johnson put it between the crossbars. 33 yarder chip shot 13 10 and get this now seattle oh, and three at home for the first time since 92. they are two and five below. 49ers two and four record as you probably know, it's world series time tomorrow night. lot of people around here rooting for dusty baker back to the world series for the first time since he took the giants back in 2000 and two that was the heartbreaker, but this was a memorable moment. little darren his son, three years old at the time. doing a great job as a bad boy, but maybe too good a job. j t snow alertly rescues the youngster right in the middle of a play at the plate and heads up play. if there ever was one dusty, of course, will never forget it. yeah, well, time passes very quickly and. we all remember that time everybody remembers
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that accept him. he's the only one that doesn't remember. and you know, people remind him of it all the time. i remember when he was signed his first autograph. he's been practicing that since he was little kids, you know. you know nice. a man. he's young man. he's excited as anybody in the state of texas or even in baseball. absolutely and like i said, a lot of people rooting for him and darren baker, who is a minor league baseball player on his way, hopefully to the major leagues get a little extra time. so why not? check this out. new sport alert everybody. they're calling it knocker ball rodeo. what you do is good, big bubble right there, and then you let the bull have at it, and i don't know how bullet proof those bubbles are, but man, they better be real strong and the bull better not get the idea to hit you low. create a little hit. one guy gets back up. he wants more crazy. you're
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hoping those things don't burst. my goodness finance stuff. that's the sporting life. guys. have a good night, everybody. have a good night, everybody. thanks for joining us. good afternoon. thanks for coming. it's so nice to spend my birthday surrounded by so many smiling faces. i was almost too depressed to come today. i realized i let my childhood slip away. claire: come on, everybody! we're gonna be late for manny's birthday! let's go! let's go! let's go! let's go! let's go! i'm ready, mom. you sure, honey? yep. then take a quick peek at your feet. oh! come on, luke! are you gonna walk faster, or should i get lily's stroller out of the car and push you? would you relax? the restaurant's like five minutes away from here -- ohh, free lotion. stop stopping to smell the roses. manny's present. ohh, you are such a pritchett. what's that supposed to mean? let's go! let's go! let's go! let's go! let's go! i'm looking for the keys!


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