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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  October 23, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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storm heading toward us, bringing with it heavy rain winds and possible flooding to the bay area and evacuation warnings tonight why officials in santa cruz county are concerned about residents in certain areas ahead of the storm. this is ktvu fox two news at six. evening and thanks for joining us, i'm christina window and i'm andre senior. a storm system set to surround the bay area with some wet and wild weather. here's a live look from our roof camera. jack london square. some of us saw son. peek out earlier today, but that's all gone now, nothing but cloudy skies over the oakland estuary. the atmospheric river is expected to dump several inches of rain here. you can already see those clouds rolling in from our live camera, and it's only going to get worse because we understand
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this storm is going to bring several inches of rain starting in the north bay. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo is tracking the storm and joins us live with the details. hammer. either christina yeah we're used to talking about some strong storms, but it seems like this system is kind of on another level. this will bring really significant rainfall and the real concern is that heavy rainfall will last for quite some time into your sunday so. just in general. for tomorrow. we have road closures that could be a possibility down trees and power outages. flash flooding near the fire burns owns that could lead to a debris flow and here is that culprit. atmospheric river, a narrow band of a lot of moisture being directed toward one spot and that one spot will be the bay area. look at those rainfall accumulations. they keep continuing to go up the projections around too. to possibly eight or nine inches for the hills of the coastal hills of the north bay satellite showing you things developing right now, there is that big cloud to shield offshore. a lot of moisture tucked in behind this, and this is all setting up to be up to
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be a significant almost extreme rainmaker for the bay area. here is the satellite and radar right now. we had some scattered showers throughout the day today, especially up. in the north bay. there's not a lot of coverage on the radar currently, but that will be changing later on tonight into tomorrow morning, here's a live camera looking out toward the oakland estuary. we continue to have the clouds moving in, and these are just amazing projections and unfortunately, of course we could use the rainfall and you get this much rainfall within a short amount of time that could create some hazards that could lead to flooding. and as a result, we have a flash flood watch for the north bay for the fire burn zones and the santa cruz mountains and you can't see for the 2020 burn zones and also wind advisory winds will continue to be a big issue with winds gusting over 50 miles an hour we'll have more on this system and will update the radar coming up in a little bit, mark. thank you. so the incoming storm brings with it some much needed rain, but all the water comes with its own set of problems. ktvu greg liggins, his life and nap where people are getting ready for it, greg. andre historically,
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downtown napa has been prone to flooding that usually happens when the napa river is full. but as you can see behind me, that is a non issue right now, but the storm could still bring problems. this ace hardware in napa has seen brisk business the last few days. anything to do with water mitigation. ken graham showed us one of the most popular items, something called play sand. this palette of £50 bags is going quickly. basically a sandbag is in a porous material were play sand as wrapped in plastic. that's not going to allow moisture to come in and out. rick sonny knows his next couple of days will be wet and dreary. so he came in to buy a tarp and other supplies after already completing the majority of his reign prep work. we claimed our gutters made sure that they can flow out with the leaves coming in this time of year. we've tried to take everything i could blow away and batten it down with the napa river at low
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levels due to the drought. there's no threat of it's spilling over its banks, but the county has prepared for localized flooding and other potential problems. so we do have stormed a trolls and roads crews who were patrolling over the weekend looking for potential problems. we have a lot of folks who are on standby monitoring storm conditions. with the storm expected to bring three or more inches of rain and the napa mountains. there are many potentially vulnerable areas in the burn scarred zones like here in deer park, there's a flash flood watch in the region, where a deluge could send debris flows cascading down the mountains. these are the areas of concern because obviously the they're the grounds are on stable, so that's that that's definitely could be impacted with these rains in some burned out areas where the ground is particularly unstable property has already been cleaned up in erosion mitigation work completed. but with hundreds of acres of burned out hillsides. there are plenty of vulnerable areas. first responders from various agencies say they are prepared for whatever the storm may bring one welcome benefit
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from the impending rain a significant reduction in what has been the biggest risk this year. definitely minimizes any potential risk as as long as far as wild land fires. now at one point this afternoon, the sun was actually peeking through the clouds for just a bit. since then it's been on and off drizzle as you can see. right now it is on and of course, this drizzle is expected to turn into some real rain. tomorrow reporting live in napa. greg liggins ktvu fox two news. it is going to turn to some real rain. all right, greg. thank you. and we learned in the last hour or so that san matteo county has issued evacuation warnings. proportions of these caesar, you burn area. it will be upgraded to evacuation orders at eight am tomorrow morning. officials say a temporary evacuation point has been set up at half moon bay high school. those same concerns about the ccu burn scar area prompted santa cruz county officials to issue evacuation orders there. deputies from the santa cruz
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county sheriff's office today went door to door warning residents they may be ordered to leave their homes. they're telling residents to put together a go bag, charge their cellphones and fill up their gas tank so they will be ready if they receive an evacuation order. storm preparations are in full swing today in san francisco as well. ktvu zach sauces more on how the city and residents are getting ready for this rough weather. you know if they say it's as bad as it's going to be better to be prepared than that, ben santana not taking any chances with sunday's pending atmospheric river storm, retired san francisco department of public works employee lining up bright and early at his former workplace to stock up on sandbags in the past. my garage flooded out and sewers backed up a little bit, so i'm trying to protect the garage. uh, his best i can do the dpw offering city residents and business owners 10 bags each to help keep potential floodwaters at bay. elsewhere the public
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utilities commission strategically dropping off sandbags and some of the city's low lying neighborhoods, including west portal we're trying to like sandbags, the garage because the last time it flooded here, we got like 18 inches in our garage up to our basement wall. why the dpw is also urging residents to move any items that could be damaged to higher ground inside their homes. meanwhile crews are checking catch basins. many were filled up with water or covered in debris from previous storms this week and asking residents willing to help out to check their neighborhood dreams to talk to my neighbors. rick ordinating will have shifts throughout the night little. sweet those storm drains because the city never finished. um fixing the storm drain and in anticipation of the storm, the puc says it's been staffing up with additional crews ready to be deployed when the weather hits and san francisco zach sauce ktvu fox two news. san francisco department of public works is extending its sandbag giveaway hours for city and
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residents for city residents that is in businesses will be handing out more bags on sunday and their operations yard from eight a.m. until two in the afternoon. see up to date on this powerful storm by downloading our ktvu weather app on your mobile device. there's an interactive radar and hourly forecasts for the area where you live highway 17 in santa cruz county has reopened in both directions following some sort of police activity in the area. the location affected by the shutdown included a four mile stretch of the highway between summit road and sugarloaf road. chp did not say why the highway was closed. only that it was done quote. out of an abundance of caution for public safety. in all the closure lasted less than one hour. will be to workers and members of 80 you local to 65 took to the streets today calling for retroactive hazard pay for frontline transit workers demonstrated demonstrators rather gathered at noon today for a rally outside san jose city hall. they say that over the past 18 months, vita workers have risked serious illness and even death because of the risk of
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exposure to covid-19, the city of san jose implemented hazard pay for grocery store workers earlier this year. well now, transit workers are calling on the vita board to implement a similar action with retroactive pay. we need the money now. we've all suffered greatly through this pandemic. can't afford to live in the bay area. we've made it to work every single day. we've moved folks who have literally gotten received hazard pay, yet we seem to be forgotten. rita workers and members of at local to 65 say they have repeatedly voiced their safety concerns to the vt board. what they've been ignored today is national prescription drug take back day in danville, people have the chance to drop off their leftover prescription drugs. the medicine will then be safely and properly disposed of the u. s drug enforcement administration has teamed up with law enforcement agencies across the country to accept drugs including opioids, organizers say an event like this provides the opportunity to prevent drug addiction and overdose deaths. at a similar
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event in april, californians turned over nearly £50,000 of prescription drugs. new court documents reveal who handed alec baldwin a gun that he fired accidentally killed someone on a new mexico film set. i'm at penn in los angeles, the details coming up. and you figures out this week show a spike in jobless teams. why some labor experts say the california job market is taking longer than expected to longer than expected to recover. i drop off and pick up my kids from school so, i can't work early. or late. and i need to make enough to make it worthwhile. i can only work two days a week. and it can't interfere with my other job. i can do full-time. just not daytime. and i need benefits. good ones. and you know, it would be nice if you paid for my tuition.
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cinematographer and injuring a director misfired days before the fatal shooting, according to the l a times as matt finn reports we're also learning that the incident happened just a few hours after some crew members. and walked off the production over working conditions. court records reveal an assistant director on the set of the film rust handed alec baldwin, the prop gun just moments before the fatal shooting, telling baldwin it was cold, indicating it was safe to use. and investigation. determining the assistant director did not know the gun was loaded with live rounds. there's a really clear protocol when you have a firearm on set, and clearly the protocols weren't followed.
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cinematographer halina hutchins was killed. the 42 year old originally from ukraine, lauded by colleagues for her artistic vision and work ethic, incredibly talented person like really not even rising. but i would say shining star her husband writing on twitter. alina inspired us all with her passion and vision, and her legacy is to meaningful to encapsulate inwards. the film's director, joel souza, was also injured but is expected to be okay. exactly what the prop gun fired, is still under investigation. a shell casing was turned over to police investigators also took alec baldwin's bloodstained costume and the prop gun. the tragic incident is prompting a conversation in the film industry about firearm safety on sets. abc's police drama, the rookie announced it will no longer use live weapons when filming to ensure the safety of actors and crew. the l a times is also reporting that a prop gun had misfired a few times on the set before baldwin's fatal shooting. and then a half dozen
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camera crew workers walked off the set just hours before the incident in los angeles. matt finn fox news. tv fans are mourning the death of an actor who rose to fame with tom hanks in the early 1980 sitcom bosom buddies. peter scolari died yesterday following a long battle with cancer. he was 66 years old. salary starred with tom hanks in the popular but short lived comedy. he was also nominated for an emmy for his role as tv producer michael harris in the mid 19 eighties comedy newhart. salary went on to appear in several t v shows and broadway stage productions. california jobless numbers released this week show a sharp uptick in residents filing unemployment claims. ktvu tom vacar looks at the trends and reasons why the state's job market has been so slow to recover. at 7.5% each california and nevada have the dark distinction of being tied for the nation's highest
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unemployment rates. nevada continues to suffer low tourism. california has lost so many small businesses that there are far fewer jobs to return to. also many lower paid workers are apparently holding out and waiting to see if employers. will continue to raise wages to a liveable level. recovery isn't going to be at the speed that a lot of people talked about. earlier this year example, the golden state gained only 47,000 new jobs in september, less than half the average monthly gains in many previous months. texas had gains of over 95,000. new jobs. um can florida had gains of over 65,000 new jobs? both of these economies are smaller than ours. last week, california unemployment claims rose steeply. to some 80,700 that represents almost one third of the entire nation's claims well above the state's proportional workforce. if there's a ray of sunshine in this that job gain represents a
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quarter of all the new jobs in the nation last month. it's also an indications the entire economy is slowing down, not just california, but more than any other state. california has something in its dna, already producing a new crop of new jobs, they entrepreneurial dna. in our state's economy is the single most. um encouraging part of california's economy, and we've learned a lot about the old way of working, considered highly efficient. just two years ago, people have come to realize how much of crete endemic so called work activity. was a waste of time where there was unnecessary business means or ridiculous business trips, or, um, spending all day on emails that most of what was being done. um. was not useful activity back to the office every day and the way things were all the time it work may end up being a relic of the past. tom vacar ktvu,
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fox two news. rain not the only thing in the air fall is also in the air and the rain held off today long enough for the folks are in danville to enjoy the start of the city's fall fest celebration. the 29th danville area chamber of commerce fallfest kicked off today. the family friendly community event is known as the fair of 1000. pumpkins featuring a beautiful collection of hand blown pumpkins, along with street vendors, kids activities, live music and bear. and wine for the adults. the festival continues tomorrow from 10 a.m. to five p.m. well, halloween came a little early for some underserved kids in san francisco's chinatown. the children enjoyed a block party of sorts with face painting a magician and pumpkin carvings. organizers passed out candy, and each child received a goody bag before they left. well the sierra is expected to see several feet of snow from this early season storm kevin cooper from lake tahoe tv was on mornings on to today with details about what this means for tahoe area ski resorts. the
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mountain operations teams have pretty much slowed down their snow making operations working towards those november openings. and what they're doing right now is just wait, watch and see. so here at north star, they were running their snow making systems over the last several days, but what they're going to do is watch this system come in tonight. in the sunday through monday and tuesday to see how much natural snow they get, and then they can make their decisions. mammoth is a little bit higher, and they did get some significant snowfall over the last 24 hours. but right now in tahoe, even at the peaks above me, there was only 1 to 2 inches, so it is. it's super exciting, because if you read the forecast, they're talking about the moist moisture and recorded history here in the tidal basin from this system coming in from the pacific. group says this storm will likely be problematic for highway 50. there is the possibility of down trees and other road hazards near the calle door fire burn scars. anyone planning to drive to lake tahoe this weekend should check the caltrans website for the latest road conditions on
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highway 50 and interstate 80. caltrans says tioga pass road on the way to the yosemite is now closed. the road officially known as highway 1 20 runs through yosemite all the way over the sierra. the road will be closed until at least late monday after the storm passes. ktvu meteorologist. mark tamayo is here now with a look at where the storm is this our high mark? hi there, christina. yeah, well, the leading rain bands approaching the north bank host line right now, and things really ramp up late tonight into tomorrow morning. typically we're used to talking about some strong storms. and as i mentioned earlier, this is kind of next level for us here in the bay area, so we don't want to be surprised because this will be a long duration. heavy rain event and those numbers. typically we're talking about a quarter of an inch to maybe two inches. look at that range 2 to 9 inches. that is a lot of rain coming down in 24 hours, most of it in 24 hours, and that is a serious concern. winds gusting over 50 miles an hour. as you heard, we're talking about winter storm morning. the sierra could be a talking about 1 to 3 ft. as new snowfall in the sierra.
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take a look at the rainfall projections through monday, the highest totals up in the north bay, especially for the coastal hills, but the entire bay area covered with some pretty good rainfall, not as much of the south based safer san jose closer to a two inches. here is one of the forecast models showing you those numbers really adding up. as you can see, these numbers apply. change of it, in fact, is actually showing you over three inches in san jose. but you get the idea we're not just talking about oh, just a little bit of some rainfall. this will be coming down with quite a bit of some force for a long duration for tomorrow. here's the satellite and usually will say okay, there's a cold front out here. and it moves from north to south we have the rainfall moving in. it's kind of moves over us, and it moves out the problems that nup is this this will actually be kind of like your garden hose directed a lot of moisture focus right here in the bay area, and that is the key concern with flash flooding. special around the fire burn zones and, of course, the gusty winds as well showing you this. the satellite in the radar, some rain showers moving into portions of the north bay right now, and you can see some
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more coverage offshore. this was not too concerned with but the main activity moves in overnight is into what your sunday here's a live camera. looks like our cameras kind of shaken around a bit, and the winds will continue to a ramp up with winds around as we showed you over 42, maybe 50 maybe 55 miles an hour. forecast models showing you this and you can see what happens here we are 11 o'clock tonight. the rain coverage on the increase and then look at this. this is three o'clock sunday morning, the focus will be up in the north bay. not as much activity in the south bay this is nine o'clock and look what happened sunday afternoon. this is one o'clock sunday. this is five p.m. sunday, so if you can stay inside and hunker down throughout the afternoon hours tomorrow. that would be a good plan. and then it kind of slowly moves across the south bay. this is late sunday night and monday and then finally monday. we get a chance to attract still some showers, but it looks like the activity kind of dissipated throughout the day on monday, the bulk of the shower activity will be on monday morning. here's the forecast for tomorrow of course, the heavy rains
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temperatures in the sixties with the wind advisory those strong, gusty winds when i was putting this five day together, just just just the extremes here. we're going from this major storm on sunday. the chance of a shower in the monday and look at this. we're back to fall warm temperatures by wednesday and thursday. lots of sunshine temperatures on track to reach the mid seventies, so we definitely will need a break and it's headed our way. but tomorrow and into early monday morning could be a challenge here across the entire bayer. all right mark. we have been warning college football was treated with the longest game in history. today joe fonzi will have the stunning upset and the record breaking amount of overtime. next in sports and coming up tonight on the 10 o'clock news concerns about falling trees, power outages and flooding. we continue to follow preparations for the incoming storm, which is now just a few hours away. from danva
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50,000 acre property in the liver more area in once believed to be one of the largest private land deals in california history. the founder of the east bay wholesaler central garden and pick company bill brown has purchased the huge and three ranch in a deal finalised yesterday. the vast
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ranch that stretches across four counties had been listed for $68 million. it's private purchase formally ends plans to turn that land into one of california's largest state parks. hello again, everyone. here's what's happening tonight in sports. the cal bears finally got the pac 12 game they've been waiting for against a team with a similar record. jerry rice's son, brendan place for colorado. jerry must somehow always affirmed that he is the greatest of all times to cal defense turned into dominant effort in this game, the buffaloes with the fourth and one at midfield in the first quarter. eric broussard going nowhere and the bears take over on downs at the 50 that launched a 50 yard scoring drive for cal chase garbage to freshman tight end colicky a lot, too. that's a 24 yard touchdown. tattoos first career catch. 10 california 13 3 cow before halftime, garbage has time to step up in the pocket and look for gavin ryan walled running free. ryan well takes a
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hit but hangs on for a 31 yard score, the bears added. another field goal went to the locker room in front. 23 3. the very stifled the colorado offense all day. elijah hicks picks off colorado quarterback brandon lewis here in the fourth quarter. colorado limited to just 104 yards of offense as cal wins 26 to 3, both teams two and five overall, one in three in conference play. another top 10 team knocked up today, this time, seventh ranked penn state hosting illinois. this game went. are you ready for this nine overtime periods in the new rules in the third overtime, it simply comes down to whether or not you make a two point conversion. penn state's trying the 9 30 came up short when sean clifford's pass was broken up by illinois kaylin tolson to the game remains tied at 18. now it's the align i shot for the win. backup quarterback brandon peters, rolling out throwing to the end zone where his past was caught. by casey washington. illinois celebrates in 2018 win a game that featured the most overtimes in ncaa history and illinois's
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first win over a top 10 team. in 14 years in ames, iowa state hosting another top 18th ranked oklahoma state down for the cyclones go in front with 5.5 minutes left. briefs hall punches it in from four yards out. it's 24 21, the 19th straight game in which hall had scored a rushing touchdown defensive stand needed, though, for iowa state to wrap the game up fourth and two spencer sanders to brendan presley for the cowboys. presley stopped short of the first down the change show it not by a lot, but the ball has turned over on down. cyclone fans celebrate 13 24 21 win as they had oklahoma state. its first loss, and those all time lists are largely meaningless. but it was much talked about this week when the warriors klay thompson was left off the nba's top 75 of all time. well here's how that plays in the locker room. somebody put a number 77 jersey and thompson's locker, which you probably wore. the video is courtesy of draymond green is getting a good laugh along with
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steph curry that you guys is called locker room humor. you can never get too high in yourself in the locker. that is true. all right, joe. thank you so much. appreciate it. we're back then. 10 o'clock with more on the wicked weather that's on the wicked weather that's heading our way tonigh good morning, almost husband. good morning, almost -- oh, no! no! oh! oh! pepper: oh, calm down. this can't be the first time you've woken up with other men in your bedroom. happy wedding day! [ laughs ] what are you doing here? you pay for a full-service wedding, you get our full packages. ohh. close, honey. so close. and we're crossing. we're crossing. and trays down. and trays down. napkins. relax. enjoy. the car will pick you up at 4:00 to whisk you away to your beautiful hilltop wedding. how's the weather? i had a dream it rained on everyone. dry as a bone. the only thing it will be raining tonight is men. we really need it. mm. has anyone heard from sal? no. and i will never understand why you asked that boozy us-hag to officiate your wedding. we didn't exactly ask sal.


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