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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  October 22, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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the way. we'll take a look at how much rain the storm has brought so far and what to expect heading into the weekend. then a retired oakland police captain is in the hospital. the robbery that ended with him being shot. and a terrible tragedy on a movie set leaves a crew member dead and another injured what we're learning about the accidental shooting involving actor alec baldwin. the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian and hi, everyone happy friday. i'm frank malik odium for mike. the big story today. of course, is our weather. more rain is falling across the bay area today, but we'll get a slight break before even more rain is headed our way. the weekend. ktvu meteorologist. rosemary oroczo is tracking the storm and has the very latest on what will be a very wet weekend. rosemary yeah. hello to you, frank and garcia. hello to all of you happy friday. we are beginning to see a break out there, and we are likely to
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have a break for at least the next to 24. maybe 36 hours before. the stronger storm is expected to move in. here is a look over sfr. we do have mostly cloudy skies. perhaps just a little bit of drizzle out there. you can see storm tracker to still picking up on some moisture there embedded within those clouds. but for the most part, we are beginning to dry out and we will have a break for the rest of today. getting into the sierra. the snow continues to fall here in our snow levels are read about 6500 ft. so it's a slick one along i 80 as well as highway 50 anywhere from 1 to 3 inches of snow a possibility before the storm finally moves out of the sierra a little bit later today, backing it up for you just a little bit. you can see there on the back side of this moisture. we are looking at a break before the next system. not before giving us some good amount of rain, though areas like san jose and south bay picked up about a quarter of an inch, so not too impressive for you there, but the farther north you go some areas in the north bay mountains picked up two inches of rainfall. oakland picked up more than half inch san francisco about an inch in
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15 1 hundred's their conquered more than 4/10 and santa rosa. more than an inch almost looks like about an inch and 3/10 marin civic center, reporting more than two inches we do have a bigger storm that is on the way for part of the weekend, and the national weather service has denounced flash flood watches for parts of the burn areas of 2020. better details on what you can expect for the weekend coming up in just a little bit. thank you. rosemary the city of santa rosa is asking residents to be rain ready, especially those who live in bern scarred areas. ktvu elissa harrington has a look at the preparations underway for this weekend storm. this ridge on mountain hut drive in santa rosa is one of the burn scar areas. the glass fire burned 30 homes in this area just a little over a year ago, and there's risk of debris flow and mudslides during a storm forecast. right now we're looking like we're going to have a pretty significant atmospheric river impacting the north bay. and so for us here locally where i is there going to be on the glass fire burn scar the city has provided waited waddles to help
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with erosion control. they urged residents to use other techniques like installing rock bags and to have an evacuation plan. assistant fire marshal paul lowenthal said he hopes this rain helps put an end to this year's fire season. but back to back storms could pose some major hazards. so it's hard to believe that just two weeks ago we're asking people to clear their gutters for the threat of fire here in october, with the red flag warning, and now we're asking people to clear those same gutters, not for fire, but for potential range. that's going to continue to get intensified. p genie is also warning customers of possible power outages. thousands of people have lost power at some point this week because of the weather. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. and it was another busy morning on the road for law enforcement. traffic crashes really added up this morning, including this incident involving a big rig tipped over on the tennison wrote on ramp on northbound 8 80 in hayward. this was one of several dozen crashes on bay area highways and freeways. we saw about three times as many crashes today. as we see on a typical drive friday. you can track the
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rain right there on your phone when you download the ktvu weather app. will have access to interactive radar and an hour by hour forecast. with thee department found himself targeted by he was at a gas station. surveillance video shows that et one man dead and the captain seriously injured ktvu sally rasmus has an update from oakland police and why the chief says that key piece of video evidence is crucial for the investigation. the surveillance video makes it pretty clear this was a brazen daytime robbery. why the retired police captain was targeted and what exactly led up to? this isn't clear at this point, but we do know that. retired oakland police captain rc joiner is recovering at highland hospital, he said to be in serious but stable condition after undergoing emergency surgery after he was shot several times. in this robbery. he's well known in the community and law enforcement circles haven't been in oakland
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police officer for 28 years he retired as a captain in 2019rvet of what happened yesterday to j. they struggle with him later, joyner fires his weapon. one of the robbers was struck and killed. joyner was heart. the video is very clear, high quality video. we clearly see this incident unfold. we also see the things that happened prior to the actual robberies shows us how you know how brazen these these individuals involved in this activity can be. police have not identified the robber who was killed, but several bay area entertainment groups have identified him as a vallejo rapper. and the gas station video. you see, the other two robbery suspects tried to pull him into their sedan after he was shot, but they give up and flee the scene. as for joyner, the former police captain after he retired two years ago, he became the owner of a cannabis company. investigators do not know if that is what may have made him
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a target in this robbery, but the oakland police chief says they are looking at all possible options. in terms of a motive. oakland police have not released any information about this investigation this morning, and they aren't releasing any details about the other two suspects and the vehicle. they fled the scene in. in oakland. ali rasmus ktvu, fox two news. actor alec baldwin expressed his shock and sadness for the accidental shooting that turned deadly on the set of his latest movie cinematographer is dead and buried. native film director has been injured. reporter jonathan hot has the details on exactly what happened. tragedy on the set of alec baldwin's new movie, the actor apparently fired a prop gun at the filming location of rust in new mexico. it killed the cinematographer and injured the director. baldwin was seen in tears following the incident. director of photography, helena hutchins was flown to a hospital where she was pronounced dead. the director
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joel souza, is recovering from his injuries. fox news has obtained 911 audio from thursday's in incident, capturing the initial calls for help. we have a delivery accidentally supported care, crafts available and they want to give them to patients on me. that capped another one handy van being the case number one, the santa fe county, new mexico sheriff's department says it's detectives are looking into how the incident happened, and what type of projectile was discharged, releasing a statement saying quote this investigation remains open and active. no charges have been filed in regard to this since. sedin witnesses continue to be interviewed by detectives. the international cinematographers guild, of which hutchins was a member, released a statement saying in part quote, we are working to learn more and we support a full investigation into this tragic event. the movie set at the bonanza creek
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ranch has been used in dozens of films, including the recent tom hanks, western news of the world. production on rust has been put on pause for the time being in los angeles. jonathan hunt, ktvu fox two news. new at noon to san jose police department. civilian employees under arrest, accused of threatening to shoot police officers, the police chief anthony motta, says community service officer denis shevchenko was arrested last week. after the department was notified by the fbi is fbi's threat assessment force. it said he sent disturbing and hateful social media post to a far right extremist website, investigators searched his home and say they found multiple firearms, including an assault weapon and dagger. they also say they found a gun in his locker at the police department. these posts in kurds and solicited violent acts against people who do not share the extreme views. of the author of the post and included advocating the shooting of police officers. shevchenko was
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charged with possession of a concealed firearm and possession of an assault weapon. he's been released on bail has been placed on administrative leave. jury deliberations are set to begin on monday in the trial of a contra costa county sheriff's deputies deputy who's charged with shooting and killing a man in danville three years ago. police and excuse me, prosecutors are the ones who said deputy andrew hall was not acting in self defense when he shot 33 year old lattimer arboleda nine times. hall's lawyers contend the deputy had no choice. they say our belated tried to drive overhaul during a slow speed pursuit. hall faces charges of voluntary manslaughter and assault with a firearm. today pfizer announced says child sized doses of the covid vaccine are safe at nearly 91% effective at preventing infections and elementary school children. the vaccine for children as young as five could be approved early next month. this comes just one day after the cdc director recommended the use of both
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moderna and johnson and johnson. vaccine boosters for certain people, including those that are 65 older and people that have underlying health conditions. they can receive the moderna booster. everyone who had the j and j single shot is eligible now for a second dose cdc approved also allows people to mix and match those brands still to come at noon. happy is taking a stricter approach with its testing policy for unvaccinated workers how often they'll have to be tested starting next month. plus. this is again. an unfortunate and tragic event. due to the weather. it's been two family two months since a young family died while on a hike in mariposa county. now new information is being revealed surrounding exactly how and why they died. outside our doors, the wet weather coming to an end at least for now, i'll have a look at what you can expect for the rest of today, and when the weather stronger storm is expected to arrive coming up.
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and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. over the next 10 years, comcast is committing $1 billion to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are. in the sierra national forest. the finding comes two months after their deaths. ktvu is cristina rendon reports. the couple and their baby died of hypothermia and dehydration due to the heat. this is again at. an unfortunate and tragic event due to the weather. mariposa
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county sheriff jeremy breece says hypothermia and probable dehydration led to the deaths of jonathan girish ellen chung and their one year old daughter, meizhou. this sheriff says the family dog likely also died due to heat related issues. hypothermia is when the body produces too much heat and starts to shut down. the sheriff's office showed footage of the terrain the family was in in this year a national forest and released a timeline around eight a.m. on the morning of the families. august hike. temperatures started out in the mid seventies but quickly jump to the nineties and eventually reached upwards of 103 to 109 degrees in the noon hour. after hiking about four miles, the family reached a steep trail constantly exposed to sunlight with little shade you to the ferguson fire of 2018, officials say john plotted the route on a hiking app on his phone, but it didn't show elevation changes. the thar hope is that that cell phone will. c
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clothes with an empty water backpack. they had no water filtration systems and were two miles away from a trail that had access to a river. investigators also found a small amount of formula a bottle and snacks, the train and the lack of shade. and lack of water. um. once we got all that together at all. pretty much click together. the garish and chung families released a statement thanking investigators it was read aloud by a sheriff's department spokesperson. our hearts will never forget the beautiful lives of jonathan. ellen meet you. and of course, ask e. they will remain with us wherever we go and where whatever we do. investigators had previously ruled out a lightning strike, shooting poisoning and suicide is causes of death. we understand that water samples were taken from that area that did show toxins wer was no evidence the family drink that to our
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top story now the weather lot of rain here. snow e in the sierra as well. in fact, mammoth mountain expects the upcoming atmospheric river to drop several feet of snow. late weekend into monday. that means they now plan to open next friday, more than two weeks earlier than they had hoped to. it will be the first major sierra ski area to open to the public this year. and by the way, this is just the 10th time in mamma's history. that they have opened in the month of october, lake tahoe area will get its fair share of snow to let's check in again with meteorologist rosemary oroczo as we brace for what should be a pretty stormy weekend, i guess yes, it looks like we have the bull's eye right on sunday, and it will last into monday. from here on out later today and into the first part of saturday, going to get a bit of a break outsider doors at this hour. mostly cloudy skies, perhaps a little bit of drizzle, still remaining from the first system that brought some of us are a good amount of rain in the last 12 hours or
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so. but we will break away to partly sunny skies for the afternoon. temperatures are running a bit cool, though. 59 degrees right now in san francisco low sixties in oakland, we have 60 degrees right now in livermore and in the north based 60 degrees outside your door, napa. struggling at 59 for you in nevada in nevado is very similar to where we were yesterday at this time. meanwhile oakland down by 10 a palo alto down by 11 livermore down by 10, the winds are pretty light and variable in and around oakland a little bit of a breeze in fairfield. we will continue to have that breeze out there for the rest of today. as again we begin to see this system pull out and the sun replace it at least for the second part of the afternoon will have a mix of sun and clouds. the next system already upstream and as we've been talking about expected to tap into a whole lot of moisture, in fact, so much moisture, we could see several inches of rainfall from saturday night into monday. so this is, of course, going to cause some issues, especially
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for some of our burn areas from 2020. and with that the national weather service has decided it will issue flash flood watches for parts of the bay area for the napa sonoma county area starts or in the overnight hours and then last into saturday night last interest late sunday. for the possibility of some debris. debris flow the small stream flooding that type of stuff for santa cruz starts at one o'clock in the afternoon and will go until 11 o'clock in the evening on sunday, there's also a sliver of solano county discovered by the national weather service at a sacramento. it does include areas like venetia valeo, and that stretch of i 80 there. this is a flood watch. and so this will also go into effect late saturday night and last until monday afternoon. as far as the timeline on this again, we do expect to dry out the rest of today. here's a look at tomorrow morning where it is still to the north of us. so saturday will be a generally dry start the day we could have a little bit of drizzle out there, of course. i'd be remiss if i didn't mention that. but
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then, as we get into the second part of the afternoon and evening hours, that's when we begin to see the light rain move in. here's a look at where the heavier rain is coming in at this point. sundayorning. we are likely to wake up with some brain falling moderate, maybe even heavy. at times it lasts most of sunday, if not the entire day on sunday, here's a look at monday morning where it's finally beginning to shift out of the bay area and into the central as well as southern portions of california. and the sierra is also expected to get a good amount of snow, with snow levels dropping below the past. for the afternoon. today under partly sunny skies will go with 67 in oakland, 66 san francisco 67 livermore, you can see from the comparison their way below the seasonal average. for this time of year. i'll have a better look at the weekend as well as the extended forecast coming up in just a little bit. thank you, rosemary still to come at noon. new development as the search for brian laundry has officially come to an end what law enforcement officers are revealing and the questions that remain
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♪building castles in the sky♪ were identified as steve harrigan reports, questions still remain about his disappearance. the nationwide hunt for brian laundry has ended. the fbi says a comparison of dental records confirmed that human remains found in a florida nature preserve belonged to the 23 year old medical experts say it could take time to determine just how long laundry may have been dead. being submerged in water would slow down the
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process of decomposition, but five weeks is a long time for that process to take place. it's a matter of several weeks. in fact, we're a body can go from fresh decay all the way down to skeleton ization. laundries parents were with law enforcement on wednesday when the remains along with brian's backpack and notebook were discovered. police maintain chris and roberta laundry informed law enforcement there son was missing four days after he failed to return from a hike. the laundry's family attorney says there is no discrepancy between the fbi and brian's parents on the timeline, he adds, the agency was aware brian did not come home from the beginning. once we clarified exactly what happened. it was a series. as of just i don't want to say miscommunication, but more no communication. but still, many questions remain about this case, including what led up to gabby potatoes murder in august. forensics experts say the
12:24 pm
notebook found near brian's remains could provide investigators with answers. spee on things that potatoes, familyd they will make a statement when they are emotionally ready. in north port florida. steve harrigan, ktvu fox, two news, retired army general and former secretary of state colin powell will be remembered at a memorial service next month. he died monday due to complications from covid. he was 84 years old. powell was fully vaccinated, but his family says his immune system had been compromised with a series of other health issues including parkinson's disease and cancer. the service will be held at the washington national cathedral in washington, d. c. november 5th. haitian gang that kidnapped 17 members of an ohio based missionary group is now threatening to kill them in their demands are not met. soon they're demanding some $17 million or $1 million for each
12:25 pm
hostage, the u. s. says they have no plans to pay the ransom and now have a special team in haiti looking for ways to rescue the captives. 16 americans, one canadian were kidnapped from a bus last weekend. they had just built an orphanage for impoverished haitian children. oakland congresswoman barbara lee is now calling for an official u. s apology to the afghan family that was mistakenly killed in a us drone strike in kabul back in late august. she's also supporting the call for reparations for the seven children. and the three adults who died in what the u. s. military's don't calling a tragic mistake. anti war group code pink is also expressing its outrage over that drone attack. it is really important for people to understand that we must end the endless war the process of endless war that the us has embarked upon if we ever have any hope of world peace and world justice. that drone
12:26 pm
attack occurred while the united states military was leaving afghanistan. the pentagon says the drones attended target was a terrorist group that was about to attack u. s soldiers in kabul. climate physicist their plans to resign due to a free speech battle tied to the recent george floyd protests, professor david graham says he decided to step down after other faculty members rejected his bid to invite a scientist from the university of chicago to speak at the cal campus. that professor dorian abbott had denounced the rioting in chicago following the police killing of george floyd last year. we have yet to hear back from uc berkeley on a statement on the calle professors decision to resign. still to come here at noon. gas prices plummy climbing rather here in the bay area. why new polls suggest this could have a big impact on how much money americans will spend. over the holiday season. plus we continue to track the wet weather making its way the bay area. we're gonna have a look at what's in store for
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your weekend coming up.
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but wait because the strongest part of the system moves in later this weekend. to remind you here. this is what it looked like and pleasant in this morning, an awful lot of gray clouds above. we saw a steady stream of rain dark cloudy skies. the rain is cleared out for a bit now as of today, but it's going to rain through the weekend for you. do make sure to grab a jacket or umbrella or both. if you're heading outdoors, pgd is busy preparing for this weekend's storm and the possible damage it could bring as well as possible outages. pg knees, material storage yard, and freeman is now stocked with transformers cable, other equipment, the utility says it's also bringing in extra crews to areas that are expected to be hardest hit. so if there's a power outage power can be restored as quickly as possible. we are very prepared for this possibility. we're bringing crews from areas that are expected to be less hit to the areas that are expected to be harder hit, so we have the right number of people in the right place. at the right time. we are also ready with equipment. pg and he also says
12:31 pm
it has no equipment in place that will allow it to switch customers from one power line to another to reduce the scope of an outage and restore electricity faster. so straight back now to our meteorologist rosemary oroczo. there is sunshine behind us here along the oakland estuary, and it looks great. yes we are getting a little bit of a lull there in the wet weather pattern. we are awaiting the next storm. that is expected to bring us several inches of rainfall, at least two parts of the bay area and a few feet of snow to the sierra giving you a live look here over sfo where we do have mostly cloudy skies at the moment. as this continues to move out, we will see the son in the clouds continue for today and perhaps even into part of tomorrow before things start to get messy. once again. here's a look at storm tracker to and you can see upstream. we've got more activity on the way for it looks like saturday night into monday. but the system that brought us as some good amount of rain earlier today and still continuing to bring some snow to the sierra, slowly pushing off to the east
12:32 pm
as we get in a little bit closer here at home a little bit of drizzle, definitely a possibility out there amongst the clouds that are still very, very moist, but we will continue to watch this move out. meanwhile the advisories that will move into place. for our north bay, as well as the santa cruz mountains and parts of areas over the solano county area will start late saturday night. in some areas. for others. it will be early sunday morning, but it will continue into late sunday night and that's the indication there where we do expect the heaviest rain to fall as well as the timeline on that. when it comes to the future cast model here noticed by tuesday, really it's monday into tuesday, but several inches of rainfall a possibility of areas of the north bay a little bit less for areas over the south bay but in any case, it's going to be very, very wet, strong winds at times and plenty of snow in the sierra with whiteout conditions expected better details on an advisory for the sierra and what you can expect for the
12:33 pm
weekend and beyond. coming up in just a little bit. sounds good. thank you. rosemary dub nation returned to chase center for the worries home opener the team hosting the l. a clippers last night and they won their second game of the year 1 15 1 13 and as ktvu zach sauce tells us fans were thrilled to welcome back basketball. an electric crowd packing the chase center for the warriors home opener, marking the arena's first at capacity regular season game in nearly two years excited we've been waiting for this for so long. it's good to be back, go away carriers. let's go, warriors faithful gathering outside the arena early.. let's do it so i'm in line just starting their journey as a member of dub nation. yes this is, uh, mavericks very first warriors game cheering on the team of family tradition for lexie whitmore. this is very serious. he is going to be a lifelong warriors fan. serious business
12:34 pm
indeed. just ask super fan jacobite. al. i just love everything about warriors. i've been a fan since felton spencer, victor alexander and all those. back inside chase center molly haslem, a fan who simply couldn't wait for the home opener to catch her team on the court. i just returned last night from attending the warriors. when at the lakers stadium, and it was quite a game first time it chase. it's beautiful. the warriors taking down the lakers, 121 to 1 14 and their season opener and, well, it may be just gained to ask most folks in this crowd. well, they're feeling pretty good about the season ahead. i'm feeling like the warriors is ready. we're going to do this. and some even willing to make a postseason prediction or two. i think we've got a good side of the, uh, going deep into the playoffs. i'm not gonna say championship but i am a fair so i'm going to say championship and next up for the warriors will be heading up to sacramento to take on the kings on sunday. tip off is at six pm for now. we're at chase
12:35 pm
center. zach sauce, ktvu, fox two news. the city is san francisco has closed its investigation at the chase center after two mid fell from stands in the stance rather in separate incidents. inspectors visited the site yesterday and found the rails to be fully code compliant. one concert go at robert mohan says he saw both incidents. he says the glass on the upper level should be higher to ensure safety. people sit and look through the glass and still see you can stand up and there's no barrier in your way. but it feels like, uh. a good view at the expense of safety. san francisco police and the fire departments are leading independent investigations of what may have led up to those two falls. state regulators unanimously approved a pg and e safety plan to prevent its equipment from sparking wildfires. the plan includes installing stronger poles and lines in high risk areas. more weather stations will be added to better prepare
12:36 pm
for high winds or high temperatures. the utility also plans more tree trimming entry removal. although consumer advocates demanded even stronger oversight by the public utilities commission of california officials say they were compelled by a new state wildfire law to approve the plan. one of the largest wildfires in california history is now finally fully contained. the keldorf fire started more than two months ago, it burned 346 square miles and destroyed some 800 homes. the u. s forestry servicee is 100% contat wi long into the winter was the largest to threaten the tahoe basin in more than a century. that's what new study that details the kind of damage and disruption we could see here in the bay area in the aftermath of a major earthquake. usgs report details the effects of a magnitude seven earthquake along the hayward fault. it says electricity service could be out for weeks. gas and water service could be interrupted
12:37 pm
for months. the usgs says some east bay residents could be without water for anywhere from six weeks to six months. the 780 page report recommends retrofitting infrastructure and water and electricity systems to prevent such a disaster. democratic leaders race to piece together a roughly $2 trillion to mess stick policy bill will be self imposed week in deadline coming up caroline shadley reports now from washington. i do think i'll get a deal. president biden sounds confident about the pared down version of his build back better agenda, and house leadership says there is broad support for the framework 96% of the house and senate democrats support the president's proposal. but it's that other 4% that is shaping the contents of the bill and could tank it all together. president biden told house democrats this week the deal might have to shrink to 1.9 trillion down from 3.5 still too small for progressives and too big for moderates. i've been at 15. i've been very up
12:38 pm
front with everybody, and we're still talking to the white house, and we will continue to the framework still contains provisions for universal pre k childcare, elder care, housing and a child tax credit, likely out free community college and a broad corporate tax hike. even if those provisions are axed, republicans appear united against the bill. this is about a plan for the democrats to transform our country permanently change our tax system and turn us into a. european welfare state. democrats have said a deadline of this weekend to reach a deal, senator manchin says he does not see that happening in washington carolina, shively ktvu. box two news. a new poll out shows a recent spike in gas prices could cause many people to cut down on their holiday spending this year. the fox survey found. two thirds of americans polled say the soaring costs that gas is a major problem for the us economy. have say high gas prices could lead them to spend less during the holidays. we are all waiting for prices to
12:39 pm
come down. but oil industry experts don't expect that to happen any time soon. and unfortunately i see that continuing to rise another couple of cents a gallon until we get relief and the crude oil market from more oil supplies returning. unfortunately this is going to be bad news for the consumer through the balance of 2021. well there you go. one report says high gas prices could lead to a $35 billion reduction in holiday spending here in the united states this year. sonoma county's health agency is the latest in the bay area to ease its mask mandate. the county announced yesterday. people will no longer have to wear a mask in such indoor settings as college classes, offices or religious gatherings. if everyone is fully vaccinated, the change only applies to groups of people of 100 people, groups of 100 people or fewer who meet regularly in a location that's not open to the public. apple is increasing the frequency of covid testing for employees who aren't vaccinated. apple now says unvaccinated
12:40 pm
workers must be tested daily starting next month will be given rapid at home test kits. vaccinated employeesunvaccinatee retail stores will be tested twice. weekly city crews in san jose have a major project on their hands for the upcoming stormy weekend. they will be working. to remove all the trash and debris from a 40 acre homeless encampment right next to the san jose airport before the biggest of this week storms hits that will happen later on sunday. the cleanup project is ahead of the thanksgiving deadline to move roughly 300 on house residents. the city supported housing city says the homeless encampment near the airport violates f a airline rules. we've given the city a long time the faa has given the city almost a year to clean this out. but when we say clean it up, we don't mean sweep the people out. we mean find them viable places to live. many people living in the camp who spotted the cleanup crews yesterday mistakenly thought
12:41 pm
the city was clearing out the camp weeks ahead of the thanksgiving deadline still to come a new it was postponed during the summer, but the alameda county fair is back at the fairgrounds in pleasanton today, what to expect if you're heading out there for this year's event? outside our doors at this hour. we continue to dry out. we are going to get a bit of a break tonight into tomorrow before a stronger storm arrives. better details on how much brain we can expect and the timeline coming up. not e
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texas law that bans most abortions, but has agreed to hear arguments in the case on november, the first the justices announced today that they will decide whether the federal government has the right to sue over the law. court's action leaves in place for the time being a law that clinics say our critics say has led to an 80% reduction in abortions in the nation's second largest state. the law bans abortions after cardiac activity is detected, usually. around six weeks of pregnancy. that's before some women even though they are pregnant, justice sonia sotomayor wrote that she would have blocked the law now now to a labor dispute in the south based school district. teachers in the campbell union high district picketed outside a school board meeting last night, demanding a cost of living increase. the district has ktvu azenith smith.
12:45 pm
it's trying to figure out what kind of ford without making cuts. teachers rallied ahead of the gambling union high school district board meeting carrying signs and black balloons meant to symbolize a dark cloud hanging over the district. i feel angry i feel. not valued. rebecca gilmore is a teacher in the district. not happy with contract negotiations. my husband and i are still relatively young. you know, we still cannot buy our own home. cannot start a family, the teachers association and district art an impasse. the union says its latest proposal is a permanent $5000 increase, plus 4% per year. the union claims the district has $48 million in reserves. we have a school district that is operating more like a corporation or a bank in terms of. hanging on to capitol negotiations are complex is really expensive to live here in this valley, but the school
12:46 pm
board president contends if they give teachers what they're proposing, there's a projected budget deficit in three years that could lead to cuts to programs. we've also done things i tried to pass the parcel taxes in the past. unfortunately, those i'm not passed. um we've done some things to rent out leftover property that we have to try to bring more money in give the incredible teachers of this district what they deserve. this is embarrassing. thank you for your time. students and teachers packed the board meeting. earlier during school hours, students participated in a walkout. this student says it's been a difficult year. i honestly think that people don't really realize that transitioning back into in person learning is harder than. teaching virtually the teachers union says a recent survey found 60 out of the 400 teachers in the district are considering leaving. gilmore is one of them. she loves teaching at the high school she went to but is reviewing her options. there are other high schools around here. that are hiring. there are other districts, um
12:47 pm
to go in san jose. i'm azenith smith ktvu fox two news. california may have to give back tens of millions of dollars in federal pandemic relief money meant for schools, a state audit found. california may have to forfeit up $260 million in aid if the state education department does not strengthen its oversight of spending. the sacramento bee reports less than a third of the $1.6 billion in funding has been spent. investigators say school districts have not provided reports showing how they're using the money to reduce the impact of the pandemic. well the alameda county fair is returning to pleasant him for the first time since the start of the pandemic. this is also the first time the fair is being held in the fall usually takes place in july. organizers say everyone attending this year's fair can expect. the use will throw rides, great food and nightly concerts, and there's a special halloween treat this year since the fair has been moved from the summer to the fall. it's a ball fair, which has never been done, so it's incredibly
12:48 pm
exciting to have new opportunities to establish new fair memories for people. we've heard loud and clear from everyone that they are ready to. come come together safely and enjoy the fair and they've missed it. they've missed the tradition of summer. and the fair gates open up at three o'clock this afternoon at the county fairgrounds and president and the fair will run through halloween. if we can sneak in a quick visit to pleasant in rosemary for the rest of the day, it looks decent as of right now, right? yes brief hiatus. garcia and frank hello to both of you as we roll through the rest of today, even the first half of tomorrow. looks decent. we may have a little bit of drizzle out there will be amongst the mostly cloudy skies, but all in all, the system is moving out, with the next one expected to arrive saturday night live. look here over san francisco as we take a look over the bay and you can see all that cloud cover still hanging on and with all that moisture, we can't rule out the possibility. maybe a little bit of missed in drizzle out there at this hour 62 degrees. in oakland. we have
12:49 pm
59 in san francisco low sixties santa rosa livermore is 60 degrees san jose 64. i showed you in the last half hour. we're really cool for this time of year and even running a little bit cooler than yesterday in many spots as cfo and onshore breeze at eight mph. so livermore reporting nine so libraries out there could pick up a little bit in the afternoon under mostly cloudy skies. getting into what we can expect for the weekend. the next system again begins to bring in perhaps a little bit of a light rain and drizzle on and off type of stuff for the second half of saturday and then by saturday night into sunday, i think sunday morning when we wake up. most of us are likely to have a good amount of rain falling over our homes, giving you a look at some of that moisture that's still hanging on and we still have some sierra snow. snow levels are expected to remain fairly high for the next 24 hours or so, maybe even 48, but this next storm is going to drop snow levels below the past and we're looking at a few feet of snow. at the higher elevations,
12:50 pm
which is some great news, but as we know it can be very, very hazardous. if you plan on travelling over the sierra this weekend, the future cast will show you tomorrow morning. mostly cloudy skies the rain to the north of us as we get into the afternoon, maybe a few hit or miss light. scattered showers. then as we get into tomorrow night, that's when we see a little bit more widespread, a little bit more steady, and it will continue to increase. here's a look at sunday morning. we're now looking at the yellows and the oranges and the reds, and it looks to last pretty much the entire day. we really don't begin to dry out until monday morning with scattered showers even into tuesday, at least that's what it looks like at the moment. as far as rainfall amounts. anywhere from 2 to 3 inches for some of our south bay locations all the way up to about 4 to 6 inches for the north bay even more than that for the coastal hills and the santa cruz mountains. with that the flash flood watch expected for our burn zone areas from 2020 north bay. napa sonoma county santa cruz area and
12:51 pm
again as i mentioned in the last half hour also includes a section of a solano county a flood watch going on there so we can expect debris flows. we can expect the small streams to flood in some areas comes looks like sunday into monday. we have that winter storm watch that will be over the sierra sunday night into monday night, and it could be pretty treacherous out there, maybe even white out conditions. so please be careful if you're going to be traveling there and keep an eye on the forecast, meanwhile, for the afternoon today and are mainly dry conditions will go 66 for san francisco 68 conquered and your extended forecast temperatures are going to be even cooler. getting into saturday sunday monday take a look at those numbers struggling in the low sixties for the coast, the bay and for inland communities. we do begin to see a break come on monday and then scattered showers in the forecast for tuesday. back to you. we will keep a watchful eye. thank you, rosemary still to come here at new time on a friday life can be stressful. no matter how old
12:52 pm
you are. we all know that but a new survey shows the average age when americans are the most stress will tell you when and some of the factors coming up, plus. players have already won more than $5 million from the fox bet. super six eps. so what are you waiting for? just pick six nfl outcomes and you could win $100,000. of terry bradshaw's money. it's free to download free to play and you can watch the raiders take on the eagles this sunday, right here on ktvu. box two. we'll be right back. dead kin donated $10.
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the humane society will use that money to launch a mobile vet clinic called the wellness wagon will provide low and no cost veterinary services. caltrans offering volunteers up
12:56 pm
to 250 bucks for picking up litter along the highway. it's a pilot program. it's part of governor newsom's billion dollar plan to clean up the state create thousands of jobs, different amounts of stipends. we'll go for highways and on and off ramps, bike paths, parks and ride facilities. right now. the program is only available in areas including sacramento and san diego. a school district in the central valley, giving some of its high school students career training. high school students are being taught how to drive big rigs. reporter christy grosz looks at this unique program. in the driver's seat eyes on road ahead. i got to learn how to drive a truck and a driving simulator for now, with the career as a truck driver in his future, my dad. used to be a truck driver, and i really like. truck driving, so it's a good fit you say has been your lows is just one of the students enrolled in paterson independent school districts truck driving program. my goal
12:57 pm
going forward is probably to finish truck driving and got my class a license to once i have a bit of experience, probably try to go over the road once complete students can enroll in the district adult education program where they can get their behind the world training. and eventually earned their commercial driver's license. we need to create a career path for the students. i want to enter into this industry. patterson high school teacher dave diniz, sharing his passion for trucking, i still drive today. i never left trucking driven to help solve the national shortage of drivers. a shortage, he says is expected to hit 170,000 in the next 5 to 7 years. it's really about getting more young people into this industry at a younger age this past summer, he switched gears and got back on the road. on a mission to help the supply chain crisis and to raise money for his nonprofit the next generation of trekking foundation. we're gonna use that money to help underserved students that don't have the final financial resources. to enter into the trucking industry by attending a cdl school dying says some drivers
12:58 pm
are making more than $100,000 a year because there is still in demand before been yellows. travel not money is his driving force. the thing that i look most forward and driving trucks is seen well. the u. s. and i want to see what other states have to offer and the views that they have in paterson, christy grosz, fox news. and now to a surprise one high school teacher richmond will never ever forget benjamin carter received a $50,000 prize for excellence and teaching from harbor freight tools. carter teaches welding. kennedy high of rich, many says last year during online learning, he focused on healthy living and how to connect lives in class and beyond. nice very nice from that to this, the investment for morgan stanley predicts elon musk could become the words. world's first trillionaire is unprecedented wealth wouldn't become from his highly successful electric
12:59 pm
vehicle company tesla, though morgan stanley says it will likely come from his private spaceship startup spacex, which it predicts will become enormously profitable in the years ahead. the san francisco 49 ers are gearing up to take on the indianapolis colts during sunday night. football head coach kyle shanahan expects quarterback jimmy garoppolo to be 100% for sunday's home game at levi's. garoppolo is returning from a calf injury during the team's week four game against the seahawks. rookie quarterback trade lance is likely out after hurting his knee and the team's last game kickoff for sunday night. football 5 20 pm alright, look, life can be stressful, no matter how old you are, but a new survey finds the average american feels the most stressed at the age of. 36 compared to any other point in their life. good news here. the study finds that those same people are generally better at managing stress than they were a decade ago. the top stressor here, according to the survey, money issues follow that with family problems and a demanding job. aren't you glad it's friday? so glad right and the sun is out, even if just for a moment. stay with us online as
1:00 pm
we have all your weather news coverage there and we'll meet you back here for our next you back here for our next dr. oz: coming up next. breaking news. human remains found near brian laundrie's belongenings many flaw. >> there might be a suicide. dr. oz: shocking new details on the case. will we ever really know why this happened to gap gap? >> to gabby petito. if this is brian laundrie, there will be no justice for gabby. dr. oz: coming up next -- dr. oz: i became a doctor to help people heal. now i'm using the same science and medicine to take on true crime. a backpack.


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