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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  October 21, 2021 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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at chase center the inspections after a man fell to his death, and two others were injured during a phish concert. also car crashes down trees and more power outages from today's rainfall and people are preparing for the main weather event, which is just days away. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth. and welcome everyone to the four on this thursday afternoon. i'm heather holmes and i'm alex savage. we begin with breaking news. we're following right now. in oakland homicide investigation is underway right now at a chevron gas station at 17th and castro streets. one person was shot to death here and another was wounded at around one o'clock this afternoon. ktvu crime reporter henry lee just arrived at the scene, and henry were being told this all involved a retired police captain. that is right. alex you take a look behind me we are at the chevron station here at 17th and castro is still very much an active scene with the alameda county sheriff corners than just
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removed a body from the scene, atf agents as well as oakland police. are here, taking measurements and doing a diagram of the scene. it all happened about one o'clock. we understand that a retired oakland police capital was here at the gas station here in 17th and castro and somehow got into a confrontation with suspects. that retired captain opened fire and killed the suspect. now take a look at the scene here. we have a officers from the criminal investigation division top brass are here. top rest are also at highland hospital where this retired captain was taken. we understand from sources that the retired captain involved is, er see joiner, who retired from the oakland police a couple of years ago. he rose through the ranks and hasn't been involved in a number of deadly shootings previous to this in his career each time he was cleared of any legal liability. he was also head of the. ceasefire strategy where they try to steer away the most violent offenders from violence trying to say hey if you stay away from this, that
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would be the best bet otherwise you risk arrest. the latest word from sources at highland hospital is that captain retired captain joiner. did undergo surgery and his stable in the icu top brass again at the hospital. we expect to get a briefing from highland hospital in the moments to come, but for now, still very much an active scene criminal investigation division. uh investigators are here as well as the f 80 f is a partner with oakland police. but again, this happened about one o'clock a gun battle here, the chevron station at 17th and castro. and the investigation. certainly ongoing. at this point. we do not know the name of the person who was killed. but you were on again understand that captain joyner was taken to hospital underwent surgery. and his stable in the icu. that is the latest from 17 and castro in oakland. henry lee ktvu fox two news, all right, good to hear the captain joiner is doing well and is stable at this point, henry before i let you go, does it sound like police are looking for anyone else who may have been involved in this
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shooting? there are unconfirmed reports that maybe a couple other suspects who took off in a car from this gas station so that search certainly ongoing. as far as we can talk, all right. henry lee live at the scene of the shooting in oakland. henry. thank you. movee bay area, whether oy, it's quite cloudy over san francisco and this parade of storms it continues. another storm system is coming in overnight, followed by yet more powerful storm this weekend. for more let's bring in our ktvu meteorologist kyla grogan, kyla. hey there, heather. yeah it is yet another one, right? we have another one lined up behind this and then another one on its heels and get later into the weekend. um but right now, let's take a look at the radar. i'll show you where there are still a few showers that are falling along the snowmen county coastline in santa rosa. you can see a few in fairfield in back of ill put this into motion to show you how we went through the day today with some very heavy showers kind of roll through early this morning. bringing
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quite a bit of rain to parts of marin county in the peninsula and even parts of the east bay. now as we take a bigger look at the bigger picture here, you see, there is another low pressure system right there up at the top left corner of the graphics you're looking at. that's ready to bring even more rain to us as we get into the overnight tonight, but let's talk about what we've had in the last 24 hours and you know, it's been impressive two and three quarters of an inch, just about in kent field mill valley over two inches, staying with mount diablo, san francisco picked up over an inch richmond as well, just under it. in nevada, about three quarters of mentioned santa rosa and about a half an inch in oakland. so as we go through tonight, you can see we're going to see those showers. kind of dissipate, but not for long. take a look at this. there's 10 o'clock tonight. here we are. four a.m. and this is the next wave of showers rolling through, says wake up tomorrow we'll see things start to clear as we get into later into the day and then kept a little bit of a break, but more on the way and i'll have details on that coming up for nelson it back to heaven. alright kyla. thank you. well, the most recent storm, the strongest so far in this series, brought down some
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trees and lead to rain related fender benders, but pg and e is warning of a greater risk of more power outages in the days ahead. ktvu tom vacar live now for us in marin county, with the look at the latest damage and the anticipated whether problems stop. to quite a phrase last night and today was the storm. before the storm. the toughest test in this series of storms and potential power outages will be here soon. storm related outages uh through this weekend and also on monday because we are expecting quite a bit of rain wind and that can lead to some outages ctomers lost power. most of which was resolved by early morning. bid morning there were smaller, scattered outages in napa, oakland and san francisco. all in all, a relatively small number of overall bay area customers attributable in part
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to pg and e strengthening its system. against wildfire risk that's better than earlier this week when mud and dust coated equipment arctic, causing widespread outages. we have not seen a tremendous number of customers impacted. um, we have seen some customers affected. we've been able to switch a lot of those customers two different lines so that they can be restored as quickly as possible. at four and a quarter inches by eight. a.m. thursday. marines mount tamil pius got the biggest bay area dose of rain. that's got to be encouraging news for marin municipal water districts, very low reservoir situation, most of which are in the mountain watershed. these last two years have been so dry that you know the soil amount tm is really parched, and most of this rainfall is going to be absorbed into that soil, but a significant amount of water. will get into the reservoirs. what we'd really like to see is a cadence of storms. you know, uh, a couple of inches here,
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maybe a break couple more inches. we really need to see that steady looking for. even storm damage was minimal. the tree came down in san francisco with trees, usually a victim of drought or disease or win or is often the case. all three traffic wise, relatively few accidents as slow and go paid off for drivers who have not seen rain significantly for a long time. this weather pattern is probably typical this type of year. and i don't know how much it's going to help because it's not a lot of rain that some rain and everything does help. some i'm excited. i'm just thrilled. i could be out dancing. it's wonderful. it's great fun. the point being that we still have to conserveoe than half of a and with rain. we really don't need that reporting live. tom vacar ktvu fox. two news good advice
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there. but, boy, amid this drought, all of these storms certainly welcome news, tom. thank you. and remember that you can track the incoming rain right there on the ktvu weather app. it is free for you to download at europe store. we have new details on what killed a family while they were hiking in the sierra national forest. their deaths have been a mystery for two months up until now. ktvu cristina rendon is joining us now live in the studio with how investigators believe they died, cristina. well, investigators say this is a very tragic case. alexa cause of death hyperthermia and probable dehydration due to the heat the day the family set out on a hike. officials say they were not familiar with the terrain and works posed to fluctuating temperatures. this is again at. an unfortunate and tragic event. due to the weather. mariposa county sheriff jeremy breece says hypothermia and probable dehydration led to the deaths of jonathan gear ish ellen chong andes. hypothermia is whee
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body produces too much heat and starts to shut down. the sheriff's office showed footage of the terrain the family was in in this year a national forest and released a timeline around eight a.m. on the morning of the families. august hike. temperatures started out in the mid seventies but quickly jump to the nineties and eventually reached upwards of 103 to 109 degrees in the noon hour. after hiking for about four miles, the family reached a trail constantly exposed to sunlight with little shade you to the ferguson fire in 2018, officials say john plotted their route on a hiking app on his phone, but it didn't show elevation changes the body temperatures. when they become over 105 degrees can have damages to the brain. can have damages to other organs can cause muscle cramps, fatigue. dizziness, weakness. and ultimately. um cause death. the family was found in hiking clothes with only one water
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backpack that was empty and no water filtration systems. investigators also found a small amount of formula a bottle and snacks. the garish and chung families released a statement thanking investigators it was read aloud by a sheriff's department spokesperson. our hearts will never forget the beautiful lives of jonathan ellen, meet you. and of course, our ski. they will remain with us wherever we go and where whatever we do. investigators had previously ruled out a shooting a lightning strike poisoning and suicide as causes of death and at least six water samples were taken from the area to determine whether or not maybe they were exposed to some toxins. and we did find out that yes, there were toxins in the water. but officials say there was no evidence that the family drank that water. alex sounds like they were caught off guard by the heat that day. a sad story all around, christina. well the fbi today confirming that dental records proved the human remains found yesterday at a florida nature reserve are those of gabby
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potatoes. fiance, brian laundry. the remains, as they mentioned were discovered yesterday alongside personal items, including a backpack and a notebook belonging to laundry. they were found in an area that up until recently had been underwater. laundry is the only person of interest in the death of gabby petito, who died of strangulation. the 22 year old's body was discovered in a campground in wyoming last month. on capitol hill. the house of representatives voted this afternoon to charge former trump advisor steve bannon with criminal contempt. bannon has refused to obey a subpoena to appear before the house select committee looking into the january 6th riots. the contempt charge now will be referred to the justice department. it does come with the possibility of jail time, though that has rarely been enforced in the past. fans will be filling up san francisco's chase center for tonight's warriors home opener what a recent safety inspection revealed about the upper deck seating after two fans fell during a recent concert. also california
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it's ready to welcome dubs fans tonight. yeah, that's right. the venue was inspected this morning, the department of building inspections, saying it is compliant and as they say for them at this point it's simply case closed. concerns over a pair of falls at sunday night's phish concert. continue to swirl around chase center concertgoers. robert mohan witnessed both falls and said in an interview on monday that he had deep concerns about someone falling after seeing the steep seating and stairs and the relatively low glass barrier you see here. which makes for a green you you can sit and look through the glass and still see you can stand up and there's no barrier in your way. but it feels like, uh. a good view at the expense of safety sunday night, witnesses say. one man jumped from an upper balcony area and died. another man reportedly slipped and accidentally fell about 20 ft from a balcony landing on another concert goers. both men
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in that case were hospitaliz foe incidents, a complaint areas we. the department of building inspection visited the site thursday morning to my inspectors conducted a site inspection today and found the area under investigation to be fully cooked, compliant and we consider the issue closed. chase center, releasing a statement reading, in part, quote the san francisco department of building inspection has completed its inspection of chase center and, as expected, has confirmed that the building is code compliant and safe for occupancy. chase center is safe and has been since the day it opened. since the falls sunday night chase center has hosted country band dan and shay wednesday night with no reported incidents. the warriors home opener is set for seven p.m. tonight. the eagles are scheduled to play a concert here at chase center. friday and saturday nights. we're live in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news. okay, christian. thank you for
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the upnson and johnson covid booster shots as well erv. the committee accepted older ah underlying conditions and j shot a second dose of that vaccine. the panel also said people can mix and match those boosters. now it's going to be up to the cdc director to either accept or modify the recommendations, and that decision is expected to come soon and the annual statewide event that reminds all of us to take cover in the event of a big earthquake took place this morning. at 10 21 people all across the state stopped what they were doing and dropped, covered and held on during the great california shakeout in san francisco mayor london breed fire chief jenny nicholson and sheriff paul miyamoto participated in a shakeout drill the city's main library. the event is held every thursday. every third thursday. excuse me of october.
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this today is a reminder for our state here in california that earthquakes happen. but we are prepared. we've been through this before. where resilient city. don't give up. hope continue to stay prepared and do everything you can to make sure that you are part of helping to keep you your family and your friends safe and continue to protect our amazing city. um when an earthquake occurs. according to state organizers of the great shake count 7.5 million people statewide signed up for today's drill, according to a new study by the usgs. a major earthquake here in california would knock out communications services for days or even weeks. this includes the majority of cell phones in the areas closest to the epicenter. the study says that cell towers are vulnerable to sustained power outages. the same goes for cellular equipment on power poles and buildings at risk of extreme shaking, liquefaction and fire.
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the disruption of self service would cut off access to 911 operators and lead to delays in reporting fires and calls for medical health. all right, turning our attention to the weather force. everyone is talking about the rain. it's great that we're certainly getting some rain, but we are in line to get a whole lot more, and that does become a little dangerous in some areas, particularly what we have burn scars, so that's something we'll be keeping an eye on. but let's take a look right now at at san jose, where you can see a little blue sky rolling in their san jose, one of the spots that is gets what's called the rearing shadow effect, meaning that the mountains santa cruz mountains going to keep some of that rain from getting into san jose, so that's why you'll see san jose a little bit warmer right now they're sitting at 74 degrees, whereas san francisco's at about 65 right next to mostly sixties around bay, with the exception of east bay livermore in san jose in the south bay. so this is what happened today. we had some showers roll through. really hit marin county and part of the peninsula a little bit of the east bay today and then the north bay. the system kind of lifted to the north to north
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bay had those lingering showers as we went throughout the afternoon. this is a live look of kind of where things are at right now. so you know, relatively wrapped up just a little bit of a shower happening in the north bay at this hour. also a little bit of wind. if you notice you look up at our peak starting to get up there right in the 20 to 25 mph range. not all of that translating down to the surface. well we are going to see a little bit breezy conditions over the next 24 hours. as we start to see another system roll through tonight, and ultimately we'll see a more southerly flow. so we've been in this series of storms. the first one kind of wrapping up right now the second one is going to come in and the overnight hours tonight and then, of course, we have the bigger one. the atmospheric river set to hit a sunday through monday, and that's the one we're likely to see the heaviest rains to show you in future cast kind of what's happening in the next couple of days here. so here we are. tonight we're going to roll through. you see the showers picking up as we get into kind of the midnight hour in the north bay and then rolling throughou're up early, you're likely to catch a little bit of it before we start to clear out a bit. catch a bit of a break
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on friday afternoon. so that's a good time, maybe to get anything done. if you need to outdoors and then you can see a little bit of a back end of this system kind of happening saturday morning with some light showers in the north bay. and it's not until we get into sunday monday that that bigger hit is coming so how much rain will anywhere from about a quarter vintage? to an inch for this in the next overnight here as we get into our friday and then as you can see, this is that sunday into monday system where we're talking about several inches of rain, they're going to be coming our way. so that has everything to do with the setup. that's an atmospheric river. some people call the pineapple express because it's dragging moisture all the way out in the pacific near hawaii our way and it kind of sets up and rolls in. so that's why we could see from two to about 5.5 even potentially six inches in some spots again. that's going to be sunday into monday tonight. warm temperatures in the forties and fifties, mostly fifties, even a 60 degree mark there in antioch as we have that overnight rain rolled through tomorrow startup showery in the fifties and san francisco again, we'll catch a
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little break as we get some clearing in the afternoon and then some partly cloudy skies as we work our way through our friday before we have the next hit of rain coming our way, so i'm going to be back in a little bit. we'll talk about your 74 cast for dallas and it back to the desk. alright kyla. thank you coming up the great shoes trying to ruin christmas. the search for whoever vandalized thousands of dollars worth of holiday decorations that are normally put out in downtown san leandro.
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near sensitive locations all across the state. the governor announced the proposed regulation this morning it would prohibit new wells and facilities within a 32 100 ft exclusion area from homes, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and other sensitive areas. governor newsom says reliance on fossil fuels has resulted in more kids getting asthma, more children born with birth defects and more communities exposed to toxic dangerous chemicals. 3200 ft. setbacks in this proposal are the most aggressive in the united states. it's not just the distance. but it is our expectation that we are going to close. many of the loopholes that exist in other states that have provided some more modest buffers. the governor's proposal will affect 30% of the oil operations across california. a community
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group in san leandro is asking for the public's help after vandals destroyed beloved holiday decorations worth thousands of dollars. the san leandro downtown community benefit district says on sunday. someone broke into a storage space and damaged about 15 of its life sized fiberglass nutcrackers. the vandals caused an estimated $16,000 in damage. opened the door and inside, it looked like a giant had literally gone bowling and used the nutcrackers as bowling pins. they were just scattered all over the floor on top of each other arms were here and there. every year during the holidays. the colorful figures are brought out and placed on downtown street corners, hoping to replace the damaged nutcrackers. organizers launched a go fund me, saying, quote. the grinch came early this year. really unfortunate there will despite inventory challenges. online shopping is projected to break records this holiday season. adobe digital economy index predicts that
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shoppers will spend about $207 billion on gifts online. between november 1st and december 31st. that would be a 10% increase from last year. the forecast comes amid a global supply chain disruption and shipping challenges. now experts from adobe warned of higher prices and gifts that may be out of stock. they say the items that are most likely to be backlogged our apparel, sporting goods, baby products. and electronic. get on that shopping. that's going to do it for us right here on ktvu more news, though over on k tv applied and stay tuned right now for thursday night football browns and the broncos right here on ktvu. in business, setbacks change everything. so get comcast business internet and add securityedge. it helps keep your network safe
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>> oh, yeah. that playoff win. the tide was changing. >> what a night for browns fans everywhere! here we come! >> it felt different. could it be a return to glory? sne ♪ if i held my breath on you, i would die ♪ >> a new expectation for success. but how quick


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