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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  October 20, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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evening, everyone. i'm julie julie haener. i'm andre, senior in for frank ktvu christian captain is live in san francisco and christians. this opens the way for a lot more people who've been waiting to get that shot. health experts are saying that this news came just in time. they're encouraging anyone who is in one of those high risk groups. those are the people who got those first rounds of vaccines when they first came out, remember how difficult they were to get. well health experts are encouraging those people to get their boosters in time for the holiday season. when they first came out. it was a race to vaccinate. now, health officials from the federal to the local levels are backing boosters. the food and drug administration authorized booster doses for those who received the moderna or johnson and johnson vaccines. the fighter booster had been cleared for patients since september. now, health officials say they're working to get those most vulnerable populations boosted. patients say they have their reasons for waiting. i did flew two weeks ago and i wanted to separate him because kaiser said, you can do them together. but since
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nobody almost 71, i decided to separate it. it's part of a trend. san francisco health officials say they're seeing despite having an overall vaccination rate of more than 80. the rate for booster shots appears to be lagging. we don't have the numbers quite yet, but what we are hearing both from our health care systems, as well as our vaccine sites is that foot traffic is not exceeding expectations and so for traffic is down. there's not does not seem like there's a lot of demands. dr baba says the data point to diminishing effectiveness following the initial vaccinations. that's why boosters are so important, she says. it's imperative for those high risk groups to receive the booster shot, including those over 65 years old, those with compromised immune systems and those who have a higher risk of being exposed to covid-19, she says the time for boosters is now before the holiday season arrives. and family and friends begin gathering even with boosters. it still does take two weeks for your immune system to get you back, boosted in terms of, you know, really protecting yourself against coded and actually, we do
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believe think of halloween as the kick off to you know, the winter holiday season. lots of gatherings, lots of people coming together. those who've received the booster shots say it's given them peace of mind. i got rheumatoid arthritis over 35 years. i take humira. which is a biologic. and it suppresses your immune system. so you're more yeah. you're more prone to getting something. the fda also authorized the mixing of boosters. so if you had moderna or johnson and johnson the first time around, you can get pfizer as a booster or vice versa. the hope is that it makes it easier for people to get boosted sooner. in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. kids ages, 5 to 11 will soon be able to get their covid-19 vaccines at their doctor's office, local pharmacy and potentially even at their school today, the white house detailed its plans for the expected authorization of the pfizer vaccine for
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younger children in a matter of weeks, officials say within hours of formal authorization doses will begin shipping to providers across the country. you're going to be ready pending the fda and cdc decision that will be based on science, but we want to make sure the operations are ready to accommodate. kids as we talked about the need to kids are different than adults. those doses should be ready for use within days after authorization and will be shipped along with smaller needles necessary for injecting young kids. the vaccine is expected to be authorized by the cdc afternoon bisoli meeting scheduled for november. 2nd and third. well the second in and out burger restaurant in the bay area is now being accused of violating covid restrictions. and we told you about this one yesterday, the only in and out burger in san francisco briefly shut down by city health officials last week after repeatedly. refused to check customers for their covid
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vaccination status. the fisherman's warf location is now only allowed to provide outdoor eating and to go service will now the pleasant hill in and out burger is being fined $750. as follows citations for not checking vaccine cards of it's done in customers in and out, issued a statement saying in part quote, we refused to become the vaccination police for any government. it is unreasonable, invasive and unsafe to force our restaurant associates to segregate customers into those who may be served and those who may not whether based on the documentation they carry or any other reason. most parts of the bay area have been seeing some scattered rain showers today. this was the scene this morning and clarksburg where the rain made for a slippery commute, and there's more to come in the next few days. we have live team coverage for you tonight. ktvu is jesse gary has been talking with people who are doing what they can to get ready for the rain, but we begin with chief meteorologist bill martin with a look at where things stand right now, bill. julie we went from 0 to
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60 in this weather world. we started out couple weeks ago with 90 degree temperature record warmth the whole bit, and it was most of the summer dry, dry dry and then bang. we get into winter and this is full on like a. january kind of a setup. now it's not. heavy rain like we didn't see heavy rain last night. these are some of the numbers from last night max. santa rosa did okay, over an inch and a half and then you see canfield over an inch, but then everybody else like south of there. sam ato 0.21, oakland, 0.3. six in san francisco but the next one comes through as we go into tomorrow night friday morning, and that one's got more game and then the really big story is going to be what occurs on sunday. so here's the systems lined up 123. you can see first, you're going to see tomorrow's or today's system and then tomorrow system. today system as this thing slides through is going to bring a few scattered showers through tomorrow, but basically tomorrow's a break day we get into it again thursday night into friday morning. and then
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that's maybe a quarter inch half inch again. so it's like, okay, but then banks sunday monday that's the real deal. i mean, it's going to drop potentially half foot of rain in parts of the hills, santa cruz mountains, marine county watershed. west slope of the sierra nevada. they're going to see significant snowfalls above the 6500 ft level, so it's a very, very progressive fluid pattern, and it's just what we need to put the end of fire season and start putting water into the ground ground reservoirs and putting water into the reservoirs. also if you get a chance, i think about this tonight would turn off your automatic sprinklers because you're not going to need them. i'll see you back here in a little bit with the complete forecast. good reminder, bill. thank you. all across the bay area. communities are bracing for that rain fall. our team coverage continues with ktvu. south bay reporter jesse gary live at arena green at san jose, with more on how people and municipalities are getting ready, jesse. andre over the past hour. rain has arrived here in the south bay. now it's
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not a lot of rain and drizzle, little drops here and there, but it has arrived and ahead of its arrival preparations underway. to mitigate the impact from wet weather. the middle of the work week sees a soaker from start to finish across the bay area, please middle october. if you asked me a month ago, i would have told you the earliest we can expect. rain is mid october boom right on time for region and state stuck in the throes of drought conditions. rain is good, but has the potential for bad as well as the big green comes and the water flow from both sides. the street come down to the corner. it would probably be floating so we want to make sure that nothing blocks the drainage, scratching of rakes to leaves and pavement is a seasonal soundtrack, as many residents clear storm drains of debris. most of the houses on the street here are pretty good. people uh, people have.
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have done that the gardening work that they need to do to keep the basic flooding from happening. municipalities have done similar work, but long before the first drops fell, san jose transportation department officials say crews cleared 91% of the 35,000 storm drains over the summer. now sand bags are in place and water pumps online in case rains turned waterways into rivers. the biggest reason catch basin will clog is because it's full of leaves. and so when it's leaf drop season, we know that and go out to try and remove those thieves proactively to ensure that the grains are clearer. experts forecast rain through the end of the week to be moderate, but if the rain rate is higher than expected, it could cause problems, especially in areas damaged by wildfires. that's how there's no root structure left to hold the soil in place, so when it rains, a lot of the soil will slide downhill, and that could be. just as damaging
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as the fire itself in the first place. and that's a concern in the santa cruz mountains. so you want to keep an eye on ktvu. you can check us online on air the weather app ktvu weather app. keep an eye on that as well. and if you're out and about in san jose, and you see problems on the roadway due to rainfall, whether it's flooding or clogged drains, et cetera. you can call the san jose department of transportation for help. we're live in san jose, jesse gary ktvu fox news. we'll head back to you. bracing for all that rain, jesse. thank you. in morada tree trimmer apparently fell from a tree and died. it happened at a home in camino ricardo not far from morocco country club morada orinda. firefighters responded to pronounce the tree trimmer dead. the worker's name, and the circumstances surrounding the fall were not immediately available. we'll continue to follow the story and bring you any updates. well, the iranian weather knocked out power for thousands of a area pgd customers this morning. three schools, including oakland tech, lost power and students were
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let out. early crews have been making progress on restorations. according to pg and e s. online outage map, almost everyone who lost power now has it back. a spokesperson for the utility said although the outage was weather related, the exact cause remains under investigation. one of san francisco's busiest corridors now has more reliable bus service, safer streets, upgraded utilities and some new trees. the mayor says the upgrades will make the area safer and more enjoyable for residents and visitors to walk. bike and take public transit officials say the project improves the efficiency of the bus route along a three mile stretch of gary boulevard will making the corridor safer for pedestrians. we are already delivering 20% improvement and speed and reliability to the 38 here. e bus line. additional safety improvements include new, accessible pedestrian signals, curb ramps, countdown signals and longer crosswalk timing to allow people of all
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abilities to cross gary boulevard safely. to change it today. we're not going to change tomorrow, but we have to make the conscious effort to make a difference to make oakland safer for everybody. well, 2021 is on track to be a violent year in oakland. new at 5 30 families of murder victims joined police sharing their stories and calling for justice. police in san jose say a man was rear ended by another driver. and then when he tried to exchange insurance information, he was attacked. now investigators are looking for who's responsible and later the typically sunny bay area climate made it easier for schools to adapt to put the pandemic and have lunch outside. but the rain is now making all of that difficulty.
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trial against elizabeth holmes, then edlund describes setting theranos blood testing machines on demo mode. the fake tests in front of investors and other vips. of the company's palo alto headquarters. he said blood samples collected from visitors were later tested on third party machines and a lab and tests were altered. under cross examination, edlund denied there were trying to deceive anyone. and the times defended the company. testimony is set to continue on friday with the prosecution calling more witnesses a father and husband remains in the hospital tonight after a brutal beating. the man was driving in san jose when another driver hit his car and then took off the man followed, and when he finally caught up to that driver to exchange insurance information, police say he was attacked. ktvu henry lee joins us now and henry. investigators believe the attackers were two men called to the scene by that hit and run driver. julie that's
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correct standards. a police tell me this victim was just trying to get insurance information from the woman who hit him only to get brutally attacked by two men. prison buddy to just do that randomly consensus lied to him. it's not right. rosario carvajal is devastated. her husband, robert was badly beaten after he was the victim of a hit and run crash in san jose. just basically that fender bender. that's it. you know, she came out of nowhere. hit him on the back side. the woman didn't stop and took off in a silver cadillac escalates similar to this one carbon hall and his nephew, who was riding with him called police and followed the escalate to summer court. a dead end street near 6 80 capitol expressway. carter hall's wife believes the woman made a phone call that brought another car with two men to the scene. she called people and.
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in the beat him up. soon afterwards, there was an assault where both males involved began kicking and punching the victim, ultimately leaving him in the roadway. he was just in the fetal position. he he couldn't defend himself, and these guys were like late twenties, early thirties like big men. everyone took off. carvajal was taken to the hospital with school fractures. i still can't believe that that's what happened to my dad and like this is what he looks like. san jose police officer steve aponte says the victim hadn't done anything wrong. the victim in this case did not appear to be aggressive. was not doing anything to instigate a fight. rather was just collecting information attempting to exchange that information. ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza says he doubts the woman could legitimately claim that she was scared because she was being followed. it's gonna be a hard style for her to say, oh, i was in fear of my life since she was leaving the scene of the accident, and then other people
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show up. he's not a confrontational man. he rather talk it out or walk away. his family hopes he will recover. and that is attackers are brought to justice. how do you feel so macho and tough and brave like you are the lowest coward out there. san jose. police are asking anyone with information to give them a call live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu fox two news put loom are looking for a man accused of breaking into a woman's home naked. the woman says she came home at about 50 clock yesterday afternoon on cortez driving mckenzie avenue. she told police that when she saw the man inside, he then went out the back door jumped over a fence. and ran off. sonoma county sheriff's helicopter was unable to find him. anyone with information is asked to call police an effort is underway to raise awareness about the dangers of opioid misuse and proper disposal of medications. attorney general rob bonta was in oakland today to promote national prescription drug take back day on saturday. it is intended to reduce the misuse
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of prescription drugs and to help prevent addiction and overdose deaths. the attorney general says there will be more than 50 disposal sites across the bay area for unused drugs. we need your help. we hope you will participate. this take back day. take the opportunity to protect yourself. take the opportunity to protect your family and take the opportunity to safely dispose of drugs. that could potentially be misused. there are more than 50 sites across the greater bay area and nearly 200 across the entire state. last year, there were more than 5300 deaths here in california related to opioid overdoses. that is a 120% increase from 2018. all right. the weather story this week has been rain clouds. and then, of course, the headline is going to be what happens on sunday and monday. i already outlined these three systems 12 and three today system a little bit of shower activity again tonight and we're going to get into a little bit more thursday night into friday morning.
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these two guys number one and two. nothing i mean, not nothing about an inch and a quarter in santa rosa in those areas, but i'm just saying compared to number three. that's the main event. that thing has atmospheric river written all over it. the potential with this storm is pretty darn solid. we'll have you know there's burn scar concerns, but in terms of river flooding and stuff like that, not going to be a problem, because the ground so dry everything is going to run in so we can take a lot of rainfall. but as you can see here, significant rain over. the next few days. we're looking at up to 10 inches of rain in some places, so that is some significant rain. uh it really is, and i'm happy about it because this is going to put cash on fire season. really help with the rainfall, especially northern california. we're gonna get a bunch of rain up in those areas. the reservoir areas tomorrow morning. we get some scattered showers and then see what happens after lunch time, just light or kind of like what we had today. so after lunch looks a lot like today, okay, so the
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day is not a washout tomorrow, it's gonna be pretty okay day. here is that atmospheric river? we used to call that back in the day. you probably remember this. we call this pineapple express is right and it's just another more scientific. i guess it's much more scientific term atmospheric river. but what's interesting about atmospheric rivers is it's funny. what took us so long to figure out. that the atmosphere we know it holds a lot of water, but we never really really understood the amount of precipitation that layer of air because think about it's not just up in the jet stream flying across your it's that whole layer from almost sea level a couple 100 ft about 1000 ft. above sea level all the way up into the jet stream. that thing is just tons of moisture. it's a firehose man, and that atmospheric river is going to point. pretty much at the central coast which is san francisco, monterey santa cruz. big sur go lalla areas in the north day and we're going to get a bunch of rain. we've seen him before. um this is a good one. it's early. quite frank. i'm trying to remember i don't.
5:21 pm
we probably remember having an atmosphere. a robust atmospheric river. um this early. so like i say you were going to see over the next seven r four or five days we're going to see two inches to 10 inches of rain and the real areas, atmospheric rivers, where they do their. their biggest work is in the coastal hills or in the topographically favored areas. okay so mountains that water comes in. it's just just picture. it's all the way down like it's right down to the water, and it just comes in hits that hill gets lifted up a little bit, cools a little bit condensers and just unload so west slope this year nevada west slope of the coastal range. gonna get a big hit on sunday. we come back. we'll time out tomorrow for you and give you the five day forecast. there's a potential break in the search for brian laundry. the latest clues found weeks after his fiancee's death was ruled a homicide and the mother accused of holding dangerous parties for teams is in court for the first time. prosecutors hope more victims will speak up.
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missing after going on a hike at a florida nature reserve back in september. box news tom graham has more now on this story. prison labor to laundry. the parents of brian laundry were seen with search crews at the carlton reserve wednesday morning. this comes five weeks after brian laundry went missing after going on a hike at the nature reserve. during that search, officers reportedly told the laundry's they may have found something at attorney representing the family releasing a statement saying in part quote after a brief search of a trail that brian frequented. some of the articles belonging to bryan were found. as of now, law enforcement is conducting a more thorough investigation of that area. our evidence response team is on scene using all available forensic resources to process the area. it's likely the team will be on scene for several days. fox
5:25 pm
news has learned that a sarasota county medical examiner arrived at the site where brian's belongings were found. ryan is currently the only person of interest in the petito case one month after her body was found at teton national park in wyoming. meanwhile angry protesters continue to gather outside the laundry home where they have been holed up for the past few weeks. this poor girl was way too good for your son. police were called to the home over the past several days after neighbors complained about noise coming from the protesters. if you're sick of this, and you can't sleep, put your flops on. and your robe and walk on over there and start passing on that cabin like yeah, roberta. best meets the down north port. police have blocked off both entrances to the park where brian's items were found. tom graham fox news. the gunman in the 2018 high school mass shooting at parkland, florida. has pleaded guilty to murder 17 people were
5:26 pm
killed in that shooting. nicholas cruz is now 23 years old. he is charged with 17 counts of murder and 17 council attempted first degree murder for the attack. after pleading guilty, you read a statement to the victim's families who were in court. i am very sorry for what i did, and i have to live with it every day. and then if i were to get a second chance, i will do everything my power to try to help others. and i am doing this for you. and i do not care if you do not believe me, and i love you. and i know you don't believe me. but i have to live with this every day. and brings me nightmares and i can't live with myself sometimes push through. the penalty phase of the trial is likely to begin in january or a jury will decide whether he will receive a death sentence or life in prison. police in san francisco now say the man who died at the fish concert at chase center over the weekend jumped from the upper level stands. police say evidence shows 47 year old ryan prosser, a railroad engineer from athens, new york, did not fall as previously reported. sfpd
5:27 pm
investigators say it didn't appear that prosser had any physical contact with another person before he leapt from the stands on sunday night. police say they have found no evidence of foul play. friends and family. members of murder victims are calling for a stop to the violence in oakland. they're pleased to get the rest of the community involved also had a program offering guaranteed money with few strings attached. city leaders in oakland now want to expand it, and plenty of drivers have trouble staying safe on the road during the reign. well new test see self driving cars are any better.
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definitely the one! introducing the all-new nissan frontier. department says so far this year, 113 have been murdered new at five community leaders came together today, urging the violence to stop and heather holmes is in the newsroom. with more on the story, heather andre families of murder victims gathered today in oakland to not only remember their loved ones but to address the ongoing increase in violence, especially this year. this is a community problem. it's not uh, political problem. it's not a religious difference problem. it's a human problem. donald lacey created the love life foundation after his 16 year old daughter was murdered
5:31 pm
across the street from acclimates high school back in 1997. he hosted today's gathering to help others heal from the recent uptick in murders, community leaders say it is time to take back oakland. we all need to care about a baby, killing these streets about a loved one life getting taken at least streets. enough is enough. elite all came together. this darryl alums runs a nonprofit in oakland to support families who have lost loved ones to violence, he says. this is not just a police issue but a community issue. a handful of oakland police officers also at the event today to show their support. the department says it stands with the fans family with the victim's family. excuse me and continues to help them get justice in the newsroom. heather holmes ktvu fox two news. alright, heather thank you. the trial against the father and son charged in the killing of christian smart 25 years ago will begin in the spring. paul and ruben floors appeared in st louis baseball county court today. both of them pleaded not guilty smarts
5:32 pm
body has still not been found. but last month, the judge ruled that there is enough evidence to bring the case to trial. 44 year old paul flores is accused of killing smart and his father is charged as being accessory to the murder. the trial is set to begin in april. the mother from los cabos, accused of throwing drunken sex parties for teenagers is now back in the bay area. shannon o. connor was arraigned today and will remain in jail. ktvu investigative reporter brooks jarocz was in the courtroom as decisions were made to protect the victims. prosecutors asked for no bail, and the judge agreed shannon o. connor will remain here in santa clara county jail, the district attorney's office, saying they have evidence that she could harm more children if she was released. o'connor appeared in the courtroom in an orange jumpsuit, her hands folded tightly and speaking with her attorney. right up until the hearing began. she was arraigned on 39 criminal charges, including child abuse,
5:33 pm
child endangerment, sexual battery and providing alcohol to minors. prosecutors say o'connor would supply booze and condoms and encouraged sex x between teenagers and sometimes even watch. the district attorney says the motive was sexual gratification. according to prosecutors, the secret parties typically happened under low scatters home but also on trips in tahoe and santa cruz. the judge granted 15 protective orders against the victims, including her underage son. o connor is not allowed to have any contact with any of the teens either personally or electronic. li district attorney jeff rosen says it took enormous courage for these children to come forward, saying they stand in sharp contrast. 20 connor's conduct. there's nothing cool about getting teenage children drug to them commit sexual assaults on one another. someone who does these things. is not cool. apparent that does
5:34 pm
these things is reckless, irresponsible and criminal. o'connor was extradited tuesday from idaho, where she now lives when deputies arrested her. detectives say they found a dozen teams that are home. both of her kids are now in protective custody and then investigation is ongoing. the victim's families asked for privacy and do not want to speak on the case. o'connor would not return our request for comment. she does remain in jail without bail, and a plea hearing is scheduled for december. 17th in san jose brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. oakland's guaranteed income program is being expanded to help twice as many people now in need. today, mayor libby schaaf announced phase two of that pilot program it launched earlier this year for 300 randomly selected low income families. they are receiving $500 a month for a year and a half. to spend, however they choose. the program is now being expanded to an additional 300 families.
5:35 pm
there are two things that are different about this phase of our guaranteed income pilot. first the qualifications. uh people still must be a family and that means have one dependent child in the household. but this this part portion of our demonstration project will be reaching our lowest income residents are families who are struggling the hardest. phase one of the pilot program was available to east oakland families, but mayor staff says face to is now open to families anywhere in the city. well, it can be difficult for some drivers to be safe while traveling in the rain but turns out self driving cars don't have it any better. those cars struggle to keep the right speed on slick roads. as ktvu rob roth reports moderate to heavy rain can have a big impact on the self driving cars, vehicle safety systems.
5:36 pm
if you find driving in wet weather challenging, perhaps you can take heart. self driving cars aren't doing any better recent tests conducted by triple a show driverless cars in simulated moderate to heavy rain, traveling at 35 miles an hour do this about a third of the time implement weather in anywhere from moderate to heavy rain can have a big impact on the performance of these vehicles safety systems, which are also known as advanced driver assistance systems. and their ability to perform effectively out there on the tests also revealed that lane keeping assistance technology failed 69% of the time in wet weather vehicle safety systems, often called advanced driving assistance systems, or adas are often test senator. more optimum weather conditions, not in harsher weather, like the bear is seeing this week. the tests indicated the sensors and cameras in the driverless cars didn't see the vehicles in front of them in time to stop the optical cameras. they are not going to be able to the
5:37 pm
text things when it's quoting when it's raining, it's pouring, but he's froggy. fred bar is an engineer and researcher at san jose state university, says the driverless cars rely on a host of technologies, including optical and thermal imaging cameras. light are in soon are not there because in studying all this senses, and the vehicle is going to cost money. the car companies are going to be concerned with the economics in here how many senses can i put in to keep my costs down? and what is going to be really the demand for autonomous cars? electrical engineers at u c san diego last year announced technology that worked in foggy weather, but not in rain. bernie says it will be at least a decade before all the necessary technology is truly ready. all this technology is being developed. we are moving in the right direction, but you haven't got into the end of the tunnel. yet until then, drivers should keep both hands on the steering wheel and their eyes on the road. rob roth ktvu fox
5:38 pm
two news. paris hilton is teaming up with the area congressman ro khanna on an issue for personal for her for the reality tv star. the new push to improve conditions inside behavioral treatment centers for minors and the pandemic is for schools to adapt to all kinds of changes. and now the rain is playing a factor. the concern from some parents about their kids eating lunch in the ring. but first a walkout at netflix studios executives face difficulty in addressing concerns from the trans community.
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5:41 pm
you do this to your trans employees? dare you, man? how long your network to deep soul disrespectful to the trans experience. the work stoppage comes one day after netflix ceo ted sarandos said he supports the chappelle special. this morning, netflix struck a more conciliatory tone. in a statement released today, netflix said, in part we respect the decision of any employee who chooses to walk out and recognize we have much more work to do both within netflix and in our content. well facebook is planning to rebrand itself. the verge is reporting that the company's planning to change its name as soon as next week. the actual social media site and other apps like instagram and whatsapp would likely remain unaffected, but the overall company that owns them all, which is still known as facebook, is expected to get a
5:42 pm
new name and brand as it looks to expand beyond social media. this would be similar to google, which changed its main company, name to alphabet back in 2000 and 15. now paypal has reportedly offered to buy pinterest for $45 billion in news was first reported by bloomberg today. it would be the biggest acquisition of a social media company ever. talks come as internet shoppers increasingly buy items they see on social media often following influencers on instagram and tiktok. acquiring pinterest would allow paypal to capture more of that e commerce growth reports say the deal is not certain in terms could change paypal and princess to have not commented on the possible deal. hotel heiress, reality tv star businesswoman and now advocate paris hilton was on capitol hill today, teaming up with a bay area congressman to speak up for the rights of young people. as fox news mark meritus shows us hilton pointed to her own traumatic experiences as a troubled teen and urged congress to protect children placed in what are called congregate care
5:43 pm
facilities. reality tv star paris hilton embraced the spotlight on capitol hill wednesday, telling lawmakers about her personal experiences of trauma and abuse while to behavioral treatment center in utah when she was 17 years old. i was strangled, slapped across the face watched in the shower by male staff. called vulgar names forced to take medication without a diagnosis. hilton says she's not alone and that a lack of federal oversight at congregate care facilities has thousands suffering. she's urging congress to reform what she calls the troubled teen industry. it's clear that the state by state patchwork of limited weak oversight and inconsistent licensing requirements is not working. hilton says it's time for a federal bill of rights to protect young people and called for increasing research at best practices, closing facilities not up to code and expanding oversight at team facilities if passed, the accountability for congregate care act would also create a commission. through
5:44 pm
the department of justice to provide grants to improve such facilities. this is happening in our country. to our young people. and if it can happen to paris hilton in her family. think about all those people who can't be here today. lawmakers tell us they're glad to see hilton using her celebrity to bring this issue front and center. however it is unclear how quickly congress may act on capitol hill, mark meredith fox news. some school districts policies adapted to the pandemic, and it means more kids are eating lunch in the rain administrators try to wake covid concerns and comfort. also ahead supply chain issues are making it difficult for shoppers to find some key items. experts warn. thanksgiving dinner could be affected as well. and keep those umbrellas handy. you're going to need a more into a wet weather pattern that is going to stick around past the weekend. see you back here. ♪ i see trees of green ♪
5:45 pm
♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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ever wonder how san francisco became the greenest big city in america? just ask the employee owners of recology. we built the recycling system from the ground up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together.
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federal workers to join unions. harrison labor secretary marty walsh joined in on a white house task force meeting aimed at improving conditions for workers and encouraged other employers. to follow their lead. and so one. we as it relates to new hires. have decided in are committed to making sure that they will be told at the time of being hired if they are eligible to join a union. they will be given contact information. and they will be informed of their rights. we'd like to believe that this happens every time but we know it doesn't. the two new executive actions are part of the biden ministrations goal to bolster the collective bargaining power of workers across the nation. the drought is blamed for wild pigs heading into neighborhoods throughout the bay area. the owners of cedar mountain winery in
5:48 pm
livermore say wild pigs trampled through their property last weekend, and it cost them about $30,000 to replace the torn up. lawn cows are fairly common in the area, but not wild pigs, and till now. the drought is forcing the animals to look for food in areas where there are more people. we haven't had any trouble with pigs for eight years. but now they've discovered this property will have to do something about it. they're looking for grubs. they're coming out. the hills is a drought. they're hungry and built the bed. the winery says wild pigs normally come between two and five o'clock in the morning. experts say, you can chase these animals away by making noise. homeowners can file a wildlife incident report with the california department of fish and wildlife for assistance. well, today's rainy weather has some school districts planning on how to address children eating outside to follow covid safety protocols. as ktvu christian rendell cristina rendon reports. school officials in piedmont say they're preparing in the event. more severe weather is on the way. out of tour lunch
5:49 pm
every sentence again. and today, right now, five minutes, the on and off drizzle not enough to dampen wednesday's lunch hour at beach elementary school in piedmont, pop up tents and umbrellas cover kids in the patio who eat outside as part of covid safety protocols. i actually prefer them to eat outside then the idea of getting them inside. i think it's safer and, um, this morning we got dressed up in more layers, and we put on raincoats just in case it was going to be rainy during lunch. since covid protocols could continue for the foreseeable future. we asked the piedmont school district about their plans to address heavy rains, a drop in temperatures, even wildfire smoke. a spokesperson for the district says it's working on sending out a letter to parents to inform them of any changes in the event of severe weather. parents say they were notified by the principle that school officials will be tracking whether data and will consider adjustments to eating outdoors, which could include kids eating inside in shifts. i think the piedmont school district has been great in communicating about.
5:50 pm
umbrellas and other shading structures. they're putting up for the kids to keep them dry. i'm hopeful that before the rains come, we get those covid vaccines for 5 to 11 year old old, so i think that it's really great that they're trying to at least maintain it outside as much as possible. morning recess was canceled because of the rain, but by the afternoon, the playgrounds were open. the feeling among parents is at the district has done a good job of communicating testing and keeping covid-19 case rates low. our family would love to maintain any of those safety protocols. if it means eating outside during inclement weather, um, totally fine with us. parents say they received a letter from the principal encouraging students to dress in layers as well as bringing an extra set of clothing to school. in piedmont, cristina rendon ktvu, fox two news. okay, we're settling into the fact that it's rainy. it's going to stay right here for a while. it's good practice for winter. hopefully storm number one that came in today. while we're kind of losing track.
5:51 pm
there's three on this page right now. there was a couple before this, obviously, but certainly number one look at that. look at the range 10.122. so that's what we're finding in. same with storm number 2.2 to 1.5. so where do you think that 1.52 inches fall? coastal hills west slope is shared. that's all the topographic mountaintops peaks. you know anything that's got some orographic component to it. so that's what the next couple of days will bring just kind of a little bit of what we've been seeing. this one is that's the real deal. that's that's the money maker, and that's going to show up sunday into monday is how it looks right now. that's what san francisco looks like. tomorrow morning. kind of cookie. the morning we have a few scattered showers. and then that's the day which reminds me a lot of today. really right? i mean, in terms of the little bit of brake temperatures warm it is. this is also when you're dealing with, uh, some tropical air mass, right has a lot of water and the temperature forecast for tomorrow. we're looking at some upper sixties and low seventies so that you know in the midst of a weather
5:52 pm
event with clouds and whatever you do, you don't expect to see seventies but this air mass has a lot of southern southern moisture coming into it. and it's big. it's like going on. i mean, you can see how much it covers covering the whole western united states out into the rockies. so this is good and this next system going through now the back edge of this will produce a few showers as well. tomorrow is going to be about those morning showers as we pointed out, and then just like today, just cloudy and maybe a sprinkle here and there. the set up for tomorrow. then if you look at the model here we are right now, essentially right now and then this is the future model. and then here we are at eight a.m. tomorrow. so your morning commute. right i don't know that's not going to slow you down. it will be a little bit little pop goes through around lunchtime and then the rest of the day keeps everything kind of to the north. so that's your thursday reminiscent of today, okay? friday not a half bad day. the morning thursday night to friday morning, it gets going pretty good, so that's kind of a main event and then look how quickly it clears out then you're up in the sarin of adah
5:53 pm
on friday afternoon and that's when you get yourself into the winter storm warning. and then we're into saturday, and this is the precursor to what's coming sunday. i know it's a lot going on and marks done a nice job. mark. pope builds all our graphics and stuff. you just such a nice job with it, and he basically did a good job. i think an outlining the storms because a lot of times remember 82. and a lot of an 82. that was a big el nino. this is not an indian, you event, but in 82. it was an event like this, but we couldn't break out these storms. they were just like you couldn't really time them and so here we're trying to time these in an air mass full of moisture moving it over 100 knots, you know, and trying to time it out is difficult, but that's how it looks the real story here. it's going to be nuisance showers for most of us. until we get into friday morning, and then it's done quick. and then saturday is not bad. and then sunday, it's game on. there's a five day forecast. i'll see you back here at six. we will see then bill thanks. problems at
5:54 pm
shipping ports extend beyond the pandemic and training. more workers may be key to getting things back up and running. then coming up at six more fallout from the southern california oil spill will have details on the new push now to stop oil drilling off the coast of california. also new at six. a new study on aging has just been released how it could advance research on diabetes and alzheimer's disease.
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
orders beginning of october and normally just trickle in. but this year it's been a full flow. they're afraid they're not going to get the turkey they want for thanksgiving, so we want to make sure it's going to be there for this year, many grocery store producers had to order their turkeys as early as january, and at that time we were still thick in the pandemic. but now that it's clear, bigger gatherings will be happening over the holidays. finding bigger turkeys could be a problem if you're buying from a grocery store, try to order about a month in advance and keep it frozen up until thanksgiving. governor newsom signed an executive order today to address supply chain issues that shipping ports. the order directs state agencies to find state owned properties that could help store goods once they're unloaded from ships. it also calls for trucks to be temporarily exempt from weight limits in order to carry more goods. the order also instructs state agencies to create more workforce training and programst biden is in his hometown of scto promote his spending agenda,
5:58 pm
which is still being negotiated in congress. fox news mike emanuel explains the discussions taking place on capitol hill on whether to reduce the total spending goal. president biden taking another opportunity to pitch his stalled social spending package with a visit to scranton, pennsylvania, wednesday negotiated you guys all along. it wouldn't be as far along as i am. i'm hopeful. i think we'll get a good deal after holding talks tuesday at the white house with progressive and moderate democrats, one thing became clear. the president and democrats now believe their proposed $3.5 trillion price tag. will come down at least a trillion dollars. it is still unclear what items from the bill will be trimmed down or taken out completely. progressives are now expressing doubt that free community college will be included in the final package. i would love to have it in if we had a bigger package, another progressive priority paid family leave may also be left out. but house speaker nancy pelosi had her doubts. tv
5:59 pm
anchor. i've never seen that i don't know where that came from. the democratic party leadership has proposed an end of the month deadline to get this package completed along with the bipartisan infrastructure bill. that has already passed the senate republicans hoping their colleagues squabbles ultimately lead to gridlock. this has failed leadership and a one way ticket to socialism. this is not good for america, another pressing matter for democrats. climate change provisions. senator joe manchin, a moderate, opposed to say $150 billion clean electricity plant. in washington. mike emanuel fox news. this is ktvu fox two news at six. the bay area's on and offering today, but it's just a preview of the main event this weekend. a significant storm headed our way. it's mid october. if you asked me a month ago, i would have told you the earliest we can expect. rain is mid october boom right on time. good evening to you.
6:00 pm
i'm andre. senior in for frank and i'm julie julie haener. we are seeing rain around the bay area that's more typical in our wet winter months. i want to show you a live look right now. at the golden gate bridge toll plaza. you can see it is, uh, fogged in rainy. there's rain on the lens there and drivers, though making their way on the red wet roadway. this latest wet weather system is concentrated mostly in the north and central bay, and most parts of the bay area have been seeing on and off rain. this was the scene this morning larks for where the brain made for slippery commute, and there is more to come in the next few days. ktvu chief meteorologist bill martin is here with a look at the conditions bill, the main event expected this weekend. yes there's all we're making a lot of noise because we think about we haven't had rain in forever. and so now we're getting rain, and we're not just getting a drive by system like last week. we're getting a in the systems that kind of keep coming on top of each other right one after the other, and then on sunday, the culmination of this will be a big hit. significant range. significant wind. i mean real,
6:01 pm
straight up storm, especial


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