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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 18, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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first black secretary of state, has died of covid 19 complications. colin powell was fully backs nated but battling cancer tonight doctors are reassuring people that the coronavirus vaccine is effective. the covid vaccine is still one of our most powerful tools in preventing infection. uh, even in patients with the
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immune compromised conditions. colin powell's family says he was battling parkinson's disease and myeloma. good evening. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm greg lee in tonight for frank, despite what studies have shown some are using the general's death to question vaccine efficacy. but experts are pushing back ktvu jana katsuyama joins us live now, janet, you spoke with the bay area cancer patient and doctors. what were their reactions? well greg and julie they were very sad and very sympathetic. knowing firsthand how people battling cancer are especially vulnerable to covid. the doctors say that including palace age as one reason there's another reason with cancer why the vaccine might have helped but can't prevent every death. general colin powell's family posted their message on his facebook page monday morning, saying the decorated warrior and diplomat lost his final battle to complications from covid-19, adding that he was fully vaccinated. amidst the outpouring of love and support
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where comments, saying his death should cause people to think twice about the vaccine shots. despite all the controversy that we see publicly in the u. s. i think that. there's absolutely no doubt that for the imminent compromise for everyone, that vaccination is really the way forward dr brian durie, chairman of the international myeloma foundation, and other doctors say powell's death does not indicate the vaccines don't work. that's because powell was more vulnerable because he was being treated for multiple myeloma. myeloma is actually a type of bone marrow cancer, which involves the immune system. and so there is a immune suppression as part of the disease. dr durie says. cancer treatments also suppressed patients antibody response when they received the covid vaccines. these patients. they get the vaccination, but the body responses blended. uh, was surprised to learn that he had multiple myeloma. jack
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aiello, a san jose runs a myeloma support group, and says powell's death was sad news for him and other cancer patients. it's bad enough. we've got cancer, but now we've got this vaccine that. isn't exactly controlling covid like we'd like to see controlled. but aiello says it highlights the importance of cancer patients to be cautious even when vaccinated and to encourage those around them to get the shots. some studies indicate cancer patients response to covid vaccines is much lower than the general population. our own practice we've seen about. maybe 80% of the patients do mount an antibody response. some studies have said stated that it may be, you know, 60, but it ranges. and dr alfred cheung, who just heard there is an oncologist at ucsf and says that is why he and others are urging cancer patients to get that covid booster shot. so far. powell's family has not said whether he received the booster shot himself. an important message
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tonight, especially for the immuno compromised, janet. thank you. corne powell was being remembered as a trailblazing public servant and diplomat. fox news jennifer griffin takes a look back at his life and career. the first black national security advisor, the first black chairman of the joint chiefs and the first black secretary of state colin powell, broke barriers and made history known for his integrity. a soldier for 35 years he is remembered for his role in the first gulf war and the powell doctrine, which stated the u. s should only use military force if it has clear and achievable objectives with public support, sufficient firepower and an exit strategy. our strategy to go after this army is very, very simple. first we're going to cut it off. and then we're gonna kill it, he famously told then secretary of state madeleine albright that u. s troops should not be used as toy soldiers. his pottery barn rule. you break it you own. it was a tough lesson the us
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learned after the invasion of afghanistan and iraq after 9 11. during a white house event honoring teachers. president biden spoke about powell, born in harlem to jamaican immigrants, not only a dear friend and the patriot, one of our great military leaders and a man of overwhelming decency, he joined rotc at the city college of new york. this is a guy and we talk about. who had teachers who looked at this african american kids. and said, you can do anything served two tours in vietnam as secretary of state under george w. bush despite deep skepticism about the iraq invasion, he presented the intelligence suggesting saddam hussein had wmd to the united nations, which he later said he regretted saddam hussein. has not verifiably accounted for even one teaspoonful of this deadly material. republicans hoped he'd run for president in 1996, but his wife, alma, was concerned about his safety. he
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endorsed president obama and joe biden and emerged as a vocal critic of president trump after the january 6th storming of the u. s. capitol powell said he no longer considered himself a republican. he never stopped believing in america. and we believe in america. in no small part because it helped produce someone like colin powell. colin powell, a soldier until the end, died at walter reed. due to covid 19. he was fully vaccinated but was also undergoing treatment for a rare blood cancer, which suppressed his immune system. he was 84 at the pentagon. jennifer griffin, fox news. tributes are pouring in tonight. oakland congresswoman barbara lee reacted to powell's death by saying, in part despite our disagreements on some issues, general powell was steadfast in his commitment to racial equity, diversity and our democracy. general powell served this country with decency integrity and showed respect to everyone he encountered. may he rest in
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eternal peace and power and vice president kamala harris said powell inspired many by breaking barriers in the military and in government. and it's been a lot of conversation about. no young service members and others not only in in the military, but in our nation and around the globe. took notice of what his accomplishments meant as a reflection of who we are as a nation. the white house today lowered flags to half staff in honor of powell. americans could soon be allowed to get a different covid-19 vaccine as a booster as part of a mix and match approach that is expected to be approved by federal regulators. the new york times is reporting the decision could come on wednesday, the same day the fda is expected to authorize boosters of the moderna and johnson and johnson vaccines, according to a recent study recipients of the johnson and johnson vaccine who received a modern, a booster. saw their antibody levels increased 76 fold in 15 days, compared to a
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four fold increase after an extra dose of johnson and johnson. this afternoon, some bay area parents rallied against the state vaccine mandate for schoolchildren and napa. this afternoon, a few dozen parents and students protested outside the county administration building. elementary through high school students will be required to get the shots once a vaccine receives full approval from federal regulators. so far that approval only has come for those 16 and up people at the rally say they want the option not to get their children vaccinated. several 100 people turned out for a protest at the state capitol in sacramento this morning. organizers of the event say the state should not force children to get the covid vaccine in order to attend school in person. the state superintendent of public instruction, released a statement saying he supports the vaccine mandate because it will keep students and educators safe schools open several train cars carrying toxic and corrosive sulfuric acid derailed in oakland today. it happened at about 10 45 this
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morning at the company's railyard near middle harper road and seventh street at the port of oakland. luckily none of the potentially hazardous materials leaked from those train cars, and there were no reports of any injuries about 40. oakland firefighters worked with union pacific specialist to safely upright the six derailed cars right after the accident we spoke with oakland's fire chief about what fire crews found. we have actually made entry into the hot zone and assess the damage to the cars, and we are happy to report that there currently are no leaks. the cause of the derailment is still under investigation. coming up after the break the mountain lion prompts to schools in the north bay to lock down for hours later tonight the evaluation the big cat must undergo after officials say it's unusual behavior. excuse me, it's behavior was unusual. and we got a little bit of rain yesterday there's more on the way. as you know, we'll look at that. the five day forecast
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after the break up first, a new resource for the vietnamese community in the south bay up next, how community leaders say the vietnamese american service centre will make a big difference. it will create services delivered to the vietnamese american community educational services, safety educational services, safety net services, health servi i didn't have to shout out for help. because you didn't have another dvt. not today. one blood clot puts you at risk of having another, so we chose xarelto®, to help keep you protected. xarelto® is proven to treat and reduce the risk of dvt or pe blood clots from happening again. almost 98% of people did not have another dvt or pe. don't stop taking xarelto® without talking to your doctor, as this may increase risk of blood clots. while taking, a spinal injection increases risk of blood clots, which may cause paralysis. you may bruise more easily or take longer to stop bleeding.
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to learn more about cost, blowing up on social media after guests were hit with threatening vandalism during their stay. ktvu deborah villalon live now in green valley and found the property is embroiled in a bitter dispute. deb. juliet something travelers have no inkling of when they booked. the place. surveillance video shows the intruder earlier this month. a neighbor's camera caught the vandal arriving on edinburgh court after one a.m. and leaving 16. minutes later, an extended family on vacation, woke to find tires slashed on their rental van and in spray paint on the garage. this is your final warning. the tribe has spoken. leave this place or else you have no idea who lives on this mountain. do not underestimate our people. this is violence. it's supported. i mean, we would never want to see something like this. in our
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neighborhood. neighbors in the coldest sack are locked in a two year feud with the homeowner over his short term rental. but condemned the vandalism and try to console the guests who share their experience on social media, calling it a scary encounter. they were very upset, rightfully so. it's a nightmare vacation and v r b o and the owners that owned this place. operating illegally set them up. and they should be held accountable for that, both of them now new cars are in the driveway more guests inside but not answering the door for $1200 a night they get seven bedrooms and proximity to wine country. but months ago, county supervisors denied a permit and an abatement order has been issued. even so, visitors keep coming. this isn't the type of neighborhood for that. most of the people who live here. almost all of us are well over 70, and it's a nice quiet neighborhood always has been. well. we've got to get the county to enforce the rules that they've set or else there are no rules. if you don't enforce them, then they don't
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really exist. and that's what these owners have said is we'll just keep doing it. neighboring napa county has strict rules around vacation rentals, solano is still catching up. the sheriff has made repeated trips here five times since april. after 10 o'clock with the loud music and the noise and that sort of thing, and they've they've written reports and deputies responded to the vandalism in which the hooded suspect tried to hide by painting over some, but not all security cameras. not knowing who did this or how seriously to take it. neighbors have asked the sheriff to stay involved. please come by and inform the next renters because we don't know if there's some nutcase walking around, right? and they could unknowingly be walking into another risk situation. hosting about this incident, the out of state guest complaints. both v. r b o and the homeowner refused her a refund. apparently v. r b o has since relented julie. her advice to travellers is
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independently research. any address you book to make sure it's on the up and up. and given that this property has had multiple problems such as this is there any obligation to inform a renter that there has been problems here in the past? it doesn't seem like something that that site like v. r b o is going to advertise, so the next option for neighbors is to go back to county supervisors in china to strengthen the regulations locally. yes. seems like something needs to be done. alright, deborah villalon reporting live for us tonight in green valley, deborah. thank you. the san mateo city council voted to extend the city's temporary outdoor dining program through next spring. the council approved the program in june of last year to provide more outdoor space for restaurants during the pandemic. the program was supposed to end december 31st. but during tonight's council meeting, it was extended through april 30th due to ongoing concerns about the spread of covid-19. which will allow businesses to keep all of
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the outer structures that they currently have with roofs and a lot of businesses that may not want permanent part splits, um a few months longer to get through the winter months. the city council also directed staff to end the temporary closure of b street in downtown san mateo. county leaders in the south bay are set to open a brand new state of the art. vietnamese americans service centre. santa clara county is home to the second largest vietnamese population outside of vietnam. ktvu is. azenith smith joins us live in east san jose after getting a tour as nick. well county leaders say there is nothing like it in the country. take a look. it will be a one stop shop tailored to vietnamese americans to get vital health services. i purpose room county staff showing off santa clara county's new vietnamese american service centre in east san jose off to lien center roads ahead of saturday's big
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grand opening. this gleaming building behind me is almost ready to open its doors. and this is a culmination of years and years of work. the idea for the center began in 2011 after a county health assessment of the vietnamese american community found alarming stats. vietnamese american women were five times more likely to be diagnosed with cervical cancer. vietnamese people had high rates of asthma, but because of cultural and language barriers, they struggled to get health care. what we really started to glean was that we needed a very specific approach to making sure that we could keep the vietnamese american community. healthy the 37,000 square foot center, serving as a hub for county health and behavioral services. first floor is the lobby. what i love about this course. this is actually our pharmacy, second floor dedicated to health services and lab work. third floor is filled with community rooms, event space and childcare services above our head. at a
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abstract light insulation, which is paying almost conical hat or non loud vietnamese culture. details throughout the building pay respect to vietnamese traditions like bamboo etching, symbolizing protection a safe space after the fall of saigon, as we know thousands of vietnamese refugees. fled persecution and headed to the united states, but so many ended up here as a second generation vietnamese american. it's a very emotional project. it is absolutely a labor of love, bettie youngs parents came to san jose as refugees in the late seventies, relying on social services as a kid, she often translated for them. she hopes no other kid will have to do that. we are ready. we will be staffed with bilingual impact. cultural staff speaking vietnamese and spanish to serve not only the vietnamese american community, but our neighbors. and the center is open to everyone, including neighboring residents, but cost for this project $50 million live in san jose. i'm
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adam smith, ktvu fox two news. vice president kamala harris visited lake mead in nevada today to pitch the president's infrastructure and build back better plans. the vice president said. president biden's agenda can help address the region's worsening drought conditions like need supplies, drinking water to millions of people in the western us, including parts of california. during her visit, harris pointed to the lake's water level, which has receded significantly over the past two decades. that space is larger than the height of the statue of liberty in just the last 20 years. this is where we're headed. so let's take on a sense of responsibility with a sense of urgency and do something about this. vice president harris says the infrastructure and build back better programs would push investments in water recycling, water desalination and drought. contingency plans. california has recorded its driest year in nearly 100 years, the western
10:20 pm
regional climate center says nearly 12 inches of rain and snow fell across the state over the past year. roughly half of what's considered average in california. that's the state's driest year since 1924 emergency drought proclamations have already been issued in most of california, and the situation doesn't look like it will be getting better anytime soon. experts predict the upcoming rainy season will bring below average precipitation. well they're banking that on a la nina craig, and that's a tough one. because the latinos signature is not that strong and this could be a pretty good winter. um just so long range rainfall forecaster super important right now for two years into a drought. but this law nina pattern that we're under is gives us the opportunity to. actually it's a week when to give us some actual real rainfall, and we've been seeing that right. we've had a pretty good rain thus far. of course, all bets are off as you get going in the season. you know, castle darryl came in under a half inch downtown was 3/10 of an inch of close 0.8 in san francisco.
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that's the first of a series. i want to show you what's happening here. we've got. this system coming in as we head into tuesday night. right so tuesdays are partly cloudy, mostly quite a tuesday night into wednesday morning and then it breaks up. not a big deal. a lot like this last one, and then here comes thursday. baiting the day like thursday night into friday morning, and then here comes saturday morning, right or saturday afternoon. and then here comes sunday sunday's the big the big one. so what i just showed you is a series of weather systems. we're going to get wet around here. we're not expecting flooding or anything, but it will help. certainly with the drought, it will help. infinitely with the fire danger, and the other thing you can do to is that a suggestion for a view their day it's you know, with this in mind. just turn off your water. put water in your launch. like okay. just put it away. save some water because we're going to be doing okay with the rain this week and it should continue from there. that's what we're hoping. i'll see you back here a little bit. we'll see in a bit, bill. thank you. still to come tonight, the latest on the mountain lion that was tranquilized in the north bay
10:22 pm
today. also the video showing a lifesaving rescue in san francisco. a man falls to his death at a concert in san francisco later tonight, we hear from the man who witnessed not one, but two people fall at chase center last night. he went out of you. and uh, i realized later that that was a huge drop, mayb fire thanks to hf
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his neighbors today, this is video from the citizen app you can see the man sitting in the window of that home in the forest knolls neighborhood. smoke is billowing out. a neighbor put up a ladder on top of a vehicle to try to get that man out. he hesitated at first. then you see him climbing down. san francisco. fire says that man is okay. but minutes later the apartment burst into flames. crews say the cause of that fire was due to smoking now to the north bay, where a mountain line was spotted prompting to schools to lock down their campuses for several hours.
10:25 pm
ktvu tom baker spoke with wildlife experts who say the mountain lions behavior was unusual. with a nearby mountain lion sighting at 7:40, a.m. evergreen elementary and lawrence jones middle school were closed down for three hours monday morning. the £70 female wearing a collar tracking device was found crouching your eagle park, perhaps in some sort of distress. we have a, uh, elementary school approximately 100 yards away from this location. we have an apartment complex. probably less than 50 yards away as well. police called in wildlife experts because the animal's behavior was odd for a grown predator. it was crouched down, not able to move with a small amount of people, probably eight people, which is a lot within 75 ft. that animal would have. started off just hearing this coming 500 ft away. so to see it, just sitting there like that. we knew there was something significantly wrong with it. based on the animals tracking, um past. and um how the current
10:26 pm
animal's behavior they determined that it was probably the best thing to do to tranquilize it. a representative of true wild dot org wildlife conservation and advocacy group, which put the tracking collar on the lion in march, tranquilized the lion s. true wild, then took the line as to wildlife rescue sonoma county, one of only four wildlife facilities in california license to handle mountain lions. after an initial valuation. it was then taken to a private wildlife qualified veterinarian. the lioness was supposed to be back to wildlife rescue within an hour, veterinarians decided to look much closer. so any time you're able to do a full medical work up, you can find out a lot about the end. what's going on with the animal internally? late in the afternoon? when the lion was returned to wildlife rescue her blood no, no normal. about that. um what do the mri normal
10:27 pm
really normal normal. it's a mystery. this lioness will rest and recuperate for a couple of days. and if she exhibits normally, behavior than fish and wildlife, will find a new place to put her back into the wild. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. bus service suspended for some students in berkeley up next how families are getting creative to get their kids to school also do coronavirus rules for stanford students the new guidance that will keep some students from attending in person classes after the thanksgiving holiday coming up later in sports, will break down the giants offseason questions as they look to resign several key free agents. and the vote tomorrow that could lead to contempt charges in connection to the january in connection to the january 6th subway has so much new i ran out of time in the last ad... so i'll take it from here. sorry steph.
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for elementary students in berkeley. the district suspended service after a number of drivers and other staff members were exposed to covid-19 currently in quarantine. ktvu is american town is live in the newsroom and amanda parents are being forced to find other ways to get their kids around. yes well, along with bringing kids to and from school, the buses also take kids to after school programs. while some kids couldn't make it to those activities today because of the bus cancellation, a group of parents quickly created their own carpool schedule to get kids to after care. nothing is shocking. at this point. we are just rolling with the punches with school closures and quarantines this year, parents weren't surprised to learn most of berkeley school bus drivers had been exposed to covid. we're going to do it again. yeah, i think so. weak right? four days, i think with buses cancelled through thursday, parents are leaning on each other that are. tag team family. they have two different pick up time. so we're coordinating with other families who have
10:31 pm
similar earlier release late release. parents that are lucky enough to work from home took a bit of a long lunch break to pick up groups of kids, often strapping a few of them in cargo bikes to bring them to aftercare here at san pablo park. that was fun instead of riding the bus. yeah well, it wasn't inconvenience for many parents, especially those who don't have the luxury of working from home. they seem to understand this was bound to happen with covid still spreading. everyone's been trying to be responsible for the last two years, and it's just getting really hard on everybody. you know, so people slip up mistakes. i talked to those people on the bus and for the kids rose here or would have liked to talk to more of her friends on the bus, but she's happy her neighbours stepped in. or she wouldn't have gotten to go to after care at all. it's like the first time i've gotten picked up in a while. because you take the bus every day. yeah but making sacrifices is nothing new for families during the pandemic. we're all in it together as
10:32 pm
parents and as educators. based on how long the bus drivers need to quarantine. the school district expects them to be back to work on friday. greg good to see the parents having a good attitude about it, amanda. thank you. new attend. stanford is imposing new rules for after the thanksgiving break unvaccinated students and students who travel internationally will not be able to attend in person classes. those students will be restricted until they test negative for the coronavirus. the university announced the new rules today, saying it will not make accommodations for students who cannot attend class so they are discouraging travel. a life changing vaccine incentive now being offered in san francisco. san francisco state university says it will award 10 full scholarships to young people who get the covid vaccine. the prizes are available only to san francisco residents between the ages of 12 and 17. people who are 18 now but were 17 when they got their shots are also eligible.
10:33 pm
the winners will be chosen by lottery. three san francisco school board members will face a recall election on february 15th. the district announced that recall supporters have gathered enough signatures to qualify for the ballot. the drive targeted board president gabriella lopez, commissioner allison collins and vice president fog a mulligan. backers are angry over what they called botched efforts to get students back into classrooms. the recall is expected to cost the cast strap district as much as $8 million. tragedy in san francisco after a man falls to his death at a concert at chase center, and it wasn't the only fall at last night's phish concert. ktvu is christian captain spoke with a fan who witnessed both incidents. the band. phish is known for their mellow grooves and loyal following now those fans are recovering from the shock of two separate falls at sunday night's show at chase center, one of them deadly this
10:34 pm
video shot just minutes before tragedy struck. robert mullen was in town from austin, texas, to watch the show and says shortly before nine pm, he was just a few feet away from tragedy. we were a couple rows behind the first guy that jumps intentionally, and then we saw him right when he put his feet up on the barrier. and stood up and just left. and he went out of you. and uh, i realized later that that was a huge drop, maybe, like four stories or so. witnesses said. the man came within inches of hitting another man on the lower level. but despite the number of concert goers inside, amazingly missed everyone. san francisco police confirmed the incident, releasing a statement reading in part quote. officers arrived at the area and observed an adult male who was suffering from injuries caused by a possible fall. despite the efforts of the emergency responders, the victims to come to his injuries and was declared dead at this time we
10:35 pm
have found no evidence of foul play for this incident. mohan says he and his wife were deeply shaken by what they just seen when the unthinkable happened again. we went across the arena. uh 15 minutes later to just try to see if we could move on. and we're sitting there and separate deciding whether to leave or not still up high but far away to just try to re center ourselves. and another guy falls this time by accident. but it was just right there in front of us again again. mohan says the second fall was about 20 ft or so to the lower level, police say the man who fell in that second incident did land on another man. both were taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. mohan says he and his wife left the concert after that second incident, boarded a plane and returned home to texas. he says they're still trying to process all that they witnessed. we found up heading home because we saw two people fall. one
10:36 pm
obviously worse than the other, but, um after after seeing that. it shook us up and we headed out and we also reached out to shea center, and they released a statement reading in part quote, we extend our heartfelt condolences to the guests loved ones. we are working with local authorities to determine exactly what happened. police are still investigating both of these incidents in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news. a rare monday event from apple later tonight the upgrades, the company announced two of its major products here we are tracking the showers that are back in the forecast for this week. at first targeting supply chain issues how officials hope to get more truck drivers out
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but you know what they say: release of documents to the congressional committee. looking into the january 6th storming of the u. s capitol and in manhattan protestors were outside trump tower where the former president gave a videotaped deposition in the lawsuit. several people claim they were beaten by trump security guards in september, 2015 shortly after trump announced he was running for president. former president said in a statement that the protesters were to blame for the scuffle. the house committee investigating that january 6th capital riot is scheduled to vote tomorrow on whether or not to pursue criminal contempt charges against steve bannon. the committee released a letter is sent to former president trump strategist. bannon failed to show up for a scheduled deposition last week, ignoring a subpoena. he claims he is protected by executive privilege, which the panel dismissed. there was growing concern in the us over what appears to be china's major advances in weapons technology. the financial times reports that in august, china tested a
10:40 pm
hypersonic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. the missile was launched into low orbit space. u s intelligence officials were reportedly caught off guard. earlier this year, chinese officials announced a $208 billion boost in that country's defense budget and nearly 7% increase. transportation secretary pete buttigieg's says his department is working with state dmvs to reduce bureaucracy surrounding commercial driver's licenses. the department's efforts are aimed at addressing the shortage of truck drivers in the us, which experts say is contributing to the disruption of the supply chain. many trucking companies are trying to recruit recent high school graduates. but they say interstate regulations put restrictions on drivers under 21. they can drive the full width of texas. they can drive the full length of california but they can't cross the line from, say, the savannah port. five miles over the bridge to make a delivery in south carolina. trucking companies say they lost a lot of drivers
10:41 pm
during the pandemic. they say many retired early or entered the construction business. it was a mixed day on wall street as the market's momentum slowed down following its best week since july, the dow fell 36 points but the nasdaq rose 124 points after gains in several big technology companies. the s and p also finished higher up 15 points. disney is pushing back the release dates and many of its upcoming movies. it includes the fifth indiana jones and the black panthers sequel. what kinda forever the company says the untitled indiana jones movie will be delayed almost a year and opened in 2023. locanda forever has been pushed back several months from july, 2022 to november 2022. both films are currently in production. other marvel titles have also been delayed in production. disney did not give a reason for those delays. we celebrated last night when we heard raindrops on the skylight. firefighters celebrate the rain, the recent
10:42 pm
rain up next how they say it will help the fire season that is still in full swing and chief meteorologist bill martin's back after the break. there's a live look outside to tell us how much more rain we can expect in our five day forecast. night, and it was a we
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
sight for firefighters ktvu is rob roth tells us, they say the rain is coming. not a minute too soon. conditions have been
10:45 pm
ripe for months in the bay area right for catastrophic wildfires because the drought has left vegetation dangerously dry and often october has been especially notorious for wildfires, leaving cal fire holding its collective breath, but with rain in the immediate forecast, firefighters may be able to finally exhale. we celebrated last night when we heard raindrops on the skylight. the forecast cost for light rains much of the week, but it's expected to get heavier over the weekend a fuels. are going to need, uh, you know a significant around amount of rain to really. change their moisture content. the north bay is expected to be the wettest, possibly seeing five inches over the next week, says the national weather service, even if we dry out for the rest of the calendar year. this will least put a dent in things for a little while. wildfires have s
10:46 pm
in the past few years. last year, it was the glass fire, which destroyed more than 1500 buildings, and there was great concern. a similar scene could come this year. we seem as of right now, at least in the north bay. have kind of dodged a bullet. um the rain is definitely a welcome sight, especially here locally in santa rosa, but the coming rains are creating a new concern. fire scars, the glass fire scorched more than 67,000 acres with no vegetation to absorb it. if the rain is heavy enough, it could create mudflows, leaving residents to quickly pivot from fire terrain. and now we have to quickly shift gears and start educating some of those same residents on some of the risks regarding living immediately around some of these burn stars. the water utility say will take many more rain storms to put an end to the drought in contra costa county, rob roth, ktvu fox two news, all that rain in the bay area and snow in the sierra. the snowplows were out today near donner summit. it's a welcome sight
10:47 pm
for many living in the tahoe area, but there were some headaches on the roads. interstate 80 was closed as crews dealt with spinouts accidents and the accumulation of snow can give you chief meteorologist bill martin is here now with a look at what's to come, bill. yeah we definitely have more rain in the forecast as you've been hearing and it's going to be one after another. with little breaks in between the first few is rob mentioned aren't really that powerful. kind of like last night, maybe a little goose little more juicier than that. but then, by sunday started into sunday. we've got a pretty good pop, and that's going to be our main event. so over the next few days, umbrellas will be needed on law. not tomorrow. here is tomorrow. right here, 10 o'clock tonight. you see tomorrow? and then tomorrow night into wednesday morning, there's that pretty weak, really, but still wet. kind of like the last one, maybe a little bit more. and then, as you get into thursday afternoon into friday morning, you get that and then you get into saturday night. you get into that. and then you get into sunday again into that. so you
10:48 pm
get the picture. the timing on this is going to move around a bunch. but you get it. they're spaced out. they're not that juicy until you get to this last one. the last one's got game. the other ones do too. i mean, they're gonna bring rain. it's all helpful stuff, but that one uh, pop at the end, it looks pretty good. so some of the rainfall accumulations are pretty impressive. you see the reds and the yellows just look at the contours to you know, that's where you want rain to fall. by the way, because we got the rivers up there. we've got the reservoirs up there. that's where you want the rain to be um and we can handle the water. we can store. a lot of it. 200 leak shasta's right here. lake or bills right here. two largest surface reservoirs in the state, and they need rain. desperately you've seen pictures. so the model for tomorrow does this. this is your day tomorrow. okay? this is the computer model. quality all day and then somewhere around late tomorrow night into wednesday morning, we get wet. and then it goes away. little bit, maybe a sprinkle this afternoon, but it looks like it goes, which mostly tuesday night into wednesday morning, so it's a ways off. no fog along the coast. tomorrow's
10:49 pm
mostly nice day clouds increase. and then, like i said, you get into that rain wednesday night and third, uh into thursday morning. this system is the one we're talking about. now um, offshore that's false returns we're not seeing any fog as you look at the system one more time to see it. wind up. about two a.m. moves through the heart of the bay area. and then kind of just maybe a few sprinkles. i'm not sure what's going on here. but maybe something wednesday lunchtime. it's really again tuesday night into wednesday morning, the forecast overnight lows are gonna be chilly. we've got temperatures will get down into the thirties, and that has to do with. lots of things. sun angle days are getting shorter, and we had a little bit of cold front go through yesterday and that left some cool air napa valley could easily see temperatures down to the mid thirties as we head into tomorrow morning, so chilly. kids are off to school. they need jackets. you probably need jackets, and it's gonna be like this all week it's gonna be kind of a mild to cool week forecast highs tomorrow even though it's cloudy partly cloudy. mostly cloudy. and then
10:50 pm
the five day forecast you see, just on again off again on again off again. exactly what you want to see. it's good stuff really is we'll see you back here, 11. we'll see them, bill. thank you. apple introduced revamps and upgrades on several key products during an event today. so today we're focusing on two important areas. music and the mac. the company announced revamps for its third generation airpods and new m series mac book pro laptops. it also rolled out a series of new colors for its homepod many and touted a price drop for apple music. apple is now offering apple music voice, a new $5, a month service that is designed exclusively for syria. despite its current troubles, facebook says it plans to hire 10,000 workers in europe over the next five years to work on a new computing platform. they will work on building a metaverse, a platform that connects people online. using augmented and virtual reality. facebook sees this as a key component of its future. and a major driver of
10:51 pm
new technology investment ceo mark zuckerberg first laid out his vision for this over the summer. facebook is currently dealing with antitrust crackdowns. the testimony of a whistleblowing ex employee and concerns about how it handles misinformation. coming up. next in sports. it's game three american league championship series as the red talks look to take the series lead against the astros. then on the 11 o'clock news, a singer well known on social media robbed at gunpoint in san francisco what the suspects got away with at 11.
10:52 pm
in business, setbacks change everything. so get comcast business internet and add securityedge. it helps keep your network safe by scanning for threats every 10 minutes. and unlike some cybersecurity options, this helps protect every connected device. yours, your employees' and even your customers'. so you can stay ahead.
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get started with a great offer and ask how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. vital room tonight. i'll tell you what most of the bay area has kind of a soft spot for dusty baker. i think a lot of people would like to see him
10:54 pm
when his first ever as a manager, world championship, but bad, he better hurry up and put a staff t. the astros pitching just bludgeoned again at fenway park, boston. houston's got johnny b. baker but the red sox not to get a little, uh, french bread. swiss cheese hits it. it's the mustard and of course. the salami kyle's schwarber. just a obliterates a three pitch. yeah. he had the green light socks to the first team to ever hit three grand slams in a postseason series six. nothing just to make it look extra good. remember the name christian a royal wants a top prospect with the giants organization to run monster now 993 in the sixth, jd martinez clobbers another to run. moonraker. yes take out the laundry and the dugout. this thing's over boston batteries and some leather hunter run for oh, in right
10:55 pm
field, robbing carlos correa. a guess it's not your time. korea 12 3 of final boston shellacking and on their way to a two games to one seriously in this one at fenway pack, alright, final take on the giants as the healing continues for their fans. how about this? no complaints. i mean, just a fantastic season. 109 wins but lots of questions, though, as they move into the offseason, joe fonzi takes a look at the next steps. the giants won't be on the field again until pitchers and catchers report to spring training next february. but some of the most important decisions about next season will be made in the very near future. in their exit meeting today, general manager farhan zaidi and manager gabe kapler confirmed their most pressing issue is this starting pitching rotation with only logan web assured of coming back and we have interest in retaining all of those guys? but you know
10:56 pm
this is probably the segment of the free agent market. that's. hardest to predict the giants are a little better set with their very versatile position players. but there are some big names in the conversations like well, buster posey, be back. i just. thought you know mentioned that i thought it was the best catcher in baseball this year, so that may be the answer that you're looking for. how about brandon belt? he's happy here. i think he feels really appreciated. he's a big part of this team and will certainly hope that those are productive dialogues. and finally chris bryant. we recognize that he's you know, superstar talent, and it's going to be a really competitive market for his services, and i'm sure we'll have conversations there. but you know he's going to have a long line of suitors. one thing is for sure. 2021 will be a tough regular season anyway to top. joe fonzi ktvu fox two. man right number one would be get kris bryant back. that guy is elite continued it right
10:57 pm
into the postseason, all right back to work monday for the san francisco 49 years after the bye week, they're goingnational spotlight taking on the colts for the sunday night game, and in case you might be wondering as fans always seemed to be who's going to be the quarterback. i think the answer no matter what the team tells you pretty transparent. it's got to be jimmy garoppolo. he's back down the practice field today. we had the extra week as he missed that arizona game prior to the by with the calf injury, and nowhere to be seen today was the rookie trey lance, still recovering from his sprained knee. so sunday night, jimmy garoppolo at the helm monday night football. goodwin titans and bills, seven lead changes and thousands. of halloween costumes already in the stands. second quarter down six nothing titans high powered human tractor plows through the line, put it into overdrive. 76
10:58 pm
yards. derek hendrick! god yeah, three touchdowns in 143 yards rushing late second bills down. 17 13 josh allen kind of glides free spots. cole beasley 29 yards touchdown 22 17. bills at halftime, but it comes down to this. 34 31 tightens less than 30 left inside of the five a sure thing to get the field goal that tired send it to overtime but the bills foolishly, thanks to coach sean mcdermott called. go for it, uh, for the first down on fourth and one from the three allen is just absolutely swallowed up by the titans line. and that is it tightens, eke it out 34 to 31 not a good play call at the end. hey let's go back to that game. can we? let's check this out? because this is a play worth knowing from that figure. julio jones, former atlanta
10:59 pm
falcons wide out for the types look at this catch after bounce and what's incredible, blotted stuff. footwork to stay in bounds that is first ruled out of bounds. that is unbelievable agility right there. julio jones, all right. can we check this out? i think we're all familiar with this game, although they're calling it a new sport. first ever balloon world cup goes to peru and francisco de la cruz wins it. 33 teams entered, and greg, i think you said it on an earlier newscast. didn't we all kind of. do that at home. i would have been started this mark. you could have finally got that gold medal. even great, so proud. finally that's the sporty line. we'll see you guys in about 25 minutes. mark thank you. next at 11 actually asked the sheriff's department. please come by and inform the
11:00 pm
next renters because we don't know if there's some nutcase walking around right? and they could unknowingly be walking into another risk situation. the frightening stay for guests at a short term rental tonight the threatening message to a family on vacation. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. a group of neighbors of property owner and short term renters caught in the middle. hello again. i'm greg lee in for frank tonight, and i'm julie julie haener. the renters of that vacation home woke up to threatening messages demanding that they leave ktvu deborah villalon is live in the green valley area of fairfield tonight and found that the property is embroiled in a bitter dispute. deb. yeah julie, and it's a dispute that guests are unaware of when they book their stay, but neighbors say there is shocked as anyone by the vandalism, and they've turned their surveillance footage over to investigators. a neighbor's camera caught the vandal


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