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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  October 18, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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in doing so has died of complications of covid condolences coming in from around the united states for former secretary of state colin powell. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian the end and i'm quoting long infer mike mibach colin powell is being remembered as a trailblazing public servant and a diplomat, but his legacy also includes the push for the war in iraq. based on what turned out to be bad intelligence. ktvu zahle rasmus is live for us in the newsroom with a look at the extraordinary life and career of colin powell ali. we'll call dean from army soldier to secretary of state colin powell had a long, storied and sometimes controversial history in the military and in american politics. in a statement from colin powell's family, they mourned the loss of a quote, remarkable and loving husband, father, grandfather and a great american. the statement mentions that powell died from
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complications of covid 19, and that he was fully vaccinated. but his longtime aide confirmed that powell had recently battled multiple myeloma, a blood cancer that affects white blood cells and the body's immune system. us. secretary defense lloyd austin was the first u. s official to speak publicly to offer his condolences to powell's family always made time for me. and i can always go to him with tough issues. he always had great, uh, great council. we will certainly miss him. i feel as if i have a hole in my heart. just just learning of this. powell grew up in new york city, the son of jamaican immigrants after fighting two tours of combat duty in the vietnam war. he became the first black national security adviser during ronald reagan's presidency. he was the first black joint chiefs of staff under the first president bush. he later became the first black secretary of state in the george w bush administration. he gave the state department the very best of his leadership. his experience his patriotism. he gave us his decency. and the state
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department loved him for it. the nation's current secretary of state, antony blinken, paid tribute to powell. this morning, he walked around the building, dropping into offices unannounced, asking what people needed. making sure they knew he was counting on them. secretary powell was simply and completely. a leader colin powell's legacy is complicated and controversial. he pushed the us to go to war with iraq in 2000 and three using faulty intelligence to make the case before the united nations. powell would later refer to that mistake as a quote, blot on his record. and later years he drifted away from the republican party, declining to run for president himself. but endorsing barack obama and later president biden and a statement this morning, the president said, quote. colin embodied the highest ideals of both warrior and diplomat. he was committed to our nation's strength and security above all time and again. he put country before self before party before all else in uniform and out,
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and it earned him the universal respect of the american people. end quote. and this is video from earlier this morning when the american flag was lowered to half staff at the white house in honor of colin powell. former president george w. bush also offered a statement of condolence earlier this morning, calling powell a great public servant. and, more importantly, a friend live in the newsroom. ali rasmus ktvu. box two news. ali thank you. let's talk about this weather. now is the bay area got some much needed rain and even more is on the way. rosemary oroczo is here to explore what's coming next. rosemary yes. hello, garcia. claudine we are looking at a dry day for monday. the things start to change as early as tomorrow night. let's take a look at what is happening on the radar. at this time. you can see we have gone dry. we do have partly cloudy skies over the bay area and we are going to be unseasonably cool for the rest of today. by pull back just a little bit you can see where that system is now barely leaving areas of lake tahoe earlier this morning, but. primarily over nevada as we get into the rainfall amounts from
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the last day we are looking at anywhere from a few 100 to almost half inch of rain in certain areas. kazuhiro being one of those picking up a third of an inch point, reyes picking up almost 2/10 san francisco 8 107 inch reported there so not bad for an early season storm. a few more numbers here, mount town coming in with a little bit more than quarter of an inch fort bragg to the north of us. more than three quarters of an inch. so as we get into the rest of today will call for the partly cloudy conditions will call for the unseasonably cool weather. and then as we get into tomorrow morning, we start out dry. the afternoon is dry, but take a look at what is coming our way by tuesday night, and that will be the leading edge of what will be at least a handful of days of in and out of some wet weather. better details on what we can expect for the rest of today and the rest of the week coming up in just a bit. rosemary thank you. the rain and snow in the sierra might cause some problems in areas burned by the keldorf fire. thousands of trees were badly damaged by the fire burning south and west of
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lake tahoe that makes them vulnerable to the high winds and rain that have hit the area. fire officials say that storm damage would probably undo some of the repair work they've already done in the eldorado national forest called or fire has burned more than 346 square miles. it's 98% contained. in santa barbara county crews are making significant progress against the alice l fire, which started a week ago. it's brewing through almost 27 square miles and is now 70. excuse me. 80% contained. the weather is helping some light rain since midday yesterday, along with very light breezes, this fire is still threatening hundreds of homes and other buildings. cal fire says that crews now have 60% control of the estrada fire burning north of watsonville. this fire started friday as a prescribed bird but jumped containment lines. it's now bird 148 acres. the controlled burn was supposed to remove grass from just 20 acres, but strong winds pushed it. further structures are damaged, but one firefighter suffered injuries while on the fire lines. some parents here in the
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bay area across our state are protesting california's covid vaccine requirement by keeping their children home from school today. plans for the walkout began after governor newsom announced on october 1st california plans to mandate covid vaccines for all public school children. some parents oppose the vaccine mandate. others support it. i think to each their own. i mean, everybody. every parent needs to make the decision for their child. i think that it makes sense. i think that we know the vaccines work. um all of those kids are vaccinated against other diseases. and the reason why we don't have those diseases anymore is because we've allowed our children to be vaccinated against them. the mandate won't take effect until the u. s government has finishedmost of this week schoos service in berkeley will be suspended and the reason is because most of the bus service employees were exposed to covid
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19 and the school district told them they do have to quarantine parents were told to find other ways to get their children to school starting today through thursday, and students who arrived late because of transportation problems will be excused. bus service in the berkeley school district is expected to be back on friday. police in burlingame are investigating a deadly crash. it happened just after midnight and el camino real between broadway and carmelita avenues. two people died. one is in critical condition. rose were closed for seven hours for the investigation, but they're now open again. color has been many incentives to get the covid vaccine, including gift cards and cash prizes. but now there's an incentive offering free to wish in at san francisco state university details coming up also the debate over the safety of the golden gate bridge today as some look to make it safer for bicyclists in particular, will take a look at what's being considered and a timeline of when it will happen.
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teenagers. the wall street journal reports the agency is holding back on any final decision until it fully investigate whether modern a shot for teenagers could increase the risk of a rare inflammatory heart condition. the fda says its investigation will likely take several weeks. fighters vaccine, of course, still available for teenagers and 12 year olds. san francisco state is offering what could be a life changing incentive to
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some of the youngest people eligible for the covid vaccine. the school will award 10 full scholarships to people who get the covid vaccine. the prices are available only to san francisco residents between the ages of 12 and 17. people who are 18 now but were 17 when they got their vaccine are also eligible. the winners will be chosen by lottery and is more vaccine mandates go into effect, a growing number of police departments finding themselves at odds with officers. as reporter garrett tenney tells us at least one police union is urging officers to defy the order and even walk off the job if they're told to get vaccinated. the battle over vaccine mandates is heating up with a big focus this week on police in chicago, the friday deadline for officers to get their shots has expired, prompting a memo yesterday threatening discipline or termination for those who don't follow the policy. but the city's police union has urged its members not to report their vaccine status, leading to potential staffing shortages at
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a time when violent crime is rising across the city, or already short, many officers are either going to quit or engage in some sort of work stoppage rather than disclose their vaccination status. police here are now effectively barred from taking time off. a move being echoed by other police departments across the country is mandates go into effect in washington. today is the deadline for state troopers to get vaccinated, leading to hundreds of resignations. it's been nothing but just beating up our fellow employees. um constantly tell them they have to back they have to do this. they have to do that as the push to get shots and arms intensifies. the feds are also gearing up for a big booster effort. the fda gave the green light for additional shots from moderna and johnson and johnson, though it's still unclear if people will be able to mix and match with the boosters is going to be a degree of flexibility. of what a person who got the j and j originally can do either with j and j or
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with the mix and match from other products. earlier this month, covid became the leading cause of death for police officers across the country so far this year. in chicago. i'm garrett tenney, ktvu, fox two news. well doctor anthony fauci is worried that there may be another wave of covid-19 infections during the holiday season and he says everyone should get vaccinated as soon as possible. the problem is, as we all know. we still have approximately 66 million people who are eligible to be vaccinated when not vaccinated, the degree to which we continue to come down in that slope will depend on how well we do. about getting more people vaccinated. dr fauci also says that he's confident that covid booster shops will help end this pandemic. and there is a request for the biden administration to loosen the rules for the way that states and local governments can spend $350 billion of coronavirus relief money. many states and cities want more flexibility on how to spend that money, saying the rules right now are too
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restrictive. that money is part of the american rescue plan that will help local governments recover from the pandemic happening today, vice president kamala harris will be at lake mead in nevada should help focus attention on climate change and drought conditions at the largest man made reservoir in the country. she wants to draw attention to the biden administration's infrastructure and climate change proposals, which are currently stalled in congress. vice president harris will meet with federal and state officials there at lake mead. the lake supplies drinking water to millions in california, arizona, nevada and parts of northern mexico. and now it is time to check in with meteorologist rosemary rose, go for a look at the day. we had sunshine this morning, but. it's like some clouds are moving in. yes our humidity is up, and we are looking at partly cloudy skies mainly trying weather for the rest of today. garcia cladding hello to you and hello to all of you. hopefully you're enjoying this fall like weather and hopefully you had a chance to enjoy. the rain yesterday. some areas that receiving just a few 107 inch in the farther north. you go the better off we were. we're
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going to see another system come our way fairly quickly. not for today, though. here's a view from ktvu across the oakland estuary. what a beautiful sky. we've got some steel color in there, and this afternoon temperatures are running cool 56 in san francisco right now. 59 walnut creek. we have 59 in napa. we are expected to remain below average for the next few days were down by five degrees from yesterday at this time in oakland, down by seven sfo and then you go inland. and we're down by 14 degrees over livermore. so you're definitely feeling the chill compared to yesterday. the winds generally lied to over areas nearer napa fair filled a little breezy over areas of oakland and that north northwest flow is going to be with us throughout the course of the afternoon are relative humidity is up over recent days. that's some good news right now. big rock in the north bay reporting 71% oakland north reporting. 68% we are going to be dry for the rest of today. the system that brought us some rain and some snow to the sierra five inches reported all the way down to about 5000.
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ft. has now pushed off to the east, but there is more upstream. as we look into the days ahead. we are looking at several rounds of rain coming our way. here's a look at tomorrow morning. we'll start out with partly cloudy skies, dry conditions. there's the afternoon still dry. but look what is approaching northern california and by tomorrow night we expect that next system to roll in and roll through the bay area while we sleep. we get up wednesday morning and we have scattered showers left in the forecast before we dry out into the afternoon. and more snow for the sierra, as far as rainfall amounts for us could be similar to what we experienced over the weekend. a few 107 inch possible over the far south bay and then the farther north. you go the better chance you're going to see 2/10 of an inch quarter inch, maybe even half inch or so. outsider doors at this hour as we talked about going to remain cool. let's get to the afternoon highs because you'll see anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees below the seasonal average for today. 64 in santa rosa 62 expected for san francisco low sixties in oakland, 65 livermore in san jose 64 expected for you a
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better look at some of the afternoon high 60 degrees pacifica for today. for the inner east based 66 in antioch and in the north base. 64 expected for napa better details on the systems that are expected to come through as we roll through the next several days and into the weekend with the extended forecast coming up in just a bit. thank you, rosemary. after the break a mountain lion spotted and captured a area elementary school will tell you what authorities plan to do now with the big cat.
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classrooms and to rohnert park schools this morning after a mountain line was seen nearby, wrote it park dps shirt. some photos of the big cat person that walking sought in a creek about 100 yards away from evergreen elementary at 7 40 this morning. evergreen and lawrence jones middle school were both put on lockdown while fish and game rangers were called in to tranquilize the big cat. they did tranquilize it. it's going to go up to the wildlife rescue. um and they will. they will do some medical procedures on the on the animal and hopefully return it back to the wild. fish and game rangers say the line is an adult female mountain line does have a tracking collar biologists have been following her movements since march two. school lockdowns, by the way, have now been lifted. tomorrow will mark 30 years since the devastating firestorm that tore through the oakland and berkeley hills ktvu. greg liggins went to a commemoration ceremony honoring
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those who saved lives and those who died. these homes in the oakland hills represent a small fraction of the more than 3000 dwellings that have risen from the ashes of the 1991. oakland berkeley hills firestorm, a devastating event that began saturday october 1930 years ago. a tragedy sue piper will never forget my family lost our home in 1991. we had to escape the fire. it was a harrowing experience. it was surreal. it was like being in the movies. only it was real and it was hot. piper is secretary of the north hills community association, a sponsor of sunday's 30 year. firestorm commemoration picnic at oakland's lake to moscow, where people gathered to reflect on the fire's impact to the community, john grant. they rang a bell and read the names of each of the 25 lives. lost the city of oakland lost two of our family members. we recommit ourselves to doing everything we can to prevent these
12:22 pm
tragedies from striking again. mayor libby schaaf and other officials, like oakland's new fire chief spoke about the importance of prevention and togetherness. chief freeman says a lesson learned is the importance of having defensible space of 30 ft. around once home something the department and many homeowners take. seriously we come out. we do our annual inspections. i'm proud of the fact that we have 93% compliance this year. that's the highest percentage we've had in years. homeowner michael's atkin can attest to the department's dedication. the city. comes by and checks at least once a year to make sure that the brushes cleared a certain amount of distance from the from the homes that can lives. in one of the many rebuilt homes he was a mere teenager when his mother's home was swallowed by the fire. the immediate aftermath. i mean, it looked like a war zone. there was nothing left in the entire neighborhood. but chimneys. aerial photos on display at the commemoration revealed the massive swath of scorched earth where about 2800 homes and 400
12:23 pm
plus apartments were erased from the landscape. the event motivated piper to dedicate her life to preparedness with an emphasis on educating the sizable number of newer residents who weren't around and lack appreciation for what happened for those who did witness the event firsthand. the memories from 30 years ago are still fresh. it's been awhile, but it does in some ways seems like yesterday. because it's such a it's a seared into your memory. something like that to lose to lose a home. if you're interested in personal perspectives on the fire and its aftermath, the north hills community association has an area on its website called community come back then, and now we'll have a link at ktvu. .com greg liggins ktvu fox two news. u c. berkeley students are clearing out eucalyptus debris above cal's memorial stadium. eucalyptus trees are highly flammable members of the neighborhood organization hillside. fire safety groups say they were touched to see students from cal coming out to help. it was a very
12:24 pm
heartwarming response from the university community from the students when we heard that so many groups fall interior to come and help us. the student volunteers came from a number of organizations, including a fraternity and an environmental group. well it has now been 32 years since the massive loma parada earthquake rocked the bay area second base. so the oakland a's take, take what we have. well the long afraid of earthquake hit just after five p.m. on october 17th 1989 the magnitude 6.9 quake hit just as game three of the world series between the giants and the a's was getting underway. at candlestick park. 63 people died in the quake and more than 3400. others were injured, and this week emergency officials are urging people to participate in the world's largest earthquake drill. it's called the international shakeout day, and it's always the third thursday of october. this thursday morning, people all across our state will take
12:25 pm
part in the great california shakeout. it is an annual reminder to be prepared for the next big quake. be ready to drop, cover and hold on. state emergency agencies say everyone should check their homes and businesses to make sure they can withstand. a powerful quake. former president donald trump has reportedly wrapped up a videotaped deposition in new york today about an incident involving his security team during the early days of his presidential campaign. he was questioned about an incident in front of trump tower in september of 2015. shortly after he was announced that he he was running for president. a group of six demonstrators say they were beaten by a security guards. the suit is one of at least 10 civil cases currently pending against the former president. former president clinton is now home recovering this morning after he was discharged from southern california hospital. mr clinton along with his wife, former secretary of state hillary clinton, walked out of a uc irvine medical center yesterday morning in orange county. where you see mrs clinton waving, they shook hands and thank some of the hospital staff on the way out. the former president
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was admitted to the hospital last tuesday for a urinary tract infection that had spread to his bloodstream. a spokesperson said. mr clinton was treated with i v antibiotics. u s officials are working with authorities in haiti to get the release of kidnapped adults and children with us based missionary group blood details behind their abductions. plus a new pilot program is coming to any space city to help low income homeowners will tell you how the plan how the city is playing on using in law units to redevelop properties.
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bong! ♪ bong! today in tribute to colin powell, the first black secretary of state. he died today of complications of a breakthrough case of covid 19 at the age of 84. paul rose the ranks to become a four star army general national national security advisor to president ronald reagan and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. in 2000 and three as george w. bush's secretary of state. he made the case for war in iraq to the u. n and that was based on what he later learned was faulty intelligence on weapons of mass destruction. he called the assessment a blot on his record today. secretary of defense lloyd austin called powell a great leader and friend. he has been my mentor for a number of years. always made time for me. and i can
12:30 pm
always go to him with tough issues. he always had great, uh, great council. we will certainly miss him. i feel as if i have a hole in my heart. powell is survived by his his wife of almost 60 years. almost powell. the u. s is now offering to make condolence payments to the families of ted afghan civilians who were killed in a mistaken drone strike. seven children were among those killed in the drone strike which was launched as american troops were leaving the country in late august. the pentagon admits its efforts to target a terrorist group in kabul ended in what's now being called a tragic mistake. one man lost several family members in that drone strike. i ran to the car to take my nephew and then my wife called to me to take my other nephew. then i saw that the car was burning and i ran to pull out my daughter. she was totally burned. everyone was burned. the us has not yet revealed the amount of money involved in these condolence payments.
12:31 pm
chinese government today responded about a reported missile launch that is creating concerns around the world. china's foreign minister says the launch back in august involved a spacecraft, not a missile. and he says it was nothing more than a routine test to see if that spacecraft could be reused, but u s intelligence agencies reportedly have evidence that china was testing a nuclear capable missile. china's space program is run by its military, the biden administration says. starting in mid november, it will reinstate the remain in mexico policy at the border. that's to comply with an order by a federal judge in texas. who said that trump era policy of requiring asylum seekers to wait in mexico for the u. s court hearings was illegally terminated. the biden administration had ended the remain in mexico policy in june. a gang in haiti is believed to be behind the kidnapping of more than a dozen american missionaries. as phil kinsey reports, the country has been struggling with an uptick in gang violence. more than a dozen people from a u. s based missionary group were kidnapped
12:32 pm
by a gang in haiti over the weekend. u s officials now working with haitian authorities to secure the group's release. five children are among those abducted. the group comes from the ohio based christian aid ministries. they were on their way home from an orphanage when authorities believe they were kidnapped by the 400 more woes. oh gang! east of the capital of puerto prince. here are americans doing what we do best helping other people selflessly giving trying to help the people. the people of haiti 400 melo's oh was also blamed for kidnapping five priests and two nuns. earlier this year, local residents say they're concerned about the lack of security throughout the country. lot on the effective nothing. now we know that's not going to be good for drivers. people do not go out in the streets. cannot find people to transport. haiti has been struggling with the recent increase in gang related kidnappings. the violence in that country follows the assassination of its president
12:33 pm
back in july and a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in august that killed more than 2200 people. haiti is going through multiple moments now of crisis in the past several months months from the assassination a few months ago. if it's president, there are many very dangerous trends happening in haiti right now. haitian author pretty say in the past, gangs have demanded ransom amounts. in the hundreds of dollars, up to a million. in miami. phil keating, fox news. san jose is expanding its new approach to providing housing for people who are homeless. the city's going to build another emergency interim housing community this time at an overflow parking lot at the san jose police departments admin building on what's known as la e. we talked with san jose's mayor sam liccardo live this morning on mornings on two by utilizing, uh, under used public space public land. we've been able to build housing for the homeless at any percent less costs 70% less time than
12:34 pm
conventional. housing we're doing with quick build apartments with prefabricated modular housing, and we've done this now on three sites with different communities in our city, and we're now expanding that are 4th and 5th site. this new community will have 76 units as well as bathrooms, community kitchens, laundry facilities. mayor liccardo says the city's goal is to get 1000 of these units built by the end of next year. an organization founded by facebook's mark zuckerberg and his wife, priscilla chan has launched a new program in response to oakland's housing crisis. the group is teaming up with oakland business and community leaders to help low income homeowners redevelop their homes with additions commonly called in law units. the goal is to boost property values and encourage new construction in many of oakland's underserved neighborhoods. there is a new push to make the golden gate bridge safer for people riding bikes. today transportation leaders heard suggestions from the public on just how to do that. ktvu james taurus shows us the idea is currently on the table. san francisco's most
12:35 pm
iconic landmark, a place where people like to walk and bike based on the incredible visitor ship from people biking and walking across the golden gate bridge. we're seeing congested sidewalks and bicycle collisions go to gate bridge highway and transportation district is hearing the call from bicyclists. in a study released by the district last october, researchers reported more than 200 collisions over a span of nine years. they say congestion and speeding are root causes. that's why they are now hearing ideas. we can't make the sidewalks any wider, and so we're looking at easy to implement. measures that will immediately improved safety for people biking and walking across the bridge. some of those ideas include allowing electric bikes on the bridge to promote more biking. the district also wants to officially create a 15 mile an hour speed limit enforceable by california highway patrol during a public hearing telephone conference this morning. local bicyclists seem
12:36 pm
to support most of the ideas. i think the maximum speed limit is a really good thing to be, um to be, uh, publishing and enforcing. i think he bikes are a great i think it's something that we really need to solve our global climate price crisis. some other ideas brought to the board limiting the amount of construction on the west side of the bridge. to prevent space from becoming even more narrow. it really creates constrictions in the floor, and that could be pretty dangerous over there and so removing some or most of that construction equipment would really be helpful. the district says. they are looking at forming a bicyclist and pedestrian advisory council. as well as creating a collision self reporting tool. some on this morning's call are asking the district to be more specific on just how exactly they will measure a reduction of collisions and an increase in safety through such discrete and clear goal setting. the district would signal the importance of making the bridge safer to ride on and provide
12:37 pm
clear metrics for measuring success. of the recommendations proposed in this report. all of these conversations happening today are just that conversations. there won't be any official changes or any official decisions that is expected to come in november. reporting near the golden gate bridge. i'm james torres, ktvu, fox two news. people in one north bay community say there is a strange taste to the water coming from the faucet still to come, where it's happening, and what water officials have to say about the water. strange taste. one storm is moving out. another is moving in. we'll check in on your current conditions. what you can expect for today and the several rounds of rain coming our way for the week ahead, coming up.
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if you're living with hiv, keep loving who you are. seen off the southern coast of cuba. it stayed near the city of cienfuegos for about 10 minutes on saturday, waterspouts are not as powerful as hurricanes or tornadoes. normally they're dangerous only to vote two planes that get too close. cuban weather officials say waterspouts are usually rare, but this is the eighth so far this year. waterspouts are caused by cold air passing over warm water. well the snow maybe back, but it will take some time before people are welcomed back to sierra at tahoe. right reporter erin have shows us how the aftermath of the caldera fire is really complicating things when it comes to reopening that ski resort.
12:41 pm
we're not giving up nor backing down sierra tahoe, posting this message to their facebook, saying, in part, we realized that it's incredibly frustrating not to have all the answers or to have a clearer picture of what this season may look like. like you. we wish we did snow being forecasted for the basin tonight. and what many in tahoe claim as the locals resort sierra at tahoe remains closed. a fear of mine is that sierra. isn't a thing anymore. patrick dougherty takes his family to ride every season. his wife even works there. it's going to affect the jobs if we don't have a season and there's not going to be an employment slopes thriving and open last spring, things turned in the last few months according to the resort. the cal door fire damaged countless trees on their mountain. and now they're forced to navigate repairs to their chairlifts seen in our coverage of the damaging wildfire. unfortunately this is year two
12:42 pm
of us just getting our butts kicked all the way around up at tahoe for decades, stephen bruns hman like many is worried. i don't know. i think some of these places that are closing their doors may not have the opportunity to reopen. i'm depending on how badly they're going to get hit. pg any using the closed resort as a staging area for repairs. pg and e. telling casey are a they've removed 25,000 fire damaged hazardous trees with an estimated 80,000 more to go. i just. don't know what it's going to look like anymore, or what it's going to be like going through the same runs that i've been doing for years, the season forecast from ski california, saying in the wake of the devastating cal door fire sierra at tahoe is in the process of evaluating the extent of damage to the resort to determine what their operations may look like this winter. the resort will continue to share updates as more information becomes available. those updates
12:43 pm
welcomed by the thousands who call the basin home. erin have to reporting there. let's talk about what's happening with bay area whether i understand there is some more rain coming our way, right? rosemary? yeah we're going to get several rounds. garcia hello to you, including to all of you out there enjoying the partly sunny, partly cloudy day and dry at this point system that brought us a little bit of rain and sierra snow is pushing off to the east. a beautiful day over the bay area, but a cruel day. temperatures are running 5 to 10 degrees below the seasonal average. and that's not really expected to change a whole lot as we get into the next few days, giving you a look here at storm tracker to where you can see that cloud cover out there. it's very pretty. as we get into the afternoon we could break away a little bit more sunshine. the next system is already upstream. the system that brought us the wet weather sunday into this morning is right off toward the east. this system will come in on tuesday night, and then it will have more to follow as we get to of thursday, friday and into the weekend. let me show you what i mean with the future cast here.
12:44 pm
tuesday morning. eight o'clock it's still offshore. so tuesday morning tuesday afternoon, for the most part looks like it's going to be a dry day. we could have a little bit of drizzle out there a little bit of missed at times, but it's really tuesday night when this moves through into the overnight hours on wednesday morning, scattered showers can be expected. and then wednesday afternoon and wednesday evening looks mainly dry. we're now into thursday morning, and you could see perhaps a little bit of drizzle a few light scattered showers. with the main event coming in late thursday, so thursday night into friday, another wet day friday right now looks like it's going to be wet saturday morning looks to start out drive. the things start to change, and we could have a soggy weekend moving through saturday night into sunday. we are still days away, and that is going to change. but the takeaway here is we have a lot of wet weather coming our way for the. the wig ahead. as far as rainfall amounts anywhere from 1 to 2 inches over areas of the south bay two perhaps three inches or so for some of our coastal range areas and 2
12:45 pm
to 2.5, maybe even 34 parts of the north bay temperatures outside at this hour under dry conditions. 56 in san francisco. we have upper fifties in walnut creek and for the afternoon today we are going to remain. below average 62 san francisco 65 conquered a little breezy at times as well. the extended forecast here will show you temperature wise, not going to see a whole lot of change wednesday. thursday and into friday. even going to call things off just a tad but really, it's the wet weather that will be watching for tuesday night into wednesday, get a bit of a break wednesday into thursday, with another system coming in thursday friday. saturday starts out dry, but then we are once again saturday going into sunday so a lot going on out there, including that possibility of more serious, no. so we'll be tracking this as well as that snow for the sierra in the days ahead back to you. thank you, rosemary. potentially harmful algae blooms have been detected at two beaches at south lake tahoe. signs have been put up at reagan beach in eldorado beach, warning people that algae maybe president in the
12:46 pm
water, which could pose a hazard to people can also be deadly to pets. experts say more algae blooms have appeared in recent years in lake tahoe due to climate change, warming the lake. some people in the north bear complaining that the water coming out of the faucet has a salty taste, according to the chronicle. the north marine water district says people who live near point reyes are impacted. the water district says it happens because two of the three wells that serve the area or near the coast and in recent years they're getting more of what's being called saltwater intrusion from the ocean. water from the third. well which is located away from the coast doesn't have that salty taste. the district is currently building another inland. well, little ultimately provide 100% of the community's water that's expected to come online in the middle of next year. in the meantime, the district says that salty tasting water is safe to drink. the outlook for solving problems with the supply chain is not looking good, and some in the biden administration agree as lauren blanchard reports, lawmakers in washington d. c are trying to address the issue. already store shelves and delivery times showing the impacts of
12:47 pm
the supply chain crunch. the transportation secretary is warning the issues were experiencing already won't let up until sometime next year. this isn't just a matter of supply. this is a matter of supply and demand. there's a backup of cargo ships at sea and lack of delivery trucks. still, transportation secretary pete buttigieg says people have been able to buy so much because of president biden's policies. the president has successfully guided this economy. out of the teeth of a terrifying recession as consumers start to feel 30 year inflation highs in their wallets. republicans blame what they call irresponsible government spending. democrats would just living in a fantasy world. this is affecting americans every single day at the grocery store at the fuel pump democrats say the combined bipartisan infrastructure bill and build back better bill will address supply chain woes and bring down inflation. the investments in infrastructure in the productive capacity of our workforce are going to actually deal with the
12:48 pm
inflation crisis. democrats though, remain divided on the price tag of the build back better bill had some of the provisions inside senator joe manchin reportedly once work requirements for some child tax credits, and there will likely be major disagreements over clean energy items. they got to train wreck coming. they're not going to get this done in the time frame the president wants. that timeline democrats are facing an end of the month self imposed deadline to get both bills done in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news. at least 1000. netflix employees are reportedly planning to take part in a virtual walk out on wednesday, and netflix change gender employee group is encouraging other employees to take part in the work stoppage to protest netflix's defense of comedian dave chappelle's new special. the employees say the special is offensive to the transgender community and that it has the potential to spark real life violence. the company's ceo, dismisses those claims. people who live and work in san jose's guadalupe washington neighborhood will rally tonight in the hopes of
12:49 pm
saving a piece of art that they say is precious to their culture. now the mural was created on the side of a building to help stop gang graffiti 30 years ago, and it worked. the artwork shows cultural heroes and traditions. but the man who bought the property says it does not fit in with his plan to attract tech workers to the neighborhood. city leaders say they can't stop him from painting over the mural because it is on private property. new banners are up in san francisco, south of market neighborhood celebrating filipino culture. ktvu is azenith smith tells us about the public art displayed that marks filipino american history month. in san francisco, south of market neighborhood. if you look up, you see banners with the faces of everyday filipino americans, part of a new campaign from the cultural association sonoma pilipinas. it's really a declaration that we're here. and that we've been here for a long time and that we live here. the banners are located in soma because in 2000 and 16, the city and then the state a year later formally recognized the area as san francisco's filipino cultural
12:50 pm
heritage district. many cultural institutions are here. it is a known gathering spot for filipinos. today times. people see the south of market as just a thoroughfare to the freeway, you know as a place to visit, but actually. we've been living here for over 120 years. we faced a lot of displacement, but still we continue to make home here. 12 different panels feature 40 living community heroes, local artists, seniors and small business owners who persevered during the pandemic. we have a lot of. health care workers. frontline workers, um, as well as small businesses that were hit hard families that lost their jobs. on top of that, it's here and soma, where a lot of the anti asian assaults have occurred, leaving many seniors feeling unsafe and vulnerable. as a community. it's really important for us to come together. but also these banners are really aimed to raise the visibility of our community. all the other banners in the city are promotions right there promotions and what we're doing is. is promoting people.
12:51 pm
caroline sadako was born in the philippines and emigrated to san francisco at a young age. she's featured in a banner along with her 11 year old son and sister. we were asked to sign up and do this photo shoot. i was really humbled and proud. the banners are up as cultural arts celebrations are taking place throughout the month and soma on sunday there was a comedy show featuring filipino comedians. this artist is also in a banner regardless of whether you know, we have a. commercial corridor like chinatown, or japantown, like our community is thriving and that we're going to continue to thrive in san francisco. i'm azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. contractors made an unusual discovery inside the walls of a home coming up. the people who live there say it makes them feel like they are living in a museum. that startedn
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gruden resigning it was a 34 to 24 win for the silver and black with big plays from henry drugs and kenyan drake to give the interim head coach ricketts besides to a win. certainly it's emotional for everybody. right so i think they did a good job. um, it's a bunch of grown men of handling their emotions throughout the week. uh, put them in perspective when it was time to go play the game. it is a job for all of us and again, they seem to do really, really good job with it. it's definitely sucks. not hugging grew after a game like that, you know, um, some of the plays we ran, you know, and all that kind of stuff. he would've been so fired up, you know, to see his face, but. it is what it is. you know, we got to move forward. and moving forward means a game on sunday against the philadelphia eagles. you
12:56 pm
can watch that right here on ktvu fox to walgreens says it could soon soon stopped selling tobacco products. this comes as the second largest pharmacy chain in the country focuses on health care, while greens is already cut back e cigarette offerings that has raised its tobacco buying age to 21. the company says it is conducting a review on all of its products in which to expand in which such as tobacco could be eliminated. a new study shows fatty acids found in nuts seeds, and some plant oils could help you live longer. researchers analyzed 41 studies conducted over the past 30 years and found one consistent trend that the fatty acids from foods such as nuts, lower death risk by 10% for all causes 8% in cardiovascular diseases and 11% in coronary heart disease. well the homeowner in new york found a stack of century old letters, photos and mementos up in the ceiling. now she's working to find anyone tied to those lost treasures. amateur detectives on social media are lending a hand looking for relatives of those who wrote the letters. and took the photos as brianna
12:57 pm
thomas said he reports the letters were almost dumped in a landfill. you can call it a blast from the past. people were so like, like flabbergasted like whoa, that's amazing. like you really have a museum and your you had a museum in your wall. erica who has lived in forest hills with her family, sin yet extraordinary discovery, all while renovating her two story home. nearly century old memorabilia hidden deep behind nails, screws and sheet rock. he likes his new home very much. the folks are so good to him. it all started with one letter handwritten, too afraid jacoby back in 1929. so erica walked into the bathroom after workers had finished up for the day. and she happened to find this letter sitting exactly right where it is above the light switch. so then she had asked the workers a couple of days later where it came from, and they responded by saying out of the ceiling, and then the one guy was like, well,
12:58 pm
yeah, there was a lot more paper and a lot more letters and i'm like, really. wow where are they in the garbage. wow. amazing and so erica began sifting through garbage bags to retrieve the once cherished belongings, which she now believes fell out of her attic. among the mementos were even more letters. a brochure from the niagara school of music. an envelope from the greater new york air corps, this black and white photo of a man in uniform and in old black scrapbook. i'm trying to piece together. who the family was, and, uh, how they turned out happened in their lives, and it seems those keepsakes have fallen into the right hands. social media sleuths are helping erica to try and track down any living relatives offering to scan and archived documents and search through historical records. i really think the matter of time until we find. uh some of the descendants all with hopes of somehow reuniting these long
12:59 pm
lost treasures with their loved ones reporting from forest hills in queens, brielle, a thomas city fox news well, amc will start showing movies with open closed captioning, usually people who have vision or hearing impairments have to check out devices that control volume or only show them close capturing. but now closed, captioning will be on the screen. amc says it wants to be more welcoming for the herring hearing impaired, with open captioning and for non native english speakers. the service will be available at select theaters, including some here in the bay area with the holidays approaching, toy companies in the us are having to come up with some creative strategies to get toys on the shelves, given the current supply chain issues. according to the toy association about 85% of the toys sold in the united states are made in china and with shipping containers now scarce and more expensive. many toy companies have decided to order more small toys and fewer large toys in order to fit more toys in each container. sometimes it's going
1:00 pm
to be quantity over anything right. let's hope it's the thought that counts rules overall. absolutely absolutely. overall. absolutely absolutely. dr. oz: coming up next, new pills, antibody treatments, repurposed medicines, new life-saving covid treatments you need to know about now. what to take if you get covid today. >> having such a hard time. dr. oz: why it feels like our brains are foggier whether or not we've had covid. three-step brain defogging strategy and oz-approved italian food. >> everybody gets a little taste. ♪ dr. oz: an excellent tool to keep the covid numbers down has been the vaccine.
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