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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  October 15, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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second dose plus a busy morning for san jose firefighters. we have the latest on the investigation into multiple fires across the city, including one at a school. and the san francisco giants season officially comes to an end. we'll take a look at the controversial call that has many giants fans disappointed. the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian mike mibach, a panel of medical experts with the food and drug administration voted to recommend a johnson and johnson booster shot ktvu sally rasmus monitoring that meeting that took all morning. she's here now with an update. hi, ali. hi good afternoon. garcia and mike will. the advisory committee voted unanimously to recommend the fda give emergency use authorization for a johnson and johnson covid vaccine booster. now it's up to the fda and the cdc. to review and decide
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whether they agree they are expected to do that. it's just a question of how soon that will happen, but it could be just a matter of days so 14 million americans have already received. the johnson and johnson covid vaccine, and soon all of them will likely be eligible for a j and j covid booster shot. more than 14 million americans have already received the johnson and johnson covid vaccine, and soon all of them will likely be eligible for a j and j covid booster shot. the 19 member fda vaccine advisory committee recommended a booster for all adults at least two months after their initial johnson and johnson shot. johnson and johnson and the fda scientists presented their studies to the panel and argued that a second dose of its vaccine does boost immunity. we do have a very large placebo randomized trial, looking at the efficacy of two doses and the point estimates from that. study so, uh, numbers very similar to the rna,
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the 94% then the 100% ethics policy against severe disease. doctors on the panel criticized johnson and johnson for its small sample size in those trials, 17 volunteers and 1, 55 and another, but others pointed out the urgency of the ongoing pandemic. and the fact that one dose of j and j's vaccine has been shown in studies to be just 70% effective or less and preventing hospitalization. there could be as many as opposed to five million people who are risk of hospitalization based on the study. um again, this is this is still a public help imperative. there was some debate among the doctors on the panel as to whether this should even be called a booster or if it's really just part of a two dose regimen. well i think this frankly was always a two dose actually, i think it's better as a two dose vaccine. it's hard to be hard to recommend this as a single dose vaccines, but other doctors said they should just avoid confusion and stick with calling it a booster. now also this afternoon, the panel is hearing
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presentations right now on the issue of booster mixing and matching, allowing someone who originally got the johnson and johnson vaccine to get a pfizer or moderna booster. found thatt produces good immune results. the panel will discuss that idea, but they are not expected to vote on any specific recommendations about that. just yet, michael garcia back to you, valley, rasmus. thank you. today, rules in marin and san francisco counties are a little less strict when it comes to mask wearing. people inside certain indoor settings can now roam free without a mask. if they're fully vaccinated. ktvu is james torres learns what it'll take to completely eliminate a mask mandate. the masks required signs can now come down at fast office headquarters in san francisco. oh, it's fantastic. it's a big milestone for us. we have the opportunity to now and not wear masks anymore at the office, county leaders say, starting today, some private indoor settings can loosen the mask restrictions. that includes office spaces with
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fewer than 100 people and fitness centers and gyms. i'm sure there's going to be some happy people. there's also people that are still choosing to wear their masks as well. it's one of those things that over time we've just adapted. some people getting in an early workout today still kept their masks on some out of habit and others by choice. leaders in san francisco and marin county say they do expect to see a rise in cases over the next coming days. but they're not worried, with marin county having such a high vaccination rate, the uptick in cases we might experience now should be less intense than when we did before. vaccinations were available to us and most public settings. you still need to keep the mask on for now, in order for that to change. counties have to check three boxes keep hospitalizations low, have more than 80% of the population vaccinated and stay in the cdcs moderate tier for covid transmission for at least 21 day straight. in marin county. these conditions could be met as early as november. i
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think we're able to take this step safely because marin county is blessed to have one of the highest vaccination rates in the country there think anytime we make a step going further and further away from covid, it's just a breath of fresh air for me personally. health leaders in contra costa county say they are following in these similar footsteps, though. they're changes won't take effect until november. 1st in san francisco i'm james flores ktvu. fox two news. it was a busy morning for san jose firefighters. three fires started right near each other, including one at a school as ktvu jesse gary reports one man was detained as he tried to get in the way of responding engines. from the east side to the south side and just south of downtown san jose firefighters raced overnight thursday and into friday, keeping up with multiple fire scenes. these are a lot of the same fire units that have been going to these fires. they're tired, but they're still going and they've done a great job all night. we're very proud of them. around six o'clock friday morning. crews responded to one
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alarm fire at alpha cornerstone academy in the 1500 block of lacresha avenue. investigators say this fire started outside the main office. and was knocked down quickly, but substantial damage was done to the school's main office. our main issue is our wifi and making sure that teachers have access to wifi today. so we've called our tech people and fm sd has called their tech people and they're going to get together and figure that out. fire investigators say they were actually at least three smaller fires across the street from the school during the overnight hours, the first one starting on these vine utility box. the next one, the next one all the way down the block.veste linked. they say they have a person of interest has been detained. this person of interest also was. hampering firefighting abilities when the first engine company arrived on scene, so that's what made them the person of interest around 1 50, the second major fire of the overnight hours. this time, a two alarm blaze burns the
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home at 5, 69 park johnson place. firefighters say it spreads to the neighbouring house at 5 73 1 homeowner doused the flames with water but was unable to extinguish the fire. we're going to sleep now. let me and my daughter yeah, and then we heard some noise. and then my daughter came out in the room. and then we went down there and then there was firing on that side of development. but i tried to, you know, put off the fire, get some pale and then bucket. the first large fire took place thursday night in the 200 block of east side drive in east san jose. the three alarm fire severely damaged a home and three in law units that also went up in flames. a total of five residents have been displaced due to this fire. the red cross is assisting all affected victims officials that cornerstone academy say the morning fire will not impact students learning during the day. the positive thing about our staff and our students is
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that they've already showed how resilient they can be. and um, you know, we're gonna we're gonna deal with this and keep going and keep learning in the uber boy in a section of san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. contractor in san francisco, trying to stop the millennium tower from sinking says they test done this week was successful. on tuesday and wednesday repair crews installed a 36 inch diameter steel casing more than 100 ft below ground. the contractor says the process did not cause any significant settling of the building back in august. the work to fix the tower was stopped because it was causing the tower to sink even more, the contractor says. a second test on that steel casing will be conducted before the project resumes. the san francisco giants dream season came to a disappointing end. ktvu frank mallicoat joins us live with reaction from the team and fans about that controversial final out. yes a lot of long faces today around the bay area and the way it did, it was difficult to swallow. but in the end, it's about scoring
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rods of the giants. bats were sound asleep in all three losses to the dodgers. but what a ride they took us on game five national league divisional series. certainly. living up to the hype. you couldn't ask for more. the two best teams in baseball taking it to a decisive game five. both teams putting up zeros until the sixth inning when the dodgers corey seager knocked in one against young logan webb, who was just outstanding again. he pitched seven innings, giving up. just the one running at seven strikeouts. giants bouncing back bottom half darren rough, so low bomb deep center gone and we're all tied at one and i got me on my feet. but in the ninth giants camilla devil hit a batter proved costly as. corey cody villager would get a clutch single, knocking home justin turner, and they take the lead 2 to 1 and then the bottom of the night runner on first two outs, wilmer floors facing max cher's or no balls. two strikes two outs. here we go. has been defined and flores did he go
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gay men's you don't want to game to end that way. um you know, these guys work really hard to make the right call. so it's. super challenging on our end. obviously, it's going to be frustrating to have a game in like that dodgers, i guess so that check swing was a called third strike. baseball pundits across the board disagreed, including colorado lists. a run, darlene and as you might imagine, giant fans went nuts last night. social media. gabe morales, the first base umpire was asked about the colleagues said quote. check swings are one of the hardest calls we have. i don't have the benefit of multiple camera angles. when i'm watching it live when it happened. live i thought he went so that's why i called it a swing that from gay morales, who, by the way, i grew up in santa clara, the dodgers are now off to atlanta, where they will take on the braise and the national league championship series that begins tomorrow night. tough loss, but 107 win regular season is an amazing accomplishment and the
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giants are loaded and my guess we will be talking playoffs all over again this time. next year in the newsroom. i'm frank mallicoat. ktvu fox two news, garcia, frank. thank you. still to come in noon. former president bill clinton is in the hospital in southern california what he's being treated for and the latest on his condition, plus. higher prices and a shortage of goods having a big impact on the economy. i'm lauren blanchard in washington what economists say about the supply chain crunch and its impact on consumers. dry and seasonably warm weather around the bay area this afternoon, but i do see drastic changes coming by the end of the weekend. better details on the rest of today and what you can expect in the extended forecast coming up. corn
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october six, just before 11 30 pm right near 51st and bang craft. chamara young had just finished getting her hair done and was returning home with her uncle he says he was trying to get around a car that was driving recklessly. and that is when someone in the other vehicle open fire if you do recognize that vehicle that we showed earlier, you are asked to contact oakland police. we're learning more about the
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personal family issues, forcing richmond police chief piece of french to go on paid administrative leave. a crime reporter henry lee tells us the police chief is accused of making those threats while trying to remove her 18 year old daughter from the grip of an alleged pimp. my heart really goes out to chief french richmond mayor tom but says police chief is a french deserves compassion after it was reported that are 18 year old daughter was being trafficked as a sex worker. thank is apparent. uh something like this happening to your child is, you know it's unimaginable. the chief and her husband who was in oakland police sergeant, are now both on leave. the bay area news group fd on the case. the 's accused of threatening their daughter, a man named ojo mcnair, as well as his mother in vallejo. the police chief believes mcnair is pimping and manipulating her daughter who had a lot of promise, according to michael raines, the top cops attorney. then she met this low voice. after has now taken over her
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entire existence. point of course, getting hurt, just shelf her body. but the daughter says the 33 year old mcnair is her boyfriend. she's requested a temporary restraining order against her mother. the allegations of that kind of stuff are nonsense. they're complete nonsense. no kout concocted the sh allegations himself. uh and she signed the alameda county d. a has charged mcnair, otherwise known as joe goldman with pimping and pandering for allegedly sex trafficking. the chief's daughter in oakland. in a statement, the richmond city manager said the chief was dealing with an unfolding family situation and that it's imperative that we let the investigation play out without distraction and in accordance with established protocols that assure in objective assessment of the facts. the chief is number one apparent, and that should be in is our first concern in this situation as sad as that areas. she is doing the right thing by taking a leave of apps since oakland and vallejo police are also investigating, authorities say
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the chief's daughter agreed to a treatment program in arizona but took off from the facility last week, and she was with her alleged pimp on monday when he was arrested. in richmond, henry lee ktvu fox two news. former president bill clinton is in the southern california hospital and is reportedly on the mend. president biden is expected to speak with him. later today. former first lady hillary clinton visited with him last night. a spokesperson for former president clinton says he was admitted on tuesday to uc irvine medical center. he's reportedly being treated for a urinary tract infection that spread to his blood street hospital says the 75 year old former president is being treated with antibiotics and fluids, he said. to be in good spirits up and walking. doctors say they hope will be able to leave the hospital in the next two days. let's check in on that weekend forecast and rosemary lot of blue sky out there on this friday. yes mike and garcia hello to you, and i like the sound of that weekend. we are looking at another warm day and seasonably mild around the bay area. today maybe even slightly warmer for some inland locations tomorrow and then a
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big change coming our way on sunday here's a look over san francisco where we do have mostly blue skies and another gorgeous went on tap. temperatures right now. 64 degrees in san francisco. if you look to the north bay, we have 74 napa for the inner east based 76 in livermore right now, 74 over san jose. temperatures are warmer in livermore, up by six degrees this afternoon up by nine half moon bay by five over napa. we are looking at again mostly clear day we have temperatures and the winds. and to enjoy. we have just a mild breeze and fairfield at nine. mph conquered reporting 10 coming in from the north, so that north and northeast flow continuing to bring the dry weather is well, heyward reporting a little bit of an onshore breeze at seven. meanwhile, sfo reporting a northeast wind at five. getting into the relative humidity you can see over areas of the oakland hills, the relative humidity 25. 29% over big rocks, so the dry and seasonably warm weather today lasting through
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tomorrow and then changes coming our way in the way of a front that's going to sweep through the pacific northwest and into northern california. we are likely to see chest a little bit of rain over areas of the north bay along the peninsula. it doesn't look like everybody will get in on it. but again, it's going to bring a drastic cool down is going to add some humidity it into the air as well. here's a look at tomorrow morning where we do have mostly sunny skies, maybe a little bit of patchy fog there sunday morning. bigger changes come our way. and as you look upstream, just a little bit. you can see the leading edge of that. rain line afternoon highs for today. 82 degrees in santa rosa will go 74 for san francisco upper seventies in oakland. low eighties in livermore in san jose at 81 so well above average, especially far inland communities. a better look at some of these numbers along the peninsula 81 in redwood city, 82. expected in concord temperatures slightly warmer for inland cities into your bay area saturday, and then we're all cooling off and we introduce the possibility of a little bit of rain. better
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details in the extended forecast coming up in just a bit. all right. see you soon, rosemary. developing story in afghanistan. what we're now learning about a bombing a mosqus
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attending friday prayers, killing at least 47 people and injuring 70. it is the second attack in just one week, benjamin hall reports. another deadly suicide bombing in afghanistan has raising fears
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of a civil war. dozens are dead in the southern city of kandahar after an attack on a mosque packed with worshippers during friday prayers. four men were allegedly involved to set off their explosives at a security checkpoint while the other two ran inside. it comes just a week after a similar bombing at a mosque in the northern city of kunduz. isis claimed responsibility for that attack, and they're suspected in the kandahar bombing as well. and with no military forces in the area, the u. s has little chance of stopping the frankly, i mean, we gave that up. modest forces there, 2500 that was always fight with isis was always a possibility. the terrored to tad views shiite muslims as heretics. the taliban and u. s officials met for talks over the weekend, resulting in a pledge of billions of dollars in humanitarian aid to afghanistan. but the white house says much of that aid
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could be rescinded if the new government doesn't meet its commitments to the international community, including keeping up the fight against isis. we have been very clear about the conduct. that matters immensely to us. it is, uh, holding the taliban accountable to their commitments to safe passage and freedom of movement to their counterterrorism commitments. a taliban spokesperson says the group will protect afghanistan's shiite minority against extremist attacks. in london. benjamin hall, ktvu, fox two news. british lawmaker has died after being stabbed while he was at a meeting with constituents at a church, police say 69 year old conservative lawmaker david amos was stabbed multiple times. 25 year old man was arrested there at the scene and is now now being held on suspicion of murder. the suspect has not been identified in the motive is under investigation. this attack comes five years after another lawmaker, jo cox, was murdered. in her small town constituency. the recent killing has
12:25 pm
reignited discussions about the safety of the u. k s elected officials, a man accused of killing more than a dozen people at a florida high school in 2018 is expected to plead guilty next week. investigators say nicholas cruz killed 14 students and three staff members at marjory stoneman douglas high school in february of 2018. the attack sparked a nationwide movement for stricter gun control. his attorney says he plans to plead guilty to 17 counts of first degree murder. if that happens, it would set up a penalty phase where crews will be fighting against the death penalty and hoping for life without parole. the biden administration announced today it will turn next to the u. s. supreme court in its attempt to halt the texas law that's been most abortions since september. the move by the justice department comes after an appeals court on thursday night left in place. the law, known as senate bill eight, which bans abortions once cardiac activity is detected. usually around six weeks before many women know they're pregnant. the justice department says the federal government will ask the supreme
12:26 pm
court to reverse that decision. the texas law is the nation's biggest curb to abortion in nearly 50 years still to come in noon. developments surrounding a bay area mother accused of throwing sex parties for teenagers. the new allegations she is now facing in a different state. blunts. bar taking a major step, becoming the latest transit agency to pass a vaccine mandate how officials hope it will encourage more people to ride bark. every single day, we're all getting a little bit better. we're better cooks...
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isn't that delightfully different? reports, the white house says it is working to get products moving quicker just as retail numbers are on the rise. some surprisingly good news from the commerce department. consumers opened up their wallets more in september than expected retail sales are a 0.7% beating estimates of a decline and compared to last year sales are up 13.9. there's a good side to what's going on. people are spending more than they've ever spent before, and there's a bad side to what's going on. when everyone spends more than they've ever spent before that drives prices up that bad side comes in the form of emptier shelves and higher prices. inflation is near 30 year highs. this is the time where producers there is going to say you know what. we're not going
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to eat this and on margins. we're gonna start passes consumers. however employers are having a hard time finding employees. sluggish labor report last week backs that up. fewer truck drivers are available and there's a backup of goods at sea. president biden reached a deal with labor unions and the port of los angeles to run through the night to bring ships in and move products faster. still a lack of workers is having a real impact. it's harder for people to go to work because the covid rules it's easier for people to stay home because the labor rules and some say the president's proposed spending plan will make already bad inflation worse. this is a healthy flush american consumer. uh i would say in no need of another multi trillion dollar intervention from washington decrease in covid cases, maybe hoping consumers feel more confident in spending. the white house continues to push back the nation's as a way to get the economy back on track in washington. lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news.
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operations at the port of oakland are picking up dramatically during the global supply chain crisis. this is due largely in part to four new giant cranes that are now doing some of the heavy lifting of cargo. according to the examiner. they've all been installed at the port of oakland during the past seven months. the cranes are among the four largest in north america and have helped speed up the loading and unloading of containers. us housing and urban development secretary marcia fudge is in san francisco today, promoting president biden's build back better agenda. the second day of the secretary's bay area visit this morning, the secretary and house speaker nancy pelosi, along with mayor london breed towards the sunnydale housing development in san francisco. later today, secretary fudge will participate in a roundtable discussion on the administration's plan for investing in housing, construction and rehabilitation. this administration is going to do whatever it can to make a way for people who need help. that is the job of government. it is not to make somebody rich. it is to make people who are hopeless, have hope it is to
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give people who have no home home. that is our job. according to secretary fudge, the build back better plan will provide much needed funding for housing construction community revitalization as well as economic development. some families will see more money in their bank accounts. starting today. the irs says child tax credits for the month of october are being sent out. most parents will automatically get a credit of up to $300 for each child under the age of six and $250 for each child ages. 6 to 17. the i. r s is set to send two more such monthly payments this year barred employees now face a deadline to be fully vaccinated against covid-19. the board of directors approved a vaccine mandate for all employees. ktvu jana katsuyama has the story. bart is seeing more riders returning some for the first time since the pandemic began, just like fully vaccinated and feeling more comfortable as trains become more crowded. bart's board of directors decided thursday on a vaccine mandate for all employees. currently there are 833
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employees still unvaccinated out of 3900 total employees. so the vast majority of bart. employees are vaccinated. the board's vice president, rebecca salzman, says the vaccine mandate is important as bart ridership increases heading into the winter months. people who are vaccinated are less likely to get covid. they're less likely to spread it and they're less likely to be hospitalized or die from covid. and so we want to protect bart workers. in anbar riders as events returned. so our bart riders thursday's giants game bringing some newcomers. this is actually my first time. everything about it. however yes. and how does it feel? um good. i mean, it's a new experience, and it's pretty cool. bart ridership hit new pandemic records last friday with the giants fleet weekend warriors events. friday was the highest single day record since march, 2020 with more than 120,000 people boarding bart about 28% of pre pandemic levels for friday. some writers say they support the vaccine
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mandate. but do not want to see people lose their jobs. yeah then i think that it should be, uh, as fine as long as they look at that. to work with the unions. i think it should be fun as we've been developing this. we've been talking to our late labor partners the whole way and that will continue to happen apart. management and bart labor unions are going to start negotiating early next week. to look at exactly what that looks like and what the process will be for people to get exemptions and what it will look like for those who don't get vaccinated. jana katsuyama ktvu fox two news. immigrant rights activists are accusing the marin county sheriff's office of violating california privacy and sanctuary laws. the a c l u, filed a lawsuit claiming the sheriff's office is endangering immigrant communities by sharing with out of state and federal agencies. information such as license plate scans. immigrant advocates say this data can be used to identify and then track people. the marine county sheriff robert doyle has not commented on the accusations. los cabos mom accused of
12:35 pm
throwing drunken sex parties for teenagers is now facing similar charges in the state of idaho. as ktvu brooks jarocz reports, deputies found a dozen teenagers at her house in idaho when they went to arrest her. shannon o. connor who also goes by shannon bruja, has two teenage sons. she's accused of hosting destructive parties for teens. oftentimes center low scatters home filled with booze and sex, prosecutors say without her husband, knowing she'd buy alcohol provide condoms sometimes even watched the sexual acts and discourage the teens from telling their parents. but now investigators in idaho say they fear similar parties over the last several months or happening there. deputies were tipped off by a family that connected with o'connor online and met her as she planned to relocate, deputies say after that idaho family found out about the parties and the investigation in california. they tried to cut ties with o'connor, who they say started harassing them. after a warrant was filed
12:36 pm
for 39 criminal charges in california county deputies arrested o'connor finding a dozen teenagers at her home, including 10, underage boys and two girls. most they say, had spent the night detectives contacted the parents and the teens were released. o'connor's two sons were taken into protective custody of the idaho department of health and welfare. idaho deputy, saying the investigation there has been difficult because they've had trouble getting teens to come forward and provide information. a clinical psychologist and expert in child abuse cases explains why. people often don't tell anyone for years because they're embarrassed or ashamed because some people see it as a black mark about them. another problem is that going through the system is very, very hard interviewed by the police by the d, a. and people often. are challenging, invalidate them.
12:37 pm
you know, accused them of being an active participant, and that is extremely painful. o'connor is facing charges in santa clara county, including sexual abuse, sexual battery, child endangerment and providing alcohol to minors. she was arraigned in idaho and is in jail awaiting extradition. she has not responded to our requests for comment. it's unclear if o'connor will face similar charges in idaho. that investigation is ongoing. in the newsroom. brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. a wrong way. driver on highway 11 crashed early this morning, causing the pickup truck to burst into flames. chp started receiving calls about a white pickup driving the wrong way on brunson one. you're the tally road exit right after midnight. the pickup truck ended up crashing into the right hand shoulder. the driver got out. then the pickup truck burst into flames. another vehicle crashed near the center divide, possibly trying to avoid the first crash. two people were
12:38 pm
taken to the hospital with injuries. the federal fraud trial against former theranos uh head of therapists. ceo elizabeth holmes is underway this afternoon in san jose. testimony was delayed this morning due to the late arrival of a juror. more witnesses for the prosecution are set to take the stand today. this week. the jury's heard from executives from walgreens, who described what they called their disastrous relationship with theranos. they testified that they were intrigued with homes and her failed companies promised to conduct sophisticated blood tests with the simple #### of a finger the wildlife preserve in sonoma county safari west. hopes an appeal will help reinstate its accreditation by a prestigious national organization. ktvu is rob roth explains the violations that occurred. at safari west all seem normal on the outside thursday, but on the inside, we were devastated. devastated that the association of zoos and aquariums or asia has denied safari west accreditation for the first
12:39 pm
time since it was initially accredited more than 30 years ago. not being accredited does not stop the preserve from operating, but loss of accreditation is a loss of prestige in the industry. you want to be able to have that on your resume that says you are accredited. um and by all standards is the gold standard, the independent accreditation commission noted serious concerns with veterinary practices and care and with how safari west acquires and removes its animals. dan ashe is the president of the cia members, um have to show a very high standard of responsy for where they get animals and where they send animals to, um. and then that was an issue in this case, safari west is appealing the decision. it says. it is operated the same way for decades and how it acquires animals and sends them to other places without any past easy objections. we don't allow our animals to go to auction, the
12:40 pm
basis is for their decisions was wrong. and that's why we're going through the appeal process. um some of the information that they provided just does not accurate. located outside santa rosa in sonoma county, safari west draw 70,000 visitors a year to see 98 different species from hyenas, two giraffes to flamingos, but the cia said it problems with veterinary care. safari west says it has vets on contract but they're off site. having our our veterinarian care them f what we're dealing with. and while they're on their way up here in response, safari west says it's hiring a vet next year who will be on the grounds full time? ktvu spoke with two former employees. one who said safari west is not the quote, fanciful place that it's made out to be the criticized the system of veterinary care and question the safety of the tour vehicles, an issue that was not raised in the accreditation report. if safari west loses
12:41 pm
its appeal, it can still apply for reinstatement with the cia in about a year from now in sonoma county, rob rock, ktvu fox two news. still to come at noon live long reported on a growing lack of affordable housing here in the bay area, and one group in particular is being very hard hit. we're about to go inside what's become a lifeline for one family and examine the positive effects. the pandemic may have on the problem. are dry and seasonably warm weather will continue through today through tomorrow, and then big changes coming our way for sunday. better details after the break.
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latino neighborhoods affordable and accessible for the people who live there. as ktvu sally rasmus reports, some community groups say the pandemic changed the dynamic and in some ways put a pause on people being pushed out. away from the sound of construction and in the shadow of the fruitvale, bart. fabiola garcia and her four month old son come home to a quiet courtyard, an oasis from the outside world, but it feels great. just just the fact that you have your own place. you know your own space. it's a blessing, especially after being homeless for six months. at one point, garcia, her two
12:45 pm
older kids and her mother had to live in a single room. the cost of renting a full apartment was out of reach, even though garcia works full time as a case manager at a homeless shelter in san francisco, when you try to pay for another place you cannot afford. it's very expensive. she applied for an affordable housing unit at casa arabella in oakland's fruitvale neighborhood and got in the 84 unit building opened right before the pandemic hit and fall of 2019. in order to qualify. people here must be considered low income and make less than 80 to 100,000 year per household. incredible pressures of families to afford to live here. chris iglesias is the ceo of the unity council, one of the two nonprofits that oversees casa arabella. the planning for it started back in the 19 nineties, while some of the affordable housing projects in the fruitvale district took decades to plan and build. community organizers say the pandemic has slowed down the pace. of gentrification and allowed them to break new
12:46 pm
ground construction began this summer on a new, affordable housing complex next door to casa arabella, and we'll have 181 more units of affordable housing. what were we also did during the pandemic as we purchased three existing developments here in the fruitvale and converted another 72 units to affordable housing. this is really essential worker housing. we do need to have our sector workers closer and in the core of our of our cities, iglesias says. because of the pandemic, there's a renewed appreciation for essential workers and the need to find housing for them here in the bay area, you don't want them having to live in the central valley, especially in the barrier that was fundamental cost of living is. your home. also with the pandemic came new sources of state and federal rent relief. lara's a community resource center, a nonprofit group in san francisco's mission district, gave hundreds of families in the mission a housing lifeline about 798. households uh, checks to help
12:47 pm
them with the rent. we're just one provider of dozens, uh, providers that give out rental subsidies. there is still much more work to be done. rents are now going down. at all. housing is still expensive and hard to find. we still have really, you know, long waiting lists were still to see really kind of how this plays out. but among the uncertainty, there's a sense of optimism that with more social programs and shifting priorities, post pandemic. community groups concert to catch up on the housing gap. garcia sure hopes so. i think it's great because. because that means opportunity for people. i wish that they would do more in oakland. ali rasmus ktvu, fox two news. government forecasters say we're likely to have another la nina winter for the second year in a row, the latina climate pattern marked by colder than average water in the pacific ocean, the opposite of the el nino pattern, which happens when ocean temperatures are warmer than average. forecasters say la nina winter
12:48 pm
is likely to mean very little rain for us here in california, not the news. we were hoping to hear rosemary oroczo if we look out several days, is there a chance we might be getting something? yes in fact, we are looking at a slight possibility on sunday may be a little bit of sierra snow and then another opportunity as we get into wednesday, so let's look forward to that. and in the meanwhile if you're enjoying the. sunny mild weather. well that's what's on tap for today, as well as tomorrow, giving you a live look here over san francisco, mostly sunny skies. we will continue again with this pattern getting through your day area friday and into saturday and then i'm going to show you the changes coming our way for sunday that north northeast flow continues over the bay area, so in addition to being unseasonably warm today, we are looking at very dry conditions. showed you in the last half hour, some of our hills reported relative humidity talked about 25% this afternoon. ridge of high pressure will remain in control today. tomorrow it actually moves inland just a little bit
12:49 pm
for tomorrow, and then it begins to break down as the storm track begins to move our direction. and here's a look at what we do. expect tomorrow morning. waking up with partly cloudy skies may be a little bit of fog there. trying to regroup along the coastline in northern california, partly to mostly cloudy there for us, that's going to be about it. temperatures are going to be very similar to today, but take a look at the changes coming on sunday. we wake up with a lot more cloud cover, and there is the leading edge of a front that is expected to bring us the possibility of a little bit of rain come late sunday, perhaps into sunday night. here's a look at the future cast. when it comes to the rainfall amounts and you can see santa rosa san francisco showing just inch, but you get o the south bay and at least at the moment, it doesn't look like it's going to reach that far south, so we'll be tracking that for your weekend and in the extended forecast again another opportunity at some wet weather. meanwhile outsider doors at this hour 66 degrees in oakland, we have 76 in livermore. 74 over san jose. so
12:50 pm
another beautiful day shaping up around the bay area, even a little bit warmer than where we were yesterday. 82 the afternoon high for santa rosa, so just a smidge about thursday's hizbut oakland, four degrees warmer for you, redwood city, five degrees warmer, so going to be notable at least for some of us into the south bay 84 over morgan hill for the inner east bay 82 in antioch. and in the north bay will go low eighties for napa sandra fell as well as santa rosa. the extended forecast again. temperatures don't change much on saturday, but take a look at that drastic drop on sunday. 10 to 15 degrees cooler, more cloud coverain cool for monday into tuesday. the next chance for rain will come in on wednesday. back to you. thank you. rosemary a skater is rollerblading across san francisco with the support of the fire department to raise money for cancer research. she's being escorted by a fire engine as she roller blades across the city. she's doing it to raise money and awareness for the san francisco fire department cancer prevention foundation, she says. it's especially important because of
12:51 pm
the high rate of cancer among firefighters. and they run into burning buildings without a second thought, and in doing so, they expose themselves to all these costs. indigenes two out of three firefighters will develop. cancel er. i mean, that's just such a staggering amount. become is married to a retired san francisco fire department captain. they look very in love. that's sweet. she's also rollerblading across canada back in 1996 in support of cancer research still to come in noon halloweenea. next o introduce you to a mother in the south bay who says her display. was inspired by her son.
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
ever wonder how san francisco became the greenest big city in america? just ask the employee owners of recology. we built the recycling system from the ground up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together.
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lifted for travelers on
12:55 pm
november since march of 2020 non us citizens will need to show proof of vaccination in a recent negative covid test before boarding a flight to the u. s. foreign visitors crossing a land border will only need to show proof of vaccination. long lines at the airport may get even longer in the coming days due to certain workers not getting vaccinated. tsh employees have until november 28 22nd. to get vaccinated or face termination about 24,000 employees or 40% are still unvaccinated. the deadline to receive a first dose of moderna has already passed, but the deadline for that first fighter shot. is monday. people are already making plans to get together for this thanksgiving after largely staying at home this past holiday season. well, many turn to covid test before traveling last year. experts say such tests are not foolproof, and they're getting vaccinated and getting a booster shot as soon as you can. is your safest bet. medical officials say the delta surges waiting, we are still in
12:56 pm
a pandemic and that the coronavirus is often spread in a household through families. we know that on average 70% of household members that are not vaccinated are going to touch the virus. if someone breaks at home. it doesn't matter if it's a kid, or if it's an adult. we also need to understand that delta. has become really good at spreading through aerosols essentially true air that we're breathing in close contact with other people endorsed. health experts recommend that you know everyone's vaccination status before gathering and to wear a face mask when you're indoors. they also say that everyone should take a rapid at home covid test before getting together even if you're vaccinated, one mother in san jose goes all out with her halloween decorations. it's become a holiday tradition to bring happiness to the neighborhood and to her son, who has special needs and can't leave the house. ktvu azenith smith reports. i don't walk away. run are you with me over the years, shelling
12:57 pm
amanda's has decorated home and willow glen for halloween prop here a prop there this year. her yard has no more room. being shut in for so long, i really. built a lot this year and outdid myself. i really did the reason for the over the top decorations that rival any clown store is 26 year old son, christopher. born 26 weeks premature with brain damage. he also has cerebral palsy, terminal lung disease, and since we lost menem in 2019 is now blind. unfortunately he's not able to see the display anymore. um not able to see the bright lights that he loved, but what he can do is hear and feel the props. that's the circus ring, and here's his hands. christopher circumstances would discourage a lot of mothers to give up. not shelly, who added more festive props near his new wheelchair ramp. i had a soft
12:58 pm
spot in my heart for the for this family. doug fernandez is the contractor who built that ramp this year. it would typically cost thousands of dollars. he did it for free. i said, you know, sometimes people need a break through the thickest storm. that one can imagine. it just means so much. for someone. to just. do something like that. neighbors say shelly's decorations have become a fixture. just become a thing where people come and see, you know, from all over the neighborhood from far we see people stopping and taking pictures. halloween decorations originally meant to be entertaining for her son. now gift for others. wow. their guests scared kids, you know, but i think they did a great job here. wow i'm bringing happiness to others. and, um. for me. that's what it's all about. it really is. azenith smith ktvu, fox two news doctor anthony fauci is giving americans the green
12:59 pm
light to go out trick or treating this year, but covid-19 and rising costs for consumer goods or. putting a strain on some families. new data from the labor department found wholesale prices rose by almost 9% in 12 months, making it more expensive to buy candy and bulk. some people might turn to less expensive alternatives, such as pencils or stickers. others are holding costume swapped with neighbors to avoid spending money on a new costume. they're used one time, so they're usually in excellent condition, and it's just a super simple way to kind of trade costumes back and forth. you get a new costume every year, and it's free. even though the nation is seeing a drop in new covid cases, doctors say, we should still be mindful and we should all wear a mask. had the little list me. backs figured out what they're being this year. my daughter is going to be ghostbuster, okay? and then my son is well, he wants to be kris bryant. oh okay, last night's laws, but i think he's still moving forward with it. he's loyal series. okay i like yourself, boys. we have no clue. all right. we'll
1:00 pm
see plenty of time. right to weeks. thanks for watching everybody. our next newscast is coming up at four." -- the breaking news on aspirin that could change everything. should you still be taking a daily dose? plus, -- >> three, two, one. dr. oz: after returning to earth, my good friend william shatner on his new world record as the oldest person to go to space. >> and jay shetty's plan to relive your stress and anxiety. ♪ dr. oz: earlier this week, a lot of you have taken low dose aspirin sometimes called baby austrian. got a news alert on your phone, saying this advice had been reversed. you're wondering if you should


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