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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 14, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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it's close enough. man: hi, sir. have a good flight, sir. phil: quick, do your zombie impression. oh, she hasn't been drinking, has she? oh, no, no, no. she's -- she's hilarious. okay, let's do "bride of frankenstein." oh! [ imitates stomping ] [ laughing ] that is so -- so good. crowded oracle park for a win or go home game five. but the san francisco giants historic season comes to a close. after 109 wins this season, the giants lose to the dodgers, 2 to 1. good evening, everyone. i'm julie julie haener them. andre senior in for frank. it was a suspenseful game scoreless until the sixth inning, but ultimately. the
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reigning world season champs are moving on to the national league championship series sports director market bonnie's joins us now in market was a heartbreaking and to the season. be sure to say the least, there's really nothing negative you can say about this season for the giants completely unexpected, but think about this. it went to the last day of the regular season before they won the west. then it went to the final game of the division series. and then to the ninth inning, absolutely inevitable. it almost seemed 11 go into the ninth inning on a beautiful night in san francisco, the orange was out the crowd was pumped. the warriors were there. steph curry, draymond and steps wife as well. logan web called upon to pitch another huge game, and he delivers. although touched right here. it is a base hit by corey seager to left field a slice of that scores. mookie betts singled, stole second. it couldn't get bets out. he had four hits, but that was the loan. blemish on his night
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berry in the house and his powerful aura seemed to bring this on as a deep drive. darren rough, the longest home run hit in the postseason by anybody this year, even the game 452 ft of julio urias and the giants looked like that all the momentum look at that towering blast. the problem for the giants. nobody on base at the time, so it just even the score at a game apiece and then the youngster camilo devolved, who's hit so well gives up the base head with two onto corey bellinger. no doubt about it clean liner into right center field that scores justin turner, who had been hit. by a pitch, and that was the problem of all beating the guy and then the dodgers. they're semi secret weapons. max scherzer first save of his career and
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gave morales the first base umpire says wilmer floors actually swung at that pitch. it was 02 at the time, of course. there's no guarantee that even if that had been called the ball as you look at the replay that will more floors was going to do anything, and he did not get the call the giants 2 to 1. the great announcer vin scully called it. the biggest game ever played between these two teams. it's hard to argue with that it didn't go the giants way. the script wasn't perfect. are joe fonzi was out there, joe, i know they're going to be talking about that last call. for a long time. but as you know having watched thousands of these games it wasn't all about that one call, although that was the conclude, er joe. no, absolutely market and you know, you and i have been on the both both sides of these kinds of situations and the thing about the postseason. there's just a certain finality to it. you know, you build you build you build. and then we're
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surrounded by number one very disappointed giant fans, and then you never want to see this in your visiting ballpark, but there's a pretty good contingent of dodger fans down there and the dodgers are coming out. and they're, uh. make it a little parents before their fans and you know we've seen the giants do this when they have won the world series on the road when they did it in texas when they did it in kansas city when they did it in detroit. so good for them. they turned this but. you know, you said it. the one thing that you don't like to see is the way that this game ended and we came all season to expect that there would be late inning magic for the giants. you know it was set up the way they would have wanted it. late night, lamont was on with was up with a runner on and he got called out looking. and then it all came down the wilmer floors and that check swing that. i think just about everybody would say it wasn't in fact, the dodgers were even it took them a second to say did we just win the game because they were looking at the first base umpire to see if, in fact that was a strike call? and you know this how the crowd reacted to
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it. obviously i think everyone was just little bit stunned, and the feeling was number one. you would like to see lamont wage swing at that last pitch and also to have your season and on a disputed check swing. nobody wants to cnn like that. but as you said, mark up. nothing but positive about the way this season went for the giants, despite the finality here tonight, and obviously gave kapler talking about that last check swing that ultimately ended the ball game. obviously, it's going to be frustrating to have a game in like that. um, pretty. high quality hitter at the plate that can climb back into that count. it's no guarantee of success. at the end of the about especially right now there's no need to you know? to be angry about that. i just think it's just a disappointing way to end. yeah i totally agree with that mark. there's no guarantee as you said that the game would turn out any differently. but you hate to see it decided at least let him have a full cut on what was
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going to be a strike. not something that's a disputed call, and that's probably the only thing that's going to stick in their craw. little bit that it ended that way. but as you said nothing but positive the way this whole season went for the giants. and now it is the dodgers who are moving on against the atlanta braves. they're wild card. don't forget so they will not have home field advantage. the braves will have home field advantage, but the giant the giants, sure wish that it was them who are doing that andre. you know that disputed calls sure to be talked about for years to come with this rivalry. ongoing joe fonzi reporting for us live in oracle park joke. thank you so much. well more than 40,000 fans packed into oracle park tonight and now many are leaving disappointed. ktvu christian captain joins us live from san francisco and christian fans holding onto hope until the very end. yeah. you know, we've heard that word heartbroken and i can tell you from firsthand knowledge, watching and talking to a lot of these giant fans. that was the sentiment out here. absolutely heartbroken. most of
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those giants fans have now filtered out of the park. but if you take a look over there, you can see. in the distance. a large cohort of dodgers fans gathered around the dodger dugout can tell you that fan's hearts were in this game just as much as the players on the field now it was a hard fought game in a series that went all five games. and in the end those dodgers as we have been telling, you wound up on top headed for the national league championship series. this is great. it's just the best best playoff series i've ever seen. never great good baseball in which your way yeah, yeah, most back we'll be back then. good she'll be back next week back. remember this break game, you know? obviously dodger fans, you know, they got the payroll but we put up a fight. i guess that's all we can ask for a great game. 9 to 1 game you can ask for. it's a great game. great baseball great baseball. whoa oh, even before the first
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pitch, fans on both sides were making bold predictions about how this historic game five in the national league division series with the first ever postseason matchup would end. giants fans saying the only thing waiting for the dodgers was hey, that's the prediction today. pain it's a long way back to l a today you already know we're going to take this. to the house baby giants all day l a fans convinced that the dodgers would go all the way we're going to take it. we're going to go to the west series is here. once the game got underway, tension was high as the dodgers made a late starting pitching change, very intense game. very nervous on both sides. unsure but more nervous than our party. we got our pitching change from maria's to boric naval so that even it's even more nervous. the game turning into a pitching duel, with fans watching every move on the field if they get on base, you know by the by the third or fourth inning, whoever scores
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first, i think it's going to have the advantage and keep with it all the way through. yes and that fan really nailing it. the dodgers scoring first in the sixth inning going on as we've been telling you to win 2 to 1 the dodgers now set to take on the atlanta braves. in the national league championship series. we're reporting live in san francisco inside oracle park i'm christian captain back to you guys. great game until the very end. christian. thank you. well. the mayors of both san francisco and los angeles were at tonight's game. mayor london breed tweeted this photo of her with l. a mayor eric garcetti, she said, my first and hopefully last time sitting with a dodger fan at oracle park. well giants fans in the east bay took two sports bars to watch the game. we've watched a ton of games here, so this is definitely probably one of our luckier spaces as a sports fan, the most fun stage of rooting for a team is when the expectations are here. and the team's performances here, and that's kind of what the
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giants are doing this season. well stadium pub in walnut creek was packed with fans, all reflecting on the exciting giants season, some saying they wanted to watch with friends to have emotional support during the game. a few public figures made friendly wagers on the series. governor newsom, a giants fan, and senator alex padilla, a dodgers fan had a few things at stake. now it looks like the governor will have to join the winning team's grounds crew and rake the infield and mow the grass with memorabilia to benefit charity. san francisco police chief bill scott and los angeles police chief michael moore also had a wager. they posted this message on twitter announcing their friendly wager on this big playoff series. now chief scott will have to treat chief more to a bowl of san francisco clam chowder. and this is just another reason that bart riders can feel safe knowing that people who are working on bard are vaccinated, so another bay area agency passes a vaccine mandate. officials hope it will
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encourage more people to take part. and temperatures warmed up a bit. today they're going to increase tomorrow and into part of the weekend and then the clouds come back, maybe a sprinkle or two for part of the weekend. we'll be back here with that in a minute. also ahead tonight, richmond's police chief, now the focus of an investigation the allegations against her as her attorney maintains she was just trying to protect her daughter. a
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booster shot for those 65 older and people in high risk groups. wilderness says a third shot at half the dosage used for the first two doses. produced a strong immune response with fewer side effects like injection pain and achiness. the panel will discuss the johnson and johnson booster tomorrow. now at the white house today, president biden said there are still 66 million americans who are unvaccinated. and he urged more businesses to implement vaccine requirements. let's be clear. vaccination requirements should not be another issue that divides us. that's why. we continue to battle and misinformation that's out there. the white house says that with the help of vaccines, case rates are now declining in 39 states. the number of daily cases is down 47% nationwide and
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hospitalizations are down 38. over the past six weeks, bart's board of directors approved covid vaccine mandate today for all employees. ktvu is jana katsuyama joins us now live from walnut creek to explain the details. and when this new mandate takes effect, janna. julie in addition to all of the employees, bart's board of directors as well as consultants and contractors will need to be vaccinated right now. bart is estimating about 20% of their employees have not been vaccinated, and now they have until december, 13th to do it. part is seeing more riders returning some for the first time since the pandemic began, just like fully vaccinated and feeling more comfortable as trains become more crowded. bart's board of directors decided thursday on a vaccine mandate for all employees. currently there are 833 employees still unvaccinated out of 3900 total employees. so the vast majority of bart. employees are vaccinated. the board's vice
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president, rebecca salzman, says the vaccine mandate is important as bart ridership increases heading into the winter months. people who are vaccinated are less likely to get covid. they're less likely to spread it and they're less likely to be hospitalized or die from covid. and so we want to protect bart workers. in anbar riders as events return. so our bart riders thursday's giants game bringing some newcomers. this is actually my first time everything but. ever yes. and how does it feel? um good. i mean, it's a new experience, and it's pretty cool. bart ridership hit new pandemic records last friday with the giants fleet weekend warriors events. friday was the highest single day record since march, 2020 with more than 120,000 people boarding bart about 28% of pre pandemic levels for friday. some writers say they support the vaccine mandate. but do not want to see people lose their jobs. yeah then i think that it should be, uh, as fine as long as they look at that. to work with the
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unions i think it should be fun as we've been developing this. we've been talking to our late labor partners the whole way and that will continue to happen apart. management and bart labor unions are going to start negotiating early next week. to look at exactly what that looks like and what the process will be for people to get exemptions and what it will look like for those who don't get vaccinated. today doesn't leave some room for negotiation with those labor unions over exactly whether testing might be an option for some people who get religious or medical exemptions. julie alright jana katsuyama reporting live tonight in walnut creek, janet. thank you. san francisco says 5% of its workforce is still not vaccinated one day after the city's deadline, the city has 1443 out of 35,000 workers are unvaccinated for the coronavirus. the m to has the most with 650 unvaccinated employees as of last week. the
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others include 76 police officers, 35 fire department staffers and 39 workers in the sheriff's office. 306 employees have not provided their vaccines status. in contra costa county, 601. county employees have been given religious exemptions and do not have to get vaccinated for covid. that's about 6% of the county's workers, the county says 617 workers asked for those exemptions well, contra costa county announced it will lift some masking requirements for certain indoor settings. beginning november, 1st. under the order. businesses must verify all customers and employees are fully vaccinated before allowing people inside without mass. the settings include offices james an indoor college classes. indoor mass requirements will remain in effect for settings such as bars, restaurants and retail stores until criteria is met certain criteria indeed, including when 80% of residents are fully vaccinated. right now. only about 72% of county residents have been immunized.
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already had a nice looking day out there today. uh temperatures were generally a little bit warmer temperatures tomorrow i'll be a little bit warmer still, and then we'll cool off towards the tail end of the weekend. so these are the highs from today and. you can see 82 in fairfield. 81 lanyard numbers will be very similar tomorrow. but those 80 two's turned 80 four's maybe maybe 85,000 fairfield, but just a little bit. warmer day. nice day. no fog at the coast slide offshore flow and whether like you'd expect for the for the fall, it's very fall pattern. here's the plan this high, which building in today. is going to continue tomorrow and give us a nice warm friday so warmer tomorrow than it was today. and then the big change comes on saturday, but on sunday when we get another one of these little drive by systems, right, so that thing i pointed out last night that the high low comes through the high build gin. lo comes back the high it's repetitive, and so this pattern which we've been singling for last month high, low high low it's going to happen again. the law is going
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to come in on sunday, maybe a sprinkle, certainly cooler. cloudy kind of one of those deals and then right behind it well on monday and tuesday will come the high pressure we might even see some kind of a pg any psp kind of a thing. or maybe even some kind of wind advisory. i'm not seeing huge winds, but it's just that that's the pattern so. we can look good second half on sunday looks a little bit wet, perhaps would be great, but mostly just cloudy and cooler tomorrow look for warmer weather highs back in the warmest spots in the mid eighties. we'll see in a bit, bill. thank you. we may see some smoke from the wildfire burning in santa barbara county drifting into the bay area tomorrow due to use this shifting winds tonight, officials say containment on the lasalle fire has now grown to 11. that virus threatening more than 100, homes, ranches and other structures about 20 miles from the city of santa barbara 1300 personnel are trying to box in the fire and keep it from more populated areas. it is now burned more than 26 square miles of land. are still to come. former
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president bill clinton hospitalized the condition that landed him under a doctor's care tonight plus by immigrants. rights activists are suing the marine county sheriff also ahead, a skateboarder stabbed in the east bay at 10 30. what led up to the violence? and there you have it- woah. wireless on the most reliable network nationwide. wow. -big deal! ...we get unlimited for just 30 bucks. sweet, i get that too and mine has 5g included. that's cool, but ours save us serious clam-aroonies. relax people, my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself.
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being treated for a non covid related infection. a spokesman for mr clinton says the 75 year old was admitted to the icu at u. c irvine medical center tuesday. in a statement, his spokesman writes quote. he is on the mend in good spirits and is incredibly thankful to his doctors, nurses and staff, providing him with excellent care. mr clinton's physician says he has been diagnosed with an infection and he has been administered antibiotics and fluids, reports say mr clinton is in the intensive care unit primarily for privacy. you attend tonight. three immigrants rights activists who the marin county sheriff today alleging violation of state
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immigration laws. the suit claims the sheriff's office is endangering immigrant communities by sharing automated license plate scans and location data with hundreds of agencies. they say that data can be used to identify and track people and is banned under state law. sheriff doyle declined comment on the lawsuit and the county's attorney said he had not yet received the lawsuit. new details about richmond police chief piece of french she is on leave tonight after allegedly making threats, but the chiefs attorney says she was just trying to save her daughter who was being sex trafficked by a pimp. ktvu crime reporter henry lee has more. my heart really goes out to chief french richmond mayor tom but says police chief is a french deserves compassion after it was reported that are 18 year old daughter was being trafficked as a sex worker. thank is apparent. uh something like this happening to your child is, you know it's unimaginable. the chief and her husband who was in oakland police sergeant, are now both on leave. the bay area news
10:24 pm
group first reported on the case. the couple's accused of threatening their daughter, a man named ojo mcnair, as well as his mother in vallejo. the police chief believes mcnair is pimping and manipulating her daughter who had a lot of promise, according to michael raines, the top cops attorney. then she met this low voice. oh, yes, now taken over her entire existence point, of course, getting hurt to shelf her body. but the daughter says the 33 year old mcnair is her boyfriend. she's requested a temporary restraining order against her mother. the allegations of that kind of stuff. are nonsense. they're complete nonsense, no doubt concocted the sh allegations himself, uh and she signed the alameda county d a has charged mcnair otherwise known as joe goldman with pimping and pandering for allegedly sex trafficking. the chief's daughter in oakland. in a statement, the richmond city manager said the chief was dealing with an unfolding family situation and that it's imperative that we let the
10:25 pm
investigation play out without distraction and in accordance with established protocols that assure in objective assessment of the facts. the chief is number one apparent, and that should be in is our first concern in this situation. as sad as that is. she is doing the right thing by taking a leave of absence. oakland and vallejo police are also investigating. authorities say the chief's daughter agreed to a treatment program in arizona but took off from the facility last week. and she was with her alleged pimp on monday when he was arrested in richmond. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. we're finding turn for a man on a skateboard in the east. they involving a passing car, eggs and a stabbing. next to live reports with reaction from neighbors stunned by this act of violence. in the bay area mom accused of throwing drunken sex parties with teens and tonight new revelations that she's accused of similar crimes in a different state. also ahead tonight and over the top halloween display, a fixture of the south bay neighborhood at 10 45. how it's all for a
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mother to show her love your son with special needs. or in eae
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a violent attack took place a passing car, tossed eggs and stabbed a skateboarder several times. it happened late last night and pleasant hill ktvu zach sauce joins us live with more on the incident and the search for the attacker zack. andre police say it all started with that driver. lobbying exit escape border that skateboarder throwing something back. that's when they were attacked the whole incident, leaving neighbors here in disbelief. never heard anything like that happening in the past, so it's definitely a shocking chris keith at home. one pleasant hill police swarmed his
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neighborhood wednesday evening, laurie rairden jolted by the commotion forward to six police cars and a helicopter arriving officers discovering a 23 year old skateboarder bleeding from multiple stab wounds near the 3000 block of putnam boulevard. rairden a registered nurse in town to help care for newborn grandson just learning about what happened. that's terrible. that breaks my heart. police say the victim and two friends were skateboarding in the area when a car drove by twice and people inside through exit them the victim, throwing something back at the person's car, damaging it, and police say that's when the driver hopped out and began stabbing the 23 year old before taking off in what's described as an older model, four door two at a corolla or similar make with a damaged windshield. news of the violence rattling skateboarders and nearby walnut creek skateboard park whenever have anything even. close said, like any kind of violence, like stabbing your shootings or anything like that
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skateboarding community that isaiah marvin says, usually gets along with everyone. it's usually really friendly community here. we. people of all ages. all genders like bikes, scooters, skateboards back in pleasant hill. rairden simply left, shaking her head. i just don't. i hate seeing senseless crimes. for something ridiculous like that, and keith, hoping the violence isn't the start of a new trend in the neighborhood. hopefully you know, the hope is that it was a one off occurrence. and maybe it was somebody that was. passing through that maybe isn't from the area and it was isolated. and pleasant help. police say they're still searching for the suspect asking anyone with leads or with surveillance video to contact the department. meanwhile the victim reported to be in stable condition at the hospital. for now, we're live and pleasant hill zach sauce ktvu. fox two news. thanks for the live reports. appreciate it. now. the search is on in contra costa county
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before people who shot and injured. several people with a bb gun, including a young girl walking home from school shootings happened near willow pass road and marine avenue in bay point, the sheriff's office says around 3 20 tuesday afternoon, someone inside this silver kia optima. shot a 12 year old with a bb gun pellet to other similar incidents were reported later that day. in the same area. investigators suspect the same four people are to blame for all three assaults. a driver hit and killed a woman near san francisco city hall this morning, then left the scene. police say a woman in her thirties was struck by an suv in the area of vana, sava, new and mcallister street at 105 this morning. the victim died at the hospital, but her name still has not been released. and san francisco police have not provided a description of the driver update. now to a story we told you about last week, we learned that the list connor's mom accused of throwing drunken sex parties for teenagers was also being investigated in idaho. as ktvu investigative reporter, brooks jarocz tells us
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authorities say she was throwing similar parties at her new home near boise. shannon o. connor who also goes by shannon brugada, has two teenage sons. she's accused of hosting destructive parties for teens. oftentimes center low scatters home filled with booze and sex, prosecutors say without her husband, knowing she'd buy alcohol provide condoms sometimes even watched the sexual acts and discourage the teens from telling their parents. but now investigators in idaho say they fear similar parties over the last several months or happening there. deputies were tipped off by a family that connected with o'connor online and met her as she planned to relocate, deputies say after that idaho family found out about the parties and the investigation in california. they tried to cut ties with o'connor, who they say started harassing them. after a warrant was filed for 39 criminal charges in california. ada county deputies arrested o'connor finding a dozen teenagers at her home,
10:33 pm
including 10, underage boys and two girls, most they say, had spent the night detectives contacted the parents and the teens were released. o'connor's two sons were taken into protective custody of the idaho department of health and welfare. idaho deputies, saying the investigation there has been difficult because they've had trouble getting teens to come forward and provide information. a clinical psychologist and expert in child abuse cases explains why. people often don't tell anyone for years because they're embarrassed or ashamed because some people see it as a black mark about them. another problem is that going through the system is very, very hard interviewed by the police by the d a. and people often. are challenging. invalidate them, you know, accused them of being an active participant, and that is extremely painful. oh,
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connery's facing charges in santa clara county, including sexual abuse sexual battery, child endangerment and providing alcohol to minors. she was arraigned in idaho and is in jail awaiting extradition. she has not responded to our requests for comment. it's unclear if o'connor will face similar charges in idaho. that investigation is ongoing. in the newsroom. brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. members of the biden administration head to the bay area, their push for more affordable housing. and members of the warm up out there. go ahead, bill. and we've got to warm up out there. it's continuing through tomorrow into the bay area weekend. see you back here with that. and a new low for weekly unemployment claims durin livingg
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site for homeless people are petitioning to stop that project. the 176 unit housing project at brandon lane in monterey road is now awaiting funding from project home key funding, but more than 500 people have now signed a petition to halt the housing project. they say they are concerned about drug use at the site and the potential problems at the housing site. could flow into the neighborhood. they say those worries are compounded because the site is near an elementary school. i was like an urban development secretary marcia fudge toward affordable housing. in oakland today, secretary fudge took a tour of fruitvale transit village, praising completed and ongoing construction projects as examples of affordable housing solutions. the secretary is in
10:38 pm
the bay area. promoting president binds bill back better agenda and its investments in housing and economic development. congress will decide on the fate of the $3.5 trillion social spending bill and bipartisan infrastructure bill. we cannot afford to lose this one. we cannot afford to not take care of our children and our parents and grandparents. we cannot afford to allow people to sleep on the streets. secretary fudge will continue her bay area visit tomorrow with stops scheduled in san francisco. weekly unemployment applications fell last week to their lowest level since the start of the pandemic workers submitted 239,000 jobless claims that is down 36,000 from the week before. and the first time they have dipped below 300,000. the number of people receiving benefits has also dropped to 3.6 million from 4.2 million the previous week this comes as payments for self employed and gig workers have ended. stocks rallied on wall
10:39 pm
street on encouraging earnings reports from big banks, including bank of america and wells fargo. the dow jumped 534 points more than 1.5% today, nasdaq added. 251 and the s and p gained 74. well the man who is facing the death penalty for allegedly killing 17 people at a florida high school is set to plead guilty to all the charges tomorrow morning. nicholas cruz is charged with the mass shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida. back in 2018 cruises. public defender says he expects to now 23 year old to plead guilty to 17 counts of premeditated murder and 17 counts of attempted murder. the judge can reject the plea, but cruz's attorney believes the judge will accept it. whether or not crews will face the death penalty will be determined by a jury later on during the penalty phase, well, months after his release from prison bill cosby's facing new legal troubles as one of his accusers is now suing him for sexual assault. former actress lili bernard folic civil suit in new jersey today, accusing
10:40 pm
cars we have drugging and raping her in a hotel room. back in 1990, the 57 year old bernard says. the assault came after cosby promised to mentor her for his appearance or her parents, rather on the television show the cosby show. she was 26 years old at the time. he ordered a car that drove me from my apartment in new york city to atlantic city, new jersey. where he drugged drugged me. raped me and shared money into my hand. bill cosby spokesperson says quote this is just another attempt to abuse the legal process by opening the floodgates for people who never presented an ounce of evidence and quote in june, cosby was released from jail when the pennsylvania supreme court overturned his 2018 sexual assault conviction in another case on procedural grounds. he had served more than two years of his potential 10 years sentence. this year. i figured i'm going to go way out and have more fun with that. an elaborate halloween display in
10:41 pm
the south bay after the break the family that goes all out in order to bring happiness to their son with special needs and take a look at this a beautiful shot of alcatraz and the golden gate bridge earlier this evening, chief meteorologist bill martin has your complete forecast right after the break. alright, here we go, miller in motion. wha — wait, wait, is that a... baby on the field?? it looks like it, craig. and the defensive linemen are playing peek-a-boo.
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i've never seen anything like that before. harris now appears to be burping the baby. that's a great moment right there. the ref going to the rule book here. what, wait a minute! harris is off to the races! we don't need any more trick plays. touchdown!! but we could all use more ways to save. are you kidding me?? it's going to be a long bus ride home for the defense. switch to geico for more ways to save.
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ever wonder how san francisco became the greenest big city in america? it's going to be a long bus ride home for the defense. just ask the employee owners of recology. we built the recycling system from the ground up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together.
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has gone all out with her halloween decoration to see here. it's for good reason to bring joy to her son, who is homebound with special needs and to the neighborhood as well. ktvu azenith smith is live. in the willow glen area with more on this story as it stealth about it. well andre, you cannot miss shelly's house on the street. as you can see, this display screams at you. and after a subdued halloween last year because of covid she wanted to make this year memorable. i don't walk away. run are you with me over the years, shelling amanda's has decorated home and willow glen for halloween prop here a prop there this year. her yard has no more room. being shut in for so long, i really. built a lot this year and outdid myself. i really did the reason for the
10:45 pm
over the top decorations that rival any clown store is 26 year old son, christopher. born 26 weeks premature with brain damage. he also has cerebral palsy, terminal lung disease, and since we lost menem in 2019 is now blind. unfortunately he's not able to see the display anymore. um not able to see the bright lights that he loved, but what he can do is hear and feel the props. that's the circus ring, and here's his hands. christopher circumstances would discourage a lot of mothers to give up. not shelly, who added more festive props near his new wheelchair ramp. i had a soft spot in my heart for the for this family. doug fernandez is the contractor who built that ramp this year. it would typically cost thousands of dollars. he did it for free. i said, you know, sometimes people need to break in life appear severe through the thickest storm. that one can imagine. it just means so much
10:46 pm
for someone. to just. do something like that. neighbors say shelly's decorations have become a fixture. just become a thing where people come and see, you know, from all over the neighborhood. from far we see people stopping and taking pictures. halloween decorations originally meant to be entertaining for her son. now gift for others. wow their guests scared kids, you know, but i think they did a great job here. wow i'm bringing happiness to others. and, um. for me. that's what it's all about. it really is. and these halloween decorations will be up and lit until halloween night, and shelly also gives families toys and books live in san jose. i'm azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. the new fire chief in the city of alameda was sworn in today. i nicholas looby do solemnly
10:47 pm
swear, do solemnly swear that i will support and defend that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of california and the constitution of the state of california. against all enemies nick luby, the former deputy chief for the oakland fire department for 21 years, was sworn in outside alameda city hall chief. looby has worked as an m t, a paramedic and a swiftwater rescue technician. but today, he said, it was teamwork that got in the high ranking firefighting position. the reality is i did not get to the day by alone by any means, and many and many, many of you played an integral part mentoring, encouraging supporting me throughout my career and from the bottom of my heart. thank you so much for all you have done for me. lubis first day on the job, as alameda fire chief is monday. already taking a look at the temperature trends. as we go
10:48 pm
through this week, temperatures today warmed up. they warm further on friday, they peak. on saturday and then check this out on sunday. they cool but we got another low pressure in here. now, little pressure will bring a chance of a sprinkle. certainly cooler overnight lows. daytime highs but maybe a sprinkle on sunday, and then after that, the obligatory potential wind event, which will perhaps get us some p genie issuances. there's a live camera shot the estuary, not a lot of wind, you can see the glassy nous on the bay or on the estuary if you will. and it's just gonna be beautiful. nice cool out there overnight lows and we're getting down there. you noticed it. i mean, overnight tonight in the north bay, you'll be in the upper thirties out in the rincon valley or in places, you know, kind of the wind sheltered forest bill. greenville places like that, so it's chilly and it's just amazing. it's not amazing, but it's interesting how, when it when it decides it's fall. it's fault, man. i mean, the sun angle gets low and temperatures start to drop. and then we have these continued. um what do you call continued? uh whether systems
10:49 pm
they're going to kind of keep passing by. to the north of us, which is going to continue to bring us some of that wind. so as you look at the jet stream you can see it is pretty far up there right now, and as it stays, there were basically looking at another. a couple days are really really nice weather. nice more mild, warm weather fire dangers always high, but we're not looking at any unusual warnings or anything like that. current temperatures are already getting down there. four degrees warmer, napa two degrees cooler in santa rosa. the forecast highs for them all with no fog along the coast. yellows are seventies oranges or eighties. you see a lot more orange is a lot more just a lot of low eighties. the few clouds try to filter in as well but overall, a beautiful day in the bay area, another nice day on tap for saturday and then on sunday, things will deteriorate to some extent. so san francisco tomorrow in the morning 55 degrees, almost 70 degrees at lunchtime in san francisco and then oakland, san francisco. richmond 75 degrees for a day temple, which is
10:50 pm
pretty warm. these are the rest of the highest for other cities close, hopefully, close or near to you 82 in antioch 85 in fairfield. so i got another nice fall day. then we get into that deal on saturday, which would be like today tomorrow and then sunday is when things changed completely and we go back to that cycle, which gives us the. cooler kind of cloudy. fall like weather, maybe a sprinkle on sunday and then monday and tuesday, we'll look at some potential offshore winds and perhaps some kind of fire alert or something like that. so there it is. there's the five day forecast. i'll see you back here at 11 bill. thank you. tonight we're learning more just about how much of that oil spilled off the coast of southern california. coast guard official says the amount of crude oil spilled from the pipeline failure earlier this month is believed to be about 25,000 gallons. that number is on the lower end of what officials originally estimated. the official cause of the spill. still under investigation. beaches, though, in the area have reopened. well nasa set to launch a series of spacecraft to visit and even
10:51 pm
bash some of the solar system's space rocks. the robotic trailblazer named lucy will blast off early saturday on a 12 year cruise. to swarm asteroids out near jupiter. no other space mission in history has been launched to as many different destinations in independent orbits around her son. coming up. sports director mark ibanez wraps up giants dodgers game five sports is next. then on the 11 o'clock news and update to the road rate shooting in oakland that left a teenager dead. the new surveillance video police released tonight that could provide clues to catch the killer.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
season absolutely exhilarating, but in the end, emotionally draining 109 victories all told. dodgers 110 right down
10:54 pm
the final landing on a beautiful night in san francisco that was already to party in bright orange. the warriors were there. steph and his wife and draymond behind logan web on the mound. they've asked so much of this kid. and he delivers again. first inning trouble it is trey turner hitting into a double play niftily turned by tommy la stella, and the crowd was pumped as they get off the hook there. justin turner at the plate here, little number out in front webex position nicely gets the out. he went seven innings, gave up only. one run mookie betts, the guy that nobody could get out of standing at second as corey seager slices one down the line and left, he'll wind up with a double. mookie will jog home and it's one nothing in the way the giants were not hitting you
10:55 pm
thinking. oh, man, this is going to be rough, but. with barry bonds, the all time home run king watching a little of that aura rubs off on darren rough and keep sounds one ticket to ride deep center. 452 ft longest home run of the postseason. so far, fans are ready to go. you can feel the momentum swing as they get julio urias for that tying run as you take a look at the perfect connection, just majestic drive to center field that leaves the yard by plenty. you can just feel. the giants were headed to victory like they usually are. and web closes out his night. he went seven innings, allowed only four hits. he struck out seven did allow that one run one thing about this season giants have discovered they've got an ace who's all pumped up from rockland, and they may have found their closer. it didn't work out for camilo duval tonight. in the ninth inning.
10:56 pm
he hadn't given up a run in his last 15 appearances, but cody bellinger with a clean, single to right center field, scoring justin turner, who had been hit by a pitch to push the dodgers up 2 to 1 back shares their hall of famer in the future. it's wilmer floors, or did he. now the call first by gabe or alice gives it to the dodgers which is not to say necessarily. floors was going to hit a home run or anything, but that is not a swing. shame to end a game like that. the dodgers are victorious, one more win. all told. then the san francisco giants. they'll move on against the atlanta braves. we've had our joe fonzi out there all night covering the situation, and joe everybody is going to be talking about that one particular ending to the game, but much more led up to what turned out to be. very heartbreaking night for the san
10:57 pm
francisco giants and all their fans, of course. yes. no question about it market. you know the thing you and i have seen many of these. we've been on both sides of them. if you win, the momentum is continuing to build. and when you're in the post season and you lose, it's just over that fast and it takes a little bit of time to get used to that. obviously, the other thing that kind of adds to it is when the dodgers are the ones that are celebrating on your field and popping the champagne in your stadium. and that's what the giants had to see today, and the fans had to seat tonight as they made their way out of the stadium here. but you know, as you said, uh, they just came up short with the magic tonight but it was certainly a season that gave capital couldn't be more proud of what his guys accomplished. i think the unselfishness that this team showed throughout the year um. the trust that they showed in in one another. was second to none better than any season that i've ever been a part of as a player as a coach in any position in baseball, i just
10:58 pm
respect the #### out of. uh a team first mentality. i've never seen it like this. this is the best i've ever seen. so um, if there's a message, it's continue with that and we're going to we're going to build on this season and be better. because we have that foundation in place that foundation of trust and unselfishness. so the magic was kind of lined up there in the ninth inning. but as you said, mark, it didn't happen. you know the thing that kind of brings it all home when you see that these are real people, we saw the end of the game near the giants family section here and i couldn't help noticing brandon belt who the giants really would have liked to have in this post season and they weren't didn't happen because he was hurt. yes little boy who had his jersey on and he was just sobbing, and i couldn't help thinking to myself that if i was that age, that would have been me. probably doing exactly the same. who knows that brandon was going to be back and he had his son. that was old enough to know what this is all about. and they knew that his dad season came to an end here. i couldn't help thinking boy, if
10:59 pm
that was me in that age, i probably have been doing the exact same thing he was doing. what it brings it all home. how personal it is for everybody. yep. yep no question. thanks joe. great job out there. and if you think about one word to describe the giants season, it's been said before resilience, and now they're going to have to take that into the offseason heal up. get ready to crank it all up again in the spring. but for now, you got to sit with the pain just a little bit. and that is the sporting life. for now, we'll have more for you in about 25 minutes is just a tough way for it. dan and andrei and julie, but. that sportsman, someone once said baseball. it'll break your heart. and it was a tough one tonight. we've got to think about the whole season was a great season and breaking down to the end. all right, mark. thank you. next at 11. i think we've said. part so it's all about looking forward for giants fans after the home team falls to the doctors in a winter go home game five. the
11:00 pm
11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now this stork season comes to an end losing to the dodgers tonight to one. hello again i'm andre. senior. frank is off and i'm julie julie haener. the giants defied the odds this season with 109 wins but still heartbreaking end for fans. ktvu christian captain joins us now live he's in san francisco. with reaction from fans tonight, christian. yeah you put a fine point on it. they're heartbreaking night for giants fans. if you take a look around me, you can see there's still a lot of activity around the ballpark right now fans starting to make their way home coming to grips with this loss what it means the end of this season for giants fans and i can tell you that we talked with a lot of fans on both sides. their hearts were in this game just as much as those players on the field. it was a hard fought game in a series that went all five games, and in the end, the dodgers wound up on top headed for the national league championship series


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