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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  October 14, 2021 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth. and right off the bat here. let's take you inside oracle park in san francisco. the place is already buzzing with excitement here as we watch some of the dodgers and the giants players getting warmed up. giants fans, of course, ready to wrap up this historic series with a win over the rival dodgers. it has been a hard fought series, and now it all comes down to game five. welcome everyone to the four. i'm alex savage and i'm heather holmes it is the final game of what has been an epic series first pitch is just coming up in about two hours. and, of course, alex. we've been talking. we knew that this series between the san francisco giants in the los angeles dodgers. of course it would go to game five. of course it would. absolutely. i mean, these two teams so. evenly matched. both had incredible regular seasons. and why wouldn't it go to a decisive game five? exactly i was in the city earlier today. you know, i lived there went for my run, and there is
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definitely this electric feeling. we have live team coverage for you this afternoon. sports director. joe fonzi is inside the ballpark with more on how the giants were getting ready. all right. but first, though, let's get over to ktvu christian captain who has been talking to giants fans today. and they, of course are pumped up for tonight's game. christian. yeah you know, heather, you were talking about that electric feeling in san francisco imagine what that's like around the ballpark right now. fans started to stream in. if you take a look over there you can see a bunch of fans starting to make their way in right behind that car. lots of giants fans and, of course, those dodger fans as well, you guys. they all agreed on the one thing early on. i talked with fans at game one. they predicted, just like you guys that this was going to go five games and we have seen some epic pitching. we've seen some epic offense. this has been the series that everybody hoped it was going to live up to, and, of course, fans on both sides. giants fans and dodger fans have big predictions of what's about what's going to happen tonight. the giants going to
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win. definitely hopefully shut them out. they can get on base. it's going to be a good game tonight. i think we're going to pull it out. hopefuls no, i know we're gonna pull it out. it is a vigil bus can be five to giants. that's right. love to see a big blowout. obviously, dodgers win big but. i think it's going to be a little bit closer, but hoping we get lots of runs on both sides. it's fun to watch. coming back to our live shot. this gives you a better sense of just how thick those crowds are. at times, of course, everybody waiting to cross the street here coming into the ballpark. as you said, game time. just over two hours away. we're about to go on inside ourselves. i cannot wait to go inside to see what that vibe is like inside the ballpark already outside, there is definitely a feeling of excitement and again, guys, as you said, as we all predicted, as giants fans, dodger fans all predicted this was going to go five from game one. the winner goes on to the national league championship game. we will, of course, have lots of coverage
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for you tonight for now, reporting live from san francisco christian captain ktvu oxygen news and already out there, jr. all right. thanks so much christian. appreciate it well. giants pitcher logan web is being celebrated as a hometown hero in rockland, which is near sacramento. fans and friends of the 24 year old are expected to pack into a popular gathering spot in rockland for tonight's game. web graduated from rockland high school in 2014 and played baseball and football. there is former coach in school principal have some positive things to say about him as an athlete and as a person. incredibly enjoyable and gratifying to see all the hard work for him come through, and we're just incredibly happy for him all of rockland high school in the rocking community. he's always been his best on friday nights with his with his high school football career, so i'm sure he's going to do great job tonight. webs coach also says he thinks the giants are going to go far this postseason and that logan is going to play a big part in that, okay, that
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coach there needs to change his attire. he was wearing dodger blue. you don't do that. when you're talking about logan web anyway, i'm sure that that's the school's color. so uh, kind of kind of a break there anyway. back here in the bay area, sports bars and pubs are gearing up for big crowds for tonight's game. we visited a couple of spots right here in oakland. or businesses have their televisions on and ready for so many fans to pour in plank and jack london square, the restaurant boasted that its venue is offering a space for all fans. we have this huge outdoor beer garden with lots of tvs, so plenty of people are able to come and enjoy getting drink it some food, watch a game and we have a lot of differing sides here, too so there's some for the giants, some for the dodgers. no fights at all. alright management says the giants playoff games have brought a much welcomed energy for from customers. they have also been a boon for business, which, of course, as we know, has taken a big hit during the pandemic. well the warriors
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also joining in the giants playoff festivities. the team is hosting a watch party. right outside chase center it's in the outdoor space known as thrive city, the giants game will be broadcast live on a massive screen. it's actually considered the largest outdoor video board in san francisco. the warriors called on fans to bring their blankets, chairs. and of course, they're giants bride that looks like a very fun place. yeah i think that's a great place to watch the game back to logan web. don't you just love this idea of, you know, california grown, and now we have a california native? yeah for the giants having his time in the spotlight tonight would be mm. i like it. all right. we're gonna have more on the big game coming up later in the show, including a surprise announcement from the dodgers about their starting pitcher, but we move on here to the coronavirus now and contra costa county announced today it will lift some masking requirements for certain indoor settings on november 1st under this order. businesses must
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verify all patrons and employees are fully vaccinated before they allow people inside without a mask. those settings include offices, gyms and indoor college classes. indoor mass requirements will remain in effect for bars, restaurants and retail stores and other public non controlled spaces until other criteria are met, including when 80% of residents are fully vaccinated. right now. only about 72% of people are vaccinated. san francisco and marin counties are due to lift their mask mandates coming up tomorrow. an fda advisory panel voted today to recommend a modern, a booster shot for those 65 older and people in high risk groups. moderna says the third shot at half the dosage used for the first two doses produced a strong immune you're immune response with fewer side effects like injection, pain and shakiness. the panel will discuss the johnson and johnson booster tomorrow at the white house today, president biden,
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and he urged businesses to implement vaccination requirements. let's be clear. vaccination requirements should not be another issue that divides us. that's why. we continue to battle and misinformation that's out there. the white house says with the help of vaccines, case rates are declining in 39 states. the number of daily cases is down 47% nationwide and hospitalizations are down 38% over the past six weeks now to a big development involving the richmond police chief visa. french is now on leave over allegations that she made threats while trying to remove her 18 year old daughter. from the grips of an alleged pimp. our crime reporter henry lee live now for us at richmond police department with the latest henry. we'll head of this situation involving richmond's top cop has taken many here by surprise. she has spent decades protecting the community, and now she and her husband, who's also police officer, are the focus of
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investigations. my heart really goes out to chief french richmond mayor tom but, says police chief visa french deserves compassion after it was reported that are 18 year old daughter was being trafficked as a sex worker. thank is apparent. uh something like this happening to your child is, you know it's unimaginable. the chief and her husband who was in oakland police sergeant, are now both on leave. the bay area news group first reported on the case. the couple's accused of threatening their daughter, a man named ojo mcnair, as well as his mother in vallejo. the police chief believes mcnair is pimping and manipulating her daughter who had a lot of promise, according to michael raines, the top cops attorney. then she met this low voice. so as now taken over her entire existence, point of proportion, getting hurt to shelf her body. but the daughter says the 33 year old mcnair is her boyfriend. she's requested a temporary restraining order against her mother. the
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allegations of that kind of stuff. are nonsense. they're complete nonsense broke out, concocted the sh allegations himself, uh and she signed the alameda county d. a has chargede goldman with pimping and pandering for allegedly sex trafficking. the chief's daughter in oakland. in a statement, the richmond city manager said the chief was dealing with an unfolding family situation and that it's imperative that we let the investigation play out without distraction and in accordance with established protocols that assure in objective assessment of the facts. the chief is number one apparent, and that should be in is our first concern in this situation. as sad as that is. she is doing the right thing by taking a leave of absence. now oakland and vallejo. police are also investigating. now authorities say that the chief's daughter agreed to enter a treatment facility in arizona. but she took off from that facility last week, and she was with her alleged pimp on monday. when he was arrested. reporting live in
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richmond. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. all right, henry. thank you. well, we told you about the loss. cotto's mother charged with throwing drunken sex parties for teenagers. now she's accused of doing the same thing, but in a different state. we'll have more on what authorities found when they went to her new home in idaho. also it is a place where you can get up close to african wildlife. but safari west is now facing some trouble while the north bay wildlife preserve has lost its accreditation with the association of zoos and aquariums. added whether the bay area in the clear for today in fact temperatures warming for today and warming as we head towards the weekend, we'll have your updated forecast coming up. ever wonder how san francisco became the greenest big city in america? just ask the employee owners of recology. we built the recycling system from the ground up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country
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to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together.
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the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist.
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♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. for teenagers. investigators say that shannon o. connor was likely doing the very same thing in her new home outside boise, idaho. get to investigative reporter brooks jarocz has been digging into this case and brooks. why do investigators there in idaho suspect that similar parties were happening there, too? well. detectives in ada county, idaho, started investigating o'connor early this summer. the sheriff's office there says they served an arrest warrant out of santa clara county here on saturdays and two girls at her home.
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shannon o. connor who also goes by shannon bruja, has two teenage sons. she's accused of hosting destructive parties for teens. oftentimes center low scatters home filled with booze and sex, prosecutors say without her husband, knowing she'd buy alcohol provide condoms sometimes even watched the sexual acts and discourage the teens from telling their parents. but now investigators in idaho say they fear similar parties over the last several months or happening there. deputies were tipped off by a family that connected with o'connor online and met her as she planned to relocate, deputies say after that idaho family found out about the parties and the investigation in california. they tried to cut ties with o'connor, who they say started harassing them. after a warrant was filed for 39 criminal charges in california. ada county deputies arrested o'connor finding a dozen teenagers at her home, including 10, underage boys and two girls, most they say, had
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spent the night detectives contacted the parents and the teens were released. o'connor's two sons were taken into protective custody of the idaho department of health and welfare. idaho deputy, saying the investigation there has been difficult because they've had trouble getting teens to come forward and provide information. a clinical psychologist and expert in child abuse cases explains why. people often don't tell anyone for years because they're embarrassed they're ashamed because some people see it as a black mark about them. another problem is that going through the system is very, very hard interviewed by the police by the d a. and people often. are challenging. invalidate them, you know, accused them of being an active participant, and that is extremely painful. o'connor is facing charges in santa clara county, including sexual
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abuse, sexual battery, child endangerment and providing alcohol to minors. she was arraigned in idaho and is in jail awaiting extradition. she has not responded to our requests for comment. prosecutors here say the parties have gone on in los cabos for eight months. now she is facing a total of 39 criminal charges, but it's unclear if she'll face similar charges. in idaho. that investigation i'm told is ongoing. in the newsroom brooks to rose ktvu fox two news. now two investigations in two states are right, brooks. thank you. plus and he'll police are searching right now for a group of people who chased down and stabbed a skateboarder, police say at about 10 30 last night, people inside a car threw eggs at a group of skateboarders near putnam and oak park boulevards, police say, what are those skate porter's through something back at the car, and that's when three people got out of the car, chase the skateboarder and stabbed the victim several times. the skateboarder was taken to the hospital with what
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police described as serious injuries. police are now asking for anyone who may have security video from that area to give them a call. we'll a popular wildlife preserve in santa rosa has now lost its accreditation from the longest ablest animal welfare and advocacy group. safari west had been a certified member of the association of zoos and aquariums. since 1988 the last week, the association announced that after an inspection and review. it's commission voted to pull the wildlife parks accreditation and making its decision. the commission pointed to quote serious concerns with veterinary practices and care and acquisition and disposition of animals. safari west has 30 days to appeal. a second round of playing power outages was called off t sonoma and solano county speed. jeannie says they were able to avoid shutoffs because of improving weather conditions. today's outages for expected for about 4800 customers in those three counties. but as of this afternoon pg and e has not
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turned off power to any customers here in northern california, joining us now to talk more about the forecast, meteorologists mark tamayo things didn't materialize quite the way we thought they would hide their alex yet we were never really expecting a strong wind event with this second round this week. the winds have been picking up but not nearly as strong as monday and tuesday. so, thankfully, those winds. didn't materialize and we're looking okay for basically tonight and into your friday finally, almost here, nlds game five. and if you're walking around san francisco just for a few seconds, you can easily tell it was a beautiful day still is a beautiful day, and we are expecting mostly clear skies for this evening first pitch with temperature right around with the temperature of 64 degrees in a westerly breeze right around 15 miles an hour, so no fog to speak of in fact, it would be mild to will start things off in san francisco as we head into that big game, the dodgers and giants here's our live you above san francisco, with lots of clear skies up above no fog to speak of in san francisco today. close to 70 degrees. i
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think we'll reach the mid seventies by tomorrow afternoone red flag warnings towards solano county back of ill that wind gusts of up to 20 miles an hour closer to sfo hayward, we have a westerly briefs around 10 to 18 miles an hour. so here we go. the red flag morning. out toward vallejo, fairfield in vacaville until eight o'clock this evening winds could be gusting to maybe 25 to 30 miles an hour satellite. lots of clear skies up and down our coastline right now. it is a warm thursday afternoon. we'll check in on some of the current numbers out there. santa rosa 78, oakland 73 in san jose. a very pleasant 76 degrees overnight. we'll start things off on the cool side definitely want to bundle up with those overnight lows. forties to the fifties. but this is a big area of high pressure is in the warm spots will be approaching the mid eighties. for your friday afternoon saturday, still fairly warm. but then this system moves in
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definitely cools things off. by sunday, we could be tracking some more clouds and maybe a shower chance, especially with the north bay. by sunday afternoon. here's the forecast model tortillas dry on saturday. it is warm on saturday and then by sunday afternoon, you can see some rainfall possibility after the north bay and a chance for the rest of the bay area as we head into sunday evening, so clearly, the warmest day this weekend will be on saturday. we had that temperature drop on sunday. tomorrow still fairly warm as well forecast highs in the seventies and the eighties. it is warm on saturday, increasing clouds on sunday and definitely cooling things off into next week. and maybe for the second half of october. we could be talking about some rain chances as well. that could be a welcome change. back in the bay area forecast. the dodgers throw a little wrinkle into the lineup for this fifth and deciding game of the national league divisional series. we'll tell you about t
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nlds between the dodgers and your san francisco giants happening tonight at oracle park. we're getting close first pitch is just about an hour and a half away sports anchor joe fonzi joining us now live from the ballpark. and joe even before game five gets started. the dodgers already threw a curveball at the giants when it comes to who's taking the mound for them? no you're right about that, and we've never been exactly in this position with these two long time rivals at
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fifth and deciding game and nlds divisional series for the right to move on to the national championship series. the giants just left the field. they took batting practice a couple of minutes ago. the dodgers are on now will give you look at them in the in the cage. but as you said, we assumed that this would be a pitching matchup of logan web against julio urias arrears the winning picture for the dodgers in game two and a guy who really has been a giant killer through most of his career, but the dodgers showing a little wrinkle into things, the giants are a team that relies heavily on platooning. that means when the opposing team has a left handed pitcher, they stacked their lineup with right handed batters, and vice versa. so corey can able will be the starter in this kind of opener role that baseball teams use now. and what that requires the giants to do is declare early on. are you going to go with a light lefty heavy line up and declare and then if we bring julio arias in later switched to writings and now all you're left handed batters have been used. so basically, it's a little bit of a wrinkle that's
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going to make the giants have to make a decision early, and here's what dodger manager dave roberts had to say about his decision. there's downside in doing it the way we chose to do this. it's something that corey's never started a playoff game. um but i think that ultimately we trust both players can handle this. and. we expect him go out there and execute and we feel, um in one game. put with the familiar with both clubs. this gives us the best chance to win tonight. it doesn't matter at this point. i mean, it's you know, we we've seen every picture that they have. well there is kind of a school of thought that says, when you start tweaking with things this late in the season and doing something you've never done before corey cannibal has made 27 relief appearances for the dodgers this year, but he hasn't started. there is a school of thought that says, you know, you kind of messing with things when you do that. no question about what the giants are doing.
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logan web has been their most effective started down the stretch. the 24 year old. all he's done is pitch on that sunday when the giants needed to win to clinch pitch very well then. pitch in game one of this series. i shut out. he lasted all the way until the eighth inning went 72 3rd gave up just three hits and no runs. so the giants start trying to fool anybody. they've got their guy they race, the guy that they want right there. as far as the dodgers concerned, this is a little bit of something that's out of the ordinary for them, and you never know how that's going to turn out. is that kind of a desperate move, or is it something that is going to make the giants forced their hand early and have to flip their lineup? that's guess what makes this so much fun guys. we get to see how it plays out. it's fascinating to see all the maneuvering happening even before first pitch. joe what is your sense? how much is this last minute pitching change. just dave roberts trying to get into gabe kapler's head. yes, a little bit of that. there's no no question. there's some gamesmanship that they are trying to make the giants declare early. are you going to
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flip your line up and then take those guys out of the lineup for later in the game when you might potentially need them, so he's going to make the giants have to force their hand by doing that? but there's also a school of thought that says, julio or is, uh. is the most effective dodger against the giants all year. so what would you tell sandy koufax or don drysdale or one mary shell? your ace? guess what? you're not starting in the fifth and deciding game. so those are the two schools of thought that's concerns plays out. yes it is. thank you so much, joe. i was actually reading that roberts sent gabe kapler courtesy tech because their buddies last night to let him know about this switch. so there you go alright
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♪ this city opinion energetic epi center that symbolizes toughness. work ethic and the foundation of this country. philadelphia where we can trace back the history of our nation and when we look at the nfl and chronicle its past, you can't tell its story without this guy. >> all of that experience, all of that grit, all of that determination. >> tom brady is probably the best quarterback of all time. >> so here where the american dream began, this underdog story will continue to add to history. >> whatever it


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