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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  October 12, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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be extradited back to santa clara county. prosecutors say that she would buy alcohol, provide condoms and told the teens to not tell their parents or call for help if one of them passed out. because she could go to jail at one of her house parties in los gatos. she's accused of handing an underage boy a condom and pushing him into a room with a young girl at a new year's eve party. investigators say she watched and laughed as a drunk teen. battered a young girl in bed. documents say that during parties defendant would have rooms available for minors to engage in sexual activity. she would also tell minor girls to go into certain rooms with minor boys waiting for them. if girls refused defendant would take them aside for private conversation until they would go into the rooms. other allegations include o'connor, texting or snap chatting teens. to sneak out of their homes to drink at her house, letting an underage boy drive her suv and
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the low scatters high school parking lot, while two other intoxicated teens held on the back one fell off and separate a concussion. and chatting with one of her sons, friends, encouraging him to hook up with girls and then asking for details about those sexual experiences. district attorney jeff rosen, saying it took a lot of brave children to come forward and to untangle this deeply disturbing case as a parent. i'm shocked as a d a. i'm determined to hold those adults. who endanger children fully accountable to the law and our community. o'connor who is also known as shannon shannon, braga, is charged with 39 criminal counts, including child abuse, child endangerment, sexual assault and providing alcohol to minors. we have requested to speak with her from jail in idaho but have not heard back. if convicted, she faces jail time and would have to register as a sex offender in the newsroom. heather holmes ktvu fox two news, julie back to you and incredibly long list disturbing list of charges, heather. thank you. adebolajo
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worthy wind was a big factor in a fire that damaged apartment complex this afternoon. cruise say the fire started about 1 30 this afternoon on panorama drive near 12 street. crusade was first reported as a car fire and in the hot, windy weather that fire quickly spread to the two story apartment building crusade. they got to the scene in about six minutes, and the four plex was already burning. witnesses also told us it happened fast. it was a vehicle on fire, and then the fire hat went to the next fire. and i mean what's the next vehicle? and then it got the carport was us got on fire. then it went from the tree. then it went to the apartment complex. so. whoa! that was fast. authorities said. fortunately there are no injuries being reported there looking into the cause of that fire now. well this time last night, people were rushing from their homes in napa county after a quick moving wildfire
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broke out tonight, though they are back home. firefighters say half the town of american canyon was in danger. has strong winds blew smoke ash and embers. the fire is considered a possible case of arson after a man was found with burns on him off of a remote road in that area. the napa county sheriff's office says the suspect is now hospitalized with significant injuries, a wind driven wildfire in santa barbara county continues to burn out of control tonight. the alice all fire was being pushed today by 70 mile an hour winds which are too strong for firefighting aircraft to fly. according to the u. s. forest service. 6000 acres have burned so far, the flames jumped highway one, a one so the freeway is closed between goleta and buellton. many homes and ranches have also been evacuated, and hundreds of other people are being told to be ready to leave at a moment's notice. well, more dry, windy weather is on the way and pg and e says that will bring more planned safety power shut off to parts of the bay area. those
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purple triangles show the current outages here in the bay area that began early yesterday. crews are now inspecting lines before they restore power. then, starting early thursday morning pg and e says about 7000 customers will have their electricity turned off in contra costa, solano, napa and sonoma counties, much of the same areas that were affected over the past 24 hours. 14 hours after it began a standoff in san jose finally ended this afternoon. it began last night when deputies say a man took his own father hostage. santa clara sheriff's department negotiators spoke with the man for hours. and his ktvu seth be reporter jesse gary shows us their patients paid off. it's a terrible situation, but i think the resolution was really what we hope to do in law enforcement all the time. early tuesday afternoon, 38 year old balbir singh surrendered after a 14 hour standoff of law officers. santa clara county sheriff's deputies say the drama began around 11 15 monday night with the report of a domestic dispute turning violent. thing allegedly took
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his father hostage threatening to kill him and initiate a firefight in hopes deputies would take his life. his mother made it out of the small one floor home in the 3300 block of east hills drive and called 911. we don't want it to turn to violence. we don't want. to use force. we want to bring a peaceful resolution. in the end, sures deputies had neighboring homes shelter in place and blocked off east hills drive. san jose's police merge unit was brought in as the standoff moved past the 14 hour mark. our goal is to move in and take over the perimeter and take over the arrest team aspect of it. that way. they don't have tired personnel trying to make split second, you know, critical decisions. crisis negotiators worked overnight and through the morning, finally getting a breakthrough around midday. vince mitri say finding a threat of understanding was by oftentimes realize that somebody might simply just be misunderstood. and use those
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words. and that was the turning point. um during during our communication that we had was an exceptional job done by sheriff's office in santa fe police department in tandem. thing is in the santa clara county main jail, getting a psycho valuation. he's charged with assault with a deadly weapon. elder abuse, false imprisonment, criminal threats, his parents were shaken by this whole ordeal. but otherwise unharmed and the alamo rock section of san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. almost a month after the body of 22 year old gabby petitto is found in wyoming. the corner there announced today how she was killed and when. we hereby find the cause and manner of death to be the cause of death by strangulation. our initial determination is the body was in the wilderness for 3 to 4 weeks. petito disappeared while on a cross country trip with her fiance near grand teton national park in wyoming. she was last seen august 27th the
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search for brian laundry, her fiance, and the only person of interest in the case is ongoing. tips are pouring in nationwide and possible sightings have been reported near the appalachian trail in north carolina and tennessee. well. the trial against sarah has founder elizabeth holmes resumed today in san jose federal court. two key witnesses for the prosecution took the stand. ktvu investigative reporter evan sernoffsky has been in court. and shows us how today's witnesses testified about hollow promises homes made about her blood testing technology. holding hands with her mother and husband, elizabeth holmes arrived in port tuesday as her former business partners took the witness stand. the day was dominated by testimony from former safeway ceo steve bird. he described cutting a multimillion dollar deal with theranos to open hundreds of testing sites inside grocery stores across the country. what the government's theme from day one of this case has been is beware of false prophets. bird
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testified that holmes had promised her edison machines could perform 95% of blood tests. he said he built more than 900 testing sites inside his stores ahead of a planned launch in 2012. but he said holmes kept delaying the launch and never told him that her machines weren't performing as she claimed. after several deadlines came and went, bird sent homes a sharply worded message. it read. quote i can only recall having been discouraged once in the last 62 years. that said. i am getting close to my second event. what is clear is that the partnership between theranos and safeway was doomed from the outset, but incompetence is not necessarily fraud. steve clark is a south bay attorney and legal analyst who's been following the case. the government has portrayed her as this ultimate con artist. but at the same time the defense is saying. she was working 24 hours a day trying to make this company successful under cross
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examination, the defense pointed out that bird either was or should have been aware of the risks and the partnership and their contract allowed him to kill the deal at numerous points. wade michael on the former cfo at walgreens closed out the day on the witness stand. he also described a doomed partnership with theranos that ultimately exposed the company's failures that former cfo for walgreens will resume his testimony wednesday when this trial continues. at the federal courthouse in san jose evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. free speech or a public health crisis coming up one east bay county weighs in on this information about covid-19. it's not just passengers getting stuck by problems with southwest airlines. we'll take it to the oakland airport to show you the amount of luggage left behind, plus an update on the southwest situation. and temperatures cooling tomorrow as we head towards your wednesday, we'll talk about that and look at the five day forecast. and for the first
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the r. j reynolds vaping products can benefit adult smokers. the food and drug administration said data submitted by the company showed its abuse e cigarettes help smokers either quit or significantly reduce their use of cigarettes. today's action is part of a sweeping effort by the fda to bring scientific scrutiny. to the multibillion dollar vaping industry after years of regulatory delays. medical workers are kaiser permanente have voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike the union that represents 21,000, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapist and other workers. in california and oregon say kaiser wants to cut salaries during major staff shortages. the worker is one of 4% pay
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raise each year through 2023. kaiser says it wants to reach an agreement before there's an actual strike. a public health crisis. that's what contra costa county supervisors are calling misinformation about covid-19 supporters say bad information is flat out dangerous and is causing people to hesitate to get the vaccine. they say if all eligible people would get vaccinated deaths from covid could almost disappear. but not everyone agrees. a number of people called into the board meeting to condemn the resolution. and it's an absolute ambassador attempt to politicize and demonize people's medical freedom of choice. i've received letters that i know some of my colleagues, if not all of them about how this is an infringement on free speech. it is not. you are welcome to continue. saying whatever you wish to say. the resolution
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itself does not have an enforcement component. it is simply a public statement from the contra costa county board of supervisors, federal health officials are gearing up to consider two new covid booster shots this week. the fda is indicating. it will likely give authorization for a third but dirty dose and a second dose of the johnson and johnson vaccine at a meeting starting thursday in a preview of its presentation but during the claims of booster given after six months can restore antibody levels. and reduce the number of breakthrough cases. the company also says the additional doses are needed due to the highly transmission delta variant. it's similar to what johnson and johnson plans to tell federal officials, but neither company seems to know just how long the boosters will remain effective. that's the rub. you know. how long is this immunity last? how substantial, is it? it varies from person to person, but it's definitely a player in the game here. meantime the director general of the world health organization says today that disturbing distributing booster
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shots rather in some countries, while vaccines across africa leg is quote a moral. cnn reports that the w h o chief said it is unjust and unfair because the pandemic will not be stopped by ignoring a whole continent. two brothers, both of them bartenders who were laid off during the pandemic, completed their cross country journey in san francisco. they walked 3000 miles in an attempt to raise money for displaced restaurant workers. ktvu rob roth caught up with the two men at the finish line today. for these two brothers. the adventure of a lifetime ended here on san francisco's market street tuesday, the last steps of a cross country trek across america on foot. it has been. five months or really hard work and just like, you know, imagining this moment, super relieved. i'm sure it'll set in a little bit more. probably when we get home. we're really
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leaving right now. he didn't or dean and his younger brother louis, set out from their home state of new jersey on may 1st more than five months and 3000 miles ago. both had been furloughed from there bartending jobs on the jersey shore because of covid they say they saw the financial hardships so many restaurant workers were facing and wanted to do something to help. they decided to walk, coasted coast to raise money and awareness to the problem. the uncertainty of whether or not your job would exist, was felt throughout our community and. uh we were, you know, we're more or less inspired by that we have crossed the states of new jersey, pennsylvania, ohio, indiana, illinois. along the way they raised about $60,000 for the restaurant workers community foundation, and they picked up verizon as a sponsor. we walked over mountains crossed rivers across deserts like we slept under the stars most nights in our tent. it was like so cool to go on like an
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old fashioned adventure. here we come. the brothers faced 100 degree heat, they said the weather was a constant challenge. i mean, it basically rained on us until we got to chicago. so you know that? believe b. i learned a lot about watching the sky and lovely, windy out here. how are your feet? their sword. they're very sorry. the brothers plan on writing a book together about their adventure, but first they intend to celebrate. would you do it again? would i do it again? i don't know. i don't know it right now. the two brothers are leaving san francisco tomorrow, heading back home to new jersey. and in case you were wondering, they're flying, not walking in san francisco. rob roth, ktvu fox two news. all right. your tuesday turned out to be a pretty nice day temperatures generally around here we're in this mid seventies in the warm spots. temperatures tomorrow are going to go back into the low seventies and sixties can be cooler day. tomorrow is a week weather system. kind of pushes in here and sets us up with a kind of a repeat
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pattern. what i mean by that is as that little low goes through tomorrow and cools us off. so these are the highest from today. highs tomorrow be cooler. as that goes through the high old building behind it, and thursday, we see a red flag warning go into effect up in the sacramento valley out towards vacaville, not for most of the bay area, but for those inland areas, and we'll see temperatures warm up, so the cycle repeats itself this time of year, so it's really predictable cycle and you can see it coming a long way away. so here it is now. so there is the law. there's the high right, so that's why that we had wind. that's why we had the red flag warnings in the wind advisories that low see how it's moving off was it moves off? it gets further from the high and the wind stay down because they're close together. it creates a gradient, uh, steepness if you will. and then we get this next load. that's the one that comes in tomorrow and cools us off. and guess what happens. once that comes in. it moves off into the exact same position as this guy, so and it does the same thing. so the pattern repeats itself. so we've been i just like to show you that because it's um i don't know when i before i was in the weather and stuff. i really didn't understand some of the dynamics, but it's repetitive.
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these patterns repeat themselves. what i do want to point out. that's important is that somehow this yesterday's wins. a strong winds were up to 53 miles an hour but note the. system on the right. that system is much less robust. so even if we do get a wind are red flag warning or fire? weather watch? don't freak out because it's a much lesser system. in terms of wind, and then we warm up as we head into thursday. from cars to houses. it's a different kind of plan. the city of san francisco is going to try and an effort to help with the housing crisis, how it would work coming up. new strategy to fix an old problem coming up how the next couple of days will be important in keeping the millennium tower at san francisco from sinking. fix the m
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tower in san francisco began today. the original plan was to install 53 pilings under the building to keep it from sinking. but when cruz noticed that construction actually made it sink faster, they stepped well. now engineers are trying to new strategy in hopes of repairing the building. today they began installing three ft metal casings underground. san francisco supervisor aaron peskin has followed the process every step of the way. it's a big three ft diameter metal sleeve that is pushed down into the earth and then later on a 24 inch pile that goes to
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bedrock is inserted in that casing. the installation that began today will take 2 to 3 days and crews will monitor data every hour, including any change of tilting or sinking. and if the building sinks more than a quarter of an inch. construction must immediately stop its back to the drawing board. if not, crews will install more casings and pilots to well, different kind of plan being worked on in san francisco to create more homes in the city. the idea is to streamline the process to take sites that originally focused on cars like a gas station or a bank with a parking lot attached to it, and then turn it into high density housing. ktvu christien kafton gives us more details of this plan called cars to casas, or cars to houses. housing or the lack thereof is a constant issue in san francisco. now mayor london breed is pitching a new plan to the board of supervisors cars to casas. the idea is to green
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light housing projects to be built on locations that once catered to cars. the proposed housing ordinance would ease the bureaucratic process of converting sites like gas stations or parking lots into multi unit buildings. you don't have to go through that process and what we're doing is saying the entire city where these auto related zoning laws exist. we're going to automatically through this legislation say. they are going to be automatically eligible. if housing is an option, and someone wants to build housing that they don't have to go through this additional layer. the city's planning department says the idea would update building rules that haven't been updated since the 19 seventies. they say that the ordinance would still require buildings to meet the height. bulk and setback requirements. but what allow developers to divide those into more units and would shave years off the process to convert sites from commercial to residential usage. it gets rid of this process, which could take anywhere from. six months to 18 months. it also gives project sponsors more flexibility so allows them to do more units. this is so
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exciting, housing advocates say, in addition to creating more housing and stabilizing rent prices, the proposal would have an added environmental benefit by helping the city to transition sites from catering to cars and encouraging development that would rely on mass transit. this is going to literally be taking that car centric infrastructure and making it easier to build. the thing that we know will make our city more sustainable. that's homes. the mayor is set to pitch her plan to the board of supervisors next tuesday in san francisco. christian catholic ktvu fox two news. coming up on ktvu news at 6 34 months after father of four was shot and killed in front of his children, his family and the police are still searching for his killer. later in sports. it's a champagne celebration for former giants manager dusty baker as he leads the houston astros into the american league championship series. we had people running in the back to help because we got a bunch of elderly people in here. residents looking out for each
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other as a fast moving fire rips through an rv park in the delta coming up the devastation left behind. from idaho is now ut
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for allegedly throwing drunken house parties for young teens when she lived in los cat owes, the santa clara county district attorney's office, says 47 year old shannon o. connor supplied alcohol door teenage son and his friends. she's also accused of encouraging them to engage
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in sexual activity. o connor faces charges including child abuse and sexual assault. parker's say a car fire spreads an apartment complex in vallejo in dry, windy weather this afternoon, the fire started about 1:30 p.m. on panorama drive near walla mistreat. spreading to a carport and into the four plex apartment. no one was hurt. crews are investigating the cause. now 14 hours after it began. a standoff in san jose, ended peacefully this afternoon. the santa clara county sheriff's office says it began last night with the report of a domestic dispute. a 38 year old man took his father hostage inside a home on east hills drive. negotiators spoke with the man overnight and through most of today until he finally surrendered peacefully this afternoon. no one was hurt. you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30, a grieving families pleading for help to find the person who killed a father of four in san jose, the victim gunned down in front of his own children. ktvu crime reporter henry lee is more on
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the family and who the police are looking for in his death. this is a senseless killing. this killing occurred in front of the victim's wife and daughter, marco antonio santos was shot and killed in front of his kids in south san jose back in june the day he turned 33. it happened at an apartment complex on the woods drive off west capital. and snell, a woman who lives nearby described what she heard. right after we heard the gunshot, we heard tires screeching. and then, like five minutes later, we come out in the cops are here and i'm like what's going on. san jose assistant police chief paul joseph says the motive isn't known, and it just seems to be a very spontaneous, senseless killing. police say they have identified the primary suspect 27 year old what a sunny joseph posse, but they don't know where he is somebody out there knows where this man is. somebody is helping him. to be on the run. someone is helping him to hide. we will bring him back to san jose, no matter where he's found. what we miss him very much, and we want justice done
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for my husband. relatives of the victim, including his widow, sandra santos spoke in spanish as police sergeant christian camarillo translated. my husband was a hard working man. he provided for his two sons and his two daughters. he was a good husband. he was a good friend they handle the victim's mother traveled from mexico to plead for help. the victim's brother, juan was overcome with emotion as he and family members struggle with their loss and the fact that the alleged killer is still out on the street. the suspect has ties to the peninsula, south bay, east bay, san diego, hawaii and tonga. anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call san jose police henry lee ktvu, fox two news. the remains of five people and the wreckage of a u. s navy helicopter that crashed into the ocean off san diego have now been recovered the navy saying today that a salvage team made the recovery on friday. the remains have been sent to dover air force base in delaware for identification, the helicopter
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it's two pilots and three other sailors were killed back in august in an accident. the helicopter was operating from the aircraft carrier uss abraham lincoln when its rotor hit the deck and the aircraft fell into the ocean. one crew member was rescued. we're learning new details tonight about a small plane crash in the san diego suburb of santee yesterday. recordings show air traffic controllers repeatedly warned the pilot of that twin engine cessna that he was flying too low. the plane clipped a ups truck, killing the driver before slamming into a row of homes. the pilot, a doctor from arizona, was also killed and an elderly couple on the ground were hurt. more problems today for southwest airlines, with more flights being cancelled. that's in addition to the more than 2000 plus since friday, okay, tv's tom baker found out it's not just flights. there's also a baggage nightmare unfolding. southwest council 90 flights on
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tuesday, which represents nearly 3% of its current schedule, has a system cascaded into partial collapse. the pilots union president placed the blame squarely on southwest management, saying. once a little hiccup occurs to the internal processes are pilots aren't getting where they need to be. we've been sounding this alarm for about four years and have seen very little approach to correcting it. southwest issued this statement. the southwest team appreciates the patients of customers and we extend our gratitude to our employees who have worked tirelessly to stabilize our operation. stabilised look at this collection of unclaimed bags. the problem isn't just getting people to the right airport. it's also getting their baggage to the right airport. because during this process, a lot of people got separated from their bags in some cases for days. it took two days for ethan blankenship to get here to oakland from
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austin, texas. but he still has another problem. we were notified about two minutes before we're supposed to board. the fight was indeed canceled. so i did have to get a flight today on the 12th, which did have a layover out in denver. and so now currently the situation is i. my bag was not taken with me. due to those cancellations. that's another 5 to 6 hour wait at best. oakland residents stanley rogers, who waited three hours to check in his bags in las vegas. arrived in oakland several hours ago. my baggage is missing. my luggage is missing. so now have to find out what happened to my luggage. i got one piece and not the others. mr stanley's bag may or may not be coming in today. or as many people found belatedly. it was already there with tons of others. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. now say administrator bill nelson was in silicon valley today visiting nasa's ames research center and learning about new technologies. nasa researchers
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demonstrated several of those new technologies, including one created to help air traffic control and airlines, which would minimize taxi delays and ramp congestion. it's going to help passengers make their connection. and have you ever lost a bag. on a calm connection. well, it's going to help with that as well. that technology will be rolled out at airports across the country soon and will help reduce airline emissions and fuel costs. another technology being developed, would assist with battling wildfires. researchers told nelson. the project would give firefighters a warning before a fire starts and would predict where the fire and smog is headed. well, fast moving fire ripped through an rv park in the delta coming up how residents fought a losing fight with garden hoses and neighbors say they were just a normal suburban family. but now they're accused of being spies. the important information investigators say the couple
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tried to sell and how a foreign government helped the us stop. the two ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪
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brentwood crews managed to keep a house fire from spreading to other homes. the fire was reported just after eight this morning on nicholas court crusade. no one was home at the time. the gusty winds threaten to push those flames to neighboring homes, but firefighters managed to contain that fire to just the one house. in the delta wind
6:39 pm
whipped fire their race through an rv park on brandon island. dozens of mobile homes were destroyed. reporter lizzie mitri shows us how residents grabbed hoses to try and stop the flames. firefighters and even this homeowner. had hoses out today, trying to tame the flames before the wind could carry them any further. unfortunately, the winds are back up, and there's a lot of hot spots. in fact, there's. one that looks a little sketchy out there. kevin baker is protecting his home off brandon island, wrote an aisle 10, just south of the rancho marina rv park that went up in flames yesterday. so sad, so devastating, so unexpected. beauty the inventor saw the fire take off last night after it sparked in a field at about four. the wind just picked it picked it up and it's it spread so fast. the river. delta fire department says 25 to 30 mile
6:40 pm
per hour winds pushed the fire through here. it destroyed 41 mobile homes in rvs, officials say we had people running in the back to help because we are a bunch of elderly people in here. so everybody was trying to make sure everybody was getting out. looking out calling. hey have you seen this person? this person? get out this person. get out! everyone did make it out safely firefighters say when you see fire like this, you don't think it would ever happen to you because we have a river on one side of us. you know, van deventer lives down wind of where the fire was burning in her home of 22 years. this morning, she had things packed up and ready just in case. i'm still anxious. we're not unpacking bags or anything yet, you know, we're set to pull out if we have to. and we are tracking a cool down for tomorrow. we'll look into that, with the five day forecast coming up next. let's go now to ktvu is alex savage. she's in the newsroom with a look at the stories we are working on for the seven o'clock news over on
6:41 pm
ktvu. plus julie. thank you coming up new tonight. another company is telling its employees to get vaccinated when workers at boeing will have to show that proof. before they return back to work plus country superstar tim mcgraw leaves the stage to confront some hecklers during the recent concert tonight. what tmz says the singer was so angry about. we'll have those stories and much more coming up tonight. live at seven over on ktvu plus. see you, then alex, but first after the break suburban spies a couple accused of trying to sell secrets to a foreign country and wait until you hear where they were hiding those secrets. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ working at recology is more than a job for jesus. it's a family tradition. jesus took over his dad's roue when he retired after 47 year. now he's showing a new generation what recology is all about. as an employee-owned company, recology provides good-paying local jobs for san franciscans. we're proud to have built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. let's keep making a differene together.
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debt limit rather to sending it to the president decide now. last week the senate passed a stopgap measure to prevent a potentially disastrous us credit default. republicans say they will not support raising the borrowing limit again when it comes up for another boat in december. this comes as democrats are still hammering out a compromise spending plan that's now being cut from 3.5 to $2 trillion. but the fact is that if there is are fewer dollars to spend their choices to be made, and members have said, let's get the results that we need, but we will not diminished the transformative nature of what it is. speaker pelosi did not say which pieces of the proposal would be cut. but she said the commitments to battle climate change would remain a priority. they appeared to be a normal suburban couple, but the two are accused of trying to sell secrets about american nuclear submarines. that couple is from maryland, and today they faced a judge, federal authorities
6:45 pm
say the navy engineer and his wife shared the sensitive material using some unusual methods. fox news, madeline ribera tells us investigators say they were able to get to them early, thanks to the help of a foreign government. questions remain as to what motivated jonathan and diana to be to allegedly sell secret data about nuclear powered submarines to someone whom they thought represented a foreign country. the two attended a quick hearing at a federal court in west virginia tuesday, appearing separately and shackles and orange prison uniforms. they're facing espionage related charges that could carry a maximum penalty of life in prison. shocking there. annapolis maryland neighbors we all feel sorry for their kids, you know they went to school here locally in our community, a criminal complaint says to be sold an undercover fbi agent information about the design of virginia class submarines. in exchange for $100,000 worth of cryptocurrency hiding sd cards
6:46 pm
containing the sensitive information and items like half of a peanut butter sandwich and a band aid rapper with his wife, diana, acting as a lookout, the key to this kind of nuclear powered submarine. is it can be. it can be under underwater for years for months, even years. the complaint also says to be first reached out to a foreign country and april 2020 stating his intent to sell the highly confidential information. that country, then notify the fbi leading some to believe it was friendly to the us and not an adversary like china. i can't see them trusting some suburban guy who's putting secrets in a hand and again a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. the couple will remain in federal custody for now, as prosecutors consider them at serious risk of fleeing at attention hearing is scheduled for friday in washington. mala rivera fox news. it could be a long time before we know who exactly is to blame for the oil spill off huntington beach in southern california. the coast guard says it's investigators are
6:47 pm
trying to find a boat that is believed to have snagged the pipeline with its anchor. in the past year. that's just one of the parts of what is proving to be a complicated investigation. federal and state agencies are both searching for the source of the rupture how pipeline operators reacted to it. and looking into whether criminal charges are warranted. the spill in southern california has some renewing calls to end offshore drilling. protesters and environmental leaders gather today in front of congresswoman michele steals office in orange county. they called on her and other state leaders to end offshore drilling. let me be clear. this oil spill was 100% 100% predictable and 100% preventable and there is one cure an end to that, and that is to end offshore drilling. they're also calling on steel to vote for biden build back better act. protesters say the only way to end offshore drilling is to invest in our infrastructure and economy. all
6:48 pm
right, let's take a peek at some of the numbers behind me. here. you can see the temperatures from today it was warm. mild temperatures tomorrow are not going to be this warm. that's why we're looking at these now so you can shave a few degrees off tomorrow. maybe three or four, maybe five degrees. i think we'll see a lot more upper sixties and very low seventies. as we get a cool down from a weather system, there's a low there's the high when they're close like that. it's windy. that's why it was windy, and now they're getting far. sotelo's leaving gets farther part, it's not as windy. his next low comes in. this is the one that calls us off tomorrow. but guess what it does. it does the same thing. it goes off to the east. it sets up that same pattern. that same mechanism of the high here the low here and then the wind goes, so we're going to see a little bit of wind as we head into thursday as it warms up. but with that said, you can see that the event on the left side, which was yesterday had wind gusts of up to 53 miles an hour and then tomorrow at thursday's event. 30 so you see, there's a difference right? even though there's a red flag warning out in the sacramento valley and out towards vacaville for
6:49 pm
thursday. it's a very different event. okay so you probably knew all that. i just like to point that out, because sometimes we get. all these, you know, you get a lot of watches and warnings and municipalities issues stuff. chp issues stuff on the bridges, and sometimes it gets confusing, so just just know they're all created differently, especially when it comes to red flag warnings, and this is an incredible, incredibly difficult critical time for us right now until we get those first range. it's cool overnight. it was cold last night in parts of the north bay. it'll be cold again tonight. frost the possibility of by forrest hill and not by, uh, lincoln park santa rosa 41 tomorrow morning. easily outside the city's own up. i'll buy grayton in those areas you could get down to 38 something like that. and now could easily get you frost even free months of 49 sandals 8 47, so as you shove the kids out the door. going to school tomorrow. um put some jackets on him, especially if you're in some of those cooler spots. there's the system that's set up the first win. that's the low right and the high jumps in and here's the next low. it's going to do
6:50 pm
the same. it's going to follow that guy. the high is going to jump in and thursdays the warmer day. so what happens tomorrow? this guy cools us off the next day. the high which is kind of down here now builds in and heats us up. it's pretty simple and it's super repetitive, which is kind of nice and the patterns are very similar year to year. uh 71 in fairfield. right now, those temperatures are running a little below where they were yesterday. there is the far or they're not fog. pardon me. there's the clouds from tomorrow's week weather system not expecting rain, but just cooler as you can see low seventies. and then you got forecast high 67, an anti ac 72 in fairfield. we just stick the five day forecast in there for you, and you can see it gets a little bit warmer on friday, saturday and sunday. bill. thank you coming up big night for baseball fans. it's two more teams advance to the championship series sports director market, bania says the story next in sports. every single day, we're all getting a little bit better. we're better cooks...
6:51 pm
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6:52 pm
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it's going to be a long bus ride home for the defense. the vinyl room. two teams are moving on. we had clinchers at the major league baseball playoffs, and if the giants are going to join them as the third, they got little coming back to
6:54 pm
two to nothing. let's show you about dusty baker. it is houston astros as the step the generi in managers dusty and tony larussa, longtime adversaries go at it. and in the ninth inning, jose altuve way will just blow the lid off this thing against former a liam hendriks sets a three run homer. i'll to be on the day three for 43. rbs scored for runs its 10 1, it is not a ballgame, liam hendriks. is not happy with himself at all, and we go to the final out in chicago, and here it is houston. no problem. they have got their fifth consecutive trip to the championship series. only two other franchises in major league history have done that. and dusty baker still has a shot at winning his first ever world series. he was popping corks in the clubhouse afterwards. okay? that is a
6:55 pm
wild see that they will take on the red sox in the lcs and let's swing it. south of the mason dixon line. atlanta georgia is the place we've got the braves and milwaukee 44 into the eighth as josh hater gives it up to freddie freeman solo homer well over 400 ft breaks up the tie in the bottom of the eighth with two out and that stood as the game deciders. former giant will smith closes it out christian yelich looking. and they win the series three games to one squeak in this one out in atlanta. final score 5 to 4 with regard to jon gruden. no man left the cancelling begin. his life is just going to be a living #### for the next several months as the
6:56 pm
disgraced coach has now been done in in tampa bay. as back in 2000 and 17. jon gruden was entered into the tampa bay buccaneers ring of honor. of course, he won the super bowl with that team in 2000 and two building the raiders, his former team, they are going to bring his name down. gruden's actions go against quote the core values of the tampa bay buccaneers franchised, so say they in a statement released by the team. today all right, can you believe it? one week from tonight, the golden state warriors waited in the wings. they will open it up against the same team they're tuning up against tonight. he added. a lot of stangeland the lakers it'll be for real in a week, but kind of one of the big adventures in the preseason so far play of that man jordan pool has he ever come along warriors three in the preseason
6:57 pm
tools have scored 30 17 and 28 points kind of picking up where he left off. remember, they. kind of sent him down to the bubble. last year, he returned with confidence and with a vengeance, really taking over and he will get the started place of clay thompson until clay is ready to play again. and steve curb man. he couldn't be higher about the future for this team and pulls a big part of it, and he got better as the season. when steph and clay are both on the floor with jordan. we're going to have a chance to go from good to great all the time because defenses are going to have to be responding in every direction. where you heard it. they're going to go from good to great. got a little time. and it is that time of the evening where we must check this out back to the south side of chicago. the fans there were frustrated trying to psych up their teams hallway. i don't know if that did it, but,
6:58 pm
sure didn't work team lost. 10 to 1. welcome to the cheap seats. chicago right? alright check this out. this is from the other game back to the brewers game, little pop up here. the catcher omar survey as uh blows it make the test but louise areas that some backups lee makes the catch. watch closely, though. the ball actually hit the ground, and the umpires didn't see it that way. and that is not a reviewable play if you're wondering what's going on with instant replay, but you know what they got away with it. they lost the game anyway, so they get to go and check this out. their season's over. that's the that's the sporty life for now got back to you can't replace during the game, but we just replayed it now. all right. thank you. good all right. thank you. good night, everybody. theater. wolowitz: oh, man.
6:59 pm
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